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Tuesday, October 27, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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8:25 PM BBT Cam 1 and 3 Enzo is in the loft. 2 and 4 have stars still. 

8:37 PM BBT Cody is up walking around the house and has gone to the bathroom. Stars still on the other cameras. 

8:41 Cody is plying with some ball. He goes upstairs and gets the wood puzzle and playing with it at the table. 

8:50 Nicole and Cody at the table chatting while Cody does the wood puzzle. 

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9:30 PM BBT

Cody and Nicole are playing backgammon at the dining room table. The other two cameras are on stars.


10:09 PM BBT

Moo-Lawn is requiring some surgical intervention. Apparently Enzo had a nail in his shoe and she sustained a critical injury. He wants to get the air out without damaging her, but the valve that releases air has been very damaged.

Cody: You have to pull that black thing out.

Enzo: I don't want to kill her.

The guys begin releasing air from her leg first.

Cody: She's tooting

Enzo doesn't care, he is devastated over Moo-Lawn's injury and just keeps letting out "Ahhs"

Nicole walks in, "Look at her eyes"

Enzo: Isn't she so sad?

Cody: What do you mean? She's going to a new home.

Enzo continues releasing all the air.

Cody: You got to stop moving her...careful with the scissors.

Enzo: This is hard. Come on Moo-Lawn! My fucking fingers are getting sore.

Cody: Let's switch positions.

Enzo: Nicole, come squeeze her leg.

The task to prepare Moo-Lawn for her moove now involves Nicole as well.

Cody: She keeps farting in my face.

Enzo: She's the most famous cow of 2020.

Moo-Lawn is now deflated as equally as Enzo

Nicole: Wow!

Enzo: That's it.

Cody: Moo-Lawn Boujee! You'll be in New Jersey in two days.











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10:20 PM BBT

Cody tells Enzo there is no way his suitcase is going to close. Enzo says he can't even fit everything, so he plans to just leave a bunch of stuff there. Nicole tells him that  production said they can bag any belongings they are unable to pack into a trash bag, and they will get the items to them later.


10:48 PM BBT

Cody is now in bed with the lights off and his eyes covered in the KBR, but he is clearly awake thinking about the finale.

Enzo is just hanging out in the WA and possibly preparing for a shower. Nicole is not on camera.


11:05 PM BBT

Enzo is in the Love Lounge and talks to the cameras. 

"The feeds on? I don't know. I don't know. I just want to make sure to my ex-wife out there... Tomorrow, if one of these dodos cuts me that they had to it because if Daddy would have went to the end, Daddy would have won the money. So my kids know that. Alright? So they won't be upset tomorrow. And then tell them to look away because I'm gonna fucking snap on whoever cuts me. That's it. So they don't see Daddy upset. I promise you whoever cuts me  tomorrow I'm f****** snapping on them, trust me! There's no Mr. Nice Guy tomorrow. Just tell the kids they had to do it because they were scared cuz they knew Daddy was going to win the money in the final two. I don't think Cody will do it but if he does, then he'll get it, too. I like Cody. I don't think he will do it. But, we'll see.  That's all. Just make sure you tell the kids. That's all. Tell them they had to get rid of Daddy because Daddy would have won in the end. That's it. And then I feel bad for whoever does it because I'm going in on 'em, Yo! Fuck that. No mister, no hugs, no Mr. Nice Guy tomorrow. Whoever cuts me is getting cut right back. That's it"





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11:00PM BBT: Nicole and Cody are in their own beds. Enzo finishes showering and walks into the lounge, he tells his ex-wife that tomorrow when "one of these dodos cuts me that they had to do it because daddy would've went to the end and daddy would have won the money." Enzo goes on to say that he wants his kids to know why it happened and when either Cody or Nicole "cut" him tomorrow to have his kids look away because he's going to "snap" on whoever cuts him. Enzo says he doesn't want his kids to see "daddy upset" when he's evicted. 


11:05PM BBT: Enzo says that promises whoever cuts him tomorrow he's "f***ing snapping on 'em. Trust me, there's no Mr. Nice Guy tomorrow." Cody is out of bed, he walks through the LR with what appears to be bread and bagels. In the lounge, Enzo says that Cody and Nicole are going to cut him because they're "scared" and know that Enzo would win the money if he's taken to the final two. Enzo says he doesn't "think" Cody will cut him, but if he does, "he'll get it too." 


11:06PM BBT: Enzo continues to talk to the cameras, he says he "likes" Cody and doesn't think that Cody will "cut" him but "we'll see." Enzo pauses and says, "just make sure you tell the kids. Tell 'em they had to get rid of daddy because daddy would have won at the end and they were scared to take daddy." Enzo says he "feels bad" for whoever cuts him because "they're going to get cut right back." Enzo leaves the lounge. Cody is in the KT making a sandwich when Enzo walks in.


11:14PM BBT: Cody makes his sandwich, eats it, and then gets back into bed. Enzo sits in the WA while Cody eats and then when Cody's done he walks around the KT island silently. 

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