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The Amazing Race Season 32-Leg 2 Bogota, Colombia


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We’re beginning with Hung and Chee finding out they are still racing and they are heading to Colombia. They say this is a huge break from reality to reinvest in them. Kellie and LaVonne are grateful they are still in the race and they hope people will underestimate them since they came in last. DeAngelo and Gary finished in 10th and it’s not where they wanted but they will overcome this. DeAngelo says they came here to win.


Leo and Alana are and Jerry and Frank are at the airport. Everyone will be on the same flight. All teams are flying to Bogota, Colombia. Phil says the air is thin and that could push some teams to the breaking point. The teams are on the flight and psyching themselves up.


The teams land in Bogota and they must travel by taxi to the Nemocon Salt Mine. They must search the underground tunnels for a ten or twenty minute hour glass, then they will sign up for a bus. The teams can use the hourglass at a yield stopping a team for the length of time on the hourglass. The teams are discussing the power to yield.


Hung and Chee and Eswar and Aparna have arrived at the mines and they head in. There’s a dog in the mines. They can’t sign up until they find an hourglass. Hung and Chee say there’s a risk to leaving later if you spend time looking for a 20 minute hourglass. They decide to grab the first one they see and get the faster leave time.


Will and James get a 20 minute hourglass. Hung and Chee get 10 minutes. DeAngela and Gary get a 20 minute. Riley and Maddison get a 20 minute yield. They are the first four teams to leave at 6am. Leo and Alana get a 10 minute hourglass and so do Kellie and LaVonne and Eswar and Aparna. Eswar and Aparna are the last team on the first departure. Kaylynn and Haley, and Victoria and Michelle got a 20 minute hourglass. Jerry and Frank are last and they have a ten minute hourglass.


The first group departs and grabs their clue and they are to travel on foot to Templo Parroquial and climb the bell tower and search for a piece of art or emerald. Then they need to make their way to Bogota to make the emerald delivery or the golden raft delivery. The first five teams have decided to work together. They reach the bell tower. They grab taxis and head back out.


Riley and Maddison got a golden raft and DeAngelo and Gary got an emerald. They are all stuck in traffic and Will and James are a little paranoid. The second group departs and they get to the bell tower and they are off. Hung and Chee are searching to make their delivery. Riley and Maddison make their delivery and they get their clue. They must travel to Escuela National and they will get their first opportunity to stop someone from racing. Hung and Chee are still looking to make their delivery and they head out.


DeAngelo and Gary make their delivery. Riley and Maddison can’t fight their taxi. Eswar and Aparna have arrived to make their deliver and Riley and Maddison give them directions and then finally find their taxi. Kaylynn and Haley think they are lost. Kellie and LaVonne think their taxi driver is lost too.


Kellie and LaVonne are struggling to navigate with their taxi driver. Eswar and Aparna and Will and James make their deliveries. DeAngelo and Gary and Hung and Chee have arrived at the yield. DeAngelo and Gary decide not to yield and so do Hung and Chee.


Roadblock: Who feels like Clowing around? The teams must face the wheel of death and then walk a tightrope with a tray of glasses. DeAngelo is going to do this roadblock. DeAngelo gets in the wheel and he keeps saying whoa! Hung is up next and she’s out. DeAngelo is a little disoriented and now he has to do the tight rope? DeAngelo is up on the tight rope with a wine bottle and an umbrella. Hung is climbing up for her turn.


DeAngelo gets across and he says he beasted it, but now they add two glasses and he has to go back. Hung says she knew she had to go slow and steady. Michelle and Victoria make their deliver and Leo and Alana make theirs. Riley and Maddison do not yield anyone. DeAngelo has finished and he gets his clue.


DeAngelo and Gary travel by taxi to Carrera in Bogota. Will and James arrive as DeAngelo and Gary leave. Eswar and Aparna arrive. Will and James argue over who will do it and Will ends up doing it. Hung has completed the roadblock and they are off. Jerry and Frank make their delivery and Kellie and LaVonne have just found the right place. Kaylynn and Haley see them and they are just arriving and the teams race to find where they make their deliveries.


Riley is up on the tight rope and this was not one he wanted to do, but he completes the roadblock. Will has finished as well. Gary and DeAngelo have arrived at their next stop and they have to use a box of materials to customize a truck. When they customizers are happy with their work, then they will get their next clue.


Hung and Chee have arrived. There is a horn on the front of the truck and DeAngelo and Gary didn’t notice when they fist look. Aparna has just finished the roadblock. DeAngelo has gotten the horns and puts them on. Will and James have arrived and they are excited about arts and crafts. Hung and Chee are working together. Riley and Maddison are working on their truck too.


Hung and Chee think they are done and something isn’t right. Kellie and LaVonne are back in the taxi and their driver has a charger for his phone so they can navigate. Victoria is working on the roadblock and has finished. Alana is doing the roadblock and has just finished the wheel part and hasn’t done the tightrope yet. She’s scared of heights. Frank is doing the roadblock and has finished the wheel. Alana drops her bottle and has to go back and start again.


Frank is on the tight rope and Alana is making her second attempt. Alana drops the wine bottle as she reaches the end and she has to go again. Leo tells her to take her time. Jerry and Frank are done and Alana is on her third attempt. Kaylynn and Haley choose not to yield and they are on the roadblock and Haley is doing it and they realize they should have used their hourglass.


Kellie and LaVonne have finally arrived and LaVonne is going to do it. Alana has completed the roadblock and they head out. Eswar and Aparna and Michelle and Victoria have arrived at the trucks they have to customize. Hung and Chee are trying to figure out what they got wrong and they are fixing some screws and Hung realizes it’s the horn part.


DeAngelo and Gary think they have it and Hung and Chee do as well. Hung and Chee are correct and they are off. They will travel to Parque Nacional for the pitstop. Hung and Chee head out and DeAngelo and Gary are a little frustrated but they are finished as well and they head out.


Haley is on the tightrope and they are in panic mode because they know they are close to last. LaVonne is up on the tightrope and she said she’d fall before she’d let her drink fall. LaVonne is finished and they are off. Hung and Chee and DeAngelo and Gary are looking for the mat. Hung and Chee arrive first and they have won a trip for two to Switzerland.


DeAngelo and Gary arrive at the mat and they are team number two. Gary says better than 10. Riley and Maddison think they are done with their truck and request a check. They are not right. Will and James think they are done and they aren’t either. Jerry and Frank have arrived and so have Leo and Alana. Michelle and Victoria are working on their truck. Will and James are asking for a second check and they aren’t correct.


James wants the clue and Will says it’s in his bag but not to worry about it. James wants to reread the clue and Will says it won’t be in there. Riley and Maddison realize they haven’t hooked up the horn. Victoria is hooking up the horn for their team. Riley and Maddison have gotten their clue and they are off. Will and James don’t understand and they are frustrated. Victoria and Michelle have theirs done and so do Eswar and Aparna. James doesn’t get what is wrong and wants to know how they got passed. They say it’s ridiculous.


Will and James are frustrated and they are looking things over again. Kaylynn and Haley have arrived with Kellie and LaVonne right behind. Leo and Alana think they are done but there is something wrong. Will pulls out the clue to read it again and James says not reading the clue properly was a rookie mistake. Alana has figured it out too. Alana says she’s glad Will and James yelled it out because she’s not sure she’d have figured it out.  


Will and James figure it out and they get their clue. They are annoyed with themselves and they head out. Leo and Alana have something else wrong. Riley and Maddison have arrived at the mat in third place. Eswar and Aparna arrive in fourth and Michelle and Victoria are right behind in fifth.


Jerry and Frank ask for a check on their truck and they are wrong. Kaylynn and Haley ask for a check and it’s a no. Kellie and LaVonne don’t have it. Frank and Jerry say it’s probably right in front of their eyes. They are all frustrated. Will and James arrive at the mat in sixth place.


Frank and Jerry are trying to figure out what’s wrong. Leo and Alana think they have figured out what is wrong with their truck. They are correct this time and they are off. Alana tell Kaylynn and Haley about the horn. Kellie and LaVonne seen Leo and Alana mouth it was the horn. Frank and Jerry are hooking up their horn too. Kaylynn and Haley have it correct and they are off.


Jerry and Frank have their horn working and they are off. Kaylynn and Haley say they have to be out fast. Kellie and LaVonne have their truck too. The teams are racing to the mat. Leo and Alana hit the mat in seventh place. Kaylynn and Haley say they are about to be in a foot race with an Olympic sprinter and Olympic jumper and Frank and Jerry.


We see the park and Haley and Kaylynn jump out and begin their search. Jerry and Frank are out of their taxi and so is Kellie and LaVonne. Kaylynn and Haley arrive in eighth place. Phil notes that Leo and Alana saved them. Frank and Jerry run in and they are team number nine.


Kellie and LaVonne hit the mat and they are the tenth and last team to arrive. Phil gives them the news they have been eliminated. LaVonne says it was a mistake to not read the whole clue. They’ve never went to a track meet and they didn’t expect to be out this early. LaVonne says it was a great experience to go home and laugh and talk about.

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