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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-HOH and Nominations Week 11

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, Cody had both a final two with Nicole and one with Enzo. Meanwhile, Enzo was also tight with Christmas, but with the end game approaching, Christmas offered a final two with Nicole and the former winner saw a path back to finale night. With Nicole the pumpkin queen, Memphis was her target, and after Nicole swooped in and also won veto, Christmas tried to persuade her to take out Cody. But at the veto meeting, Nicole remained loyal to her closest ally.


Memphis felt confident he wasn’t in danger, but at the live eviction, the Fist-ologist got sucker punched. With only four remaining in the battle for a half million dollars, King Kaysar returned to make a royal proclamation. Tonight, who will check mate their way to the final three, plus half of the final four will end up on the chopping block. All this right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 72 after eviction and Enzo wonders if Kaysar is coming back. Enzo says he voted out Memphis because he’s a big beast and that’s one less big nosed competitor he has to go against. Nicole asks Christmas if she’s ok and she says yeah, it will hit later. She’s grateful to stay but she’s devastated that Memphis was evicted because he was her best friend.


Nicole says this week worked out perfectly. Everyone was afraid to put up Memphis and this was the first time he sat on the chopping block in his Big Brother career. She thinks jury will be surprised. Cody says he hated voting Memphis out but he needs to focus so he can put himself in the final three.


The HG go out back and they see the chess board. Enzo doesn’t know how to play chess, but he does know how to set traps. In this competition, they must move strategically to trap their opponents. Once they land on a square, that square is out of play. The last player standing will be the next HOH!


Nicole is so upset she can’t compete in this HOH. She says Enzo winning is her best bet because there’s only one vote to evict and she thinks both Cody and Christmas would take her to final three. Cody says he doesn’t want Christmas to win, otherwise he, Enzo, or Nicole will be going out this week. Christmas says she needs to win this and get Cody out. She is hoping Enzo and herself can work together and get Cody cornered and out of the game.


Christmas is selected first to pick her starting spot. She selects a square on the edge. Cody picks a square somewhat close to her so he can attempt to corner her in quickly. Enzo selects one a little further away. Enzo says you have to be smart to play this game and no one can out sneaky the meow meow.


Christmas makes her first move, then Cody, then Enzo. Christmas moves again and she knows Cody is chasing her. She wants to eliminate more spaces for Cody and try and trip him up. Enzo is up and Cody says he can either move further away or he can move closer and help box her in. Cody is frustrated.


Christmas makes her next move and then Cody. Enzo says Cody is expecting him to trap Christmas and Christmas is expecting him to trap Cody. So let them go at each other and he’s going to try and stay away from the sides and the corners and stay away from the red.


Christmas, Cody, and then Enzo make their next moves. Cody says as Enzo is moving away from Christmas he’s trying to figure out if he understands how this game works. They continue making their moves and Nicole says Enzo is doing everything opposite of what she would do. Nicole says Enzo is only working for HOH which means he’s only looking out for himself and it’s obvious and frustrating.


Moves continue getting made. Christmas says Cody is chasing her around the board and Enzo isn’t helping squeeze Cody out of the game. So she’s solo. Enzo can see they are running out of blocks because of them chasing each other so he’s steering clear so he can win. Cody is frustrated and he knows he needs to go full force to get Christmas out even if it means sacrificing himself.


Christmas makes her next move followed by Cody. Enzo starts to move away from Christmas and Cody. He says Cody can take care of Christmas and he’ll move away and take care of him. Cody has started to realize that Enzo is not working with him and he seems to be worrying only about himself.


Enzo makes his next move and Christmas says she has a few left to go and she hopes Enzo makes a wrong term and finds himself on an island. Cody makes his next move and then Enzo. Nicole says Enzo is telling everyone what they want to hear and everything is easy for him. If he doesn’t care about Cody, then he definitely doesn’t care about her and she’s seeing his true colors.


Christmas moves and Cody now has no more moves. He says he sacrificed himself and hopefully it was worth it. He left Christmas with one more move and hopefully Enzo doesn’t mess up. Christmas makes her next move and then Enzo makes his. Christmas is looking around and now she has no more moves to make and this queen has to fold. Enzo has won HOH!


Enzo says the meow meow is in the final three again. He just won the F4 HOH. You don’t like this face? It don’t matter because he’s here until the end. Christmas says she has a really great chance of not going on the block. They’ve been close since the beginning of the season and they were in The Wiseguys together. Don’t put her on the block. Cody says it’s great Enzo won HOH, but he’s frustrated. They were supposed to work together to get rid of Christmas but he was doing it alone. The only silver lining is Christmas didn’t win HOH and she has to go out this week.


The HG head inside from the BY and Cody congratulates Enzo. Enzo says no one thought he could win this thing and he won HOH. He’s a force to be reckoned with and he’s ready to win this thing! Nicole says Enzo wins and she thought this was her best case scenario but watching what happened made her so mad. He didn’t even look at Christmas’s moves and now she doesn’t trust Enzo.


Cody and Enzo are whispering about their moves and Cody is frustrated and he felt like it turned into a one man mission and he sacrificed himself to give it to Enzo and he hope it doesn’t come back to bite him. Enzo tells Cody he has the veto. Christmas comes into the BR with Nicole and she thinks Enzo winning is a good thing. Nicole says Enzo must want Christmas to go to F3 and Enzo thinks he can beat Christmas and not Cody.


Christmas tells Nicole that Cody was chasing her and Enzo had half the board. She’s pretty pissed off. She doesn’t know where this is coming from. What is Cody’s deal?!? Why is he so pressed on her?!? Enzo goes to tell Moolan about winning and says she didn’t have any confidence in him. Enzo says it doesn’t matter who he puts up. Maybe he’ll put up Cody so he can sit on the block and Enzo will be the only one who hasn’t touched the block. Then he doesn’t know if he’ll do Christmas or Nicole.


Nicole and Cody are whispering about Christmas noticing that Cody was chasing her. Enzo comes in and Nicole tells him he can put her up and he says maybe he’ll put Cody up so he can end his not touching the block streak. Nicole and Cody start talking about Enzo’s moves in the competition. Cody says he can’t tell if Enzo just didn’t get it or if he was only looking out for himself and he’s trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. Nicole says she saw what Enzo did.


Enzo is talking to Christmas and she tells him she doesn’t want to go up. She says in this game she’s now on an island and she needs to make sure no matter what she’s not on the block this week. Christmas says if she gets F3 and wins she’s taking Enzo to F2. Enzo says his best chance is against her and he doesn’t know if he’d win against her, but he knows he wouldn’t beat Cody or Nicole. Enzo’s dream F3 is Cody and Christmas. He doesn’t know if he can make that happen but he’s going to try and make some magic.


Christmas isn’t sure what Cody has against her but she needs to cool her jets and play nice. She doesn’t like playing nice, but she has to. Christmas asks to talk to Cody and she wants to clear the air. She wants to know why Cody was chasing her and Cody says he was trying to get rid of her. She wants to know why. Cody says he was playing offense instead of playing defensively. Cody says he chased her around the whole board and he says that was his game plan. She just wasn’t sure why. Cody says he was just going for it. Christmas says he was willing to lose HOH to make sure she wouldn’t win, or did he want her out first. Well his plan cost him HOH so eat crow Cody!


Who wants to see Enzo’s HOH room?!? The HG all head upstairs and Enzo has Moolan. He opens his HOH basket and he shows pictures of his kids with Team Enzo shirts. He shows more family pics and he puts on his shades so he can read his letter. The letter is from his brother and he says the family is proud of him and he tells him to hang in there. He says everyone is doing good and the kids are doing great. They started virtual school and they don’t really enjoy it. He writes that his kids are proud of him. Enzo says he’s doing all of this for his kids. The money is for them and the title is for him.


Enzo and Cody are talking about the comp and Cody says Enzo sucked at the comp. Enzo says they did it the right way. Enzo says if he’d followed with Cody, then they could have ran out of different moves and Christmas might have gotten lucky. Cody says Enzo is definitely trying to play for himself at this point and he literally just handed Enzo this HOH. Enzo tells Cody that Nicole would take Christmas all the way. Enzo says Nicole is a better player than Christmas and now she’s starting to win comps. Part of him wishes he hadn’t kept Nicole during the triple eviction.


Christmas asks Cody if he did talent shows in middle school or high school and Cody says no. Christmas says there goes that conversation. Cody says sometimes he just wants to be alone in the house, but sometimes you have to make small talk because that’s how you bond with people. Cody asks if she did and she says yes. Christmas did a choreographed dance with some girl friends to Tina Turner’s Proud Mary. Cody says he’s going to regret the next question but he asks if she remembers the dance and she says some of it. He then says she should do some of it and she struggles to remember it and he says this is taking forever. Cody says the dance is so funny.


Nicole is going out the BY and she sprays some sunscreen on and then she starts sneezing. She lays out and says that was crazy! The final four are in the HOH room and Enzo says ok insecurities and guilty pleasures. Cody’s insecurity is his nose and Enzo starts laughing. Enzo says he could understand being insecure about a third nipple or an outie belly button, but not a nose. Cody says he doesn’t like his nose from the side because it’s weird.


Cody, Enzo, and Nicole are in the KT. Nicole notices the bananas are rotten and she touches Cody and he’s grossed out. She starts teasing him with them and they fall on the floor. Cody hates the smell of banana. It makes him nauseous. He doesn’t like the way bananas taste or smell. There’s nothing good about a banana.


Enzo is listening to music and dancing and Christmas comes in. She wants to talk to him and make her case to him. Enzo says he’s happy he’s in the final three and he’s scared for Christmas if she doesn’t win the POV. Christmas wants it to be herself and Enzo. Christmas says Cody hasn’t been on the block once. Enzo says he knows and he really wants her in F3. Christmas says putting Cody on the block is crucial for his argument to jury. Enzo agrees and he’d like to sit F2 with Christmas because he thinks he has a great shot at beating her.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Enzo’s first nominee is…Nicole. Enzo’s second nominee is…Christmas. Enzo says it sucks because he likes all three of them and whoever wins POV guarantees safety and chooses who goes to F3 with them. He wishes them luck.


Enzo says it’s slim pickings now and he hopes they understand. The POV means everything. Cody says he may have given up HOH but he’s going to be gunning 150% for that veto. He’s guaranteeing his spot in the F3. Nicole isn’t phased by being on the block and she’s never been more ready to win a competition. Christmas says she feels like she’s on her own island. Cody is coming after her and Enzo is backstabbing and betraying her and Nicole is obviously going after them. She’s going to win veto and make them sweat…all of them!

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