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Wednesday, October 21, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT

The FInal Four are all still hanging out in the HOHR chatting.


12:05 AM BBT

Christmas: I'm done with you guys. I'm going to bed.

Cody: What did you say Enzo?

Enzo: I don't know. What did I say?   (they don't understand why Christmas left)

Nicole explains that Christmas was asking about hobbies and she mentioned needlepoint when Cody talked over and just randomly mentioned turtles. He blew off the topic "that's why she left."

Nicole: Does this mean I have your vote?

Cody: yeah


Christmas settles in her bed in the Key Bedroom.

12:11 AM BBT

Christmas begins talking to the cameras.

Christmas: 7 days one wake up and I am out of this house. I would like to bring $500.00 with me. I don't know if you guys love me or hate me, but this freaking hard and I am doing the best that I can. I am in such a different headspace than before. I don't...I can't blame Cody. I don't know if I gave him too much, if I did then I did. If I am going out before FInal Three I am going out guns blazing. I have worked so hard. WHen you are at this level of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion...the littles things happen and it impacts. I am vulnerable and emotional. I am grasping at whatever I can. I am doing my best. I am working on that. I feel I have played this game as best as I possibly could. I am proud of myself. I am. I just hope it's enough to keep to the end. I want it so so bad. I'm gonna reiterate what I talked to Cody about today tomorrow and again Thursday. I am here for my family. I want to get to that Final Three. I want Thursday to get here and just be done. I have been having heart palpitations. I came here to win and to show that I am a Big Brother competitor. The money will help me and help my family so we can be in close proximity to each other. It's so important to me....more now than ever before. Nothing is more important than time. I want Loyal to know his family and be around them every day.




12:43 AM BBT

Nicole has grown silent on the HOHR while Cody and Enzo talk sports. Christmas has gone to sleep in the KBR.


1:50 AM BBT

Cody and Nicole head out of the HOHR and they all begin getting ready for bed.


1:57 AM BBT

Nicole heads to the kitchen for snackage.

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2:10 AM BBT

The BB House is now in darkness, but the cameras show both Enzo and Nicole in bed with eyes open.


2:21 AM BBT

The cameras show Christmas, and Cody sleeping. Nicole keeps sighing loudly in her bed, and Enzo is listening to his music, but his eyes are now covered.


3:00 AM BBT

The BB House is now dark and silent.

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10:17 AM BBT.  The feeds return.  Cameras 1/2 are on the KBR.  The lights are on but nobody is up.  Cameras 3/4 are on the HOHR.  Enzo gets up, gets dressed and goes to the SR to change his battery.  


10:23 AM BBT.  Enzo is back in bad in the HOHR.  Nobody else is up yet. 

10:27 AM BBT.  BB calls Christmas to the DR.  

10:28 AM BBT.  Nicole and Christmas are in the WA.  Christmas asks Nicole if she slept ok.  Nicole replies “yeah I did”.   

10:29 AM BBT.  Nicole is back in bed in the CBR.  

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10:32 AM BBT The light are on but all is quiet in the house. Enzo is still asleep in the HOHR. Nicole and Christmas and Cody are still sleeping in their rooms all quiet. 

10:40 AM BBT BB comes over the intercom and tells the that Houseguest must be up between the hours of 10 am and 10 pm. No movement from the houseguest. 

10:51 AM BBT BB comes over the PA system and says wakey wakey houseguests. 

10:54 AM BBT Nicole move around in bed some but nothing else comes out of it still all asleep.

10;59 AM BBT BB comes over the PA and says what do you not understand about please wake up. 

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 11:19AM BBT BB tells the HG that they must be awake. Enzo mumbles something. He is still in bed.


11:24AM BBT We had stars and now the HG are up. Cody in the WCA brushing his teeth, Xmas wandering through. Enzo in the HOH WC.



11:33AM BBT Xmas is letting the water run while she draws in her brows. She finishes and then turns off the water and heads to the KT for coffee. 


 11:36AM BBT Xmas goes back into the WCA and turns back on the water. She puts eye liner on her eyes. She shuts the water off. Cody comes out of the WC and washes his hands. 


11:41AM BBT Xmas putting on more make up (water is off). Enzo in the HOH BR listening to music.


11:58AM BBT Xmas is still trying to straighten her hair (she had it in braids this morning). Enzo still listening to music. We get stars.

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12:00 PM BBT Christmas is straightening her hair. Cody is making some breakfast. Cody asks Nicole if Nicole is tired. Nicole says that she not tired just trying to waste the day. Nicole does something to his food and Cody tells her not to mess with it. He says he going to scare her everyday now.

12:04 PM BBT Cody is in the SR getting paper towels. Enzo says what is this and where is Cody. Nicole tells him to turn it down. Enzo says he tired of eating all this stuff he is weak. 

12:07 PM BBT Cody is still cleaning in the SR. The sweet potato's was covered in mold. He comes out an washes his hand and talk about the different soaps. Nicole put an apple in Cody's pan 

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 12:05 PM BBT 

The produce in the storage room was so rancid that Cody had to pull his hoody over his nose while he cleaned up the mess. He said the sweet potatoes were moldy.image.thumb.png.3f44347b250d634735b78237c5e96afb.png




1:09 PM BBT

Nicole is packing in the key bedroom, "Tomorrow I will find out if I make final three or if I get fourth place. I can't imagine going this far and not getting one step further. Ouch. That hurts. The thought that it can happen is so scary."




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12:13 PM BBT Cody fixes him 2 eggs with cheese and Enzo says he done eating in the house there nothing he wants. They talk chicken nuggets and Enzo says he dont like them. They then talk about iceburg and romaine lettuce. The feeds then cut to stars. 

12:22 PM BBT Nicole said Cody is so annoying. Cody said that he is not going to talk to Nicole the rest of the day . Nicole says that is not nice. Nicole talks about Dan and Paul are good players. Cody then says they are bad players. Enzo says i get you guys are the real players your the all stars here. Then feeds cut off again. 

12:28 PM BBT Enzo asks why they wont listen to his music. He says he get it it nostalgia. He says now it if it was enemim they would be up there listening. They ask about about taylor swift and someone else and they said that taylor swift is good. Enzo says it makes him want to go back a couple years. The feeds cut and they come back about chess. 

12:35 PM BBT Christmas says that she is going to send Enzo to his room if he talks about not eating. Cody then bring up the Italian guilt and says it got to die. Then feeds cut off again. 

12:40 PM BBT Feeds come back on and all four cams show Nicole packing up her suitcase. Cody and Enzo and Christmas all in the KT talking and eating. Nicole says it so much work. 

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12:47 PM BBT Nicole is still packing her stuff up. She says a week from today is finale. Christmas says her type of man is one who does the dishes. Feeds cut to stars again. 

12:57 PM BBT Nicole says that she will pack the smaller stuff later. All the cams on her at the moment and she lets out a sneeze. 

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 1:10PM BBT Nic is trying to get everything into her suitcases. Nic says that tomorrow she finds out if she is going out 4th place or in the F3. In the KT, Enzo and Cody discuss that BB is really building in the BY.


1:20PM BBT Cody is talking about people outside the house wondering why he got cast in All Stars. He says he is sure people are talking crap about it.  Cams change to Nic trying to still get everything into the suitcase.



1:43PM BBT Enzo and Cody talking about playing hide and seek tonight. They are also discussing TV shows. 


2:03PM BBT Cody in the lounge. He is practicing his Veto speech. Xmas walks in on him and talks about how much she likes hanging out in the lounge. We get stars.


2:11PM BBT Xmas is telling Cody all the votes Nic has in jury. She is going through each HG. Cody is just saying "yeah". She says she isn't sure how he and Ian got along and we get stars. Cody says that he is trying to figure out what is best for him and not get cut. She is explaining how she has ruffled a few feathers. She says she isn't sure what else she can say to him to make him understand that she will take F2. He tells her once again that there is nothing else she can say. he needs to decide.


 2:21PM BBT Xmas tells him that if she goes to F3 - Cody is guaranteed to go to F2. We get stars.


2:26PM BBT Cody is alone in the lounge talking to the feeds. He says telling people who can't beat others isn't going to work. He says it hasn't worked for the last two weeks. He says if he can'tbeat Nic, he just doesn't beat her. He says you can't insult someone to get something done. We get stars.

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2:42PM BBT Cody thinking in the lounge. Xmas reading the bible in the KBR.


2:57PM BBT Cody still thinking in the lounge. It looks like he is struggling with his decision. Xmas still reading the Bible.



 4:00PM BBT In the KT, Enzo is cooking. Nic is making a salad. Cody has just taken a shower and is running around the house joking with Enzo and Nic. Enzo is talking about their flights home. He says F4 should have gotten first class seats. We get stars.


4:15PM BBT Enzo is prepping chicken parm. He asks Nic where Xmas is. She says she thinks in her room. Cody comes in and asks Nic if she wants to play backgammon.



 4:00PM BBT In the KT, Enzo is cooking. Nic is making a salad. Cody has just taken a shower and is running around the house joking with Enzo and Nic. Enzo is talking about their flights home. He says F4 should have gotten first class seats. We get stars.


4:15PM BBT Enzo is prepping chicken parm. He asks Nic where Xmas is. She says she thinks in her room. Cody comes in and asks Nic if she wants to play backgammon.



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 4:00PM BBT In the KT, Enzo is cooking. Nic is making a salad. Cody has just taken a shower and is running around the house joking with Enzo and Nic. Enzo is talking about their flights home. He says F4 should have gotten first class seats. We get stars.


4:15PM BBT Enzo is prepping chicken parm. He asks Nic where Xmas is. She says she thinks in her room. Cody comes in and asks Nic if she wants to play backgammon.



4:29PM BBT Enzo, Nic and Cody are snacking and talking about when they get out of the house. Enzo says he is going to go to a bar and get really drunk and Facetime the F4. We get stars.


4:40PM BBT Nic and Cody play backgammon. Enzo snacking on chips.


4:54PM BBT Xmas comes out to the KT and snack on some of the vegan chicken nuggets. She asks Nic if she wants to play backgammon. She heads out to the WC first. She tells Nic that she hasn't even changed out of her pajamas today.

4:58PM BBT Xmas and Nic start a game. Cody playing with one of the balls in the LR.

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5:05PM BBT: Christmas and Nic are playing backgammon at the KT table while Enzo rummages through pasta in the SR.


5:22PM BBT: Enzo is cooking, Cody is playing ball and Nic is laying in the CBR bed.


5:28PM BBT: Christmas is talking to the camera in the love room about her strategy at this point and how she's positioned herself as if she's practicing a speech.


5:34PM BBT: Christmas tells her camera audience that she was definitely overlooked in her season.  [she's campaigning for America's favorite]


5:59PM BBT: Christmas and Enzo have had chicken parm for dinner, but Cody chooses to eat rice cakes.  Nic is still in bed.

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6:36PM BBT: Cody is eating gummy worms while talking to Enzo at the KTT and Christmas is reading the Bible in bed.


7:05PM BBT: In the KT, Enzo and Cody talk through the upcoming F3 comps and what they remember from their sea

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7:32PM BBT: Nic is up out of bed, Christmas is done reading the Bible and runs to put on lipstick, and Cody talks through what he's making for dinner.


7:38PM BBT: Nicole spends about 5 minutes in the WA working to perfect her messy bun, throwing in a test fake smile to make sure it all goes together.

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7:58PM BBT: Cody announces to the cameras what he's adding to the pot in the KT.  "Tumeric for a little coloring, no idea what else it does."  Christmas is on her bed and the camera focuses on her packed bags.

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8:20 PM BBT

Enzo and Christmas are playing chess in the HOHR. Enzo tells her that he doesn't see Cody keeping her.

Christmas says she has done all she can.

Cody and Nicole are playing backgammon in the kitchen. Cody's lentil soup from tonight's episode of "Cody in the Kitchen" is now brewing.



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8:06PM BBT: Christmas is setting up the chess board in the HOHR. Nic has joined Cody in the KT as he cooks.


8:39PM BBT: Cody and Nic are playing backgammon while Christmas watches on.  Enzo is upstairs playing with a puzzle on the bridge couch.  He wants to play hide and seek and they've told him that could happen


8:54PM BBT: The race is on!  Cody is trying to make 10 baskets before the timer goes off in the KT.  Nic throws the ball back to him each time, but he can't make it.  He changes it to 5 baskets in a row, but never makes it past 4 in a row.  Cody and Nic finish dinner while Enzo plays with puzzle pieces up in the loft.

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9:00 PM BBT

Enzo, Cody and Nicole begin chowing on the lentil soup. It's super hot, so they have to let it cool. They are putting parmesan cheese in it.  They discuss Enzo's kids and how Gia is a social butterfly but Nico is shy. They are really enjoying each other's company.

Nicole: Are you guys moving in together after this?

Enzo: Like Three's Company (the tv show from the 70s/80s

Cody: NO!

Enzo: Jack Tripper and Janet and what was the other girl's name?

Nicole: I think it would be really fun to live with Enzo. He would always make you laugh.

Cody: We would need a four bedroom, though.

Nicole: why?

Cody: Gia and Nico

Enzo: Cristie would hate us because we'd be playing Playstation all the time




9:15 AM BBT

Christmas is alone in the Key Bedroom reading the Bible and resting her eyes from time to time.


10:07 PM BBT

Christmas gets out of bed and wanders to the bathroom. The guys decide to play one game of chess then head to bed.


10:09 PM BBT

Cody, Enzo and Nicole head to the HOHR. The guys begin playing chess and Nicole is looking through the stack of photos from the PBR


Christmas enters the Key Bedroom and crawls back in bed, 'Big Brother, will you turn off the lights? I'm ready for this day to be over."

The lights remain on and camera zooms in on Christmas. SHe makes a couple of disappointed faces then the cameras move to all 4 on the HOHR.




10:29 PM BBT

The cameras show Christmas asleep in the KBR and the FInal Three still hanging out in the HOHR. There isn't any new conversation going on...just rehashing all the same things. Nicole asks questions about the chess pieces and what they can do. Enzo answers her questions in humorous ways, "he can only move if I'm eating something."


11:13 PM BBT

The FInal Three talk about Survivor and Tony Vlachos winning Winner at War.  (They have been discussing Survivor all season. Nicole has become a big fan, and Enzo now wants to watch the show.)

Nicole: Everyone watches as you make fire. It's a big deal....intense.

Enzo: They have to make fire. Whoa. Shit......I want to see that now. I may watch that on the plane.

Nicole goes on to explain Edge of Extinction and the tokens.

Nicole discusses Natalie and how she kicked butt on Edge of Extinction.  (She really did. I wanted her to win.)


11:30 PM BBT

In the HOHR, Enzo chats with Moo-Lawn. "I just got to get to the final two, Yo! If I get to the final two I can beat both of them. I know I can. I just got to get to the final two; that's it....(Enzo begins responding to Moo-Lawn's negativity). It doesn't matter about the comp wins, yo. It doesn't matter. Just get to the final two, that's it. Final Two and I say my speech. I'll get him on tilt if it's me and him. I'll get him on tilt. He'll start getting angry and shit. Just get to the final two...that's it. That's all you got to do. That's it.......She hasn't done enough to beat me, he has.....but I got jury management. I got jury management. I have no enemies in the jury house. None... None. That's it, yo! We'll see tomorrow. We'll play the comp tomorrow and go from there."




11:40 PM BBT

Nicole settles in her bed in the Comic Bedroom while Enzo cleans up in the kitchen.


11:59 PM BBT

Christmas is up for her midnight snack, a bowl of Wheat Chex. She sits at the kitchen table and eats alone.

"I love Wheat Chex. They are so good. Actually, I love all the Chex, but wheat are my favorite."



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