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Monday, October 19, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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5:04PM BBT: Christmas is running laps in the BY while Nic lays on the couch.  Enzo is also laying on another couch back there.  Christmas goes back to lifting the weights with lunges.



5:12PM BBT: Enzo goes into the PBR and walks back and forth with weights, stopping at one end to do lifts with them.  


5:28PM BBT:  Enzo goes into the BY to play soccer by himself while Cody sits and watches.  Nic gets up to take her cups inside.  Christmas is cooling down by laying on the grass.


5:36PM BBT: Nic heads to the WA to put on a facial mask.  Christmas comes inside and asks what time Nic wants to eat dinner.  Nic said she wants to shower first.  Christmas is going to make mahi with crabcakes.  Cody is in the BY swinging on the hammock while Enzo continues to play soccer.


6:04PM BBT:  Enzo starts checking himself out in the BY mirror and then lowers the awnings by himself.


6:15PM BBT: Enzo is laying on a yoga mat in the BY, Cody is on the hammock, Christmas is in the shower, Nic is lotioning up.  Not much interaction between the HG, but they plan to eat dinner around 7pm BBT.

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6:20 PM BBT

In the backyard Enzo is working out and Cody is complaining about bugs dive bombing his head, "I'm sick of this place."


6:24 PM BBT

Enzo tells COdy they will play chess tonight then goes inside to take a shower. Christmas tells him dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes. She is cooking halibut. Nicole offers to help


When Enzo leaves Cody alone in the backyard, he begins talking about his play this season.

"I could have clipped Nicole so many times....you know you are gonna hedge your bets with jury management. Stroking the ego doesn't help. I hope Enzo can beat her in that second HOH comp. I don't know if he can. He has not been even close to beating her in these competitions. Not even close. And then the final leg of the final HOH is literally like guessing every answer. Nicole was like 'I threw it my first time'...threw it? Genius! I don't buy that either. She thinks she's sick. I am going to blow up everything to Christmas in her goodbye message. Yep! Honestly, if anybody beats me in the finals and I'm sitting in the final two, it's out of spite. That's a fact. Do I sound confident? I am! Derrick, Matched ya. How ya doin' dude? I didn't go on the block once. Didn't go on the block once. It's not an easy thing to do. I know you did it. Now I kinda understand how you did it. I get because of all the relationships you had in the house, you sneaky dog. All your final twos. That helped you. I definitely see it. If I had hedged only with Memphis...or only Nicole... then I had Dani and Tyler and Enzo. Now I completely see all the stuff you were doing. Hedging with everybody and keeping myself off the block and then triple eviction. What? And then a little bit of luck. Christmas dropping the ball in the competition when I would have 100 billion percent been on the block. You need a little bit of luck. A little bit of luck.  I almost slipped up with Nicole and then I backtracked. I think she knows I was lying.  I slipped up too much. Of course I knew Ian was going. There was no other option, but Ian, Nicole. Yes, I was wildly tight with Dani. Everyone had their fun final two. Ian goes home and Da'Vonne goes home. Oh dear. 'We should keep Kevin.' No, we should not. Oh gosh. Crazy....Oh Man. This game couldn't have been better. Couldn't have been any better. If I get cut in the final three, oh, that's gonna hurt. There is no way one of them clip me. No shot. Even if they do think they  are gonna have a hard time beating me. There's no shot."



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6:26PM BBT: The guys are hungry and want to know if they're cooking yet.  They are still in the BY and briefly talk through F3 final comp scenarios.  They decide to play chess tonight and Enzo heads in to take a shower while the girls start up dinner.  


6:27PM BBT: Cody is talking to himself about how they're all hedging their bets right now because of jury management.  He's not buying Enzo's flattery of telling him he can't beat him.   Cody said that the final comp is literally guessing each answer.


6:32PM BBT: Cody is studying season events in the hammock.


6:37PM BBT: Cody counts that he had alliances with 10 people in the house 3 final fours, 2 final threes and 4 final twos.  


6:52PM BBT: Cody is playing ball in the house.  Dinner is almost ready.

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6:34 PM BBT

It's crazy that I kept Enzo from targeting Nicole when he wanted to target the winners from the beginning. He literally wanted to target the winners from the first week, and Nicole never had any idea. Oh gosh. I had an alliance with ...I was in an alliance with ten people this season. Four final twos. Shit. Two final fours. Two final threes, a six and a six, three final fours. Yikes, Yo! How did none of that blow up in my face? Oh I know how. The Committee.




6:39 PM BBT

Cody: who knows what Ian would have done in the backend of the game. I didn't trust him at all. He had to go up and go. And that was all because of my relationship with Dani. Sorry Charlie. Week 7, Memphis...we got the Da'Vonne thing....literally wanted David backdoored. Yeah?....No, Sir, that's not happening. The whole relationship with Dani and Da'Vonne was weird. We should target Da'Vonne...yeah, yeah, yeah...Da'Vonne goes home that week. Chaos ensues and I didn't even go on the block. There was one week where everything could have fallen apart for me if Nicole didn't win HOH. Week 5, everything falls apart. Fucking crazy. But, your boy got it his week through the HOH to Enzo, now get to send home Christmas. Going to FInal Three with people and think would take me. Enzo, who knows? Nicole, I am about 95% sure. Then I'm sitting in the final two. 

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6:57PM BBT: Christmas is putting the finishing touches on dinner while Cody sits at the KT counter while Nic cleans the dishes.  Enzo is not out of the WA area yet.  (the feeds are cutting in and out)

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7:15 PM BBT

The FInal Four are eating the dinner that Christmas prepared: Halibut, zucchini, crab, and alfredo sauce.




7:30 PM BBT

The houseguests are reenacting the BB Basement competition. Nicole got stuck in the gunk and Cody tripped over her. Nicole was so stuck she had to remove her pants to get out. Nicole had called for CHristmas to help her, but Christmas took off to avoid be identified by others. Enzo says he stepped over her to get away.

They also discuss OTEV

Nicole: you guys pulled me up at the end. That was really nice of you.

Enzo: And I got a flesh eating disease and that fucking oil...whatever oil that was. That was a fun comp, though. I love OTEV, Man.

Nicole: It was fun. The funnest compt to watch was the BB Peealaton (she means Goin' Bananas). 

They discuss Tyler always being pulled for vetoes.

Christmas: every fucking time  (she sounds bitter)

Nicole: I wonder if he threw those though

Christmas: it's a lot less stress to not to have that discussion

Enzo: But people have definitely thrown competitions. That's how it is.

Nicole: Memphis definitely didn't throw competitions.

Enzo: He threw out his back.





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7:50PM BBT: Christmas and Nicole are doing dishes while Enzo and Cody lounge at the KT table.  They start to talk about vegan food and the feeds are cut.


8:00PM BBT: Cody re-enacts Nic on the wall comp.  Memphis was not happy about being between the two funniest people in the house.  They talk about the order of people falling off the wall.  Nic asks if Cody farted on the wall and not shart because it sounded juicy.  Cody is telling her to stop as she laughs.


8:03PM BBT: Enzo asks Nic about her podcast and if people call in live.  She says no, it's pre-recorded but they've called people before or they read questions.  She said they talk about something embarrassing every single episode.


8:05PM BBT: As they eat cookies at the KT table, Cody plays Nic a game of backgammon and the three of them ask BB for beer.


8:26PM BBT: The feeds are in and out tonight.  THe HG appear to be talking about people that possibly didn't sign waivers to be discussed.


8:29PM BBT: Enzo is telling stories of himself that may have made it to Twitter about him in the house.  Ex: "look at Enzo scratching himself and then smelling his right nut".  Cody and Nic are laughing pretty hard.


8:31PM BBT: Cody and Enzo kid Nic about how much she's been talking with Christmas today.  They wonder why the two people on the block always talk to each other so much.  Cody said that Memphis used to make fun of that scenario but then became so close to Christmas when they were up there together.  Nic tells them that she thinks Christmas just wants to keep her close to make sure she's not talking game with the guys.


8:33PM BBT: Enzo asks Cody what annoys Christie the most when they're together.  Nic goes to get a "talking stick".   He answers that sometimes when he drinks, she wants him to stop but he keeps drinking, like when they're out with their friends.  He passes the stick to Nic with the same question about Vic.  She said he gets annoyed by crumbs in the bed because sometimes she eats in there.  Cody replies "absolutely unacceptable".


8:38PM BBT: The talking stick goes to Enzo.  Cody asks what is the most obnoxious thing that he does when he's at a bar, every time.  Enzo says he's very loud but can't think of anything else.  Stick goes to Nic.   She says she's never obnoxious.  Enzo says he farted in the college library once while he was sleeping and missed his first class.  He follows up with "FML" and Nic loses it laughing.  

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8:39PM BBT: Enzo tells them that he was failing remedial/high school courses while in college, but was still passing the normal college courses.   He got tired of that so dropped out after a year and a half. 


8:45PM BBT: They all agree that college was a good time.   If she was caught drinking in the nursing program, she'd be kicked out.  After school, Nic went home to a town of 800 and didn't party that much.


8:49PM BBT: Cody is telling Nic and Enzo about his Temple and Monmouth soccer tournaments.   Nic heads outside.


8:53PM BBT: Christmas sits at the KT table ready to take Cody on in a game of backgammon.  Enzo heads upstairs to get his clothes.  Cody says "one more game and then we're out".  

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9:38 PM BBT

Christmas is talking with COdy in the WA

Christmas: I am.....I'm gonna spell it out for you. I'm not bouncing around, like weaving through anything....I know you will win the endurance comp. And if you take me I know that I'll win the second comp. Then it's me and you in the final comp. If I win it, great. If you win it, great. If I win it, I take you. If you win it, you take whoever the fuck you want.  I want an opportunity to do what I didn't get to do last time, and that's go the full distance on my own merit. I hope our conversation last time you take to heart where I haven't said that I would do anything or promised anything that I didn't keep.

Cody: Yeah, I feel that from you.

Christmas: I don't want to throw anybody under the bus, but I feel I am your best chance to go to final two if you don't win that HOH competition.

Cody: Hm? I don't know...I just feel like in a spot where I think there's a chance that anyone cuts me. It doesn't really matter what relationships are because it's not what people go off all the time.

Christmas: If you go next to Enzo, he has flawless jury management. Nicole, previous winner. No fucking argument there.

Enzo has flawless jury management and has won comps. I'm your best bet for that argument. And, honestly, you're my best bet, too.

Cody: Yeah, it's a lot. I don't know. I think the first comp is something, but that third HOH I feel is luck. It's a guess every single time.

Christmas: I'm saying that if I win teat third HOH I am taking you to final two. I don't know how to make that any clearer.

Cody: My biggest concern going in to final three... is that people are gonna be like he's gonna be so hard to beat and I don't want to be next to him.

Christmas: I am gonna be honest. I don't want to be next to you, but I will because that's what it takes right now.....I would be thrilled for second place, and I just want to show I can do it.


Cody: Do you want to throw him under the bus?

Christmas: Sometimes..... It feels like you are fishing for information.

Cody says no one ever tells him anything so all he has to go off of is what he witnesses.


The feeds were on stars from 10:59 until after midnight.

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9:47PM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for three minutes, when they're back Christmas is in the KBR reading the bible, all four cameras are on her. 


10:01PM BBT: BB cuts the feeds.


10:55PM BBT: Feeds are back, Nicole is in the KT snacking. 


10:58PM BBT: BB cuts the feeds again.


11:07PM BBT: The feeds are back, Christmas and Nicole are in the KT. Nicole looks at herself in the mirror and smiles. Cody is talking about needing a hair cut as he walks into the KT. Enzo leaves the WA and joins everyone in the KT, general chatter fills the house. 


11:09PM BBT: Enzo has toilet paper sticking out of the back of his jeans, he just came from the WC. Nicole and Christmas are trying hard not to laugh out loud, but are failing. 



11:10PM BBT: No one has told Enzo about the toilet paper, but he appears to be in on it as he glances around with a smile on his face to see how everyone is reacting. Christmas and Nicole keep trying not to laugh, Cody either hasn't noticed or is pretending to have not noticed and is instead talking about hot dogs. 


11:11PM BBT: Christmas finally asks Enzo "what the f*** is that" and points to his jeans. Cody starts to laugh, Nicole is laughing the hardest. "Oh sh*t," Enzo laughs. Nicole continues to laugh hard, she says she's "peed her pants." Enzo keeps laughing and Cody yells "what the f**K?!" Nicole gets paper towels to clean up her mess on the floor. "Enzo s**ts his britches and Nicole pees her pants!" Christmas laughs. Enzo holds out his toilet paper to Cody. 


nicole laughing.PNG


11:12PM BBT: Nicole says she hasn't peed her pants in a really long time and Enzo should take it as a compliment. She says Enzo's toilet paper had a "poop stain." Cody says it's not real. Christmas and Enzo give Cody a hard time about not telling Enzo about the toilet paper, Cody claims he didn't see it until Christmas pointed it out. Enzo says Cody just left him there with a "s**t stain" on his jeans. Nicole says she needs to shower and walks to the WA. 


11:14PM BBT: Cody and Enzo are in the BY, Cody asks what Enzo put on the toilet paper. Enzo says it was "chocolate" and he wanted to see if Cody would point it out to him. Nicole is now showering. BB cuts the feeds. 

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