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Monday, October 19, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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Showmance room lounge (SRL)
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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:02 AM BBT

The feeds finally return to the FInal Four after being down for 5 1/2 hours.

Christmas is in bed in the Key Bedroom talking to the cameras saying she isn't giving up. She is scrappy and she has pitched Cody. She hopes he remembers that her loyalty to the Committee was what soothed him when he was worried during ani's HoH. "I'm gonna remind him of that."

12:05 AM BBT

Enzo has been taking pictures with the house camera then enters the Key Bedroom and chats with Christmas. They look through the pics already on the camera.

Enzo: I look fucking dead. I'm so fucking pale. I don't even want I lost so much weight in my face it's disgusting. I don't even want to be in pictures. I'll take pictures of Moo-Lawn Boujee. I'll put on some bronzer. SHould I put on bronzer?

Christmas: Yeah.

Enzo: What is it, Monday? We are actually in single digits right now. Nine Days.

Christmas: Nine days. Seriously, nine days.DOnezo.

Enzo: So basically nine days and Cody gets $500,000. YAY!

Christmas: So, basically we are all fighting for fifty ($50K)

Enzo: Yes. Yes, We are all fighting for fifty. You never know with the fucking jury.

Christmas: yeah, the 

Enzo: But what about if someone wins at the end someone takes Cody out. That's a big casualty. That's a big body bag that you're taking out to the jury. I never x anything out. There's always a way. There's always a way, yo.

Christmas: That would be very nice, for sure.

Enzo: I just keep stressing, man. That's why I don't look good. I don't feel good. I've been overthinking.

Christmas: That's what I've been doing and why I've been fucking up the comps.

They discuss that none of the nominees have een ab le to win veto and take themselves down. The pressure is real.


12:15 AM BBT

Nicole is in bed in the Comic Bedroom with the lights out. She calls out to the cameras. "We took a picture today with Christmas on my shoulders. If that makes the blog, Victor, you should post that with #FInalFour or something. Kind of lame but kind of cute. Love you. Thank you.

They continue discussing the competitions and jury. Enzo feels like Nicole will definitely take Cody and Cody will probably take her. He tells Christmas he feels like he made a mistake by not taking him out.


12:20 AM BBT

Cody joins them in the key bedroom

Enzo: Hey, you want to play some chess or are you done?

Enzo: They got an episode tonight, and hopefully we get the backyard tomorrow.

Cody: Did anyone ask?

Enzo: I asked but didn't get an answer. I think maybe around 2 or 3.

Christmas: IF we get it tomorrow that will the last day, period.

Cody: Yeah.

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12:30 AM BBT

Cody is flossing in the WA "I definitely need to floss more."


In the HOHR, Enzo has dressed Moo-Lawn Boujee in his HoH robe, Uggs boots and sunglasses. He is taking selfies an having a great time.








12:39 AM BBT

Enzo finishes his photo shoot with Moo-Lawn and goes down to show the others, "Yo, you got to peep these photos of Moo-Lawn"

Nicole: Oh my God. These are definitely getting posted. She's so cute. That is so funny.

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1:02 AM BBT

Enzo reads his letter from home.




1:15 AM BBT

The BB House is dark. Nicole and Christmas are sleeping. Enzo is sitting in the HOHR in the dark listening to his music.

2:18 AM BBT

Enzo is still wide awake in the HOHR....in bed but eyes wide open.


3:26 AM BBT

It appears Enzo has finally fallen asleep. The entire house is dark and silent.


4:44 AM BBT

The feeds move to stars until 4:58 AM.


5:53 AM BBT

Enzo is back awake and listening to music in bed. He gets up for the loo then gets back in bed. He lets out a lot of gas (guess he didn't completely unload in the loo).

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10:06 AM BBT.  The feeds go to stars.  BB is likely giving the HGs their wake-up call.  

10:20 AM BBT.  Nicole and Christmas are up and in the WA.  

10:23 AM BBT.  Christmas is getting the coffee started in the KT.   

10:24 AM BBT.  BB tells Nicole to put on her microphone.  She says to Christmas “Do we even need our microphones anymore?  They go to sit out in the BY.  Christmas says it was so weird that she dreamed that Nicole won the veto.  

10:26 AM BBT.  Nicole and Christmas talking in the BY.  They both think they could beat Enzo in the F3 comps.  They say no matter who stays, it’ll be that person and Cody in the final HOH comp.  Christmas thinks Cody would take Enzo to F2.  She asks Nicole “Do you think he’d take you?”  She answers no way.  Nicole says her only hope is to stay this week and then win out.  Christmas says that’s what I need to do too.  Christmas gets called to the DR.  BB tells the HGs there are fresh batteries in the SR.  Nicole, now alone in the BY, whispers that if she had won the veto, Christmas would’ve expected her to save her this week and that would turn ugly and Christmas would probably hold that against her.  She says so everything worked out and I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with that.  

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11:10AM BBT Nic is grabbing towels in the WCA to wash. Cody says that he uses only one towel the entire system, (he is superstitious). he says he washed it yesterday. Enzo and Xmas enjoying the BY.


11:18AM BBTNic and Xmas in the BY talking about which HG would vote for who. Nic says that she thinks Dani will be angry at her. Xmas says she doesn't know how they would feel about her. In the KT, Cody is prepping food.


11:30AM BBT Cody, Nic, and Xmas in the BY. Xmas is telling Cody to put the peanut butter on his egg (she eats them this way). He tries it. Xmas is telling him how good his hair looks. She is plugging her app and how much people like it when she suggested it.


11:40AM BBT We had stars and when they came back. Xmas says this week just got a lot longer. Nic comes out and says somthing baout HOH but you can't hear her. She says that is only 6 days. She asks Cody if it was the same on his season and he says he can not remember.


11:46AM BBT Nic tells Cody that Xmas thinks Memphis and Dani will fight for her in jury. Nic says she asked about Tyler. Cody says that Xmas will never admit what went on between her and Tyler. Cody says he isn't sure that Tyler and Xmas were that close.


 11:56AM BBT Cody, Nic and Xmas talking about if there are fights in the jury house. Cody says that he thinks David may have words for Day.

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12:00 PM BBT  Nicole is talking to Cody about the hole situation with her and Day. Nicole mentions something about a showmance named DayDay and Nicole said she wasn't doing that and Day fliped out. Cody says she really did that and we get stars. 

12:07 PM BBT Cody talks about David and how he got close to David and then the hole interrogation with Day and then things went down. Christmas bring up the untouchable ordeal they had happen in the house.  

12:12 PM BBT they have a general chit chat and then feeds cut off for a bit. Come back and it general chatter and back to stars again. 

12:22 PM BBT They come back on and they are discussing different food like fruit loops nd they could use for differnt colors. they talk about how christmas was mad about her jury pics they start laughing and feeds cut. 

12:30 PM BBT Cody Enzo and Nicole and Christmas talking about how day was so mad on the block. Enzo says she took it as bullying and they tried to explain to her it just a game. They figured she would have thought that Kevin was going over Tyler. They then talk about what to have for dinner. Christmas says we have to have it since we asked for it we cant let it go to waste then then talk about the crab meat they have. They scream 9 more days and feeds cut.  

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12:40 PM BBT Feeds come back on and they are talking about the different powers that they got. Enzo though he was a good with dani and Christmas said she pulled her aside and told her it was going her Enzo and Memphis that she was going to put up, They talk about Day and what she did and how it made Enzo mad. They switch to Ian and how long he has been in jury. They say they feel bad for him. Christmas says and here we are wanting a deck of cards. Enzo shouts out give us a beer give us a beer. 

12:53 PM BBT Enzo talks about he ran into Christmas at a airport prior for the BB20 finale. Christmas talk about how she will go into barns and noble autograph her own book and post online if you in the area just signed a few books go and get em. Cody says that is so fun to watch she says she does all the time in New York because they are easy to get in n out of. Feeds cut off 

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1:08PM BBT: More poolside talk between the HG.  Now about games - Nic and Vic play Monopoly Deal, which is a card game.  Enzo says he needs to play more board games with his kids.


1:09PM BBT: The HG all agree that Enzo is stand up comedy gold and that his laugh makes them laugh even more.


1:11PM BBT: Enzo's cow becomes part of the conversation as if she's one of the HG.  He says she's going home with him, but doesn't find him very funny and doesn't want to go.  He's going to ask her again in 8 days.  Christmas says that it's because she was with Tyler first.




1:23PM BBT: Feeds were out for about 10 minutes.  Nic goes inside to the WA and leaves Enzo, Cody and CHristmas on the BY couch.


1:30PM BBT: Cody and Enzo play pool while Christmas takes a BY catnap and Nic removes her toenail polish.


1:32PM BBT: Enzo wonders if they'll get a booze delivery again tonight.  Cody tells him no way.  

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1:43PM BBT: Enzo and Cody are inside now.  Cody is pulling food and condiments out of the fridge.  Nic is still out back talking to her toes.


1:51PM BBT: Enzo tells Cody that Christmas told him that she was disappointed that he didn't give her a heads up that she was going on the block and that they've been friends all season.  Enzo told her that Cody is to him what Memphis was to her.  Cody is shocked and then laughs "I don't care".  


1:57PM BBT: Cody is chopping onions to go into the tuna salad while he and Enzo speed talk about Dani.  Nic heads in with her pedicure items and they shut up and the feeds are cut.

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2:14PM BBT Cody, Nic and Enzo in the KT having lunch.


2:30PM BBT We have had stars for a bit.


2:40PM BBT Feeds are back. Nic is checking if Xmas wants something to eat. She says no. She is on the couch in the BY. She says BB keeps yelling at her to wake up. Cody on the hammock.


2:51PM BBT Nic is reading the bible. The rest of the HG are napping in the BY.




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3:11 PM BBT

Lots of lounging around in the BB House today. At least the get the backyard to enjoy. Cody is on the hammock. Enzo is on the sofa by the weights. Nicole is in the Comic bedroom reading the Bible. Christmas is not on camera.








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3:15pm BBT An airplane flew over the BB House and Cody on the hammock used his hand to shade the sun as he looked up. Nicole turned the pae in the bible. Cody gets vertical and heads into the BB House but turns to grab his towel and water bottle from the lounge where Christmas was laying.He heads inside. Nicole gives up on reading and pulls the comforter over her. She is momentarily startled by Cody in the hall but that doesn't last. Cody puts on some shoes, grabs a cap from the PBR, puts some ice into his water bottle, fills it with vodka (just kidding - it was water), uses the WC, washes his hands, He grabs some hand weights and heads outside. Put on your microphone, BB reminds him.

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3:21 PM BBT

Christmas is lounging on the backyard sofa

BB: Cody, please put on your microphone

Cody: I'm about to go run

Christmas: Who are you talking to Cody?

Cody: Moo-Lawn Boujee

Christmas: Oh! That bitch is going to win this whole game.

Moo-Lawn: Excuse me, Holiday, but I am a VIB heifer (Very Important Bovine), not a dog.




BB: No napping

Christmas: We aren't napping. Give it a rest.

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3:40pm BBT Cody is jogging laps in the BY while Christmas and Enzy nap outside and Nicole naps the PBR. BB says No Napping and Christmas says we're not napping. Cody pauses the laps and after catching his breath, starts doing pushups on a mat. Christmas rolls over. Cody picks up the hand weights and starts doing squats and arm raises, low reps. He then does some crunches. He doesn't seem to be into it though. And he's back to jogging. Enzo has moved to a different lounge in the shade.


3:55pm The only ones on their feet are Cody and Moolan, who is watching him jog laps in the BY. Christmas gets up and heads inside, grabs her glasses from the KBR, grabs her bible and FotH. Feeds return and Christmas is reading in the KBR. Cody is back to his BY workout. Christmas is picking through her clothes. She says she'll make some coffee to wake up. FotH.  In the WA, Christmas puts on a top cover, buns up her hair then puts on some shoes and FotH.


4:00pm BBT Both Nicole and Christmas are up outside. They bring Moolan to join Christmas on the lounge . Cody heads inside for more ice water. Nicole joings Christmas on the lounge. Christmas is sitting up, Nicole pulls a blanket over her and is vertical.  Moolan is wearing sunglasses and a neckerchief.  Smalltalk then FotH. 

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4:08PM BBT: The feeds have been in and out.  Christmas says she needs to get her hair done and Nic says that she needs to do that and should go to Nashville for it.  Christmas suggests that she go straight from BB because it'll be a month before the wedding.


4:23PM BBT: Feeds are back and Cody is continuing to run his BY laps.  Nic asks Christmas if she ate lunch and she answers that she had a big breakfast and when she doesn't do anything, she doesn't get hungry - "and I didn't want to eat canned tuna".  

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4:23 PM BBT 

Christmas: Do you think that we can convince Cody to waxing his nipples iis so much better than shaving?

Nicole: No, but it's worth a try. That's hilarious. Tell him it will last a lot longer.

Christmas: Like a month, at least. I had so much fun ripping that shit off....that's for winning the veto....that's for tracing me on the HOH comp. I was like, why are you coming at me bro?  (Christmas and Nicole waxed Cody and Enzo's eyebrows Saturday night.)




4:51 PM BBT

Christmas is now working out in the backyard. It looks like she's doing a circuit of running with various weights/exercises.




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