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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Eviction Week 10

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, in an attempt to mastermind the endgame, Memphis brought Enzo into two three person alliances, one with Christmas, and another with Cody. But Enzo’s true loyalty wasn’t with Memphis. After Nicole picked up some power in the pumpkin patch, she kept her allies Enzo and Cody safe. Memphis was Nicole’s target, but her allies weren’t completely sold. Christmas proposed a final two with Nicole and the former winner as intrigued.


With a super powered veto up for grabs, Nicole conquered the comic book competition. Christmas pushed Nicole to backdoor Cody, but Nicole refused to turn against her closest ally. Tonight, will Memphis be blindsided by the wiseguys, or will Christmas jingle all the way to jury. Plus, find out what brings the jurors to tears, and Kaysar returns to surprise the HG!


Julie welcomes us and it’s day 72 inside the Big Brother house and there are less than two weeks to go before we crown a winner. Tonight, the Root alliance controls the vote and they’ve gone back and forth on who to evict. But first, in a house full of wise guys, which wise guy is the wiser?


We pick up on day 69 after the veto meeting and Nicole says there would be point in putting Cody or Enzo on the block and they don’t know she has been working with Cody since day one. Christmas says Nicole kept noms the same because she wanted to make sure Memphis went home. Christmas says there are bigger moves to be made, but she’ll make them herself. She’ll do the dirty, dirty work.


Memphis says this is how you play the game. It makes no difference that Nicole didn’t use the veto because Enzo and Cody are both going to keep him around because he benefits both of their games. Enzo says he loves where he’s at right now. He hasn’t been on the block all season long and that’s key to his game.


Nicole and Christmas are talking and Christmas asks if Cody is ok and Nicole says Cody is in a weird mood. Christmas is excited to lock in a final two with Nicole. Nicole says she’s sure it will be a 2-0 vote. Christmas says really it only takes one vote. Nicole doesn’t want to be put in that position because she doesn’t want any more blood on her hands. Nicole tells Christmas to trust her.


Memphis and Cody are playing pool and Memphis asks Cody if he’s ready to take it to the end. Cody says Christmas is beat. Memphis says it’s not even close. He knows Christmas pushed Nicole to backdoor Cody and he thinks it might have been close to happening. So to make sure Cody is going to vote Christmas out he needs to make it clear that Christmas was pushing to backdoor him. Memphis says this puts them in such a good position and Cody changes the subject. Cody says Memphis is telling him about Christmas, but what he doesn’t know is Nicole told him that Memphis was in on it too. Cody says Memphis went behind his back and created alliances and then tried to push to backdoor him too? It’s laughable. He was going to be nowhere near the block this week and it will be funny on Thursday when it’s a 2-0 vote to see his face. Hope he enjoys jury house.


Enzo is talking to Memphis and Enzo wants to see what’s going on in the jury house. Memphis says they are complaining about anyone. Memphis says if Nicole makes it to F2 she has a good chance at winning. Enzo says yeah, the jury could say you let Nicole make F2 again? You guys are dummies. Memphis says if a former winner can make F2 on an all-star season, then yeah they probably deserve to win. And he needs to make Enzo understand that. Enzo says Nicole could be a problem going into F3 and he trusts Memphis a little more than Christmas and Memphis is probably the better choice to stay this week.


Enzo and Cody are talking in the KT and Enzo thinks Memphis is better for them and he doesn’t trust Christmas. Cody says he doesn’t trust her either, but they have to think who they can beat easier. Enzo says he doesn’t know and if Nicole wins POV then he could go home. Cody says if Christmas wins POV she’ll want to split Cody and Nicole up over Cody and Enzo. He says he thinks Enzo is in a good spot and Memphis walks in from outside and the topic changes. Christmas is in the hammock with Nicole and Enzo says she doesn’t stop. Memphis says she’s wishing upon a star.


Enzo and Cody are talking in the BR and Enzo says this house is crazy. Enzo says it’s the lesser poison at this point. He says it doesn’t matter at this point. Cody says yes it does. Cody says Christmas has done well, but she hasn’t been pulling it out. Enzo thinks Christmas would benefit Nicole over himself, but if he splits the vote and forces Nicole to get blood on her hands, then that could get him a jury vote. Enzo pitches that plan to Cody and Cody says it could work out in his favor because it would make him save face with Memphis and it would force Nicole to get blood on her hands.


The jurors are talking about who would be next in. Kevin doesn’t want it to be Tyler and Dani says she would be sad to see Tyler because he’s playing a great game. Tyler comes in and Kevin says no! Tyler says he’s bummed but it was a struggle this time. Kevin wants to know everything that happened.


Tyler shows them the DVD. They watch the yoga HOH and Kevin says it looks so fun. They see Cody win and Tyler says he was hoping Christmas or Enzo would win. They see Tyler and Christmas being nominated. They see the times from the POV competition and Tyler says that comp was so hard and he’d still be doing it right now. They see Cody win POV. Tyler says that was Cody’s sixth comp win and Kevin says if they don’t take him out, then he’ll take it home.


Tyler tells them Cody has a F2 with Enzo, Memphis, and Nicole and a F3 with Memphis and Enzo. Dani says Cody is playing such a well rounded game. They know he’s a threat but he’s still there. Kevin says with Tyler being in jury is changing his mind on who he thinks should win. Tyler says he told Enzo should make F2, but he can’t do it with Cody. Da’Vonne says he thinks Enzo is being strategic and maybe he needs to start winning.


Da’Vonne asks Tyler about week 5 and him talking about the BLM movement and she wants to ask if it was strategic or if he was serious and Tyler says he was one million percent dead serious. Tyler says he understood why they would think it was strategy and he felt so terrible and so bad and he gets emotional. Da says it was bothering her too and that’s why she wanted to talk to him about it. Tyler says he felt bad and he’s sorry it worked out that way. Da and Tyler hug. Da says hearing that he was sincere made her feel a lot better about the entire situation and she’s glad she knows where his heart was in that moment. Tyler says he’s glad that it felt good to clear the air and he thinks they have a bright friendship ahead of them.


After ten weeks cut off from the outside world, the jurors get some much needed love from home. Dani calls everyone over because they have a note. Dani reads BB All-stars, here’s a little something you’ve been missing. Enjoy. They have a DVD and Da says she’s about to lose it.


Kevin’s husband says he’s very proud of him and a couple of weeks and he can tell him everything about his experience. He loves him a lot and he’ll see him soon. Kevin says his husband is his anchor and he can’t wait to be in his arms.


David’s dad and dog are up and his dad is proud and he did his best and he fought a good fight. They love and miss him and they’ll see him soon. David says he loves his dad and if it wasn’t for him he wouldn’t be here. He’s inspired him and molded him in to the person he is today.


Ian’s girlfriend says she misses and she’s always here for him and so proud of him. She loves him and sees him soon. Ian says the hardest part about being away from home is being away from the people that love you unconditionally.


Da’s daughter misses her and loves her and can’t wait to see her. Da says she misses her daughter’s touch, her smell, her hugs, her kisses, and everything about her. She can’t wait to get home to her.


Angela misses Tyler and his family and friends have been cheering him on and they are so proud of him. She’s the luckiest girl in the entire world and she misses him more than she thought was humanly possible. Tyler says he misses Angela more than anything. They’ve been together every single day since they met and being away from has been excruciating.


Dominic and Tennessee are saying hi and they love her and Dom says the two dogs and Tennessee have kept him very busy and they miss her and Dom has Tennessee blow kisses. Dani says all she wanted was to hear her daughters voice and see her husband smile and nothing can compare to that.


It’s time for the live vote and eviction. Christmas does her shoutout to Loyal and others. She says she’s a big fan of Julie and she’s not ready for her eviction interview. She’s running out of speeches but she hopes they vote to keep her.


Memphis says this is new for him, even after two seasons. He says Cody, Enzo, and Nicole, your word is everything in this game and he’s played this game straightforward and he hopes they keep him around in case Cody starts another grease fire.


It’s time to vote!

Cody votes to evict Memphis.

Enzo votes to evict the beast, Memphis.

By a vote of 2-0, Memphis has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Memphis wishes them luck and says they are going to need it. He puts his mask on and heads out the door.


Julie asks Memphis if he was blindsided and he says for sure. She wants to know what he thinks happened. Memphis says the first time he played he didn’t win much and this time he came in wanting to win and after three HOH’s, he might have been seen as a threat. Evidently they didn’t see him as an asset to their game.


Julie asks if they made the right decision for their game and he says no. He would have taken them to F3. Julie asks if he felt betrayed and he says no, it’s a game. But he was planning on going to the end with The Wiseguys. Julie asks about his speech and he says he felt the temperature change over the morning so maybe he should have pitched the keeping their word.


Julie asks if he’d have left Christmas in the dust and Memphis says he doesn’t know. The more he thinks about it there might be an option but he thought he and Cody had a tight bond, and Enzo he thought he could beat.


Christmas has loved playing the game with him and he was always, always her number one. He’s a unique and incredible person. Nicole says he’s just too good of a competitor to keep. Enzo says he wanted Memphis to stay, but the other people wanted him out and he has nothing but respect for him. Cody says he loved their F2 and he tells him he worked with Enzo since the first day and he knew about the two Wiseguys.


Memphis says no hard feelings and it’s all good and he doesn’t regret making two versions of The Wiseguys. He made a gameplan and he wanted to stick to it and if the cards fell in his direction then great. He was very fortunate to have come back.


Julie calls the HG to the LR and Cody says come on Julie! Julie congratulates everyone on making the F4. The battle for HOH will begin shortly, but a former all-star has some news about tonight’s competition. Kaysar congratulates them and he introduces Knight Moves, the next HoH competition which was one of his favorite competitions that he played in BB6 as a PoV competition He wishes them luck and get ready to play Knight Moves.


Julie says it’s a big competition!  She tells them good night and Enzo says how do you play that game? Knight moves? Now King Kaysar makes sense to them. Enzo wants to know when he recorded that. Nicole says he lives in California though.

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