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The Amazing Race Season 32-Leg 1 Trinidad and Tobago


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Phil hopes we enjoy this season of The Amazing Race which was filmed before the Coronavirus was discovered. This season the race will hit one million miles. 11 new teams from all walks of life have their shot at the adventure of a lifetime. We see DeAngelo and Gary and they are NFL players. We see Kaylynn and Haley and they are sister. We see Leo and Alana and they met on Tinder. They are at the Hollywood Bowl in California and it’s the starting line.


Phil is interested what they think of each other and he says just because someone is fit and strong doesn’t mean they can win. We see Will and James and they are confident but not counting anyone out and he’s running this race with his best friend and the love of his life. We meet Nathan and Cody and they are from a small Tennessee town. Phil says to win they need a little bit of brains and brawn with a little luck thrown in.


Phil gives the go and the teams are off for their bags. The teams head out and get their bags and grab their first clue to see where they are going first. They are flying to Trinidad and they will go to a food stand and find their next clue. They are off to LAX. The teams are off!


Teams have landed and they are scrambling for taxis. Jerry and Frank are father and son and they are wanting to do things together they have never done. Michelle and Victoria are from Louisiana and they are sisters. Haley and Kaylynn are looking for the 24 hour fruit stand.


Teams must now pick up a pair of oil drums that are used to make steel pans. They have to roll them a quarter of a mile to a Saturday night street party and find the midnight robber who will give them tickets to Tobago. The first seven teams will have an advantage over the others. Hung and Chee are married parents and they are here to win. Riley and Madison are professional volleyball players and they are tall and it’s hard to bend over and roll the oil drums.


Eswar and Aparna think it’s best to lay a little behind so they don’t have to deal with pushing and shoving. They are siblings and they are very smart. Their cab doesn’t drop them off at the right place and they are behind. Trinidad is known as the rainbow country because of their diverse population. DeAngela and Gary are the first to find the midnight robber.


Jerry and Frank are the second and Riley and Madison are third on the first flight. Hung and Chee are fourth, with Nathan and Cody behind. Michelle and Victoria are sixth and there is one more spot on the first flight. Will and James are the last team on the first flight.


Kellie and Lavonne and Kaylynn and Haley arrive next. Eswar and Aparna were the last time to arrive and they say they don’t want to be the first team to be eliminated.


The first flight is leaving at 7:40 AM and they are flying to Tobago and they will find their next clue at Swallows Beach. The second flight is leaving at 8:10 AM. The first flight lands at 8:34 and they scramble for taxis. Riley and Madison grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii. They played indoor volleyball in Greece and that’s where they grew beards. Will and James are first and they will travel by boat and look through fish that match their boat and remember a code to find a matching fish in the water.


Gary and DeAngela played in Carolina together and they are friends. The teams are studying the fish and the code because they can’t take them from the both. Nathan and Cody have been friends from six years and they met each other through noodling.


The second flight arrives at 8:47 AM. The teams are out looking through the water for the fish. Hung and Chee tried the code on every fish because all they memorized was the code. Jerry and Frank didn’t realize there was a combination. Several teams go back to look at their fish again.


The next set of teams have arrived at the boats. Michelle and Victoria are the first to get their fish and they turn it in and they return to their boat and travel to Pigeon Point to find their next clue. Riley and Maddison have found their fish. The second flight is catching up now and they are out to look for their fish. Jerry and Frank have their fish.


Will and James have found their fish. Hung and Chee discuss going back to look at the color but Hung wants to stay and he finds their fish. Kellie and Lavonne have found their fish but struggle with the code.


Michelle and Victoria find their next clue and Who’s read to Steel the Show? They need to learn how to play a piece of the song Day-O. Riley and Maddison are right behind Michelle and Victoria. Will and James have arrived at the roadblock with Jerry and Frank and Hung and Chee right behind. The steel drums have numbers and the paper they are learning from has the order they hit them.


Nathan and Cody and DeAngelo and Gary have found their fish. Kaylynn and Haley and Eswar and Aparna have found their fish. Lavonne and Kellie are struggling to find their fish and they don’t want to be eliminated first.


LaVonne and Kellie are still looking for their fish and they say if they can make it through training for the Olympics, you can make it through anything. They finally find their fish and they are off. Gary says this is DeAngelo’s forte but he’s the one doing this.


Michelle makes her first attempt and she messes up on the third line. Chee makes his first attempt and he gets the clue and they are to race to the pit stop at Buccoo Integrated Facility. The last time to cross the finish line with the goat will be eliminated.


Michelle is on her second attempt and she gets it right this time. Will is up for his first attempt and he doesn’t get it. Frank is up for his first attempt and doesn’t get it. We see several other’s still practicing. Maddison is on his third attempt and he gets it.


Hung and Chee are searching for the pit stop and Michelle and Victoria are right behind and Michelle is upset because they would have been first if she hadn’t messed up on her first attempt. Hung and Chee are out and they have to cross the finish line and Chee tells Hung to hold on tight. She falls at the mat and hits her head. Michelle and Victoria are out of the gate and Michelle let’s go and they have to try again.


Hung and Chee are team number 1! They are still racing though and they need to rip and read the clue and fly to Bogota, Colombia. Gary makes his first attempt and he messes up. Kellie is up and she’s nervous because she’s dyslexic. Will is making another attempt and he gets it. Frank is on his fourth attempt and he also completes the road block.


Eswar is making his second attempt and he messes up and has to try again .Cody is making his attempt and he messes up and has to try again. Kaylynn is on her second attempt and she doesn’t get it either .Leo is on his third attempt and he completes it and they are off. Gary is on his third attempt and still struggling. Riley and Maddison are out with the goats and they hit the mat and they are in third place.


Kellie and LaVonne arrived at the roadblock last but there are still other teams there. Kellie is getting frustrated. Cody makes his fifth attempt and has to try again .Kaylynn misses on her fourth attempt. DeAngelo can’t watch as Gary makes his sixth attempt. Eswar finishes on his fifth attempt.


Kellie is back up for her fourth attempt and misses again. Will and James aren Jerry and Frank finish with their goats with Leo and Alana behind. Cody is up for his next attempt and he doesn’t want to let Nathan down. He is on his sixth attempt and he makes a slight mistake and has to try again.


Kaylynn is on her seventh attempt and she got it and she’s out in 8th place. Gary is up for his eighth attempt and he makes a mistake and DeAngela says he has no rhythm. Kellie makes another mistake and LaVonne says it’s hard to watch. DeAngelo says it’s over with for them.


DeAngelo’s only fear is to get eliminated the first leg. Gary is on his 11th attempt. Gary has finished the road block and they are off and wish everyone else luck. Kellie says she seen people leaving and she was just trying to stay focused. Kellie is on her ninth attempt and she has completed the road block.


Cody is up for his next attempt and he gets it and they are the last team off. Eswar and Aparna have their goats and she lets goat and will have to start over. Kaylynn and Haley finish in eighth and they are still racing. Kellie and LaVonne are at the goats and they cross the finish line and hit the mat and they are in ninth and they are still racing.


DeAngelo and Gary are at the goats and they see Nathan and Cody. DeAngela and Gary are team number ten and they are still racing too. Nathan and Cody are the last team to arrive and they have both been eliminated from the race. They jumped out to a great start but it went south. Cody says the responsibility is on him and Nathan tells him not to be upset, he’s not sad. It’s amazing to get to this point with his best friend.

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