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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Veto Week 10

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We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Nicole has nominated Memphis and Christmas. Nicole says she doesn’t want to take Memphis to a F2, so why would she want to keep him in the house?


Christmas says that Nicole has told her she’s safe and she believes that Memphis is the bigger target. But even though she might be safe and not the target, she still has a lot of work ahead of her. Memphis says he made it to F5 without touching the block, but it was bound to happen at some point.


Christmas is in the BR and Nicole comes in and tells her again she’s safe. Christmas says she understands and she’s not mad. Nicole says she thinks Memphis will be, but she just didn’t have a reason to put up Enzo or Cody. Nicole thanks Christmas for understanding.


Cody and Enzo are talking and Enzo says they are the only two who haven’t been on the block this season. Cody says that’s a huge accomplishment, but they need to focus on the veto so at the end of the week they can decide who they want to send out.


Memphis is talking to Christmas and Christmas tells Memphis that Nicole thinks he’s mad at her and he says he doesn’t play the game that way. Memphis says he made another alliance with Cody and Enzo and as long as he’s on the block with Christmas he knows they will keep him.


Enzo and Nicole are talking. Enzo says he’s a bully and now he’s on the block talking about Memphis. Enzo says Memphis is the head of the snake and Christmas is too emotional and she gets too hyped up. Enzo says if Memphis or Christmas win veto, then Nicole might put him on the block and he doesn’t want that.


Memphis is talking to Cody and he says Christmas is funny, but he feels good and they built something awesome. Cody says Memphis feels extremely confident right now because even if he loses veto, he’s relying on Enzo and Cody to save him. What Memphis doesn’t know is that Nicole has made it clear she wants Memphis out and even though he has a final two with Cody, he’s not going to stick his neck out for him.


Enzo is trying his turquoise teapot for the first time. He’s never used a teapot to make tea. He doesn’t go to a lot of tea parties. The teapot starts whistling and Cody points to it and Enzo says oh it whistles! Enzo says it’s more manly to use a regular pot. Cody says this is the strangest thing. Enzo says he’s going to use the teapot, but not going to tell anyone about it. Cody says Enzo learns something new every day. He’s a manchild.


Christmas is talking to Enzo and she has been going through different scenarios. Christmas says she’s in a F3 with Enzo and Memphis and if they want to keep that alliance intact, then they have to figure out how to get through this week. Christmas wants to know if Enzo would use veto and he says he’s going to gun for it. Because if someone comes down, then Nicole would put up himself and not Cody. Christmas says the best case scenario is Enzo wins POV and pulls one down, it forces Nicole to put Cody up and they have two votes to get rid of Cody. Enzo says yes, he’s going to gun for the veto, but he’s not going to use it to save her and get his number one backdoored, you big dodo. Enzo says Christmas trying to make these big moves is scaring him right now.


Christmas leaves when Nicole comes in and Enzo is talking to Nicole about their conversation. Enzo says he doesn’t trust her at all. Enzo says he told Nicole he wants Memphis out, but he’s not sure that’s the best move for him. He says Christmas might be a bigger threat than he thought. Nicole says she’s not surprised Christmas has a plan to backdoor Cody because she already knew she was gunning for Cody. But she still wants Memphis out of the house.


Cody is talking about his girlfriend and how she was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He says going through all that puts things in perspective. He says having her in his life gives him a reason to fight to win. He can’t wait to see her and hold on to her and he misses her so much.


Christmas talks about her mom going through chemo and radiation because she had breast cancer. Christmas talks about her mom being five years cancer free and how hard it was to watch her go through that. The most important thing to Christmas is her family because they won’t always be there. It’s why she named her son Loyal because family is always there for you. She’ll do whatever it takes to win this game.


Nicole is in the HOH room and Christmas comes in. Christmas says she’s going through a million scenarios on how this can pan out. She’s trying to be honest with where she is and how her relationships are. Christmas says she’d like to have Nicole beside her at the end. Christmas says she has to plan for the future in case Memphis does go home and she wants to feel Nicole out and see if she wants to make a F2. Nicole says she felt betrayed but she did see it as a game move and now there’s a clean slate. Nicole says she thinks there are people in jury who would be mad at both of them. Nicole says she has a F2 with Cody, but it would be crazy not to plan something different too. Christmas says last time Josh promised to take her but then he took Paul. She doesn’t want to play it that way again. She doesn’t want those three dudes to pull them along and then pluck them off because that would infuriate her. Christmas says she doesn’t want to depend on a dude to get to F2.


Enzo is talking to an inflated cow about a big comp tomorrow. He says Moo-lan is a very good listener and that’s why he loves her. She’s there for him. Tyler was her father and Enzo is taking care of her now and she takes care of him. Enzo says it’s very important that he win this POV to keep nominations the same. He says so Moo-lan, get ready to see him with that veto necklace.


It’s time for the veto! Everyone is sent to different rooms. We see Dirk Spacemaker, Da’Vonne Dadream, and David & Goliath. Cody has always wanted to play BB Comics and he’s ready for this veto because either Memphis or Christmas has to go.


Cody needs to find all 16 authentic BB Comics and post them on their website. It’s a zipline game and they have to match the BB Comics studio wall. The HG who does it the fastest will win POV! We have Bayleigh’s Comet as a comic.


Cody’s strategy is to put everything on the ground and figure out which one is accurate and which one is not. We see Nicole A’s The Podmaster comic and he realizes this is going to be a lot harder than he thought. Cody says King Kaysar? King of what? Dani’s comic is called The Regulator. Cody’s is Cala-Fury. He says who’s the blond chick that’s on the season? Keesha, oh yeah. Keesha’s comic is the Birthday Girl. Cody thinks he has it and he has one wrong. He put up the wrong David comic and fixes it and he’s done.


Enzo is up next and he heads straight for the zipline. He’s worried he could be the replacement nominee so he wants to keep noms the same. Enzo’s comic is The Meow Meow. Enzo rushes to put his comics up and see if he got lucky and he has 11 incorrect. He likes the games on the back of a cereal box and he’s good at that. Enzo says Bayleigh looks like a real superhero. Kevin’s comic is Bandanimal. Tyler’s comic is Abra-curl-dabra. Enzo makes some changes and has two incorrect. He thought he’d be doing better at this game .He switches Tyler and David’s comics and he’s finished.


Christmas is up. She was F3 in season 19 and she plans to win this season. She needs to win veto first. She’s moving very slowly on the zipline and she’s terrified of heights. She’s too scared to let go. Her strategy is to do four comics at a time. She’s going to swing by and get the order and then go for the correct comic. Christmas is Mrs. Claws and she loves her comic. She has one comic correct. She has everything in order, but she’s not sure about Da’Dream’s comic. She makes the adjustment and she’s done.


Memphis is now up. He heads for the zipline. This is his first time on the block and it’s important he win veto. He’s going to put the comics in order first, then look for the right comic. His comic is Mem-Fist. He realizes that Janelle, Keesha, and Kevin’s comics are in the wrong order. He fixes them and he’s done.


Nicole is up now. She’s telling herself to breathe and tells herself not to get mad when she sees her comic because it’s going to be bad. She wants to keep her nominations to be locked and Memphis to go home. She puts the comics in order first before finding the differences. She says Dani’s comic is really tough and it’s just a chance in the buildings in the background. Janelle’s comic is The Bombshell. Nicole’s comic is Cereal Killer from her Sloppies unitard and she wants to know why she has to have that and Janelle gets to be the bombshell. She hits her button and she’s done.


Time to check the times and find out who won the POV! Memphis finished with a time of 31:56. Enzo’s time is 28:19. Enzo is now in the lead. Nicole’s time is 11:21. Nicole has taken the lead. Enzo says Christmas can win this POV. Christmas’s time is 27:45. Cody’s time was 16:08. Nicole has won the POV!


Nicole says she feels amazing! She has all the power this week. Now she needs to figure out what’s best for her game. She’s all-star material now right. Christmas says she feels defeated. She knows she’s not Nicole’s target, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to sit back and not fight. She has to make sure she can secure her safety. Memphis comforts and hugs her. Christmas thinks she might be receptive to a deal and Memphis thinks Nicole has a better relationship with Christmas. Memphis says he doesn’t think Christmas is going to pull off the Christmas day miracle she’s hoping for.


Cody and Enzo are whispering and discussing who they might want to vote out. Cody says they are at a pivotal moment in the game and voting the way the HOH wants is done. Cody says if they decide to send home the wrong person this week, then that could be the decision that costs him the win.


Nicole is laying down in the HOH room and Christmas comes in and joins her. Christmas wants to know if she’s up to chat and she says she doesn’t know how she wants the week to play out. Christmas says she needs a deal and Nicole says if she leaves her on the block, she’s going to stay. Christmas says with Enzo and Cody having the vote they won’t listen to Nicole and they’ll do whatever they want. Christmas doesn’t know who they would keep and she’d really like Nicole to close the distance. Christmas is worried she could go home and Nicole could backdoor the only person who could beat them all in the end. Christmas tells Nicole Cody and Enzo are locked in. Christmas says if Cody gets to next week he will smoke them all. Nicole says Cody has played a flawless game and if she sits next to him on finale night she’s giving him the win. Nicole says she has to make sure Christmas stays in this game.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Nicole has decided NOT to use the POV. She didn’t use the veto and go through with any crazy backdoor plan. Now she just needs to make sure Memphis goes to jury house on Thursday. Memphis says he’s feeling pretty good considering he’s on the block. Enzo and Cody are the only two votes he needs this week and he doesn’t see a way he leaves the house before Christmas.


Cody says he and Enzo have a huge decision to make. He needs to figure out what’s best for him and it might not be what she wants this week. Christmas says she knew it was a longshot but she’s a little disappointed. She’s going to fight like hell to stay so she can do some damage next week.

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