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Sunday, October 18, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:07 AM BBT The feeds return. Cody, Enzo and Christmas are seen in the KT. Cody tells Enzo "that got intense, fast. It got deep." They discuss the older generation Italians, such as their parents, as being naturally pessimistic. Enzo "When I saw that, it reminds me of how I was raised." The feeds switch back to FOTH. [I have no clue what they are talking about ~ Goldylucks]


12:13 AM BBT Cody and Enzo are laughing and carrying on in the KT about the antics of their very Italian family members. Christmas is listening in as she eats. 


12:22 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Christmas sitting up in bed eating a chocolate bar. Feeds 3 and 4 show Enzo and Cody in the KT. They are discussing how they can't believe the show is over in 10 days. On Wednesday, they will be able to say that they only have 1 week left. 


12:30 AM BBT All 4 feeds on are Christmas who is reading the Bible in bed. The feeds switch to FOTH.


12:37 AM BBT The feeds return. Christmas is reading the Bible in bed and Cody is eating a quesadilla in the KT. Cody and Nicole are off camera. 


12:44 AM BBT Cody and Enzo are playing chess in the HoH. Christmas is reading her Bible in bed. Just as she says "Hey", most likely to Nicole, we got FOTH.


12:46 AM BBT The feeds return. Nicole is in the KT and heads up to the HoH. Cody and Enzo are no longer up there. She says "he is crazy" and goes to sit on the HoH sofa with a snack. FOTH.


12:51 AM BBT The feeds return. Feeds 1 and 2 show Christmas in bed in the KBR. She asks BB to turn the lights off. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Nicole and Cody in the HoH. He tells her that Enzo knows that he is not cutting her to keep Christmas. Nicole asks what she needs to say in her speech. Cody tells her to say whatever she thinks she needs to say just in case she walks out the door. Nicole gives him a dirty look and Cody laughs. He says he can joke that way because there is only 1 vote this week and it is all his. 


12:53 AM BBT Nicole tells Cody that she wanted to beat him so bad. But she didn't think that she could. Cody says that Enzo knew the answers and he was out first. Nicole doubts that Enzo knew the answer. Cody repeats it twice "He knew the answer". 


12:55 AM BBT Nicole and Cody continue to discuss the comp. Nicole says that Cody was beating her on every round. That's why she sped up. Cody was getting up there quick and then he would just throw his entire body to the other side and it would stop. 

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12:56 AM BBT Nicole threatens Cody that if he doesn't help her with her speech, she will just say "Cody you need to keep me because I am taking you to final 2". Cody asks her what his speech needs to say. She responds joking "Christmas, you are good. Nicole sucks. You got to go." 


1:00 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Christmas in bed in the KBR with the lights out. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Cody and Nicole in the HoH. Nicole is telling him about the different endurance comps that she has participated in. Enzo is off camera. 


1:02 AM BBT Feeds switch to FOTH as Nicole and Cody start to discuss the 3 part HoH. Nicole says that she doesn't to win the endurance part. She needs to win the 2nd part. When the feeds return, all 4 feeds are on Christmas asleep in the KBR. 


1:05 AM BBT Nicole and Cody are discussing what Christmas' points are going to be in her speech on why Cody should keep Christmas over Nicole. They think she will probably make note of the fact that Nicole has already won this game once. Other than that, they have no idea what her points are going to be on why she needs to stay over Nicole.


1:07 AM BBT Cody and Nicole are in the HoH. They do a shout out to the feeds. "Welcome to late night talk with CoCo Nuts and Calafiore." He teases Nicole that they are reminiscing since Nicole is leaving this week. Nicole says that he is a terrible cohost and that cohosts don't sit there with headphones on and listening to music. They then argue whether or not the tablet is on or off. 


1:13 AM BBT Cody and Nicole are doing late night talk show with Coco Nuts and Calafiore. Nicole is playing the role of the host and asks him about video games. Cody says he is an avid video gamer and spends at least 3 hours a day during the week playing videogames. He then discusses how he plays Call of Duty with a team of a bunch of people.


1:24 AM BBT Cody asks Nicole about what she does on her free time. Nicole doesn't have free time, but when she does have spare time she pets the stray cats that live in her garage and roof and she likes to can stuff like salsa and jelly. 


1:27 AM BBT Cody and Nicole are teasing each other in the HoH. She says that he is really smart and then he isn't smart. He is smart but then says something that isn't. Cody "So you are calling me stupid and smart in the same sentence. Careful, because I hold the veto this week." 


1:34 AM BBT Cody starts rapid firing questions to Nicole in the HoH. Most of the questions are ridiculous about smelling her own arm pits, other people smelling, or if there was only enough water for 1 shower, would she shower or give it to Victor. Then it is Nicole's turn to speed round questions to Cody. She can't rapid fire questions to him because she spends too much time laughing at his answers such as has he ever ate a toenail, has he ever eaten a booger and if he ever sharted? Yes to toenail. No to booger. Yes to sharted. 


1:40 AM BBT Nicole continues to question Cody in the HoH. Has he ever eaten ear wax? Yes. Would he rather be locked in a box with Enzo's farts or 100 hornets? Enzo's farts. 


1:51 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Christmas asleep in the KBR with the lights out. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Nicole in the HoH. She says it has been 74 days since her last panic attack. FOTH.


1:55 AM BBT Enzo and Nicole are talking in the HoH. They are trying to determine when Christmas got so close to Memphis. Enzo says that Cody is impressive with his 7 wins. He justified that as his reason for not putting him on the block when he was talking to Christmas. He doesn't want to anger Cody. Cody wins stuff. He will be sitting there at Final 3 and mad at him for putting him on the block. 

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2:00 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 remain on Christmas sleeping in the KBR. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Nicole and Enzo in the HoH. He is frustrated that Christmas doesn't understand why she is on the block. There are only 3 left. It doesn't matter who is on the block. The only thing that matters is the veto. He saw her get frustrated during the comp and that was it. It was over for her. 


2:04 AM BBT Nicole leaves the HoH and goes downstairs to the WC. She then goes to the sink to remove her makeup. Enzo is getting his bed ready by straightening out his covers. He then starts preparing for bed himself. 


2:15 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Nicole crawling in bed in the CBR. She asks BB to turn the lights off. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Enzo laying down in the HoH bed. He is listening to music and looking at his photo tiles. 


2:29 AM BBT Enzo is laying in bed, thinking out loud. "A chance man, I had such a good chance to win this one. Who the f**k knows anymore." 


2:36 AM BBT Enzo talks out loud again while laying in bed in the HoH. "I don't know. I don't know. It's going to be f***king crazy in this final 3. I have to get to final 2 and let the jury decide. That's it."  


2:40 AM BBT Enzo "I am f***king tired. It's time for night night." He gest up to turn out the light. "My f***king a**, it stinks. " Everyone is now in bed with the lights out, except Cody who is probably in the DR.


2:50 AM BBT Cody exits the DR. He goes to the dresser and reorganizes some of his clothes. He then goes to the KT and says "Holy sh*t" when he notices the time. He grabs a drink from the refrigerator and puts away some of the snacks from the kitchen counter and then goes to the bathroom. 


2:56 AM BBT Cody rummages around in his dresser and it wakes Nicole. He greets her and says that he is finally going to bed. She rolls over and goes back to sleep.


4:35 AM BBT FOTH. Feeds return at 5:01 AM BBT to All 4 feeds on Nicole asleep in the CBR. 

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1:25 AM BBT  (Cody details how his girlfriend corrects his writing because of his lack of understanding proper writing conventions)

Cody tells Nicole that he wishes he read more "so I would be less stupid..."

Nicole: yeah, same

Cody:...and knew how to construct a proper sentence and Cristie didn't t have to correct it and tell me that I write like I speak.

Nicole: She tells you what?

Cody: Cristie tells me I write like I speak. Yeah, so Cristie tells me I write like I speak, and that's not the proper way to write.

Nicole: What does she see you write?

Cody: Like if I'll be like constructing an email that I'm gonna send out and I ask her what do you think of this email and she is like that's not the proper way this sentence should go, you need to add this...like, punctuation or a word so it will be a proper sentence, and I'm like these are the emails I've been sending out for years.    

Nicole: that's really nice that she helps you...

Cody: well, she's really smart and I'm stupid

Nicole: I don't know. It's really weird because you are really smart, but you're not so smart. 

Cody: Ladies and gentleman, the truth comes out. Coconuts calls me stupid and smart all at the same time. We'll be back in a few minutes.

Nicole says he is really smart but then says things that are not smart; she brings up his errors regarding "All Dante" (sic) (he means al dente) being "hard not perfect" (when it really means almost done) and him saying "we're gonna play it by year" instead of ear.

Cody defends his interpretation of "play it by year" because year is time and time makes sense.

Cody: (in a defensive tone) How are our plans tomorrow play by ear. You know what 'by ear' comes from? Musical instruments. What does it have to do with musical instruments?

Cody: It is a flawed...what are these things called? Don't they have a name? 

Nicole: I don't know...I can't think of it.  [they mean "idiom"]

Cody: I don't know, it's a flawed whatever it is. It's stupid. And, it's play it by year, people. Back with this after a few messages.




We get stars and when the feeds come back, Cody is gone, called to the DR.

1:52 AM BBT

Nicole talks aloud: 74 days of being in this house without a panic attack. That's awesome.

Enzo joins Nicole in the HOHR and they begin discussing  Christmas going on the block but her trying really hard to get Enzo to put Cody up on the block instead.

Nicole: Does she know who is staying and who's leaving?

Enzo: She doesn't know, yeah.....It doesn't matter, she's gonna try...



Nicole: I honestly think she really misses Memphis a lot.

Enzo: Oh my God! Yo!

Nicole: Yeah, I think that's like, I think that's most of it. I think Memphis gave her those socks she was wearing.

Enzo: So she was trying to win it for him. I think it was not winning the money, too, and not picking him....I'm like, Yo! When did she really become close with Memphis? I thought she was close with Kaysar.

Nicole: Her and Memphis got real close...after Tyler I think.

Enzo: That's what I'm trying to say. She was closer to Tyler. And then after the triple eviction she got real close to Memphis then. I don't know.

Nicole: You know what's crazy? Since the triple eviction you, me and Cody have won every competition.

Enzo: Every fucking thing, back to back to back. I wanted to win this thing (he means veto), though,...just to have another notch. He's got 7. I've got 4. You've got two. *Nicole laughs* It is what it is. That's it, yo. Keep winning and put more of a target on your back. But, I told Cody she is definitely gonna...don't think she's not gonna try.

Nicole: She is!

Enzo: I told her right when she came in the house (after POV competition), you guys went back there I guess to go change or something and I said 'see Christmas, that's why I didn't want to put him on the block because if I did that, he's in the final three and he's mad at me.' I think she understood more.

Nicole: mm hmm

Enzo: I'm like, Yo! That's what he does. He wins shit!

Nicole: I don't think she's mad at you. I think she is mad at that....her, Tyler and Memphis hadn't won anything since the triple. It was three on three.

Enzo: We destroyed them all, yo!

Nicole: Yeah!

Enzo: I'll talk to her tomorrow. I'm like, I have no power. I got my HoH for a couple of days and that's it. I have no power. But, she's gonna keep asking. She's like ... f*ing backdoor Cody.

Nicole: She doesn't care....she's like I want you to use your HoH and veto to backdoor someone you're working with.

Enzo: She's like "you're gonna have to put him on the block. I don't want to go on the block because it's added pressure and makes me nervous and scared." I was like "What does it matter?.....you're gonna have to win the veto. Odds are, if you don't win the veto you're gonna go home. Anyone should know that." I think she got mad because I didn't give her the heads up, but I told her I was gonna talk to everyone and then come up with a decision. I didn't want to tell her who was going up. I didn't want to deal with that shit. And the nominations? She looked at me like (he gives the intense look of death) Her eyes were like...

Nicole: With nominations? She looked like what?



2:00 AM BBT

Enzo makes the face again 'when her face came up on the board, she looked me at like.....I'm like, Oh Shit!....I'm like what the *f? You're not on the block by yourself.

Nicole: You wouldn't make eye contact. You looked down.

Enzo: I looked at her and then at Cody...I was like, what the *f?...If she had won HOH, it would have been me and Cody on the block.

Nicole: Yeah, you can't get mad about this because it's all about the veto. It doesn't matter. There is only three of us. Two of us have to go up and we can all take ourself (sic) down with veto.





2:15 - 2:25 AM BBT

Enzo stared at the photo of his kids, Nico and Gia, wearing their Team Enzo shirts for a solid ten minutes.


[This man clearly loves his kids so much, and while I was not a real fan when he was on BB12, now I am Team Enzo, too. He grew on me, folks. As much as I love Da'Vonne, I have to vote Enzo AFP.  He made it to the end without having to win a lot of comps. He strategized with everyone in the house and led them all to believe he was on their side. He maneuvered his way in the game so that any possible route he was forced to take would get him to the end. Enzo is personable and hilarious. If you watch the HoH Hot Seat question videos on the CBS BB page , every HoH answered the question "Which is one houseguest you surprised you like?" and/or "Who are your top three pals in the house?" with Enzo. He was never nominated, and his votes were often the pivotal one vote that decided how the eviction would unfold. I have mad respect for Enzo and his game. Also, he made it the end without pregaming.  -MamaLong]



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11:10AM BBT We get stars - it is HG wake up time.


11:26AM BBT We had feeds for a minute. Nic still in bed and lights on. Stars again.


11:38AM BBT HG moving around the house. Nic and Xmas brushing their teeth.


11:59AM BBT We have had stars for a few minutes. 

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12:08 PM BBT

Enzo has finished his run upstairs. Cody and Nicole are in the kitchen. 

Cody: Oh shit. Enzo.

Nicole: I told him last night

Nicole: Isn't that Crazy?  Since day 58 we have not let one other person win a comp.

Cody: Oh shit. Holy shit.

Enzo: It's crazy...yep!

Cody: I won 6 comps. See ya later.  Damn, yo. That's crazy, man. That is crazy. Poor Dani. *Cody is laughing* Poor Dani. Do you feel bad a little bit?

Enzo: Salty

Cody: Feel bad a little?

Enzo:....no because they would have snaked one of us in a heartbeat...From the beginning they been giving us shit. Talking all guys' alliance and stuff.

Cody: yeah


Christmas is in the backyard talking aloud about Christmasfitness.com and her New Year program that will be coming out. "There's not a ton of content, but there is a good amount. There's four programs, fitness education, stretching...I literally launched it the week before I came to California. I had six months worth of programs done when I launched it. Now I need to do some serious work.. I've tried to train here. I feel like I've done well. "


She talks about how her eating in the house has been bad and very tempting because she doesn't normally have that junk around her, "but eating when you're bored and emotional, but coming out it will be back to basics."




12:32 PM BBT

Christmas starts talking with Cody in the Comic Bedroom

Christmas: I appreciate your vote last week. I'm sure you and Nicole have a really great relationship...It seems like you guys have a really great working relationship. I'm not sure what your thoughts are for final three and the probability of getting into that final two with me in there or with Nicole in there.  I think, I've just been kinda been running through a lot of things. I love Nicole, I don't want to throw her under the bus.

Cody: I respect that. You didn't do any of that last week. You weren't doing that with Tyler.

Christmas:  I don't think, I mean that's really not my style, and two, if that's how I have to get there, it's not gonna feel good. However I get there, I want to be proud of.

Cody: Yeah, you want to feel good afterwards.

Christmas: I want to get there as least dirty as possible

Cody: Yeah, I feel that.

Christmas: With that being said. You know the best for you going into FInal three. I hope I am part of that equation. I have loved playing alongside of you. I mean I am playing alongside f*ing giants. Even in my darkest days I have loved being in here. There is never a moment I have taken for granted. I'm just telling you this stuff because I think that you probably... 

Enzo walks through interrupting their conversation on his way to the Storage Room. Cody asks him to take the bacon out of the oven. Christmas asks Cody if they can talk in the KBR

Christmas: and you're gonna burn the bacon

Cody: Enzo, please don't forget!

They move to the Key Bedroom

Christmas: I actually slept okay last night because of that darn run.

Cody: I did not. Oh, yeah, I did sleep.

Christmas: I guess I want to tell you this so you can make the best educated decision possible. By the way, the brows look f*ing great.

Cody: Oh they look good? Yeah! They do. The brows are f*ing on fleek.

Christmas: I don't want to assume anything but I know you have probably thought about all the different ways you can go. I just didn't want to have that without having my input.

Christmas tells Cody she didn't campaign against Tyler or Memphis "there is no way I was going to campaign against my best friend."

Cody: I've thought about it. There's a lot of stuff to still think about. I just want to go with my gut. For me, I just kind of like, I have played this game pretty straight up....I'm like okay, if this happens....I'll win the comps I can and if I don't, my fate is in someone else's hands.

Christmas tells Cody she has pretty much played the same way and that she feels good about her comp wins.

Cody repeats that he is still running through a lot of things and he will just continue to try and win competitions because he feels like others will not want him to go any further.

Christmas repeats that she respects his game and she knows she didn't win the competition, "If you have questions, come to me and ask. I think you know I don't get flipped out with paranoia....but you and I have never had any weird anything. But I think at this point, we can..even with Nicole, that we were able to talk about what happened. That's important to me, not just gamewise, but I need to clear the spirit.

Cody: Yeah, that's good. I mean you could walk around on eggshells like not wanting to be around that person...it's good to rebuild that. I think you did, and that's awesome. Whenever you want to talk to me, just grab me.

Christmas: I feel much better about this conversation than last week.

Cody: Yeah, I know you had a great relationship with Memphis and I understood that.

Christmas: I have a great relationship with Nicole, too...and I want to be clear that this is not a campaign against Nicole, but a campaign for me.

Cody: Yeah

Christmas: ANd now I will release you into the pool....with your bacon

Cody: If Enzo burnt the bacon I'm gonna be f*ing pissed.

They find the bacon cooked perfectly.

Cody: Let's go Enzo!





12:48 PM BBT

Christmas and Cody finish making their breakfast while Nicole gathers dirty clothes

Cody complains that he never knows how much egg to make from a carton.

Christmas: DId  you pour some out?

Cody: I did. I think it was a little much.

Christmas: It's 1 o'clock and we're making breakfast.

Nicole: It was really nice that they let us sleep late.

Cody: Yeah






1:54 PM BBT

Nicole is alone in the kitchen squeezing juice out of a bunch of oranges and practicing her speech.

Nicole: What if I said, being on your team this season has been so...I don't know. I'm not sure yet. I still have a day to figure it out. I think the eviction will be on Tuesday. That's just my guess, though.




1:58 PM BBT

Cody, Enzo and Christmas are hanging out around the backyard couch. The guys begin discussing football. Cody is a Giants fan. Enzo is a TItans fan.

Enzo: It's crazy...yesterday it was so f*ing hot out here. Today it's beautiful.






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2:07PM BBT All 4 HG are outside on the BY couch talking about the showers in the house. Enzo starts to talk about his mom making baked ziti today.


2:18PM BBT In the BY, Xmas, Nic and Cody talking about Enzo and his eating. Xmas says she is worried about his eating habits. Cody does a line from a movie and BB calls them out.


2:29PM BBT Cody playing pool by himself. Xmas is on the hammock. Nic still on the couch and Enzo called into DR.


2:35PM BBT Nic, Cody and Xmas talk about the flu and COVID. 



 2:40PM BBT Nic and Cody talking. Cody says he threw the veto to Enzo. Nic asks him if he had won HOH and Veto who would he have kept off of the block. Cody ays her because he didn't trust Enzo. Nic says that she is glad that her life is in his hands. Cody jokes about if he wakes up one day and votes her out.


2:46PM BBT Nic and Cody talking about the Veto comp. Nic saying that no matter what Cody wold have beat her. He tells her she is doing awesome.


2:54PM BBT Nic and Cody just chatting about the season.

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3:07PM BBT: Cody recalls to Nic how he warned her about Dani potentially hurting her game and that he shouldn't be telling her anything.  Nic says she doesn't remember any of that conversation.  He says "yeah - it was in the photo room".  She reinforces that she has no memory of it.


3:17PM BBT: Cody is speedtalking while reviewing all alliances of the season with Nic in the BY.  She interjects with questions or explanations here and there.


3:20PM BBT: Enzo comes out to the BY quoting Rachel from Pandora's Box's punishment when she came into the house when Brendan left - both for 24 hours.  He then explains everything to Cody, who didn't understand the reference.


3:26PM BBT: Enzo and Cody play pool and give shout outs to Rachel, Brendan and Ragan while chanting "you want some ooey gooey cookies?"


3:28PM BBT: Christmas is asleep upstairs - the camera is on her on the couch with Moolan next to her on the floor.

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3:40PM BBT: Cody and Enzo have been talking about New Jersey geography and the Soprano house.  They then turn to their favorite rap artists, JayZ, Biggie, etc. 


3:45PM BBT: Enzo and Cody start playing soccer in the BY.  Nic is cutting up vegetables in the KT and Christmas is still on the HOHR couch.


4:00PM BBT: Enzo goes up to check on Christmas, who tells him she is just laying there.  They talk about the music that Enzo got for HOH and that it wasn't the full album.

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4:00 PM BBT

Enzo heads up to the HOHR to talk with Christmas.


Enzo: I wanted to talk to you after I put you on the block, I was like I know you're upset...I was like let her have a day. The last thing I wanted was for you to scream at me. And then the POV happened and I was like give her another day.

Christmas: Mm Hmm

Enzo: If Cody wasn't in this house, you were not gonna be on the block. You know what I mean? You know that!  Cody to me is your Memphis to you. I was scared if this guy wins...I was scared going into the final three. You know what I mean? He would have a reason. That's the only thing I went with.

Christmas: I understand the game move, it's just our working relationship in the game I just thought you would give me the courtesy of what was going to happen. I felt betrayed because you just didn't tell me.

Enzo: You're right. I cowered out because I was like I like Christmas a lot and how to I break it to her. I didn't know how to do it. I apologize for it. I do.

Enzo discusses that he really wanted Christmas to go to Final Three with him because he trusts her and knows she would choose him and he would choose her for Final Two. He says he doesn't trust Nicole because he doesn't know what she would do. He says he doesn't know what Cody has with Nicole. Christmas tells him they have something together.

Christmas: What I would have rather have done differently is that I felt really blindsided not knowing.

Enzo: I should have told you...I want you in the FInal Three. I do. But this guy is fucking winning everything. 

Christmas: You knew what it was like getting blindsided like that. You know, when Tyler and Kaycee clipped JC, they sat him down and told him.

Enzo says he was called an asshole for telling Britney they were clipping her. "I made a mistake. I know I did. I know I did....I'm telling you the truth, if Cody was not in this house, you were not going on the fucking block."

Christmas: I believe you.

Enzo: I should have told you. I just took the cowardly way. I saw how you reacted and I was like, fuck, I made a mistake. I made a mistake. It sucks.

Christmas: I want to go to Final Three and I don't know the odds of Cody picking me, but I made it to Final Four. I woke up today with gratitude. This is a game, and it does change your life but I can leave the baggage here when I leave. In ten days we go out into the world

Enzo: the whole fucking world

Christmas: and in two days it's gonna be down to three. I just needed to have an emotional day. After the POV, I was relieved. I gave it my all. I didn't fucking get it done. I didn't get it done and now my Big Brother life is in someone else's hands. I don't need to be upset. It is what it is. I'm not going to throw people under the bus and start making deals I can't keep. That's it. I already talked to him. It was a good conversation. I want to be in here, but there are some things, you know...the pre-alliances, they are fucking strong.


*With this the feeds cut to stars


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4:15 PM BBT

Cody has been working hard in the kitchen prepping food for dinner


Back in the HOHR Enzo says he wonders if Cody is there in Final Two

Christmas: The first one is always endurance, and the next one is questions and decently long.....and the third is basically a crap shoot....even if you nail the first comp...now, let's roll the dice (meaning the first comp is within control but the next is a crap shoot

Enzo: And you don't know what the jury is thinking. You don't know. Did Cody ruffle some feathers?

Christmas: He thinks he did but I didn't see any of that.

Enzo: I think Kevin doesn't like him.  I think Da'Vonne doesn't like him.  I think David doesn't like him. I think he made Tyler mad. There is some cracks. I mean let's say I win that crap shoot and I get to pick. DO I take the champion or the fucking comp beast?

Christmas: I don't know.

Enzo: Is the person I want out of this house my ticket to winning this thing? Like, you know, that's what I'm thinking. I don't think he's gonna cut her. But, I am hoping and praying. ...Again, I love her. I love you and I love Cody.

Christmas: I can separate it. I hope that I have shown that. I mean I'm gonna get emotional but I didn't come and attack you

Enzo: I thought you would, I was like I want to talk to her but is it the right thing...she so emotional right now.I feel like selfish me thought she will understand and the other part of me was like you should just tell her. I should have. It fucking bothers me.

Christmas: I mean, I think it's still good. It just it a bump.

Enzo: I'm telling you. I was cowardly. I'm being a man, and I'm apologizing.

Christmas: I appreciate it. I do. It matters. Josh never said anything to me. It matters. Anyway, I hope I stay.

Enzo: Trust me, I do to. But, honestly, I don't see it.

Christmas: It would be a fucking stretch.


4:42 PM BBT

Cody comes up to show them he has poke bowls prepped. They decide to go down to eat.

Before they leave the room:

Enzo: Let's hug it out. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

Christmas: It's okay. It is what it is.





4:50 PM BBT

The FInal Four are enjoying the dinner Cody prepped. Nicole is not eating. She says she doesn't like raw fish.




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5:45 PM BBT

Enzo heads up to the HoHR and begins snacking on candy, "Fuck....it's over. If I don't win this fucking...Oh, man. I gotta fucking win, man. They are not gonna take me. They're fucking scary. This sucks. It fucking sucks. It literally fucking sucks. Nicole does not care because she has Cody and she knows Cody is a better comp player than me. She knows she's straight. That's why she doesn't talk to me. She knows she's straight."






*feeds switch to all 4 cameras on Nicole in the backyard.


5:57 PM BBT

Nicole is alone in the backyard watching a bird. She begins talking aloud "Okay so that makes sense.... time taxes come out....EESH...by time taxes come out second place will probably; I don't know. Not that much. But it's nice. It's really nice....it's throwing off some frickin shit. (the bird?) I think the most important thing is that if you suffer from panic attacks and anxiety which I suffer from badly.... I guess not being afraid....this is so morbid. You go into a panic mode because you feel like you're gonna die. The human body is mostly programmed to do everything to stay alive. Fight or flight, right? But with the powers of our subconscious mind, we can make it relax. So that is what I am working on. Everytime it happens, I think I'm gonna die. Then if you just focus on the worse that's gonna happen is I'm gonna die and you have to be okay with that. It's weird. Accept it."




Christmas can be heard in the hammock practicing her speech. "So I ask that you follow through with what you know..."





6:14 PM BBT

Enzo has been sitting quietly in his HoH Room staring at his family pictures.




6:18 PM BBT

Christmas enters the HoHR and asks Enzo if she can crash his shower "I just need a shower hug." He tells her, "take your time and enjoy" then heads downstairs.

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6:09PM BBT: Enzo is in his HOHR staring at his family pictures.  Nic has been talking to the camera from the BY couch about how she used to have heart palpitations and how tramatic it was for 8 months and how she'd wake up Vic to throw cold water on her so she could breathe.  She read a medical book and then she never had them again.  Cody walks out and asks who she's talking to.  "I was talking to the camera.  I was talking medical terminology - you wouldn't understand".


6:18PM BBT: Cody is in the KBR folding his laundry.  Christmas is heading upstairs with her towel and asks Enzo if she can crash her shower, that she needs a shower hug.    Enzo says help yourself, I'll just go downstairs and chill.  

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6:23PM BBT: Cody and Enzo plead to BB for liquor tonight.   Enzo is cleaning in the KT and Cody is in the CBR trying to find something to wear while talking to the camera in a British accent.


6:27PM BBT:  The feeds cut to Nic, still in the BY alone, staring up at the sky.



#BB22 6:28PM BBT:  Enzo and Cody are being silly in the KT, talking to each other in accents and changing the topics.  Enzo said he is tired of fake milk - he wants real milk.


6:28PM BBT:  Enzo and Cody are being silly in the KT, talking to each other in accents and changing the topics.  Enzo said he is tired of fake milk - he wants real milk.


7:20PM BBT: The feeds are still on stars/music. [they've been down since around 6:30PM BBT)

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