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Saturday, October 17, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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6:45PM BBT: Cody finds a vegan cake dessert in the SR and they all get a fork and dig in - except for Enzo, because he just ate the last KitKat.  They say that the cake tastes like a Devil Dog.  They're hoping for a booze delivery tonight.


6:50PM BBT: They HG talk about how little they slept last night.  Nic said that Christmas got called to the DR at 4:40AM and the feeds are cut.

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6:58PM BBT: Feeds come back to Cody scolding Enzo, who is laying on the couch, for leaving his salad out.  Nic is throwing a pillow up in the air and it comes down to hit her in the face, and then looks surprised as she says ooowwwwwwww.  Feeds cut again.


7:00PM BBT: The four are all in the LR now.  Cody and Christmas are playing Backgammon and Enzo are each laying on a couch.  Nic has the giggles as they all tell stories.







7:20PM BBT: Feeds are back and now Nic and Christmas are playing backgammon while Enzo and Cody talk about motorcycles.


7:21PM BBT: Enzo has a 2019 Suzuki bike with 1k miles on it.  He paid $8k for it brand new, but if he sells it he'll probably get $5k for it.  It's paid off, so there's no need to sell it, but he is thinking about it.

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7:29PM BBT: New players for Backgammon: Cody/Nic.  Christmas is now laying on the couch saying that she can't believe that people are watching them right now while Enzo recites a Grey Poupon commercial.  They all agree that there are no cameras on them right now.  [wrong]


7:38PM BBT: Christmas asks Big Brother for 4 tall boys each, please.   She adds that they've played veto and had their dinner.


7:44PM BBT: Christmas goes over her schedule of going back and forth between NC and FL for the 6 weeks following BB and then says she's going to crash Nic's tropical wedding on Dec 9th.  They're all done playing backgammon for now after Cody beat Nic.


7:47PM BBT: Cody tries to get into the SR, but they don't let him in.  He's checking for a booze delivery.


7:53PM BBT: Christmas works on removing hair from between Nic's eyebrows with wax strips.






7:57PM BBT: Nic saw the small writing on the wax strip after Christmas ripped it off her forehead and thought that she had taken off a chunk of her eyebrow.  They all laugh. [I personally would NOT let Christmas near my eyebrows with wax strips]

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8:05PM BBT: Christmas and Nic start waxing Enzo's unibrow and Nic is laughing really hard.















9:25PM BBT: They are halfway done with Cody's brows and Enzo says "I'm really turned on by your left eyebrow, yo!"  


















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8:46PM BBT: The brow waxing party is over.  Nic is playing with a beach ball, Christmas is removing her toenail polish and Cody is taking cold medicine.  He feels like he's getting sick because of lack of sleep.


8:45PM BBT: Cody, Enzo and Nic are in the KT where Enzo just brought out some grapes from the SR fridge.  They comment on how big they are and Nic says "they're not organic because they're so big".


8:56PM BBT: Enzo microwaves some popcorn and they go back into the LR.  Cody gets some shredded cheese out of the fridge and sprinkles it on his popcorn.  They tease Cody about how he has "Bomb Squad" in his bio.  He says that was from season 16.  Christmas says "the bomb squad blew up".    Feeds go to stars.

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