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Sunday, October 11, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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Showmance room lounge (SRL)
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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:05 AM BBT

Memphis heads downstairs to get ready for bed then Nicole, Cody and Enzo finish distributing Nicole's bottle of HoH wine. Nicole is trying to evenly distribute the wine but their glasses are all different sizes, so she decides to count to 5 while she pours for each glass. The guys count with her. Cody intentionally counts slowly for his cup then the guys speed up the count for Nicole's glass.

Nicole: Okay, I see what you guys are doing

They are all very buzzed


12:15 AM BBT

They are laughing at themselves and don't notice that Christmas has finished in the DR and is on her way up to the HOHR. Before she entered the DR, Christmas asked them to not drink her wine which she left in the HOHR while she did her DR session. Just as Nicole is pouring the last of the wine, they see Christmas at the HoH door.

Nicole: oh God

Nicole jumps up with the empty bottle and runs to the bathroom just as Christmas enters the room.

Christmas: what's going on in here?

Enzo: whoa you just got done now?

Christmas realizes what's going on and shouts "you son of a bitches"  (sic) then kicks her leg in the air and starts with some ninja fighting move nonsense complete with fighting noises.

Christmas: YEAH! YEAH!

Cody: oh damn...they got me   (he was just called to the DR)

Enzo: did you shit on us?

Christmas: I shat on all of ya

Enzo: and you just got out?

Cody leaves for his DR session

Christmas: oh my God! And she runs to the bathroom?

Enzo: you just finished now?

Christmas: yeah

Enzo: was it fun, or no?

Nicole (from the bathroom): Don't be mad Christmas.

Christmas: yeah.......what? Damn, I'm on the block and I get no more booze?

Enzo: it took this fucking long?

Christmas: yeah

Nicole: Christmas, don't be mad. This is all I got.

Christmas: what do you mean?

Nicole: extra booze

Christmas: oh my God.....what did you do, you chugged the beers? They only let you drink your wine?

Enzo: you just got out? (he keeps repeating to try and change the subject and steer away from the obvious wine hoarding) are we all gonna get called

Christmas: yeah

Christmas: you got another bottle? 

Nicole tells her no, that what's in her glass is all she got of her HoH wine after  "portion control" (after the house alcohol delivery)

Enzo, quite tipsy, is still trying to distract Christmas from the alcohol by quizzing her about her DR

Christmas settles on the couch with her glass of red wine from the house delivery

Nicole: do you want it?

Enzo: was it long?

Christmas: no....what happened here?

Enzo: I was eating cheese doodles

Christmas: well, my wine wasn't drank so I'm fine

Enzo: it was long

Christmas: y'all won't be as long

BB: you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests

Christmas: I wasn't even talking about it.   (Christmas seems very annoyed)


Downstairs, Cody is putting his BB Comics costume back on for his DR session



[This whole thing is ridiculous. Nicole is scared that Christmas will be angry at her for not sharing her HoH wine with her. Christmas has a funny dramatic reaction, but she doesn't appear to be super angry about it.]


















12:49 AM BBT

Christmas heads to bed and leaves the HOHR "Happy Saturday"

Nicole spends the next hour talking about Christmas catching them

Nicole: WHy did I do that

Enzo: she saw you with the empty bottle

Nicole: we are gonna be in so much trouble because she's gonna sk, Memphis did you get any of her wine and he will say no

Enzo: it's a fucking wine alliance

Enzo begins mocking drunk Christmas and Nicole laughs

Nicole: we got caught so bad

Enzo: YOU got caught running, like it's already done and you're running with an empty bottle. It's so bad, and of course COdy (he mocks COdy "oh shit"

Nicole: Enzo, now what?

Enzo: Where is it? (the empty bottle)

Nicole: I put it in the bottom drawer

Enzo: she seen it! She seen it!

Nicole: she walked in so fast...she  is so mad. SHe is so pissed. I can see it in her face

Enzo: she'll get over it

Nicole: but to be honest, she didn't share her alcohol with me when she was HoH

Enzo tells her "exactly" and that she can share with whomever she wants

Nicole: but the fact I ran with it, how do I get out of that

Enzo: that was bad...just be like "you're safe this week" and that's it

They discuss excuses that Nicole can deliver to Christmas

Nicole is paranoid over this

Enzo: why do you care....what's she gonna do, cut you this week?

Nicole: oh she is definitely gonna cut me

They talk about cutting Cody at final three "if you win another comp, what is this 8, 9? Enough! No one is taking you to final two, yo"


12:54 AM BBT

In the WA Christmas ais flirting with the cameras again.


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1:11 AM BBT

Christmas heads to bed in the Key Bedroom. She chats with Memphis in the dark. Memphis says he liked his BB Comic and "David's was cool, yours was cool".

He says that some were lame and names Da'Vonne's, Bayleigh's, Kaysar's "I don't know, I didn't think they were all cool. Just ours"

Memphis begins laughing at Christmas realizing she's drunk by her conversation "Do you need help?"

Christmas: I'm okay

Memphis: are you sure

Christmas: what was your favorite one other than yours, obviously?

Memphis answers that Enzo's was really good "I thought it was funny. He just looked so creepy"

Christmas: Meow Meow

Enzo: yeah

Christmas: Cody's was good. I loved mine. I thought mine was great.

Memphis: yeah, yours is good.


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12:58 AM BBT Xmas is headed towards the KBR, She thinks Memphis has done somthing to her bed. She leans over Memphis and he starts to laugh. She says she doesn't understand and asks what he did to her stuff. He has told her to "taste the rainbow" and she doesn't get it. He says it was an old comedian used to say it. She leans over again and he starts laughing. She says never mind. he tells her that he thought she was going to tell him somthing good. She goes over again. She leans over him for a few seconds. He had the blanket slightly raised and the room is dark so difficult to see what happened. Memphis says that she has jokes. They chat then about comps.


Eventually chatter stops between Memphis and Xmas. Cody comes into the KBR to go to bed. Enzo has crawled into bed and the house settles down for the night.


8:00 AM BBT Main house lights go on but all HG still sleeping and BR are dark.


9:30AM BBT Sleeping HG in dark BR.

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1:22 AM BBT

Nicole gets ready for bed and shuts out the lights. Enzo stays and listens to music.


1:50 AM BBT

Enzo leaves to get ready for bed. Nicole asks Enzo to tell Cody the story they settled on for the wine alliance excuse for Christmas

 [They should just forget about it. It's unlikely Christmas will remember all the details, anyway.  -MamaLong]


2:11 AM BBT

Cody heads to bed in the KBR


2:15 AM BBT

The entire BB House is now dark and silent



10:33 AM BBT

Stars are on the feeds for Wakey Wakey

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11:32 AM BBT

Memphis, Nicole, Enzo and Christmas are in the kitchen. The backyard is not open and the HGs are hoping it will open soon. Enzo laughs that he is allergic to his own sweat because he keeps having skin issues. They are all chipper this morning as they reminisce about BB Comics.. Cody is not on camera.

11:47 AM BBT

Christmas is preparing eggs and avocado toast for the HGs' breakfast

Nicole cleaned up the produce in the SR and dumped the spoiled items. She is planning to make a healthy cabbage soup today "and I don't care if I'm the only one who eats it."

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9:30AM BBT: HGs still asleep.


10:00AM BBT: HGs all asleep still.


10:37AM BBT: We have stars.


10:48AM BBT: Feeds are back. HGs received a wake-up call. 


10:50AM BBT: Memphis is in the KT drinking coffee. Christmas is up. The remaining HGs are still sleeping.


10:56AM BBT: Christmas enters the KT from the WA and is washing a cup. They are talking about being sore from POV comp. She gets some coffee and sits next to Memphis. Feeds go to stars again.


10:59AM BBT: Feeds return. Memphis and Christmas are sitting in the KT talking about liquor and sponsors.


11:02AM BBT: Feeds on stars again.


11:06AM BBT: Feeds are back. Christmas and Memphis are still in the KT talking.


11:11AM BBT: Nicole comes down to the KT. Enzo is now up. Christmas and Memphis still in the KT talking. They are hoping to get the BY soon.


11:18AM BBT: Feeds go to stars.


11:30AM BBT: Feeds return to Enzo, Nicole, Christmas, and Memphis are in the KT. They are talking about how long it’s been since they were outside.


11:42AM BBT: Christmas, Memphis, and Enzo sitting in the KT. No conversations going on. Nicole is in the Storage Room going through all the produce.


11:50AM BBT: Christmas is cooking. Enzo, Memphis, and Enzo are sitting in the KT. Nicole is talking about what she can cook.


11:55AM BBT: Nicole starts a conversation asking the HGs if they were a famous singer, who would they be like.

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1:08 PM BBT

Memphis talks with Nicole in the HOHR.  

Memphis: I want to just chat with you obviously after yesterday. I mean, look, I don't expect you to use the veto...you made the noms. And I don't think there is anything I can say to change that.

Nicole: I don't know, there's always potential.

Nicole says that if she thinks backdooring someone would benefit her game

Memphis: All I am going to say is if you do want to do that, get me in the loop so we can work out something. You're gonna do what you want to do.

Memphis says trying to sell something to her would likely fall on deaf ears, but he is going down the path alone and knows if he doesn't win comps, he is gone.

Memphis: we could benefit each other

Nicole: definitely

Nicole says she wants to sit next to someone in the end that she would have a shot against.

Memphis doesn't offer anything, but just tells her he would like her to tell him if she is going to keep noms the same so he will know to campaign.

Memphis: If I can campaign and I lose, so be it. But let me know. I want to make sure I can reciprocate what you want out of it. I'm not gonna bombard you the next several days. I want to have fun

Nicole: okay, that sounds good

Memphis: I do want to say one thing though, and this is not game related.

Memphis tells Nicole that he has truly enjoyed meeting her and thinks she is the cutest "I think you're awesome and I think no matter what we are going to connect outside of the house"

Memphis leaves


Nicole: Oh I feel like a jerk face. I feel like a jerk. Cause he's like it's nice getting to know you, you're cute and fun spirited. I've been dogging him all season. Why am I such an asshole? Even though I was going to be his target this week.

He could think the way to my heart is through compliments. 

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12:00PM BBT: HGs still in the KT talking about famous artists they like. Feeds go to stars.


12:03PM BBT: Feeds are back. HGs are eating breakfast. Christmas made everyone eggs and avocado toast for brunch.


12:07PM BBT: Enzo and Christmas are talking in the KT. Enzo tells her he hopes they get the BY today because he needs to do some laundry. Memphis returns from the WA. Nicole is in the HOH room listening to music.


12:14PM BBT: All cameras are on Nicole listening to music in the HOH room.


12:24PM BBT: Enzo, Memphis, and Christmas are in the KT. Enzo says he wants to watch a movie and go to bed, and Christmas agrees. Stars again.


12:27PM BBT: Feeds again. Memphis is upstairs walking laps. Nicole still listening to music in HOH room. Christmas makes a protein shake then goes to lay down. Cody is up now and heads to the KT. Christmas tells him there is toast and avocado in the for him.


12:46PM BBT: Enzo is laying down looking at pictures in the PBR. Christmas is laying down in the KBR. Nicole is still listening to music up in the HOH room, and Cody is taking a shower.


1:00PM BBT: Cody is out of the shower and freshening up. Enzo is asleep in the PBR.


1:04PM BBT: Cody is out of the WA and walks into the PBR where Enzo is. Enzo wakes up when Cody enters. Enzo tells Cody that Christmas left him some eggs and avocado toast and where to find it. Cody then leaves and goes to the KT.


1:05PM BBT: Cameras go to the KBR. Memphis and Christmas are joking around with each other. Memphis leaves.


1:07PM BBT: Memphis goes up and knocks on the HOH door. Nicole wakes up and tells him to come in. He asks her how she’s doing, and she says she doesn’t sleep well up there. Memphis starts chatting with her about POV. He says he doesn’t expect her to use the POV. She says there’s always potential.


1:08PM BBT: Memphis tells Nicole the idea of using the Veto is crazy to him. Nicole tells him that she will use it on someone if it will benefits her game. He says basically there’s 2 comps left and she can’t play in HOH, but nothing he tells her will make a difference. He says he’s open to whatever and they can talk about it.


1:09PM BBT: Memphis tells Nicole they are beneficial to each other’s game and they can easily take each other and there is a good chance of either of them winning. Nicole says that she gets it and she would definitely want to sit by someone in the final 2 that she could win against.


1:10PM BBT: Memphis tells Nicole that if she decides not to use the POV, and leaves the decision up to the guys, to please let him know so he can campaign to stay.

1:12PM BBT: Memphis tells Nicole that getting to know her has been awesome because her spirit is the cutest and he thinks he could get along with her entire family. He says he’s harsh at times, but he thinks she’s awesome. Nicole tells him he can be a little intimidating at times, but he’s so nice.


1:13PM BBT: Memphis leaves, and Nicole tells the camera she feels like a jerk face because Memphis is so nice and she’s been dogging on him the whole season

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1:27 PM BBT

Big Brother has opened the backyard. Memphis is gathering his dirty laundry.


Cody shaved his moustache yesterday, and it looks quite different



1:45 PM BBT

Memphis talks to Cody in the backyard

Memphis:there's no way she's gonna use that veto, right?

Cody: unless she is backdooring me



Cody said she could pull Christmas down and backdoor him, "but, dude, I can't be paranoid about it"

Memphis: well, you have to make sure that doesn't happen

Memphis says he has talked to Nicole and tried to feel her out, but he doesn't think she's going to use it because it's Sunday and if she was going to use it she would be trying to make a plan "I don't think she will."

Memphis doesn't express concern that he (Memphis) could be the target.


Nicole joins them and game conversation stops.

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1:59 PM BBT

Memphis decides to get some sun





2:00 PM BBT

An airplane flies over the backyard

Cody: Look at that airplane. That's cool

*feeds cut to stars


2:04 PM BBT

The feeds return


2:10 PM BBT

Christmas sees a hawk flying above the backyard and yells out "oh wow, look at the hawk"

Memphis: that's a crow

Cody: no there is a hawk above them

Christmas: My gosh! (to Memphis) you never believe me!

Cody: Oh shit. It looks like the crows were like scaring the hawk away.

Christmas: Oh no, that hawk will fuck them up

Cody: Oh, the hawk is coming back at them....the crows are going back at him.

Nicole: What is bigger? The crows look bigger?

Christmas yells to the crows: We're not dead yet! We're not dead yet.




Cody says he doesn't like when crows fly around

Nicole: it's like scary movies

Christmas: you know what it's called? A flock of crows? Do you know what it's called?

Cody: Death

Christmas: Murder

Nicole: and I am a serial killer (Sloppies Cereal Killer)


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3:25PM BBT Nic, Cody and Enzo taling. Nic telling about Xmas walked in on her last night with the wine bottle. She says she thinks Xmas is angry at her. Nic says she doesn't want to face the jury questions at the finale if she gets to F2.


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3:40PM BBT Nic, Cody and Enzo talking in the KT. They are talking about Xmas complaining about having to be on the block. She told Nic that she had to let her (Xmas) win at backgammon because she was on the block. She told Nic to think about using the Veto on her. Enzo says that Xmas just voted Nic out and now wants mercy. Enzo says sheis lucky she is staying. 


3:50PM BBT Nic asks Cody and Enzo if they told Memphis that he was the target. They both say no. They said they think he is safe. 


 3:56PM BBT HG are in the KT making things to eat. Memphis not on cam. They start to talk about the BB Comics and trying to figure out what Day's meant. It was Day Dream. 


4:07PM BBT BB Has asked the HG to lower the outside awnings. Xmas and NIc start to lower them. They return to the hammock.

4:13PM BBT Nic is called to the DR. Xmas is still the hammock. The guys are in the house. Memphis and Enzo eating.


4:18PM BBT Memphis, Cody and Enz in the KT talking about how intense Xmas is being. Memphis says she is digging a hole. Cody says that Xmas will spiral when Nic doesn't use the Veto.  They are mocking Xmas talking about her HOH. 


4:24PM BBT Memphis talks to Enzo about Nic. He says he isn't sure that she and Cody have a deal. Memphis says Cody is really nervous about being back doored. Memphis says that they need to make sure Nic doesn't use it and that Xmas goes.


 4:35PM BBT Memphis and Enzo in the BY talking about that they survived the house. Memphis says that he didn't think he would in the first few weeks in the house. 

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 4:43PM BBT Enzo and Memphis continue to chat. Enzo says he can not believe F4 is right around the corner. They talk about if their families are ready to come out. Memphis talk about who he still talks to from his season. He still talks to Dan and a few others.


4:50PM BBT Enzo is telling Memphis about a B&B that he and his ex stayed in. There was a wierd carrot lady. Memphis is laughing. Memphis says it was amazing that someone married her. Enzo says she was the Carol Baskin of carrots. 



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4:59PM BBT: Christmas has her feet in the hot tub and tells BB that it’s almost warm. Her and Memphis start talking about the Titanic and how they haven’t seen that movie in forever.


5:02PM BBT: Christmas is relaxing with her feet in the hot tub. Memphis asks her if she got a nap, and then asked her if she wants a nap. She says kind of.


5:04PM BBT: Christmas goes inside to the WC.


5:05PM BBT: Enzo, Memphis, and Cody are outside joking around about how nominations are going to go now that there aren’t as many HGs.


5:07PM BBT: Christmas makes a protein shake then returns to the BY.


5:13PM BBT: Cody and Enzo are sitting in the BY. Memphis is in the BY jogging and working out. Christmas is outside laying down.


5:27PM BBT: Christmas and Enzo are laying down in the BY. Cody is jogging and Memphis is walking.


5:45PM BBT: Enzo and Christmas laying down in the BY still. Cody and Memphis still working out.


5:53PM BBT: Cody and Memphis are in the BY finishing their workout and making fun of BB. Christmas says they are mean. Memphis then asks what time it is and asks if their show is on.


6:05PM BBT: Stars


6:10PM BBT: Feeds return. Nicole is in the WA curling her hair. Memphis is sitting in the BY. Cody is still running and working out.


6:21PM BBT: Nicole is in the HOH room putting things away. Enzo is running. Christmas is still laying down.


6:23PM BBT: Memphis comes out to the BY with a few oranges. He starts a conversation with Christmas and she lays back down.


6:31PM BBT: Stars again.


6:55PM BBT: Feeds still on stars.

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7:11 PM BBT

Enzo is in the PBR carrying the weights around. The control booth has clearly messed up the audio because we can hear both music from the control room and Cody talking off camera...audio is corrected by BB and all 4 cameras are on Enzo.


Enzo begins sharing his thoughts with the Feeders in his very extra Italian accent "you big, you fucking asshole, you...you big fucking asshole, You. (he repeats this many times) big fucking shit, you. You big, you fucking asshole, you." (maybe he was channeling his grandfather???)

He walks up to Moo-Lawn Boujee (also credited as Mulan Boujay) and addresses the inflatable cow directly, "I'm going home next week if I don't win HoH. Do you know that? Do you understand? As long as you understand, yo. 'Cause Cody wants to keep Christmas. And I know that they all got some shit, but if we keep Memphis, and I hate to do that...I hate to do that, I'm in the final three. But we still got time. We still got time, yo. Let the noms lock first"


Enzo leaves the room and the feeds jump back to stars.


7:42 PM BBT

We are getting lots of stars tonight. With the exception of a few minutes with Enzo and Moo-Lawn in the PBR, the feeds have been mostly on stars since 6:30. 

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7:57PM BBT Enzo and Cody in the PBR. Enzo says he doesn't trust Xmas. Enzo says he doesn't know if Nic will cut Cody since he cut her in his season. They said they don't want to burn Memphis. Enzo says they could talk to Nic and tell her they want Memphis out.

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8:10 PM BBT

Back to stars  [Honestly, I miss the fish, and I never thought I'd say that.  -MamaLong]


[Just in case you are wondering...My LA source tells me that the BB Lot has a lot of neighboring noise at night these days, which explains our lack of feeds when the HGs are in the backyard at night. Whenever there is too much neighboring noise, especially music, production will prevent the Feeders from seeing/hearing anything going in the backyard. So, could it be yellers? It's possible. I mean, it has happened a lot this season. Either way, it's just too much noise beyond production's control.  -MamaLong]

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