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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Veto Week 9

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, at the beginning of the game Cody and Enzo formed a final two, but Cody was also brought into The Committee alliance with Memphis, Christmas, Tyler, Dani, and Nicole. Meanwhile, Memphis made two final three alliances with Enzo, one with Cody and one with Christmas. But Enzo showed his loyalty to the root by sharing the plan with Cody.


After Kevin was the first to go in a shocking triple eviction, David and Nicole were next on the block. Tyler and Christmas plotted to take out their ally and Enzo acted like he was down with the plan, but the miao miao was playing them and Enzo quickly threw Tyler and Christmas under the bus. After Tyler won both HOH and veto, Dani became the final eviction of the night.


With only six left in the battle for the half million, Cody showed off his power pose and Enzo made sure to put the target on Tyler and Christmas. In self-preservation mode, Tyler sold out Christmas and Christmas quickly returned the favor, but it didn’t save either from the chopping block. Tonight, the POV is on the line, will Tyler or Christmas be saved? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 59 after the nomination ceremony and Cody nominated Tyler and Christmas because they were clearly working together during the triple eviction to flip the vote and then lied to him. It is crucial his nominations stay the same. Tyler says Cody keeps saying he doesn’t want him to go but he’s a big target. He needs to figure out how to get off the block.


Memphis says The Committee is over and he has nothing with Tyler so it doesn’t bother him to let Tyler go. Christmas says she’s not surprised she was nominated but the Christmas spirit isn’t gone yet. She’s ready to fight tooth and nail to stay in the game.


Nicole goes to talk to Cody. She’s thrilled Tyler and Christmas are on the block, she only wishes she could have done it. Cody is telling Nicole he’s 55/45 and she asks who is his 55 and Cody says Christmas. Cody doesn’t think Tyler is coming after him because they have a side alliance, but Christmas is in another alliance that doesn’t include him and he wants to get rid of that right now.


Tyler and Christmas hug and Tyler says one of them has to win the veto. Christmas says they have had a F2 for a long time, and at this point it’s every person for themselves and she has to do what she has to do to salvage her own game.


Enzo crawls into the have-not room to talk with Nicole. They are talking about Tyler and Christmas trying to flip the vote. Enzo says he fooled them because they thought he was going to flip. He’s playing his own game and he’s too good.


Enzo is talking to Tyler and Tyler says he never thought Cody would do that. Enzo says he’s playing dumb with Tyler right now just in case he wins veto. He’ll lie in this game right to someone’s face, he doesn’t care.


Christmas goes to talk to Cody to touch base. Christmas starts to get emotional and she says she doesn’t take it personally. She says it’s just been a little bit of hard two days and she’s not mad at him because she probably would have done the same thing. She’s hoping the tears will make Cody feel bad and see Tyler is the bigger target. Cody says he nominates her and then she comes up and here comes the water works. He hopes this doesn’t last a long time. He feels horrible that she feels horrible, but her crying changes nothing. She went for a big move and it landed her on the block and she did it to herself. Christmas doesn’t know if she is Cody’s target but this is her week to fight hard and there’s a veto to be played and she’s going to give it her all.


Tyler and Memphis are talking about how they felt after they left. Memphis starts talking about his parents and then talks to Tyler about his father passing. Memphis talks about his dad not being around a majority his life and then he died and he didn’t know how to process that. He says you don’t know what unconditional love is until you have a son or a daughter.


Tyler talks about his dad watching BB and he remembers watching it with him. Tyler says his dad was a fan of the show and that’s what drove him to want to be on the show and little did he know that being on the show would change everything. Tyler says it’s a connection he has with his dad and he owes it to him and Angela to do what he can do to stay in this house and get the win he wanted so bad.


Christmas is talking to Memphis and asks who he thinks will go up if Tyler comes down. Christmas says she doesn’t have many allies left. After the triple she has to keep distance from Tyler and Enzo burned her on the vote. She’s pretty sure Cody and Nicole are working together so that just leaves Memphis. Memphis says he’s not going to be the replacement and Christmas doesn’t know about his alliance with Cody, plus the final three alliance with Enzo. But he is going to gun for the veto because he wants nominations to stay the same.


Tyler says Enzo is kind of his only option left and even though he burned him and Christmas in the vote, he’s the only option so he’s going to go balls to the wall and try and get Enzo. Tyler tells Enzo that Cody wanted him to target Enzo in the triple and he tells him about The Committee that’s been going on behind Enzo’s back, but he needs Enzo to gun for that veto. Enzo says wait what? How many people? Who’s in the alliance? Enzo says he already knew about this! His boy Cody already told him about it. We see Cody telling him about the alliance and Enzo says Tyler is doing too much right now. Enzo says he and Cody are the most solid pair in the house. Nice try Tyler, he doesn’t think Cody is coming after him.


It’s time for the veto competition! The BY is set up BBQ style and it’s called Snapshot Shuffle. In this competition, they have to arrange their former HG photos in chronological order. They have to use clues from pictures to figure out the correct order. When they think they have the correct order, then they need to hit their button. The HG to do it in the fastest time will win POV! They have 25 minutes to complete the competition.


Nicole is out first and she’s more concerned with the food because she’s a have-not and she wants the food. She begins and says she wants to win because she wants the nominations to stay the same. She’s not sure what she’s supposed to be looking at to figure out the order. She finally sees Janelle has a hot dog, and then another photo has Janelle with mustard and ketchup on her dress. Nicole makes some changes and notes Janelle has an angry face in one photo and she knows that face because she’s seen it a lot. She makes some more adjustments and hits her button and is booed because she’s incorrect. She switches two photos and she’s booed again. She notices Bayleigh’s hot dog is smaller in one photo and she changes it and she’s finally correct.


Memphis wants to win this veto badly, but more importantly he wants to make sure Tyler doesn’t win. He puts the snapshots up and he finds the last one and he hits his button and he has almost none correct. He starts noticing some of the minor details. He rings again and has three incorrect. He makes more adjustments and he’s correct.


Enzo is up next and he feels safe and his boy is HOH but he still wants to compete and show he’s trying to help Cody out. He looks at them real quick just to see what the comp is about. He’s breaking the pics down and placing them in order. He says the first few are pre-game because they are in the parking lot, then the next few they are on the film and then the last ones they are in the stands. He rings in but he’s incorrect. He makes some changes and he has 7 wrong. He can’t figure out what is wrong. He knows he sucks and he’s tired of the boos.


Tyler is up next. He says he’s played in every veto except one and this one is the most important is because his back is against the wall. He takes all the snapshots out so he can get a better look. He then finally starts to figure out how he’s supposed to figure out the chronological order.


Cody says he needs to win this because he does not want to have to name a third nominee. He’s working on figuring out the correct order. He realizes he needs to work left to right and figure out the story.


Christmas is up and she says she desperately needs to win the veto. She’s not sure if she’s the target or not but she sure isn’t going home. Sorry Cody to mess up your plans. Christmas moves quickly and she has five incorrect. She starts moving things around. She says she needs to figure out this puzzle quickly. She rings in and three are incorrect. She’s narrowing it down but she can’t figure out what’s going on. She finally sees Keesha’s beer and she rings in and she’s correct. She says she gave everything. She sprinted to the buzzer every time and she ran from picture to picture. She doesn’t know how she could have done any better.


It’s time to see how everyone did! Christmas finished with a time of 12:04. Enzo’s time was 25:00. Enzo never figured out the puzzle and his time maxed out. Christmas is in the lead. Tyler’s time is 25:00. Christmas is shocked he timed out. Cody finished with a time of 4:57. Cody is now in the lead. Christmas is disappointed in herself because she’s a comp beast and she was ready for redemption. Nicole finished with a time of 7:11. It comes down to Cody and Memphis. Memphis’s time is 8:16 and that means Cody has won the POV!


Christmas is devastated Cody won the veto because she wanted to be in charge of her own game. This could be the end of her game in this house. Tyler goes and he’s looking at a picture of himself and Angela. Tyler says Cody wins and he doesn’t expect nominations to change and he’s feeling pretty down right now.


Christmas is talking to Enzo and she says that was her worst comp. Enzo says Cody is unreal, yo. He’s a beast. Enzo tells her that Cody won’t use it and Christmas says she knows, but she’s not sure who he wants out. Christmas throws Tyler under the bus to Enzo.


Enzo tells Cody that there’s all kinds of stuff going on downstairs. Enzo tells him Christmas is already campaigning and before the comp Tyler exposed The Committee. Cody says he wasn’t targeting Tyler before but now he’s starting to give him a good reason to. He must not know how close Enzo and Cody are and Enzo tells him everything.


Cody wants to know where the term “in-law” came from and Enzo says in lieu of and Cody says “in loo” for the bathroom. Nicole says they are hilarious and when they are together they just feed off each other. Nicole says they go on these little rants, bromance showmance right there. Nicole says because marriage is law, so they are in-laws. Cody says oh! Nice!


Tyler goes to talk to Cody and says it’s a ghost town house. He feels like it’s his last week and he feels so defeated. Tyler says if Cody doesn’t use veto on him he’s going. Tyler says if Christmas stays, then both she and Memphis would put up him and Nicole. Tyler says if he stays he would never put Cody up. Tyler says he needs Cody to save him. Tyler says Memphis has done well in comps so he needs to go out. Tyler says as long as it’s not him sitting on the block, that’s his only goal. Tyler says Memphis wants to be in the end with Christmas because he thinks he can beat her. Tyler tells Cody that if he goes then Cody will be hung out to dry. Cody says it’s difficult to know who to trust, but he has to be strategic and not make a move based off feelings.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Cody has decided NOT to use the POV. Cody says his noms are locked and there are great reasons to send either home. Christmas says she’s still on the block and she feels pretty confident she’s going to stay but she still has to do the work that is required to stay. Her son’s birthday is Thursday and she refuses to be evicted on that day. Enzo says behind the scenes he’s as ruthless as they come and he wants to take everyone out and get to the F2. Tyler says if he was any of those people he would vote them out, but he’s convinced people to do some crazy things so let’s do something crazy and keep Tyler!

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