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Tuesday, October 6, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

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Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT.  Cody is snacking in the KT.  Cameras 3/4 in sleeping HGs. 

12:02 AM BBT.  We have stars. 

 12:05 AM BBT.  In the KT, Cody is snacking.  Memphis tells Cody he can’t get used to them eating like that so late.  Tyler comes in from the BY.  Christmas comes out of the lounge.  

12:10 AM BBT.  Christmas is in the WA doing nightly ADLs.  Cody finishes up his snack in the KT.  We get stars.  

12:14 AM BBT. General talk in the KT.  Memphis is laying in bed in the KBR with the lights on. 


12:17 AM BBT.  Christmas is now laying in her bed in the KBR with Memphis.  The lights are still on.  Tyler is eating in the KT.  

12:20 AM BBT.  Christmas and Memphis having general chit chat in the KBR. 

12:24 AM BBT.  In the KBR, Christmas & Memphis discussing how the final week of BB goes.  The other guys are in the KT. Nicole is probably still asleep in the HNR.  

12:28 AM BBT.  We have stars. 

12:30 AM BBT. Cody is eating again in the KT.  

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12:40 AM BBT

Enzo, COdy and Tyler are hanging out in the kitchen. Enzo says he isn't tired at all.


12:57 AM BBT

Enzo and Cody are both super hyper and act silly until Cody finally calls it a night and heads to bed to listen to some "Pete Roach"


1:00 AM BBT

Cody gets ready for bed in the HOHR.


1:01 AM BBT

Tyler and Enzo head to the PBR


1:07 AM BBT

Cody is living his HoH life.....reading his HOH letter in bed while listening to Papa Roach. He stares at his photos and settles in for hte night.





1:09 AM BBT

Tyler and Enzo are laughing about the season and the predicament Tyler is in.

Enzo: this is a fucking mess.

They discuss David and Bayleigh

Tyler: I can't fucking talk to you, Bro. You fucking throw me under the bus then come and tell me you did it

Enzo: fucking all over the place

They discuss how different BB22 is compared to Tyler's BB20

Enzo says it's all a fucking mess and they laugh over the Committee

Tyler: where's the signup sheet

Enzo: do have to win a PoV to be in the Committee...it's over. I got to win a comp or I'm going home. Fuck, yo.

Tyler: I tried to tell you

Enzo: I need a fucking power or something. All I got is Papa Roach, Man. That's all we got is each other.

Tyler: Memphis told me he'd vote me out. Nicole told me she wants both of us out.

Enzo: you got to pick one, yo. That shit made the show.

Tyler: it for sure made the show

Enzo: I got your back, yo.

Tyler: Nicole said if Cody and Enzo want to keep you, I'll keep you. I don't want to make him mad.

Enzo: I don't know what she's saying. We will find out Thursday. I got your back.

Tyler: I need Cody to tell her 'let's keep him"...I'm still going to be  trying to trick him (Memphis). I'm going to tell him everyone is trying to leave him out of the vote and I'm staying.....that's all I got. Why not give it a shot.

Enzo:  you got to, yo.

Tyler: I'll say Nicole is flipping and if you

Enzo begins joking about bribing Memphis if he ends up on the block

Enzo: I'll cook for him. I'll shave his back, yo!

Tyler: I'm gonna trick him

Enzo: Maybe, yo! If I'm on the block....How much you fucking want, yo? Remember I got two kids, yo...what do you fucking want? I'll give you half the winnings....you want my fucking Rolex?...What you want? How much do you want, yo? You want  a pair of Yeezys. I got Yeezys, yo!

Tyler: got to do what you got to do

Enzo: for real, yo

Tyler: I got beats by Dre

Enzo: I got beats? what you want?....want a new PS5, that Ps5 shit ain't even out yet...but I have it...a years' subscription to  fucking Sports Illustrated? I have it. What do you want yo? You can have it. You can run my fantasy football team.  What do you want? What the fuck you want?

Tyler: that's it

Enzo: that's it...Man, Nicole doesn't want to come out for shit. She's upset. I made her a Have Not

Tyler: she's dying

Enzo: I'm like it's all your fault. I'm gonna make you a Have Not







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1:22 AM BBT.  Tyler tells Enzo he better not follow him out the door next week and to win s**t.  He says it will be a miracle if he doesn't go this week.  

1:25 AM BBT.  Enzo says win the F4 HoH and you get to chill that week.  He thinks everyone should play in that HoH. Tyler says thr F5 HOH sucks.  Enzo says the F5 sucks because you have to show your cards and then can't play in the next HOH comp.  Enzo says he can see Cody winning the F4.  Tyler says it'll be disbelief if he stays.  

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1:30 AM BBT

Tyler tells Enzo that if Cody makes it to final two, he will win

Enzo thinks Cody will have a bitter jury and mentions he did Da'Vonne, Kevin, David, and Dani wrong

Tyler: can we get the lights out?

Enzo: yeah, yo. We're done.

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1:29 AM BBT.  Enzo says juries get salty.  He asks if Nicole got taken to the end.?  Tyler answers yes and says Kaycee took him to F2.  Enzo replies it was close.  Tyler tells Enzo that Cody will be hard to beat in the F2 and Derrick knows how to play.  "I think Derrick... The feeds cut...

1:31 AM BBT.  Tyler asks BB to turn off the lights. 

1:45 AM BBT.  All cameras on sleeping HGs.  

6:50 AM BBT.  All cameras on sleeping HGs.  

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9:26 AM BBT.  In the KBR, Memphis tells Christmas he thinks it's

9:30 and if it is, he's going to be mad.  He says maybe we do have something to do today.  Christmas says like what?  Memphis leaves.  Nicole comes out of the HNR and asks Memphis what time it is.  He says 9:23 (their clock is obviously a few min slow).   We get stars.  

9:30 AM BBT.  We get stars.  

9:33 AM BBT.  Nicole is sitting in the WA saying her neck hurts.  Memphis is back in bed.  Tyler is up.  

9:36 AM BBT.  Enzo is up and goes into the WC.  We get stars.  

9:37 AM BBT.  Christmas is called to the DR.  Nicole is doing ADLs in the WA.  

9:41 AM BBT.  Nicole gets into the shower.  

9:43 AM BBT.  Memphis is called to the DR.  

9:45 AM BBT.  Christmas is alone in the KBR talking out loud.  She is hard to hear.  Memphis is out of the DR and goes back to the KBR.  

9:48 AM BBT.  In the KBR, Christmas tells Memphis about her time in the military, about nicknames and having to drink beer from your dirty shoe.  

9:52 AM BBT.  Christmas and Memphis are in bed in the KBR with the lights on.  Nicole is in the shower.  

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10:04am BBT: Nicole has finished her shower and is now getting her robe on. All other HG in bed sleeping. BB announces HG must be awake  between 10am and 10pm, Nicole says we are awake.

 10:06am BBT: Memphis says he is getting up to go make some coffee as he sits up in bed, Christmas covers her head up as she rolls over in her bed.

10:15am BBT: Christmas and Memphis talking about what to say on the morning show today and what topics they can use. Nicole in the WA doing ADL's and cleaning mirrors.

10:29am BBT: Nicole ask if Memphis is doing her morning show and he says i guess, Christmas says i am making him do it, Nicole tells them she wants to watch this time and ask Christmas if she is a special guest and Christmas tells her no i am a co host.
10:40am BBT: Christmas and Memphis sitting in the KT drinking coffee talking about piano lessons and Memphis says he and his son were going to start guitar lessons but then it was COVID so they did not get to.

10:54am BBT: Memphis and Christmas in the KT talking general talk, Nicole in WA doing ADL's , all other HG still sleeping. Christmas is now going to make breakfast and heads to the STR.

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11:34 AM BBT

Nicole is hanging out in the Lounge when BB calls her to the diary room. The loud announcement startles her, and she jumps.

11:45 AM BBT

Memphis and Christmas are doing Memphis in the Morning with a live audience of 1...Nicole




11:55 AM BBT

Tyler has joined the audience in the LR. Cody and Enzo are still seeping.



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11:11am BBT: Memphis and Christmas eating breakfast in silence, Enzo and Tyler still asleep in the CBR and Cody still sleeping in the HOHR while Nicole is walking around in the KT.
11:17am BBT: Christmas tells Nicole she put her tye dye shirt in the wash with the towels yesterday and it got put in the dryer before the lock down so it should be in the STR and we get stars.

11:24am BBT: Nicole in the LL studying past comps and wins and pov's. Christmas making a fresh pot of coffee then goes to get dressed. Memphis sitting in the KT alone.

11:41am BBT: It is almost time for the Memphis morning show with co host Christmas and we get stars.

11:47am BBT: Memphis in the morning has started as they laugh and tell the Live feeders they love them and Memphis they love at the Memphis fans. They then talk about  hermit crabs.

11:54am BBT: Feeds come back from stars and Tyler is in the LVR with Nicole listening to Christmas and Memphis talk about the presidential race as they laugh.


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1:30PM BBT Enzo is talking to Nic about Xmas. He tells her that Xmas annoys him. He was cooking and she was right next to him. They join Cody in the HOH BR. Enzo is complaining about Xmas. He says that Xmas will be there within 5 minutes - watch. Cody says he doesn't see the problem. Enzo says that thre is nothing to talk about just as Xmas walks in.

1:50PM BBT Tyler is sweeping the KT floor. Nic is looking at Cody's pictures. Cody and Enzo playing with balls in the LR.
 2:06PM BBT Xmas is rolling somthing out in a zip lock bag. The boys are still playing in the LR.
2:20PM BBT Xmas has made slopcakes for Nic. Nic thanks her. The boys still playing ball in the LR.
2:24PM BBT The guys are getting a little crazy with the ball throwing and BB tells them to "stop that"
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2:30 PM BBT

Tyler and Cody are playing like 5 year olds in the LR while everyone else watches. 

Nicole says she is just waiting for family videos

Enzo: Just Rick Flair it

Cody: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good

Christmas: I am concerned



2:41 PM BBT

The houseguests are all just lounging around bored. Earlier Nicole asked for paint by numbers or coloring books  "just something"

Memphis is walking laps upstairs

BB: Houseguests, remember to enjoy yourself today. These are the good old days.

Christmas: thank you

Tyler: We know Bob. Thank you Bob.

Nicole: you guys

Enzo: mm hmm; whooo

Nicole: these are the good old days...we know that

Cody: whooo


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3:46 PM BBT

Nicole and Christmas are playing backgammon in the LR

Enzo is studying in the PBR

Tyler is talking with Cody in the HOHR

Tyler: what up Dawg? I talked to Nicole and Memphis about their votes.


Cody: yeah

Tyler: Memphis told me he is voting me out.

Cody: I mean whatever, yo...fuck it

Tyler: I don't want to tell Nicole and Enzo this but he said he is scared of me and he told me that he wants weaker players in here..he said he wants to have Enzo, Nicole and Christmas in here to go after you....I mean not verbatim....I don't know why he was being so honest with me...honestly. Nicole said as long as you and Enzo want to keep me because she doesn't want to piss you guys off

Cody: I told you

Tyler: did you talk to her yet?

COdy: I didn't want to say too much because I don't want it to go around. I feel good about it. You know. I mean Memphis is like...saying he wants weaker players. He is so jaded on what are weaker players. Like, Bro, you aint like...there's been plenty of comps. Enzo threw that first thing

Tyler: in the triple?

Cody: yeah...people play this game not to just win comps. His version of it is jaded.

Tyler: if it's Memphis and Christmas in here and one of them wins HOH, the other is not seeing the block and then you and Enzo; two biggest threats.

Cody: yeah

Tyler: I think he is assuming that I am 100% going so he was just kinda spilling

Cody: Christmas is walking around like, you seem confident...she has no idea what is going on in this game

Tyler: Nicole was like honestly I want both of you gon...fucking love you...you gotta pick one

Cody: she doesn't want to make herself a target. It's kind of easy for her to not make herself a target

Tyler: I told Nicole 'I am dead serious... if I stay it is 4 v 1 but if I go, it is 3 vs 2 and if one of them wins HOH you (COdy) would be gone unless you win the veto'

Cody: I feel I will go no matter what if I don't win the veto

Tyler: not with me...not with me cause me you and fucking Enzo. I don't care, man.

Tyler tells Cody he wants to go Final three with him and Enzo

Cody: then why the fuck didn't you tell me about flipping the vote?

Tyler says it happened so fast "you'll watch and see...It was just to get to Dani and we would have sent David out very next one...it was my bad, though"

Tyler: I just need you and Enzo to vouch for me

Cody: yeah

Tyler: Memphis is a tank at everything

Cody: yeah, but he just....and Christmas, she is just like....she gets on my nerves

Tyler: the two of them are definitely putting you up...they are thinkin gthe same way

Cody changes the subject to workouts

Tyler: I had a dream that Nicole was keeping me so I woke up feeling good today

Cody: really? I don't feel like I dream because I don't get deep sleep

Tyler: you guys do want to keep me, thought, right?

Cody: yeah, I told you, you are my boy

Tyler says if they don't he would understand

Cody says he just didn't think there would be the need to pull him down and get others thinking



3:59 PM BBT

Tyler tells Cody he will need to not be passive with Nicole and tell her straight up that they should keep him (Tyler) "I don't want to oversell and I don't want to lie to her anymore"

Tyler: I just need you guys...unless there is something I am missing I think that's the way it's going. 

Tyler tells Cody that if it was him and Cody in Final two he would for sure have the votes

Cody says at this point in the game he is just going to ride with the comps

Tyler: it's crazy at the end like this

Cody: it's all about comps at this point in the game

Tyler: I'm just hoping that Nicole is not feeling like she can beat Christmas easier than me

Tyler tells Cody that he was tight with Christmas, but he told Cody and Enzo everything because he is about it (Final 3 with Enzo/Cody)

*feeds cut to stars



Tyler: I've always been about it. I'm still about it. (final three) If Memphis wins you and I will end up on the block. If Nicole wins it would be me and Memphis and if Enzo wins I think it would be Memphis and Nicole because he is about it, too. Let's do it. Nicole said she would let me know, though.

Cody tells Tyler on Thursday it will be done "I'm gonna be straight up with her"

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6:30 PM BBT

Nicole and Cody quiz each other in the HOHR over game details. Nicole starts teasing Cody and asks him what her middle name is. It's pretty funny watching him try to remember and explain how was trying to remember. (It's Ann and he said he used Anne Heche as a reference)


Memphis and Enzo made chicken, vegetables and noodles for dinner. Cody said some of it was rubbery....overcooked.


7:10 PM BBT

Christmas and Nicole chat about evicted houseguests in the HOHR. Nicole tells Christmas that Dani thought she was staying.

Christmas: Did Dani tell you she thought she was staying

Nicole: I think people told her she had their vote. SHe was shocked

Christmas: she was pissed

Nicole: yeah, that's why she went straight for the door

Christmas says she though Dani and Tyler were working together.

Christmas brings up Tyler wanting her to backdoor him but that would have f8ed her because she "would have had to dodge two bullets instead of one".

Christmas asks Nicole why Da'Vonne and Bayleigh were under Ian's thumb. Nicole says that Ian was feeling so guilty for making up stuff about her. They discuss Ian and how he said he felt too guilty and went to Kevin to confess none of it was true.

Nicole: Ian had a lot set up that I never knew. There was too much to follow. That feels like years ago. Alls he told me was that this game...he just felt too guilty or something. Kevin said there were all of these paranoia made up lies....all the stemmed from the yellers. "They had a pawn pact"

Christmas: Oh, Kevin told me that, too

Nicole says it could have all been a lie. They deduce that Ian was working with Kaysar and Kevin.  

They discuss David and how he was fun to be around and a great friend, but he just couldn't play the game. He would try to talk game but it would come out as random statements. 

Christmas: he started giving me spotty information "there's a chess game going on"...no shit!




8:02 PM BBT

[Your resident spy can report that not much is going on in the BB house.    -MamaLong]

Right now the houseguests are getting their COVID tests and hoping they get booze tonight.

Memphis: if we don't get booze by 8, I'm going to bed  (their kitchen clock is about 10 minutes behind)

Tyler: Hey guys, I asked for my melatonin so if they call me to the storage room, don't get excited


8:16 PM BBT

The houseguests are talking about breakfast cereals. Earlier today Nicole and Tyler got in an argument about Apple Jacks which Tyler said are the same as Froot Loops but with cinnamon and added little red ball things that are supposed to be the apple. Nicole said there is no way Froot Loops are the same as Apple Jacks. Enzo says Count Chocula was his favorite and Nicole has no idea what he is talking about. He explains it is a "dracula" (he meant vampire) with marshmallows.

Nicole: I wasn't allowed to have any of that...too much sugar

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8:40 PM BBT

Tyler, Enzo and Cody are chatting in the HOHR

Cody: I don't think the lockin has anything to do wit the comp

They discuss that the lockdowns aren't about building the comps, they have been about safety and shit (wall yellers)

The guys are watching Christmas on the spy cam

Tyler: she has been non stop with Nicole...I'm like, shit

Enzo: yeah, she knows she has Memphis' vote so she is working hard on Nicole

Cody: she is down for whatever. I think she hates them both

Tyler: she does. She told me she wants me out...both of us out.

The guys are hoping they get a call to the SR for alcohol

Cody is complaining about his eyes pounding "my fucking eyes are killing me. This is impossible"

The guys begin shout outs

Cody: shout out to everyone on the feeds

Enzo: I miss you guys...it's been a fun season so far. I know you guys think we suck. We do. You're right. I love everybody that loves us and the ones that don't, too.  Everyone has their opinion, but look. if you have never played this game, don't judge. The comps look easy...they are not easy. The social aspect is not easy. The triple eviction was fun as shit, though.

Tyler: that shit was stressful

Enzo: just a lot of smart players this season so a lot was calculated 


Damn, yo....they said the jury house...they say everyone has got to share the tv

Tyler: fuck that I'm taking the tv to my room

Enzo: I don't want to share the tv with nobody. Everyone should have one in their room

Tyler: you don't have to share

Enzo: I have a feeling people will still be playing the game in the jury house

Tyler: I don't know how that shit works

They discuss the only ones that have been to the jury house before are Da'Vonne and Dani

Tyler: everyone better be nice to each other or don't talk to me..I think it's pointless. They don't let them talk game unless they are filming

COdy: yeah they won't let them unless it's on camera


8:49 PM BBT

Enzo asks who will win America's Favorite? Nicole?

Tyler: you or Da'Vonne

Enzo: why Da'Vonne though?

Tyler: she is really funny in the diary room

Enzo: oh right, you, cause in here....


They begin talking about David and how he was fun as long as he didn't talk game.

Cody: It was like Morse Code....shit

Tyler: yeah, like why do you keep pausing?

Enzo: he was scared to say anything




8:56 PM BBT

Alcohol delivery

Christmas screams "Yeeeeeeeees"

Cody says to Tyler "Oh my God when she screams I my head wants to explode.'

Tyler: it's like a damn COVID test


Tyler: Okay....we got one glass of wine, one glass of wine, or two beers. Cody has got two beers.

Memphis: I'll take wine

Christmas: I'll take two beers. I'm gonna chug one and then drink one nice and slow

Cody: I love that

Tyler: Okay, Enzo has got the wine


Christmas tells Cody he is looking like Kenny Santucci

Christmas: Kenny...he is stealing your look, like 5 years late

Cody: I'll commit.....KENNY!  SANTUCCI!



9:08 PM BBT

The HGs all head to the HOHR to drink and chat

They discuss how in BB16 the HGs were very cuddly

Cody: Frankie would cuddle everybody

Tyler says his season moved all the beds together and there'd be like 8 people in one bed

Christmas: well, touch is important

Tyler: when I heard about the twin beds here, I was like fuck yes!

Cody: we found out about that right before we got here, right?

Christmas says on her season there were three couples banging all the time...I was like there are cameras on you

Nicole: like having intercourse?

Christmas:  yes...like in the HOH room in the bedroom, in the hot tub

Tyler: noooo

Cody: nooo

Tyler: I refuse.....refuse

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9:15 PM BBT

Memphis is trying to name a night show host but can't remember his name...the guy on Community

Enzo: what the fuck was his name?

Memphis: he would always bring up Big Brother...tall...really funny


after some silence from Memphis...he yells out "Joel McHale"

They discuss that they don't even know if those shows are going on or if they are just doing Zooms

Nicole: true



9:26 PM BBT

Memphis is talking about getting women for Enzo

Christmas says her choices for Enzo would be higher caliber

Memphis: 1 thousand or 2 thousand?  (Nicole cringes)

Nicole says she misses her Sloppies box (she could hide inside it)

Talk turns to America's Favorite

Who do you think will win it? 

Memphis: Janelle or me....Memphis Maniacs will turn out 

Nicole: Oh my God. If Memphis wins I will crap my pants

Memphis: come on Memphis Maniacs. It's gonna be like Joe Dirt waiting outside the with Trans Ams and mullets

Tyler jokes that he will find Memphis Maniacs crapping on his social media

Nicole adds that Da'Vonne will probably win "she is so funny, so witty...wait til you see her in the DR...they are the best"

Nicole says that Enzo is definitely the funniest person she has ever played with, both in the house and the DR

Enzo: oh...I know I won't win, but that does mean a lot


NIcole heads downstairs to make fried pickles


9:53 PM BBT

Enzo tells his foot stalker story again. When the HOHR camera zooms in on his feet, he gives us a show






[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]

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Cody and Enzo were up late talking about why Tyler has to go over CHristmas. It comes down to who they believe  has a better chance to win HOH and who they believe could make it to FInal 2. So, Tyler is out tomorrow.


11:30 PM BBT

 Enzo is called to the DR

Cody goes to the kitchen for late night snackage






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