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Monday, October 5, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
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Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:36 AM BBT.  Tyler gets into bed.  Enzo is in the bed next to him.  Tyler tells Enzo he asked Cody if he will use the veto. He says Cody said the same old s**t. Enzo tells Tyler to talk to Nicole. Tyler says he did and she said she’ll do whatever Cody says.  


12:38 AM BBT.  Enzo tells Tyler that Nicole might be having meetings with Cody and he can't stop that. Enzo tells Tyler that Cody is undecided.  Enzo says if I can get to the F2, I will have the speech of all speeches. Tyler tells him he won't beat Christmas in the F2. Tyler says Nicole will be tougher to beat because of her alliances, but she hasn't done anything in the game.

12:42 AM BBT.  Tyler tells Enzo that his best bet to win the game would be against Christmas and then him (Tyler). Tyler goes on to say it is hard to beat Cody. Enzo says nobody will beat Cody in the F2.  Enzo says you have until Thursday, talk it out, but do not be aggressive. Enzo tells Tyler that he will probably go next week if you go this week.  Tyler says if Christmas wins HOH, she won't put you up. Enzo says he won the F5 POV comp to make it to the F4 on his season. We get stars.   


1:10 AM BBT.  Enzo has been telling Tyler about his "foot stalker", a fan that saw his feet and wanted more.  

1:16 AM BBT.  All cameras on sleeping HGs.  

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9:30 AM BBT.  Nicole is in the BY alone.  She says she woke up last night and for 3 seconds she thought she was in a cabin.   She tells us she doesn’t want to be weak for the HOH comp since she has been on slop.  She says she is trying to rest.  

9:32 AM BBT.  Nicole says she needs her sunglasses but she doesn't want to go inside and wake anyone up because she wants to be alone.  She asks us if she should forget about the votes against her during the triple eviction.  She knows it's a game but...  She says the birds sound so nice.  


9:34 AM BBT.  Feeds go to stars probably for the wake-up call.  

9:49 AM BBT.  Feeds return.  Nicole is still in the BY.  Nicole asks that if she ever gets HOH, she wants Victor to includes the dogs in her letter and her parents and polly pocket.  Enzo is in the SR getting a new battery.   

9:52 AM BBT.  Alone in the BY, Nicole says they must've partied hard last night, it's past 9:30.  She goes inside.  She says I was going to play a prank, but I can't. 

9:56 AM BBT.  Nicole is in the HNR looking for her sunglasses.    Christmas is called to the DR.  

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10:00 AM BBT.  Christmas and Nicole talk for a minute.  Christmas says she apologizes for making s**t coffee.  Nicole gets called to the DR at 10:03.  

10:05 AM BBT.  Christmas is in the WA doing ADLs.  Cameras 3/4 on the PBR with the lights on, but nobody up.  

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10:00 AM BBT Christmas is up and doing her ADL's. Nicole is up and outside on the lounge. Memphis up in his red hoodie talking to Nicole outside. 

10:32 AM BBT Memphis Christmas Nicole outside talking outside. The other camera is on they PBR on enzo sleeping. 

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11:08 AM BBT.  Christmas and Memphis talking in the BY about possible upcoming comps.  Tyler comes to ask Christmas what an Aquarius is.  After she explains, he leaves.  Christmas thinks if the next HOH comp is endurance then Memphis or Enzo should take it.  She mentions a possible questions comp.  Memphis says he has won every questions comp.  Christmas is getting frustrated with him and says he’s not listening to her.  He tells her that the way she thinks makes his brain hurts.  She gets frustrated again.  She tells him it may be better to keep Nicole over Cody next week.  Memphis says that may not be possible.  She says IF Cody doesn’t win the veto.  

11:15 AM BBT.  Christmas tells Memphis they need to win HOH and Veto.  Memphis says then we control it.  

11:20 AM BBT.  Memphis tells Christmas he is going in to eat some cereal.  She tells him that’s not a food choice.  He says a bowl of cereal won’t hurt.  She says every day it does.  He says fine, I’ll have eggs.  He leaves.  Christmas alone, says “I need a nap.  And a massage.  Ans a hug”.  She then tells us Loyal’s birthday is Thursday and her little man will be 2 and she is going to sing to him.  


11:26 AM BBT.  Cody and Nicole now in the BY.  Nicole says this is the first day she woke up before the music.  Just general chit chat going on in the house. BB asks them to clean the mirror above the sink.  

11:28 AM BBT.  BB thanks Memphis for cleaning the mirror.  In the BY, Nicole tells Cody that Memphis hurt his foot really bad jumping into the pool last night.  she says he can barely walk.  Nicole tells Cody she has nevwr seen it affect him in comps, he is tough.  She says she hopes they get family videos this week.  

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11:34AM BBT Nic and Cody talk in the BY and talk about who from the house they would stay in touch with. Nic says she really likes Enzo but doesn't know if they will keep in touch. She says that she doesn't know if Day will ever forgive her.


11:39AM BBT Enzo in the BY. He says he is ready for them both to go. Cody says he tired of Xmas thinking she can't go this week. He thinks Tyler would be the better competitor to get out. Enzo says the HG that campaigns to him less gets his vote.


11:50AM BBT Xmas walking around the house telling the cameras "I see you". In the BY, Enzo is talking about a girl who has been stalking him on IG since his season. He is talking bout pictures of their feet.


 11:52PM BBT BB calls Cody to the DR.

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12:00 PM BBT IN the BY, Xmas joking about visiting Enzo at home. She says she is going to tell everyone she is is BB Baby Momma. Enzo says he hangs out at different bars. All of the HG are in the BY except Cody.


 12:03PM BBT We have reels - Veto meeting time.



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2:57 PM BBT

The houseguests are just eating and hanging out in the backyard

COdy was just called the Diary Room


2:57 PM BBT

Tyler and Nicole are talking in the backyard.

They discuss how gross chicken is and how easily you can get sick from it.

Tyler: is he still out here? Memphis? Do you think he heard you? This is like the third time he is out that door.

Nicole: I don't think he heard me.

Tyler: I totally get it and I like am understanding. I can't argue.

Nicole: you would do the same if the roles were reversed...it was a game move

Tyler: You know I like you as a person and want to be friends outside this house

Nicole: yeah, it was a good attempt

Tyler: But, I genuinely see it that way. It would be 2 v 3 or 4 versus 1

Lots of awkward silence

Tyler: will you let me know, though...before the end

Nicole: yeah

Tyler: so I can activate my power

Nicole: is it from America?

Tyler: yeah, they just,, uh....they airmailed it. I'm just trying to enjoy the week though.

Nicole: hey, if I'm on the block, I don't care how annoying I am. People can suck it up. Until you're in that position you just don't understand

Tyler heads inside "need anything?"

Nicole: No, I'm good. Thanks!



3:01 PM BBT


 With Tyler out of earshot ...

Nicole: I am way too crazy. I literally said I don't want to keep either one of you. Oh Nicole....Oh my God. If I'm being frank... I don't want to keep either one of you


Enzo comes outside.

Nicole: what's up Enzo?

Enzo: everyone loved my chicken

Nicole: I heard

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 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM BBT Enzo and Cody talking about Xmas. Enzo says that she is way to happy while being on the block. COdy says it is bugging him. Xmas made jokes during her veto speech. They talk about David and how Day was always after him. Asking him a bunch of questions.



2:00 PM - 3:00 PM BBT  Nic and Tyler talking about what Dani brought into the house. Tyler says he thought maybe she was trying to sneak Dom in. Tyler tells her that he didn't have anyone handling his affairs while he was in the house in his first season. He says he messed up his credit.


Memphis and Nic now talking (Tyler has left) They agree they have to get Tyler out since Xmas isn't winning anything anyways. Tyler returns and Memphis leaves. Nic talks to him about her vote. She says she has to go with who she is told so that she doesn't make anyone mad. Tyler tells her that he understands and no matter what they will be friends.


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM BBT  Tyler talking about how he wants to enjoy the week and not be annoying like Kevin was. Xmas talks about her first season and what a mess she was with her scooter.

Nic and Cody talking. Nic is still upset at Xmas and Tyler voting her out. She said that she can't believe Xmas tried to vote her out of the house when they had a deal.

4:15PM BBT Nic is talking to herself in the lounge and studying days.


4:50PM BBT Xmas is in bed in the KBR. She is talking to herself. We get stars.


4:58PM BBT Xmas sitting quietly in bed. We get more stars.

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5:08PM BBT: Christmas continues to lay in bed and study the days.  Memphis, Cody and Tyler are in the KT telling stories about injuries they incurred in their youth.


5:09PM BBT: The guy convo in the KT has turned to frat house days at FSU/Rutgers.  Lots of laughs and lots of BB star interruptions.

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5:12 PM BBT

Memphis walks in the KBR

Christmas: What are you up to now? What's going on?

Memphis: I don't know

Christmas: it was 4 when we got locked in, right?

Memphis is talking about his foot injury. He is going to try ice. "I think they are going to give me a bag of ice"

Christmas: you have a few weeks left. Deal with it.

Memphis: I know. I'm worried about it.

He says he will get through it

They begin discussing what Cody is making in the kitchen  (french fries and fried hot dogs)

Christmas: fried?...how is he not fat?

Memphis: he has the metabolism of a 5 year old

Christmas says it affects her body

Memphis: that's because you're an old lady

Christmas: I'm not an old lady. I had a walker because my foot was broken.

Christmas begins pointing out Memphis' gray hairs. He says he can't see them

Christmas: you need glasses

Memphis: I don't have glasses

Christmas: you need them now



5:22 PM BBT

Christmas is in the KBR playing with a rubber ducky. She is keeping the duck on her forehead and keeps repeatedly squeezing it. She begins drifiting off to sleep.



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7:56 PM BBT

The feeds have been on stars for a long time, but now we see Christmas cooking dinner in the kitchen

She is preparing Soy Sauce Slop for Nicole




8:15 PM BBT

Nicole is eating her slop and chatting with Christmas.

Christmas is regretting eating a fried hot dog and fries for dinner. She feels really bloated.

Nicole and Christmas discuss that Cody eats so much crap food and still looks so amazing.

Nicole: he has great genes


8:28 PM BBT

The feeds move from stars to Tyler in the PBR for less than 1 minute.


[Wish I could update more for y'all tonight, but BB has us just seeing stars. I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]

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8:43 PM BBT.  Nicole is reading the bible in the HNR.  

9:32 PM BBT.  Nicole is still reading in the HNR.  She puts her hand on her forehead and sighs.  She is opening & closing her eyes frequently.  

9:35 PM BBT.  Nicole does the sign of the cross and pulls her blanket up over herself. 

10:02 PM BBT.  We have stars.  

10:06 PM BBT.  In the HOHR, Cody and Memphis are talking.  They feel they have a good odds at winning.  

10:11 PM BBT.  Still in the HOHR, Cody tells Memphis that Nicole said her and Christmas had a F2.  Cody thinks if Tyler were to win HOH that Cody/Memphis would be his nominations.  


10:21 PM BBT.  In the HIOHR, Cody tells Memphis that Christmas asked him if he wanted a hug.  He thought, no and you can self evict so you and Tyler both go home.  Nicole is sleeping in the HNR.  


10:23 PM BBT.  Still in the HOHR, Cody tells Memphis that whenever he is talking to Christmas, he hopes Enzo or Memphis will come in and stop it.  

11:15 PM BBT.  All cameras on sleeping HGs.  

11:25 PM BBT.  Memphis is in the WA.  He shaves & showers. 

11:39 PM BBT.  Memphis finishes his shower and does ADLs.  Then, he goes to the BY.  We get stars.  When they come back, they are on a dark HNR.  

11:54 PM BBT.  Memphis goes inside to fill up his water, then goes back to the BY.   

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