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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Triple Eviction

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Julie says welcome to the first ever Triple Eviction Night! Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, The Committee alliance along with their ally Enzo were running the game, but BB legend Dr. Will moved in next door to shake things up. And with power and prizes on the line, Cody putted his way to power. After Kevin sparred with Cody, it solidified his spot as Cody’s target.


Meanwhile, The Committee alliance was already planning for the war ahead. At a bodacious veto competition, David went for $10,000 and was eliminated from the game while Cody got another win under his belt, and he kept his nominations the same. Tonight, either Kevin or David will go to jury, but they won’t be alone…because it’s double...wait, it’s triple eviction night baby!


Julie welcomes us to triple eviction night and we’re less than a month away from crowning a winner of all-stars. Over the course of the next two hours, 2 HOH’s, 2 POV’s, and 2 evictions will be played in an epic night of game play.


We pick up after the veto meeting and Cody has decided not to use the veto and he didn’t want to make the first move on the alliance. He thinks keeping noms the same keeps the target off of him. David says grabbing that money may have put a target on his back. He not only has to figure out how to stay over Kevin, but he has to make connections so when they look at him they don’t see the money. Kevin says he’s been on the block before, but this feels different because he thinks he’s the target.


Cody is talking to David about what a bad move it was for him to take the money. Cody wants to know what his thought process was. Cody wants David to stay and he needs Kevin to go, but David just gave the entire house an easy reason to evict him. Cody says all it takes is four votes.


Kevin is talking to Cody and Kevin says he just wants to enjoy his time there and he doesn’t want icky feelings. He says they’ve had a bad relationship in the house and he wants to apologize and hope he softens his campaign against him. Kevin pitches that he’s sorry and embarrassed by his actions and he’d like to make something happen and he promises not to go after Cody. Cody says David gave everyone a reason to vote him out, so maybe he needs to rethink his options with Kevin in case.


The HG are talking about how there’s nothing going on. Dr. Will says hey HG, it’s your neighbor. They see Neighbor’s house on the screen and they say it’s scary. Dr. Will greets them, and says he always thought three moves ahead when he was on big brother and he thinks they should do the same. Tyler says what does that mean? They think it means double eviction. Cody says he already felt like the alliance was on the verge of exploding, but now he thinks the chaos is about to ensue.


Dani says she loves Dr. Will normally, but she has no idea what he wants. She thinks they will be speeding things up very soon. Dani takes Nicole to show her where her stuff is so she can pack for her in the event of a double. Memphis comes in and they don’t think there was enough info in that message. Enzo and David are talking about it being a speed week. David says three steps ahead? It could be a triple eviction. Enzo says no. Memphis says triple eviction to Dani and Nicole.


Enzo is talking to Cody about who they might need to go for. Cody says the information of the alliance with Memphis, Enzo, and Christmas confirms he needs to go after Christmas. Cody says he also needs to go after Tyler. He says he’s not sure who Tyler is loyal to and if he gets a chance he’ll take the shot. He tells Enzo they have to take the shot before the other side does.


Dani and Cody are talking and she’s telling him how a triple eviction might work. She says can you imagine if Christmas was HOH and nominated herself, Cody, and Nicole? Tyler and David are talking and they say there could be only 6 people left soon. Tyler tells David they have to get rid of Nicole and Dani after Kevin. Tyler says they will never vote against each other. Tyler says now that the numbers are dwindling down he needs David to focus on numbers who are not him.


Tyler and Dani are talking and Dani asks if anyone will take a shot at the six. Tyler says he’s sticking to the six because he doesn’t have a choice or everyone else will come after him. Tyler says he’s absolutely coming after Dani, but he’s lying to her right now and he hopes he makes it out alive. Tyler says whatever happens, all hell is about to break loose. Buckle up.


Julie greets the HG. She says some of them have dreaded it, and some of them have wanted it, and they’ve been speculating about a double eviction and Julie says there is no time to waste. Kevin says the injust, illegal, and killing of unarmed black people needs to be stopped. Black lives matter. He says he’s talked to each of them about he can help their game and he says this is all-stars so please take a minute to consider voting for him.


David says history was made a couple of weeks ago because he’s the second black guy to make it to jury. He’s excited to be here and experience some of the future comps like BB Comics and other competitions they’ve talked about. So whether he can be a number or a shield, please keep him.


It’s time to vote!

Enzo votes to evict Kevin.

Dani votes to evict Kevin.

Tyler votes to evict Kevin.

Christmas respectfully votes to evict Kevin.

Nicole votes to evict Kevin.

Memphis votes to evict Kevin.

By a vote of 6-0, Kevin has been evicted from the BB house. Kevin says ok everyone, let’s hug at finale night so we have happy hugs. He walks to the door and puts his mask on and he tells them great game and have fun and he walks out the door.


Julie asks why Kevin didn’t hug anyone and he says it’s all fake and there was no point in doing that. She asks if he is surprised of the unanimous vote and he says a little he thought he might get a pity vote. He says this is a scared house and no one wants to stick out.


Julie says he was on the block five times, why does he think they kept David? Kevin says he’s been struggling the entire season and it was just his time. He says he skated through his first season and this was very different. Julie asks Kevin about his conversation with Cody and if that was the tone he wanted to set? Kevin says he’s awkward and that whole conversation came across really weird and it was emotion.


Julie says Kevin had some pretty deep meaningful conversations about him being biracial and being part of the LGBTQ community. How does he feel about those conversations being aired? Kevin says he wanted to represent his community as much as possible and honor them and those were important conversations. He’s glad he could have them and bring awareness to some important issues.


David says he never wanted to be on the block next to him and he couldn’t have gotten as far as he could without his help. Enzo says his family should be proud and he was the better player. Dani says she was the only one who wanted him to stay and she was part of the bigger alliance. Cody says the way he fought to stay was incredible and it showed he was better than the player he was next to. He hopes he doesn’t hold it against him.


Kevin says he’s so grateful for this experience. It’s been lightning striking twice and it’s a been a tough experience but he’s grateful and he can’t wait to see Da’Vonne.


This competition is called about It’s All About Will. Julie will ask up to seven questions. If they are right they stay in the game, and if they are wrong they are eliminated. The last HG standing will be the new HOH!


True or False. In Dr. Will’s first appearance, he said “I just rented out your nieghbors house”. Dani, Tyler, and David says true. Enzo, Christmas, Memphis, and Nicole are False. Christmas tries to chance and she’s not allowed to. The correct answer is false. He said he just bought the neighbors house. Tyler, Dani, and David have been eliminated.


True or False, the lettering on Dr. Will’s coffee cup was blue. They all answer false and they are all correct. The lettering was red.


True or False, in his second appearance, Dr. Will had one hand in his robe pocket the entire time. They all answer true. Nicole chances to false and then quickly back. The correct answer is true.


True or False, in his two appearance Dr. Will blinked a combined total of two times. Nicole says true and Enzo, Christmas, and Memphis answer false. Nicole has been eliminated. He blinked three times.


True or False, Dr. Will was wearing slippers during both appearances. Enzo answers false and Memphis answers true. Christmas answers false. The answer is true so Memphis has won HOH!


Julie calls everyone to the LR for the nomination ceremony. Memphis says they knew this was coming. Nominations are David and Nicole. Julie says one of them could save themselves with the veto. The veto competition is up next.


It’s time for the veto comp! Memphis, Nicole, and David, along with Tyler, Dani, and Christmas will be competing. The competition is called Ice In Your Veins. They have to turn their ice veto into a fire veto. If they fall off the balance beam, then they will be immediately eliminated. The first to complete their puzzle and make their way back across the balance beam and hit the button will win the POV!


They all start working on their puzzles. Tyler is looking back at his start veto for reference. David is moving quickly. Memphis has almost all of his pieces out and he’s rebuilding from scratch. Christmas has several pieces in place. Tyler seems to be struggling. Christmas and David look to be in the lead. Christmas thinks she has it and goes back and buzzes in and she’s wrong. She has to go back. Nicole thinks she has it and she buzzes in but she’s wrong. Christmas is right with Nicole and Christmas is correct and she has won the POV!


Christmas has a quick meeting with Nicole and Nicole says if she doesn’t use veto to please just not vote her out and that she is Christmas’s number one. Christmas then wants to speak with Memphis.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Julie clarifies that Nicole hit her button first, but her puzzle was wrong. Nicole says Christmas kicked her butt and she knew how much she wanted to play veto and she drew her chip. David would love for Christmas to save him from the block but do what’s best for your game. Christmas has decided NOT to use the POV because it’s too turbulent of a game right now and it freaks her out to use the power when it’s not necessary.


It’s time for the second eviction of the night! Julie comes on and calls everyone to the LR and the HG see the Triple Eviction scrolling behind Julie, but she doesn’t acknowledge it. Nicole says she knows she can benefit certain people’s games and please keep her. David says he’s standing next to someone who won the game already and there are people he can help. Rookie wants to stay and rookie wants to play.


It’s time to vote!

Cody votes to evict David.

Christmas very, very sadly votes to evict Nicole. She’s sorry!

Tyler votes to evict Nicole.

Enzo stops in the hall and talks to Tyler before coming into DR. Enzo votes to evict David.

Dani votes to evict David.

By a vote of 3-2, David has been evicted from the BB house. David immediately gets up and grabs his mask and bag and walks out without a hug and says he’ll see them on finale night. Memphis says he appreciates that, it only took him since week 2 to get him out.


Inside the house they are saying no way they would do triple live. It must be a triple speed week. Julie is with David. Julie says she thinks David was gathering his emotions before he came out and he says yeah. He says he’s feeling proud. He feels vindicated. To be banished day one last year and then come on all-stars and get this far. He say it took a double eviction, or a triple eviction to get him out.


Julie asks if he came back to play to prove this time around or did he come back to win or to make a statement. David says all three. He felt like he could win last year, but now he wanted to prove he could play. He wanted to play the social game and he won in the dark. He won a power in the same comp that took him out.


Julie asks about the 10k in the veto. She asks if that’s why he’s sitting here now. David says it has some effect on the game, but he was looking at probability of his odds of winning. David didn’t see Christmas and Memphis keeping him around anyway. Julie says he doesn’t regret taking the money and he says no.


Julie says he had less experience, how would he describe playing the game. He says very difficult. Playing with people who have experience in comps and getting to final two and having live speeches prepared, he says it’s so much fun but it’s a pressure cooker. He says it’s been so amazing to actually play.


Julie asks how frustrating it was to get accused of voting out Ian. He says that was such a great move by Nicole and her alliance to flip the vote and pin it on him to make the people closest to him turn against him. Final thoughts-He is proud and vindicated and redemption was served. Winning would have been a great experience, but he’s proud.


Julie calls the HG back to the LR. She congratulates them on surviving not one, but two evictions. But they saw on the screen behind her a triple eviction. Tyler says since when do they do that?!? Julie says expect the unexpected. She says she hopes they paid attention when Dr. Will said he always thought three steps ahead. Julie tells them by the end of the hour another all-star will be headed to jury. They are about to experience another week of BB now. She sends them to the backyard.


Kevin and David have already been evicted tonight. Now it’s time for the second HOH competition! This competition is called It’s All About You. She’ll read a series of statements about events that took place earlier this season. The statement will be true or false. The last HG standing after seven questions will be the new HOH.


True or False, Ian played his first veto competition before Kaysar played his first veto competition. Everyone answers true. Everyone is correct.


True or False, Da’Vonne became a have-not two times before she won a competition. Christmas, Cody, and Tyler answer true. Enzo, Dani, and Nicole answer false. Enzo, Dani, and Nicole are eliminated.


True or False, OTEV, the psychedelic salamander, said totally bogus before he said most righteous party. They all answer false and they are all correct.


True or False, when Julie greeted them earlier this evening she said the word speculated before she said the word dreaded. Christmas and Cody answer true and Tyler answers False. The correct answers is false and Tyler has won HOH!


It’s time for the nominations! Julie calls them all the LR. Cody and Tyler are just now talking and they are called to the LR. Tyler says this house is so hectic. Tyler has to make his nominations. Tyler has decided to nominate Dani and Nicole. He says it’s crazy difficult because there’s no one there.


It’s time for the veto competition! Tyler, Dani, Nicole, along with Cody, Enzo, and Christmas will compete in the veto. This competition is called Feet to the Fire. They will race across balance beams and transfer the pieces of their fire veto to the other side. If they fall off the beam will be eliminated. The first HG to recreate their fire veto will win the POV.


Tyler has two pieces quickly. Christmas has fallen off the beam and she’s eliminated. Cody, Tyler, and Nicole have three pieces. Tyler gets his fourth. Dani has three pieces. Tyler is one piece ahead of everyone and Nicole falls and hits her head. Nicole has been eliminated. Tyler has one more piece to get. Cody and Dani are on their last pieces. Tyler has his done and he has won POV!


Julie calls everyone to the LR for the veto meeting! Nicole says he put them on the block and she doesn’t know why he would use it but she would love it if he would. Dani says he’s not going to use it so she’s not going to waste her time so Dom and Tennessee she misses them and yearns for them every day. Tyler says he didn’t get to explain why the nominations, but he felt Dani was planting seeds about him and Nicole didn’t relay that information. He’s decided not to use the POV.


It’s time for the THIRD eviction of the night! Julie says it’s Groundhog Day around here and she calls them back to the LR. Nicole says she doesn’t know what to say. This experience has been amazing, awesome, and she’s so happy to be back. Everyone’s been so awesome to play with and she has a lot of fight left in her please keep her.


Dani tells them Christmas and Tyler has a F2 and Christmas had a power she didn’t tell anyone about. If the other three keep her and she wins HOH, she’s putting up Tyler and Christmas. Dani says Nicole is awesome and she loves her.


It’s time to vote!

Cody says she’s never going to forgive me, I vote to evict Dani.

Memphis votes to evict Dani.

Christmas happily, finally votes to evict Dani.

Enzo votes to evict Dani.

By a vote of 4-0, Dani has been evicted from the BB house. Dani gets up and walks to the door and grabs her mask off the floor and she hugs everyone but Tyler and Christmas and walks out. She puts her mask on after she walks out the door.


Tyler says she is the best player he’s ever played against. Enzo says she’s a legend. Julie is with Dani and Julie says no hugs for Christmas. Why not? Dani says she doesn’t really like her and she didn’t talk a lot of game to her and she claimed to want to play with girls but she really played with guys.


Julie asks Dani if she thinks Christmas is better and Dani says physically yes. Julie says Dani has the record for most veto wins. Julie asks why 4-0 and if she’s surprised. Dani is most shocked by Cody because they stayed up late and schemed and planned. She’s flabbergasted that he voted to evict her, it hurts.


Julie addresses Dani’s relationship with Tyler. Does she think staying loyal to her alliance was her downfall? Dani says her loyalty was always with Cody, Enzo, and Nicole. She never felt good with Tyler and Christmas. Julie asks her thoughts on them keeping a former winner? Dani says Nicole is probably the least threat in competitions and to win.


Julie says Dani admitted she liked to plant seeds and Tyler referred to it, does she regret that? Dani says she would remind herself to not play too hard, but if Tyler hadn’t wanted to quit and go home to his GF, she would never have wanted to go against him. Julie asks if there was anything she would redo? She would have pushed harder to get Tyler out over Ian.


Julie asks if Dani has respect for them as gamers. Dani says she respects them all, but she lost respect for Tyler for coming and wanting to quit and go home. This wasn’t his first time if he didn’t want to play he shouldn’t have come.

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