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Friday, October 2, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:21 AM BBT

The feeds return to all of the HGs in the Have Not Room. Enzo picked Nicole as the only Have Not week. Nicole comments that she wants to try sleeping in there alone at least one night.


Enzo apologizes to Nicole in the WA for picking her as Have Not. 

Nicole: it's fine. I need to lose a few pounds

Ine KBR Nicole asks Cody "Can you believe he picked me

Cody: no

Nicole: It's fine... mean, I know I am safe this week, but the veto is very important. I better not get picked for veto. WHy would he make me weak for the veto?

Cody reminds her that he won when he was on slop "it's just in your mind...if your mind stays right, your body will follow"

Nicole: don't let me lose it this week

Cody tells her he is right next door (HOHR). Nicole asks him not to say things to her that make her feel she is letting him down "If alls I can do to repay is to to take you final two, then it's final 2. We are almost there"

Cody tells her that it's nice everyone is going to take turns sleeping in the HNR with her


The HGs are exhausted and painfully waiting for Cody to get his HOHR. Memphis looks half dead.

Tyler is still in the DR and Enzo comments they didn't get any beer

Memphis: they don't want us to have any fun. They just want to torture us. 


12:36 AM BBT

Nicole and Cody are talking in the Have Not Room

Cody: she needs to go this week and he needs to go right after

They discuss Christmas and how she said "hopefully he will want to keep the girls off the block this week" Nicole says Christmas told her she would not go on the block because she is friends with Cody. Nicole told Christmas that she is prepared to go on the block.

Nicole: they both admitted to me within three seconds "I'm sorry. I thought it was flipping" (She means Tyler and Christmas voting to evict her over David)

Nicole suggests to Cody that he pretend that Christmas told him about the final 3 as a reason to put her up

Cody says he doesn't want it to fall on Enzo "We have that final three thing and they have that final three thing....Enzo wants Christmas out so bad"

Nicole: I know. I wish Enzo had picked her for Have Not. She's crazy.

Cody: there is nothing more I want than to send her out and Dani see her coming through that door. It will make Dani so happy

Cody: we are fucking killing it....they are so mad

Nicole: they are stewing and I don't care how many times my butt is on the block

Cody: and they are probably so happy you went on the block twice in a row...there is no chance that I won't go on the block, too, this season

Nicole: I'd love it if you didn't touch the block once

Cody: there is no way

Nciole: If I win next, Enzo wins next and you win next

Cody tells her that it's not about being on the block, it's about being on the block with the right person, and they have done a great job of making sure that has happened

Nicole: when you heard 3 to 2 who did you think....Dani?

Cody: I thought she flipped

Nicole: Tyler said she said something really alarming

Cody: he is full of shit.......I just think the whole playing dumb thing....you're a flat liar. 

Nic: He told me he wasn't putting me up. I told him 'I get it' and I just wanted to know if I was his target....what an idiot Tyler is. Memphis is literally gunning for him. Tyler is an idiot. I have got to stop saying this stuff. I'm just pissed. I don't mean any of it.

Cody says he wants Memphis to go after Tyler


12:48 AM BBT

Enzo joins Cody and Nicole in the HNR

Enzo: we are her, yo! Three and Three.

Cody: we are going to put them up and one goes out.

Cody asks Enzo what Tyler said about him

Enzo: he said I should have fucking followed Cody and flipped it....we just found out that Tyler and Christmas are fucking close


12:51 AM BBT

Cody: I am going to target her

Enzo: she's too much. At this point, CHristmas is all over the place

Nicole starts laughing..."if you had picked her as Have Not" The snicker about how crazy she is

Enzo: whatever you do is a reflection of me

Nicole: what do you want him to go

Cody jokes that he will put up Nicole

Nicole: do it. I'm useless

Enzo jokes that she has the votes

Cody and Nicole tell Enzo she does not have the votes and they have to keep her off the block

Nicole: he will never be on the block

Enzo: people love me (they are all smacking on snackage)


12:54 AM BBT

Tyler joins them in the HNR

Tyler says he was looking for them everywhere

Cody gets called to the DR

Enzo tells him go get his bag first and then they can do the HoH Room Reveal


12:55 AM BBT

Christmas and Memphis are waiting for the room reveal in the KBR





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We did not get to see the HOHR reveal since BB cut to stars from to 1:21 AM to 1:42 AM BBT.


1:42 AM BBT

Enzo, Nicole, Tyler and Cody are going through Cody's HOH basket and grocery goodies while Christmas watches from the couch. Memphis has gone to bed.




2:05 AM BBT

Enzo and Cody talk in the HOHR alone.

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1:00AM BBT: Enzo, Tyler, and Nicole chat in the have-not room, they discuss the votes during the triple election. Enzo says Christmas gave Enzo a "rude" hand gesture in the hall. "She's great TV, yo," Enzo says. Christmas joins the group in the have-not room. Tyler says he can't imagine what the jury house is like, he says it's going from two people to five. 


1:05AM BBT: The group in the have-not room discuss not getting hugs from any of the three evicted. "What a crazy night, yo," Enzo says. "I'll remember this until I die," Tyler says. Enzo says it was a "sh*t show." They discuss how tired they are. In the KBR, Memphis is snoring. 


1:47AM BBT: The HGs disperse to go to bed. Christmas is the last one with Cody in the HoHR. Christmas says they're all having a "spa day" tomorrow. She says Cody's photos of his sisters are "beautiful." Christmas tells Cody to "enjoy" his night and leaves the room. "May the Big Brother games, resume!" Cody laughs nervously as she leaves. 


1:57AM BBT: No game talk for the last hour as the HGs get ready for bed. Tyler talks to himself in the PBR, he thanks his family for the letter and talks to Angela. He says he does "everything for" her and that it's all for her. He tells her good night and gets into bed. In the have-not room, Christmas and Nicole are in bed. 


2:05AM BBT: Enzo is in the HoH WA flossing his teeth. Cody is downstairs getting his things before walking back to the HoHR. Enzo talks about the evictions, about Tyler and Christmas he says "them two" are "tight as f**k." Enzo asks if Nicole is happy Enzo saved her. He says he saved her because Nicole isn't going to come after Enzo. Cody says Nicole is "grateful to be here" now. Enzo tells Cody to tell Nicole that they'll take her to the finals. "If Memphis wins HoH, we're f***ing good," Enzo says. 


2:11AM BBT: Cody and Enzo are concerned about how close Tyler is to Christmas. Enzo says he doesn't give a "f**k" either way what happens this week. They agree to talk to Tyler tomorrow. Cody tells Enzo what to say to Tyler tomorrow. Cody says it doesn't matter, that if Tyler get's upset he'll put Cody and Nicole up together and Enzo will be safe. "We just need to make sure we get into the final f***ing four," Cody says. 


2:13AM BBT: Cody and Enzo hope that Memphis will go after Tyler. Enzo says he threw the first HoH on purpose. He says he knew the answers, but didn't want to be HoH. Cody says he knew Enzo did. They talk about the comps and the votes. They talk about Tyler not following what they told him to do during the triple. 

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2:40AM BBT: Enzo and Cody have been talking about the three evictions and votes for the last twenty minutes. They discuss the latest HoH comp and Enzo says Cody won because he "took his time." They talk about the comp. 


2:46AM BBT: Enzo says he doesn't give a "f**k" about anyone else in this game. He says he's only loyal to Cody. Enzo says Tyler knows that and Tyler may go after them. Cody disagrees, Enzo says he'll come up with something so Tyler doesn't put them both up together if he were to win the next HoH. 


2:57AM BBT: Enzo listens to Cody's music, they discuss the songs while Cody snacks from his basket. Cody tells Enzo that "playing this game with you has been f***ing world class." Enzo agrees. They both leave the HoHR. Cody goes to the KT to eat something and then walks back tot he HoHR, Enzo walks to the KBR. Cody gets into bed and reads his letter. 


3:46AM BBT: All of the HGs are in bed and the BB House is dark. 


8:01AM BBT: The HGs are all still asleep. 

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9:31 AM BBT

Christmas is crying and asks Memphis for a hug

Memphis: of course you can have a hug (it's a very long hug while CHristmas cries)


Christmas: thank you

Memphis: three weeks four days, Baby...it's nothing

Christmas: I know


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9:30 AM BBT.  Christmas is up.  She goes downstairs to the KT and asks Memphis if she can have a hug.  He says of course.  She was carrying a blanket that she pulls over her and hugs him very tightly and you can hear her crying.  They hug for a LONG time (over 4 minutes).  She then goes to the WC.  

9:38 AM BBT.  Christmas comes back to the KT.  Memphis asks if she slept ok up there (Christmas slept with Nicole in the HNR so she wouldn’t be alone).  Memphis says he is going to deep clean the KT today.  He mentions they got restocked with food.  Christmas remarks that these things (pretzels) are the devil.  Memphis said he could eat the whole bag.  Memphis says his mom makes the best chocolate covered pretzels.  

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9:47 AM BBT.  Christmas is alone having coffee in the KT.  Memphis comes in.  She asks if he took his old man medicine.  He says trying, it keeps me young.  

9:49 AM BBT.  Memphis tells Christmas that his parents still live in the same house that he did when he went to high school.  Christmas says so 40 years? Memphis says shut up.  Nicole comes down and they tell her good morning.  


9:53 AM BBT.  Memphis is telling Christmas about what he wants for his son, what kind of place to live in.  They are just having general chat.  

9:56 AM BBT.  Memphis and Christmas are in the KT talking about where they want to live and houses.  


9:57 AM BBT.  Memphis tells Christmas he has lived in 3 major cities in 10 years.  He says Miami, LA and Las Vegas.  Nicole is in the HNR.  She says to herself I am literally staying in here all week.  

9:59 AM BBT.  We get stars.  

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11:00 AM All cams show cody in the HOH  bathroom doing his adl's listening to his music he got from his basket. 

11:08 AM BBT Cody is on the bed now looking at his pictures and rereading his letter he got. 

11:11 PM BBT Tyler and Enzo up. Tyler drinking chocolate milk talking to Enzo. Feeds cuts to stars. 

11:29 AM BBT the guys are all in the kitchen talking. Christmas is cooking food. 

11:34 AM BBT Cody Tyler Enzo and Memphis is all talking football. Christmas is just sitting at the table listening. 

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11:53 PM BBT Memphis is brushing his teeth, Christmas is putting stuff away in the kitchen. Tyler went somewhere with some chips. Enzo is doing dishes. Nicole is nowhere to be seen assuming she is still sleeping. 

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Tyler expresses concern over Nicole wanting to vote him out

Cody: no Dude. It's not gonna happen.

He tells Tyler that Nicole is gunning for Christmas.

Tyler says he fucked up. (he is referring to voting to evict Nicole)

Cody assures him he is fine and Tyler leaves.

1:21 PM BBT

Nicole enters the HOHR next "Hello man of the week"

Nicole tells Cody that Tyler looked like he saw a ghost. Cody says it's because he knows he fucked up.

Nicole: He is the biggest liar (Tyler) she feels so guilty. SHe is following me around the house and it's like 'leave me alone'

Nicole says that Tyler and CHristmas are dead to her for voting to evict her

Nicole: I can't stand looking at him  (Tyler)

Cody: I told Memphis I am 55/45

Nicole: who is your 55?

Cody: Christmas

Nicole: I want you to do what is best for you

Cody: what's best for me is not winning HOH but I had to make sure you wouldn't be a target

Nicole: I think putting Christmas is important....she feels guilty. SHe is making me slop like 'I don't want anything from you'

Cody: one of us four needs to win it (veto)

Nicole: I wish you wouldn't have told them you were going to put them up, though 

Cody says he hasn't talked with Christmas yet

Nicole: if they stay on the block, just let them throw each other under the bus this week


Cody plans to nominate Christmas and Tyler

1:33 PM BBT

Enzo and Tyler are talking in the PBR

Tyler: I don't even know what to do...I'm going (he means he thinks he's the target). There's no way he will keep me. He told me he wouldn't let it happen


Back in the HOHR, Cody and Nicole continue discussing Tyler. Nicole says that she hates that he is still in the house. Cody says if one of them comes down with veto, Memphis is the one going home.

Nicole discusses the "Take it Off " competition with Cody. She is frustrated because she had trouble getting her pants off and keeping the buttons pushed in.

Nicole: my physical ability has never inhibited me in this game until tis season....I feel small and I feel weak....and it's not something I have ever felt

Nicole discusses OTEV and says it was really hard because of the grease. She never had trouble with OTEV before and didn't even need ropes, but this one was harder. Nicole swears to Cody she did not throw it. Cody says he knows she wanted to win OTEV  


1:49 PM BBT

Christmas enters the HOHR as Nicole leaves

Christmas: Wassup

Cody: Wassup

She asks Cody if she can use his potty

Christmas settles on the couch to chat with Cody

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Christmas: yesterday was a shit show. Yesterday was a fucking shit show

Cody: yeah

Christmas says she wants to explain the Nicole vote "you can ask Nicole" she explains  they had an agreement to use veto on each other if they were ever in that position. But, Nicole had given her permission to just keep noms the same. Christmas says she knew Dani was the target.

Christmas says she was duped "I am pissed because now I look like I was part of that mess, and I'm not"

Cody says he talked with Tyler, too, and he claimed he thought it was flipping but he had already made it clear they were voting out David. "It was chaos"

Christmas: I don't know if you saw my face when the votes came out, but I was like...I betrayed Nicole

Cody says that things like that happen and in the chaos, this happened....it puts them on opposite sides of the fence

Christmas: I feel blindsided and duped from yesterday....it's frustrating because I wasn't on the right side of it. And it like puts a huge mark against me...she hasn't been the same with me.

Cody: I can level with you on that

Cody confirms that Nicole is upset about things

Christmas: she was freakin on the block twice yesterday. I don't know how that feels

Cody says it was a whirlwind for her, too "now it's different to be around that person the next day"

Christmas: I just feel like I was betrayed by someone (Tyler)  to betray someone I trusted (Nicole)  [Cody is not buying this BS at all]

[Christmas is deflecting her vote to evict Nicole completely on Tyler as being his fault. SHe is not accepting her role in that vote at all   -MamaLong]

Cody tells Christmas he is going to do what is best for him in this moment and he feels as the week goes by, more information will come out. He says he thinks he understands who was behind it and others are left dealing with collateral damage.



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12:00PM - 1:00PM Nic and Cody talking. Nic is upset with Xmas and Tyler. She says she can not even look at them. Cody asks her if Xmas tried to talk to her in the BR. Nic tells him that Xmas cried herself to sleep. She hopes Xmas feel guilty.


Cody and Memphis talk about Xmas and Tyler. Memphis feels it was Xmas' doing and that Tyler doesn't have it in him. memphis wonders if there was an alliance with Tyler, David and Xmas at one time. Cody says he isn't sure what he is going to say to Tyler and Xmas. Memphis suggests to be honest since one will stay. Cody says he may use that it might have been a miscommunication but this is easier.


1:00 - 2:00 PM BBT Tyler and Cody talk in the HOH BR, Tyler tells Cody he messed up and has been worried about it all n ight. Cody says he has to think about how it looks to the hosue. Tyler said that David told him that he had Xmas and Enzo on lock for the vote. Tyler thought that meant to vote Nic out.



2:10PM BBT Xmas says she was waiting for direction. She was the first to be called. Tyler asked her if she voted Nic in the hallway. Xmas says Tyler tried to get her to BD him (when he wanted to go home). She says she is throwing him under the bus because she was duped and it makes her look like she was part of something she isn't.

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2:23 PM BBT

Enzo is back in the HOHR talking with Cody. He says he trusts Nicole for the next few weeks and that's it. Cody says he is going to Tyler that she said she was duped by him (Tyler)

Cody: I said to Tyler...Bro, you're gonna use me in a way that I can benefit you next week

2:30 PM BBT

Christmas is talking with Nicole in the Have Not Room. Christmas tells Nicole that Tyler told her everything was flipping and that's why she voted to evict her. SHe didn't want to be against the vote.



Nicole tells Christmas "when the votes came back I didn't think it was you. I thought it was Dani and Tyler. I was shocked. I felt very betrayed. I'm being honest. I just never thought you would vote me out."


2:41 PM BBT

Cody and Enzo notice on the spy cam in the HOHR that Nicole and Christmas have settled in the loft to play backgammon.

Cody comments that Nicole doesn't want to have anything to do with her, and Enzo adds that "she is playing the game....still playing the game"

Enzo begins ranting about the Committee "the Committee...it rhymes with shitty"

Enzo: we just need to lock this in tomorrow and then figure out what we are gonna do



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2:25PM BBT Enzo and Cody in the HOH BR, Enzo is worried that Memphis wins Veto and takes Tyler off. Cody thinks that  Memphis won't. They discuss scenarios.


2:23PM BBT Xmas inthe HN BR with Nic. She is trying to explain what happened to her. Xmas saying she had been duped. She doesn't know if it came from Dani or who it did. Nic says she was confused but it makes sense. Xmas talks about the deal that she and Nic had with the veto. Nic says that she feels guilty that Dani had her back.


2:39PM BBT Enzo and Cody in the HOH BR, Talking about Xmas trying to make nice with Nic. Enzo says Tyler is freaking out. Enzo says he told Tyler not to worry. He wants Nic to win Veto to build her confidence. Enzo says that he wants to win Veto to keep noms the same. Talk about lunch.


2:47PM BBT Nic and Xmas are playing backgammon in the loft. Enzo is going to listen to some music.

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2:50 PM BBT

Memphis and Tyler are planning to build a shuffleboard game. Memphis has asked for tape to mark off the floor "so it's official."

The plan is to use brooms as the cues.

Tyler suggest they aim for the rainbow colors on the floor with each color being a different point value

[I believe Memphis is using a jar lid as the disc]

Nicole admires Memphis creativity and says they need another broom.




3:00 PM BBT

Nicole walks through the kitchen mumbling

Tyler: You dropped your mic in the toilet?

Memphis: isn't that the second time?

Nicole: the second time...I have never done in my past

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 2:53PM BBT ENzo and Xmas talking in the HOH BR. Xmas says the only problem would be is if Tyler wins the Veto. Xmas says that she talked to Nic and explained what happened. She says that she doesn't know why Tyler needed to talk to her when he wasn't on the block. She says she told Cody that she expects to go up. Enzo says that she has the wise guys. She says as long as they are not on the block together.


 2:56PM BBT Xmas tells Enzo that if she wins Veto, she won't use it. Enzo says she has to. Xmas says she is taking a stance. She says that she doesn't want anyone else going up. Enzo says that will show her loyalty.  She wants it to be known that she knows who should be going home.


3:11PM BBT Xmas says she is knowing she is going up and she knows Tyler will try to pull some underhanded stuff. She says she will take it with grace but will play hard.

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3:20 PM BBT

Cody is making tuna salad in the kitchen. Enzo is talking with Christmas in the HoH Room.

3:29 PM BBT

Christmas begins working our by running laps between the kitchen and WA.


3:32 PM BBT

Memphis has applied a facemask "Do you think I could scare Nicole like this?"

Cody: yes...what the hell is that?

Memphis: it's the mask they gave me




Tyler sees Memphis "What the fuck?"

Memphis: it's a facemask

Tyler: did I get one of those?

Memphis: probably

Tyler: I don't know if I would want to wear it

Memphis: this is how you stay young

Tyler: is that right

*feeds cut to stars




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3:18PM BBT Xmas and Enzo continue talking. They are talking about Nic not winning anything and Cody carrying her. Xmas says that if Nic gets to F2, she may win. Xmas says that she may have to refuse to vote.


 3:27PM BBT Xmas finally leaves the HOH BR. Enzo goes back to his music. Cody has been in the KT making tuna salad.


3:35PM BBT Enzo and Tyler talking int he HOH BR. They are talking about the vote. Enzo is now talking about Cody having a deal with Memphis. Tyler says his vote shouldn't be enough to put him on the block. Enzo is telling him that if he wins the Veto, They will have a talk with Cody about Memphis going up. Tyler and Enzo both saythey want F2 with each other .


3:46PM BBT Enzo and Tyler talk in the HOH BR. Tyler says he will make a deal for F4 with Nic and Cody if he has to. He says that he doesn't understand Cody's reasoning for nominating him. He says that isn't a reason to be nominated. We get stars.

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3:57 PM BBT

Cody is deep in thought in the kitchen while Memphis and Enzo chat about how much their kids will have grown in the three months they have been away 

[I can't help but think of SNL's "Deep Thoughts" with his expression  -MamaLong]



4:05 PM BBT

BB: Cody, please go to the diary room downstairs

Cody: okay, I guess I won't be laying down

He passes by Christmas post shower "Oh, Christmas, you smell great" 


*feeds cut for nomination ceremony

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