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Wednesday, September 30, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:11AM BBT: Kevin and Cody are still chatting in the have-not room as Kevin tells Enzo about a conversation he had. They're talking about Da'Vonne. Enzo says he told Da'Vonne that it won't be long before he follows her into the jury. Enzo says Da'Vonne is "good people" and he likes her a lot. "It just sucks, man," Enzo says. He says he likes Bayleigh too. "This game though, man." 


1:00AM BBT: Enzo and Kevin continue to chat in the have-not room. They discuss rookies vs. vets and the fans. They move on to talking about cars and then their personal lives.


1:40AM BBT: The lights are still on in the have-not room. Enzo talks about how happy he is that they get to eat tomorrow. They talk about how greasy slop is. 





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2:00 AM-3:00 AM BBT.  Enzo and Kevin discuss stories of their childhoods.  kevin says he knew at 5 yrs old, it was not a sexual thing, but he knew he identified with girls more.  Enzo talks about what kinds of women he is attracted to.  Kevin talks about what atrracts him & describes things about his husband.  Enzo talks about his divorce 3 yrs ago and his dad's death 4 yrs ago. 

3:02 AM BBT.  We get stars.  

3:50 AM BBT.  Feeds return to a dark & quiet BB house.  

9.00 AM BBT. All cameras are on sleeping HGs.  

9:06 AM BBT.  Kevin is up.  He goes downstairs, circles around the KT once and then goes to the SR for a new battery.  He then goes to the WC.  

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9:10 AM BBT.  Kevin is in the lounge alone.  He says he isn't sure if you (his husband) are working today.  He says I love and miss you. He tells him this may be the last day he can send a message to him.  He says he stayed up til 3 AM talking to Enzo.  He says he realized it'll take a miracle, a miracle for him to stay...some sort of selfish game interest.  He gets the sense from Enzo that he was just trying to buy a jury vote.  David is up.  

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9:13 AM BBT.  Kevin says he is clueless.  He says it would take a majority, 4 of 6 people, to keep him here.  Kevin says the more he thought about it, the more he thinks these people are just trying to buy jury votes & this decision was made over a week ago. 

9:15 AM BBT.  David is in the WA, then the WC.  Kevin says he tried to get Enzo to vouch for him.  He thinks he needs Cody to tell people he is neutral.  He then says why would he do that, I think he is working with David.  Kevin says he feels his husband telling him to just enjoy today.  He says the seeds have been planted, deals have been made & I just need to make one final round I guess.  He says "I'll nudge it, make a final push".  

9:25 AM BBT.  Still in the lounge, Kevin says Enzo doesn’t seem the type to vouch for you.  He thinks he will go to Cody & say “Yo what’s up?” and Cody will say vote Kevin out and Enzo will do that.  Kevin thinks Enzo won’t make it to F2 because he is too loyal to Cody and Cody will cut him.  He says who would want to sit next to Enzo in the F2?  He says Enzo admitted he isn’t strong mentally and that’s the comp at the end.  He says Cody is no dummy, he will not take Enzo, he will take David or Nicole.  He says nobody will want to give Nicole the money again.  He says if Nicole wins at least an HOH and a Veto and she is against Cody, then I will give her my vote. 

9:29 AM BBT.  David is in the KT.  Kevin is still alone in the lounge.  Kevin says the level of competitors in this house is high, they are in different ways.  He says the only one who isn't is David and himsef.  He says he hopes he made his husband proud.  He didn't do as well in comps as he wanted to but...

9:32 AM BBT.  Kevin tells his husband that having conversations with these HGs makes him feel bad because they are SO FAKE.  He thinks maybe he’ll tour the house today and look at every detail.  He says if he does stay, he is not ready for the HOH comp, he hasn’t studied at all.  We get stars (probably for the wake-up call).  

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9:53 AM BBT.  All cameras on the PBR.  The lights are on, but the HGs have pillows/covers over their heads.  BB says "Good morning HGs, it's time to get up for the day, there are fresh batteries in the SR".   

9:59 AM BBT.  All cameras are still on the PBR and HGs hiding under the covers.  

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10:05AM BBT All cams switching to HG all still in bed with the lights on.


10:11AM BBT Kevin and David talking at the KT table. Memphis comes in to get coffee. Kevin wonders how Day will be in jury. David wonders if Ian will be different and if he played up any of his medical needs. Kevin says that will be interesting. David says they always wondered if Ian was not as bad as he portrayed. 


10:21AM BBT HG starting to move around. Kevin and David continue to chat about different HG. David talks about meeting Kaycee. 


10:28AM BBT Xmas comes out and is talking about coffee to Kevin and David. She says the coffee is awful because they don't measure it correctly. David tells her she has made coffee once in the hsoue. They have a discussion about coffee with Memphis and we get stars.


10:37AM BBT XMas asks Dani and Memphis if they are ready for today. She is very excited. Memphis says nothing is going to happen today. It is the day before a live eviction and that is all. Talk switches to how they slept.

10:42AM BBT Each of the HG are being called to the DR for their morning meds. David asks Nic to play backgammon and she says she will as soon as she dries her hair.
10:49AM BBT Memphis and Xmas take their spots in the LT. Memphis asks her what kind of living accomodations she had when she was in Iraq. She is trying to explain it to him. We get stars.
10:58AM BBT Xmas and Memphis continue to talk. She says she had a case of PTSD when she came home. She says the things she saw really got to her. (She was a contractor in Iraq. She worked in the laundry facility). She says she came back and was really upset to see people partying and talking about texting. She says people just didn't know. She says she got to drive a tank and ride in various military aircraft.
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11:30 AM BBT

Memphis finishes his bowl of breakfast cereal and cleans his bowl in the sink. David is in the shower.

Memphis joins Dani in the LR where they talk about expensive furnishings.

Christmas is working out.


Nicole is preparing breakfast for herself which includes an egg. Nicole says she only eats brown cage free eggs.

Tyler is hanging out in the kitchen as well and when Cody passes through Nicole says people are trying to back out of wearing the veto comp shirts.






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11:11am BBT: Nicole saying she is running out of skin care things in the WA, says she should do it twice a day but only does it in the mornings because she does not have enough. Memphis and Christmas still in the LVR talking about getting together after the show and getting their  friends together.

11:14am BBT: David working out near the stairs, Tyler now up in the WA.

11:18am BBT: Memphis, Christmas and Dani talking about this being Enzo's last day on slop, Dani says i wonder who he will pick and Memphis says he feels like they will stop slop now.

 11:24am BBT: Cody is now up and heading to the DR. Tyler running upstairs back and forth for his workout. Memphis is eating cereal in the KT while Dani eats a banana in the LVR. Nicole, Christmas and David in the WA doing ADL's talking about playing backgammon.

11:38am BBT: Nicole making breakfast, Tyler having coffee, Christmas is working out with  weights in the KT area, Memphis and Dani talking in the LVR about only having like 4 weeks left in the house.

11:46am BBT: Hg are in the KT eating or  Working out  or sitting around talking general talk, Enzo in the DR. Cody says he is going to eat then shower.

11:50am BBT: Hg are planning on wearing tye dye shirts today each one is different with different saying on them. David showing Cody how to cut a kiwi perfectly.

 11:58am BBT: HG all in the KT eating breakfast and talking general talk and about Enzo being on slop and how he was happy but his body is not happy.

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12:04PM BBT IN the KT, Tyler and Enzo talking about mashed potatos. Tyler says he loves mashed potatos. Xmas says she makes a mean potato. Xmas says she loves food. She sits down and eats her peanut butter and eggs breakfast.


12:15PM BBT HG talking about kids. Xmas says that Loyal is so far physically advanced. He says he can run over and kick a ball. She says he is starting to talk. 


 12:21PM BBT Memphis is walking laps in the upper hallway. The HG are in the KT talking about HG last names and ages.


12:31PM BBT HG wearing their comp tshirts. Enzo is using the scissors to cut the sleeves off of his. Just general chatter in the KT. Memphis still walking.

12:47PM BBT Dani and Nic talking weddings. Dani says if she had been able to do her wedding over, she would make it black tie and fancy. She says they paid for everything themselves. It was expensive. 


12:55PM BBT Tyler is going to the DR. Dani asks him to ask for vegan pasta sauce. We get stars.



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12:56 PM BBT

Enzo is talking with Cody in the HOHR about his talk with Kevin. Cody says that Kevin just knows too much about the game

Enzo: he's got to go Bro



1:01 PM BBT

Nicole is talking with Dani in the CBR about her wedding and being disappointed that COVID has messed up the plans "I don't want to have to do it all again"

She mentions that she has had to plan her wedding twice "I just want to get dressed up and feel really pretty...exchange vows". She mentions just having small Michigan wedding and saving a lot of money.

Dani: something super intimate with just your family and close friends

Nicole: like a barn wedding or something

David asks Dani about how long she's been married. Dani says almost 10 years "It's hard to believe I met him 10 years ago...it's crazy"





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1:00pm BBT: Enzo telling Cody everything that Kevin told him lastnight and how Kevin promised everyone anything, Enzo says i will leave him a nice goodbye message yo you know what i mean yo and i will tell him tomorrow morning he is leaving. Cody says i do not trust Kevin he scares me  and he is here to play but David is just here he is not playing the game.

1:10pm BBT: Cody and Enzo talking about what Dani might do after this eviction and he says what will happen in a double and Enzo says i do not know. Cody says Nicole and Dani are always talking and Enzo says they have to have something to talk about why not ys and we get stars.

1:13pm BBT: Christmas comes into the HOHR and Enzo starts working out and says he is ready to finish this day and Cody says yeah because you want to eat dude. Cody ask Christmas if the room stinks and she says spray Febreze.

1:23pm BBT: Cody, Christmas and Enzo in the HOHR still talking about Kevin and David and how Kevin needs to go and repeating what all Kevin has said and Cody says i have given Him a hard time all week.

 1:25pm BBT: Enzo says Kevin has chances to win and he never won nothing and he had a chance to win the POV he is not being back doored so i have no problem sending him home.

1:36pm BBT: David in the LVR eating cereal talking to Tyler, Dani and Nicole and Kevin just general talk going on. In the HOHR Christmas says we have 3 weeks left in this game that is it and there are 9 people so this is it it is go time we have to be ready this is it.

1:44pm BBT: Enzo tells Cody and Christmas he is going to go nap till 8pm then get up listen to music for 2 hours then get up and make mashed potatoes and other things so he can eat at midnight and we get stars.

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2:04PM BBT Enzo and Xmas talk about Nic. Enzo says she has to start winning comps. Xmas says it is not a matter of if, she will start winning. Xmas says that Nic is studying any chance she gets.


2:10PM BBT Enzo and Xmas talk about the order the HG need to go out. She says it needs to be Dani, Nic and then David. Enzo agrees. Xmas says that she adores her but she stil has to go. Enzo says that she scares him. 


2:15PM BBT Xmas feels that Nic may be more of a threat. Xmas says that nic is smart. Enzo agrees. Xmas says that they are going to protect each other. Memphis joins the conversation. Enzo tells Memphis that Nic is not afraid to make moves. Memphis feels that both Nic and Dani arfe creating the same type of target for themselves.

2:20PM BBT They continue to talk about Nic and Dani. Memphis feels that Dani isn't as smart  as they thought she was. Enzo doesn't feel they (Xmas, Memphis and him) will be put up on the block together. Xmas disagrees. She thinks that maybe her and Memphis will go up together.

2:30PM BBT Memphis moves on to talk to Cody. Cody tells him that Xmas is on good terms with Dani and NIc and if one of them stays, they will be worse off. Cody says that Xmas is ready to go to war in the house. Memphis tells Cody that Xmas doesn't want to send David home. 


 2:40PM BBT Cody and Memphis feel Dani is overplaying. Memphis says you have to lay groundwork in this game.


3:13PM BBT We have had stars for quite a while.

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3:14PM BBT Cody and Nic talking in the HOH. They are talking about how proud David was that he took the 10K in the Veto. Cody says the only way he would vote for David is if David got up and told all of the HG that he actually is a super fan and he just played up the rookie role. 


3:17PM BBT Nic says she has been nervous. Cody says that every time Xmas guesses at something, it hasn't happened. They discuss if BB would tell them it was a DE or a triple. Nic explains that they have only gotten rid of 7 people in 56 days and they have to get rid of 6 more in approx 23 more days. Cody says he didn't look at it that way. They agree HOH is so important.


 3:20PM BBT Cody and Nic talking about comps and if Cody threw them. Nic says that she thinks Cody threw the one veto. She says that he has the best track record. They are talking about what she would say to Memphis if she wins HOH and puts up David. In the LR, Memphis playing with a basket and beach ball.


3:22PM BBT Nic and Cody talk about the number of weeks left. Nic says that there is definitely a triple then. Cody says that it could be short weeks.  Nic says that they may not get the BY for most of it. Cody says that would drive him nuts. Nic says that it is crunch time. Cody watches Memphis and Xmas playing in the LR.

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3:50PM BBT Xmas putting away food. David doing the dishes and Tyler listening to music in the HOH, 


3:57PM BBT Memphis asks Xmas and David if they remember what they did on NYE 2019. Xmas says she was home with Loyal. Memphis says he was wondering about a party. Xmas then remembers that she went to this party at this really nice hotel. David says he lost his ID just before it so he stayed home. 


 4:02PM BBT Memphis telling Xmas about his kid's birthday parties. His ex wife is an event planner. Xmas thinking about her son's birthday. She says she has to figure out how to have a party in the house. 



4:13PM BBT All cams on Xmas and David playing backgammon. David tells her that she is safe with him if it is a DE.


 4:20PM BBT Cody in the HOH listening to music and eating chips. In the KT, Xmas and David still playing backgammon.

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 4:45PM BBT  Cody and Tyler are talking about voting Dani out. Tyler says that worries him that Nic will not vote Dani out. He says he doesn't want to put Nic in that position. Cody says that he isn't keeping Dani.   Tyler says that he doesn't want to put Nic up and she stays and then she is coming after him.


5:00PM BBT Tyler and Cody continue to talk about Dani b eing voted out. Tyler says that there are too many votes against her and there is no way she would be able to stay. Tyler is concerned if he puts up Dani and Nic and Dani wins veto. He would need to put up David but then the girls would be coming after him.


5:02PM BBT Cody  says that Memphis is constantly saying he wants David out. Tyler says that David is solo and the girls are together. Cody says they will do what is best for them



5:30PM BBT Dani is having some snacks and reading her bible.



5:53PM BBT Xmas doing her nails in the WCA and Dani still reading the bible.


5:57PM BBT Memphis is in the KBR. He has stacked the inflated animals in front of the door so they fall on whoever walks in. He is rocking back and forth on his feet.

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6:02PM BBT Memphis finally lays down. No one had come through the door. In the WCA, Nic and Xmas talking about the nail stuff she is putting on. They are like polish strips that you press on. Dani comes in and says something about them being black. Xmas says they are blue.


6:10PM BBT Dani comes through the door and is scared by the toys. She says she came in to get warm. She and Memphis both say the house is so boring. He resets the toys to scare the next person. He tells Dani he is tired of talking to people.


 6:13PM BBT Memphis and Dani talking about when a DE is and when it might be a speed week. Memphis thinks tomorrow will only be a one eviction. He is upset that they do not have the yard. He says they aren't even building out there. Dani says she is getting nervous. Memphis says that it doesn't even make sense what BB did.


6:21PM BBT Xmas is telling Nic about her latest dream from last night. Dani is talking to Memphis about if Tyler should win HOH and put one of them up. Memphis thinks they would be safe. Dani tellshim he has a lot of faith in these people.


6:25PM BBT Memphis and Dani still talking. He thinks that they are thinking about it too much. He thinks it is over time that three will go. They go back and forth on when HG are being evicted. Memphis thinks Tuesday is the eviction.



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6:36 PM BBT General chit going talking about the triple eviction what they think it going to be like. Some think it going to be like Canadas triple. Then feeds cut to stars. 

6:40 PM BBT Nicole is in the bathroom talking to Christmas. She is whispering something to her but i can not hear it good. Enzo and Cody are talking in the upstairs lounge talking about Enzo season he was on. 

6:45 PM BBT Christmas and Nicole are talking about Dani. Nicole says she throws everyone under the bus and she dont like that. Christmas agrees and Feeds cut then come back they talk about general chit chat. 

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