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America's Got Talent Season 15 - Finale


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This is it. One chance. One last chance. To make a dream come true. One million dollars. America's winner is up to you. Welcome to the America's Got Talent Finale!

Please welcome your host, Terry Crews! These 10 acts come from around America and around the World and they one last performance away from winning $1,000,000 and a headline show in Las Vegas. Please welcome Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara, your AGT Judges!

First up is Sofia's Golden Buzzer, 11 yr old Roberta Battaglia. Singing Scars To Your Beatiful (Alessia Cara), she is physically swallowed by the stage but her vocal fills the space with clear confidence, her voice full of attitude & poise, a seasoned performer.

Sofia says you surprised me the first time on stage, and you keep surprising me every time more and more. Heidi says you were born to sing, this is only the beginning, absolutely incredible. Howie says we've watched you blossom for the world to see, the one to beat tonight.

The next act has come all the way from India to perform live on the AGT stage, it's BAD Salsa. Dancing for themselves and for all of India, they are just as amazing in person as they were remote, amazing choreography, acrobatics, speed and color. It's non-stop until the confetti falls.

Heidi says you have changed the game, so much creativity to this kind of dance, so amazing to see you live. Howie says you're the best dancers this season, you are so dynamic in person. Sofia says breathtaking, you took it to another level, one of my favorite acts in my life.

The next finalist is a small town girl from Utah, 15yr old Kenadi Dodds, taking us on an emotional journey. Singing Love Wins (Carrie Underwood) and playing a guitar, she lights up the stage, her impassioned vocal and joyful voice delivering hope in a world of uncertainty.

Sofia says here you are standing and singing with your guitar, so much more energetic, you stepped it up. Heidi says you have a super bright future, a country music award, a young Taylor Swift. Howie says you really rose to the occasion without the piano or guitar, you're worth it.

Next up is Howie's Golden Buzzer, lyrical wordsmith Brandon Leake. Finishing his run of personal messages with a poem for his daughter, his love, his worries, how she changed his life and gave it meaning, gave him reason to reach higher, hope for the future, her future.

Howie says Brandon leaves him speechless, he moves people, takes us on a journey, more important now then ever. Sofia says I have loved this new experience, so meaningful, very hopeful. Heidi says a beautiful gift to your daughter, you speak the truth and that it power.

Turning a second chance into a Finale performance, here's Broken Roots. Singing In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) on the back of a flat bed truck, their country take on this percussive classic is full of harmonies and counter harmonies, dramatic vocals and voices on fire.

Sofia says what an amazing ride, the song and performance, I like you more every time. Heidi says you had to fight harder to get here and you showed us wrong. Howie says that was wonderful, the singers have the hardest job because there are so many and may cancel each other out.

We head over to Germany for the Bello Sisters, strength, balance & poise in leather miniskirts. They struggle with the form, but regroup with an amazing performance and unique moves. Their father makes an appearance, shooting a rose out of the mouth of one of the sisters.

Heidi says you are incredible, true athletes, beautiful to watch. Howie says they are beautiful and wonderful but this was of the slowest performances and a little shaky. Sofia was it was amazing, stunning, perfection, three strong women deserve a place. There was no shaking.

Next up is Archie Williams, proof that the human spirit cannot be crushed. Singing Blackbird (The Beatles), accompanied on the piano, his sandpaper vocal communicates the feeling and the warble in his voice the depth of honesty that comes from his performance. Simple yet powerful.

Howie says only one act can win but you're already a winner, your songs have meanings so clear and more powerful. Sofia says you made it your song, your best performance and best suit. Heidi says I heard this song differently, like the song was written for you, you're soaring.

Next to perform is 14yr old Daneliya Tuleshova who is electrified when she performs. Singing Alive (Sia) in a lush rain forest backdrop, her voice starts out in a lower octave not her strongest, but her voice shines as she transitions into the chorus, dynamic and powerful.

Sofia says she is amazing, the kids have been so good this season, you especially, flawless, comfortable, better & better. Heidi says you are a class act, hold your own, perfection. Howie says you seem the most seasoned even though you're still a baby.

Next we go outside for aerialist Alan Silva, who has lived life proving size doesn't matter. Descending from a rainy sky, he puts on a dazzling display of artistry, physical feats, a soaring symphony of danger, imagery, adventure, passion and thrills in an amazing performance.

Heidi says you have been underestimated and bullied and I hope those people can see you now. Sofia says you are so artistic, the water, the fire, it looks so dangerous and exciting. Howie said that seemed to be the most dangerous performance because you were so wet, best yet.

The last act in the Finale is Heidi's Golden Buzzer, Cristina Rae. Singing Demons (Imagine Dragons), her elegant vocal mesmerized the night sky in her outdoor stage, her voice inevitably building to a powerful crescendo and then falsetto, the performance sensual and satisfying.

Heidi says you saved the best for last, you are the most amazing, a light that cannot be dimmed, you sparkle & shine. Sofia says every week more and more a star, you look amazing, those notes, perfection. Howie says this is your kingdom and you the Queen to beat.

That's your Top 10 Finale performances. Now it is up to you, America. Who will be the Season 15 winner of America's Got Talent? 

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Usher gets out of a Delorean in the Universal back lot to open the Season Finale with song, dance and the AGT Judges. He uses the time circuits to transport to the AGT Stage where he finsihes his performance in front of the judges and the Zoom audience wall.

Welcome to the AGT Season 15 Finale Results! Tonight host Terry Crews will announce which of the Finale acts will win the $1m prize and a headline show in Las Vegas! Please welcome your judges, Howie Mandel! Heidi Klum! and Sofia Vergara! Plus, once upon a time, Simon Cowell!

In last night's Finale, Roberta Battaglia sang, BAD Salsa danced, Kenadi Dodds sang, Brandon Leak spoke, Broken Roots performed, Bello Sisters twisted and flipped, Archie Williams sang, Daneliya Tuleshova sang, Alan Silva soared in the rain, and Cristina Rae belted.

Here's one of tonight's finalists with a singer, songwriter, record producer and 3-times Grammy award winner, it's Christina Rae with One Republic's Ryan Tedder!

Tonight, the Finale acts come together for a Bill Withers classic, We All Need Somebody To Lean On. Even the ones who don't sing. 

Next, the Bello Sisters from Germany perform with a sensational singer, with over 3b global streams and sold over 1m albums, with her platinum certified hit song River and her new single Higher, give it up for Bishop Briggs! 

Bishop Brigs continues with Alan Silva performing with his brother from Deadly Games!

While incarcerated, Archie Williams' favorite artist and song was Pastor Marvin Winans, and tonight they sing that song, Everything In Time Is A Song. It's a tearful meeting and a joyous performance. 

Guest stars don't come much bigger than this singer - her breakthrough single hit #1 in 22 countries, performing her anthem Kings & Queens, give it up for Daneliya Tuleshova and global pop sensation Ava Max!

Last season, Detroit Youth Choir came in 2nd on Finale Night and since Detroit gave them $1m and the Key to the City. Tonight they perform Believer (Imagine Dragons) from atop a parking deck in the motor city.

This guy is one of the biggest country music stars of all time, and also a coach on The Voice. Give it up for Blake Shelton and Broken Roots, singing God's Country.

Last year, V.Unbeatable made it to the Top 5 then went on to win AGT Champions. Tonight, they are paired with another sensational act from India, BAD Salsa! It's Bollywood in Hollywood!

Tonight we have two incredible young finalsists along with two incredible song writers, JP Saxe and Julia Michaels. Give it up for Roberta Battaglia and Kenadi Dodds, performing If The World Was Ending.

Brandon Leake summarizes the season with his unique spoken word. In an outdoor theater at the gate of Universal Studios Hollywood, it's finally time for your results. It's time to reveal your Top 5 in no particular order.

Alan Silva and the Bello Sisters in Germany, please step forward. One of you stays in the competition, the other goes home. America has voted and the act making it into the Top 5 is...   Alan Silva!

Here is the next result. Christina Rae and Daneliya Tuleshova, please step forward. Only one of you is going into the Top 5. America has voted and the act taking the second spot in the Top 5 is...   Christina Rae!

Two acts are through and two acts are gone. BAD Salsa and Broken Roots, please step forward. Only one of you is staying in the competition. The third act making it into the Top 5 is...   Broken Roots!

Only 2 spots left. Here are the next results. Kenadi Dodds and Roberta Battaglia, please step forward. Only one of you will make the Top 5. America has voted and the act taking the 4th spot in the Top 5 is...   Roberta Battaglia!

One spot left and two acts are waiting. Archie Williams and Brandon Leake, please step forward. Only one of you will round out the Top 5. America has voted, and the act taking the last spot in the Top 5 is...   Brandon Leake!

So your Top 5 Finalists are Alan Silva, Christina Rae, Broken Roots, Roberta Battaglia and Brandon Leake! Who will win?

Tonight, one act will achieve a life long dream. But first, 4 acts will come no further. It is time to find out who finished in 5th place. America has voted and the act finishing in 5th place and leaving the competition is...   Alan Silva.

And then there were four. It is time to find out who finished in 4th place. America has voted and the act finishing in 4th place and leaving the competition is...   Roberta Battaglia.

The Top 3 are Broken Roots, Christina Rae and Brandon Leake. One will win but another is leaving the competition now. America has voted, and the act finishing in 3rd place is...   Christina Rae.

That brings us to the last two acts, Broken Roots and Brandon Leake. A Wildcard and a Poet. Is this who you predicted would be standing next to each other at the end? Who do you want to win?

Brandon Leake and Broken Roots. One is about to win $1,000,000 and a headline show in Las Vegas. It's country music vs. Spoken Word poetry. Good luck to both of you!

It has been a season that has seen it all - auditions gone virtual due to the pandemic, Heidi missing in action, Simon Cowell down for the count, and then there have been the acts, some forgettable, some you wish you could forget, and the cream of the crop at the finale.

Out of thousands of auditioning acts, your Finale is down to Broken Roots and Brandon Leake. Your votes have decided the winner. But first, let's take a look at their amazing journeys.

It is down to this - Howie's Golden Buzzer vs. the Judge's second chance Wild Card. Congratulations to both of you, you both deserve to be here. But who has America chosen to be the champion? It's time.

America has voted. The winner of the One Million Dollars and the headline show in Las Vegas is...   Brandon Leake!  Brandon collapses to the stage in shock and release. Not one to be at a loss for words, Brandon thanks America. Howie celebrates too.

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