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Tuesday, September 22, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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5:24 PM BBT Feeds go off to stars. Enzo eating some popcorn. Day still working on the hair for tommorow. General chit chat going on. 

5:30 PM BBT Feeds cut off again due to Tyler and Enzo singing while playing pool. Day still working on the wig. 

5:40 PM BBT Feeds go down to stars, 

5:50 PM BBT Feeds come back on for a bit more general chatter going on and then they cut off again. 

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6:00 PM BBT

We keep getting stars....and stars...and stars....ugh

6:15 PM BBT

Enzo keeps joking about hiding in the port-a-John and making it his spy shack

Christmas joins them and they begin discussing the sinks

Enzo: did you hear the announcement....can't cut our hair at the sinks

Cody says it's not the short hair that is a problem...it's the long hair

Christmas argues that the girls don't wash their hair in the sinks

Enzo: the little hairs are the nest

Christmas says they shave their beards and stuff

Enzo says they can shave in the port-a-john

Cody says their is shit in there 

Enzo: and a bucket

Christmas says she wants to go to bed at 11. Cody says no....not 11....2AM

Enzo: the noms are locked

Cody says when the noms are locked no one is gonna come in there ans (mimics Kevin)  "can I talk to you"

Christmas says that she wants to go to bed early because she is hungry and doesn't want anyone to see her hangry

Cody: I feel you


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6:22 PM BBT

Christmas says she is already cold and stress inducing so she doesn't want to be mean when she is around people with food

Cody and Enzo tease Christmas  "Any questions.....Any questions?......Great!"

Enzo: any questions?

Christmas: Great

Enzo: Great

Cody decides to work out with Dani

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6:48 PM BBT

Enzo, Tyler and David are discussing what they want to happen with their body when they die.

Enzo wants to be put in a wax museum [It doesn't work like that, Yo   -MamaLong]

David says he wants to be an orange tree and "come out as an orange tree and be squeezed"

David asks Memphis what he wants to be when he dies

Memphis: what do you mean like reincarnated.

Tyler: Enzo wants to be in a wax museum and David wants to be an orange tree

David: I want to be planted in the ground and I want an orange tree to come out so people can squeeze me  

Memphis tells him that yeah, he was telling Enzo all about that and explains...

David is thrilled to learn that instead of being buried in a casket or being just cremated you can be buried in the roots of a tree

Enzo: and your skeleton is just in the fucking tree   

Tyler: that's a real thing

Memphis: I want to be in a tomb...in a tomb.... and have a statue outside like this.....life size....exact replica  

Enzo says he will just be in a mausoleum "just be put in the walls, yo"

Tyler: I want to be frozen and if they ever in the future have an ability to bring somebody back...then just pop me back up


Christmas joins them so they summarize their after life plans for her

David: what do you have there  (Christmas is eating slop)

Tyler: BBQ

Christmas: I'll let you taste it next week

David: ohhhh.....ohhhhhhh    





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7:30 PM BBT

The HGs are really enjoying the backyard.

Cody is running laps. Dani just finished her workout. 

Day and Kevin were playing pool, but Day got called to the DR.

Tyler, Memphis, Christmas, and David are in the hot tub

Nicole and Kevin are talking on the backyard couch. They laugh that there's 4 people in the hot tub, the most they've ever seen.

Nicole notices that Cody is wheezing while running

Nicole: he sounds like he has asthma; that's what I sound like when I run, too

Kevin: he is so fit 

Nicole: but he doesn't work out and he drinks coke and (eats) chips.

Kevin: how dare you (to Cody)

Nicole: He's #blessed....just got the genes, man






Nicole tells Kevin that she is so lonely now. Kevin says he will be once Day is gone. 

Kevin: or maybe I'll go out with her if it's a double

Nicole: don't think like that....don't think like that

Kevin and Nicole agree to work together next week and have each others' backs now that they don't have their partners in the game

Kevin: I feel like I have to....do you think Ian was a set up

Nicole: yes...that was the worst possible thing to happen to me because he had my back 100%....

Kevin: yeah

Nicole: the only thing we can do is win a comp. We don't have numbers...yeah, fuckin' A.


Cody finishes running and Kevin asks how many laps he did

Cody: 150....there and back...75

Nicole: Holy crap that was fast?  

Kevin: oh my God

Cody: that was fast? It felt like fucking forever  (he smells his arm pits)




Cody: do you think it's better out there?  (COVID)

Nicole: definitely. Let's list all the reasons we think it's better.


Let's tell all the reasons why we think it is:

Nicole:  More planes and we can hear workers

Cody: I didn't even think of that

Cody: the cheering

Kevin: The soccer game 

Comps are being set up and taken down faster

Cody: 100% so maybe that means more people are allowed in an area

Nicole:The gym is open. They said it was closed insafety suite, but now it's open 'Joes gym'  *feeds cut

Kevin: "Dr. H doesn't wear his like.." *feeds cut

Nicole: now there is like 20 of them

Cody: a ton

Kevin: on a Tuesday

Nicole: so many planes

Kevin: I can't believe they didn't give us an update. I thought they would

Nicole: same...maybe they don't want to trump it yet.....I bet Julie gives us one soon




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6:11PM BBT:  The feeds come back after about 10 or so minutes of music/stars.  Day is working on Kevin/Anita's wig while Christmas watches on.   Dani walks through them in the WA on her way to the WC after her nap and they tell her she was sleep crying.  Kevin says that he has cried "maybe 22 times this season".   He adds that he only cried once in the house the last time he played.


6:13PM BBT: In the BY, Enzo and Cody are laughing while surrounded by  bottles and bottles of bug spray and sunscreen.  You can hear others playing cornhole in the background. 






6:18PM BBT: Still working on his hair in the WA, Day tells Kevin to keep campaigning and being true to himself.  She says she's made peace with it and whispers about how some HG allies/friends are put up next to each other strategically since week 1 so that they couldn't vote for the other on the block.  They've known each week who was going, and that while this week may have been split that her speech pushed it over the edge.

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8:05 PM BBT

Many houseguests are gathering in the kitchen. Christmas is showering. Tyler is cleaning in the bathroom area.

Dani says she wishes they had a photo booth "we deserve it"

Da'Vonne and Kevin say they may get  in the jacuzzi

Cody starts singing and we get stars 

[I shipped human muzzles to BB via Amazon for Cody and Christmas, our worst offenders for star inducing behaviors. You're welcome.   -MamaLong]

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6:27PM BBT: In the BY, Dani and Cody are on yoga mats, Enzo is in a lounger, and Nic is in the hammock.  They all agree that they'd rather go get COVID tested than having to socialize in the house.  They have no "me time".  Nic said she was in the love room by herself for an hour.


6:43PM BBT: Enzo and David are on the BY couch laughing about how they're going to have to adjust to not having cameras on them 24/7 when the show is over and that they'll also be careful about what they say in public because they could be overheard and it being used against them in the game, forgetting that they're actually no lo longer IN the game.  


6:49PM BBT: In the BY, Nic is running laps.  David, Tyler, Enzo and Memphis are talking about people that die can have their ashes put into the roots of a real tree to be closer to those still living.  Memphis wants to be in a tomb and have a lifesize statue of him.  Tyler wants to be frozen in case there's a cure in the future.  Christmas joins them and they fill her in.


7:05PM BBT:Day is done working with the wig for now.  Tyler said he's going to take a shower - he doesn't want to be campaigned to.  In the BY, David tells Christmas and Enzo about his bar pickup lines and how he'll say that the camera is hot.   They are talking about the upcoming COVID testing tonight and how it's their 15x being tested, which is more tests for most individuals in the US.


7:16PM BBT:  Christmas and Tyler whispering in the PBR, asking if others are talking about them, just checking base.  Day and Kevin are in the BY playing pool.  Nic takes a shower.

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7:26PM BBT: Memphis, Tyler and Christmas are in the hot tub.  They jumped into the pool and then back into the hot tub , screaming.  Tyler does it again.


7:30PM BBT: Nic and Kevin are now on the BY sofa.  While watching Cody run laps, Nic tells Kevin that she just ran 64.  "What a strange number.  Why not 65?"  She answers that it's because they told her that 64 equaled a mile.  "or maybe it was 2 miles.  I'm not sure".    David joins the others in the hot tub.


7:40PM BBT: Memphis, Christmas, David and Tyler talk about who they all talked with before going into the house.  Christmas said she didn't call anyone, and then corrected herself that she called Josh.  They were all doing recon.  Memphis was glad that Dani was there because she knew who everyone was.


7:43PM BBT: Tyler is remembering being at last years finale party with JC, Kaycee, Angela and Fesse and meeting David there.  Christmas said she was invited to Tyler's season finale party, but was too pregnant.


7:47PM BBT: Cody, Kevin and Nic are on the BY couch saying that they'll be bummed out if they miss the historical cure found for COVID while in the house.  They're gearing up for the Tuesday night tests that will be coming up soon.


7:56PM BBT: While nobody's around, Cody quickly tells Kevin that he's got his vote.  They count out the numbers and if there's a double eviction coming up.  They'll be mentally prepared for either a regular or double week.  Kevin said he's never been through a double because Chima was evicted and they never had to.


7:57PM BBT: Christmas, Dani, and Nic talk about how they can't weaken their own team by choosing them as HNs this next week.  They believe that Cody's going to choose David.  

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8:34PM BBT: Da'Vonne and Kevin are whispering in the hot tub, they don't have their microphones on, so we can't hear anything they're saying. In the LR, Cody scares Dani as she walks out of the DR. He's very proud of himself, "I got a scare!" He shouts.


8:50PM BBT: Da'Vonne and Kevin are still in the hot tub, no one is talking. David is lounging on the hammock outside. Da'Vonne is called to the DR. Christmas, Dani, and Nicole are in the CBR. Dani says "everyone is so boring." Nicole complains about "being on the show," she says she still wants to be in the house, but doesn't want to be on TV. She says she's sick of the DR. Dani says the DR "hates us." 


9:12PM BBT: The HGs have been given alcohol, two bottles of wine and a few cans of beer. They celebrate and everyone walks into the KT to get a drink. Da'Vonne doesn't want anything to drink, Nicole really wants Da'Vonne to "have a beer" with her. Dani pours everyone a glass of wine who wants one. "They're f***ing hooking us up, every week," Cody is very happy. They all thank BB. BB replies back, "you're welcome."


9:20PM BBT: Dani and Da'Vonne are whispering in the lounge. Da'Vonne talks about her VETO speech and how Christmas has behaved. Da'Vonne says Christmas was "a f***ing wreck," and "it was a lot." Da'Vonne wants to know "what was it" that got her to "this point." She says she asked Tyler, but he didn't tell her anything. Dani wants to know if Da'Vonne is going to campaign. Da'Vonne says she told Nicole not to "be crazy" and not to "stick her neck out" for Da'Vonne. Da'Vonne says she's going to "fish" some more tonight. She asks Dani to talk to Cody. Dani agrees to talk to Cody. "It's an uphill battle," Dani says. 


9:23PM BBT: Da'Vonne says she's "no sucker" and isn't going to "roll over and die." She says they've gotten to the part of the game where people have to start telling the truth, because they're going to jury now. Da'Vonne asks Dani not to repeat any of this to anyone else. Dani promises not to. Da'Vonne says Kevin is worried that he's going home, but Da'Vonne doesn't want to tell him that it's her going home. "What do you want me to tell him?" Dani asks, in the same breath she talks about how much she misses Bayleigh. Nicole is called to the DR, she asks if she can trust Cody and Christmas to watch her drink. Christmas tells Nicole to take it with her. 


9:27PM BBT: Dani tells Da'Vonne that she'll talk to Cody and they leave the lounge. Christmas and Cody are playing backgammon outside. Da'Vonne says the wine is "disgusting." Kevin walks into to the KT, Da'Vonne tells Kevin about her conversation with Dani. She says "no one is taking the bait," when she asks them why she and Kevin are on the block. Da'Vonne blames David. 


9:58PM BBT: General conversation throughout the house. The HGs are mostly outside chatting or playing pool, some are in the KT cooking. Christmas complains about being an have-not and not being able to eat anything. Da'Vonne gets ready for the DR. 


10:13PM BBT: Memphis is chatting with Christmas, Dani, and Nicole outside on the couches. He says he's "really confused by this situation." Memphis says he doesn't understand why when two people get on the block together, they're "inseparable." He says he really doesn't understand and makes no sense. Memphis says Kevin told him earlier that he just wants to spend as much time with Da'Vonne as he can. Memphis says he doesn't "give a f**k" and "doesn't get it." He says Kevin's about to get to spend an entire month with Da'Vonne in the jury house. David is called to the DR. 


10:18PM BBT: Memphis continues to discuss his confusion about people on the block "being glued" to each other. It's only Memphis and Christmas on the couches now. Dani and Nicole are whispering in the SR. Dani wants to know what's up with Christmas, Nicole says she thinks it's the slop. Nicole has hidden a few beers in the SR, she fishes them out. Dani wants them to "pound" the beers, Nicole says she doesn't want one right now and she tells Dani not to show anyone the hidden beer. 


10:19PM BBT: Dani says Memphis is too much for her and she's having trouble with him. Nicole agrees. Dani says Memphis is "gross" and is sometimes nice. Dani says she doesn't know what else to say without being mean. They switch the conversation to Da'Vonne, Nicole wants to know what to do, she's worried about the jury vote. Dani tells Nicole to tell Da'Vonne everything in the GBM and to tell the truth about everything. Dani says she's going to do that as well. 


10:21PM BBT: Christmas and Memphis continue to talk outside on the couches, Christmas talks about how tired she is on slop and how Da'Vonne tried to talk to her. They discuss Kevin and Da'Vonne. Memphis talks about telling Nicole A to play in the comp at the beginning of the season. They talk about who has said what this season and who has told what this season. In the SR, Dani and and Nicole are still whispering. Da'Vonne throws open the door and scares them. Nicole and Da'Vonne leave the SR, Nicole walks back in after a few seconds. 


10:24PM BBT: Nicole tells Dani that she's had to "lie to two people" that she links two weeks in a row and she's done with that. Dani agrees, she says they need to turn both around in their favor. Dani says they've had the "whole game" go in their favor. Outside, Christmas talks to Memphis about Da'Vonne's VETO speech and how that was the Da'Vonne Christmas has been waiting for to come out. Christmas says she told Da'Vonne that the house is leaning towards evicting Kevin. 


10:31PM BBT: Christmas has joined Nicole and Dani in the SR. They talk about the food in the SR. Outside, Enzo and Tyler are whispering around the pool table. Enzo talks about what might happen if Nicole or Dani win HoH. Enzo says he's not putting David on the block if he wins HoH, he says David has had "enough already" and he's tired of the "bullying" in the house. He says "America hates Memphis" and that "Christmas is out of her f***ing mind." He says this is why they have so many yellers and people on the megaphones. Cody scares Dani really bad, she chases him out of the house. 


10:45PM BBT: Enzo, Christmas, Tyler, and Cody are chatting around the pool table. BB gets on to the HGs for talking about production. Christmas says people are being really weird today. They talk about Kevin and Da'Vonne. Tyler says Da'Vonne tried to get him to tell her why she was really on the block. Tyler says it didn't work. Cody wants to know what Da'Vonne really expected Tyler to say. Christmas says it's a "ballsy move to use the VETO." Everyone agrees. Tyler says if Da'Vonne hadn't used the VETO last week, she wouldn't be on the block. 


10:57PM BBT: David has joined Tyler, Enzo, and Christmas around the pool table. In the KT, Cody makes a protein shake while Kevin and Da'Vonne talk around the KT island. Nicole is getting ready for bed in the WA. 


11:10PM BBT: Nicole is in bed in the CBR, Christmas sits on her bed and they whisper. Christmas asks Nicole what she's going to say in her GBM. Christmas says Da'Vonne respects game play. Christmas says if Nicole tells Da'Vonne everything while Da'Vonne is still in the house, it could expose everyone. Christmas says she thinks the Committee would survive. Nicole says she'll wait for her GBM. Outside, Kevin and David are chatting in the hammock. David says Da'Vonne doesn't trust him. 


11:30PM BBT: Dani joins Christmas and Nicole in the CBR for a few seconds. She's trying to figure out how to scare Cody again. She runs out to try to find a place to hide. She manages to scare Cody coming out of the DR. Cody screams, he say says it's "unfair." Dani joins Christmas and Nicole in the CBR, they talk about Dani scaring Cody all season. 

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9:10pm Big Brother Time


Danielle and Nicole F find beer and wine in the storage room.


They hide some of the beer, Nicole F is worried about it, but Danielle talks her into keeping them hidden.  They go and tell Enzo they have them.


Danielle tells BOB to tell Tyler to go to the storage room.  BOB says. "Danielle, please go to the storage room."  Davonne goes to the house, Danielle complains that there are only 3 beers.


House guests complain that there are only two glasses of wine per person, Danielle pours less per glass.


House guests say "Thank you BOB"  BOB says, "You're welcome!"


Davonne tells Danielle to follow her to the downstairs lounge.


Davonne tells Danielle that Christmas told her today that she (Davonne) is leaving this week.  Danielle denies knowing this. 


Davonne tells Danielle that Christmas started crying and told her she was being very nice.  Davonne says that Christmas has to have some kind of intel.  Davonne says she asked Tyler why she was on the block, Tyler denied knowing anything, but the speech Davonne gave could be the reason.  Davonne says Tyler was just being Tyler so she walked away.


Davonne says from what Christmas said, before the speech no one said either way, but after the speech people said, "She can go."  Davonne says she just wants to know what got her to this point, and she is going to ask David because he might have an "in".


Davonne says she told Christmas not to be crazy when Christmas sad she can't vote Davonne out.


Davonne asks Danielle to talk to Cody to see if she can get anything.  Danielle calls it an "uphill battle".  Davonne says Christmas told her to wear something really pretty on Thursday.'


Danielle says they can still try, Davonne says she doesn't want Danielle to stick her neck out and get in trouble over this either.  Davonne tells Danielle not to say anything to Christmas.  Davonne says she wants to tell Kevin but she wants him to stay worried and not relax.


They continue to talk about Davonne leaving and how Danielle and Nicole F will miss her.


They end their conversation, Davonne saying she is still going to try, and Danielle promising to campaign.


Danielle comes out and sees a glass of wine, immediately she wants to know who's it is.  Davonne says it is Kevin's, Danielle goes out to the back yard.


Davonne says Danielle said she doesn't know why Davonne and Kevin were put on the block. Davonne says she is going to ask David, Kevin tells her that David wonders why neither of them chose him to play the veto.  Davonne says she told David she didn't trust him, that's why she didn't.  She says to Kevin, 'You want me to trust me? Give that vote."--(Why say this to Kevin, he is on the block as well.....)


Davonne says something about someone coming in and calling someone a "scallywag." She tries to make a big deal about being angry about it, but admits she wasn't holding the wine at the time.


Davonne tells Kevin that she found a clock in the have not room.  ON the clock there is a note that says "reset".  She tells Kevin it is in a box, that if it is not for this week he will know exactly where to go to find it if Big Brother announces it in the future.


Danielle comes in and conversation changes until Davonne goes to the shower.


Kevin tells Danielle that Christmas is upset that no one saved her any alcohol.  Danielle says no one saved any for her when she was a have not either, there will be more when she is not a have not again.


Just general talking about living in the house.


Christmas and Cody playing backgammon in the back yard.


No game talk.


Tyler and Memphis have joined Christmas and Cody in the back yard.  General talk about the end of the game coming.


Danielle and Nicole F are in the kitchen.  Danielle is demanding that if she gets a video, Dom should make sure it is full face, not a body shot.  Nicole F says to her mom, she doesn't have to be on a video if she doesn't want to.


Danielle complains about the quality of the wine.  Nicole F is commanded to guard Danielle's wine with her life while Danielle goes to take care of her laundry. 


David comes by, mentions the time as he walks by.  Nicole F decides to go outside.  She is vigilant, she takes Danielle's wine with her.  Davonne says her beer is in the fridge, she will be outside later.


Nicole lands on the out door sofa with Christmas and Cody, the others have left to go back to the billiards table.


Davonne is alone in the washroom. (she blows her nose aggressively.--my goodness child, was that painful???)


Nicole F is yelling across the yard that Bob Seger did not die. (she is correct as of this posting, Bob Seger is still sharing space on Earth).  It sounds like Cody yelling that he died of Covid, the girls call him gross and have no idea why they are friends with him.


Nicole F is complaining about going to the lavatory where people can hear her.  Memphis is not helpful, he does not offer her the use of the HOH lavatory (she is hinting...)  She continues to complain about her tummy rolling and feeling bloated.


We get stars.....



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