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Monday, September 21, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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6:00 PM BBT

Christmas has a one-on-one session with David in the Love Lounge. She tells him that it wasn't fair the way Da'Vonne treated him after the. She delivers advice as if she is a seasoned player and tells him she hopes she has been able "to build some trust" with him. David says he has a lot of respect for her. They agree to protect each other through final 8 and then regroup.  Christmas offers to David that if he does not put her on the block for the next two weeks, she will make clear in her Good Bye Message to Day that she knows David voted the way he said he did. "I am willing to set that straight in the DR. It does two things. It gets you a jury vote and exposes the person that set you up."

David: very feisty  (he makes shooting gun noises)

Christmas tells him not to repeat anything because it could destroy both of them.

6:24 PM BBT

Nicole and Christmas are playing backgammon in the backyard


Dani is preparing a raw bowl of vegan eats and offers to make one for Tyler, too. They are talking about the snackage that is all over the kitchen. Dani comments that she wishes the chocolate covered pretzels didn't have milk because she loves chocolate covered pretzels.


The guys are playing pool and being very loud.


6:27 PM BBT

The HGs are asked to put the awnings down in the backyard.

Christmas: let the boys do it

The guys begin giving the girls a hard time for not helping. Nicole says they were just in the middle of a move, and they get up to help.

Nicole: we were not just gonna sit there....I was finishing my move

The guys then begin teasing Christmas and Nicole for being short and unable to get the job done, but they are actually doing their side of the yard just as efficiently as the guys

Nicole: Tyler, want to talk some more crap 

Cody: oh shit

Christmas: They are assholes. It's not like cleaning the toilets you know? And they clogged our sinks.

Nicole: I know....there's five boys and they are picking on two 5'2" girls

Memphis: what did you do? Two?  (Captain Snark)

Nicole: Go sit down!







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8:47pm  Big Brother Time


We have stars


Before the stars Christmas is in the hot tub talking to Memphis, she has no microphone and is whispering.


Nicole F is folding her clothes in the cartoon bedroom while she talks to Davonne about her anxiety.



Feeds return


Danielle is in the washroom filing her nails.


Davonne is telling Nicole F that if she stays, fine but if not she is okay.


Nicole F says that her (Nicole F) and Danielle will be right behind Davonne in a double eviction.  Nicole F says "he" is not working with David.


They are comparing shirts,(maybe from the veto competition) and both of them have spots after being laundered.  NOW they decide to look at the directions for washing.


We get stars again about 6 minutes into feeds for about 2 minutes.


Cody is sitting by the hot tub taking to Tyler.


Nothing game related.


Sounds like Cody and Memphis had to use the fire extinguisher, possibly on the kitchen range.  Kevin must have been making fries on the stovetop, when he took out the cooked  fries and added more the pan over flowed (he was using a shallow pan).  Kevin, Nicole F and Cody are talking around the hot tub about the food nearby being not safe.  Nicole F says she is over cautious, so she would throw it all away.


We get stars 







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9:00pm Big Brother Time


We have stars 


Feeds return at 9:10 pm


Kevin is admiring his booty in the mirror, Davonne says he eats all the time.  Kevin says, "speaking of eating, do we want a pizza?".


Davonne complains that she really wanted that orange chicken. (we can assume it was one of the things ruined.).  Kevin tells her it wasn't going to taste like orange chicken anyway.


Just general talk.


Tyler is in the shower, Christmas is at the washroom sink, Danielle is still in the floor doing something with her nails.  (For Heaven's sake Danielle, do not sit on the floor. We have chairs young lady.--Grannysue-ism)


Camera goes back to Davonne and Kevin.  They also believe a double eviction is coming.


Kevin asks if Davonne stays who is her strategy, she says Tyler and Cody immediately,  Kevin says he would do at least one of them, Davonne advises both so one can't win the veto and take the other one off.  Kevin says if they used the veto on each other they would put a target on each other.  Davonne says, "do you think these people really care?".


Davonne says they would have to put up Cody, Tyler and as the third person, she says maybe Enzo as the third one. Davonne thinks Enzo would go  Kevin says three people could control the house, they need four people if one is not HOH.  Davonne tells Kevin to take one of them out.


Christmas and Nicole F are on the hammock.


Enzo is making jokes about Danielle and Cody being the newlyweds.


Nicole F tells Enzo to try and pull David in, just in case he wins the HOH.


Nicole F wonders if another room will open up, Enzo is wondering when the powers expire, Nicole F assumes it is Thursday, and if there is a new room she is sure they will be done.  Enzo says Christmas has a power, Nicole F says if she does she didn't have to use it. 


Enzo and Nicole F says the season seems to be passing by fast.  Nicole says there are still 10 people and about 30 days left.


Enzo goes to check on his fries, Nicole runs to the mirror to check her appearance then goes back to the hammock.


Camera changes to Danielle (still on the floor) and Christmas on the sofa.  Christmas decides to do her nails.


Christmas tells Danielle they might want to make a list to order who goes out in what order.  


Danielle says at some point it will be a committee member against the last pawn.  Christmas says it could screw them if the pawn wins veto and a second committee member has to go on the block.  Christmas says that they don't have to win HOH the next two times, they will just have to control who goes home.


Nicole F joins Danielle and Christmas, they say they need to have a girl meeting.


Christmas says the three of them have to control the house when there are 7 people left. 


We get stars. (assuming because Danielle spotted someone putting the contaminated oil in a clean pot with the possible intent of re-using it again.  She told Big Brother in her microphone what was happening, and said, 'help him, he's going to make everyone sick.")


Cameras come back to Kevin and David cleaning the counter tops beside the range. David is wiping what looks like the powder from the fire extinguisher into the trash can.


Camera moves to the back yard.


Memphis, Enzo and Cody are at the billiards table, Tyler is sitting on the back yard sofa.


Camera returns to washroom.


Danielle is complaining about the level of noise the guys in the house are creating.  Nicole F says Cody seems louder this time, but there were quite a few loud people on her season.


Other general talk.


Christmas has joined Tyler on the sofa in the back yard.


Sounds like they may be talking about the Seven Deadly Sins.  Memphis joins them and it is confirmed. So far they have Lust, Gluttony, and Envy.  They seem to be struggling (Pride, Wrath, Sloth and Greed are the other 4, just in case you might be wondering) Christmas just got Greed!!  Memphis knows it is in the Bible but doesn't know where


(Here's your Bible lesson youngns'. The seven deadly sins are not in the Bible, however in the book of Proverbs there is a scripture that talks about six things the Lord hates. Later in the book of Colossians a list of 6 things appears again. The seven deadly sins come from a man, Pope Gregory, when he tried to list the most awful things a person could do. And now you know.- Grannysue)


All the conversations in the house are just general talk.


We get stars.






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10:09 pm Big Brother Time


Christmas is bragging about her UGGs from Big Brother.


Tyler wants to see if anyone will play some "cut throat" with him.  Memphis declines. (almost bedtime?)


Christmas is telling Memphis everything Nicole F and Danielle have said to her in the washroom area earlier.


Christmas says Danielle is worried about a big guys' alliance, Memphis says to let her worry about it.  He mentions not putting Enzo up, and:


We get stars


When feeds come back Memphis has left the sofa and is heading into the Big Brother house. Just general talk in the house, no revelations.


In the washroom Nicole F, Christmas and Danielle are counting the weeks minus the people in the house to try to figure out how many doubles or short week are left. They are succeeding in confusing themselves.


Camera changes to several of the guys in the kitchen looking for snacks.  Enzo says he is not eating anything else, a few minutes later he grabs a bag of candy. 


Cody and Enzo blame each other for passing some rather stinky pooters. Enzo is now not, not eating peanut butter at the kitchen table while they all continue to "air out the topic".


Talk moves to general chatting.


Cody gives Tyler and Enzo  the nod to come and talk.  They all go to the photo bedroom.


They are talking about Christmas having an inflated sense of "what she does".


Enzo says she is entertaining, Cody says there is a weird relationship between Danielle, Nicole F and Davonne.  He asks who they want to go next, Enzo says he will flip the house upside down if he wins HOH, he will put up whoever he wants.  Enzo says he won't get rid of Kevin.  Enzo teases them that he will tell him his plan when he wins.


Cody says David is tight with Kevin, that David will tell Kevin what they say.  He doesn't think Kevin will tell David things.


Tyler and Cody think they will be up sooner rather than later.


They talk about David and his attempt to throw Danielle under the bus with a split vote.  Then they mention Christmas being friendly with so many people in the house.  Cody says he doesn't tell Christmas things she can tell Danielle, even though he thinks Christmas doesn't trust Danielle.


Enzo says they are becoming targets.  Cody says he is very tight lipped now compared to the beginning.  Cody says he has had to back track.


Tyler says after this week three people decide things. (there are three of them in this room).  Enzo says at that point Danielle can do all the talking she wants and it won't matter.   They all say Danielle constantly plots.


Tyler says that Danielle told him (Tyler) that Cody wants Kevin to go home (that is not true).  Cody says she told him that Tyler wants Davonne to go home,  Enzo agrees that Danielle does that.  They all are on to Danielle's game.


Nicole F comes into the room.  She asks what they are talking about, Cody tells her they are scheming and asks her if she wants to join.  Nicole F says yes, and reads Enzo's letter.





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11:00pm Big Brother Time


We have stars


11:05pm Big Brother Time


Feeds return.


Enzo is talking about whether or not his kids might be in school. He is excited to see them.


We get stars.......


Niccole F has not left the room. She has settled onto one of the beds.


The guys start talking about going to bed and Nicole F gets the hint.  She leaves the room.


Tyler says Danielle is trying to get Davonne's vote.

Enzo, "she ain't gonna need it."

He goes on to say she is funny and he likes her, but she isn't going to be there long.


The guys call Danielle "the Gardener".  Cody wonders if she realizes that the guys have conversations and tell each other. Cody says he is careful what he says about Tyler. 


Enzo says Christmas is "not feeling" Danielle and Nicole F.


ody says Danielle told him to watch what he says to Tyler because it will get back to Christmas.  He says she tries to stir up stuff.


Enzo tells them that Danielle has told Davonne she is leaving to get her vote. He says it doesn't matter anyway.


Kevin comes in and says he would like to ask them for their votes. He asks to talk to them one at a time tomorrow. He says he will talk to Christmas and David as well.  They all say they definitely want to talk to him.


David comes into the room, he says he wants to go scheme some more.  Kevin is gone, Cody says "It's four votes to keep him, he waves his arms at the four of them in the room."  David doesn't confirm.  He does tell them that the girls are talking about having babies.


Tyler says he is going to brush his teeth, Enzo says he will wait til the middle of the night and go when he has to pee.


David tells him that he needs to go into battle with his friend.


Enzo says he is going to show his a**. Cody tells him not to, Enzo says maybe America wants to see it.  Cody says it will be on the internet forever.  Enzo changes his mind.  


Cody mentions calling Danielle out for saying he wants Kevin to go home, Enzo says not to do that because it could come back on Tyler.  He says David will go after Danielle and Danielle will go after David.


Danielle comes in, wants to know what they are plotting.  They just blow it off.  Nicole F is in the room now as well. 


They call Cody and Danielle an old married couple, they are no fun, and are in marriage counseling.  Enzo says him and Nicole F are the newlyweds, they have fun and get drunk together.

Some good hearted fun talk, Enzo says to Nicole F, "see, they are trying to get us to fight now."  


More fun talk, impossible to follow, best to just sit here and laugh at them. ( If you want to laugh too, we are on camera 3 at about 11:25pm Big Brother Time)


We get stars.....


When stars come back the guys are still goofing.


Kevin and Davonne are in the washroom.


Kevin says when he left his first season he left "in peace". He says the conversations he had later had a lot of what ifs in them.  He said many of those people had quite a bit of that talk.  Kevin says this season has been "utter s**t after s**t after s**t."


Davonne says while she was in jury she went to room when that kind of talk went on.  She said they did have quite a bit of fun, then eviction day would come and the person would have information that tied into stories of those in the house and the talk would start all over again.


Davonne says she has gone further this year, she wanted to go further but it is what it is.  Kevin says he had two scenarios in his mind, to leave very early or go to the end.  He says he has made it to the middle point.  He says this experience was not what he anticipated, nothing is working out for him.


Davonne is lying on the sofa in the washroom, she looks and sounds defeated.


Cody comes in to the lavatory.


Davonne asks about Jessie and Natalie. Kevin tells her that Jessie never crossed the line, but Lydia did.  Davonne says they never showed that, but Kevin says it was shown, but only once in a little "blip".  Kevin says that now he has experienced this season, he realizes that conversations were on different levels, that all conversations were not about survival. He says the joy of the experience is suppressed by his predicament.


Kevin tells Davonne that this is a new experience for her too, that she had no advantage from her past seasons.


Davonne says she really thought she could go far.


Kevin says now she has a collective resume that would allow her to navigate a full season and that is what makes it so difficult.  Everyone in the house knows what to do.  Kevin worries that Julie will roast him, he says low key last time she asked him about things he did wrong.  Davonne says that's what the fans want to know.  She says that she knows what Julie will say to her, something about how she spent her time.


Kevin says he will just own up to it, he hates it when people say "no regrets".  Davonne smiles and says that's what she said on her first exit interview. Davonne says after the show she built a good rapport with other cast members, some took longer. She talks about fun times she had with other girls from her season.  There are a few she still doesn't talk to, or talks to them very little.


Kevin is really trying to boost Davonne's spirits, telling her she came out on top.  He tells her that she went on to do more things and be invited back to Big Brother.


Davonne says when she is gone, Kevin will be going to bed early, spending time with David.  Kevin says he is thinking day by day.


Cody, Danielle and Nicole F go to the have not room to scare Christmas.  When they went in Christmas jumped up and yelled at them.  She scared all of them.  (really really scared them!!!).


Danielle and Nicole F leave and Cody crawls into bed.


Cody is telling Christmas that he was telling them about Christmas sitting straight up when she is sleeping and hears noise.  Christmas says she sits up and then wakes up all the time.


Cody says, "I'm such a little sissy."  Christmas laughs.


Christmas tells him she was going to scare him anyway, she was waiting for him to get all the way into the room.


Cody says he hopes there was a camera on that.  (There sure was!!!   (Go to 11:55pm Big Brother Time, Camera 3)



12:00am_________-Tuesday morning


Well my dears, we all know what time it is.

Grannysue is going to go to bed. Grandpa has a dr appt tomorrow for a minor surgery so I need my beauty sleep.

Hugs to all of you.  Do something nice for someone today.

Goodnight.   Grannysue

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