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Sunday, September 20, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:16 AM BBT

Tyler, Enzo & David are playing pool. Kevin is looking on. Nicole is watching from the backyard couch.

David: if this was a regular season, we would be at then, huh?

Tyler: my finale was September 26th

Kevin: my finale was September 17th

David: it was September 23rd last year

Kevin: if this was Survivor there would have been two seasons filmed already

Tyler: Yeah, two whole seasons of Survivor

Kevin: two millionaires awarded





12:22 PM BBT

Kevin goes inside to tell Da'Vonne the hammock is open. Day complains that she needs some food "I didn't eat lasagna. I was doing my hair."

Nicole gets called to the DR.



1:01 AM BBT

Da'Vonne prepares a hotdog then says a prepare before she digs in. Day says, "My mama is real disappointed in her the way I am eating in here. She does a dance to indicate it's goooood.   [The Longs do dances of satisfaction when eating, too  -MamaLong]




1:13 AM BBT

Kevin and Da'Vonne discuss this season compared to the older seasons

Kevin: I've been so perplexed by this game play...this is why there are bitter juries because you don't want to eat a shit pie. It burns you when they serve it in pie form.

Day: I always feel like I should have been cast on the older seasons because you guys always had a thicker layer of skin. You guys were like I don't like you.

Kevin: yep...we are not aligned...Done. I'm coming after you.

Day: that's what is happening right now with me Tyler. We are feeding each other shit pie.

Kevin: that's why I feel I'm gonna be boring in the jury house.

Day: let me explain jury to you....unless it's eviction day and someone's coming, nothing is happening. I wonder how they are going to work that, though, because no one can come in and film us...probably like we did preseason (they had to film themselves)

*we get stars

Kevin:....it will be like, remember when you served me shit pie

Day sees Cody and tells him "outside is open"




1:39 AM BBT

David and Nicole talk about  ZIngbot's zings in the WA

Nicole says she knows her voice gets really nasally when she is excited, and she tried to tone that down but forgets when she is just doing her thing (DR sessions)

David starts to repeat his zing, but struggles with the wording. Nicole repeats it for him, "I can't believe I'm here on All Stars...I can't believe you are either....David"

David adds drumroll and cymbals noises.

Nicole says his zing was fun.

David and Nic start talking about Enzo and how he says "come home" when he is tired and wants to go to bed and how he mimics gossip with his rat noises  [Gotta love Enzo... he truly seems like he's a good guy!  -MamaLong]

David: I make fun of myself all the time.



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1:45 AM BBT

Kevin and Da'Vonne have been talking in the KBR about how much they dislike the way BB is played these days. Kevin says he doesn't like this version of BB. He brings up Black Mirror and the episode where everyone has a cell phone with scores...."imagine a world like that with transactions....'Good Morning. How are you?'  Boop. Your score goes up. The reason you want this score is because if you want to move in a nice neighborhood, you need a high score....a commentary on real life."   [Kevin is relating BB to the episode titled "Nosedive".]  Da'Vonne agrees that this is not the game either of them signed up for.


3:25 AM BBT

Da'Vonne and Kevin stayed up whispering for hours in the KBR. They finally got ready for bed and crawled into the darkness. The BB House is quiet.

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9:04 AM BBT

Kevin is awake and talking with Alphonso and feeders in the backyard


Kevin: Today is Sunday. Good Morning Guapo. I love you. (Alphonso is a lucky man. Kevin is truly a genuine soul] I couldn't sleep last night. Wow! It's really nice out. I should probably wake up earlier. I have some stuff to tell you. 1. I love you, but 2. Da'Vonne shared so much stuff with me last night. She told me all of her secrets. At least, most of them. And, I've played a terrible game. *laughs. Wow! I have played a terrible game. But, I'm happy that I have you, and I'm gonna keep trying. It's like '5 more minutes'...I'm gonna keep trying. I just hope you're not ashamed of me. I don't think you are. I hope you're not. I think I was a little cocky thinking that I could do this again. I'm glad I came because I realized I was cocky, and, I realized, first hand, this is a lot. My God. So Da'Vonne told me that she was in several alliances since week 1. You know, she was in an alliance with Enzo, Bayleigh and Cody. She was in an alliance with Tyler, Dani, Nicole...and she was in like 3 or 4 alliances that overlapped each other. She kind of confirmed my suspicions of the game. Everyone is in overlapping, temporary alliances. I don't know how it is being portrayed on the show, but I think what it is - is what happened to me. When I won veto, Enzo and Christmas pulled me into an alliance. Now I realize it was a temporary alliance for a week, basically.

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The camera moves to the HNR (Christmas and Cody are still sleeping) for a bit then back to Kevin.

9:15 AM BBT

Kevin: The thing is, I am definitely surviving. But, I didn't set myself up to get very far without having the need to like, completely, win competitions for like the nxt for weeks in a row. The challenging part...the reason why this is so disappointing to me is that, maybe, if this were a regular season I could win a challenge or two. But, these people are All STars because they got far in the game. They had a lot of collateral...competition wins. FOr me to win competitions is very hard. Yesterday's veto was ridiculous. Like, I didn't even have a chance. Everyone beat me except for Da'Vonne. But, Da'Vonne, the reason she is here is because she was never a comp beast but she has a social game...she is wheeling and dealing, you know. And, I don't know why I am here. I think I am here because of what I'm doing right now which is...I can survive week by week. I can figure out plans week by week. But, I think my time, Mi Amore, is coming to an end. What can I do. At this point I can totally lie. Just start lying. Lie like there is no tomorrow. Okay, so if I were to start like...I need Tyler, I need to throw David under the bus, entirely. Like utterly. It's my only chance which feels gross because on my original season I was okay with throwing Jeff under the bus because he was not a pleasant player to play with, at least from my perspective. He never gave me the time of day. I was invisible to him so it was easy for me to throw him under the bus. But I am debating. Do I want to be that person? Let's just play hypothetical scenario. I go to Tyler and I tell him, look Tyler. I know how all this looks and sounds. Okay, I talk to Da'Vonne... I tell Da'Vonne. What's more believable?....sorry, I have so many thoughts. I tell Da'Vonne 'you gotta take a hit. Take a hit. You go to Tyler and admit I actually lied to you and voted you out but I feel terrible because Kevin had nothing to do with this. David and I had a plan to go back and double cross you guys because David told me the whole plan to make the vote go against us.' Then Da'Vonne needs to tell him that David and Kevin have been working together. Wait! No!...I need to think of a...why would I?...Basically, I am trying to think of a lie with believable motivation...as to why would I backout of the wonky vote that  got Ian out. And I need Tyler to think that David is not trustworthy and get him to use his veto. It would split them up...it would earn favor with Memphis. It really relies on Memphis who wants him to use the veto, which I am really having trouble believing.  [But, it's true! David is Memphis' true target] This is such a lie that is such a stretch. If it doesn't work and it has a high possibility, I will have burned a bridge with David, which is fine because he definitely double crossed me. Maybe it's worth it because I'm going home. But, Da'Vonne has to tell the lie this time. I have to convince her because I was known for my lie on my season. How do I convince Da'Vonne to tell this to Tyler?  It can't be me. Anyways, what do you think of my scenario. It's my only shot at this point. I have to get the veto used. If it doesn't get used and I stay, it would be beneficial for me to disassociate from David. Would it be beneficial? Because what they could do is weaponize him against me. They are using HOH to take shots at people without getting blood on their own hands. SO what they could do, and Tyler can do this because he is smart. No I am not using the veto but I 'll make David feel if he wins Hoh he should put me up and now...but what that really does mean, though, is it will buy me a week. They will realize they can get Da'Vonne out this week and get me out next week through David. Why would they want to keep me this week?  Da'Vonne would need to be willing to throw herself under the bus. When I talked with her last night she was convinced she is going home. I don't know, Mi Amore, this game is so, like this game is so dumb like that. Why did I come back to do this? I don't like lying! I don't know. WHat would you say to that plan? You would say, you're a moron. No, you would say, try it. You would be thinking about the bigger picture, like don't look like a jerk. You know, so with your logic, let me think through the negative side of that plan. The positive is I survive another week. The negative side of the plan is it might have been an overplay. If Da'Vonne is right, assuming she is, I'm gonna stay a week anyways. WHy be an ugly person and create a lie that would really only buy me a week, and it would, like, you know, like, andas much as I'm mad at David for double crossing me, it actually is a well played move. He actually won power. He won a competition and won a power. I don't know if that will be a graceful way to sort of....I don't know if I want to go out with total desperation like that. All the negatives are zooming out and realizing this game is only a couple months. The likelihood of me winning this game are very slim. You would be like, you have to consider the bigger picture....I would be dealing with a lot of negativity. You know, up to this point I have been playing a straight game and the worst thing is that what Zingbot said is true, I'm boring. Da'Vonne is charming. She has something that makes you want to root for her. I have never had that personality where people want to root for you.


Kevin continues that he isn't sure he wants to play a way that will result in negativity because he wants to go back to reality and not have the game affect his real life "the peace" he has with himself. A crazy move like this could jeopardize that.


Kevin decides to go make a pot of coffee.    [I need some, too!  -MamaLong]

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10:30 AM BBT Kevin is up and outside on the couch talking to himself the rest of the Houseguest are still sleeping. Kevin is talking about being a basic potato and not like the fancy purple potateos. He goes into saying he feels like Nicole is unconfortable in the house as well. He then reverts back to saying when he was a kid he wanted to a actor but as he got older he didnt want that

10:35 AM BBT Kevin goes in real quick for a cup of coffee. He then comes back out and he asks what we think of the all guys alliance, He says he think it annoying because they wont shut up constantly from his perspective. He says he can argue both sides. He says that it awesome because they are strategizing all the time and it cool to see them make moves. He anazyles Memphis as both annoying and awesome. He says Memphis is different person since jury started.

10:40 AM BBT Next Kevin goes over David and he said he is awesome in some ways but as far as a game player he is not the best but over all he is a awesome guy. Cody is after David and he says it would be a close poll with him because personally he is so full of himself and thinks he is this funny guy but he really isn't. so it would be hard to decide with him. Next is Nicole he says that she perceives her self as someone who is weak not sure what to do or asking for help. He says he can see how her voice is annoying. but other then her annoying voice and her showing as a weak she is doing good as being undercover, Overall she is awesome. 

10:45 PM BBT Kevin says Dani she is polar opposite of Nicole she know what she wants to do and puts it into action. Kevin dont know how America perceives her peronality on the show but she is caring. He says the only annoying part is all the whispering she doing.  Christmas is the next one and he says america i need you help with this one. He says she is messy very messy as far as a game player. He compares her to a preacher who preaches but dont practice. He says that she is driven 

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10:50 AM BBT  David is up and Tyler got up to use the bathroom. Kevin is now going over Day and surprisingly he said she is annoying she ot her hand in to many pots. He says her personality on the awesome side. You can tell she is a realsient person she fought her way threw. She is socially aware. He compares her to a magnet that ethier pushes or pulls and he says that she pulls. Kevin then says is that everyone the remember he forgot tyler. 

11:00 AM BBT Kevin starts tto analyze him and says man he is hard because there is nothing annoying about him. He says he is very humble person. He says that if he saw him on the streets he would be a like douchbagy surfer dude but living with him not a douchebag at all. He has humor but he dosent shove it down your throat at all, He says he knows why angela snatched him up because he is fun to be around.  David comes outside and the awesome or annoying chats stop. 

11:15 AM BBT Kevin and David are talking about him when he got the power. Kevin says it didn't bother him that he had to wait til after he used the poor that he had it. He says its a game move. He says he was unbothered by it. Everyone is still sleeping in the house. 

11:20 PM BBT Kevin tells David that Ian knew he was being used and back tracked and then said none of that was true etc. Feeds go to everyone sleeping. They come back to David and Kevin talking an Kevin starts to explain the Hole Nicole and Day diabolical, Feeds cut to stars. 

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11:33 AM BBT  Feeds come back on and Cody and Day are up in the bathroom doing ADL's. Memphis gets up from bed, 

 11:40 AM BBT Kevin is eating a banana. David is talking about the weather and Memphis is drinking coffee. BB comes over and asks them to lower the outside awnings. Kevin says he hates doing because he is afraid there might be bugs, 

 11:50 AM BBT Day is putting products on her face Nicole is using the bathroom and Christmas getting out of her PJs. Memphis Kevin and David are outside talking about the comp they had to do. Something about switching animals in the cages. 

 12:00 PM BBT Cody and Nicole are outside with David and Kevin they are talking about their dreams they had last night. Kevin ask them if they think their pets will be mad after months of being away. Nicole says she doesn't think so because Victor refuses to pet them. 

12:05 PM BBT Christmas and Memphis up in the HOHR talking and Memphis says he gave Day a nibble of the plan and sure enough it came back to them. Memphis said the information she gave him she was very adamant about it not leaving the 2 of them. 

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12:10 PM BBT Christmas asks where was she when she said this information. Memphis said that Nicole took the bait took it Day and then brought it back to Memphis. Memphis says ethier Nicole is working with Day and Dani is tight and fast. Christmas said that Day would not bring my name to her it would have been Dani or Nicole. 

12:20 Memphis and Christmas are talking about numbers and the odds are. He says odds are in their favor no matter what because it would be 1 against 6 or whatever. Nicole told Memphis she is down to vote with the house. Christmas said she is a gamer and will vote whoever she wanted to win. Memphis feels like he was dragged along with Dani and Day. Memphis says she knows how to play she get the number she been on mulitple times and want to play with the comiette. 

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 10:30 AM BBT


Kevin lays out a detailed Annoying? or Awesome?  [He analyzes each houseguest. At first I just listened, but as good as it is, I decided to share it… I used talk-to-text with him. I did my best to clarify  -MamaLong]


Kevin: Like Twitter Poll...Are you guys annoyed by all these boys and their boys’ alliance or is it awesome? Annoying or awesome?  


Boys’ Alliance: I can tell you what I can from my perspective: it's annoying. From my perspective the reason why I think it's annoying is because, like, living with it 24/7 is a lot. They, like, constantly do accents all day, non-stop. They are constantly just yapping. How can I express this in a way that's like…? It's annoying because it's less than entertaining for me because they laugh at their own jokes. I mean s*** they are annoying because they think they're funny but they're actually not funny. I think that, you know, being loud…. makes them  the center of attention and being the center of attention means that it's awesome and it's not! It just means that you're being loud. Okay, awesome because it’s kind of cool to see a group come together and make moves. It’s cool to see. I'm sure they're having great strategy sessions and that's an interesting aspect of the game. 


 Memphis: annoying or awesome? I’m  beginning to think he's awesome.  He had an opportunity to kind of work with Janelle and Kaysar and by proxy myself and others. It was annoying that he didn't; awesome because I actually think he's playing really smart. It wasn't wise for him to do mark targets, basically put up  pawns and nobody would really care.  He acts like a grandpa ogre, really douchey... actually it’s kind of smart because it makes people feel like ‘maybe we should take him to the end because we would never vote for him cuz he's so, like, unpleasant’ But he's awesome because he recently just completely adopted a new personality ever since jur.  So I'm on Team Awesome even though like my ass has been nominated by him but like strangely enough I recognize the hustle. 


David: annoying annoying in one way because he's playing like a really unpredictable game from my perspective like a really Reckless game. We call it a rookie game . He fits into the boys’ alliance because you can tell he really thinks a lot of himself.  He is awesome because he's really adapting on his own and making great moves. He's an opportunist, and he's pro Big Brother. So, I think I'm Team Awesome on David.  I'm going to throw his ass under the bus anyway. 

Enzo: annoying or awesome? I'm curious what America thinks. On one side he's annoying because he fits into this machismo attitude of  ‘just cuz I'm loud, I'm funny.  Just cuz I repeat phrases maybe four hundred times a day it's funny’  You know, I can tell he really thinks a lot of himself. He's really restraining it, but I think he really thinks a lot of himself. It's awesome because you really should be self confident, and he is funny.  You know he’s playing a really awesome game. Really well played. He does have genuineness that comes through. I mean, he started off with a similar situation... didn't pregame at all either. He figured out a way in. So I vote awesome for Enzo.


Cody:  wonder if Cody is annoying or awesome to America. He's annoying because, again, he thinks a lot of himself... like a lot of himself. He knows that so he tries to cover it up with a fake sort of humbleness…. but he really is like full himself. He thinks he's so funny. He thinks he's so charming. There's a lot of privilege there that I sense with him.  The awesome end, Cody is... he's making an effort, you know…. like, he's hustling. He's working his hustle. He does also have moments of funniness. He is funny, and he's a great competitor...a solid competitor. He's annoying in person. Sorry but I can’t imagine living with him. He will not be quiet for more than 5 minutes, so it's really annoying.


 Nicole: Well, Zingbot said that she's annoying. I mean on the annoying side I can see her voice is annoying. I guess I can see she does cry a lot. Liike, so, it's a little annoying. From my perspective, she's really playing up the like weak girl. It's annoying that she latches herself onto guys and she doesn't embrace her own inner power or her own strength. That's annoying. She's awesome because she's like a regular girl. That's probably who she really is in real life. You know, she is low key badass, but she relies on young girl like whining, but she actually is an undercover badass which is awesome. She’s  playing a really great game and she's covering it up really genuinely. So she's, in my opinion, awesome.


Dani:  annoying or awesome. So her sense of humor is really dry. I can tell the annoying thing is she could be a little mean. I think she's a little condescending, sometimes, but you could be a (she is the opposite of Nicole) Dani plays it like she has it all figured out and it comes across as not humble. Combine that with a dry sense of humor…. seems very annoying.  She's awesome because she is really smart.  SHe is whip smart. She also has played a great game. When you're in person with her...so, like I don't know how she's being received, but in person, she's funny.  You can see that she's joking. You have to be here to know that whenever she says like a really seemingly rude remark, she's actually joking. Similar to Cody…. like she'll say a whisper in a really jab way...in the guise of a joke, but it really is kind of death by a thousand paper cuts. It's a small little jab, but like another like little paper cut... so that's annoying. In person, though, it feels like she has a great ability to make you feel like she's a friend. If I had a daughter...she's a great mold of a woman…. like strong, confident, smart competitor, self-driven, she doesn't rely on appearance. You can tell she has layers  and I'm really team awesome. 

Christmas: annoying or awesome? Please America, tell me. I need to know seriously tell me how you guys perceive her cuz I'm so confusion (sic) with Christmas by how she really is.  In person, so on the annoying side.  She's really loud, just like the guys. She like really thinks that like talking over people, being really loud,  equals being the center of attention. It's annoying. Also, you can tell she's combating a lot of demons, but it's annoying because she presents herself as spiritually balanced and  really self-aware.  Like, it’s annoying because, first, fix your own mess before you start preaching it. Practice What You Preach first.  It also feels like it's annoying because there's a little privilege in her. I feel like she's lived a life where similar to Cody, where ‘all I have to do is this and people will eat it up’ That's annoying because it's like the shit pies analogy. It's like I'm serving you shit, but I put it in the pie crust so you should like it. I put effort in the pie crust…. like I totally decorated it. Eat it and that's annoying. But she's awesome because she is genuinely a badass. Like, wow, strong. She is like a competitor and probably the most competitive female I've ever really encountered. I think she is beautiful simply doesn't rely on the typical female tactics of 'help me I'm helpless'. She's like, I'm badass on my own. That's totally awesome. She's driven, which is awesome. She's uniquely herself, and she's like take it or leave it which is awesome. If I were to vote for Christmas?.....  I would lean towards awesome.


Da’Vonne: do we even need to do a Da’vonne America? annoying or awesome?   I'll try to be objective. Annoying? I wonder if she's over playing that's kind of annoying. Maybe but she's like got her hands in too many pots and maybe it's annoying. I’m just so obsessed with her in person. Her personality is awesome. She is a resilient person. You can tell she has fought her way through life and she has unlocked the cheat codes to life. So smart, socially aware,  has great great observation skills.  She's like a magnet. Okay for magnets either they push a pull. She pulls…. overwhelmingly awesome but I’m curious to know how she’s being received. She thought she had it all to figure out and got overwhelmed.


 I feel like I did do everybody "annoying" 


 Tyler: tell me America. What does Tyler….. how are you receiving him?  Annoying or awesome? Annoying when  he's given permission to have no personality. That's annoying! Why are you allowed to have…... annoying…. annoying. Holy Moly! Maybe I am a Tyler fangirl….in person he comes across as very humble. He  could be a douchebag. He's really smart. You can tell he's really smart. He's really observant. He's a comp beast. If you were to see him just walking down the street in San Diego….be like a surfer douchebag. He really is a testament that you can't judge people like that. I can tell he he has a sense of humor, but he doesn't jam it down your throats like other people in this house do.  I like you, actually, holy moly I am a fangirl of Tyler's... overwhelmingly awesome. I really can't….. maybe something annoying about him is like how can you NOT have something wrong with you.  



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12:30pm David is putting dishes away. Kevin, Dani, Cody and Xmas are in BY talking about sunblock and white spots on Dani's skin. Memphis says you should always get dark raised spots on your skin checked. Enzo doing laundry, Cody messes with him about how many times he takes a shower. Memphis is getting his laundry around in the HOH. Back the BY: Dani says the pandemic is a good reason to not have a watch party. Dani and Cody both agree that their parents said they dont like to other ppl around talking while they were watching.


12:38pm Cody says he doesn't watch TV with his dad anymore, sorry dad.  Day comes outside, Enzo going to lift some weights. In KT: Memphis is making coffee and Tyler is drinking a shake. Tyler heads outside. Tyler says he got his shorts and a shirt in a Duvin mystery box. Dani says they are good clothes.


12:47pm The outdoor crew say its good to see blue skies again. David comments on a plane going sooo slow. Xmas says she has flown a 3 seater, well the pilot flew it and she got to help. Chat turns to flying.


 12:53pm Day and Cody in KT: Cody says she doesn't have to worry about it (? cam switched mid discussion). Day says she hopes someone tells her, who wants to go out in workout clothes, especially on her last chance. She says she wont come back. Cody and Day say they would do Catfish. They both love it. Back outside: its general chit chat. Xmas says the hawk is back. Shout out to Trey Young, Memphis and David talk about Trey and other Bball players.


1:05pm Kevin and David talk about the Zings they received.  Nic talking to Xmas and says she doesn't know how its going to go this week. Nic says the pool is cold, she got in and right back out again. Xmas asks Nic if Nic talked to Day about using the Veto. Nic says she hasnt mentioned it. Nic says she talked to Kevin last night, he is the one feeding David all the big alliance, I don't have a chance stuff. Nic says this morning Kevin says this is a boring season because of all the whispering. Xmas asks if he felt Day was going to stay and Nic says he does. 


1:15pm Xmas asks Nic of she thinks Day gave David the info of the bigger alliance? Nic says no, Xmas says it all came from Kaysar. Nic wants new rafts, the other ones died, even regular rafts. Xmas says she just wants what is best for the Committee and for them too. BB announces the DR is temporarily unavailable. Nic goes in for food and Memphis takes her lounge chair. Kevin says he never heard of Bacgammon before he came on the game. David says he would play Monopoly or  finance books.


1:24pm In the KT: Day, Nic, Tyler, and Xmas are making food. Dani walks by and says hey. Tyler goes outside and says its nice have fresh air, no smell of smoke for the first time in weeks.

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1:51 PM BBT David Nicole and Cody are outside talking about Nicole and Victors family. He is Spanish and David ask her if the food is different and Nicole says yes they are large and dance and eat food. While she just hangs out with the kids. General chit chat going on. 

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1:56 PM BBT Nicole talks about how she wanted to learn Spanish by the time they got married but she wanted it to be a surprise to victor so she got this spanish leanring subscription. Victor got the notification and says aint this cute and she had him cancel it because it was no longer a surprise. 

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Cody has a hidden talent of freaky faces


David does his "face from that one night"...


2:10 PM BBT

Enzo is doing his laundry. It's a good day. He looks at his underwear "no shit stains.....no skid marks....yeah"

Cody says he need to look on this inside. "look at this man's underwear....it's like a diaper."





Nicole says he only brought 4 pairs of underwear.

2:19 PM BBT

The HGs are enjoying a relaxing day in the backyard today.



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2:00pm David says he should have had HN meetings. Cody says the HN will not go over 2 ppl until its done. Nic asks what week is it? Its week 7. They talk about how HN have changed from week one. We got stars. 2:05pm A jet flies over and Cody asks what jet is that? Red stripes with little red stripes by it. Enzo rolls the pool balls around after checking his laundry. David and Cody talk sports players using private jets. 


2:10pm Memphis and Tyler in the pool talking about buying hotels and building destinations. Ezno holding up underware as he folds them.


 2:14pm Day and  Kevin in KT cooking. Day asks Nic if she likes black beans (yes) does she like pinto beans (yes) Can she mix the two (yes).  Day turns her head and sneezes into her elbow. Enzo walks by and says it smells so good. Day is also cooking chicken. Day steps away from the stove and Kevin tastes the chicken, and adds some extra flavor to it.


 2:22pm Back outside: The chair Tyler is sitting in dumps him on the ground. He works his way out of it and gets a new chair. Some says it was production..cam changes to Kt...back to BY Nic asks Tyler if it hurt and he says no. All is quiet in the BY and Day is dicing chicken.

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3:20 PM BBT

Nicole is telling Tyler about her puppies. They are 11 year old Shih-poos named Beyonce and Paris. She feeds them specialty food to extend their life that costs $36 per week. She says it looks like human food. He dog, Beyonce has an allergy to chicken. Dani says her dog, Kenya, is allergic to chicken too.




3:25 PM BBT

Tyler has been washing his shoes, and seems very happy with the outcome. He smells the red shoes "alright"

[My mom hack for you on this fine Sunday is... put tea bags in your smelly shoes. It really does work. First rule, though, wear socks to prevent the stink.  -MamaLong]







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3:53PM BBT: Kevin and Da' are in the CBR whispering about David burning bridges in the house by fabricating information. He feels like it's a 10% for a hail mary this week and 5% next week for them. Loose lips + lying + amplifying it might be their way to stay.  Or if not playing it that way, they can just ride it out. 


3:56PM BBT: Dani and Tyler are chatting in the BY about him using the POV on Da'. She yawns and they go quiet.


3:58PM BBT:  Back to Da' and Kevin in the CBR.  Kevin said that Tyler's already said in the DR he wasn't going to use the POV, but Da' said he can still change his mind.

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