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Saturday, September 19, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:20 AM BBT

Da'Vonne and Kevin are in the CBR. Day is laughing about Christmas and how she finds her super annoying. "Dani, Nicole and I were in here and she came bounding in..she asked how I'm doing...'I'm fine, how are you?'....she said "well, I'm not on the block".....oh my God.. bitch...I was like 'Go Away'...when I talk about her in my stories  (she means her DR sessions)  I call her 'Here's Johnny' 

[I believe Day is referencing Jack Nicholson's scene from The Shining because she mimics a crazy head coming through the door.  -MamaLong]


Kevin says his eyeballs are going to roll out of his sockets this week.  "I'm annoyed"   Day laughs and agrees. Kevin says everyone is being fake nice.


Day: put some brown sugar on it...it's still shit.


Day says that they all know they are leaving and want their jury vote, "Well, I vote for.......JORDAN"

They discuss how much they like Jordan.






12:25 AM BBT

Day and Kevin continue talking in the CBR.

They discuss the CBB2 had a diverse season (Tamar, LoLo, Kandi, and Ricky) [4 out of 12 were POC]

Talk returns to Christmas being "so condescending"

Kevin; mm hmm...I don't know, I just feel like some people are toxic and gross

Day: she's one

Kevin: you gotta just duck, bob and weave...you can get sucked into their world and find yourself  on TMZ, find yourself a mess

Day: right....mugshot and all....what are you going to do when I leave

Kevin: that's just it...week by week

Day: you can't with Patch Adams

Kevin: who Patch Adams

Day: David

Kevin: oh, yeah that's a lost cause

Day: we still have to hold on to our glass half full

Kevin: I am aware...there is a scenario where we really could turn this around

Day: yeah

Kevin: that's the beautiful thing of this show....What are you gonna do?

Day: Ohhhh! I'm gonna become a leech. I'm gonna attach to somebody's blood and (she makes sucking sounds) until I can steal their spot




1:15 AM BBT

Dani appears to be the last one awake. She finishes in the washroom and heads to bed. The BB house grows dark and silent.




6:47 AM BBT

Kevin is awake in the Love Lounge talking to Alphonso (his hubs)

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7:08 AM BBT

The feeds cut to stars for early Wakey Wakey


7:30 AM BBT

The BB House lights are up and the HGs are beginning to pop out of bed and get ready for this POV day.


Dani is in the shower, and David is in the bathroom brushing his teeth. Kevin is going through stuff in the bathroom.

Dani: can the camera see in here? It makes me so uncomfortable...so uncomfortable


7:50 AM BBT

Enzo is waiting things out in the living room    [looks like an early POV pick today   -MamaLong]



7:54 AM BBT

Kevin and David are talking about being in the BB house and not aware of what is going on

Kevin: I wonder if there's gonna be any other big news

David: I have never been away this long...shit

Kevin: I remember last time getting out and being gone three months but nothing really changed "I don't really remember anything dramatic happening"

David: Cody said that Robin WIlliams died when he was in and Tyler said Mac Miller died when he was in

Kevin: oh so a celebrity died

David: I wonder if COVID has taken away anybody significant

Kevin: Oh, yeah

8:00 AM BBT

Feeds cut to stars then critters. Time to pick players for the veto competition.


[...or maybe they get to meet their next door neighbor...In light of a pandemic, I'm not sure what BB has up their sleeves...Zingbot? -MamaLong]

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8:42 AM BBT

The feeds are back

Dani is talking with Kevin in the Love Lounge "Freaking Tyler can't win"


Nicole is in the KBR "I am excited to get my first win today. I'm not even joking"

Playing for Power of Veto today: Memphis, Kevin, Da'Vonne, Tyler, Nicole, Dani


8:45 AM BBT

Nicole: Day do you want to talk?

Day: yeah

Nicole: Where?...I don't want you to feel weird 'cause I'm going to pull you off"

Dani: you know which one I hope it is?  Bowlarina. I hate being dizzy but I hope it's that one.

Dani to Day: I am telling you right now, Day, I will either throw it, or I will win it and take you down. I got you.

Day: Okay


[Cody campaigned to be host.....just waiting for verification.]


8:58 AM BBT

Memphis is talking with Tyler in the HOHR

Memphis: Look, I have a plan...David is fucking going home this week. He can't even play in veto. It's done.....Dani is going to throw it for sure. Nicole, I don't know. SHe said 'what if I want to try"...that's fine do whatever, but you will use it.

Tyler: if it's a timed comp, that will be easy


[Their plan is to throw it to Day or Kevin so veto gets used and David goes up. David is Memphis' target   -MamaLong]



Memphis: we could use this as leverage, though. If you win and take Kevin down, he is definitely not putting you up next week.

Tyler discusses that the girls winning and removing one of them from the block would mark them as safe and remove them from the pool of possible noms

Memphis decides it is best to just throw the veto to the noms or to him 'I'm going to tell them to throw it. It's not worth having that power...and whomever gets that veto, good luck getting David's vote"

Tyler: this can be a clean sweep week...easy

Memphis: I know you want to complete

Tyler: I'll still try, but even if I were to win it, it's not gonna give me leverage

Memphis: David is going to be the worst kind of jury member 'I like that person, not that person'...he is not going to vote with the right frame of mind. He is gonna vote emotional.



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9:24 AM BBT

The feeds cut immediately to critters from Rancho Coastal


9:25 AM BBT

The feeds come back

BB: Kevin, Stop That!

Tyler: Oh, he got caught

Dani: was he listening?

Tyler: yeah

Feeds 1/2 are on the house   Feeds 3/4 on on critters

Now all 4 feeds on the house

Dani: I just heard something in the DR

Tyler: Cody's costume, maybe ?  [there is our proof that Cody is hosting]



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9:46AM BBT

Dani is talking to CHristmas in the LR

Dani: somebody was out there and I heard someone go "Whooooo" so it sounds fun

Christmas gives a stink face


Christmas: Comics?

Dani: well, that one's later

Christmas gives a stink face

Dani: you're so st.... (she didn't follow through on that comment)  Wooooooo

Christmas: I don't care

[Christmas is having a bad week  -MamaLong]




9:50 AM BBT

Dani checks on Cody in the loft

Dani: are you okay

Cody: yeah, I'm fine

Dani: you sure?

Cody: yeah, I'm fine, fine...it's just that when they wake us up early

Dani suggests he go back to sleep and that he isn't competing "they are definitely still building"

The houseguests have been listening through the sliding glass door this morning.

Tyler joins them

Cody asks if they were up late. Dani says only until 2 AM

Dani says she went in the room and Enzo said "come home, yo" I told him I was home and then went close and whispered "any questions"

[The HGs have been mocking Christmas because she put delivered a nasty "Any questions?" to Kevin, complete with angry face]

Cody says it isn't as powerful without seeing the face

Cody mentions that he got locked in the Have Not Room

Tyler: they wouldn't let you out? You couldn't get out the small door?

Cody: yeah, it was shut and... 

*feeds cut to stars


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10:39 AM BBT

Cody, Dani, Nicole, Christmas and Tyler are playing Password in the loft.

Memphis is walking laps upstairs.

Day and Kevin are napping.

David and Enzo are out of sight....nowhere on camera


10:44 AM BBT

Memphis talks with Nicole in the HOHR "I think you should still throw the veto"

Nicole: okay

Memphis: unless you want the blood of David on your hands because you're gonna be the one blamed, not me.

Nicole: I get that...the only reason is that I want to try and win something 

Memphis: if you use it, I don't mind that, but I'm trying to look out for you y  



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11:30 AM BBT

Christmas teaches Nicole, Cody and Tyler how to play the coordination game Patty-Cake. Memphis watches.image.thumb.png.a548fe942a0a3a8f116eaa357791af99.png



David and Enzo are sound asleep in the PBR, but David gets called to the DR.

Dani joins them to watch

Memphis says, "They've lost it. They are playing Patty-Cake"



They decide to start playing Password Plus again.

11:47 AM BBT

Cody heads down to make some slop but forgets his water bottle. He asks Tyler to toss it down. Dani says they'll get in trouble. Tyler does it anyway.

*feeds cut to stars

We come back to Cody mocking BB "Stop That"


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12:19 PM BBT

In the Have Not Room, Cody and Tyler are talking about Dani and Nicole. They bring up that neither Day or Kevin picked David for veto (they both pulled houseguest choice)

Cody: that shows that he is on his own island...no shot....no shot

Tyler: I want to catch 'em...I want to see somebody.....  (think of forming some sort of trap)

Cody: Bro, one of those two have to go

Tyler: the girls wanted...they were like we should get Kevin out...they never want Da'Vonne out

Cody: yeah, but why

Tyler: They want Day to come after you and me


Tyler says that Memphis told him to throw the veto.


They begin discussing Memphis

Tyler: it's so fucking annoying. Like, do I gun for this veto

Cody: you have to....if he holds the veto, that's where things get dangerous

Tyler: but I already had the conversation

Cody: if you won it...'like say I don't have to use it'...I wanted to get picked so fucking bad because I didn't want him to have all the power

Tyler: it's ridiculous, man....we can get him out next week....I was telling Enzo we can get hi out any fucking week. He's alone

Cody: I'm telling you. If you are down to ride with it, I will not vote David out...there is a million reasons. Dani and Nicole are the saved face with every fucking blindside. So we are going to leave it Kevin and Da'Vonne but eliminate a solo player...what the fuck




Cody says if they (Dani/Nicole) want to play that way then he will tell the truth about the David vote. "I'll be like they flipped it and played you this whole fucking time"...Yo, I ain't gonna sit back and play like that

Tyler: I'm not gonna sit back...I'm gonna go win this shit...it's not like we are turning on the Committee; it's just we see this shit

Cody: I'm gonna ask him and see if he tells me...I'm not gonna sit here and go your way when you won't even tell me the fucking plan

Tyler: If David stays, he is putting up either you Memphis, Nicole, Dani, or me or COdy"  if Kevin stays he is putting up either Cody, me, Memphis, Enzo but not Dani or Nicole; if Da'Vonne stays she is putting up Memphis, Cody, Tyler....alright, so the one

Cody: it's the perfect time to be like David I'm keeping you safe this week 

Tyler: if you me, Enzo and Christmas have to branch off...okay then...it's just pissing me off. I've been trying to find you all day. Don't fucking tell him that I told you, but I am going to gun for this veto

Cody: yeah gun for it

Tyler: it's going to be just me Kevin, Da'Vonne and Memphis...I'm gonna go for it

Cody: you're gonna smoke them

Tyler leaves saying he will tell them that Cody is really struggling

Cody: yeah, yeah, and then maybe Memphis will come in here

Tyler goes downstairs to try and bait Memphis up to the HNR to talk with Cody

12:58 PM BBT

We have the cute critters from Rancho Coastal on the feeds now

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4:27 PM BBT

The feeds are back after the veto competition

The comp involved Zingbot

Nicole: Zingbot was brutal to us

Memphis talks to Day and Kevin in the PBR "Well, they definitely didn't throw it, but the outcome will be the same"


Tyler won veto

Cody to CHristmas: are we not happy that Tyler won?

Christmas: I know...I think he wanted to win it (Memphis)


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Memphis talks with Tyler in the Love Lounge

Memphis: so what's the plan

Tyler: I don't know. I didn't try to win it. I wasn't fucking sprinting

Memphis: fuck off dude...I almost died, Dude. I almost dies moving that fast

Tyler: yeah

Memphis: Dani was like...something is going to down with Da'Vonne and Nicole. Dani and Nicole obviously didn't throw it

Tyler: did she say that

Memphis: no, but why wouldn't she throw it?

Memphis: if we don't get rid of David then I should have just put David on the block

Tyler: yeah, so can we talk to them about that because David is sitting on a fucking island

Memphis: I get it...you guys are going to do what you're gonna do

Tyler: not us guys

Tyler: are you going to take this as me working with David

Memphis: no but the one week I want to get rid of David since he has been gunning for me since week one...I don't look at that as cool. I look at that as a fucking problem

Tyler: I am looking out for you. I'm not looking out for them.

Memphis: it's not about looking out for me....it's about I am looking out for 6 fucking people that I made a pact with....what concerns me is that Dani almost beat us

Tyler: that's true...like why did they get picked?

Memphis: Cody is gonna want to pick David. I already know

Tyler: You don't have to feel the same way but I want to go farther than 6 weeks

Memphis: I get it



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5:01 PM BBT

Memphis: to be honest, I really wanted to backdoor David, but no one has to know that



In the HOHR Memphis is sorting through the comp with Christmas, Cody  and Tyler

Memphis: if they really want Da'Vonne to stay and I told them I was going to backdoor David, wouldn't they ....what the fuck...just fucking throw it. IF they really want to help Da'Vonne.

Tyler: I don't want to be stepping on your toes...you had a plan. I want to talk with the group.

Memphis: I want David to go. 

Tyler: yeah, and he voted me out

Memphis: it is so bizarre to me...if you wanted to keep Da'Vonne, your best bet is to let me do what I want to do

Christmas: there's two powers that haven't been used...maybe they are setting up for a power


5:16 PM BBT

Nicole and Dani are in the bathroom

Nicole: where is Enzo

Dani: he is pooping

Nicole: I don't know where to go

Dani: don't go up there

Nicole: I know

Dani: Tyler and Memphis were in the Love room for a long time

Nicole: I bet he is mad

Dani: are you gonna nap...or are you just pouting. Do you need a hug or something

Nicole: no I'm not pouting

Danie forces a hug on her



Dani: I know you don't want to hear this, BUT, The only thing they really mocked you for is your voice. Who cares!

Dani says at least they didn't say she was annoying and throw profanities like they did at Memphis

Nicole: no it's fine....it was the f'ing guy

Dani: yeah it was the worst delivery

Nicole: and they knew it was the worst which is why they saved it for last. This season is...as far as experience..the worst

Dani: you aren't having fun....look at small experiences

Nicole: I don't know....I honestly don't know. It's okay. It's fine.

5:26 PM BBT

Christmas is talking with Memphis alone in the HOHR 'Okay, low key, I am 95% sure the girls have something"

Memphis: I get it but why wouldn't they just 

Christmas; for leverage...their argument will be that they wanted to win something...now that you have your second HOH, they really need to win. It would give both of them major credit with Da'Vonne and next week if she wins, they would be safe. That is my humble opinion. It's your decision

Memphis: obviously it is not my fucking decision because I want everyone to throw the veto. But it's okay

Christmas: they are going to wonder why you aren't upset with Tyler

Memphis: I am upset with Tyler. I already yelled at him. Tyler said he doesn't care which one goes home.

Memphis questions Tyler angle "What's his angle....if he doesn't care"

Christmas: I don't think it's an angle. It's the competitor in us.

Da'Vonne comes in and asks to speak with Memphis alone.

Memphis: well, obviously that didn't work

Day: what happened

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Day: I think he thinks we were the two votes against him. I keep trying to tell him it wasn't....David is trying to make Tyler think that I was a vote against him

Memphis: I didn't even think of that...I'm still going to work on Tyler. My goal is still intent on following through with what I was doing

Day: yeah, well I'll check back in with you. I'll talk to him too. He is gonna look like a fool if he thinks old boy is gonna have his back in any form....and that doesn't help you because Dude is gonna be coming for you.

Memphis: I'm not...I just don't understand why, not only Tyler, I'm looking at Dani, too. Dani, just back off. She got ten seconds slower than me. And if she didn't think I was going to do what I said I would do...that just doesn't make sense. It throws me for a loop.

Day: well, I don't know if it was against you. I know she was feeling some kind of way cause she kept saying "I keep losing"


The camera switches to the kitchen where Tyler, Enzo, and Kevin are talking about the comp

Tyler: I was first...in the bright sun....I had to carry big stuffed animals through...

He describes that the animals all belonged in a certain spot and they had to put the animals where they belonged.


Cody: how are they going to fix the HOH door?

The HGs discuss how BB will probably make Memphis fix it. 

Enzo "This house is falling apart"

In addition to the HOH door lock, the HNR trap door is really a trap; pictures are falling off the walls, light bars are busted, etc.


Tyler and Day talk in the Love Lounge

The laugh about it being familiar territory.

Day lays out her campaign: "Here's my pitch"

1. I approached you day one, never flip flopped...(never gone against him)

2. Kevin was on the block next to you, I took him down and put up a bigger target to keep you safe

Tyler: and look where we are

3. I voted to keep you

4. I convinced Kevin to keep you

5. You did try to sabotage my game

Tyler: I tried to sabotage MY game

Day: but you used me to do it and I never

Tyler: oh, okay

Day: and I haven't tried to strike back; I haven't retaliated...Memphis told me his plan. I know how much you adore the guy he wants to go out (she means David), but I do want to go on record that he tried to get you out on Thursday.

Tyler: I haven't forgotten about that

Day: I want to go on record that I tried to diffuse it. It didn't works so I stepped away from it.

Tyler says he still needs to talk to Memphis "I still don't feel safe myself"

Day: I understand...I know my time is coming at some point, but...

Tyler: don't say that! I'll talk with Memphis





[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]

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5:40PM BBT     In the HOH BR, Dani, Memphis and Enzo talking. Memphis says he almost died during the comp. Memphis asks who they send home. Dani first says Kevin and then says they can get Tyler to use the veto. Memphis doesn't think it will get used. 


5:50PM BBT Nic and Cody talking about how Memphis hates people that talk too much. Cody tells Nic that Tyler is the bottom and Nic is 5th on Memphis' list. He also tells Nic that Memphis wants David out of the game. Cody tells her in his season he had to kiss Caleb's backside. Nic tells him that it is good that she knows where she stands on his list.

6:10PM BBT In the HOH BR, Memphis and Tyler talking. Tyler tells him that Day lied to him about voting to keep him. Memphis tells Tyler about the deal he made with David to keep him off of the block. Tyler tells him that Dani never says anything negative about Day but does all the time about Kevin. 
6:20PM BBT Tyler tells Memphis that he didn't want to win the veto to change Memphis' plans. He is competitive and wanted to win it to win it. He tells Memphis he can act annoyed about him winning it if he wants. He tells him about Nic's plan that she would go after Bay and he would go after Day.
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8: 43pm Big Brother Time


Cody, Danielle and Enzo are in the kitchen.


Cody is talking about being mocked during his first season, he said he didn't see it coming.  He says another house guest was booed so loud you could hear it in the back yard.  


Camera moves to washroom area


Davonne is telling Kevin that she doesn't think Tyler is using the veto.  She says that Memphis set them up, that Memphis was supposed win the veto but Tyler won it instead.  Nicole F is at the sink and can hear what Davonne is saying.


When Nicole F leaves Kevin says he thinks Davonne will stay.  Davonne says Enzo, Cody and Tyler wear shades all the time and she has noticed.  


Tyler comes to use the lavatory,  Davonne starts talking about finishing her hair, she says Baleigh is going to help her train her hair for curls and has promised to do one year, no heat. She plans to do braids instead.


Kevin says something about "shady bunch", he says all three guys were in the room right before the eviction.


Davonne says if they give them the hammock tonight she is spilling a lot of tea to Kevin.


Camera moves to Danielle and Nicole F in the key bedroom.

Danielle is telling Nicole F that people were fighting for her, and Nicole F says that Davonne seems to be fishing for information.

Nicole F says Davonne is in a really good mood and that seems weird to her.


Danielle says that Memphis is mad at all of them, he told them to throw the veto to him and instead they worked to win it.  Danielle says that she told Memphis she did not work to win it, she didn't want people to think she was throwing it and it was a little closer than she thought it would be.  Nicole F says Memphis told her to try for it, but it was because she sucks at competitions.


Nicole F repeats that she doesn't understand why both of them are in such a good mood.  Danielle says that Memphis told both Kevin and Davonne there was another plan in play, possibly a back door.


In the storage room Tyler is talking to Enzo.  Tyler tells Enzo that Danielle and Nicole F are still trying to make sure they keep Davonne, Enzo says that won't happen.


Moving to the HOH room, Memphis and Christmas are talking about Memphis not winning the veto.


Memphis says him not winning the veto may work out better, he has been watching the dynamics with Danielle and Nicole F trying to save Davonne.


Memphis says he talked to Danielle, he told her that Tyler is probably not using the veto. He says he told her that he doesn't believe she was trying to throw the veto, but now since Tyler isn't using it.  He says that Danielle was planning to save Davonne, Christmas says she was trying to earn currency.


Memphis says that Danielle told him they need to vote out Kevin, and this backfired.  He says she won't have a deal with Davonne,  and now her plan to have Davonne gun for Christmas is not happening.  Memphis says Davonne is going, Kevin is just Kevin, and David is on an island.


Memphis says if it is a double, it needs to be Kevin and David in either order.  Memphis says it must be a double eviction this week.  He says things today have shown clear colors and Christmas agrees with Memphis.  Christmas says Nicole F believes the same thing after seeing Danielle being angry while Davonne and Kevin were straight faced.


Memphis says things happen for a reason and this has just fallen into place.  Memphis says he is having trouble seeing any play from Nicole F, he says he doesn't talk game with Nicole F.


Christmas says she was talking game with Danielle, but suddenly Danielle stopped it.  She can't figure out what happened.


Memphis says that Davonne has already talked to Tyler, that she will play all the angles but the writing is on the wall.  She is a smart player and her time might come in the competitions if she stays.


Memphis says the wheels will come off the bus after the double eviction anyway.  He says at that point it would be David and someone from The Committee (he is assuming David won't win).  Memphis says in a double you wouldn't want the second HOH in a double eviction, you would have to put up a Committee member.


Finally Memphis says "unless David or Kevin win it.


Christmas thinks Danielle and Nicole F are two top names and she doesn't want to be third.  Memphis thinks that would be Tyler and he doesn't want Tyler to be in the final four.  Memphis thinks that the rift between Danielle and Tyler is real, and Tyler might push for Nicole F and Danielle up, but Danielle would take a shot at Tyler.


Memphis says he wants Tyler around, but Tyler can be sacrificed to allow Cody to move into the final four if they have to.  Memphis says another possibility to drag Nicole F along, Christmas says they can watch what happens this week.


The two of them continue to talk as if there is no chance they won't win competitions, after quite a bit of ego stroking they leave the HOH and cameras move to the kitchen.


Enzo is snacking (who woulda' thought?).


just general chatting.


Camera moves to washroom.


Davonne and Kevin are talking about where they fall in the house, Davonne says the people in the house do things right in front of them because they know there is nothing they can do about it.


Davonne says it is not possible to squeeze through cracks when alliances were formed before they walked through the door.


Davonne says she is going to prepare a speech just in case this is the last time she will have "this platform." 


Kevin says at least he doesn't feel betrayed by these people, they have always stiff-armed him.  He says he doesn't even feel like that about David, but Davonne says she did try to work with David.


Kevin says Davonne will probably stay and they will dangle keeping her as a favor done for her.


Davonne tells Kevin it is her time to go, she says that some people could not take a shot at her, and that Christmas did then Memphis did.  She promises to give Kevin information before she is evicted.


Just general small talk between Kevin and Davonne while those in the living room area play backgammon, then Kevin runs to the kitchen to check his cookies.  David has saved them from ruin.












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10:00 pm Big Brother Time


No game talk in the house, several people are waiting for diary room talks or the back yard to open.  Others are waiting for time to call it a night.


We have quite a bit of audio mixing for a bit, but it clears up so we can hear Kevin and Davonne.


Kevin wonders if Davonne is wrong about going this week, she tells him to be careful, he could be in danger from Christmas or Cody.  Davonne says if it is a double eviction they will send them out one by one.  Davonne tells Kevin that Danielle begged her not to use the veto on Kevin, and then tells Kevin that Danielle also told her (Davonne) that Kevin said he would not vote for her (Danielle) because she put him up.  


Kevin denies this, says that never happened.  


Davonne is going over the lies, they both know that if he had stayed on the block he (Kevin) would have gone home.  They know that Ian was not evicted because he was a winner, but because he was up against Tyler.


Davonne is whispering about something Danielle told her having to do with, "that wheel was in motion." but it is not possible to hear her.  


We get stars


Davonne says that Danielle was supposed to take Kevin out, but was being used.  She goes on to say that they are expecting that David will take a shot at him next.


Kevin has questions that Davonne can't answer using her theory.


(There is a high noise level coming from the living room, we cannot hear most of what they are saying in the washroom)


We can hear that David is the topic of conversation, he comes into the room and hides in the shower.  Davonne says they used to hide in the house all the time.  Nicole F comes looking for David, she opens the shower doors and David yells, Nicole F jumps and screams. (He really scared her pretty good!!!!). Both of them run out of the room laughing.


Davonne continues to talk about David having a 14 day membership to a guy's group.  She is insisting that David is connected to them. Davonne tells Kevin he has no attachments but they can get her out and not betray her connections.


Loud screaming from the living room area.


Danielle comes into the washroom area and demands that Davonne and Kevin leave and go to the "love room."  Kevin says he is going to the bedroom anyway, Davonne stays and cleans up her mess. She stays to finish her endless hair care.


In the living room there is a loud game of hide and seek going on.  Cody is "it." and has to count to 60. Kevin has joined and is sitting on the sofa with Christmas.


Enzo is having trouble finding a hiding spot, so he goes behind Nicole F and David. Cody catches David amid the craziness.


It is Tyler's turn to be "it".  He counts while the others hide.  He takes off his sneakers and tosses them into the hallway.  When Enzo hears the noise he runs for the living room and gets caught.


We get stars.


When stars come back Christmas tells them that Memphis came in and wanted to know what was going on down there.


We get stars again.


A few house guests decide to quit, so the game is over for the night.  They all say it is as much as fun as it was when they were kids.


Nicole F and Danielle have gone to the photo bedroom. David is behind them making his bed.  When he leaves  Danielle complains about David coming into the room while they are there.


Danielle tells Nicole F that Davonne said something weird about the tables have turned.  Davonne told her that Tyler is not using the veto because him and David want her gone.


David comes back into the room, then he leaves again.


Danielle tells Nicole F that David is saying that the vote was her (Nicole F).  She tells Nicole F that she is going to work on Tyler really hard to use the veto to get rid of David.  She says Cody will push Tyler not to use it.


Danielle says she talked to Memphis and Memphis is mad at Tyler because he thinks Tyler isn't using it.  She says he is mad at all of them but is more mad at Tyler than the rest of them.


Nicole F says what if he doesn't use it, Danielle says "vote out Kevin.", when Nicole F says what if that's not what they want, and Danielle says she will talk them into it.


Cody comes in, Danielle invites him to stay, Tyler is in the room as well.  Tyler leaves to look for his blanket.  He comes back with it a few minutes later.  Cody tells them that Christmas took several comforters and other things to the have not room.  They continue to talk about bedclothes they like.


Just general talk, nothing related to game.


NIcole F decides to go talk to Memphis. He doesn't answer the door.


We get stars


When they come back a few minutes later he has let Nicole F into the HOH room.


Nicole F says she wanted to catch him before he went to bed, she asks him how he feels about the veto situation.


He says "it is what it is". He adds that it is frustrating and it shows a lot.  He says the game is about watching out for yourself, he says he has been a team player over the past six weeks, and when he asked for one thing he didn't get it.  (He demanded).  He is annoyed but the outcome he was shooting for is still a good outcome for The Committee. He says there was no trust.


Nicole F says she tried, but didn't try really hard, she knew she wasn't going to win it.


Memphis says he could have put David and Davonne up, Kevin might have played, but not won.  He says this was a slap in the face.  Memphis says that Danielle told him she didn't try to win but that is not believable.  He says he didn't appreciate it.


Nicole F says she will do whatever he wants to do this week, Memphis says he understands setting yourself up in the game but there is a lot of game left to  play.


Memphis says after the vote on Thursday they need to meet and decide what they are going to do.  He says they all need to be on the same page, but he is concerned that is not the case.


Memphis tells Nicole F that Tyler said he would use it if that is what Memphis wants, but Memphis says that might look weird.  He says that it indicates that someone is working with Davonne or Kevin, not necessarily with David.  He adds that using the veto at this point will indicate that someone is working with another person, and if that person was Danielle trying to save Davonne it didn't work.  


Memphis says if someone was trying to save either Davonne or Kevin it would not have been a problem if he won.  But to try to win the veto to do it was a bad move so now one of them is going.


Nicole F tells Memphis he is not on her hit list, but has heard that Tyler and her are on his list as numbers 5 and 6.  Memphis tells her he pays no attention to that stuff, they don't even know who will have the power going forward.  He denies having a list. (Nicole F is low on his keep list, he has mentioned several times that Nicole F has already won the game and cannot go too far forward--Grannysue)


They talk about different people in the house mentioning the same names over and over on a daily basis.  







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11:00 pm Big Brother Time


Memphis and Nicole F continue to talk in the HOH


Memphis tells her some of the twosome names he has been hearing.  He says "you and Cody", (that is the most significant one he tells her)  Memphis does not seem to be worried about the people who are tied to other people within The Committee. He says there are four people left in the house who are not in The Committee, so there is no reason to talk about issues inside the alliance yet.


Memphis asks if he "makes" Tyler use the veto, what will happen? Will they put David out?


Nicole F says if that is what he wants to do, that's fine. She says that if getting David out this week is what he wants then he should do it.  She tries to deflect any significance to Davonne and Kevin remaining in the house together.


Memphis tells her he doesn't care who goes home as long as it is not someone in The Committee.  He says if someone is trying to save someone this week it is too early and will come back to bite them. 


Nicole F leaves the HOH room after telling Memphis she hopes he keeps their conversation private.  He agrees.


We get stars


David, Enzo and Tyler in the photo bedroom.


General talk, nothing related to the game.


Nicole comes in with macaroni and cheese.  Enzo asks if she is eating again, he says he is too fat.  


Davonne is still in the washroom.  Now she is brushing out her wig.


General talk continues in the bedroom.


The back yard opens at 11:30pm Big Brother Time


Nicole F and Kevin are on the hammock talking about zingbot's insults.  Nicole F is very upset about hers.  Kevin didn't mind his.









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