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America's Got Talent Season 15 - Semi Finals Round 2


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Broken Roots, Brandon Leake, Roberta Battaglia, Alan Silva and Archie Williams have all made it through to next week's Finale. Who will join them? 11 acts battle for the final 5 spots in the Season Finale. Who will survive your votes?

Please welcome your host, Terry Crews! And your judges: Heidi Klum! Howie Mandel! And Sofia Vergara! We kick off with Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer, dance group W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew. Six personalities, one team. 

Set in an autoshop, the W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew delivers a tight, expressive dance routine with flips, hand stands and fancy footwork, using horizontal and vertical surfaces, making synchronized order out of chaos. 

Heidi says W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew lifts spirits and energy. Howie says they were amazing and stepped it up, how you played with everything. My favorite act tonight! Sofia says it was spectacular, you make it look so easy, you show your passion and personalities. 

The next act is Kanadi Dodds, whose father can hear her sing but not see her perform. Playing the piano in a garden set in the middle of a street, she sings Be A Light (Keith Urban and Reba McEntire), her vocal is mature and confident, her voice ringing out with sincerity and smoothness.

Howie says Kenadi really stepped it up. Sofia says the song was the perfect sentiment for the night, you were a confident pop star. Heidi says there are so many amazing young singers this season but you just gave a stellar performance.

The next act is lucky to be on AGT, or is it something else? It's magician Max Major! With Heidi's help, Max guesses which hand holds a poker chip, followed by a game of roulette with Howie, Sofia, Heidi, Terry, Max and an audience member each picking a number. 

Max gives the wheel a spin and Heidi rolls the ball in to the roulette and it selects 13. Heidi reveals he bought a lottery ticket with all the numbers picked by the judges and audience. Going bigger, he shows a Universal Citywalk billboard with all the numbers, including 13.

Sofia says it was a risky, complicated trick. He stepped it up and made it harder but also confusing. Howie says it was confusing, not a step up. Heidi says I don't understand what you didn't understand - the ball and the  ticket had all the numbers he predicted on the billboard.

The next act comes from Germany, acrobatic trio Bello Sisters. Performing feats of strength and balance with leg splits, their performance is very theatrical with smoke and energetic lighting, dramatic and, when they put on blindfolds, dangerous. 

Heidi says that hurt to watch, you create these human sculptures, insane yet beautiful. Howie was beyond impressed, when that leg goes back, I was expecting a snap, not human, so much strength. Sofia says the whole show was incredible, delicate flowers, so strong, mesmerizing.

Celina Graves gained her confidence in music from playing soccer. Singing Jealous (Labrinth) from a backlot rooftop, her  vocal rings out through the night sky, quietly powerful, her voice full of promise and emotional honesty.

Howie tells Celina you have to blow people away and whether you did is the question. Sofia thinks it was enough, you are always enough, like an awards show performance. Heidi says all of you will walk away with so much more than the top prize, you are amazing.

The next act is outside, daredevil Jonathan Goodwin, performing an escape trick from a zip line 60' up despite being afraid of heights. He will be riding across the line with his teeth while tied up and a chain that only goes half way across with his safety ropes on fire. With the judges screaming, two of the safety lines quickly burn through, leaving Jonathan hanging from one flaming rope only by his teeth. He gets his hands untied, unlocks the chain and reaches the other side just as the final rope burns through. OMG, says Howie!

Sofia says this was her favorite of all his stunts, they showed everything, you're coo-coo in the head. Heidi says I want to see your most scariest act, every time it is new & different. Howie says there's no middle ground with you, it's terrifying, nothing more dangerous.

The next act wants her son to reach for the stars and not know her hardships. It's Cristina Rae, singing Jump (Cynthia Ierivo), standing in the middle of a virtual river under a bridge, her voice clear and soaring through air, her vocal powerful and honest & meaningful.

With Jeremiah applauding from the Zoom Video Wall, Heidi says we will end this journey next week in the Finale. Howie says you're the singer to beat this season, your voice is pure, powerful, entertaining, the PPE we need. Sofia says tonight you nailed it, perfection, rose is your color.

From India comes Bad Salsa, expressing colorful emotions when they dance. Inside a studio temple, their unique style of rapid fire dance moves rockets out of the starching gate and never lets up, a cross of Bollywood and Salsa, with fast paced tricks & lifts. 

Personally, I have to wonder if the tape wasn't sped up. Sofia says everybody wants to dance when you show up, a bit of comedy too. Heidi says it feels like it is on fast forward, it's lightening speed, India should be beyond proud. Howie says that was amazing, worthy of the Finale.

The next act is a group of singers brought together by hope, it's Voices Of Our City Choir. Singing Heroes (David Bowie)with words of inspiration and background vocals floating around them, the vocal is a little laid back yet solid and inspirational. 

Heidi says I want to talk about the real heroes, doctors, nurses, teachers, and fire fighters. Howie says the song and intent is beautiful and important more now than ever before, gravitas on stage. Sofia says what you stand for is amazing.

Brett Loudermilk has been on a wild ride doing things nobody should ever do at home. Howie joins him on stage keeping a case safe (Deal!). Heidi and Sofia pick a card of an object commonly swallowed by children, a rubber duckie. In Howie's case is an endoscopic camera. 

Brett says he swallowed one of the things in the cards 20 years ago and it's still inside him. He plugs the endoscope into a monitor and slides the endoscope down his throat to reveal a rubber ducky. Then he regurgitates the rubber ducky. 

Sofia says that was the most unnecessary thing. Brett says you saw something no one has ever seen before. But we didn't want to see it, Sofia says. Howie says I didn't love it (the Zoom Audience boos), but how do you top that, with your bottom? Heidi says you are ducking kidding me! Kind of disgusting but I'm always intrigued every time.

The final act of the Semi-Finals is 14yr old singer Daneliya Tuleshova, singing Who You Are (Jessie J), I couldn't understand the lyrics until I figured out the song, her vocal was low and the words melted into the melody, but her voice musically was on fire.

Sofia says your voice, the song, your outfit, that was so unexpected, shining like a star. Heidi says you can sing, you have the pipes, there's something in the water this season. Howie says I think you're an easy decision, this wasn't a talent competition but a concert.

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Last night, 11 acts gave the biggest performances of their lives for a place in the AGT Finals. Tonight, only 5 will make it. It's America's Got Talent - The Semi-Finals Results! With your host, Terry Crews! And your judges, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel!

Recapping the performances, W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew daned, Kanadi Dodds sang, Max Major mystified, Bellow Sisters acrobatted, Celina Graves sang, Jonathan Goodwin escaped a zip line, Cristina Rae sang, BAD Salsa danced, Voices of our City Choir sang... 

...Brett Loudermilk regurgitated and Daneliya Tuleshova. Tonight, 3 will go through to the Finale on your vote, with the acts in 4th, 5th and 6th place facing the Dunkin Save. The final spot in the Finale will be determined by the Judges' Choice. Let's get started!

Tonight is make-or-break time. Your votes are in. Here are the acts on the bubble. Kenadi Dodds, BAD Salsa and Max Major, please step forward. These are the acts facing the Dunkin Save. You have 30m via the AGT App or NBC.com.

Based on your votes from last night, here is the first result. Good luck to all of you. Celina Graves and Cristina Ray, please step forward. America has voted. The first act going into next week's Finale is...   Cristina Ray! 

Back in 2017, an AGT act blew everyone's mind and he's gone on to become one of the word's top mentalists. Here's Colin Cloud!

Back to the hard reality of AGT. Cristina Ray is already through to the Finale. Here's the next result. Voices of our City Choir, Daneliya Tuleshova and W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew, please step forward. America has voted and the 2nd act going into the Finale is...   Daneliya Tuleshova!

There is still time to vote for your Dunkin Save, but one more act won't have to wait to find out they will be in the Finale. There are three acts remaining, so let's do it. Jonathan Goodwin, The Bello Sisters in Germany, and Brett Loudermilk, please step forward.

America has voted and the act taking the 3rd spot in the Finale is...   Bello Sisters!

Here are 7 global pop superstars, on Time Magazine's 2019 list of the 100 most influential people. They shatter records everywhere and their latest single debut at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. With their smash hit Dynomite, give it up for BTS!

We are down to the last two spots. Here are the results of the Dunkin Save. Please welcome back Kenadi Dodds, Max Major and BAD Salsa. The winner of the Dunkin Save and 4th act going into the Finale is...   Kenadi Dodds!

Now there's just one spot left in the Finale and BAD Salsa and Max Major's hopes ride with the judges. Who deserves to make it through?

BAD Salsa and Max Major look to their judges for their Finale fate. Sofia votes for BAD Salsa. Howie votes for BAD Salsa. That means that Heidi's vote does not count - BAD Salsa makes it into the Finale! 

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