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Tuesday, September 15, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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5:27PM BBT Kevin asks David how his talk with Ian went. David says that he is making him think he is leaning towards keeping him but he knows he is part of an alliance. Cams change. Dani in the HOH BR tells Xmas that she feels bad putting Tyler up. Dani says that Kevin has changed since the veto was used on him. Xmas says Day has changed after winning the Veto. She snarks "welcome to your third season". Dani says laughs and says she is mean. Xmas says that Day needs to remember that Dani protected Day.


 5:34PM BBT IN the hOH BR, Dani talking about how annoying everything is. Xmas asks her if she knows how Cody is doing. Dani says that they are supposed to hang out tonight. She says that he seems to be doing well about his grandfather. Xmas says doing nothing is exhausting. Dani says it sux.


 5:38PM BBT Nic and Memphis talking in the BY. Memphis wants the votes to be unanimous to send Ian out. Nic explains that she wants it 5-3 so that they don't think she flipped. She wants to blame it on David. Cody comes out and they talk about that he took a shower. All talk stops.


5:47PM BBT Cody, Nic and Tyler talking. Nic says that she wants her to be able to vote for him. She says Dani doesn't want her to and we get stars.


5:52PM BBT Cody and David are trying to do a pigeon mating call to try and get the bird to come into the yard. Tyler says he won't be able to get out of the yard. Tyler says these birds can't fly straight up. Cody continues to do bird calls.

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6:14 PM BBT

Ian is going over his winner formula (who would get his jury vote) with Kevin

33% is based on competitions; competitiveness

33% is strategy; how much strategic play is there; How much is someone thinking? DId you have a decent pulse on the house.

33% is social; Did I enjoy your company?




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6:11 PM BBT Feeds come back on Kevin and Tyler are in the hammock talking about the Hammock, David and Christmas are talking. Ian is talking the game is not all about comps its also about strategy. Ian says this game is also about social status too. Dani said that Kevin dont like but whatever. 

6:20 PM BBT Cody asks what day it is and Dani says it tuesday and Cody says oh crap covid day. David says he wants to keep it status quo. Kevin and Ian are talking about guys and how both are on the wall together. 

6:25 PM BBT David said he likes the plan and he down for that. Christmas said making moves. Christmas says can i talk to you in the mourning. They talk about Cody and Christmas and she asked him if he was receptive and David tells her he could tell by his words and actions. David says he was defensive about keeping Ian. 

6:33 PM BBT Dani Memphis are in the HOHR talking about betting money. Dani says that they cant do it in the rule book Memphis acts shocked and we get stars, while Dani is looking at the camera in the HOHR. Day ask dani if she going to work out and Dani says no she is going to work out. 

6:41 PM BBT Cody and Dani are in the KT talking about Paulie being on the MTV The challenge. Cody says he hoping he goes on and they discuss the pay and how long it is on the show. Nicole is outside running. Ian is in the Hammock rocking back and forth. Christmas joins her in running. all general chit chat. 

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6:45 PM BBT

Christmas, Tyler and Nicole are working out in the backyard. Christmas is creating a circuit routine for her and Nicole.

Nicole: oh good....I love circuits

Dani and Cody are talking pizza party in the kitchen.

Enzo and David are playing pool

Da'Vonne and Kevin are whispering in the backyard

Kevin: there's the four guys and they need one more vote 

Day: don't do it....don't do it.....Let's go in the love room

They move to the Love Lounge

Da'Vonne makes it into the lounge but Kevin isn't there yet. SHe grows impatient

Day: Come on....Damn it




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6:47 PM BBT Kevin and Day outside talking outside and she tells him not to do it not to do it. Day goes in the loft and is crying covered up. Kevin is in the Kt with Dani and Cody. All cams go to Day in the loft upset. Kevin joins her in there. 

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Da'Vonne gives him a crazy look when he finally comes in.

Kevin: What?  I broke my cup.

Day: Good!

This is what I don't understand. There is a guy's alliance and you're saying there is a girls' alliance. Why is Christmas trying to send home Ian.

Kevin: That's what I am trying to find out. I'm baiting her. I need to know what Christmas is trying to do?

Day: that's the part throwing me off...she might be both  (in both alliances)

Kevin: Here is the thing. She is a baiter! She is a Master Baiter.

Kevin is making a lot of noise with a loud bag pf pita chips and his crunching

Day: Don't say anything. It's going to come down to a tie and..

They discuss how the vote is going to reveal people's loyalties "it's gonna show his hand" (David) "Enzo too...and that's what we need"

Kevin: why the fuck isn't Tyler campaigning

Day: he thinks he has the votes

*feeds cut

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6:55 PM BBT Day says that David and Enzo are pushing for Ian. Kevin says the more he learns bout Christmas game the more he dont like it. Day says there got to be a guys aliance. Day says David keeps talking about the guys the guys an they know why he is pushing that way. Day says she knew it. Kevin explains what happened how he was offered an alliance then the deal with him and tyler bay and Day happened then they kicked him and now they recurited him back. 

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7:05 PM BBT

Dani is telling Cody about the latest Christmas drama....Da'Vonne apologized to Christmas for hurting her feelings with her veto speech. Cody says Enzo needs to watch what he says and they discuss how crazy it is that DaVonne went straight to Christmas 


[thing is, Day played this like she felt she owed Christmas an apology after hearing from Enzo that her speech upset Christmas (which it did); afterwards, Christmas went to Enzo and told him that Da'Vonne confronted her about it. Enzo was defensive and said Day twisted his words around...he did talk with Day about it and mentioned that he noticed it riled Christmas up, but now that word has gotten back to Christmas and to Enzo, they are both on high alert with each other and realize they are not the allies they thought they had in each other. Da'Vonne knows exactly what she is doing in pitting perceived allies against each other.    -MamaLong]


While Dani finishes delivering the details to Cody and they have finally finished preparing for the pizza party, Dani gets called to the DR for her weekly COVID test

Dani: No BB....that's so rude

She and Cody begin complaining they have been preparing for a pizza party and to please call someone else

COdy: come on BB, my mouth is watering

*feeds cut

Dani is still complaining but heads to the DR

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7:45 PM BBT

Christmas joins Cody, Dani and Memphis in the HOHR. Cody offers her some pizza, but she declines saying she is still full

Dani: what are you full of

Christmas: poooooooooo

SHe adds that she ful from her sandwich and metamucil

Cody: Metamucil....so you poo

Christmas: it helps you poooo

Cody: it helps you poooooo

Dani tells a story of her brother being constipated a lot when he was little and sitting on the toilet yelling that he needs prunes

Cody: what are prunes

Christmas: they are dried fruit

Dani: dehydrated plums

Christmas: like the raisin to the grape...they are delicious

Memphis: they soften your stool

Cody laughs saying that was his grandma has....adds he needs prunes when he gets home because he is getting old

They begin discussing Nicole's wedding

CHristmas: are you going

Cody: not unless she buys my ticket (Turks and Caicos)

They begin discussing that they hope international travel is back open  

Cody: it is fucking crazy that we have no fucking idea what is going on outside the house

Christmas discusses how bad it will be when the pandemic hits the rural areas without proper medical care

Memphis says they have to just wait and see "I did ask for the wrap date, though" and he teases that it is late October. Dani says she will leave if it's that late.

Memphis feels like if they all continue asking they will eventually tell them  [what the wrap date for the season is]

Dani: I've never been in here before where they don't tell you. That's insane.

*At this the camera moves to David and Ian's conversation on the backyard couch



8:06 PM BBT

Christmas gets called to the DIary Room for her COVID test

Cody: ohhhh shit


Cody and Memphis decide to head out to the backyard to hang out and enjoy the last bit of backyard before it shuts down

Tyler tells them they haven't even been told when it will close


8:09 PM BBT

Ian gets called for his COVID test

Tyler comments that everyone in the kitchen has already gone

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8:15pm Big Brother Time


Cameras have been all over the house for the last hour or so.


No game talk anywhere I have looked, with the exception of the HOH crew gossip. (nothing new, no startling reveals in any of it)


Now Christmas, David, Kevin and Nicole F are in the back yard on the sofa.

General gossip,

Danielle cleaning up in the HOH and bringing things downstairs.

Earlier Davonne was putting her closet to rights, looks like she is still doing that.

Danielle brings laundry outside, sees Tyler in the mirror and is startled, she says she thought she saw two Tylers then laughs at herself.


We get stars (this has been happening quite often, nothing seems to be happening to cause it, they have been calling for Covid tests while feeds are on....


Cody, Enzo and Tyler are playing billiards.


The group on the sofa is talking about their normal and current weight. Kevin says David needs to ask for heating pads, David tells him they are reusable.  Kevin says some are disposable. (riveting...)


Danielle and Davonne go into the storage room, Danielle notices there is a lot of food left, she will make guacamole tomorrow, and she notices some fresh produce is rotting.  She calls it gross, but walks away without tossing it out.


Ian has just left the shower, Christmas comes in looking for her sunglasses, Kevin is getting ready for his turn in the shower.  Davonne asks him, he asks if she is waiting, she says it's okay. She will check on his slop while he is in there.


Danielle is helping look for Christmas's sunglasses, NIcole F doesn't move, just says "oh you'll find them somewhere."  The search continues.

(not riveting)


David and Nicole F remain on the sofa outside. Kevin is talking about how worry motivates him, Nicole F says if someone doesn't like you, you are more aware of them.  Nicole F says in real life it is good to be like that.  They laugh about themselves.  They are talking about exercising, a circuit Christmas put together, Nicole F says it really helped her feel better today.


Cody, Tyler, Memphis and Enzo are goofing around, Cody is using voices, yelling at Enzo, he yells for a camera to be on him.  He continues to use some language that won't make the show.  He finally finds a live camera, he is yelling hello to the live feeds, telling them to subscribe to his show.  Cody continues to act up (the most action in this house now for several hours...)


Nicole F and Kevin are talking about which way the votes are going.  Kevin tells Nicole F that most everyone he has asked says Tyler is staying.  Ian joins them so conversation about that ends.


(Earlier David promised to tell Ian if he was going home to return the favor Ian gave him earlier when he was on the block)


Christmas has gone to the HOH room with Danielle.


She tells Danielle that Tyler doesn't think she (Christmas) will vote for him.  Tyler told her that people were talking about flipping the vote to keep him and send Ian home.  Christmas tells Danielle that David was talking to her today and that is a new development.


Danielle says he could be fluffing her up because he lost Baleigh.


Christmas say she isn't buying it.  She says she wants to make sure Danielle is kept in the loop.


Danielle says they are worried about the HOH coming up and are looking for cracks.


Christmas leaves, still on the search for the elusive glasses. 9and so, my children, the mystery of the missing sunglasses has yet to be solved.)


Christmas approaches David looking for her glasses, he asks if they are in the have not room.  Christmas stutters, says she hasn't been in there. David laughs at her.


Kevin and Nicole F are still on the outdoor sofa.


They are talking about past house guests, then silence.


Nicole mentions that there are so very few girls, and someone could predict the likelihood of who would leave at what time.  She wonders if that would reflect it right.


Kevin says he received a graph listing the African Americans (his words) and where they placed each season.  He mentions "what we were trained on before we came in here."


Cameras move to washroom area, then after a few minutes back to Kevin and Nicole F.


They talk about the personalities in the house and why they might gravitate toward each other.


Memphis joins them, Kevin comments that Memphis does not look like he is in pain now.


Nicole leaves and goes into the house.


Kevin and Memphis continue to talk about Memphis's recovery. Memphis demonstrates his ability to almost touch his toes.  (old Grannysue is grinning, because old Grannysue can still put her hands flat on the floor and this youngn' groans when he comes two inches above his feet.......)


They talk about whether or not they will get a halfway party this year or not.  In the background you can hear the boys at the billiards table yelling and cursing and laughing at each other.


General talk, nothing related to the game.


Christmas comes to the sofa, talk turns to accents in different parts of the country.


Cameras move to HOH.


Nicole is getting ready to use the shower.


Danielle tells Nicole F that Memphis wants to go after Tyler first.


They are talking about Memphis, Christmas and Davonne.  Danielle goes to her bed and puts on music


Cameras move to back yard where the boys are still making up accents while they play billiards.








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9:25 PM BBT

The HGs get alcohol: one bottle of white wine, one bottle of red wine and several beers. Da'Vonne and Ian save a beer for tomorrow night when they are free from slop. David does not seem interested in any alcohol. He starts folding laundry.  The HGs are very excited!






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9:00pm Big Brother Time


Ian is rocking and whispering to himself on the hammock. (Earlier tonight he was in the washroom rocking and mumbling and swinging his fists like a boxer)


Cameras move to the kitchen


David is rapping a song about Kevin. BOB lets it go.


Kevin talks about his body image when he was in high school.


Nicole F is out of the shower, Danielle is looking for a drink she got out for Nicole F, she finds it in the bathroom area.


Danielle decides they need to talk about Vic and Dom.  They give shout outs.  The two of them do a "cheer" to the final two together.


They talk about things they miss and don't miss about home.  Both of them say they miss physical touch from their partners.  


David and Kevin are in the photo bedroom.


David says he told Christmas to talk to Enzo, he says it is his "check" to see if she actually does that.  


Kevin says he needs to check in with Davonne.


David says Christmas came to him in the kitchen and asked him who Kevin was voting for, and she indicated that a flip would be possible. (Assuming to vote out Ian and keep Tyler).


Kevin says Christmas may be trying to make Kevin and Davonne look stupid, David wonders if that is true, but he is interested in moving against the alliance if they can.


Kevin says it is all in the timing, they need to not let anything go back to Danielle.  David asks if Kevin trusts the reconciliation with Danielle.  Tyler comes into the room before Kevin answers.


They ask Tyler if he feels okay, he says yes, but not about votes.  David asks Tyler why he is not campaigning.  Tyler says tomorrow he will give it his "all".  Tyler says it is simple for him and they know where he is coming to.  He says he doesn't know what to say to Memphis.


Kevin calls Memphis "an island."


Tyler says that David and Kevin are campaigning for him more than anyone else.  He leaves the room and says, "You guys continue to talk about how you want to keep me."  They all laugh.


Kevin says he understands the opportunity they have, but people can makes things worse in the house. He tells David that for him it can make it look like he is trying to "f**k over" Danielle. Kevin tries to explain that he is worried about how it would look to others.


We get stars.


Danielle is telling Nicole F that she lied to David.  She says she asked him what she needed to do, David told her he is not coming after her.  Danielle says she told David he was not her target.  Danielle says she needs to work Kevin more, that he no longer seems to like her.


Nicole F says he doesn't like anyone any more.  


Danielle tells Nicole F that she wonders if Davonne has told Kevin about Christmas's power.  Nicole F wonders if she has told him about Danielle's power.


Danielle says she doesn't know what she would do without Nicole F in the game, she worries about Cody because she doesn't know him from outside the house.  She says she is happy that Cody and Nicole F are working with her.


Nicole F says that is why it bothers her to lose Ian, he is her close person in the house.  Danielle says she was running scenarios with beans and she was upset at the possibility of Cody and Nicole F being up at the same time.


Nicole F says she only had to play one week without Corey, and she doesn't know how it would be for Danielle to go home to early. (Assuming Danielle will leave and Nicole F will remain??)


Cody is sent to the storage room.


He yells, "Let's go!!!"


Danielle and Nicole F chug their drinks and run out of the HOH.


Cody has a stack of alcohol.  The words goes around the house and everyone runs for the kitchen. Cody makes sure all the have nots get a beer before the rest of the alcohol is split up.


Enzo threatens to drink David's beer.  David laughs and threatened to make him a have not.


David and Enzo are talking about someone that heard their name and came over to them but wouldn't leave.  Enzo says he doesn't care either way about Tyler or Ian.  David says if Tyler would work with them there would be five people.  Enzo says Christmas wants to get rid of Ian, David says that's five votes then.


David says that whole side is "shook", and if Tyler stays they could use him.  David asks if Tyler would put them up (Enzo and David), Enzo says he isn't after them, but David needs to win.


Enzo wonders why they don't just give them a 12 pack instead of a few beers.  He says if he remembers right they did that during his season.


David says he is going to have a beer with his dinner tomorrow night.


Enzo thanks David again for talking to him outside tonight, he says he doesn't like to show weakness but he needed it.  Enzo says he reads his letter and his kids say they love him and to hang in there.  He says it means a lot to him because his daughter doesn't talk like that to him.


Cameras move back to the back yard.


Christmas is telling Memphis that "they are dropping little nuggets".  Memphis says that David is doing that.  Memphis say he might believe that Kevin will vote Ian out.


In the washroom Kevin and Davonne are talking about "her" running upstairs.  Kevin says that "he" said that Enzo is locked and that Memphis told him they need to vote Ian out because he is a winner. Kevin tells Davonne to talk to people "who are tipsy tonight."


Kevin wonders what their selfish reason to keep Ian, Davonne says that Ian is not coming after either one of them.  Kevin says that isn't strong enough, he says he will say that Tyler never campaigned to him.


Kevin stops talking and starts chewing chips and drinking beer against his microphone.  Davonne laughs and tells Big Brother to turn his microphone off, she calls him drunk Kevin.


Kevin whispers to Davonne about Tyler telling him earlier that his game was f**ked and that Kevin and David are campaigning harder than he is.  Kevin says it had to be David because he (Kevin) has not said anything like that.  He wonders why Tyler mentioned talking to Memphis.


Davonne says she thinks David and Memphis secretly "kissed and made up."  She says not fake, but a real truce. Kevin says Memphis will nominate David if he gets HOH. Davonne says maybe Memphis is thinking David will do his dirty work for him.


Davonne says that Christmas told her that anyone who sits by Memphis at the end will win by a unanimous vote.


Kevin says "I'm petty. I will write him a check."  He says he doesn't like the idea that people think he will do what they want.


We get stars.



















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9:55 PM BBT

Kevin and Da'Vonne are talking in the bathroom while she rebraids her hair.

He is eating pita chips again. Not only are the chips super crunchy and loud on mic, but the bag is horribly loud and Kevin keeps rustling it around!

The feeds keep cutting stars. When they come back, Kevin is getting snarky

 Da'Vonne is laughing at Kevin. Kevin removes his mic and holds it to his mouth. Kevin is purposely crunching his pita chips into the mic. Da'Vonne is thoroughly entertained  [so is MamaLong]

"I'm going to intentionally sip some beer now!"  He slurps really loudly.  [He must received complaints from the control room]

[We keep getting stars so I'm heading to bed for some zzz's   Nighty Night!  -MamaLong]


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10:00pm Big Brother Time


We have stars


10:15pm Big Brother Time


We have stars


10:30pm Big Brother Time


We have stars


10:45pm Big Brother Time


We have stars


Calling it an early night dears

Grannysue says goodnight

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