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Tuesday, September 15, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:07AM BBT 

Dani and Nicole are talking alone in the HOHR. Nicole tells Dani she has been doing a great job with her HOH reign

Enzo and Ian are playing pool




 1:25 AM BBT 

Enzo and Ian are playing pool in the backyard

Day, Kevin and David are in the kitchen





1:39 AM BBTimage.thumb.png.f54c1274dbec165585a69891f705a941.png





Dani is alone in the HOHR writing in the velour of a couch cushion





Perhaps she is studying the days. It's difficult to read what she is writing.


2:15 AM BBTimage.thumb.png.2fb75421035d05d84d4dcb944b452e90.png

Dani has switched to studying with what looks like jelly beans (Vegan, I'm sure)



2:25 AM BBT

After studying for a long time, Dani settles into bed in the HOHR and the entire BB House is now dark and silent



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9:15 AM BBT.  The feeds switched to stars for the wake-up call.  

9:28 AM BBT.  Feeds have returned from the wake-up call.  

9:35 AM BBT.  David and Memphis appear to be the only ones up.  Memphis is having coffee in the BY and David is in the KT.  

9:37 AM BBT.  David goes to the BY.  He is on the couch.  Memphis is in a chair by the hammock.  There is no talking.   

9:41 AM BBT.  Xmas goes into the BY.  She asks Kevin what's up.  She asks if David was out here first.  He says no, when I came out he (Memphis) was over there.  Xmas says I wonderd, thought it was weird.  David says maybe he doesn't want to talk this early, some people like quiet mornings.  David asks if Xmas slept.  She says she had no nightmares about Loyal and no nightsweats.  She tells David her nightsweats are hormonal.   

9:45 AM BBT.  In the BY, Xmas tells David she thinks she had the wrong medicine for the first 3 weeks.  She says she asked the doctor and then next day the pills looked different.  David says he's glad she feels better.  He says he would've never known she was having problems outside of game stuff.  David cannot believe the week went from him & Kevin up, to Ian and Tyler on the block.  David doesn't know what'll happen Thursday but he wants to feel safe.  Da'Vonne is up in the WA doing ADLs.   


9:49 AM BBT.  In the BY, David tells Xmas that he wants to win HOH so he can be safe and people will have to talk to him.  


9:51 AM BBT.  In the BY, Xmas tells David about her HOH and what happened with Tyler.  David says the history between Tyler and Bayleigh has way more layers than he thought and it goes outside the game.  Xmas explains what happened and why Bayleigh/Da'Vonne were on the block.  David says people came in with pre-game alliances or personal relationships already and you can't ever get higher than those people.  


9:54 AM BBT.  Xmas tells David that Da'Vonne reached out to Swaggy when he was evicted while Bayleigh was still in the house.  David doesn't think Da'Vonne/Bayleigh had a pre-game thing though.  

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10:00 PM BBT Day is stillin bed with cover over her face. Christmas gets called to the DR. While David is outside drinking coffee, 

10:10 PM BBT Christmas is out from the DR and she is in the KT talking to the Camea. She comes out and ask who made the coffee and says it strong.  She then talks to Memphis and says hey old man. Christmas said she saw Nicole and Ian talking then they were whispering and left she dont know if she went to talk dani or what but she thought i was asleep.  

10:15 PM BBT Christmas said Nicole was all smiling and asks if she think she is voting for him. Memphis said no that a front there is no way that she would vote against the house. Memphis says sh probably wanted him to stay longer in the house but his time is up. Christmas agrees with him. Memphis says the 2 of them are probably really close friends and that plays a factor in it as well. 

10:25 AM Memphis said this HOH is going to be crucial. Memphis talk about him not sleeping good and having the backyard again. Christmas and Memphis thank BB for the BY. Memphis asked should they ask about Tyler votes and Christmas dosent think so. Memphis says it 2 different people now. Christmas hints to Memphis that David might vote for Ian to stay. Christmas tell hims that is not good. Feeds cuts to stars. 

10:35 AM BBT Christmas is talking to the outside camera. Cody and Enzo are both up Cody heads to the WA. Nicole is also up in the WA. Feeds cut to stars. 

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10:42 AM BBT Memphis and David are outside talking. Memphis tells him to keep doing what he is doing. Cody Enzo and Nicole are in the WA joking around. Memphis says you got to in survival mode.  Christmas who else is in bed as they want to scare them. Christmas says she cant do Day as she would punch her in the face.  Feeds cut to stars again, 

10:46 AM BBT Christmas and Nicole doing their ADL's. Cody goes up to the HNR room gets something and comes back out. Day is still sleeping with the covers over head. Someone is taking a shower. 

10:52 AM BBT Memphis talk to enzo about them being final 2 but also making separate alliances. They keep the same name of the aliance. He says it keeps both of them off the block. Memphis says right now it still to early to do it. But over the next weeks we got to work on it. 

11:03 AM BBT Feeds cut to stars again. Enzo and David talking about working out and how it too early because of slop before feeds cut. 

11:08 AM BBT Feeds come back on and Enzo Tyler and Memphis are talking about a party and when double eviction might be. Enzo is playing pool with Tyler and Memphis is talkin about his dream he had. He dreamed that they played a comp in the parking lot. 

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11:16 AM BBT Memphis an Dani are talking bout Ian and Memphis said that he had a very composed conversation and he like he knew what he was talking about and they wonder where this Ian has been the hole time. They said he was like that the first week and the flew under the radar.  Memphis then talk about tyler and how they dont think they could convince him to put enzo up. 

11:24 AM BBT Dani asked him if she can tell him personal and Memphis says yes. Dani says this is just a rumor but she thinks Christmas and Tyler are close mavbe a final 2. Memphis says she is very erotic. Feeds cut for a second and they come back on they talk about how that Tyler and Cody might be closer. Memphis said we got to keep a close eye on them though. 

11:30 AM BBT Nicole comes in with food for Memphis and they talk about the eggs and cheese. Nicole leaves and they go back to Christmas. Memphis tells Dani let me get back to you about Christmas. Dani asks do they think they got the votes to keep Tyler. 

11:39  AM BBT Dani says she feels super confortable with Memphis and she wants to go far with him in the game, Memphis said he has all theses ideas he wants to spin off but he cant and he says it sucks because that is what he is used to he sits at the roud table at his work and they all spin ideas out. Dani tells him well i will listen to your ideas i wont tell no one. Feeds cut to stars.

11:42 AM BBT Dani is in the HOHR byherself just sitting at the table. All cams are on her. She is watching the different cameras. 

11:48 AM BBT Tyler is in the KT making some food cams get quiet while he cooks. Memphis complements on his breakfast that Nicole made and Memphis said he almost broke his tooth on the avocado top and Nicole apologizes. Dani comes don and they talk about how it was Christmas and Cody idea to do it but they put Tyler up to it. Dani says she would have punched her accidentally and luckily she was awake. 

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11:54 AM BBT Dani and Nicole standing in the CBR whispering talking about someone. They leave and Tyler is in the KT and they run into Ian an he says good morning they ask if they he ate and he says yes he had a big bowl of slop. Nicole said she is going to talk to Memphis today and she said she is going to play it smart and make it organically. 

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11:59 AM BBT

Dani talks with Tyler alone in the HOHR. She asks him who his 4th nom would have been...."not you because I don't want to keep going back and forth, a pawn, I guess." Dani agrees.

They see Kevin on the spy cam and Dani says he has to go next. Tyler agrees

Tyler: I'm thinking I would put up Day and Kevin (his next HOH)

Dani: we know David, Da'Vonne and Kevin don't have one  (a power)



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12:36 PM BBT

In the backyard, Dani asks Nicole if she is feeling better

Nicole: yes...I was in denial. I'm going through the stages of grief.




12:45 PM BBT

Dani (to Nicole): don't you think it's weird?

Dani is talking about how Christmas always go to talk with Tyler alone whenever she gets the opportunity

Nicole tells Dani she almost had a panic attack last night

Dani: why didn't you come to me?...I know I'm not Victor or your mom, but I am here for you.


They begin laughing and Nicole says "you're the best that I've got"





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12:00PM BBT:  Tyler and Dani in the HOHR.  Dani: "is that Kevin staring at the memory wall? I'm sorry but he has to go next".


12:35PM BBT: Dani and Nic talk by the pool in the BY.  Nic:  "I need water bad" Dani "I need water and I am underfed.  This house is killing me. It does every time."  Ian is swinging in the hammock.  Kevin walks over to sit by him.  Nic: "I'm going through the stages of grief".  [as she suns herself]








12:51PM BBT: Christmas and Tyler are in the HOHR talking through their next strategy of what they can say about how he annoyed her.

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1:06PM BBT Xmas and Dani talking about having a meeting before HOH on Thursday. Xmas says maybe some wine. Dani says that Nic can not have her wine. (They are talking about Day). Talk changes to Xmas can't find her glasses and she needs to do her toes. Nic says she can hear an ice cream truck on the lot.


1:11PM BBT All 4 cams on the three girls. Dani says they have to make Day believe 1000% that Ian is staying this week. Memphis comes over and they call him grandpa. Dani is hungry. Nic tells her she has to eat. Dani says she doesn't want to cook even though she wants to eat.


 1:22PM BBT Tons of stars for no reason. HG are all just chatting in the BY. They are talking about Vic. Nic says he wants to go back to law school.

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1:25PM BBT David and Cody talking. David wants to know where Cody is thinking. Cody doesn't really answer but talks about who else is voting. David says he is telling him he doesn't know. Cody says that he has to think about which person does he feel safer with.


1:33 PM BBT Nic, Dani and Xmas talking about wedding colors and concerts. Memphis and Tyler chatting in the pool.


 1:45PM BBT Kevin and Day in the WCA, Day is taking out her braids. She says these people are driving her crazy and we get stars.


1:47PM BBT Kevin tells Day that Cody and Enzo are voting for Tyler to stay. Day she doesn't know about that and we get stars. Cody and David talking. He says he is going to win this HOH. Cody says heck yeah! David says he has no trust.


1:55PM BBT In the WCA, Ian, Kevin and Day talking about Day's wig. Kevin has tried it on. They talk about that it is realy hair. Kevin says his tangles. They talk about when they are going to lose the yard and we get stars. We come back. Ian is talking about he is doing ok on slop this time. He says the cot is better then the HN BR on his season. Day agrees. We get stars.

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2:14 PM BBT Kevin and Day are in the bathroom are whispering in the WA. Cody and Enzo are in the HOHR talking about Day and how she spend most of the time in the KT and then when she goes outside she walks right passed him. Cody says if him and Enzo were to go up then it would they would be in trouble. Cody says if it was Him and Nicole it would him going or him and anybody else. 




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2:16 PM BBT


There is lots of whispering between Kevin and Da'Vonne on the bathroom while Day is applying makeup

Day: I hope they are airing my strategy to find who that person was so there is evidence there

Kevin: you mean DR room?


Enzo and Cody are talking game in the HOHR...same topics as last night

Cody: Tyler is 100% our way over everybody...that's why next week Da'Vonne or Kevin have to go because David will go after Memphis. That's good for us. We blindside Memphis and send him home. I have no idea what Kevin and Da'Vonne would do.....be as bitter as you want. I'm not doing it. That's what I want because I really can't say it to anyone else but you. I don't want to piss off the Committee but if Tyler wins who do you think he's going after? Them, not us.




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2:22 PM BBT Enzo says if he get HOH he is flipping the hole house and putting up one of the girls and someone from the other side. He dont care he will tell them to figure it out yourself. He is tired of all of these aliances. Cody agrees with hm. Nicole comes in to talk to them. 

2:27 PM BBT Nicole says she is going to spin the vote er vote on David. She is planning on voting to keep Ian and blame it on David. Nicole says she need the votes to be 5-3 so her plan will work. They say that day will be mad they bring up slick 5 and Cody says that not a thing anymore. Nicole says that she know who he would put up because he is in my pocket. They all groan. 

2:37 PM BBT Nicole says that she dont want ian to go because he has the core four back 100%. Nicole is trying to per-sway them to keep Ian but she knows that he is going this week. Nicole is telling them that she trying to look decent she dont want to look like a monster. She is sacrificing a lot she giving up her best friend and jury vote but she couldn't even look at him in the face yesterday. 

2:43 PM BBT Enzo says i will do whatever you guys want to do. He agrees to to stick with the 5-3 votes. Cody says what about dani she will go after david and day. Nicole promisies she wont. Cody says she will press david about it and Nicole say let her do it then. 

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2:30 PM BBT

Lots of talk in the HOHR between Nicole, Cody and Enzo about making sure that if Ian goes that it's not an 8-0 vote. SHe wants him to get a few votes.

Nicole: I understand I can vote to keep him but I can't do that to Dani...I will do it if that's what everyone else wats as long as we keep the plan. I am losing my best friend in the house...I don't need the jury vote, I don't care about that, but I am trying  to save face in this house and not look like a monster and that I turned on Ian. No one would trust me

Enzo: Ian is really good at this game and Tyler is a fucking beast...I'll do whatever you want

Nic: why can't we just all vote the way we want to vote

Cody keeps saying "nip that in the butt" [sic]

Nic: what's wrong with letting Da'Vonne think it is 4-4

Cody: I think Dani wants to play surprised

Nic: It will still be a surprise because it's supposed to 4-4 but it will be 5-3...we say that David flipped...I need an acting class...she will be blindsided but it won't be by Sly FIve it will be by David...we have to get Dani up here and see what she says. She might say no, but it honestly saves all of us. This plan makes me at least feel in some way better, but I can't keep him because Dani will kill me.

2:56 PM BBT

Christmas, Memphis and Ian are talking in the backyard about concerts. Christmas says she doesn't like big crowds but she saw Jidenna in concert and it was really good.


Tyler and David are playing pool. David comments that he is ballin. Tyler begins singing "Cause I been ballin for a while..."

*feeds cut to stars


The pool game is close between David and Tyler. David says Tyler needs some magic.

Tyler sings "Do you believe in magic"

*feeds cut*




David: I have won the game. I am the champion....to commemorate my win I will be taking this pool stick home with me at the end of the season.

Tyler: good luck

David: this is the mark of a winner    (David is messing with the pool stick by banging the cue ball against his pool stick)

Tyler you are going to break it

David: Now, to challenge of the ATG, I award you a rematch.

Tyler: 'May the odds be ever in your favor'  You ever see the Hunger Games?

David: No! Just kidding

Tyler: Don't watch it after playing this game. Someone told me the author is a big fan of Survivor and this game...went a little too far

*feeds cut*

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3:30 PM BBT

Nicole and Da'Vonne sit in the hammock to talk. 

Day says she wants to see what the fallout is from yesterday

Nicole tells Day she is not mad at all; she just had a bad day yesterday of missing her family and that coincided with Ian, but she spoke to Dani and Dani would be willing to break the tie if it came to that


Christmas joins them and talk stops

Day says to Christmas: I want to talk to you, too...It was brought to my attention that my veto speech may have hurt your feelings

Christmas: where did that come from

Day: I was talking to Enzo

Chris: I just thought the statement was unfair because I came in here without a pair and I don't think it was fair (the term "untouchables", I believe)

Day: I want to apologize if I hurt your feelings

Chris: no I..

Day: if the verbiage ....*feeds cut*   I was saying that back to back it would have been unfair. It had nothing to do with you.

Chris: I didn't take it personally...I just thought it was an interesting term to use in relation to the veto

Day: do you understand it better

Chris: yes, and I'm sorry I didn't come to you for clarification



3:53 PM BBT

The Shady Ladies alliance (Christmas, Day, Dani and Nicole) is trying to group and talk but they are having a hard time getting them all together without the guys being around. They talk about how unfair it is when four vaginas get together everyone stops talking and starts listening versus four guys is never an issue.

Chris: Just say "shady" when we need to meet

The girls decide their code word/phrases will be "shades" "looking for my shades"...."can't find my shades"...need the "shade"

Day: when we win comps we wear glasses at the ceremonies

Nicole: I like it

Chris: The Shady Ladies

Day: that's good

Nicole: let's go with it, right?



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4:00 PM BBT

Christmas meets with Memphis in the Love Lounge

Christmas: Okay, what do you have for me?

Memphis: nothing, I just feel like the house is trying to flip

Christmas: really? for Ian to stay? Well, what did I tell you this morning?  That's interesting because I am getting the opposite. I'm getting people are wanting Ian to leave.

Memphis; Good...good...Ian has to go. I just feel like Nicole is backending to try and get Ian to stay. I am less concerned that they are trying to get him to stay. I am more concerned of them getting rid of an alliance member

Christmas: I have been consistently trying to get the alliance to the final 6

Memphis: right...don't fuck that up...Let's be the reason one of us leaves? That's stupid!

They start talking about Tyler and how

Memphis: he is an idiot, by the way, I'm sorry America, but he (Tyler) is not good at this game...he is not bright in this game. There is no reason for us to stage a fight and act going after each other

Christmas: don't be so sensitive (referring to Tyler)

Memphis: right....but I want to make sure we have the fucking votes...I can't get shit out of Da'Vonne. She is a steel trap. I've got nothing from Kevin....David, too.

*feeds cut to stars   (well, it's an All Stars season, after all)








4:17 PM BBT

Ian is giving Cody a tutorial on how to swing in the hammock. Cody tries several times, but fails.

Cody: conservation of momentum 

Cody falls  "Oh fuck it"

Ian gets back on the hammock and Cody watches

Cody: okay,  let me try one more time...now I just watched you do it

Ian: okay...it's real easy to maintain

Cody tries again

Ian: got to be more fluid...it's in the core...core strength

Cody: here we go...conservation of momentum...in the hips?.....I need a rock.....give me a rock

Ian pushes him

Cody fails

Cody: I can't do it Ian. If I push out too much then I fucking flip over

Cody surrenders the hammock to Ian







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4:16PM BBT Dani apologizing to David for not giving him a warning that he was going to be nominated.


4:41PM BBT Xmas and Nic whispering in the CBR. Xmas says that she doesn't trust Enzo. Day walks in and says that Ian says today is the day. Nic asks what she is tlaking about. Day says the half way party. Nic says that sometimes they have had it before the half way mark and we get stars. 


 4:51PM BBT Xmas and Enzo are whispering. Xmas says that Day apologized to her about the Veto speech. Enzo says that Day twisted what he said to her about it. Enzo says that he told her that her speech was over the top. He told her to watch what she says. Enzo says that Day twists things. Enzo says he has never done anything wrong to Day.


4:59PM BBT IN the BY Ian asks David how he is doing. David says from what he has heard he is doing well. David giving advice to Ian about being on the block. Ian says he appreciates David and reminds him that he voted for him to stay. In the HOH BR, Xmas and Dani talking. Xmas says that she is sure HG are planting seeds. Day enters the HOH BR, and talk stops. 

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5:00 PM BBT

The Shady Ladies are finally able to get up to the HOHR

Christmas, Da'Vonne and Nicole fill in Dani on the new alliance name. SHe loves it. They say they have to be quick

Dani: we have to have each other's back...for reals...we are the final four ladies

Day: they (the guys) expect us to all be "Victorias"  (as in Derrick and Cody's VIctoria)

Dani: Nicole, it's your turn to win

Nicole: I know

Christmas: There are a lot of guys downstairs...do we want to reconvene tomorrow and figure out options

They all agree

Day: okay, I'm gonna dip out...Kevin is on the prowl






5:14 PM BBT

Da'Vonne asks Dani if she saved her a drink

Dani: I saved you a donut

Day: Did you save me an alcoholic beverage

Dani: I saved you this donut

Day: Thank you,. I appreciate that, but  on Wednesday, did you save me an alcoholic drink

Dani: I didn't get any of those

Day: you're rude (joking)  *Day leaves

Dani gives her thumb's down and raspberry mouth after she leaves the room "Did you use the veto? NO! I didn't save you a drink"

Nicole: that's hilarious! That's so funny Dani

Christmas: she feels comfortable

Dani: good

Nicole: we are not meeting up tomorrow...we are not doing this

Dani: Nicole! Do you know her. Yes, we are meeting tomorrow.

The girls agree to wait for the double eviction or when one of them wins HOH





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 5:02PM BBT, The shady ladies have an alliance meeting. Xmas says they have to win HOH next week. Dani says they have to protect each other. They talk about it's only the four of them left.


5:13PM BBT The girls are talking about what time they got up. We get stars.


 5:14PM BBT Before Day leaves she jokes about if Dani saved her an alocholic drink for Wednesday. Dani jokes about it. Day leaves. Dani does a raspberry. She says she isn't saving her a drink since she used the veto. Nic says she doesn't want to have a meeting with her tomorrow. Dani says they have to.


5:22PM BBT Ian and David talking. Ian says he and Kevin had a pawn pact. he says he has upheld his end of the deal. He says he was the first to give him his vote. David says that he isn't sure. Ian asks if it is good things for him. David says yes. He says when you come off of the block, he wants to not make the mistakes he has been making. Ian excuses himself for the bathroom. He tells David thank you.



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