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Monday, September 14, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:08 AM BBT KITTY ESCAPE?! Yes, one climbed up to the top out of the camera view.  Unfortunately, I looked away and it was back in.  I am not sure if it was placed back in or hit the cloth cover or a grated top and fell back in or if someone put it back.  The live feed changed. Hmmm, seems familiar.

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2:14 AM BBT

The feeds finally returned


Cody, Kevin and David are in the bathroom discussing how someone has been missing when aiming for the toilet

Cody: it's somebody else's pee

David tells the guys that last year people would piss and shit on the floor and blame it on him as strategy "Michie"

Cody: I sit down when I pee

Kevin: I literally stand over it (he demonstrates

Cody: that is a solid technique

Cody: I haven't stood up to pee in a ....I wiped up somebody's pee....there were four dots...who is pissing on the floor? You know who it is so tell me now. I'm calling him out. You won't do it....I will

David: all in good time...you know who it is

Enzo walks in and David calls him out for never washing his hands. He just rinses his fingers


In the HOHR Dani is talking with Da'Vonne about her renom if Day uses the veto

Dani: I don't want to nominate Ian

Day: But, Dani, it's Big Brother

Dani: but it's Ian, though.



Da'Vonne: But he is playing Big Brother Dani....I know it's hard but

Dani: Day, I really don't want it to be me that has to do it

Day: I get it, I get it, I get

*feeds cut to stars


Dani: I really don't want you to use it

Da'Vonne: I will do whatever it takes

Dani: I will have 4 people coming after me

Day: Kevin is not coming after you, I promise

Dani: David will

Day: David will not come after you. Hi sitch for Memphis is too heavy...too heavy

Dani: so you're saying that if you leave Kevin up there and he is still safe he will be mad at you

Day: yes, he will be hot with me

Dani: but he has no one else...you know you're his number one....either way he will come back to you

Day: well, that's the way I feel about you with Ian, though

They see Kevin in the kitchen

Dani: Kevin just got up?

Day: he has been up...me him, David and Enzo were all downstairs...because for some reason everyone there was going to be some surprise eviction and it...

Dani: Christmas

*feeds cut


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Da'Vonne: I have to figure out with him still being on the block and being open....you guys have backups

Dani: you have backups, too. You have all of us.

Day: Not that I'm disposable to you guys but he is not disposable to me

Dani: I was really happy when you won it because you told me you weren't going to use it (veto)

Day: I know...I feel bad because you haven't even been able to celebrate your win yet. It's a shitty situation. My fear is that if I use it I have a problem with you and if I don't use it I have a problem with him.

Dani: well, can I say something mean? Who is going to help you more

Day: so I'm not saying I will but if I do you're going to have a problem

Dani: I will be upset

Day: with Ian??

Dani: I thought I would have to put up just two people, not four

Day: so what do we do Dani. The way you feel about Ian but it's game

Dani: Ian? I'm not nearly as close to as other people, but I don't know

*the camera switches to Enzo and Cody in the bathroom talking about something "eating us alive"

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2:15AM BBT: The feeds have finally returned, Cody and Enzo are whispering in the WA that Christmas told Dani and Nicole that she doesn't want to sit next to Cody in the final two. Cody says he's going to send "Christmas' a** out the door." Enzo agrees, he says he wants Nicole and Dani to get their hands dirty too. Kevin and David walk in and game talk stops, they discuss how someone has been missing when aiming for the toilet. [Mamalong has that conversation above]

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The camera moves back to the HOHR


2:35 AM BBT

Dani tells Day she will not tell her what to do "You won it. It's your thing. It's completely up to you what to do with it, but you know where I stand."

Day: so when you say you are going to be upset with me, what does that mean? You're not going to talk to me.

Day says not using the veto is a play in her favor. Dani says it is a bad mood because it shows that Day is tight with Kevin. It says "I want this guy, I need this guy here...it's a big move. It is"


There is a lot of silence and then Day speaks her mind "I don't know Dani. The house doesn't...didn't care about me and Bayleigh being on the block last week. The house doesn't care about Kevin being on the block and me trying to save him. 'No you leave him up there and we will strategize'  But if it's a situation that might put Ian in danger 'Whoo'...Nicole in danger 'whoo' ...Cody in danger 'whoo'

Dani: you feel like that about me?

Day: About the house... It's like everyone is to be protected. And everyone is off limits. And everyone is here (moves arms in circle) but these people here (moves arm off in distance) it's like whatever happens, happens

Dani: you are forgetting that everyone wants you here

Day: so why does that change if I save Kevin


[This conversation is just going around in circles. I hope Day uses that freaking veto. It is hers to play for her game.  -MamaLong]


2:47 AM BBT

Dani tells Day to get some sleep and they will talk again before the veto meeting.

However, the conversation continues round and round. [insert Ratt singing 'Round and Round']




3:02 AM BBT

The girls finally say goodnight and Day heads to bed.

Dani whispers "Oh Man"





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3:14 AM BBT

Cody joins Dani in the HOHR

Dani: tonight

Cody: tonight

Dani: Tonight, after I worked on her all day Nicole told Day that she would support her no matter what she does....I am so annoyed


[I'm out for now, hopefully someone else can detail their conversation  -MamaLong]

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2:16AM BBT: Da'Vonne and Dani are in the HOH discussing VETO and what Dani will do if Da'Vonne uses it. Dani says she doesn't want to nominate Ian. Da'Vonne says it's "Big Brother." "But it's Ian, though," Dani says. Da'Vonne says she knows it's hard, but Ian is playing Big Brother. Dani says she doesn't want to be the one to go after Ian. Da'Vonne says she understands, BB cuts the feeds briefly.


2:17AM BBT: Dani tells Da'Vonne in the HOHR that she really doesn't want Da'Vonne to use the VETO. Dani says she would have to put up four people on the block during her HOH and they'll be coming after her. Da'Vonne says neither Kevin nor David are coming after Dani. Dani disagrees. Da'Vonne says she's "been working on that" and that David's "itch for Memphis is too heavy." Da'Vonne understands the "whole Ian thing." Dani doesn't understand why Kevin would be mad at Da'Vonne if she doesn't use the VETO on him. Da'Vonne tries to explain why Kevin would be mad. "He has nobody else," Dani says, "you're his number one." Da'Vonne says that's why he wants her to use the VETO on him. Dani says Kevin "will come back" to Da'Vonne. They talk about a surprise eviction and BB cuts the feeds


2:21AM BBT: Dani talks about the jury votes and that Kevin threatening her about a jury vote is all a lie. She says Kevin wouldn't want people to think he was bitter. Dani says he "pulled the same thing" with her and that Kevin's way of playing is a "messy way of playing." Da'Vonne tries to explain Kevin's reasoning, Dani says it's "so stupid" and doesn't understand why he's here if he's going to play like that. BB cuts the feeds on and off for the next several seconds.


2:27AM BBT: Feeds are down for about five minutes, when they're back Dani and Da'Vonne are still talking in the HOHR. Dani is telling Da'Vonne to trust her. Dani talks about how she's "done with him" and "all his lies." Dani asks if Da'Vonne would be open to her going to get Cody to talk with them. Da'Vonne says that's fine, but she still needs to make her own decision about using the VETO on Kevin because Kevin is her "back up." Dani says they are her backups too. Da'Vonne says Kevin was "so happy" that she won the VETO and could now save him. BB cuts the feeds again.


2:29AM BBT: Cody and Enzo are still in the WA talking about the last VETO comp. Enzo thinks the upcoming eviction will be a double, he says he could "see Nicole winning" so that she doesn't have to deal with the drama. Cody asks Enzo who are the next three people to be evicted. Enzo says it depends on who wins HOH. Cody says he knows, but wants to know who the next three are that Enzo wants to go. "I don't give a f**k about Memphis and Christmas," Enzo says. Cody says he doesn't want to send Memphis and Christmas to jury with other people still left in the house. They talk about Kevin being a threat. Cody says sending Tyler home this week is a big deal. Cody thinks Ian needs to go ASAP. He thinks the next three people to go should be Tyler, Kevin, Ian, and David. Enzo disagrees, he says if he wins HOH he's putting Christmas and Memphis up. "I don't give a f**k," Enzo says.


2:34AM BBT: All four cameras are on Cody and Enzo as they search for the mosquito that is "eating" them up alive. They miss killing it and go back to talking about evictions. Cody is saying they need Memphis to go after Da'Vonne. Cody says he would rather put up Kevin and David and if one of them wins VETO he would think about putting Ian up. Back in the HOHR, Dani is trying to assure Da'Vonne that they will have the votes to save Kevin. Dani says she doesn't know if it will be unanimous, but they will have the votes. Da'Vonne wants to know how long Dani will be mad at her if she uses the VETO. Dani says she doesn't know. Da'Vonne tries to explain that not using the VETO is in Dani's "favor." Dani says using the VETO isn't best for Da'Vonne's game. Da'Vonne disagrees and wants Dani to explain. 


2:37AM BBT: Dani struggles to explain her reasoning. She says that Da'Vonne and Kevin are friends, but that it's not best for Da'Vonne's game because it's a "big move." Da'Vonne just kind of shrugs and shakes her head, she doesn't say anything for awhile so Dani continues to scramble. Dani says it's Da'Vonne's decision and Dani understands that, but she doesn't want Da'Vonne to use it. In the WA, Enzo is saying he's tired of the "buddy-buddy sh*t" and wants to start sending people home. Both Cody and Enzo talk about Ian and how badly they want him gone. BB switches all four cameras to a silent HOHR where Dani is staring at Da'Vonne and Da'Vonne is looking off in space.


2:41AM BBT: After a few minutes of silence in the HOHR, Da'Vonne says she "doesn't know" what to do. She says the house didn't care about her and Bayleigh on the block last week. She says the house doesn't care about Kevin being on the block and Da'Vonne having the opportunity to save him. She starts to hint that she doesn't understand why everyone starts to care when Ian, Nicole, and Cody may be put in danger. Da'Vonne says everyone else has to be "protected" and everyone is "off limits" except for Da'Vonne, Bayleigh, and Kevin. Dani disagrees.


2:42AM BBT: Dani says it wasn't about people wanting Bayleigh gone, it was people wanting to keep Da'Vonne. Da'Vonne wants to know how her saving Kevin changes how people feel. Dani says she doesn't know, but that some moves change the way targets are placed. Da'Vonne says she "doesn't get it." Dani tries to explain, she says if she were to save Nicole, everyone would pair them up. Da'Vonne says everyone already expects her to use the VETO. Dani says no one thinks that. She claims everyone has come up to her saying that Da'Vonne won't use it. Da'Vonne wants to know why the house is panicking. Dani doesn't know. BB cuts the feeds.


2:47AM BBT: When the feeds are back, Da'Vonne and Dani are sitting in silence again. Dani says they should get sleep and talk before the VETO ceremony. Da'Vonne says Nicole said she would support Da'Vonne in whatever decision she makes about the VETO. BB cuts the feeds again when Da'Vonne starts talk about Nicole lying. Da'Vonne is saying Dani is her "biggest concern" about if she should use the VETO. Da'Vonne says she "did the work" to make sure Kevin and David won't be coming after Dani. Da'Vonne says "Tyler is leaving" and if Da'Vonne uses the VETO, Ian is the only person who would potentially be upset with Dani. Da'Vonne hopes their conversation stays between the two of them.


2:52AM BBT: Dani and Da'Vonne's conversation starts to circle around. Da'Vonne lists the reasons why she wants to use the VETO on Kevin. Da'Vonne says it's "a lot" and she "doesn't know what to do." Dani says not to use the VETO, she says Kevin isn't beneficial to Da'Vonne's game. "That's my honest opinion," Dani says, she says Kevin will be a pawn again. They talk about Ian, Da'Vonne doesn't understand why Dani won't put Ian on the block. She says Ian would have the votes to stay, she says if Kevin has the votes then Ian would have the votes. Dani says she doesn't want to break a tie breaker. She worries about Cody and Enzo. Da'Vonne says it should speak to Dani if Cody and Enzo don't want to vote the way Dani wants them to vote.


2:57AM BBT: Dani says Tyler and Ian on the block is very different than Tyler and Kevin on the block and Da'Vonne needs to understand that. Da'Vonne says Dani shouldn't worry about breaking a tie. Da'Vonne tries to explain that the people who vote for Kevin will be the same people who vote to keep Ian. Dani disagrees. Both seem to be getting frustrated, they both say they're hearing the other. Silence falls over the HOHR again.

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3:30 AM BBT

Dani wakes up Christmas "SORRY". She wakes up Memphis and gets kicked. She wakes up Nicole, too.  "Sorry" She calls "a meeting...emergency meeting" and they get together in the HOHR


Dani plans to interrupt the veto meeting where everyone raises their hand they agree to vote out Tyler "but Tyler will know"



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3:01AM BBT: Da'Vonne gets up, she says "I don't know man," and she says whatever happens she "loves" Dani and she hopes this week doesn't ruin whatever they are building. Dani hopes so too. They hug and Da'Vonne leaves. Dani gets out of bed and walks to the HOH WA to get ready for bed. Once she's done, Dani leaves the HOHR and walks downstairs, she pulls Cody upstairs to the HOHR.


3:10AM BBT: Dani says she's so frustrated right now and tells Cody everything that she and Da'Vonne talked about. Dani says Da'Vonne isn't listening and is going to use the VETO. Cody says Dani is caring too much about Ian, BB cuts the cameras away to the HGs sleeping in the CBR while they talk about Ian. When the cameras are back in the HOHR, Dani is talking about her conversation with Da'Vonne again. Dani says she's really "pissed off" with Nicole too. Dani just keeps saying that Da'Vonne doesn't understand. Dani says she's really upset with Nicole because Nicole told her earlier tonight that she doesn't care if Da'Vonne uses the VETO.


3:15AM BBT: Dani says she's really frustrated with Nicole, she says the last three times Nicole has talked to someone she's said "the wrong thing." Cody agrees. Dani continues to tell Cody about her conversation with Da'Vonne and what Da'Vonne said. Cody says Da'Vonne has "shot herself in the foot," and he doesn't understand why she would "do this" to Dani. Cody thinks Dani should do the thing she wants to do about calling for a quick raise a hand vote to try to get Da'Vonne not to use the VETO. Cody says Ian needs to feel like he's a pawn if Da'Vonne does use the VETO and Dani puts him up. They both agree if it's Tyler and Ian on the block, it will probably be a tie and Dani would have to vote to send Ian home. Dani says if Nicole doesn't vote with them to send Ian home, then she's "done" with Nicole. 


3:19AM BBT: Dani continues to tell Cody about her conversation with Da'Vonne. They talk about Nicole not wanting to vote to evict Ian. Dani says she's "so freaking frustrated." She rants about Da'Vonne and the VETO. Cody is also upset as well, they're both mad at Da'Vonne for wanting to use the VETO. Dani says Da'Vonne is "planning it all out." Cody says Da'Vonne doesn't understand what she's doing. He says he will win the next HOH comp and put her on the block. He says he'll tell Memphis, Tyler, Enzo, and Christmas to vote to evict Da'Vonne. Cody says he'll put Kevin and Da'Vonne up together and send Da'Vonne to jury. 


3:23AM BBT: Dani and Cody both think Dani's option 2 is the best idea. Dani plans to talk to everyone in the house, except for Da'Vonne and Kevin, and convince them to raise their hands during the ceremony. She also plans to tell Tyler about her plan. Her plan is to ask everyone during the VETO ceremony if they will vote to evict Tyler if the nominations stay the same. She wants everyone to raise their hands so Da'Vonne feels like Kevin is safe and won't use the VETO. Dani and Cody both agree that even if Da'Vonne uses the VETO, the "raise the hand vote" will make Ian feel better about being a replacement nom. 


3:24AM BBT: Both Cody and Dani are frustrated and they go over what Dani should say during the VETO to try to get Da'Vonne not to use the VETO. "Freakin' A," Dani says. Cody says, "real talk," he says this makes him "1 billion percent want to blindside her." Dani says Da'Vonne is going to use it. She says they sat up here in "dead silence." She continues to talk to Cody about her conversation with Da'Vonne. Dani wants to wake up Memphis and Nicole and talk about what they're going to do right now.



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3:30AM BBT: Dani leaves the HOHR to go wake up the Committee. She wakes up Christmas and Nicole first and tells them to go to the HOHR. Dani tries to wake up Memphis, he kicks her. She tries again and succeeds, Memphis follows the rest of them upstairs. 


3:31AM BBT: Everyone is groggy, except for Dani and Christmas who run around the HOHR and laugh. Memphis walks upstairs, stops and then walks downstairs. The others in the HOHR laugh about Memphis forgetting his microphone and having to go back and get it. Memphis walks very slowly, you can tell he is very very groggy. Memphis grabs his mic and shirt and walks back to the HOHR. He shakes his head as he walks in. They all laugh for several seconds.


3:32AM BBT: Dani tells Christmas, Memphis, Cody, Nicole about what she wants to do during the VETO ceremony and how she wants everyone to raise their hands to vote for Tyler. Dani says she doesn't want Da'Vonne to use the VETO and she wants to put Da'Vonne on the spot like Da'Vonne would do if she uses the VETO. Cody agrees to the plan, Memphis says he has a few concerns, he says Dani's plan for their alliance to raise their hands is a bad idea. Dani says she'll get the whole house to raise their hand, Memphis says that works. Nicole says something, but her mic is off or fallen and we can't hear what she says.


3:34AM BBT: The group in the HOHR talk about Da'Vonne. Christmas says she's frustrated. Dani tells them all about her conversation with Da'Vonne. Dani says she's "so annoyed" and Da'Vonne using the VETO is just giving Dani "the middle finger." They all agree. Memphis wants to know more about her conversation with Da'Vonne, Dani answers his questions and tells him what Da'Vonne said. 


3:37AM BBT: Memphis wants to know if BB will let her do this. Dani says she'll talk to BB about it in the morning. She explains her plan more, everyone seems to agree with it. They have a few hesitations, but Dani squashes them. Christmas says this will be a warning for Da'Vonne. Memphis says Da'Vonne knows the game, Christmas says she doesn't. Memphis says Da'Vonne is going to know that by the raise your hand vote plan that everyone is in an alliance. Memphis says he just wants to "see it from every angle." Christmas talks about her conversation with Da'Vonne and how Da'Vonne is only wanting to do what's best for Da'Vonne's game. Christmas doesn't understand why she would want to save Kevin.


3:41AM BBT: Memphis wants to know if this plan is all worth saving one person. He says his question to everyone is "is this worth it?" Memphis says after Thursday they will have one "f***ing furious woman" and he wants to know if it's really worth doing this. Dani says she won't be aggressive. Memphis says he's not worried about the speech during the VETO, he's worried about what will happen after Thursday if Da'Vonne doesn't use the VETO and Kevin goes home. They all agree that it will be a unanimous vote to send Kevin to jury. Christmas says they have "great numbers in their favor." Memphis says he can deal with a "pissed off woman," but he just wants everyone to understand that by doing this to Da'Vonne they aren't just playing the game, they're "making someone look like a fool."


3:43AM BBT: Memphis clarifies that he doesn't care about any of that, he just wants everyone to understand what will happen if they decide to go with Dani's plan. Memphis says he wants them to think about everything and every angle. Memphis says he doesn't care about "pissing" anyone off, he just wants them to understand what happens next. Christmas says it doesn't matter, because Da'Vonne is going to "be pissed" either way. Dani says Memphis has a good point, because it would make Da'vonne look "really stupid." Dani says she's not sure she likes that or not. 


3:46AM BBT: The group sits in silence for a few seconds, Nicole says Da'Vonne will feel "played" no matter what because it doesn't matter who is on the block Tyler isn't going to be evicted. Memphis says he's fine with taking this shot, he says it's "worth the risk." Memphis says Kevin is a "hard core competitor" and they need to get him out. "He's coming after us, for sure," Dani says. They all feel bad for Dani having to make these decisions during her HOH.


3:50AM BBT: Christmas suggests to threaten Da'Vonne into not using the VETO right before the ceremony. Cody says threatening Da'Vonne isn't the way to go. Christmas tries to backtrack, she says she doesn't want to "threaten her but..." Christmas stops talking. The rest of the group go back to discussing how to proceed with Dani's plan. Christmas says they need to have a house meeting, but exclude Kevin, Da'Vonne, and David. 


3:53AM BBT: Cody says there's no way of telling how this plan will go and how mad Da'Vonne will or won't be. Nicole says she would never raise her hand saying she's going to evict someone while they're watching. Dani says she'll ask Tyler and Kevin to leave while they do the raise your hand vote. Nicole doesn't think BB will let them do that. Memphis agrees that the "raise your hand plan" isn't natural. Dani tries to defend her plan. Nicole says Dani should ask Tyler and Kevin to "close their eyes." Cody and Christmas say they wouldn't close their eyes if they were on the block.


3:55AM BBT: Memphis says Dani should just call a house meeting and ask for the raise the hand vote there. Memphis says doing it during the VETO ceremony isn't a good idea. Nicole says she thinks doing it before the VETO ceremony will allow Da'Vonne time to think about it before the meeting, Nicole says doing it during VETO will catch Da'Vonne off guard and she won't have time to think about what happened. 


3:58AM BBT: Memphis and Christmas both agree that if they weren't part of the plan, they would not be raising their hands. Memphis says it looks weird. Cody says it's sound more and more like they shouldn't do this plan. "Should we really do this?" Cody asks. "YEAH!" Christmas says. Memphis says it's "fine" and "worth a try." Cody suggests they give David and Kevin a heads up that Dani is feeling nervous and may call for a vote during the ceremony just so they know something may happen. Memphis disagrees, he says not to tell Daivd anything because "that idiot doesn't know his mouth from his f***ing a**h***."


3:59AM BBT: Memphis says David will walk right up to Da'Vonne and tell her what he was just told. Cody agrees. Memphis says David doesn't have a "brain" when it comes to this game and they cannot tell him. Nicole agrees, she doesn't want Dani to come across as mean or aggressive. They talk about Dani's plan more.

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4:02AM BBT: Memphis says asking Tyler and Kevin to leave the room while Dani calls for a vote is a good idea. He thinks BB will let them do that during the ceremony. Cody says he doesn't think Kevin will agree to do that. Dani says she'll tell Kevin to leave. Nicole says she would walk away if someone told her to. Dani says she'll tell BB so they can have the cameras in place. 


4:04AM BBT: Memphis says Da'Vonne is going to tell Tyler in the morning if she is going to use the VETO or not. Christmas says that's against the rules. Memphis disagrees, he says they're allowed to do that for the VETO. "She'll probably tell Kevin too," Memphis says. Christmas doesn't think they're allowed to say if they're going to use the VETO. Nicole says she's "good with" whatever they want to do and she'll do whatever they want to do. Nicole says Dani needs to talk to BB first. 


4:09AM BBT: The group in the HOHR circles around on their conversation, trying to decide if it's a good idea to go with Dani's plan or not. Memphis says there isn't a bigger target in this house, except for himself, than Tyler and Da'Vonne is going to be "f***ing pissed" when he isn't evicted Thursday. Memphis says it doesn't matter if they do the plan, because if she were to win HOH she'll have to put two of them up anyway because there aren't many people left in the house. Dani says if Da'Vonne uses the VETO, she's putting Ian up on the block.


4:12AM BBT: Memphis starts to talk about "burning bridges" with Da'Vonne and BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. Nicole says now that she "thinks about it" she thinks Dani's plan is a bad idea. Dani says if she doesn't do it, Da'Vonne will 100% use the VETO. Nicole thinks Dani just needs to tell Da'Vonne to "please not use it." No one says anything. Memphis talks about potential repercussions for doing it, they try to figure out who Da'Vonne would put on the block if she were to win HOH. 


4:16AM BBT: Memphis says they may be able to pin it on Enzo if thinks go south and Da'Vonne gets upset. Memphis says using Enzo as a shield would protect them and Da'Vonne will be upset with Enzo. Memphis says if Da'Vonne's mad, they need to push Enzo on her so she focuses on him. Nicole says she's played with Da'Vonne before, and whoever raises their hand is who Da'Vonne would be going after. 


4:20AM BBT: Dani keeps saying she doesn't understand why Da'Vonne would want to use the VETO. Christmas says Da'Vonne hasn't ever been in this position before. Memphis says he likes the idea of using Enzo as a shield to protect them. Memphis says Dani needs to see if BB will let them ask Tyler and Kevin to leave. Nicole says she's thirsty and wants to get something to drink. The group agrees it's time for bed and starts to get up. Dani says she's going to go to the DR and talk to BB now.

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9:02 AM BBT

The lights are up in the BB house.  Memphis is in the HOHR with Dani

Memphis: You put up whoever you are going to put up and us remaining 5 people are going to vote and we will be the bad guys. You are not taking away her thunder. You're not going to change her mind.  I just think the outcome if she doesn't use it is the same.

Dani: truthfully my ploy was to put her on the spot....if you are nervous and put on the spot

Memphis: I get it. Last ditch effort

Dani: she hasn't told me 100% but I think from everything she is saying (she will) I asked and she wouldn't give an answer

Memphis: if that's the case, then shoot your shot...maybe just grab her this morning and tell her that it's going to put you in a bad spot...I'll support whatever you want to do but at the same time I am just trying to look at all the people in our alliance

They see Da'Vonne coming so Memphis scurries out





9:15 AM BBT

BB: Christmas, Ian, Nicole Franzel, Tyler.  Wakey Wakey Houseguests!

Memphis:  Waking! Waking!

BB: Thank you for your cooperation

Memphis puts some laundry in the wash

BB: Memphis, please go to the diary room downstairs



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4:22AM BBT: The group has left the HOHR and gone their separate ways. Some have gone back to bed, others are wandering around the house. Cody uses the WC and Nicole sits on the couch in the WA with her water. Nicole whispers to Cody that "this will make us look bad." She says Da'Vonne will put Nicole up on the block. "It's fine, I'll do it," Nicole says. Cody says if he wins HOH then Da'Vonne is going on the block and will then be evicted. They whisper about Ian and Dani. Cody tells Nicole that if Ian goes up, he's going to be evicted and Dani will have to break a tie. "It's bad all around," Cody says. Cody says they may be able to pin it on David. 


4:25AM BBT: Cody says he told Nicole eventually they would have to draw the line in the stand, and this is that time. Nicole is upset that Dani says she needs to vote out Ian and vote out who she wants. Nicole says that "pisses" her off and she's upset. Nicole says she won't vote to evict Ian and they'll have to get David to flip. Nicole says Ian is her "best ally" and she won't be voting him out. Cody tries to convince her to vote Ian out if Ian has to go up. Nicole says they can talk about allies, but Cody and Dani have more than she does. Cody starts to get frustrated. Nicole says it's "not fair," and Cody says the game isn't fair. Memphis walks in. "I don't see this going great," Cody tells him.


4:28AM BBT: Cody leaves the WA, Nicole uses the WC, she stops and tells Memphis this plan will make them look worse. Memphis leaves the WA. Nicole washes her hands and then also leaves the WA. She sighs heavily and says this is "messed up" as she walks through the KT to refill her water. It looks like Nicole is the last one awake, except for Dani who is in the DR. Nicole mumbles to herself about how bad this plan is as she walks back to bed. Dani leaves the DR and Nicole wants to know what BB said. BB cuts the feeds as Dani tells her.


4:32AM BBT: Feeds are back, Christmas and Nicole are in bed in the CBR whispering. They're talking about GBM. Nicole says she needs to think about what to say. Christmas starts to talk about "untouchables" again. Nicole is upset that the alliance expects her to vote Ian out. Nicole says she's mad that she can't even give Ian a "pity vote." Nicole says she doesn't care if Ian is voted out, she just wants the choice to give him a pity vote. Nicole says she'll "figure it out" when it happens. She just wants to make sure that Ian will have some votes to say. "I hate this unanimous sh*t," Nicole says. "I hate it too," Christmas says. Nicole talks about her previous season. 


4:35AM BBT: Nicole says she knows she has "no choice" but to vote Ian out. Nicole says it's going to take her a few days to come to terms with it. Christmas says she's "sorry." Nicole says "it's fine" and it's just part of the game. Nicole says it's hard because she knows Ian would come after her and here she is going after him. "People just don't frickin' understand it," Nicole says.

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4:40AM BBT: Nicole continues to talk to Christmas about how this vote will "expose" her. Christmas says it will do that to her too. Upstairs in the HOHR, Dani is reading her letter and looking at her pictures. 


4:50AM BBT: It looks like the house has finally settled down and the lights are off in all the rooms. Dani is still awake and just watching the HOHR feeds, but she is in bed with the lights off.


5:36AM BBT: Christmas is up and out of bed, she walks to the SR and looks through the drawers for something before going back to bed. 


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9:20 AM BBT


Nicole heads into the HOHR

Dani: Nicole you can't give him a vote or you will force me to break the tie

Nicole: I wouldn't do that to you

Dani: she thinks Tyler is going home 100% even if she doesn't use it

Nicole goes to use restroom but continues talking and we can hear her urinating and talking

Nicole: I get that. But this is my thought process. if I vote him out I am going to be dead to her

Dani: Nicole why did you tell her yesterday that

Christmas comes in to use the restroom

Nicole: I didn't tell her shit yesterday. I will call her up here. What did she say?

Dani: she said she came up to you and you said whatever you decide to do I will support you

Nicole: I didn't say that

Dani: she thinks...she said she is 'not hurting her relationship with Nicole'

Nic: but she is hurting our relationship






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8:00 AM BBT.  All cameras are on sleeping HGs


8:30 AM BBT.  All cameras on sleeping HGs


8:48 AM BBT.  We have stars, the HGs are getting their wake-up call.  


9:01 AM BBT.  Feeds are back.  Memphis goes into the HOHR to talk to Dani.  He says he thinks she is over playing the game and he thinks she should let Da'Vonne do what she is going to do.  He thinks the result will be about the same.  He says she can say she didn't want the veto to be used and doesn't want to nominate another person.  Memphis says we vote so we look like the bad guys.  Memphis thinks Da'Vonne will use it no matter what.  Dani says her plan was to put Da'Vonne on the spot.  Memphis says she can talk to her again this morning and just say her side of things one more time.  He thinks the outcome will be the same no matter what.  He says we are the bad guys because we'll be the ones flipping.  Dani says they have to win this HOH then.


9:06 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Dani sees on the screen that Da'Vonne went in to get a new battery.  She tells Memphis to get out of there now.  He leaves.  Dani lets out some heavy sighs, then sits in silence.   Memphis gets coffee and sits in the BY alone.  


9:11 AM BBT.  David and Da'Vonne are in the WA getting ready, there is no talking.  In the HOHR, Dani is still letting out occasional sighs, she makes her bed.  


9:15 AM BBT.  BB says "Wakey wakey HGs!  Thank you for your cooperation".  More HGs are starting to get up and move around.  


9:18 AM BBT.  Nicole goes into the HOHR.  Dani tells Nicole what Memphis said this morning.  Dani says she doesn't want to make Da'Vonne look stupid.  Dani says Nicole you know you can't give Ian a vote.  Nicole says I have a plan.  Nicole thinks maybe they can get someone else to not vote for Ian to stay so she can give him her vote.  Dani says Ian needs to feel safe and that he's a pawn.  Dani tells her that Da'Vonne thinks Ian will stay and will be shocked when Ian goes home.  Nicole says Da'Vonne will figure out that I voted Ian out and I will be dead to her.  Dani asks why Nicole told Da'Vonne that she would support her either way.  Dani says now I know that by using the veto and it won't hurt my relationship with her.   


9:24 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Xmas has joined Dani and Nicole.  They try to figure out what Nicole can say to Da'Vonne.  Nicole says that she is on thin ice with Da'Vonne and this will end it for sure.  Nicole says you can't try to manipulate Da'Vonne.  


9:30 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Nicole is talking to Dani and Da'Vonne trying to figure out what she can say to Da'Vonne to get her to not use the veto.  Xmas suggests she says maybe David will flip and try to be with the boys alliance.  Xmas leaves.  Dani tells Nicole things Da'Vonne said yesterday and arguments that Dani already tried.  Dani says she does not want to use it, she does not want to use it.  


9:36 AM BBT.  Memphis and Xmas are in the BY.  Memphis is telling her what he told Dani this morning. Feeds go to stars a couple of times.  Xmas tells Memphis that Nicole doesn't know what to do and what she just said this morning.    

9:42 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Dani and Nicole are going around and around rehashing the same info.  Memphis and Xmas are doing the same in the BY.  Da'Vonne is in the WA getting ready with Kevin.  They are talking.  


9:48 AM BBT.  Memphis and Xmas are just having general chit chat in the BY now.   Nicole left the HOHR wanting to talk to Da'Vonne.  She is in the WA now, but Kevin is there too.  After a bit she asks if she can talk to her soon.  

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9:55 AM BBT

Christmas and Kevin are talking in the backyard

BB: Dani please go to the diary room downstairs

Christmas: it's happening  (veto meeting)

Kevin: I think I have the votes


Nicole chats with Day

Nicole: I did not sleep last night because I found out Ian will be the replacement nom. I am so stressed...I don't know

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9:55 AM BBT.  In the BY, Kevin tells Xmas he thinks he might have the votes.  He says everybody is confirming.   Xmas says she doesn't see how Kevin leaving is in the house's best interest.  


9:57 AM BBT.  In the lounge, Nicole asks if Da'Vonne knows what she's going to do.  Da'Vonne says no, why what's up.  Nicole tells her she doesn't want Ian to go up.  She says Dani told me there is no other option.  Nicole asks if there is anything she can say or do for Da'Vonne.  

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 10:03AM BBT Nic and Day talking in the lounge. Day says that Kevin has made it clear to her that if she doesn't save him then she won't have his vote in jury. Day says that she doesn't feel like she owes him anything.  Nic says she did not realize Kevin said all that. Nic says that she feels bad for Ian too.



10:11AM BBT Nic and Day talking. Nic says that Kevin should consider the place Day is putting herself in by using it. She says Dani s trying to be understanding. Day says that she couldn't even enjoy her win. She says that people are telling her that she would be putting a target on her back. Day says people were saving people with the safety suite and it was all nice but she wants to use the veto and people are saying she is starting a war.


#BB22 10:21AM BBT Veto meeting

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