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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Eviction Week 5

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Da’Vonne and Bayleigh. They were a sworn ride or die from the beginning. Tonight, one of them will be going home. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, HOH Christmas had a final two deal with Tyler and they were also part of the larger Committee alliance. When Bayleigh admitted Da was her ride or die, the duo was in Christmas’s crosshairs, and after word spread they were coming for her alliance, it sealed their fates.


With the veto on the line, Christmas’s winning streak continued. Tyler started having second thoughts about his game, so he threw Da and Bayleigh a lifeline. But Christmas wasn’t ready to sacrifice her top ally. Bayleigh was still skeptical of Tyler, so in an attempt to get Christmas on board with the plan, Da told her that Bayleigh was coming after Tyler, and Christmas brought this information right back to Tyler. At the veto meeting, Christmas didn’t have a present for Bay or Da. Tonight, either Da or Bayleigh will be sent packing, but not before a showdown sends shockwaves through the house. Plus, an epic endurance competition begins. All this right now live on Big Brother!


Julie welcomes us and it’s day 37 inside the house and it has been the most emotional and unpredictable week yet. Tyler tried to end his game early, but with the power in Christmas’s hands she refused to lose her closest ally. But first, a tense veto meeting leaves everyone looking for answers.


We pick up on day 34 after the veto ceremony and Christmas says there is no way she was going to canabalize her own alliance and lose her ride or die. Da says what the heck? She needs to get her emotions in check and figure out a way to stay. Tyler says it’s not good for Christmas’s game since he’s her ally and he just needs to re-focus and get his mind in the game. Bayleigh isn’t surprised and she’s even more upset that they were tricked. She says it’s frustrating.


Tyler is outside with Cody and Christmas and Tyler asks if Christmas is ok. Christmas says she didn’t tell Bayleigh an untouchable. She says she gets frustrated when people twist things that aren’t accurate. Cody says that happens all the time. Bayleigh and Da are comforting each other and David comforts them and leaves them alone. Kevin comes to comfort Bayleigh. Bayleigh is upset for Da because it was her conversation that got Da in trouble. Bayleigh says one of them will be leaving Thursday and it’s sucky.


Da and Christmas are talking and Da wants to know what happened. Christmas said that would destroy her place in the game and it would look like she didn’t know what she’s doing. She put Bayleigh up because of what she said, not what Tyler’s done. Christmas says Bayleigh is her target because she had the nerve to come after her alliance. Christmas says Tyler hasn’t thrown her under the bus and she isn’t going to take Bayleigh’s shots. Christmas tells Da she is her allly and she wants her here. Christmas tells Da they have her. Da says all she has is her butt on the block next to her best friend. She said Christmas is cancelled, coal for everyone.


Da then goes to talk to Tyler and he tells her that it wasn’t good for her game to backdoor someone this early. He tells Da she has his vote. She asks moving forward what is it he wants to do? Da says she needs him in this game. Tyler says hopefully this will help us build for the future and they need each other. Tyler says he’s going to make sure she stays.


Enzo and David are talking and he says he’s good friends with them and David says it sucks. They discuss who they want to keep. Enzo loves Da but he doesn’t know if they have numbers. David says he needs Bayleigh to stay because he and Da haven’t been on the same page and he needs someone who can win comps, and Bayleigh won and HOH on her season.


Cody is called to the DR and there is an envelope on the couch. Cody drops the letter and begins to cry. He comes out of the DR. It’s a letter from his family, his dad’s father his grandfather, his pop pop passed away on Labor Day. He says it’s hard not being home. The hardest part is being in here when something like that happens. Tyler goes to talk to Cody and asks what happened and Tyler comforts him.


The other HG share their condolences. Cody says Pop Pop was always there for soccer games and he was tough as nails. He says he had cancer and Bayleigh asks if he got to talk to him before he left and Cody confirms he did. He says he’s glad he got to see him before coming in. He doesn’t like not being with his family, but now this gives him something to fight for since he’s missing this with his family. Julie sends out our deepest condolences out to the Calafiore family.


Julie says sometimes in the house drawing the line between friendship and game can cause chaos. Christmas is talking to Dani and says this just proves Bayleigh is an emotional player and she doesn’t feel bad anymore. Da comes in while she’s talking and Da says Bayleigh is rightfully upset because she’s on the block and Christmas doesn’t get to dictate how she should feel or how long she should feel that way.


Da and Christmas are talking and Da says Christmas hurt her feelings. Christmas says she’s feeling her way and Christmas is feeling her way. Christmas says she exposed Da and that’s why they are all upset. Cody is going outside and Dani is staying to listen. Ian comes in and he’s trying to take a shower. Christmas says it was game, not personal and Da says it was a moment of personal vulnerability with Christmas.


Da is telling her that Bayleigh is hurt. Bayleigh walks by and notes the kitchen is clean. She now hears the argument and Dani tells her they are arguing over her. Bayleigh comes in and Christmas is yelling at Da and Da is yelling back. Da says she’s going to leave now and Christmas says good! Good night! Da says I’m not going to go to bed, I’m just walking away. Christmas says good, my door will be locked tonight!


Ian says this was the worst possible time to take a shower. Da is outside and she’s upset that if it were her talking to Christmas like she was a child and in a condescending manner, she would be living up to what was expected. Bayleigh says she can get her feelings hurt because she confided in her on a personal level and Christmas used it and came after her. Christmas says she doesn’t think Bayleigh knows the difference between game and personal. Christmas starts getting loud and Bayleigh says I just came out of the DR and you need to let me talk.


Christmas is upset and she starts to walk away and Bayleigh goes and says she wasn’t even there for the beginning of the conversation. Christmas turns around and goes to Bayleigh and puts her fingers in her face and they are both yelling at each other. Da came out and says if she’d come at Christmas like that she’d be labelled a “ghetto black girl”. Christmas goes upstairs yelling that Bayleigh doesn’t know the difference between game and personal.


Da says that was Bayleigh’s ticket to stay. Christmas says they don’t get to leverage this to make her look like a bully. She says Bayleigh shared info and she’s not doing her dirty work and getting rid of Tyler. Da comes in and slams the door and Bayleigh goes in after her. Kevin says maybe Christmas should go to the HOH room and Christmas says she doesn’t have to. She lives here too and she can do what the f*ck she wants to.


Da walked by and Christmas said something and Da says she didn’t win because she got the question right on HOH, she won because Da got it wrong. Da says Jessica was right she is a coward. Bayleigh says Christmas didn’t need to provoke her and Christmas says she lives here too. Ian then yells from the shower I just need my towel!


It’s time for the live vote and eviction. Da she thanks the Lord and sends love to her daughter. She says all lives can’t matter until black lives matter. Da says she’s sitting there as a casualty of something she wasn’t part of and please keep that in mind. She says this game is temporary but this black girl magic is forever.


Bayleigh says she seconds all that. She says she loves them all and she asks them to vote what’s best for their game and she won’t take it personal. She says Da is her sister for life and she thanks Da for showing the world black girls can compete against each and still support and love each other. Julie says a real life Thelma and Louise right there.


It’s time to vote!

Dani sadly votes to evict Bayleigh.

Ian votes to evict Bayleigh.

Julie tells Cody they are sorry for his loss. Cody votes to evict Bayleigh.

Enzo sadly votes to evict Bayleigh.

Currently there are zero votes to evict Da’Vonne and four to evict Bayleigh. We’ll get the rest of the votes in a moment.


The voting will now continue!

Tyler votes to evict Bayleigh.

David votes to evict Bayleigh.

Memphis votes to evict Bayleigh.

Nicole votes to evict Bayleigh.

Kevin sadly votes to evict Bayleigh.

By a vote of 9-0, Bayleigh has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Bayleigh gives everyone hugs, puts on her mask and grabs her bag, and heads out the door.


Julie asks how Bayleigh is doing now and she says she’s doing great and she’s happy for Da. Julie asks if she felt Christmas betrayed her and why? Bayleigh feels like this game is intense enough and there’s no reason to pretend to have someone’s back but then turn around and stab them in the back. She just felt betrayed by their close relationship.


Julie gives Bayleigh information on The Committee. Bayleigh says eek. Julie asks Christmas who were untouchable was and Bayleigh guesses hers was Memphis or Nicole. Julie tells her Tyler and Bayleigh says he is everyone’s untouchable. Julie says she and Tyler had a rough week, but in the last few hours they had some one on one time to talk. Bayleigh says they agreed to leave all the game drama in the house.


Bayleigh’s goodbye messages: Enzo says she was the sister he never had and he still has work to do. Tyler apologizes again and he says he was telling the truth when he said he wanted to put himself on the line and he hopes they are friends outside of the house. Christmas says she loved her but her alliance won out and it was too late. Da says it was supposed to be their season but she promises she’s going to finish the race.


Julie asks Bayleigh why she came back. She says the first time was a roller coaster and she wanted to come back and play and not let those emotional experiences define her game. Bayleigh says she loves Da’Vonne and she feels sorry for Enzo and Ian.


It’s time for the HOH! Julie has an announcement. There has been much speculation about the evicted HG battling back into the game. She’s here to tell them that the first five evicted HG have been sent home and are not returning to the game. So that means, all of them have made at least to the jury. Congratulations!


The power is back up for grabs. They are all hanging precariously on the billboard for the new hit movie “Power Trip”. Hold on for dear life. Fall off and they will be eliminated. The last HG hanging on will be the new HOH for the week. The first three HG to fall off will be have-nots for the week. The competition starts now!


The billboard starts to lean forward and Nicole is screaming. Next week, they are on Tuesday instead of Wednesday and that will be the POV. Next Thursday will send the first all-star to the jury house. Nicole looks to be struggling and she has her eyes closed. Dani and Da look steady. Tyler has his eyes closed. Memphis is holding himself rigid.

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