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Sunday, September 13, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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1:25 AM BBT aka kennel time.  There has been a report of a near escape. One of the cats has now figured out how to climb the fence. They also know they can use the cloth draped over the area to help climb as well. One is posted as a lookout for when the camera light turns on.

Known accomplices:

1) Cone of Shame dog. He is acting as a distraction using pity. 

2) standing and barking dog. He employs noise and elevation as his means of distraction and disorientation. 


2:00AM BBT FEEDS Are back

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The feeds were on Rancho Coastal Cuties for several hours, and when they returned at 1:57 AM, Cody was talking with Dani in the HOHR. The other cameras show dark rooms with HGs in bed  

Camera 3 shows a dark room with Christmas in bed, her eyes open, clearly thinking deeply. She looks pensive.

Camera 4 shows Nicole in bed, also with eyes open looking very concerned and unable to sleep


1:58 AM BBT

Cody: I'm like this is the game. Go talk to people. I'm so fucking over this....go talk game

Dani: Ian was in here today and brought up David and I asked if he (David) was mad at me and he said yeah...I asked why...he said something about how he is mad at me because I  used to talk about game with him in the beginning and then stopped and that pisses me off. He tried that same exact line with me in the Have Not room when I tried to talk with him...But, I have never talked game with him. Ever

Cody: the fact that he said that to Ian is irritating to you

Dani: And Ian said we all talked game with him in week two...the fact that he was on the block....of course because he was on the block and that was the only time   (meaning only related to him being on the block)

Cody: I'm like waiting, waiting. And I'm gonna f*ing tell Enzo to do it at some point. I'm gonna say...'you want to ask Enzo who was constantly mentioning your name and ...if the backdoor was an option to put you up?'

Dani: who?

Cody: Da'Vonne...you didn't hear when she was up here?

Dani: oh yeah and she was gunning for him and then all of the sudden

Cody: yeah...not any more

Dani: don't even say it because they are tight right now

Cody: he is so far past the point of sealing his fate and going on the block. He is an easy nom for me. I'll say 'Dude, you no longer have a power so sit on the block..hopefully you have another guardian angel...sit on the block

Dani: You should say that! What did he say about Memphis?

Cody: he was saying people take shots and miss...like Bro... essentially saying that people that nominated him took shots and missed...'What? You think Dani was taking shots at you?' In all these scenarios it's like which one do you think is going to f*ing put you in a bad situation with a number of people and then which one do you think, without any emotion at all, is the most benefit to your game

Dani: wait what? Are you talking about me? I thought you were talking about David.

Cody: no you

Dani: okay...say that again....one more time   [Cody did change topics without transition, so Dani was really confused]





Cody: so like...in all these scenarios

Dani: no, start from the beginning

Cody: Go through all of these....and which  one do you think is like the harsh thing to do because of personal...which (play) would get the most push back from game...or like which one will piss of the most people and put you in the worst spot....without any emotional feeling at all which (play)  is going to f*ing put you in a bad situation with a number of people and which one would have no bad feelings at all?

Dani: the one to piss off the most people and put me in the worst spot is anything to do with Day, so I'm not doing that. Pissing off Da'Vonne is going to affect me on a personal level; getting out Ian is going to affect me on a personal level

Cody: It f*ing sucks. That's why I hate these f*ing powers

Dani: Do you think Ian? Let's say that worst case scenario I have to put Ian up... do you think he would (Dani is thinking). What could he say that would be detrimental to the three of us?...Not just me because, realistically, I was thinking that we haven't said that much to him about working together and..

Cody: my thing was...this is another thing..like, I don't know, when I was talking to Memphis today and it was like...'don't know if Dani and Nicole have something going with Ian," but I said that 'I don't really care because it could only be a good thing because...'  If Ian said something (revealed they were working together) Memphis would be like 'who cares'

Dani: but that is just Memphis not everyone else

Cody: He 100% said something to them (he means Ian)...he said something to Kaysar who said something to them, so that's already in Da'Vonne's head and Kevin's head and Enzo gives zero *f*s...if he (Ian) ever said anything like we had an alliance...if he did, whose ears is that going to affect?....now, for me, on a personal level...he (Ian) has grown on me so f*ing much and when we get to jury...Memphis was like mocking him that he is a different person...but Ian has become a much chipper person...I really like him a lot so that would affect me personally. On a game level, if Day uses it and Ian goes up...it may personally be really tough....we have had this conversation for weeks now (he means they have already discussed before that at some point they have to cut Ian)

Dani: it sucks because it would be all on me (she doesn't want to take the blame for Ian being evicted)

Cody: at the end of the day, he is going to come to Nicole and I...who do you think he is going to feel most betrayed by?

Dani: all of us

Cody: he is going to feel most betrayed by Nicole, and he is gonna feel some type of way about you and feel some type of way about me....but 'there was nothing I could do...you were a pawn'

Dani: we have to figure out exactly what I would say to him

Cody: I can't believe she is putting you in this position....I don't understand why you aren't bothered by that  (he means Day using the veto)

Dani: no... she is saying that....like, haven't you ever had a moment where you are like I am going to get laughed at outside the house. She doesn't want to look stupid.


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2:05 AM BBT

Cody: Derrick literally said that to us....I was like shut up Derrick....he literally said that once before and that was why we flipped the votes

Dani: She doesn't have other people though...obviously she thought she had the Slick Six and that's gone. That's why I was suggesting to bring something back to her and make her feel part of the group.

Cody: she needs to be convinced before anything is even brought to her because if it is brought to her before, she will use the veto because she will be like... they are going to send Kevin home

Dani: why?

Cody: I think she is too smart....to use it. It is going to put a big target on her.

Dani: huge...huge

Cody keeps saying "nip something in the butt"  [sic]

Cody: it's all around such a bad play to use it


Dani tells Cody he has to do something with his hair because he is "looking crazy....you have to do something"

Cody says he doesn't know what to do...maybe he will buzz his head and then they will be mad at him (he means production)

Dani: do it because you are looking crazy...I am trying to help you


Cody talks about how in his last season his hair got jacked up because they buzzed his sides to a zero and left 3 inches on the top. He says everyone hated it when he got out.


Cody: the more I was thinking about it...I mean everything for you is like...the hardest thing about it (getting Day to not use the veto results in sending Tyler home) is convincing Da'Vonne. I think it's doable but if she uses the veto, Ian is going home 100%...nobody would send Tyler home over Ian

Dani: 100%


Cody: you are sensitive

Dani: no I'm not

Cody: you are

Dani: WHY?

Cody: because if anything is said to you, you get hostile

Dani: I don't think I'm that sensitive....there are certain things that I will call you out on

Cody: but you find joy in it (calling him out) anything you find a chance to, you do it


Cody says if they try to wake him early (Sunday morning) he is going to get mean


2:50 AM BBT

Cody and Dani are in the kitchen trying to maneuver around the ants. They are everywhere and apparently BB has put some sticky substance out for them to try and control them

Cody: this is an insane amount of ants

Dani: insane...lok at the refrigerator

Cody: oh Shit.....OH Shit! How did you see that

Dani: isn't that gross?   I saw them moving.

Cody: that's f*ing foul

Dani: and there are three traps up there

Cody applies more self adhesive traps   "oh...this is a f*ing joke...this one is empty"

Dani: that's the one that dripped on you

Cody: what the f* are they doing  (the ants are speeding up and moving really fast)

Dani tells him it's because of the poison...they want to get to it  "it gets them going"

Dani: Nicole said today that she was upset because it's okay to have ant traps in the house but there shouldn't be any outside because they are in their own environment she was like 'I can't even talk about it'

Cody: there has never been this many....have they never been able to solve this problem?

   [of course not....we need the ants sometimes, folks. Drama is essential in the BB house]


Cody spreads more of the substance and they watch the ants scurry around more and more   [riveting entertainment, and quite metaphorical, IMHO  -MamaLong]


Cody: okay, I'm calling it 

Cody heads to the bathroom to get ready for bed


3:00 AM BBT

Dani says goodnight "can you please get up and get your battery tomorrow so I don't have to hear them yelling at you?"

Cody: what?

Dani repeats

Cody: okay

Dani: get it and then you can go back and lay down

Cody sneaks quietly to his bed in the KBR

The BB house grows silent 

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8:00 AM BBT

[Sunday morning update: In the wee hours of the morning, Cody had Dani go through all possible scenarios, leaving Dani deciding to place Ian on the block if Da'Vonne uses her veto. David was Dani's original target this week, but he has saved himself with his power. Ideally, the Committee and The Four Core does not want Day to use the power of veto, and Cody is perturbed that Dani can't get Day to not use it (so is Nicole). However, Dani understands that Day needs to use the veto to save her only true number in the house (Kevin). Dani wants to secure safety with Da'Vonne for the future of the game. Dani knows Day will use the veto. Dani would prefer to put Christmas on the block, but through conversation with Da'Vonne yesterday, Dani has discovered Christmas has a power from the BB Basement competition. Today will be a day of trying to pressure Da'Vonne to not use the POV. The Committee & Core Four feel that convincing Da'Vonne that Tyler is the target will be the play that gets Day to not use the POV on Kevin "because that would be bad for her game."   -MamaLong]

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8:54 AM BBT Enzo gets up to use the bathroom and then goes back to bed. 


9:35 AM BBT Memphis gets up out of bed and heads to the KT. He starts his day by making a fresh batch of coffee. 


9:40 AM BBT Kevin is also seen getting out of bed. He heads to the bathroom and then goes to sit on the patio. He is talking to out loud to himself. He says that he is going to start talking to people to secure votes, starting with Memphis. He is also going to talk Da'Vonne to see if they can make an alliance. The goal would be to get a stronger person up on the block next to Tyler. The ideal alliance would be Da'Vonne, David, Kevin, Tyler and maybe one more person, maybe even Dani. If they can get someone big on the block next to him, maybe Tyler would be grateful to them for trying to save him. He might be willing to work with them. Memphis steps out on the patio with a cup of coffee and joins Kevin, which puts an end to his inner monologue. 


9:47 AM BBT Kevin and Memphis are talking on the patio. Kevin asks him if he feels like he can get the votes to stay. He would need 5. Memphis says that he doesn't see the house as divided so there is no reason that he can't get the votes. There is no big alliance that would prevent him from going one by one to get individual people to agree to keep him. Kevin feels there is a sense of urgency to secure the votes now. He needs to talk to Da'Vonne. Memphis says that Da'Vonne using the veto is a big game decision. From that angle, Kevin needs to look at that. 


9:50 AM BBT Kevin and Memphis are discussing Kevin's feeling of urgency to try to secure votes now, before the veto is used. Memphis feels like this is normal and that no one is going to think it is odd that he is doing it. Memphis doesn't see any reason why he shouldn't be able to secure enough votes to stay. Memphis "You have me, David, Da'Vonne, Christmas. There are 4 votes right there. So, you only need to convince Cody, Nicole or Enzo." 


9:52 AM BBT In the BY, Memphis tells Kevin that he doesn't ever believe it when an HoH tries to justify and give reasons for someone to be put on the block. At the end of the day, regardless of whatever excuse they give, it means that they are not currency to the HoH's game. Memphis has a sneaky suspicion that Ian and Nicole have something, but he hasn't confirmed it. They aren't acting like they are trying to hide any kind of alliance. Kevin says that it could be that they are hiding in plain sight too. Memphis says he is surprising that neither of them (Nicole and Ian) have been targeted yet. 

Memphis Kevin.jpg

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10:08AM BBT Kevin in the BY talking to Memphis asking for his vote. Memphis says that he agrees that they would be able to works together. Memphis says that the new BB is so much different with the large alliances. Memphis says Dan put him on the block at 5 HG left to protect the alliance. He says it is so much different now.


10:18PM BBT Memphis and Kevin continue talking about who he can get votes from. He asks Kevin if he thinks he can get Xmas' vote. Kevin says he thinks so. He says Cody is such a guy guy and he feels odd going to talk to him. He says he needs to talk to Dani and see if Dani wants him to stay if she can influence Nic before he talks to her. Memphis agrees.


10:23AM BBT Memphis talks about how David was going to put him on slop. He says that David wasn't thinking beause he would put him right back on it. Memphiss ays David doesn't think. Memphis says that David has lost people with the shenanigans he pulled the other night. Kevin says that he doesn't understand with some of the stuff David does and stuff he makes up. Memphis says David over plays. All other HG are still sleeping.

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11:00 AM BBT There still has not been a wake up call and Memphis remains the only HG out of bed. Having already drank his coffee, he has been spending the past few moments cleaning and organizing the KT, making war with the ants that are residing there. He has moved some of the ant baits. He appears to be using cleanser to kill some of them. He is now going through the spices to see if the ants have gotten into any of them. 


11:09 AM BBT FOTH. This is most likely their wake up call. 

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11:29 AM BBT

Nicole goes to the backyard and talks in an audible whisper "Okay, so I am currently trying to figure out what I want for this week? I don't want Ian to go home and I haven't figured that out. Ian going home is really bad. Here is what I am thinking...if Ian and Tyler are on the block, Ian is going home according to Dani. Let me see if there is anybody out here" 

Nicole stands up and looks around




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Nicole: that is not what I want. So, I'd rather Tyler go because apparently Kevin leaving is not a good option because Da'Vonne won veto. It's frustrating. I love Da'Vonne and I will never vote her out. But... let me aks this: Why does my best ally have to leave and not hers? That is so weird. It doesn't make any sense to me? Does that make any sense to you?



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11:42 AM BBT  Nicole is talking to herself/the camera in the BY.  She said that Christmas told Tyler about the all girl alliance.  She said she can't say anything, but that it would be good to use against Tyler. She says Tyler isn't good for anyone's game, he cant keep anything to himself.  She says she can't say anything to Ian, and that he will be heartbroken.  She continues to ponder what to do, as David comes out.  He says it smells like leaves burning.  They both think the sky looks better today.

David asks if Nicole is ready for a big day in the BB house.  She asks what is on the agenda.  David says there is a veto that hasn't been used yet, and he came down off the block.  (not sure what makes that a busy Sunday).  Nicole thinks she will lay out for a bit.  BB asks them to do the awnings.  Nicole gets up to do it, she tells David she can't do it by herself.  He gets up to help, groaning all the time.  Nicole thinks they are higher this year.

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Nicole continues after saving an ant that was going for her coffee (yes, saving it...she carefully removed it and placed it on the ground) "I am not losing Ian this week. That makes no sense. No Sense! This is crazy. I just woke up. So, it comes down to losing Tyler or losing Ian. I'll lose Tyler. And I got to talk...CHristmas and Memphis is a great idea. This is a great idea...I have ammo to. I'll tell Christmas that Tyler is telling people about a woman's alliance. I got to talk to Memphis. Why would Memphis ever vote out Tyler instead of Kevin...it doesn't make sense. UGH! Think! (she is talking to herself) This is terrible. This is a terrible! HOH week. 


11:35 AM BBT

Nicole (still talking to herself): Like, no offense but getting rid of someone that is on your team is so dumb. So Dumb! Okay, so another is, too, is I came here to play the game not just be like ah, whatever... I'm not going to be mean and brutal in this game but I'm not gonna let Ian go home. Dani's HOH? I shouldn't have to send home my best friend and ally. It pisses me off.


Nicole gets called to the DR and the camera switches to Kevin and Day in the bathroom. He says he wants to speak with her about a few things. Day agrees to talk after she gets dressed


*Da'Vonne gets called to the DIary Room downstairs


11:39 AM BBT

Nicole is back to whispering to herself: the others aren't trustworthy at all. I have to figure this out soon. But then nobody wants to play the game...nobody wants to play the game at all. Everyone wants to go home...it's like Go Home...give me the half million dollars

Nicole is now crying

Nicole: Jeez Oh Petes (not sure that's what she said...hard to decipher through her tears) So Christmas told Tyler about the all girls' alliance but I can't say anything. But Cody won't let me say it. I have to convince Cody to let go of Tyler. Tyler is not good for anyone's game. He literally keeps nothing to himself. I don't trust him at all. At all! Ian is gonna be heartbroken. I can't tell him anything 'cause everything will get exposed and AGH! OOH!


David comes out and comments about the smell of "burning leaves"

Nic: yeah, it's true....it looks like the sky is better than yesterday...the smoke

David: yeah, you can actually see shadows on the ground

Nic: oh, yeah

David: ready for an exciting Sunday in the BB house?

Nic: yes, yes I am...I think I need to layout for a little bit today

David: it's gonna be a busy day

Nic: what's on the agenda

David begins talking about being pulled off the block and "the unknown"

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11:48 AM BBT  David and Nicole continue with the awnings.  David keeps saying "ow", he got a splinter.  Nicole says they need tweezers, he keeps complaining.  David says there aren't any hummingbirds today, he says they come early.  Nicole says in the place she ws before this she saw them, but she got up at 7:30, so that might be why.

11:51 AM BBT  In the KT, Da'Vonne has a mask on her face (looks like mud), Memphis is at the counter and Kevin gets some food down.  After Day finishes at the sink, Kevin washes out something.  Memphis is just observing everything. 

11:54 AM BBT  Nicole is sitting on the couch in the BY, after finishing the awnings.  David brings out some hot chocolate/ jokes it is his latte, while on slop.  Nicole asks David who he is closer to in the house, Kevin or Tyler.  He doesn't answer at first, then says he likes them both.  He says several times he likes them both.  Nicole says she wants him to know she doesn't repeat anything said to her in the house.  Whatever he says, she is a vault.  She is still trying to get information, but David seems to be asking more questions.  Nicole says Tyler is a comp beast, David was surprised Dani put him up.  Nicole says this is the first season where the HOH told everyone how to vote.  David said she put him on the block, so he doesn't care what she wants.  Nicole says she will vote what is best for her game.  She isn't going to vote her friend out.  She said that she and Kevin clicked right away, but she likes Tyler too (sounded like an add-on).  David says he thinks he was the target this week, Nicole says she doesn't even know.  David said after what she just said, he doesn't expect her to answer.  She tells him it must feel good to know he is safe this week, and gets to play for HOH next week.  David again says he thought Tyler and Dani were tight, he doesn't know why Tyler was nominated.  They agree that it could be two other people up there by the time they have to vote.

12:02 PM BBT  A helicopter flies over, very loud.  Nicole thinks it is flying low.  David tries to say that Dani told him before the comp that she hopes he does well.  Helicopter again.  David said when they had the meeting, he knew he was going up.  He said her excuse was that they didn't talk game.  David says they talk game when it is convenient for Dani.  Kevin comes out with some toast.  Nicole says that is her favorite breakfast food.  A plane flies over.  Nicole asks if it costs more to have a painted plane, compared to a white plane.  She now discusses flying Southwest, she loves them.  Kevin says he loves it too.  David says him too.  Kevin gets preferred check in because he flies so much.  David said he was supposed to fly for work, so he was thinking of changing to Delta.  Nicole said she is sure that is good too.  Ian is now on the couches, joining in on the airline discussion.

12:08 PM BBT  Memphis comes over and talks about Spirit airlines.  They talk about how bad it is.  Nicole says she won a free flight once, because she has the special tray table.  She never used it, and it expired.  More talk about other cheap airlines. 

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12:09 PM BBT

Da'Vonne treats the clogged bathroom sinks with baking soda and vinegar. When she returns to the kitchen she sees a fly and smashes it with the box.

Day: Got it!  (she makes a gagging sound and disposes of the carcass; she then thoroughly cleans the area)





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12:00 PM BBT David and Nicole are outside talking. David tells Nicole that Dani came to him and tells him that she hopes he wins the Endurance comp, Kevin joins them and the conversation changes to the tableware. Nicole said they were nice, She says if they can get the black out what they have now they would be nicer. Ian comes in and join them and they talk about different plane company's. 

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12:10 AM BBT  Talk has changed to grocery stores.  Kroger, Ralph's, Trader Joes and Aldi.  Nicole says her friend loves Aldi.  Ian talks about Aldi North and Aldi South.  In the US, it is all Aldi South, which is the better one.  They also talk about paying a quarter for the cart, then getting it back when they return it.  It is a no frill store, no baggers, bring your own bag or use the boxes that are on the shelf.  

(I am out, hubby has plans)

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12:16 PM BBT Tyler Ian David Kevin and Nicole talk about water. Ian says when they started with going with doing way with plastic straws people was mad about it but now they are okay. Tyler bring up his water bottle he has it has a filter in it and how it works. They go back and forth on if the house has filtered water. BB told em it was but they dont believe it. Ian says on his season they had fridge with water dispenser but half way threw the filter needed to be change and they never did. 

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Nicole heads to the HOHR to talk with Dani


12:24 PM BBT

Dani tells Nicole that she had a good talk with Cody last night. That she was super stressed out and he reminded her that she is just trying to please everybody. 

Dani: he is right. I need to remember that's not why I am here

Nic: It's impossible.....you're gonna screw somebody

Nic asks what Cody wants her to do

Dani: he wants me to do what is best for everybody and convince her not to use it. Also, I'm gonna have to ask you, if it comes down to it and I have to put up Ian...you're gonna vote him out, right? Because if you give him a pity vote you know I have to break a tie. Right? So like...We all have to be in it together

Nicole:  yeah I would want to because I don't like Tyler. But I don't want you to have to break a tie. Are you sure that everyone else would vote him out?

Dani: yeah it would be Da'Vonne, David and Kevin...and then you

Nic: oh my God Dani

Dani: I know...Ian is gonna hate me. All of America is gonna hate me. But, realistically Nicole, he is on the bottom 5. We have to tell him he is gonna be a pawn and then we have to vote him out. He (Cody) said we will all be in it together.

Nicole says that will be the hardest thing for her because she is his best friends in the house "if he voted me out I would be so pissed...that's my moral compass"

Dani says that she has to do everything to convince Da'Vonne to not use the veto. She tells Nic they have to pull every string and try every possible way.

Nic: oh, you're on board now?

Dani: I think so

Nicole: Dani, you've been stressing me out.

Dani explains that Da'Vonne is really special to her and Nicole says that's how she feels about Ian

Dani: that's why I call you the Doublemint Twins...if she uses it, she is the number one target. It's the worst thing for her game


Nicole: I can't comfort Ian all week. He is gonna know he is not safe (she means that she can't hide the truth from Ian)

Dani: well, let's not get there

Nicole tells Dani that she "worked on Christmas last night"  ...Christmas said she feels on the outside of her and Dani and she asked if she was going to be backdoored.

Dani: I called it

Nicole said she told her no way. They talked about Tyler and how he has been threatening to go home. 

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12:30 PM BBT In camera 3 Dani and Nicole are talking. Nicole tells her she talked to christmas last night. Dani asked what she said she said that she was afriad of being backdoored she dont feel close to them. Nicole shares that Tyler told her if he goes to Jurry he is leaving. Nicole says it all was organic and Dani says good. They think that they can bring her in since she is super grateful for not being backdoored. They both want to talk to memphis sometime. The camera then switches David and Ian talking for a bit. 

12:44 The camera goes back Nicole and Dani but they are talking about Dom and Vicctor. They then talk about christmas and Dani asks do you want me to tell christmas and Nicole says no because then she will know we are close and i dont want her to know that. Dani says okay i wont tell her. 

12:50 PM BBT Tyler and Day are talking about the comp where they got to catch things in their mouth. Tyler says they told they got a slow Motion camera so now it a thing. Day says she cant do that she is a germaphobe. Cody whispers something but i couldn't catch it. 

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