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Saturday, September 12, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:10 AM BBT Feeds  and 2 are on Cody and Tyler playing cornhole together in the BY. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Dani and Da'Vonne in the KT/LR. Dani is removing her nail polish at the KT table. Ian walks in. He tells them that he thinks the BB house made specifically for BB. Not very sturdy. Most of the HGs are already in bed. 


12:15 AM BBT Dani tells Ian and Da'Vonne that Enzo has been eating her dairy free ice cream sandwiches. She says that his ice cream sandwiches from his HoH are still in there. She jokes that if the veto is used, it's Enzo going up there.


12:25 AM BBT Nicole, Tyler and Cody are talking on the patio. They are discussing David not admitting that he had the power when he used it. Cody and Tyler feel like it would look better for David if he just admitted that it was him. If someone else had it, they would have saved it for themselves. Nicole says that she doesn't blame him for not telling anyone about the power. Tyler admits that he was excited that something new happen this week. Nicole says she sh*t her pants when he used it. 


12:30 AM BBT Tyler and Cody are discussing ways to get David to admit to using the power. Nicole tells them it doesn't matter. They already know the truth, why do they need to confirm it? Cody says (jokingly) that OJ killed his wife but he never said he did it so he got off. Nicole says that has nothing to do with this. Cody replies that David may be guilty of the crime of getting Tyler on the block. Tyler "That is a crime." Cody "The proof is in the pudding and I do not like pudding."


12:36 AM BBT Cody and Nicole are in the BY. Cody talks her into playing cornhole with him. Nicole throws one bag and says that her arm hurts way too bad to keep playing. Cody "Because of the comp?". Nicole "Yes! It hurts so bad, I can't even throw a bag." Nicole walks away and sits on the patio instead. 


12:38 AM BBT In the BY, Cody, Nicole and Ian are talking about how Nicole is going to have to fly out all the vendors for her wedding. Fortunately, she doesn't have to fly out all the equipment. Ian says it reminds him of the time he had to pay $600 in Costa Rica to repair an ATV that Jeff Weldon (BB 17) almost drove off the side of a cliff.


12:48 AM BBT The house is mostly quiet. Nicole, Cody and Ian are talking on the patio. They are quite pleased with the amount of BY time they got this week. They can't believe that they have a veto tomorrow but they aren't on LD yet. Cody says that he is going to bed. Da'Vonne is sitting alone in the LR, reading her bible. 


12:57 AM BBT Nicole and Ian are talking on the BY patio. They think that they need to reassure Tyler that they have his back if he stays on the block because he a loyal player. Nicole says that Kevin is more likely to nominate her and Cody. She says that Kevin is willing to change his entire game play based on a bullhorn over a wall. If that's all it takes, then she can't have him in this game. Ian asks her who she thinks Dani would put up if the veto is used. Nicole says that she not had the chance to talk do Dani about it so she has no idea. "She doesn't even want to go there." Ian thinks that regardless, the three of them (Ian, Nicole, Cody) are probably safe. 

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1:10 AM BBT Da'Vonne and Nicole are sitting at the KT counter. They are discussing that with the powers, it is possible that Dani could have to nominate as many as 5 people in one week. Da'Vonne says that if they were going to give out 3 powers, they should have done that week 1 or just left it to one power instead. Da'Vonne speculates that Tyler may used a power just to see if Dani would nominate him. Nicole "That's gutsy" Da'Vonne "That's hella gutsy. And she can't play next week. And now, he has a reason to put her up."


1:19 AM BBT Da'Vonne is kneeling on one of the KT stools looking at all the ants walking across the top of the refrigerator. BB "Please be careful." Da'Vonne "Thank you." 


1:30 AM BBT The house if very quiet. Most of the HGs are in bed. Da'Vonne has found a new source for the ants and has placed ant bait near the spices in the KT. She is waiting up to finish laundry before going to bed since they expect to be locked out of the BY soon. 


1:41 AM BBT Dani and Cody are talking in the HoH. She says after seeing David's power, she wants a refund on hers. If there are 2 powers out there that can save you from being on the block, then her power is like the equivalent of getting socks for Christmas. She says that her power is so sh*tty that her own alliance doesn't believe her when she says all that it does it let her play in the HoH. She says the other power is supposed to be a shield. She wants to know what it shields the holder from. Being on the block?


1:44 AM BBT In the HoH, Dani and Cody are discussing options if the veto is used. Dani says that if Kevin wins the veto, she has no idea who she would put up in his place and they will have to send Tyler home. Cody says that Christmas and Memphis are going to try to get her to put up Ian. Dani says that both Enzo and Tyler want her to put up Da'Vonne, but there is 0.00% chance that she is willing to do that on her HoH. 


1:48 AM BBT Da'Vonne is in the WA. She looks at the camera and asks for someone to tell Bayleigh that she misses her and that this house is whack without her. Da'Vonne heads to the HN room to go to bed. 


1:49 AM BBT Dani and Cody continue to talk in the HoH. Dani tells him that Christmas is the only person who will care if Tyler is the one going home and ultimately, she will go with the house. She tells him that she is weirded out by Kevin constantly trying to talk to her about someone else using the power on David. Why? Why is he protecting David? 


1:55 AM BBT Dani has redirected Cody back to who she should put up if Kevin comes off. She needs to put up someone who is guaranteed to stay. Her only options would be Ian, Enzo or Christmas. Cody says that if Tyler feels like he is the target, then it will be a freaking nightmare. Dani says that if she puts up Ian, he will literally just break into pieces. Cody says that if it is Ian, then Tyler might not come to realization that he is the target. She says that is possible that if they are truly trying to get out Tyler, then Memphis may agree to go up. But, it would be a very tough sell. 

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2:01 AM BBT Dani and Cody continue to talk in the HoH. He says that his brain hurts for her just thinking about who to put up if the veto is used. Dani says that if another power is used, she may have to put up a 5th person. Cody "I would just quit. Walk right out of the house. No I wouldn't, I would lose the money." Dani says she still can't believe how sucky her power is in comparison. 


2:04 AM BBT Dani is getting the impression that Cody doesn't approve of her putting Tyler up. She says "Who should I put up Cody, tell me?" Cody "I don't know, you are friends with the entire house." He eventually says that he probably would have put up Ian or Da'Vonne and that Tyler is not going to easily forget that Dani nominated him. He won't be like Kevin and just move on from it. 


2:07 AM BBT Dani tells Cody that he forgets that there is still a veto to play. She jokes that she can put him on the block. Cody says, with a smile, that he has more friends in the house than she does. She disagrees and says no way. "Do you have the votes to get rid of me?" Dani "Absolutely." Cody "Play your hand, we'll see what happens." He jokes that she is on a power trip and this is the reason she won this week." Dani says that she hates him and he should have had to deal with all this during his HoH. Cody "That's enough, I am done having this conversation." Cody continues to tease her and tell her that if he wins the veto, he is taking Tyler down. He then says that no, he would never do that to her.


7:03 AM BBT Foth Wake up call.

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7:19 AM BBT The feeds return. Da'Vonne, Christmas, David and Memphis are up doing their ADL's. 


7:26 AM BBT The HGs are awake and getting ready for the day. Kevin and Memphis are in the BY. Kevin notes that it smells funny out there, probably from the fire. [2 things surprise me here: 1-they know about the fires. 2-we have a veto to play and the BY is still open~Goldylucks]


7:40 AM BBT The house is up and getting ready for the veto. David has a big kink in the back of his neck and Christmas tries to help him out by massaging it. 


7:53 AM BBT Kevin and David are talking in the KT. They reassure to each other that they trust each other. David is walking around in the house with very dark sunglasses on. 

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8:00 AM BBT Memphis and David are talking on the patio about the desire for instant gratification in America. America wants everything now. They don't want to put in the work. They want it handed to them. Memphis "It pi$$es me off. It annoys me. It offends me." He says that people forget is that there is a level of rudeness and disrespect to it. When they say, do or act a certain way, people take offense to that. They don't consider what they did to get what they have. 


8:13 AM BBT David, Memphis and Christmas are enjoying coffee in the BY. She is talking to them about her old cross fit gym, her time in NASCAR, and her decisions to stay home more with Loyal. 


8:17 AM BBT BB "Cody, Enzo, Ian, Tyler.......rise and shine." Nicole makes note that it would be so much easier if they weren't girls. They can just throw a hat on and go. BB "Wakey wakey HGs."


8:20 AM BBT Critter cam. It's early, but this might be the time to pick veto players. 

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8:55 AM BBT

The feeds return after the Power of Veto player picks

Ian: I was excited


Day: I don't know how excited I am, though, 'cause it's in the basement



Playing for Power of Veto today: Dani, Kevin, Tyler, Ian, Da'Vonne , ?

 Nicole will host

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9:00 AM BBT.  Feeds are back.  Da'Vonne, Ian and Enzo are playing in the POV.  Nicole will be hosting.  Da'Vonne says the comp will be in the "basement".


9:04 AM BBT.  In the BY, David tells Xmas that he wants to play chess and not checkers (meaning BB gameplay, not the actual games).  He says they should talk later.  


9:07 AM BBT.  In the BY, Ian and Enzo (Memphis is walking around near them) are talking about what the comp might be.  They wonder if it'll be in the dark again.  Enzo is saying if he won a comp he would admit it and be proud.  Ian says it is cutthroat.  Ian is surprised that Dani put Tyler on the block because he's a comp beast.  Enzo wonders if Da'Vonne will win anything, he says she hasn't won anything in 3 seasons.  


9:15 AM BBT.  Xmas is talking to Kevin in the BY.  She is giving him a pep talk, saying that he is stronger and more savvy.  In the HOHR, Dani tells Nicole she doesn't want to play in the veto comp.  She wants noms to stay the same.  Nicole says it's going to be a comp where u will locked in a room for 5 hours.  Dani says that sounds awful.  Nicole says the one lerson she wants out of the house is Kevin and he's being nice to her today.  


9:20 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Dani and Nicole are thankful David wasn't picked to play.  Cody and Ian are on the hammock talking.  

9:25 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Dani complains to Nicole about how bad her power is.  Nicol says it will kill her to have to put people up, especially when it's all people they are working with because it's betrayal...feelings and betrayal.   On the hammock, Cody and Ian are talking about Tyler going up, if he was a backdoor plan.  They discuss what if the POV gets used and there is a power to pick the renom.  

9:31 AM BBT.  On the hammock, Ian and Cody discussing the last veto comp.  Cody says it was the most bizarre veto he's ever watched.  He mentions Bayleigh and Da'Vonne false starting.  Ian said if it was 10-15 degrees cooler it would've turned out different for him (He could've played).  Cody says Ian would've been good because of the math.  Ian didn't expect that comp this early.  


9:39 AM BBT.  On the BY couch, Kevin is talking to David.  David says if he finds out the leople who pre-games had alliances and have a chance to win, he will not pick them.  From across the BY Memphis says he totally forgot yesterday was Sept 11th.  He shouts never forget.  Kevin says even though we forgot.  


9:41 AM BBT. Memphis is talking to Cody in the BY.  He says Dani tried to explain the Tyler situation to him but he needs Tyler to explain it to him.  They are baffled as to why Dani put up one of their own (Tyler) on the block.  Memphis says Dani expained it but this was before this happened.  Cody says I guess he was doing some s**t and it blew up and he figured he would just....  Memphis says they'll wait til after veto to see what happens, but if noms stay the same, he needs an expanation.  Cody says we have no business having one of us on the block.  Cody is confused why he self sabotaged when they are running things.  


#BB22 9:41 AM BBT.  In the BY, Memphis and Cody agree that Tyler got messy.  Memphis says he hates when people overplay.  In the HOHR, Nicole tells Ian if he gets a question wrong, don't panic.  He says nobody won money by panicking.  

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9:51 AM BBT.  In the BY, Memphis tells Cody he doesn't want to throw Tyler under the bus unless he really tried to screw them.  He says he got no indication from Dani that she wants him to go.  They agree to talk to him after the veto.  Memphis leaves.  Xmas and Wnzo talking in the BY.  Enzo says the last couple of hears have had bitter juries.  He tells her at least she can say she never backdoored anybody and gave them a chance to play.  Enzo wants ro play soon, he doesn't want to wait all day.  Xmas says she thinks the season is half over.   


9:56 AM BBT.   In the HNR, Kevin is talking to Da'Vonne.  He tells her he's excited and ready to compete.  He tells her he hopes she tries to win it.  She says she will.  Kevin wonders if one power can be used a week.  Kevin wonders if Tyler had the power and used it to flush out Dani's play.  Da'Vonne says David went into the DR and wasn't called, he sat outside that door.  She says he went in and used that lower on himself.  Kevin says I know that is a 

possibility, but what if?  He wonders why Tyler is so chill.  He wonders if Tyler won't need to win.  Da'Vonne says he (Tyler) will win and take himself down.  Kevin thinks there is an all boy alliance and that is why Ian is freaking out.  Kevin says all the boys were SO quick to say Davjd had it.  Kevin says David earnestly told me he didn't have it and is mad that it's screwing up his game.  Kevin seems to believe it wasn't David.  Da'Vonne thinks David had it.  

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10:13AM BBT: Christmas, Tyler and Memphis are talking in the BY by the pool about her midday fatigue and she said she wants to start taking her meds at night because they bring her down.  Tyler and Memphis remind her that it's not midday - it's 10:00.  "Well, I mean....like a half hour after I take my medicine." 


10:14AM BBT: Cody and David are talking about making relationships in the house.  Cody schools him that they won't just come to you, that he has to also make an effort to talk game to others.  All of the HG run to the center of the yard and are looking up at something.  "Is that a drone??"  Feeds briefly cut and then come back.  Tyler gives a shout out to Angela and says he's gonna win POV today.


10:15AM BBT: David adds to their conversation that he should just be accepted as is and not a threat, but has to understand that it's not the case and that he was naive.  David says it's just something that exists in society.  Kevin and Enzo are in the KT waiting to be called for POV.  If not, they're going to take a nap.


10:19AM BBT: Memphis and Tyler play cornhole while Cody/David/Christmas look on.  Inside the house, Enzo is doing situps on the LR floor.


10:25AM BBT: Cody and Enzo whisper in the LR.  Enzo wants to win the POV so they can control what they want to do. Enzo asks if Dani wants Tyler gone, which would mess up Enzo and Cody's game.   He asks if Dani will put up Christmas if Tyler comes down.  Enzo says Tyler will go after everybody.  They move into the KBR.


10:28AM BBT: Cody is talking through everything with Enzo, but is using the word "like" excessively.  [which historically means that he's lying.]  Enzo says if he wins the POV that he'd like to convince Dani to keep Tyler.  Cody tells him about the Dani/Tyler agreement where they would not go after each other until they are F6.  Cody wants Tyler to win POV and take himself down.


10:31PM BBT: Cody says that Dani told her that Christmas is trying to start an all girl alliance.  Cody went to Nic and asked her, and was told no - it was Dani that was trying to start one and then push that it was Christmas.


10:34PM BBT:  Cody continues that he will go along with whatever Dani wants, but don't come back next week and push back on something I want.  They wonder why Dani put up Tyler and not Da', when in the past she's wanted Da' gone.


10:36PM BBT: David and Tyler are now playing 10:35.  Christmas and Memphis are on the couch and talk about how active she was growing up and when she first started working out with Crossfit at 23 y/o.  She quit smoking when she was 22.

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10:50PM BBT: Enzo returns to LR to do more situps.  David and Christmas are now on the couch wondering who would be the 4th person to be put up if it comes to that.  They get quiet.


 11:05PM BBT: Christmas, Tyler and David are talking about being a brand ambassador for Crossfit.  Tyler tells him that he's someone that could represent at the highest level.  David thanks him and says "who knows what's next".  He's like to help the next generation with inclusivity in sports.  The feeds are going in and out.


11:16PM BBT: Da' and Dani are chatting in the HOHR.  Dani tells her that she is in the no touch zone, so not to worry.  She doesn't know what she'd do if having to put someone else up, that they have to control the POV.  They wonder what the comp will be.










11:24PM BBT:  Ian is swinging in the hammock, talking to Kevin who is sitting in the grass.  They talk about the shapes that they were feeling for in the basement comp.  If they can figure out the shapes, perhaps they can figure out the other powers.  Ian didn't notice that there were two rooms.  Cody, Tyler, Memphis and Enzo are sitting around the KT about how Dani picked Nic to host today's comp.


11:32PM BBT: Enzo is now resting in his bed, but talking to himself.  Kevin and Ian are talking about their strengths and weakness.  Ian's math skills are off the charts, but he says a lot of other skills are lacking.


11:43M BBT: Memphis and Tyler are back to playing cornhole in the BY.


11:45PM BBT: Production tells a couple of HG that they cannot be sleeping.  Tyler responds "the rules are 10 to 10 and you woke us up at 7:30, so let them sleep".

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12:01PM BBT: Tyler goes into the KT to make lunch.  He starts chopping up veggies and tofu. (?)  Tyler says "damn - I got the medium firm.".  David adds "damn.  that sounds........not as tight".   


12:20PM BBT: Dani and Nic are in the HOHR bed.  Nic says that she needs to get a tan, that she's really pale.  She add "I'm on my period without being on my period".  They watch the HOH monitor.  They hope that the comp is not something with short term memory, but they feel Ian would be good at this.  Dani said she would never put Da', or Ian.  Nic says they need to go after some boys.


12:23PM BBT: Memphis goes into the HOHR with Dani/Nic.  They don't want to be outside laying out because of the smoke.  Dani says she's freaking out "the worst HOH ever, literally".  Memphis says "I need to know what happened, exactly, so I'm going to ask him".  He wants to hear it from Tyler's mouth.   The question he'll ask is "why did she put you up?" to find out his angle.  Dani says to come back and tell her.


12:30PM BBT:  Feeds are cut for the POV comp.  Stay tuned!!

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2:26 PM BBT

Da'Vonne won the veto competition and has a miniature version of the Veto necklace

Day: zap my veto Nicole. It needs to be bigger. This is my first comp win!





Dani: that was the weirdest competition I have ever seen.

Enzo: we got cursed at....'cause we were cheatin'

Dani: he was yelling at Da'Vonne, Kevin and Enzo the whole time...It was really hard

Cody: we were watching like, yo...this is so hard. We were wondering if you were ever going to finish it.


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2:25 PM BBT The feeds return. Da'Vonne has the tiniest veto in her hands. She is shaking it and saying look at it. She holds it in front of the pink laser and says Zap it, it needs to be bigger. Da'Vonne has won the veto.


2:28 AM BBT Enzo says that he and Kevin kept getting yelled out for cheating. They kept passing some area they weren't supposed to be able to go. Enzo says they were so bad, they got cussed at and told they might end up getting a time penalty. 


2:30 PM BBT Dani is talking about how her hands shook the whole time. Nicole says that poor Ian never even got a second row and Enzo barely got his second row. Cody says that the comp was very anxious to watch. He tells them that they all were sitting there watching on the TV.


2:32 PM BBT Dani and Cody are whispering in the KT that Kevin has already gotten a hold of Da'Vonne to talk to her. There is no way that she is going to use it. Zero chance. Dani says that every time she lined them up, they kept falling off. Nicole and Cody said that the stool was blocking their view of Da'Vonne so they didn't even see her first row. They thought her second row was her first row. 


2:37 PM BBT Tyler and Christmas are talking on the patio. Tyler thinks that Da'Vonne will use the veto because she is very close to Kevin. Christmas tells him that Tyler is not going home this week. Tyler "I think I am. I really think I am." Tyler thinks that Kevin is coming down and that Dani has a deal with the girls and will put up Enzo. 


2:43 AM BBT Tyler and Cody are talking in the PBR. Tyler tells his him that he thinks Da'Vonne will use the veto on Kevin and put up Enzo. Cody says no way. No way. Tyler says that he spoke to Dani and though she didn't outright say it, that's the vibe he got. He also thinks that Da'Vonne may force her hand and use it regardless if Dani wants her to or not. He says that Christmas told him about a girls alliance that Dani is a part of. She told him about it because she doesn't want to be a part of it. 

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2:25  PM BBT  Da'Vonne has won the Veto.  Dani says that was the weirdest Veto ever.  Christmas and Nicole talk in the Sr, saying how they don't think Day will use it.  Enzo talk about people getting yelled at.  Cody says he was afraid no one would even finish.  Dani is complaining she had shaky hands.  Cody said Day was really steady.  Nic asked if Dani could see how the others were doing, Dani said no.  She could step back and see Ian, but that was it.  Cody said it was nervous just watching them.  They talk about people not even getting a row stacked.  Cody, Dani and Christmas talking in the KT, saying Kevin just pulled Day in to talk with him. They hope she doesn't use it.  Cody starts talking loud about watching the comp on a TV.  Nicole thanks Dani for letting her host.  Little game talk, because they are in the KT.

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2:34 PM BBT  David and Tyler are on the couches outside, all feeds are on them.  David said that is Da'Vonne's first comp win.  Tyler uh huh's.  No talk going on, so David goes inside. All feeds are on Tyler alone in the BY.  Christmas comes out.  She said that was fun to watch.  She said Tyler was doing great, then he blew it.  He said he really blew it.  Christmas says Kevin was doing good.  Tyler asks if Day lost some first, she says Day was pretty steady.  Christmas said that Kevin and Day were in talking.  She doesn't think Day will use it.  Tyler think it will be used on Kevin, they are really tight.  Christmas said that is a bad game move, Tyler said he is going home this week.  Christmas says he is staying.  Tyler says he really thinks he is going home, that Dani and Day have something going.  Christmas seems surprised (she knows about the girl alliance).  She thinks if Kevin comes down, Ian would go up.  Tyler thinks it would be Enzo.   Tyler says he wouldn't stay in jury though as we go to Stars. 


2:40 PM BBT  David comes out, they ask if he is going to get into the pool or hot tub.  He says he hopes it helps his neck.  David sits down, says Wow.  Christmas says one day, in one day everything changes.  Nom, new nom, veto....  Not much talking. 

Feeds switch to the KT Nicole and Dani are in there, looks like Dani is cooking.  Dani is complaining it really hurt her hand. 

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