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America's Got Talent Season 15 - Semi Finals Round 1


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The Semi-Finalists are chosen. Tonight, they fight for your votes. Game On! It's the America's Got Talent Semi-Finals! Please welcome your host, Terry Crews! And your judges, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara! Plus, the AGT Zoom Audience Wall!

11 acts will perform, but only 5 will go through. If you do the math, that means there are 2 Wild Card acts that have been brought back. Voting will begin after the first act performs. Tomorrow, 3 acts will move into the Finale by your vote, 1 by Dunkin Save and 1 by the Judges.

First up is singing duet Double Dragon, who want to deliver a fiesta with their performance of Juice by Lizzo in the Universal Studios backlot. They roam through the village full of flowers, pyros and 'fetti. Their vocals were OK and the performance mildly entertaining. 

Sofia says she has such a good time when they perform, no lip syncing, singing, dancing, performing, better each time. Heidi says you have Diva confidence, owning the stage, and your personality. Howie says great personalities but not the best singers. 

Next is the first Wildcard, given a second chance. Here's Dance Town Family! Back on the roof top checkerboard dance floor, this swing band dance performance is full of fancy footwork, lifts and throws, and plain old school high energy fun in pink. With masks. 

Heidi says they needed to have one more chance, you are so different, you show such commitment. Sofia says dancing is on point, the energy, you bring joy, perfection. Howie says that was a step up, it had something for everyone. 

This next act got their second chance last week and now Broken Roots is going for the Big Dream. Performing God's Country (Blake Shelton) at the Bates Motel with fire and verve, the vocals were really good but it didn't sound like they were outside. Still, lots of fun.

Howie said you're doing it right, all-American men, checking all the boxes. Sofia says that was your best performance in the competition, amazing vocals, outfits. Heidi says you're getting better each time, a huge inspiration, you never give up on your dreams.

Diablo duo Spyros Bros have defied the odds to discover their true talents. From the Wizarding World, they dazzle with the diablo live before the judges with mystic lighting, new tricks, and even a ring of fire and sparklers. But there's a dropped Diablo.

Sofia we always enjoy your passion and the danger but maybe this time you pushed too far and it wasn't as fluid. Heidi says you struggled with 2 drops but it didn't detract from the act. Howie says you went big and had a couple mistakes but maybe you won't go home.

He unable to perform in the Quarter Finals after his mother tested positive for CoV-2 and they had to be isolated. Then he also tested positive. On the last day of quarantine, he was brought back as a Semi-Final Wild Card. Covid-free, it's singer Thomas Day!

Singing When The Party's Over (Billie Eilish), his voice is a bit tentative, sensitive, soft and a bit laid back. But as he hits his stride, his power shines through and you can see the potential he has to be an intense, emotional performer. The judges are on their feet.

Heidi is happy he's better and had this second chance, but it's going to be tough, really good job. Howie says as tough as that journey was, it was worth it, you gave America what you needed to. Sofia says you're handsome, your voice is beautiful, perfect song for you. 

The next act is Aerialist Alan Silva who has become a superhero to his 5yr old son. Going the Biker route, he trades in the silks for chains with new tricks, lifts, splits, drops, and enough danger to give Heidi sweaty palms and force Sofia to look away. Stepped up big time.

Sofia says next time she'll cover her eyes, it was too much, the chains, so much better than silks. Howie says this didn't top doing a trick where you broke your neck before. Heidi says with the chains, you can see it better, so much danger, twisting from your neck!

Singer Shaquira McGrath is next, singing The Chain (Fleetwood Mac), her voice starts out feeling a bit flat, not in pitch but in energy. Her vocal picks up in the chorus but maybe it's the arrangement for the verses that was unexpected. I wanted to like it but it felt short and packaged.

Sofia says knight and day from the last performance, confident, perfect song for you. Heidi says you are an all around talent, a singing chameleon, you just sang the roof off Stevie Nix. Howie says you owned it, you weren't nervous, we don't need to judge because you know.

There is power in words, and that makes Brandon Leake the most powerful artist in the competition. Tonight's oration is a series of letters to his absentee father, growing in anger as he grows older, shaking as he enters marriage with forgiveness, than one last phone call as...

Howie asks if Brandon's father is in his life, and Brandon says they talked today and told him to watch tonight. Howie says you are a teacher and educator, your words are real and human. Heidi says Dear Brandon, I think you just earned yourself a spot in the finals. XoXo.

Sofia tells Brandon she loves the themes he picks, a window to your soul, we feel what you feel, a special talent.

Street percussionist Malik Dope is next, making the world follow his tempo. From a balcony, he has drums below, to the side and even suspended above his head. He slides down a pole to the street & ups his performance w/the big drums, buckets, trash cans, a hover board & flaming sticks.

Howie says Malik was insane and dope, you are a show, a Vegas show, there's so much you could do with that act. Sofia says more amazing than last time, you pushed yourself, you're a showman. Heidi says you think like an entertainer, drumming backwards, extra special.

Singer Archie Williams is living his dream after living a nightmare for nearly 4 decades. Singing Flying Without Wings (Westlife) for the daughter he never knew he had, his rough voice sounds hesitant at first then emotionally vested in the vocal performance. Powerful but not his best.

Heidi says you do it to me every time, you have a beautiful tone that shows the layers of your story. Sofia says you are a treat to hear sing, the connection you make with the audience, how you make us feel. Howie says your imperfection is perfection - you'll live happily ever after.

The last act tonight is (now) 11yr old singer Roberta Battaglia, singing What About Us (Pink) from the middle of a pink lily pad, her voice is pure and innocent, her vocal powerful, clear and joyful. She even gets in a little body motion as she grows as a performer.

Sofia says don't change anything, that was spectacular, you sound like an experienced recording artist. Heidi says this voice does not fit the 11-yr old you, so much maturity, control and poise. Howie says how under this kind of pressure can you still maintain that level? No nerves.

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Take a good look, America, over half of these 11 acts will be gone in the next hour. Here's what happened last night on America' Got Talent - the Semi-Finals (Round 1): Double Dragon sang and danced, Dance Town Family swing danced with delight.

Guitarists Broken Roots visited the Bates Motel, Spyro Brothers had a devil of a time with the Diablo, Singer Thomas Day survived CoV-2 to perform again, Aerialist Alan Silva went the Biker route, Singer Shaquira McGrath gave it her all, Brandon Leake spoke letters to his father.

Malik Dope brought the hosue down with the beat and rhythm on drums, Archie Williams delivered another emotional vocal performance, and singer Roberta Battaglia rounded out the night with her powerfully mature vocal performance. Did you vote?

Tonight, 5 acts will go through to the Finale. Three will be put through by your overnight votes. The acts in 4th, 5th and 6th place will be in danger. One will be saved by the Dunkin Save vote, and the 5th will be saved by Judge's Choice. Good luck and here are the results.

In no particular order, here are the acts at risk. Alan Silva, Archie Williams and Malik Dope, please step forward. Who do you think should be in the finale? The Dunkin Save vote is now open for the next 30 minutes.

The Dunkin Save vote is open but now it is time to find out who you voted through. This is where it gets real. Good luck to all of you. Spyros Bros and Dance Town Family, please step forward. The first act that has made it into the Finale is...  None of you.  So sorry.

Here's the next result. Broken Roots and Double Dragon, please step forward. The first act America has voted through to the Finale is...   Broken Roots!

Brandon Leake and Thomas Day, please step forward. America has voted and the act taking the 2nd spot in the Finale is...   Brandon Leake! Thank you Thomas.

A few years ago, a certain Magic Dragon appeared on AGT to pursue his dream, and lately he's been living his dream in Vegas. It's Piff The Magic Dragon, assisted by, I mean joined by David Copperfield! Piff & Mr. Piffles makes Vegas replica of the Statue of Liberty disappear.

Back to the fight for the finals, and the Dunkin Save vote is open for 9 more minutes, so get your votes in!

Two acts are still waiting for their results and their wait is over. Shaquira McGrath and Roberta Battaglia, please step forward. America has voted and the act taking the 3rd spot in the Finale is...   Roberta Battaglia! Thank you Shaquira.

Now, last year, an after school choir from Africa made it to the AGT Finale, and since then, they have gone global. Give it up for the global Ndlovu Youth Choir, singing Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher (Jackie Wilson).

The Dunkin Save is now closed. But first we take a look in on twin sister Helane and Harriett, die hard AGT audience members, who have become internet sensations. They are surprised by Sofia, Heidi and Howie. OMG! Then Terry shows up with flowers. From the neighbor's garden.

And now it is time for the Dunkin Save. Alan Silva, Archie Williams and Malik Dope, please step forward. Good luck, everyone, the result is in. The 4th act going into the Finale is...   Alan Silva!

We are down to the last two acts - Archie Williams or Malik Dope. One will be put through to the Finale by the judges' vote. For the other, the journey ends tonight.

It's the Judge's Choice for Archie Williams or Malik Dope. Sophia votes for Archie Williams. Howie votes(out loud) for Malik Dope. It's all down to Heidi. Heidi votes for Archie Williams. Archie is going through to the Finale! Thank you Malik.

That's the first 5 acts for the Finale: Broken Roots, Alan Silva, Brandon Leake, Roberta Battaglia and Archie Williams! 

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