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July 4th Live Feed Updates

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yep.. it's two HoH's: Jase and Janie.

If they can't agree on who to put on the block, they both go up.

It's house vs. Season 6, as Danielle and Allison plan and ask everyone if they'd vote Janie out if Jase and Janie went up. Seems like Danielle, Allison and George are close already

Right before feeds went out, James was talking to Janie. James realizes season 6 doesn't have the #'s if Jase and Janie go up. James wants Nakomis out, he feels Nak is one of the strongest players.

Janie: so you want Nak up?

James: I don't care who you put up, as long as it isn't me.

Janie: IT'S NOT! (or.. it won't be..something like that)

at 8:00 est music went on.. the music we hear when the show begins. played for 2 or 3 minutes, then stopped

oh also I forgot... Howie is his howieself. Saying how b7 is a step up from bb6 because in bb6 all they had was 'fat ugly married people and lesbians' he said the good ones were taken (Janie and Sarah). Also, someone commented how short the treadmill was and he said it was made for cappy. He then proceeded to insult the nerd herd ie: maggie was fat, ugly and had a boyfriend.. things like that. Howie told someone they looked good and that he loved their tattoo. Don't know who he said that to...

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