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Tuesday, September 8, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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[Summary of Labor Day Drama:


The houseguests enjoyed a nice BBQ complete with music, two alcoholic beverages each, burgers (Vegan option too), corn on the cob, cupcakes, and ice cream sandwiches. They were able to use the camera to take pictures and videos, which were enjoyed on replay throughout the night. 


Tensions built throughout the evening between Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, and Christmas. The nominees can't understand why Christmas wouldn't use the PoV to take Da'Vonne down and place Tyler on the block because Tyler was adamant about going home. 


Christmas talked Tyler out of his idea to vacate the game (because he felt at blame for Bay/Day being on the block together) by assuring Tyler that Bay/Day were HER choices as nominations; she was just doing her job and telling him she would not use the veto. 

Tyler has changed his attitude about the game (which makes me wonder if he was allowed a Tangela phone call) and has committed to continue playing. 


Bayleigh and Da'Vonne have continued to question Christmas about her decision. They just can't let it go and feel targeted (clearly). The nominees are entitled to their emotions, but Christmas wants it to just dissipate (doesn't happen like that Honey... wait until you are on the block and let's see how you feel). 


A verbal fight ensued between Da'Vonne and Christmas. Bayleigh tried to speak with Christmas about it calmly and they began debating (had differing opinions) about personal vs. game moves. Both sides raised their voices and grew more and more agitated, but Christmas was the one throwing profanity around. Each side accused the other of being a bully and "coming at" them. 


MamaLong's perspective is that all three are to blame for an emotional overflow. Yet, the nominees should be expected to be in their feelings and very confused over this turmoil. They are desperately wanting to understand the unknown and Christmas just isn't telling them anything other than "it's my HoH and I can nominate who I want". Christmas said some ugly things... Bay/Day got upset and reminded everyone watching that had they acted the way Christmas was acting they would be "angry black women".  


Bay/Day just can't understand why Christmas wouldn't go through with Tyler's request. With Christmas declining the option, they feel the writing is on the wall. Truthfully, this whole drama is a perfect example of our nation's division. 


The feeds don't lie, so spectators must form their own opinion on what happened.  That's my take. The end   ~MamaLong]



12:10 AM BBT

Christmas comes out of the DR and heads to the HOHR where she sobs almost uncontrollably. She locks her door and watches the spy cam, alone.

Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are laughing about Christmas' behavior in the bathroom. They are very composed.

Da'Vonne gets called to the DR

Bayleigh: have fun



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12:15AM BBT: Ian, Dani, and Kevin chat outside in the BY. Dani talks about how most of the comps have been tailored to men and she says it would be nice to have a "more even playing field." They talk about the comps.


12:18AM BBT: The HGs outside chat about food and grilling. In the WA, Kevin asks Bayleigh about the "clapping" that happened during the fight. Bayleigh tells him how it happened and they discuss the fight. Kevin says Christmas looked "so angry" that she looked "possessed." Kevin says it was all "guilt" related. Bayleigh says if Christmas didn't do anything wrong, she wouldn't be acting like that. Kevin agrees.


12:45AM BBT: Enzo, Tyler, Cody, and David are sitting around the couches outside. They talk about other reality shows. David says he won't do the challenge unless they make him a good offer. In the WA, Bayleigh and Kevin are still rehashing the fight and what happened and who did and said what. Kevin agrees a "hand in the face" is disrespectful.


1:22AM BBT: The boys outside talk about the fight, they talk about TV, and just general chatter. Da'Vonne is out of the DR and is talking to Bayleigh and Kevin in the WA. Tyler walks in to use the WC and Kevin leaves. Cody walks in a few seconds later, general conversation fills the house. Tyler and Cody leave, Bayleigh and Da'Vonne talk about "people of color" in the BB house and the fight from earlier. BB cuts the feeds.


1:35AM BBT: Feeds are back, but then BB cuts them again for another minute. Bayleigh and Da'Vonne talk about the day and everything that has happened. They talk about the Tyler situation and Christmas. They whisper and keep their voices low, it's difficult to hear when they start to just mouth words. Outside, Kevin has joined the rest of the boys and they talk about TV shows. 


1:42AM BBT: David joins Da'vonne and Bayleigh in the WA, he talks about the owl they saw outside before the fight happened. They talk about the fight. The group outside continues to chat. BB cuts the feeds on and off when they talk about the DR or talk too in-depth about the fight.


2:05AM BBT: The HGs drag the cornhole game into the LR, the HGs move around and chat as they get ready for bed. 


2:19AM BBT: Kevin and Cody chat in the KT, all four cameras are on them. It sounds like they're talking about Kevin's season of BB and how no one got mad at each other like that. Cody says he's going to bed, he leaves the KT and they say good night. Kevin walks into the WA. 


2:39AM BBT: Da'Vonne, Bayleigh, David, and Enzo are in the WA talking about the fight and how Christmas was yelling that it was her house too and she can sit wherever she wants. Several other HGs have gone to bed.


3:10AM BBT: Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, Kevin, and Enzo are still in the WA. Bayleigh says she's going to have a "bomb a** speech" on Thursday. She says she's going to "blow" everything up. They talk about how everyone is still trying to blame things on Janelle and she isn't even in the house. "It's about to go down," Enzo says, he says if you win HOH you can't be afraid to play the game. "People get over it," he says.


4:00AM BBT: The group in the WA are still chatting. They talk about previous days in the house, they talk about the fight, and they talk about their personal lives. They also talk about Nicole's costume and how she'll have to cast a vote while wearing it. BB cuts the feeds on and off.


4:34AM BBT: Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, and Kevin are in the WA, talking about the upcoming vote. Kevin is talking about their emotions and how to "move forward." He says he knows there are emotions involved, but he thinks they need to "squash" things and move on. Kevin talks about trying to "shrink targets." Da'Vonne says they can't have a majority next week, because one of them is going home. 


5:11AM BBT: The HGs that are up are now moving around and getting ready for bed. BB continues to cut the feeds on and off. Once everyone is in bed, the house is dark and silent.


8:37AM BBT: Memphis is the first one awake, he walks to the WA. 


9:13AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for the wake up call.


9:25AM BBT: The feeds are back, the lights are on in the house and the HGs are moving around.

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 9:30 - 10:00 Sleepy HGs. Moving around.


10:15AM BBT Memphis and Xmas in the KT talking. Memphis tells her if they have the yard on Sunday, he wants to BBQ. They talk about aging and medications. 


 10:20AM BBT Day in the WCA. Cody sleeping. No other HG on cams except the KT.


11:15AM BBT Xmas is in the HOH BR and crying. She is saying that didn't want to add blood to the water. because it is still blood. Memphis tells her to talk to BB. She says she did and we get stars.


11:22AM BBT  Xmas is reading the bible and has her family pictures. David has gone to the HOH BR and is asking Xmas why she nominated Day and Bay. Xmas tells him that it is because Day told her that Bay is her untouchable so she nominated them both. We are getting FOTH.


11:31AM BBT Feeds are back. Bay and Kevin are talking about how they are going to talk to people today for her to stay. Cams change to Day and Dani in the WCA.  Dani laughing about Nic's costume. She says she looks ridiculous but that her daughter would probably love the costume. Day starts talking about feeling provoked. She says that she has been thinking and that her people are always misheard. She says that you can't keep pushing her because she is black and we get stars.


11:35AM BBT Bay is talking to Dani about Xmas. Saying how she acts crazy every time they are playing games. Says she yells and acts crazy. She says the other HG laugh. She says if she gets too passionate about anything and raises her voice, all heck breaks loose. BB tells Day to change her mic and Day says she is going to go take a nap. We get stars.

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11:50AM BBT Cody and David in PBR. Talking about being in the house and how time goes by. In the WCA, Day and Dani talking about alliances and we get stars.


12:10PM BBT IN the WCA, Dani and Day tlaking. Dani says that she can't believe that Tyler told Day that Dani was going after him. Day says that she tried to talk to Xmas about the veto and Xmas gave her the "you can't talk about it" line. Day says that then Xmas called Tyler up to the HOH. Dani explaining to Day about what happened that morning and that Xmas wanted Dani to go talk to Tyler. She was worried she was going to be BD.


12:18PM BBT Dani and Day talk about comps and who would do well. Dani says that she will do terrible at questions. She says ever since having her daughter, her memory is horrible. She says she is still intelligent but memory is bad. They discuss who won a power.


 12:36PM BBT IN the KT, Memphis, Tyler, Bay and Nic general talking and preping food. No game talk. All 4 cams on them. 

12:43PM BBT Ian and Enzo talking in the LR. Enzo talking about how bright the lights are. He asks Ian how he is feeling. Ian says that he is back to 100% but was feeling pretty bad for a few days. We get stars.


12:46PM BBT Dani is sweeping the WCA. Enzo comes in and Dani tells him she found a used box of condoms. There is a giant pile of dirt on the floor (I think the condoms comment was a joke). In the SR, Tyler and David talking. Tyler says he is is not in a position to flip votes and we get stars.


 12:54PM BBT Memphis and Xmas talking in the HOH BR. They are discussing DE and how many HG left. Cody comes in and makes a joke. Xmas says not to bring in negativity and that she is resetting. They are discussing who should be next to go out. They talk about Enzo and Xmas talks about how much she likes him.


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1:46 PM BBT  Lots of stars and music.  Bay, Day Enzo and Cody are in the KT, discussing what they are going to do when they get out.  In the HOH room, Ian and Christmas are talking, Kevin comes in.  Christmas is calm, explaining that you have to have empathy, not just sympathy.  She is going to give "them " their space.  She said they are in a different place in the game than she is.  Kevin and Ian keep agreeing.  Kevin says he was in the WA, and thought they were having a nice chat, and when he walked out, it got very loud, and escalated just that fast.  Christmas says it got loud fast.  Kevin says he has been in the house before when there were some big fights, Ian says same.  More music/stars.  When feeds come back, Kevin says he hopes Christmas isn't upset with him.  She said she isn't, should she be?  He says no.  Every time Christmas starts to talk about her discussion , we get feeds cut.  Christmas says she should have left 2 minutes into the talk.  She said they want their position to be heard, and agreed with, and everyone has their own opinion and story.  Christmas says she was not in an alliance with either of them, they never approached her to work together, so she doesn't understand why they feel betrayed. 

Enzo comes in.  Between music/stars, Christmas says she was trying to ground herself and relect before going downstairs.  .  Enzo agrees.  Kevin and Ian are still there as well.  They are talking about having a sloppy show later, Enzo says it is all set up.  Christmas also wants to play backgammon, and Ian is discussing having a tournament, and how to score it.

1:58 PM BBT  Ian goes out of the HOH room, calls over the railing.  Nicole says he has been replaced as the MC, because someone else knows all the info, and it is easier.  Christmas comes out and Ian tells her it will be soon, several people are eating.  She says the BBQ looks good.  He agrees.  Christmas has him come back into the HOH room, she asks how he is doing.  He says he is 100%.  He said he is back to normal, and ready for an endurance comp.  He thanks her for asking.  She asks if they are okay, and he says they are.  Ian then asks her to explain what an untouchable is?  He has never heard that term until this season.  They both think it is a ride or die,  a final 2 person.  Someone they won't touch in the house.  Ian and Christmas both agree they think this is what it means.  Christmas says Bayleigh asks who her (Christmas) person is.  Christmas says she doesn't have one.  She told Bay she is still trying to figure it out.  Ian said then the whole thing in the ceremony was just.... Christmas agrees, says she was uncomfortable about answering very pointed questions like that.  In five weeks, she has never come to her wanting to work together.  Bay's questions were very direct, not how do you feel about this or that, but who would you put up, who would you save, etc.  Christmas didn't like the pressure.  More music/stars  Christmas says she backed away from that.  

Ian tells Christmas not to freak out or get upset, but he said he has heard rumors floating around that Christmas answered saying Ian was her untouchable.  She seems confused.  She said she hasn't said his name.  They agree that they get along well, that they are safe with each other, and maybe people just assumed it.  Christmas thinks Bayleigh is saying that to stir up the house.  Evidently in her veto speech, Bayleigh mentioned Day as her untouchable, but mentioned others as having them too.  We get more music./stars

2:11 PM BBT Still stars.  (Very hard to follow with all of the interruptions this year.  Aggravating for live feeders!)

2:06 PM BBT  While all the talking is going on in the HOH room, Kevin has come downstairs to the WA to talk with Bayleigh.  It is mid conversation.  They are talking about someone (he) is double covered, Bayleigh says triple covered (think it is Tyler).  She says to the point that even Enzo won't put him up.  Bayleigh says he is playing a great game, Kevin said he doesn't have to win anything, Bayleigh saod no, that would put him in a compromising situation. (still about Tyler I think).  Kevin said he might just put him up.  Enzo comes in to take a dump, Bayleigh said that is disgusting, she is outta there.  Kevin is looking at the mirrors in the WA, trying to find the camera, points at it, then leaves. 


2:22 PM BBT  We are still on music/stars

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It's a Sloppies SHow in the living room. A game show with alcohol as a prize.

Da'Vonne: the alcohol is contingent of your participation

Memphis: I don't believe it unless I see it

Da'Vonne announces the captains of each team are Bayleigh and Dani "and you also get a lifetime supply of..."

Together, Day and Nicole say "SLOPPIES"


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2:25 PM BBT  Christmas and Dani are in the lounge downstairs, Christmas is eating and it was picked up mid conversation.  They are talking about Ian.  Dani says Ian keeps saying once he makes it to jury, they can vote him out, he will just go chill.  Christmas says she doesn't understand that, because he told her he is going for HOH.  Dani said he says he hopes it is spinning, and they can all just drop off.  Dani says Whoa!  Short discussion about Ian, then Nicole comes in and says everyone else is in the LR, time for her Sloppies show.  Dani says she is really hungry.  They ask if they are going to wait for Tyler, Nicole says he has been in the DR over an hour....more music. 


Da'Vonne is hosting.  She is very exciting, and says there has been so much tension in the house, this is to have fun.  They HG's are going to be divided into 2 teams, the winning team will win alcohol.  Day makes Bay and Dani team captains, then has a 1-2, 1-2 count off for team members. 

Not sure what this game is, they don't seem to know either.  There is a lot of confusion.

(I am out)

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Tyler has been in the DR, so he is not participating.





2:38 PM BBT

There is  a show jingle contest.

Bayleigh's team, the Slop Monsters,  jingle..


Give us your money

Give us your cash

Don't eat too much

or you'll hurt your ass

Now it's time to meet the star of the breakfast show


They're Gross


Da'Vonne comes in: Guys you might want to consider, not that I am trying to sabotage, but team Shady is using the product in their commercial

Memphis: She already said she would dance




Dani's team presents their jingle


Christmas sings the entire thing while the others just snap.



Team Shady's jingle:


If you're feeling groggy

and you've had no  Hoggie ( ? couldn't really make out this word)

You need to grab a bowl of Sloppies

A bowl of Sloppies isn't good  (hard to understand)

They're gross


Tyler is serving as judge since he came out of the DR during the show


Tyler: I'm representing America today as the only America's Favorite left...this is my job in the house. I have a huge role here.

Bayleigh: talk your shit

Tyler: okay, and my ruling is based on your reaction to that comment

*lots of laughs


Tyler: Okay. Slop Monsters, I did think at first you weren't that put together as you could have been,  but then I saw Team Shady and realized you guys absolutely nailed it. So, I'm giving you the win.



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It's an obstacle course challenge complete with beet juice shots, mummy wrapping, bobbing for apples, finding an olive in a whipped cream pie, balancing a lime on a spoon, and playing cornhole. 

Bayleigh: poor Ian almost puked twice





3:05 PM BBT

The HGs finish their game and declare that Team Shady is the winning team. They had a lot of fun.



3:41 PM BBT

David decides to bring out his alter ego ATG (Alexander the Great) for a performance. He fights with a lightsaber, does a cartwheel and a handstand before covering back up for anonymity. Christmas was the only one watching.



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4:05 PM BBT

In the KBR, Nicole, Ian, Dani, Cody, Christmas and Memphis are hanging out

Memphis: Nicole, I'm gonna need you to shave my back on Thursday

Nicole: I can do it before that if you want

Memphis: you're a nurse so you've probably shaved weirder shit than that

Nicole: um hmm




4:14 PM BBT

Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are talking about Tyler in the Have-Not room. Nothing nice is being exchanged between the two of them regarding Ty. They say he is trying to play like Dan "Dan's funeral". Bayleigh said no one has seen the cocky Tyler...Yet!  They discuss that they think Tyler enlisted Christmas as a spy.

Da'Vonne: and what was that "because I'm the last of America's Favorite" about?

They begin discussing Ian and how Ian can't hide his feelings

Bayleigh: he is terrified....I've got too much on him. He said good morning to me four times this morning.


David and Kevin are talking game in the Love Lounge

[David has actually been talking a lot of game with Da'Vonne and Kevin today, revealing that he is testing Tyler because he does not really trust him....so he has definitely picked a side  -MamaLong]

David warns Kevin that he is an "untouchable" so he has to expect to go up 'Christmas set the standard that untouchables go up"

Kevin: Ian has a point...we need to meet as a group to confer on what we are doing moving forward with Day (Da'Vonne)


4:27 PM BBT

Day and Bay have decided to go downstairs. Cody walks in the kitchen and says it smells good

Da'Vonne opens the lounge door and sees the boys talking, but she leaves them to their talk while she heads to the restroom

Bayleigh: Christmas is making banana bread

She suggests that he let Christmas know the timer went off but she may want to check it to see if it's done. Cody informs Christmas in the KBR that the banana bread may be done

Cody starts singing so we get a feeds cut to stars




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4:46 PM BBT

Christmas establishes her rules for evictions....especially double eviction "The first one you put up is your number one target, the second one is the 2nd target. If the first comes off you put a replacement but target the second"

Enzo asks about the replacement nom

Christmas: No, it doesn't matter who that is, just take out the 2nd

Enzo: so you want me to take out Bayleigh

Chris: absolutely



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5:00PM BBT: Enzo and Christmas are in the HOHR where he spends time complimenting her game, her ability to memorize poems, etc.  She is eating it up and walks back through justifying everything from her cat fights of last night.   Christmas says she is 95% positive that Bay voted for Janelle to stay.


5:09PM BBT: David and Ian are in the KBR talking about winning vs. losing the comps.  David has given him info about overhearing HG talk about how Ian hasn't been winning - so Ian starts asking the context of the comment.  


5:12PM BBT: Still in the HOHR, Christmas and Enzo are still going.  Christmas basically explains to him how the game works.  They appear to be feeding off of each other's rants about Bay/Day.


5:36PM BBT: Christmas tells Enzo that this week's eviction can be messy as long as Bay is gone.  She does not want an emotional player in the house or in the jury.  Christmas feels that Da' would go after her if she won next week.


5:40PM BBT: David, Ian and Nic are hanging in the KBR.  Nic is asking David questions about his parents.  He didn't meet his father until he was 5.  He eventually had a DNA test to prove it was him.  David said "I really wanted to be here, so I broke right through that rubber", that he wasn't a planned pregnancy.


5:59PM BBT: The feeds have been going in and out tonight.  [not sure which is more repetitive - the stars/music or Enzo/Christmas]

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 6:14PM BBT: Ian in the SRL with Kevin talking about what's coming up and who they think the house power will put up next week.  They think it's obvious by who has made the most noise lately.  In the KT, Christmas, Memphis, Dani, David, Enzo and Cody are eating and chatting about nothing.  David joins Kevin and Ian where they're talking about endurance comps.

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6:40PM BBT: David, Ian and Kevin are still chatting in the SRL.  Ian says that the earlier seasons were not kid friendly.  David says that his understanding is that the US version of BB is more goofy than other countries. 


6:47PM BBT: Kevin heads to the KT to check on dinner.   Nic, Christmas, and Dani are hanging in the KT and Cody at the DT.  Memphis walks through to peek around at what they're doing.

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  • morty unpinned this topic

7:00PM BBT: Cody continues to shave his arms, the other HGs are in the KT chatting and cooking.


7:09PM BBT: Christmas, Kevin, Memphis, and Ian are eating in the KT. Dani is whispering to Nicole in the KBR about what happened with Tyler yesterday. Dani is telling Nicole that she has heard that Tyler is going after her. She says she does have "patience for that crap." Nicole agrees and says it's "so annoying." Dani calls Tyler an "idiot." Dani says she'll have to backdoor Tyler. They start talking about studying for the next comp, they want to get 2-3 hours of studying in a day. They start to go over the days in the house.


7:15PM BBT: Dani and Nicole talk about the upcoming COVID test. Nicole thought it was at 7:30 but Dani says it's at 8:30. Dani tells Nicole she doesn't want to "associate" with Christmas and she hasn't been talking to her today. "She really has to feel it, you know?" Dani says. BB tells the house they aren't allowed to sleep right now. Dani says Tyler, Da'Vonne, and Bayleigh are the ones who are asleep, she's upset about it. She says BB needs to wake them up because BB always wakes her up. Cody and David have joined the other HGs at the KT table to eat dinner.


7:19PM BBT: Dani says the way to get Cody to evict Tyler is to tell him that Cody won't win against him and it will be just like it was with Derrick. Nicole says she doesn't want Ian on the jury. Dani says the things Ian says "blow" her mind. Nicole says she won't vote for Ian if he's in the final two. She says what he's said to her is "so mean." Nicole says Ian called her "selfish." They talk about Ian. 


7:26PM BBT: Christmas as joined Dani and Nicole in the KBR. She jokes that even her hair "is pissed." Dani says she suggested playing charades today, but Memphis said they needed to save it for tomorrow. Christmas wants more booze, Nicole says they'll get it after the COVID test. David is cleaning up the KT, Cody and Enzo are talking around the island. 


7:35PM BBT: Christmas is telling Nicole and Dani all about the fight again and her side of it. She says she's not done anything wrong and she's "not ok" with what happened. She says it's becoming something that it never should have been. BB cuts the feeds away from them to the KT, where most of the HGs are sitting around the KT table chatting. 


7:41PM BBT: Ian walks into the KBR, Christmas says she needs to "chat with the girls" for a little bit and asks Ian to leave. Ian leaves. They talk about Ian and BB cuts the feeds away from them again. The group in the KT are joking around. 


7:47PM BBT: Christmas is telling Dani and Nicole that Bayleigh and Da'Vonne "signed up for this" and how they're in the wrong. BB cuts the feeds away every time Christmas talks about the fight or Da'Vonne and Bayleigh. When BB puts the feeds back on the KBR, Christmas is talking about everything she's sacrificed to be here. Christmas is saying she has a "black mark against" her in the house and a "very vocal person" will be leaving the house to talk badly about her. Nicole says she has that too, she says Janelle will be badmouthing her. 


8:00PM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for about fifteen minutes, potentially for COVID testing.


8:17PM BBT: Feeds are back, Ian is in bed in the KBR, Nicole is also in bed. Nicole is called to the DR, Ian tells her to "have fun." The rest of the HGs are scattered around the house chatting, Dani talks about the COVID test. Ian rubs his nose in the KBR. Nicole is out of the DR, Memphis is called in next. In the KT, Christmas is telling Dani her butt "used to be so big." She then lowers her voice and talks about Da'Vonne, she says she wants to talk to her. In the CBR, Da'Vonne, Bayleigh, and Kevin are whispering. Kevin says he has to "pretend" he doesn't know "sh*t in this house." They talk about yesterday's fight. 


8:22PM BBT: Enzo and Cody are in the upstairs loft, Nicole is at the counter in the KT eating. Dani says the COVID test gave her a really bad headache. Nicole agrees. Kevin, Da'Vonne, and Bayleigh are still in the CBR, various HGs walk in and out of the rooms so it's just general conversation right now. 


8:28PM BBT: Cody and Enzo are whispering upstairs, Cody says Kevin was on the couch outside with him yesterday and said that you can't put up people you like on the block. They talk about who's mad at each other in the house, they joke around. Eventually they start to talk about Christmas and Ian. Downstairs, Kevin, Da'Vonne, and Bayleigh discuss the potential of havenots coming back next week. Nicole walks upstairs and into the HOHR, Enzo looks at Cody and says "what the f**K?" They joke around about her costume. 

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8:38PM BBT: Tyler is up and eating at the KT table, he wears his sunglasses. Christmas is in the KT, she's made another banana bread. Upstairs, Enzo and Cody talk about the other HGs and a little bit about the fight yesterday. He says Nicole is worried Bayleigh is coming after her. Enzo says Dani has done a lot of "sh*t" in the house and said a lot of stuff to the other HGs. Enzo and Cody think someone is coming up the stairs and both pretend to be napping. After they're sure someone isn't coming upstairs they go back to whispering about the past votes in the house. 


8:42PM BBT: Dani walks upstairs and joins Enzo and Cody in the loft. Enzo tells Dani that Nicole is in the HOHR. Dani asks if they're trying to get her to leave. Enzo plays it off by saying he didn't know if they should all go in there. They talk about it being a potential double eviction and try to figure out what to do. Dani says she "honestly doesn't know yet." Cody talks about putting Kevin and David up on the block if it's a double eviction. 

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9:00 PM BBT

Not much going on, just a lot of hanging out and bored HGs. Enzo, Dani and Memphis are hanging out in the loft. DaVonne, Bayleigh and Kevin are talking about religion in the CBR. Everyone seems super tired.



9:25 PM BBT

Cody was notified his grandfather passed away. Cody comes out of the DR crying and heads to the washroom to wash his face "Oh, Fuckin' A" image.thumb.png.035873e95839253dee8376f10754189a.png


Cody then crawls in bed as grief consumes him. The house grows somber as they each discover what happened. They each gather in the KBR to console Cody.


Tyler comes in and notices Cody is upset.

Tyler: what's going on with this guy? 

He sits on the bed

Tyler: what's the matter?....what's the matter with you?

Cody: my grandfather passed away

Tyler: oh my God!

Cody: I don't want to make a big deal of it

Tyler: I'm sorry  (he hugs him tight)  I love you

Cody: Thanks Bro. I love you too...thanks Bro

Tyler asks if he wants to talk about it.

Cody: not really...not right now....you don't gotta be worrying about it.... just want to chill in here...appreciate it




9:46 PM BBT

Cody: thanks you guys. You don't have to stay in here. I'm gonna stay in here. I don't want to bring the mood down.



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8:44PM BBT: Downstairs, Christmas, Memphis, and Tyler are talking around the KT table while Tyler eats. Christmas says she needs to find a new room to sleep in after she moves out of the HOH. Before this week, Christmas slept in the CBR with Bayleigh and Da'Vonne. Christmas says Thursday will be a double eviction, and she'll with the second HOH comp so she'll have another week in the HOHR. Memphis says Christmas can have his bed and he'll move to another one. They talk about how hot it is in the KBR.


8:47PM BBT: Upstairs, Dani says Cody is "dumb." Cody gets frustrated, says he's done talking because he's the only one in this conversation that is actually saying who he would put up and what he would do next week. Enzo says they're joking around. Christmas joins them upstairs and all game talk stops. Tyler washes out his bowl in the KT, Memphis sits at the table for a few seconds before getting up and leaving the room. 


8:54PM BBT: Memphis joins the group upstairs, Cody leaves. Dani and Enzo try to figure out if they really upset Cody or not. "What the f**k is wrong with him?" Enzo asks. Dani says Cody is acting "really weird" and "awkward." They try to figure out what Cody's problem is. Cody walks to the DR, he looks very upset. BB lets him in and he walks into the DR. 


9:10PM BBT: David has joined Bayleigh and Kevin in the CBR. Nicole has joined Memphis, Enzo, and Dani upstairs in the loft area. It's just general conversation throughout the house. 


9:16PM BBT: Tyler and Christmas are playing backgammon in the HOHR. Christmas says she has a "mortal enemy now." She says it would have happened "regardless" of what Tyler did or didn't do. Christmas says she knew it was coming after a few conversations with Da'Vonne and Bayleigh. Tyler doesn't really say anything, they continue to play quietly. 


9:23PM BBT: BB has moved two cameras to the DR door, the camera does a slow push in and a slow pull out. Similar to how they frame the shot for the HOHR reveal. Cody leaves the DR, he looks upset and keeps his head down as he walks through the LR and into the KT before walking into the WA. He washes his face. Upstairs, Tyler and Christmas are still playing backgammon quietly. 


9:26PM BBT: Cody takes a few moments to himself in the WA, he's trying hard to not cry and is visibly upset. He makes a few noises and looks upwards towards the ceiling as he takes a few deep breaths. He leaves the WA and walks through the house to the KBR and gets into bed. Ian is in the room and also in bed, but doesn't say anything to Cody. Cody is starting to lose his composure and is now starting to cry as quietly as he can with his hand over his face. 


9:31PM BBT: The rest of the house is chatting and joking around, oblivious to Cody crying in the KBR. Ian is still in the KBR but hasn't moved or said anything to Cody. Tyler walks into the KBR and asks Ian if he's sleeping. Tyler talks about his backgammon game with Christmas, he hasn't noticed Cody yet. Tyler finishes his chat with Ian and walks over to Cody, trying to figure out what Cody's doing. Tyler sits on his bed and asks him what's wrong, Cody tells him his grandfather has passed away and he doesn't want to make a big deal about it. He says he hasn't told anyone. Tyler takes his microphone off and gives Cody a hug, Tyler tells him he's sorry. Cody thanks him, Tyler asks if he wants to talk about it. Cody says he doesn't want to right now and thanks him again.


9:34PM BBT: Tyler leaves the KBR, Cody tells Ian about his grandfather passing away. Ian says he's sorry, Cody thanks him. Tyler walks through the house to the KT to refill his cup. He walks back to the KBR and says he's going chill in the KBR before getting into bed. 


9:41PM BBT: Tyler leaves the KBR and walks upstairs to the lounge, he tells Dani, Memphis, and Enzo that Cody's grandfather has died. Tyler is also upset. Dani follows Tyler downstairs, Tyler tells her Cody doesn't want to make it a big deal. Tyler stops off in the CBR and tells the rest of the HGs that Cody's grandfather passed. Everyone is shocked and sorry, Tyler continues to tell them Cody doesn't want to make a big deal out of it. Dani gives Cody a hug in the KBR, Da'Vonne and Bayleigh also walk into the KBR and hug him as well. They all express their condolences.


9:42PM BBT: The mood in the house has shifted, everyone is very somber as they try to figure out when Cody was told. Most of the HGs have joined Cody in the KBR and take turns giving him a hug. Cody talks a little bit about his grandfather. Cody says he saw him the day before he left. 

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10:00PM BBT: Not much talk in the BB house. The HGs sit with Cody on and off, they don't talk very much and just allow Cody to talk when he wants while they offer him support and comfort. The HGs who aren't with Cody are in the WA slowly getting ready for bed and discussing Cody's news. Cody shifts around, he says he wants to take a shower. He thanks everyone for being there for him. Dani offers him kind words and he gets several more hugs from the HGs. Dani, Cody, and Ian are the only ones in the KBR, Dani offers him many kind words. The rest of the HGs sit outside the KBR in the CBR to offer moral support. Cody gets out of bed and leaves the KBR to shower. The rest of the HGs discuss their families quietly.


10:21PM BBT: Cody is back in bed and hugging his pillow. Most of the HGs are also in their beds, but no one is sleeping. Dani, Memphis, and Tyler are in the KT. Dani is upset that BB won't let Cody talk to his family right now. She says they aren't going to talk game to him and he really needs to talk to his family. BB cuts the cameras away from the KT and all four cameras are now on Cody as he covers his face in the KBR. 


10:40PM BBT: The house has been silent for about twenty minutes now, Memphis starts to joke around about BB not wanting to turn the lights off in the KBR. He makes Cody and the rest of the HGs in the KBR laugh, BB turns the lights off. In the KT, Tyler, Dani, and Ian are huddled together at the KT table as they start to design something on the table with cereal. Cody walks in halfway through Dani and Tyler spelling out "Pop Pop" in cereal. Cody laughs and says "they're the best" before walking back to the KBR. 





10:53PM BBT: The HGs all get ready for bed. There hasn't been any game talk since Tyler told the house about Cody's grandfather passing away. Da'Vonne walks through the KT, she stops to talk to Dani. Dani is very upset that BB won't let Cody have a phone call, she says it's not "human." BB cuts the cameras away from her to Ian sitting alone in the WA. 


11:00PM BBT: Ian and Dani appear to be the last few HGs awake, they sit in the KT in silence. BB turns the lights off in the bedrooms. Eventually Dani says she hopes Cody wins HOH so he can have a letter from home. Ian agrees, after several minutes he leaves the KT and sits in the WA alone. 


11:18PM BBT: Da'Vonne walks into the lounge, she waves her hands in front of the camera until it follows her. She talks to the cameras and gives "Day's Diary." She says she has to be careful tonight because Ian is in the WA and she doesn't want him to hear anything. Da'Vonne says she's on the block next to Bayleigh and she knows a lot of people are wondering about what Da'Vonne is saying to Bayleigh and why she's telling Bayleigh to campaign. Da'Vonne says Bayleigh is her "friend" and she won't let her "give up." Da'Vonne says she'll still fight to stay in the game. Da'Vonne says she's not a sucker and "can't be played." She says her alliance is "fake" and she's been trying to make nice with anyone she can so she can stay in the game. She talks about Christmas and their fight and can't believe Christmas is running around acting like she was "attacked." Da'Vonne hopes everyone got to see the full fight and what really happened. 


11:22PM BBT: Da'Vonne says staying in the game is "going to be hard." She says the numbers are against her and there are bigger allies in the house. In the WA, Ian tilts his head over like he heard something, but doesn't move. Da'Vonne continues to talk about this week, she says it's been "emotional." Da'Vonne says she's "here" and she's "fighting." She says she'll tell "these people" whatever she needs to tell them. Da'Vonne says this next HOH is very important and she's going to fight for it. Da'Vonne says she trusts Kevin and Enzo. Da'Vonne says she wants to trust David, but isn't sure that she can. Da'Vonne says she know Christmas has a power. Da'Vonne says she shoved and pushed the last person in the power comp and made sure to find out who the last person was that won the power. Da'Vonne says she'll flush it out. 


11:26PM BBT: Da'Vonne says she knows that Christmas and Tyler are responsible for this week and if she wins HOH she's putting them both up on the block. She says it would "shake this house up" and put a "huge target" on her back. Da'Vonne says this is "all-stars" and she can't "play scared." Da'Vonne says she knows how to fight when her back is against the wall. She says this is is probably her last time to pay BB and it's "time to play." Da'Vonne says she has to stay in the house, she has to win, and she has to start taking shots. Da'Vonne says she knows she's been fake, but she wants a good social game. But she says it's time to play. She says if she stays in this house after Thursday, "game on." She says she loves the viewers and her family before leaving the room. 


11:30PM BBT: Da'Vonne is called to the DR. "You've got to be kidding me," Da'Vonne says as she walks to the DR. Ian brushes his teeth in the WA. 

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