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Monday, September 7, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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1:00 AM BBT Christmas, Dani and Tyler are in the WA. Dani tells them that David woke up covered in sweat. She questioned if he had a nightmare because he was so incredibly wet. Enzo, Cody, Ian and Da'Vonne are in the BY. Enzo and Cody are planning to play a game of boccie balls with the balls from the pool table. Nicole is sitting eating. She is sitting on the floor between the bar stools with her back to the counter. 



1:05 AM BBT Enzo is teasing Da'Vonne in the BY. He is making light that the during the comp, Da'Vonne said nothing but sh*t 15 times. Enzo jokes that's all she said, but the way she said it each time was different. "Sh*t, SH*T, SHHHHHH*T, SH**********T. They then resume their boccie ball game while talking to each other in different accents. 


1:22 AM BBT In the BY, Ian is talking to Cody and Ezno. He is telling them about a time that he got in trouble at work because he didn't respond to an email from his boss that was 11 minutes old. He was in the bathroom. 


1:27 AM BBT Enzo, Cody, Dani and Nicole are sitting on the BY patio. Cody "So, who is getting backdoored this week?" Enzo "Why? She isn't using it." Cody "You never know." The tone Cody is using implies that he is more teasing than serious. 


1:30 AM BBT Kevin and Da'Vonne are in the WA. They are discussing the veto. In order to get Christmas to use it, they need someone that she trusts to tell her that it is a good idea. Kevin says he can't talk to anyone because as soon as he walks up, they change subjects. Kevin says there needs to be an incentive for her to use it. Da'Vonne says that there is. However, for Kevin, at this moment ignorance is bliss. Kevin asks her if she has a good vibe sense. Da'Vonne replies yes. Kevin "the incentive has to be more than the threat of a power." 

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1:38 AM BBT Da'Vonne and Kevin continue to whisper in the WA. Da'Vonne tells him that if they pull this off, and both Da'Vonne and Bayleigh stay, then she will try to get the girls to all work together for a girl power alliance. She says that Kevin would be welcome into that. Kevin "There has been no talk about this before?" Da'Vonne "There have been hints." 


1:46 AM BBT Ian, Cody, Enzo, Nicole and Dani are talking on the patio. Ian is telling them about a date that he had with Big Meech. He states that after a party, they shared a nice kiss. Dani keeps asking him for details on the kiss. Ian says he isn't giving details, but it was nice. 


1:48 AM BBT Ian continues to talk about the party he went to with Meech. Cody complimented his shoes at the party and a random fan grabbed his a$$ all night long, at least 3 different times. 


1:56 AM BBT Ian, Cody, Enzo, Nicole and Dani continue to talk on the patio. Ants are crawling on Nicole's Sloppies costume and Dani is brushing them off with a pillow. Cody tells her to stop doing it that way before the ants crawl inside the costume.

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1:37 AM BBT

Da'Vonne is pissed to find a girl left her hair in the shower drain (looks like Dani's hair) She has to use two napkins to pull it all out.

"that shit pisses me off.......wonder what your shower looks like at home....nasty"



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2:05 AM BBT Christmas, Nicole, Dani, Cody, Enzo and Ian had been talking in the BY about girls and how they respond to unwanted flirting when the feeds went to FOTH. When the feeds return, Nicole and Dani are in the WA and Nicole is crying. She is upset because she feels like Cody was implying that Nicole was flirting. She says that he was getting all defensive and argumentative. So annoying. He doesn't know when to stop. Dani "I agree with that." 


2:13 AM BBT Ian and Dani are talking in the WA. He asks her if the noms are staying the same tomorrow. She says that as far as she knows, they are. But anything can happen. Da'Vonne walks in, so the conversation changes to how dirty the floor is. Ian decides that he wants to take a shower.


2:15 AM BBT Cody is talking to Dani in the WA. She asks him if he is mad at Nicole. He says there is nothing to be mad at. He wasn't even looking her way earlier when he said those things. Dani says that Nicole just took it the wrong way. 


2:22 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on the WA. Ian is taking a shower and Da'Vonne is putting her hair into side buns before wrapping it in a scarf. They are discussing that Ian needs to stop skipping meals. Feeds 3 and 4 are on the KBR with the lights out.


2:32 AM BBT The house is quiet. Feeds 1 and 2 are on Ian who is out of the shower and wrapped in a towel, he is standing at the sink shaving. Feeds 3 and 4 are on the KBR where the lights are out and HGs are sleeping. 


2:47 AM BBT Ian is testing how well the sinks drain in the WA. He has the water turned on in all 3 sinks and is watching them all drain. He looks towards the cameras to see if the cameras on watching him. He then says that they are going to need to snake it or something. 


2:55 AM BBT Ian is trying to unclog the sinks in the WA with Drano. 2 of the 3 sinks are almost completely clogged. One sink is draining slowly. 


3:03 AM BBT Ian continues to unclog the sinks in the WA with Drano. Cody is standing behind him watching, asking the occasional question such as whether or not the Drano works on hair. 

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1:57 AM BBT

Dani finds ants on Nicole. "You literally have ants on your Sloppies box" She starts flicking them then hitting them off with a pillow

Nicole: get them off

Christmas finds more "there's one...it died"   [I guess sloppies are bad for ants]

Nicole: get them all off

Cody: they are going to crawl inside the costume

Dani: okay, you're good

Nicole: did you get them all



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3:06 AM BBT Cody and Ian are sitting in the WA while they wait for the Drano to work. Ian asks him about Nicole. Cody says that Nicole says she isn't talking to him for the rest of the summer and that he thought that she was mad at Dani, not him. Ian says it was probably just a misunderstanding. They start to discuss the format for the veto meeting and we get FOTH. 


3:12 AM BBT Cody and Ian continue to talk in the WA. They are talking about the comp in the dark. Ian says that he only found 2 of the items. Cody says he missed an entire room. Tyler was talking about a second room on the other side of the goop that Cody never even found. 


3:14 AM BBT Cody and Ian are talking about powers in the WA. They don't mind small powers that aren't complete game changers. They hope they don't have anything pop up like the coup d'etat. Because, that's just ridiculous. They also discuss the diamond power of veto from Enzo's season. That's overpowering. These types of powers would ruin the whole week. 


3:18 AM BBT Cody and Ian are in the WA talking about the powers. Cody asks him who he thinks has them. Ian guesses that based on his observations, during the game and in the house, that Kevin has one. Ian got close to one podium and Kevin was there. Tyler probably has one too. He thinks the third one might be Enzo. He protests too much. 


3:30 AM BBT Cody and Ian are now talking about double evictions. There are still 12 in the house and they are almost at the halfway point. Ian explains that the powers must be short lived or the double is a way off. Because double evictions are already so hard and fast that there would not be time to air them if powers were used in the middle of the comps. 


3:36 AM BBT Ian is talking to Cody and Enzo in the WA. He is telling them about a time he was in the middle of ending a relationship with a girl. A guy walks up and asks him if he was on BB. He says yes and then after his conversation with the girls is over, he left. Later, the guy tweeted at Ian and told him that he enjoyed meeting Ian and his girl earlier and that he is going to be sticking it later. Ian says it was funny and good for him. 


3:39 AM BBT In the WA, Cody and Ian are telling Enzo how Nicole was crying because of Cody. Cody had said something to the group about girls flirting and Nicole took it personal. Enzo "She was crying over that, at least it was you and not me." Ian said she is just having a hard time right now and that Sloppies box is weighing her down. Cody said that everyone is talking things so personal right now. 


3:46 AM BBT Ian, Enzo and Cody are talking in the WA. Ian is talking about his season and how their popularity was rated on Joker's was based on their involvement with Janelle. Cody tells him that their popularity on Joker's is not a reliable indicator. Joker's had him rated at the very bottom the entire season and he walked out of his season one of the most popular players. 


4:00 AM BBT Cody, Enzo and Ian are laughing and talking in the WA. They are talking about previous seasons and the fights that took place, such as the Willie and Joe fight that got Willie expelled. 


4:04 AM BBT The conversations between Ian, Cody and Enzo are wrapping up. They start heading off to bed. 


4:10 AM BBT Everyone is now in bed with all the lights off. 

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2:05 AM BBT

The feeds cut around 2AM and when they return Nicole is in the bathroom crying to Dani about Cody " He was getting defensive....He argues with me for no reason....he doesn't know when to freakin stop....he said I don't even gotta be worrying about that because Christie doesn't flirt with other guys....I Don't Either"

Dani: I don't think he was trying to say you do

Nicole: no, everything I say he just gets so defensive    [Cody thinks before he speaks and he is quite insensitive, but I don't think he was poking or prodding Nicole at all. She is being way too over sensitive in this situation, IMHO  -MamaLong]

Dani: he was just trying to play with you because he feels so comfortable with you

Nicole: God he is so annoying...I just hate him sometimes. I know you don't think it's anything, but he doesn't know when to stop.

Dani: I agree with that

Nicole: it's probably going to be a whole week of me crying...I'm so sensitive

*feeds cut




The backyard was closed around 2:10 AM.



3:45 AM BBT

Cody, Ian and Enzo are chatting about Kaysar and Janelle in the bathroom. Ian mentions that Kaysar was so well liked in BB 6 and 7 "very, very popular"

Cody and Enzo ask why and Ian explains that the other side of the house was really nasty...."it was a different time"...called Kaysar names that would be really bad today "like BB15 level", but Ian doesn't want to repeat any of it  "it was bad....BAD

Cody: yeah we don't have to go there

They begin discussing how much of a badass Janelle is....great player




3:57 AM BBT

Cody, Ian and Enzo are talking about Joe and Willie Hantz fighting on BB14

Ian and Cody reenact the fight

Willie was expelled as a result

Ian: I remember how it happened...Willie says "I'm tired of this house full of Pu***s" and Joe says "That's funny, the only pu*** I see in here is you." 

The boys "shout out to Willie Hantz"  but they add "violence is not cool...it's great for TV but it's not cool"








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4:32 AM BBT Memphis gets up to use the WC and then goes back to bed. 


5:50 AM BBT Kevin crawls out of bed and puts on shorts to visit the WC. The camera does not follow but the audio remains on the entire time. We hear him use the bathroom and wash his hands. He then returns to the CBR and removes his shorts again before crawling back into bed. 


8:00 AM BBT All quiet in the BB house. Everyone is asleep. 


8:50 AM BBT Memphis gets up and heads to the WC. The cameras do no follow. 


9:00 AM BBT The feeds finally switch to Memphis who is making his way into the KT. He starts making coffee. 

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9:21 AM BBT The feeds return. Memphis is drinking coffee on the patio. David is in the WA getting ready for the day. BB "Attention HG, there are fresh batteries in the SR. Have you changed your batteries?"


9:27 AM BBT Nicole has gotten up to visit the WC and returned to bed. The only ups who have gotten up and not returned to bed are Memphis and David.


9:31 AM BBT Memphis has refilled his coffee cup and returned to the patio. David has rummaged through the SR fridge and settled on a banana from the counter. BB "Christmas, Cody, Da'Vonne, Enzo, Ian, Tyler, have you changed your battery?"


9:35 AM BBT Da'Vonne and Cody are up. Da'Vonne is sneezing this morning and has gone into the WC to blow her nose. David is straightening up the KT. Several dishes had been left out on the counter last night. He gives a shout out to his pops for making him keep things clean growing up. As a 30 something man, he finds himself doing the same thing because he doesn't like to see a mess. Da'Vonne "Are you talking to yourself?" David "Yes, and I answer myself too." Da'Vonne "Noted."


9:37 AM BBT David speaks to us and says he is going to go outside to workout and train. He needs to win a comp. He hasn't won anything yet. "Except the power, but you guys already know that." He says he needs to train, train in being uncomfortable. Memphis is called to the DR. 


9:40 AM BBT David talks to us in the BY.  He talks about being in the house last time and seeing the BY for the first time. He maps out his path that morning and the feeds switch to all 4 feeds on Bayleigh dressing under the covers in the CBR. Nicole is called to the DR. Christmas is then called to the DR almost immediately afterwards. 


9:45 AM BBT Christmas is up. She is going into her underwear drawer. She looks up at the camera and smiles. Christmas "Do you see my undies?" The camera nods up and down for yes. She then says that she loves flirting with the camera. She asks the camera "Do you think I am cute?" The camera doesn't move. "Doesn't want to answer me now."

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10:04 AM BBT Christmas, Dani, Kevin, Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are up and getting ready for the day. Memphis and David are chatting out on the patio about Memphis getting the call that he was coming on the show. 


10:12 AM BBT the girls are up and getting ready for the day. Da'Vonne is making arrangements to borrow Christmas' nipple covers. Christmas "Us girls got to help each other cover the nips." Memphis and David are outside talking business. 


10:16 AM BBT Da'Vonne is in the WA. She tells Nicole that the first night she slept in the HN room, she had a sleep paralysis dream. That freaked her out. She has only had it happen 3 or 4 times but she definitely didn't like having one in there. 


10:20 AM BBT David, Christmas, Kevin and Memphis are sitting on the patio. They are anticipating a veto ceremony around noon and a Labor Day party this afternoon. They are planning a cornhole tournament. Memphis says he won't be participating in that. His back is messed up. He tried to throw one yesterday and he couldn't do it. 


10:31 AM BBT Da'Vonne, Bayleigh and Cody are getting dressed in the WA. Da'Vonne says when she gets home she is going to have de-spoil her child. Kevin, David, Memphis and Christmas are on the patio discussing fitness wear, particularly shoes. 


10:33 AM BBT In the WA, Bayleigh tells Nicole that she already knows that Nicole is really close to Da'Vonne. She tells Nicole that if she wonders why she isn't approaching her to talk about her vote, it is because she doesn't want to put Nicole in that kind of weird situation. Nicole acknowledges her understanding. 


10:42 AM BBT Bayleigh is speaking to Tyler alone in the lounge. She tells him that she knows the veto isn't going to be used. She also said that Tyler was really sweet with what he said and that she means that. She also said that he has her permission to vote her out because she wants to go and she knows that Da'Vonne wants to stay. She also says that Christmas feels like Tyler's offer was a trap and that she would go after Christmas. Tyler says that the offer was not intended that way but he appreciates it. Bayleigh re-emphasizes that he has her permission to vote against her. They end the conversation with a hug. 

Bayleigh and Tyler.png


11:02 AM BBT Bayleigh talks to Da'Vonne in the WA. Bayleigh tells her that she has come to the conclusion that she is the one leaving because she has made too many people mad. She feels this is all culminating to Da'Vonne staying. Da'Vonne tells her that there is still a lot of BB to be played. 


11:06 AM BBT The HGs are doing their ADL's; either getting ready for the veto meeting or just waiting around for it. Enzo, Cody, Tyler and Christmas are hanging out by the hammock. They tell the live feeders Happy Labor Day. Meanwhile Bayleigh is essentially telling several in the house that it is okay to vote her out. She is going to just go to the DR and wait in there for the veto meeting to start. 


11:15 AM BBT BB calls Christmas to the DR. The house thinks it is time for the veto meeting. She says now way, it's too early. She isn't even dressed yet. She is still walking around in her robe. 


11:18 AM BBT Dani is talking to Ian and Cody on the patio. She says that supposedly Tyler spent 2 hours upstairs with Christmas trying to get sent home last night. She is going to talk to him and ask him what's up. Meanwhile, she questions whether or not she should have even come here. She had a really hard time deciding to do it. Ian and Cody reassure her that she belongs here and that this has just been a really emotionally draining week. 


11:23 AM BBT Nicole goes to join Cody, Ian and Dani on the patio. She tells them that sloppy is very sensitive this week so everyone needs to be nice to her. Dani says that her's and Nicole's cycles are linking up so pretty soon the house is going to have two very hormonal women in it. Cody says that's fine. He will just stay away. 

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11:31 AM BBT In the WA, Da'Vonne whispers to Christmas "So, what are you thinking?" Christmas says that she wants to figure out her game and see how Bayleigh reacts. She needs to gauge that. Da'Vonne "So you are going to" Christmas "I didn't tell you that." Christmas says that Nicole adores Da'Vonne. The house wants her. The Tyler and Bayleigh thing is really weird. She is afraid she is getting pulled into something that has nothing to do with her. 


11:35 AM BBT Christmas tells Da'Vonne that she is afraid that Bayleigh is going to hold on to what happened before. Da'Vonne says that a lot of this has to do with their history with Tyler in the past. Bayleigh never thought that Tyler would try to play her like this. Bayleigh thought their conversation in the beginning was real. It's muddy. Christmas "And I am getting mud all over me." 


11:47 AM BBT Tyler goes up to talk to Christmas alone in the HOH. The feeds switch to all 4 cameras on Kevin, Ian and Dani in the BY. They are hoping for a Labor Day party, but don't expect anyone to come visit the house because of the social distancing requirements. 



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11:45 AM BBT

Tyler and Da'Vonne in the bathroom

Day: I'm constantly asking myself...are you sure...are you sure...are you sure?

Tyler: I'm sure. I would never go back on that...I did what I can but they won't let me

Day: no, you can't  (she means self evict)


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11:52 AM BBT Da'Vonne and Bayleigh are talking in the lounge. Da'Vonne says she wasn't able to get a clear answer from Christmas. She thinks that she is inclined to use it, but it is hard to tell. Bayleigh says that she is getting the feeling that she is not inclined to use it. They discuss how frustrating it is that she won't just tell them. FOTH. 


11:59 AM BBT Christmas and Tyler are talking in the HoH. They are discussing how Tyler confessed. How did you come up to this conclusion? Tyler "I just wanted to go home." 

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Tyler heads in the HOHR to speak with Christmas, but the camera moves to the backyard so we don't get to hear their conversation.

11:59 AM BBT

The camera moves back to HOHR

Christmas: how did you get to this

Tyler: I want to go home

Christmas: Listen, you made a commitment to come here... Listen, Angela gets you a whole lifetime, let the world have you for two more months

Tyler: less than two months....you're right

Christmas: we are in such a great position, we are almost untouchable right now

Tyler: yeah, we just need to squash with Dani...Nicole

12:03 PM BBT

Seems like Tyler has been talked down by production or Christmas and she is not planning to use him as a replacement. "I will not backdoor anyone unless I have to"

Tyler: this has been valuable intel. Now I know what I have to do....and for next week now

12:05 PM BBT

Da'Vonne enters the HOHR and Christmas asks for 3 more minutes with Tyler   *she leaves


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12:02PM BBT Tyler talking to Xmas. She is telling him to talk with other HGs and just let them know he was struggling. SHe then tells him she isn't going to BD anyone. She does an evil laugh and says she loves coming into the house and being a little on the wild side. She is such a good girl outside of the house. She says she is going after people and they can't escape.


12:09PM BBT Xmas tells Tyler to tell the others that she hasn't decided yet. The talk about building trust. Xmas says that she has gotten a lot of HG to trust her this week. Tyler says that he thinks they are ok. Xmas tells him to touch base with the other HG. She says if he does it now, they may think he is still going up.


12:13PM BBT Bay talking to Tyler that she wants his permission for her speech. She says she will word it however he wants. She says it isn't fair she is up against Day because she had nothing to do with it. Bay says that Xmas already knows everything. She wants to talk to Xmas and use him in it. She says she knows the reason she is sitting on the block because of the error of her conversation. Tyler has been sabotaging her game. She wants to suggest him going up. (Tyler knows already that Xmas isn't putting him up)


12:27 PM BBT Bay is getting dressed up for the Veto meeting. Dani and Tyler talking. Dani says that she has never said a bad word against him in the house. Tyler says that he trusts her. He asks her to accept his apologize. She says that she can. They talk about how the game changes everything. He tells her he 1000% believes her.



12:32PM BBT We have reels. Veto meeting time.

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