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Nakomis - (Evicted Week 2)


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How do you know Howie? Is he your friend or does he just live near you? Did he tell you that someone named Toni called him?

I agree that they prolly talked outside of the house. If it wasn't allowed, they should have been sequestered.

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I think taking Nak out was a bad decision.

She did almost do it to herself allining (sp?) with ANYONE.

She would of done much better being herself (which everyone seemed to like more this time around in my opinion) and just going with the flow for a bit.

Best of Luck Nakomis :) I miss seeing her in the mornings :)

LMBO surfgranny!!!!

Anyone have the transcript of her on HC's or perhaps the link. I'm sure I can find it but if someone has it handy...... :)


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