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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Eviction Week 4

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He’s the target. She’s the pawn. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen on eviction night. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, Enzo and Cody had a final two and they were also part of the Slick Six alliance. But all was not well as Dani distrusted Da’Vonne. After Enzo rolled into power, he put up a target and a pawn. At the POV competition, the pawn refused to be Enzo’s puppet.


With the miao miao needing another nominee, Christmas offered him a present. But Enzo also had his eyes on a former winner. When Dani made a Slick Six slip up, Tyler ratted her out to Enzo and they considered making a big move. But at the veto meeting, Enzo kept the target on Kaysar. Tonight, another HG will be evicted, the next HOH will be crowned, and a new room in the BB house will be revealed that promises to shake up the game again!


Julie welcomes us and it’s day 30. The ghost of Janelle continues to haunt the game as her closest ally sits on the block guilty by association. Who will be in the crosshairs after tonight’s HOH is crowned. It’s one thing to plant seeds of doubt, just be careful where you plant them.


We pick up on day 27 after the veto meeting. Enzo says he put up Christmas as a pawn to solidify getting Kaysar out of here. Kaysar says if he put up David it would have been a crap shoot, but putting up Christmas is a clear signal they want him out of the game. Kaysar asks Memphis if he’s going to let those guys run the house? Kaysar says you don’t think the four are running the house and Memphis says there aren’t four people running the house. Memphis says he created the alliance and Kaysar is barking up the wrong tree. Kaysar says it’s frustrating talking to Memphis. Either he’s part of this thing or he has his head in the sand.


Enzo is talking to Cody and they think they should get rid of Kaysar this week, but he’s done with Dani. Enzo says he calls her the gardener because she goes around planting seeds and we see various clips. Enzo is done and he says she’s sloppy. Cody says all of these alliances is messy so he wants to come clean to Enzo. Cody tells him about the alliance between Memphis, Dani, Tyler, Nicole F, Cody, and Christmas. Enzo says he’s in multiple alliances too, but Cody and Tyler are his guys.


Bayleigh is talking to Tyler. Tyler tells us Dani is being extra in the game. She’s busy planting seeds and we see more clips. Tyler says Dani is trying to turn everyone in the Slick Six against each other and she can play the middle and he wants to be the one to end everything she is spreading throughout to the house. Tyler asks Bayleigh if Dani tries to ramp up going against himself and Cody to her? Bayleigh says not to me but maybe to Da. Tyler tells her that’s what Dani is doing to him and Cody. Bayleigh says what makes her nervous about us? Bayleigh thinks it’s just game but it’s messy.


Tyler is now talking to Da in the have-not room and he talks about the David thing being sketchy so now he’s using the Dani situation as a way to get him back in her good graces. Da says with this type of poison going through the alliance, the Slick Six won’t last. She can swing but she better not miss. Da agrees with Tyler that Dani has to go.


Tyler talks to Cody and Enzo and tells him about the conversation with Da. Cody says the Slick Six had the numbers to run the house, but with all the paranoia in the group the alliance is done. Enzo doesn’t mind getting rid of Dani and Da because they don’t trust anyone and can’t be trusted. He’s ok with Dani going because he thinks she’s more dangerous.


Julie welcomes us back and says Kaysar is a dead man walking, but one HG wants to get that dead man talking. Ian is talking to Kevin and he’s wondering about things that are going on. Ian is thinking Cody, Tyler, and Nicole are working together. He asks where Dani fits into things. Ian says Kaysar has been telling him for weeks now that there is a core four running the house, but he would just play dumb.


Kevin says there’s a common two people in many scenarios and they talk about Nicole and Cody. Ian says Nicole and him are paired because they are previous winners. Ian is starting to realize his relationship with Nicole is not what he thought it was because if he and Nicole are on the block, he will be the one in the trouble. Kevin says he’s been stressing that he would be on the outside of the alliance, but Ian is helping him figure things out. And they have to do something about the people running the house or they are going to run circles around them.


Ian is now talking to Bayleigh about an alliance and she says she has people but she’s not sure where their loyalties lie. Ian says he thinks it’s an octopus with a head and then tentacles off. They think Cody and Dani are the head. Bayleigh says Ian is giving him information and it just blew her mind and she’s kind of egging him on because that would be great for her game. She’s ok with things being switched up.


Ian is talking to Kevin and he has an idea. He says they can’t bring everything out into the open because they have a lot to lose, but Kaysar can blow some stuff up. Ian says he wants Kaysar to blow things up but the evidence of his involvement has to go out with him. Ian goes to talk to Kaysar and he says he doesn’t think he can flip votes against Christmas. Ian asks if there is anyone he’d want to do well and Kaysar says Ian would be one.


Ian tells Kaysar he thinks he’s got things mapped out. Ian says he thinks it’s more than four and multiple people believe they are in something and people are starting to compare notes and it’s all leading back to a certain place. Kaysar says Nicole and who? Kaysar says Cody needs to go. Kaysar knows what’s going on. People want him to take the shot they are afraid to make and that sounds like fun. As they finish talking Ian wants a hug and Kaysar leaves and Ian gets emotional and puts his head in his hands.


Christmas volunteered to be the pawn. Kaysar knows he’s the target. It’s time for the live vote and eviction. Christmas says good evening Julie. She does a little poem and asks them to vote the HOH way and that she has a lot of competitions left and asks them to keep Christmas Joy around.


Kaysar is up and he really loves them all on a personal level. When it comes to game play and strategy he thinks they suck. Here’s why. Cody and Nicole have been running the house since day one that will take them all the way. The guys have an alliance because it’s obvious with Enzo and Tyler and David. And Dani is in with Cody and Nicole and no one is willing to take the shot. If they want to play the game and play reunion then keep things the same. If they want to actually try and win then keep him around.


Time to vote!

Cody votes to evict Kaysar.

Memphis votes to evict Kaysar.

Dani never said a bad word about but that was tasteless and disrespectful. She votes to evict Kaysar.

Ian sadly votes to evict his friend Kaysar.

Kevin votes to evict Kaysar.

Da’Vonne votes to evict sadly the brave and courageous amazing all-star Kaysar.

David votes to evict Kaysar.

Bayleigh sadly votes to evict Kaysar.

Nicole votes to evict Kaysar.

Tyler votes to evict Kaysar.

By a vote of 10-0, Kaysar has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


Julie gives the HG the news on the vote. Kaysar tells Cody nothing personal and hugs him. Christmas gives a hug and most of the HG give a pat on the back. Tyler and David hug. Danielle and Nicole walk away from the door. Kaysar hugs Da and Kevin and Enzo and Memphis. Kaysar goes to Dani and Nicole and Nicole looks irritated. HE shakes Ian’s hand and Christmas tells him not to hug Julie. He puts his mask on and he heads out.


Julie says airhug. Julie says that was quite a speech. She asks if he thought he’d get any votes? He knew it was a long shot. That was his hail mary. He knows a few wanted to keep him but they didn’t have the votes and he wanted to leave a present on the way out.


Julie says he got an icy hug from Dani and Nicole, should they be icy? Kaysar says everyone was playing too nice and he wanted to spice things up. It was getting too boring. Julie says Kaysar and Janelle were right about Cody, Tyler, Nicole, and Dani were working together, but so was Christmas and Memphis. Kaysar says oh man. He says they got him. He didn’t see that coming. Julie says Memphis created that alliance and Kaysar says that’s a shocker. He says that’s a huge blindside.


Julie says they heard some pretty deep conversations with Da. How much of it, how much was it game and how much was it to change the world? Kaysar says with a heavy heart he has to tell her that he didn’t come back for the money. He says Big Brother was a platform that changed his life 15 years ago and he thought it was so much more. It was a call to duty to come back because he’s not ok with the world is with so much pain and division and he felt we needed to take a stand and say there’s a better way.


Julie says that’s exactly why the public voted him back in 15 years ago, because he speaks from his heart. She thanks him for coming back. Kaysar thanks her and BB nation and everyone involved in letting him play the game and be part of the BB world. Julie says she has more questions. But now the people who are running the house got Janelle and Kaysar out like they wanted. Now they must turn on each other. The HOH competition is coming up.


It’s time for the HOH competition! Good news, there will be no have-nots this week! This competition is called Filter Face-Off. Two at a time they’ll face off at the podium. They’ll see all 16 all-stars with filters and there will be a question about the photos. The answers will be more exactly or less. If they are correct, they stay in the game and they’ll choose the next two HG to face off. If they are wrong, then they are eliminated and their opponent chooses. If neither rings in, then they are both eliminated unless it’s the final round.


Ian and Kevin are first. In this set of photos, are there more or less or exactly 9 animal filters. Ian rang in less and he’s wrong. There are ten animal filters and Kevin gets to choose people. He picks Nicole and Cody.


Question 2 in this set of photos are there 11 hot dog filters. Cody rings in less and he’s correct. There are only ten. Cody selects Kevin and Da’Vonne.


Question 3, are there more, exactly, or less than 5 vampire filters. Kevin rings in less and he is wrong. There are exactly 5. Da selects Cody and Memphis.


Question 4, are there more, exactly, or less than 12 filters with some type of glass. Cody rings in less and he’s incorrect. There are 13. Memphis selects Dani and David.


Question 5, are there more, exactly, or less than 7 bird beaks filters? David rings in less and he’s incorrect. There are exactly 7. Dani selects Bayleigh and Da’Vonne.


Question 6, are there more, exactly, or less than 7 unicorn filters. Da rings in less and she’s correct. There are only 6. Da selects Dani and Memphis.


Question 7, are there more, exactly, or less than 9 filters with hats. Dani rings in less and she’s incorrect. There are exactly 9. Memphis selects Tyler and Da’Vonne.


Question 8, are there more, exactly, or less than 9 cat filters. Da rings in exactly and she’s correct. Christmas and Memphis are up next.


Question 9, are there more, exactly, or less than 5 filters with upside down faces. Both are looking and Memphis hits exactly and he’s incorrect.


It comes down to Da’Vonne and Christmas. Question 10, are there more, exactly, or less than 10 filters using the color orange. Da hits less and she’s incorrect. Christmas is the new HOH!


Sunday they will reveal a new room. The BB basement. One competition played completely in the dark will award THREE new game changing powers.

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