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Friday, September 4, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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*The feeds were down from 11:50 to about 12:29 AM


12:29 AM BBT

Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, David and Kevin are in the CBR trying to determine the name of their alliance

Kevin: Team Seasoning

Bay: no absolutely not, that ship has sailed

*feeds cut*

We return to the HGs in the kitchen preparing food


12:30 AM BBT

Christmas is stockpiling items from the SR into her HOH robe and carrying it like a sack

Big Brother put items in the SR for Christmas. The is a large white bag of items in the SR fridge that she decides to leave there

Christmas: Oh my God. I feel loved. Did they get me Burrata? They got me Burrata  and cheese cake.  [Burrata is an Italian cheese]

David: They love you

CHristmas: My tongue just has a tongue-asm....kombucha, fruit, YES!




12:36 AM BBT

Cody, Nicole, Kevin, Tyler, Dani, Enzo and David are in the bathroom

Cody is making fun of David in the bathroom because his butt is wet after being in the loo. He says the thing sprays him (the bidet)

David: everytime, it keeps getting on me when I go in there....I have a big ass. What can I do. Right Dani?  

Dani: yeah, we live in a swamp

Cody: we can always hear it draining

Dani: I'm washing my face in a fucking swamp




Enzo and Cody are talking about the bed arrangements. Enzo says "can't have no bad juju" He claims the KBR has bad juju because all the evictees were sleeping in there

Cody: Nah, I'm taking that bad juju  [Be careful what you wish for, Cody  -MamaLong]


12:39 AM BBT

David and Tyler are talking about noms

Tyler: you'll be okay

David: I feel good

Tyler: she is pulling a Memphis

David: Huh?

Tyler: she's pulling a Memphis, but not a discreet Memphis

David: that's the way I would do it    [I'm so tired of an HOH that gets power with the ability to make a respectable play, but won't to keep shit off their shoes.]


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1:38 AM BBT

Nicole and Ian are in the Love Lounge

She tells Ian not to worry  

Nicole: She said she does not have anything against you

Ian: I want to talk to Day and Bay.....people are  linking them all the time. I felt really bad because right after I said "Day"

Nicole: I do understand that they are being linked together but they are each other's number ones (she says that is the reason she is targeting them)

Ian: yeah, they are each other's number ones

Nicole: Ian, I just want to check in.... I really care about you, okay...I am so sorry if I ever stepped on your toes or came off as aggressive. I never meant to come across as....I hope you understand where I was coming from

Ian: that's fine

Nicole: I hope you don't take anything personal

Ian: okay

Nicole: if you have anything to talk about with me

Ian: I think it's just when the bullhorn happened, I just got my feelings hurt  [The "bullhorn" revealed Nicole's F2 as Cody, not Ian. Thus, he feels used]

Nicole: Shame on me. I totally get it and I'm sorry I should have been more sensitive and figured that out....I probably would have felt that way, too. I sensed that today and it's a crappy way to feel

Ian: That's why I was in the DR so long....when I decided to do this I was like okay it's Big Brother...but because of the fact we know each other outside of here. We are friends outside of here. We've all met. I've met Day, Cody, Kevin...I've met everyone. It is taking a lot out of me because my moral compass does not agree with me playing this game with friends

Nicole: really? do you feel like  *feeds cut*




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1:44 AM BBT

Enzo and Christmas are in the HOHR discussing the competition and potential noms

Christmas: Tyler is like real....so by the book for this game. You know, he doesn't let his emotions get in the way. Like he's...that's what makes him so

Enzo: yes, and when he knows we got to strike on somebody, he's gonna strike....like that's how he fucking plays...Yes!

Christmas: I feel like....  I hope that my game is a lot similar to his, where I am fun and bubbly but

Enzo: yes when you get down to business you get down to fucking business

Christmas: I get down to fucking business

Enzo: and that's how I am playing this season....I love that

Christmas: and don't cross me

Enzo: and if you are loyal to me and you have already proved that and I have proved that to you.... I got your fucking back, and whoever we got to take out, we fucking out  (Christmas claps) and I win HOH I put up...(indicating they will work together)

She hugs him showing she is so happy to have his support and continue working with him.



Enzo: and that's what I'm trying to say.....that's how we have to play... like Ian is awesome. I like him...

Christmas says she likes everyone in the house 

Enzo: I like them all...that's the way I see it 

Christmas: I agree! Ian totally threw the comp today

Enzo:  I seen that  Bayleigh dropped in up here and we were talking

Christmas: he has a photographic memory, he doesn't  lie well

Enzo: yes, he didn't want to choose anybody...he has it good right now...all over the place

Christmas: too good

Enzo: he is a Big Brother champion. No one is gonna be bothered by that. That's good.

Enzo: you (Ian) picked the wrong answer on purpose

Christmas: yes, that's why...but, it sparked my interest...you threw it because you didn't want to show your cards (talking about Ian)

They agree that Ian threw the comp

Christmas: what was most interesting to me today ...like, there is a lot of activity  Holy Shit, you had a smooth one

Enzo: yo

Christmas: as soon as I got done I was like 'taking meetings right now'

Enzo: Good because nobody picked you; you were there all the way to the end (HOH Comp)

Chris: next time it won't be that...I'm gonna do what a lot of people don't want to do...I'm not skating on this

They discuss that Dani has been playing both sides  "being in with everybody"

CHris: I see that but now they are at each other

Enzo: keep them in the house and let them go at each other

Chris: Dani I'm not fucking worried about. She's gonna

Enzo: she's gonna drown herself in this game

Chris: Once she flips....she's at out  (she means once Dani gets angry)

Enzo: yeah, just let them go at each other

Chris: Ian is not a concern, but I see what he did and that red flags me. And then...

Enzo: Memphis I love

Chris: Dude, he is my dude....this guy doesn't give a fuck....

Enzo: there is just no chill in his game

Chris: I mean Day got picked again, and again, and again. What does that mean? What is she doing? Am I missing something.

Enzo: What is she doing? Yeah, what?

Chris: we have been pulled in a room multiple times together and she has never come to me and said I am interested in working together, until tonight

Enzo: yeah

Chris: I told her in the beginning...the first week, we were in the room together and I told them if I get HOH we're good, but that was the first week....but we never made anything official

Enzo: she got mad at me when I gave you the plus one. What is going on......I hate that shit. Ian too. I win HOH and he's like oh, buddy, buddy. In this game actions speak louder than words. You have to prove something to me.

Chris: I do want to tell you that Kevin...he suddenly today said "I can't wait to make something official"

Enzo: with Nicole?

Chris: yeah, so I think he is..

Enzo: he is doing the same thing to everybody

Chris: so when he picked, saying I don't know, I'm freaked out...and he picked Nicole and Cody

Christmas feels he is a floater but he is starting to prove that he will work with them 'I want to keep him in our sights"

Enzo: yeah, keep him close

Chris: for me, personally for my game....we have a lot of friendlies, but 

Enzo: this is a business

Chris: I have a good working relationship with Nicole...with Ian...we have Kevin. I want to trust him but the things I'm hearing, it makes me want to...

Enzo: you just blew my mind just now, because it makes sense

Chris: and he is probably telling everyone (the same thing) but it's week 5

Enzo: if you haven't picked somebody that you want to have a working relationship with. Don't just say it, do it! .....get out of here (now thinking Kevin is too wishy washy)

Chris:  it's gonna piss everybody...there is gonna be an emotional reaction

Enzo tells her she doesn't have to bounce ideas off of him, only if she wants...he is there for her however she needs "whatever you do, I'm with it. I don't care"

Chris: and we take the other one out next week

Chris: I'm pretty set on what I'm going to do

Enzo: I trust you...do whatever...and if people ask me I'm gonna tell them that it's your HOH "that's my baby momma...she gonna tickle what she got to tickle"

Chris: They won't like my tickling tomorrow

Enzo: it's a game

Chris: I personally feel bad about how this is gonna affect them, but this is a game move...that's my only fucking move

Enzo: that's it.....that's it...I'm with that 100%

Chris: I have no fucking problem doing what needs to be done  [sounds like Day and Bay are going up]

Enzo: I don't want to bother you too much

Christmas says she is going to try to take all the comps this week "triple crown"

Chris: okay ladies...step it up...you're on the block you want to win? You got to win it now

Enzo: yeah, we get the pick then secure the nominations...that's it

Chris: perfect. Thanks for sneaking back up here

Enzo: that's it...that's it Yo

Chris: This week! Come up here whenever you want!

Enzo: you got to tickle it

They say goodnight and he leaves.

2:04 AM BBT

Enzo heads to the bathroom where Kevin is sitting. He plays dumb when Kevin questions him about her noms "I don't fucking know. She's gonna do what she  is gonna do. I don't know what it is." 

2:06 AM BBT   Enzo passes through CBR to Bayleigh and tells her "She is doing like Memphis. She's not saying shit"

Bayleigh says she hopes it's what she thinks it will be  [it's not  -MamaLong]

Bay: it's two things....either she is gonna go after Cody and Tyler or she will come after me and Day

Enzo: we'll see

Bay: we're gonna see...okay, love you...good night








2:23 AM BBT

Da'Vonne is alone in the Love Lounge "Hey y'all! So, I just want to stay consistent with Day's Diary Discussion about my gameplay....so, I mean y'all saw everything that happened went down today with how close I came to that that HOH and everything that happened with Nicole and Dani and Cody and Ian. Now, although if I would have won that HOH it would have been perfect. I have reason to put all three up. But I didn't win HOH. That's okay. Christmas is in power. Now, the plan is to get Christmas to do all the work. We'll see what happens with that. Stay tuned. Now, this tour that I just went on...First, I had to start with Ian and the reason I have to do this is because Ian, Nicole, and Cody can still play in the HOH competition next week  if they are still here so I need to make sure to cover my bases. I'm pissed off. I want all of their asses out. But I have to be smart and cover my bases while I am in this house.


Step 1: go to Ian. Let him know 'I don't know what you've been told, but I got your back.... we in this together...I'm not coming for you, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah'... I know that Ian is the telephone man. So he is going to run that message back. Do your job...I plant the seed, go water it."





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2:15AM BBT: The lights are off in the BB house as almost everyone settles into bed. Da'Vonne is up in the WA, finishing up getting ready for bed. She sits in the lounge and whispers to the cameras. She says she wanted to stay consistent with "Day's Diary Discussions." She talks about how close she came to the HOH and what happened with Cody, Nicole, and Dani. Da'Vonne says if she won HOH, "it would have been perfect." She says Christmas is in power, their plan is to get Christmas to "do all the work. We'll see what happens with that." Da'Vonne says she'll start with Ian, she needs to cover her bases. She says she's "pissed off" and "wants all of their a**es out." She says step one is Ian.


2:24AM BBT: Da'Vonne says step two is talking to Cody, she says Cody is the center of all the alliances and she has to make sure she doesn't "completely piss him off." She says today she let him know that she was going after him, but she didn't win HOH so now she has to cover her bases with him. She plans to play confused with Cody and give him info that he can run to Dani and talk to her about. She hopes to make Dani feel bad with what she tells Cody. 


2:26AM BBT: Da'Vonne says step three is going to Nicole and ask her "what she's doing." Da'Vonne says she has to make her feel bad for how she acted today. She says Nicole "showed all her cards" today. Da'Vonne says she needs to reassure Nicole and do "whatever" she needs to do to make sure she's on good terms with Nicole. Da'Vonne says she needs to make Dani feel like "sh*t." She says Dani needs to feel very bad about everything she's said and everything she's done. Da'Vonne says she won't be talking to Dani, but she'll make sure the message gets back to Dani. Da'Vonne says this is a lesson from an "acting coach" and says "you're welcome." She plans to come to Cody with tears and "whatever" she needs to tell him. Da'Vonne says Cody thinks he's the king, so she'll stroke his ego and make him feel like he's "the man" and "Mr. Popular" and how she really "needs" him in her "Big Brother life." 


2:30AM BBT: Da'Vonne says she wanted to tell us that there is a method to her madness and she knows she looks like she's all over the place, but wanted to update everyone on her plans. She talks to her family and her fans, and says she hopes she's doing it "the right way this time." She says she "loves" everyone and tells us good night. "More shenanigans tomorrow, I'm sure." Da'Vonne gets up and leaves the lounge. 


2:45AM BBT: The lights are off and all of the HGs are in bed. 

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7:22 AM BBT.  The HGs have had their wake up call.  David, Xmas, Dani and Kevin appear to be the only ones up. Xmas is wearing her red HOH robe.  


8:14 AM BBT.  Not much going on this morning so far.  David showered and Xmas/Kevin were starting breakfast.  There was just general chit chat.  Xmas told David she puts peanut butter on her eggs.  More HGs are getting up now.  

8:22 AM BBT.  We have stars.  

8:28 AM BBT.  Feeds are back.  Cody is drying his hair with a towel in the WA.  All 4 cameras are on him.  You can hear voices in the background.  


8:29 AM BBT.  Enzo comes into the WA.  Cody tells him Memphis is in the WC.  Enzo asks what time it is.  Cody tells him 8:30, what the f**k are we doing up?!  He says he is taking naps, NAPS!  


8:38 AM BBT.  HGs are having breakfast or just getting up.  Dani says she has never heard of cooking eggs in butter.  Memphis explains u butter the pan and how it works better than oil.  

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8:48 AM BBT.  Dani, Kevin. Memphis, David and Cody in the KT.  Kevin says he is stressed out.  Dani says guilty conscience?  Kevin says no, wasn't yesterday stressful?  Memphis doesn't think they'll do the room today.  He says there is always 1 day a week that BB gets them up early.  Dani says Memphis is crazy if he thinks nothing is going on this week.  Memphis thinks next week will be a DE and then BB will f**k us and then f**k us again!  Xmas tells David she needed to show herself that she deserved to be here and be able to play the way she wanted to play.  She says she had a lot of self doubt on her performance bcuz she couldn't do anything.  She wondered if she got to F3 bcuz she was carried or bcuz of her social game.  She says she now knows she earned that spot.  

9:01 AM BBT.  Xmas says she is making banana bread today.   Dani asks if she'll make a began one too.  Xmas says yes but will u help me.  BB calls Xmas to the downstairs DR.  In the HOHR, Kevin tells Xmas he supports her and whatever she wants to do, no pressure, focus on her game.  He hugs her.  She says she is scared of the twist and she loves every person but this is a game.  He says he supported her before she had power.  

9:05 AM BBT.  Xmas is getting ready in her HOH bathroom, she was called to the downstairs DR.  She has been wearing her red HOH robe around the house all morning.  Feeds go to stars and then to the kitties, puppies and bunnies!  

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9:18 AM BBT

The HGs had an early wake up call for the new room "Basement" competition that they are unaware of. The competition comes with three powers [tee hee.....can't wait. I hope Day secures safety because Christmas plans to put up Bay and Day  -MamaLong]



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1:28 PM BBT

The feeds are finally back (Bay is upset), but then cut to stars when Cody starts talking about the DR and being pissed


Bay is sobbing and Da'Vonne tells her "you can't carry that...you can't hold that weight"

1:26 PM BBT

Tyler, Nicole and Dani are in the loft talking about the comp

Nicole says she had to take her pants off "I think they knew I was struggling.....they said you can play without pants"

Tyler asks so you just had everything hanging out there. Nicole says she had underwear on. He asks if her shirt was long enough

Nicole says she wears granny panties

1:27 PM

Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are in the bathroom. "I'm just trying to conduct myself in a way that is well received.  I'm trying so hard. I don't know what to do" Bay is upset and crying, saying she tries to hold it in but then she "can't breathe...and then I feel bad...and I said...and then she says I was blowing up Enzo's game...what are you doing?....apparently I'm not thinking straight. I'm just trying to, you know..."  *feeds cut

The girls have gone in the loo to talk in complete privacy. Kevin and David are walking around not knowing what to do

Da'Vonne: you can't carry that weight...that's deeper than me and you. I promise you it is. 

Bayleigh: if I have any kind of emotion or any response at all....I just don't know...it seems like everybody is so scared of me and I don't know why

Day: but you can't carry that...I promise you, that's not you

Bayleigh: it's so much pressure. I don't want to hold onto it  (she tries breathing deeply, she is sobbing)

Day: that's deeper than me and you

Bayleigh: I feel like I am digging myself in a big hole and can't win...Who did they call?

Day: I think they called Enzo...no they are calling you

Bay/Day exit the loo and Bay washes her face to head for the DR





Bayleigh: I'm coming...just give me a second

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1:33 PM BBT

Enzo and Ian are in the PBR talking about how stressful things are right now

Enzo: I'm like this close (shows thumb and pointer finger) from fucking snapping

Ian: Same

*feeds cut*


1:39 PM BBT

Enzo leaves PBR and Nicole enters

Nicole: everything is crazy

Ian: I know

Nicole: it really has nothing to do with you

Ian: what is going on?

Nicole tells Ian that (Bay or Day....couldn't hear) went to Dani and said she knows there are three people confirmed she is coming after her so those people are sweating buckets. Dani was like who are the three people?

Ian: it wasn't me

Nicole: and it wasn't me

Ian: I heard that ...she was running the show and I was like

Nicole: I don't know. I'm not saying anything...I don't want to get in the middle of anything

Ian: well I did not say it, so...I think also Bayleigh is also getting a little desperate

Nicole: yeah and I think she will throw anyone under the bus...Dani knows it is not me

The camera switches to Enzo and Dani in the KBR


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1:27 PM BBT.  Feeds are back.  Cody and Xmas are talking in the HOHR.  Cody says this had nothing to do with you.  Xmas says I automatically want to comfort people.  Cody says if you want to comfort her then do it.  Xmas says "she" is going to have a bad day.  Xmas says all this is already in play.  Cody says it is what it is.  He tells her she ks a good person so that weighs on her more than the difficulty of nominating someone.  


1:29 PM BBT.  Bayleigh is in the WA.  She is crying.  She is talking with Da'Vonne.  We get stars.  


1:35 PM BBT.  Ian and Enzo in the PBR.  Enzo says he respects Ian bcuz he took Dan out.  Xmas and Cody in the HOHR.  Xmas says I was at the podium when the last one was found, it was me, him and 2 other people maybe Ian and Nicole, but I know he was there.  She says I thought I had it.  Cody says at the end of it I had the piece but I don't know if it was the right says.  Xmas says I think I pushed "him" out of the way.  She says 30 seconds after is when it popped.  She says don't come at me with suspicious eyes.   


1:40 PM BBT.  In the HOHR, Xmas and Memphis. He says I didn't get the power.  Memphis says Kevin is acting funny so u should feel him out.  She says I'm trying to get him to do some recon to test him if he can and his loyalty.  She says I think he's failing.  Memphis says he is bad at holding his emotions.   Enzo & Ian talking in the PBR.  Nicole comes in.  Enzo asks if Dani is alright.  Nicole says she is mad at u.  He says should be mad at lther people too.  Nicole says Bayleigh went up to Dani and said 3 people told me you're coming after me.  


1:42 PM BBT.  In the HOHR, Memphis asks if Xmas talked to Dani.  Xmas says I am not talking to her until she calms down.  Xmas says it started yesterday, no several days ago.  Xmas says Bayleigh is in bad shape right now, she is really upset.  


1:43 PM BBT.  Enzo and Dani in the KBR.  Enzo says she came to me, Cody and Tyler and says I've been hearing she's coming after us.  He says I told her to talk to Dani.  He says I said Bayleigh u put me on the spot.  


1:45 PM BBT.  In the HOHR, Xmas tells Memphis this whole Bayleigh thing is freaking me out.  Memphis says her attitude toward the game lately is whatever.  Memphis says if I go home next week whatever, I'll say good game.  Enzo and Dani still talking in the KBR.  


1:46 PM BBT.  Xmas tells Memphis that Bayleigh seemed really defeated after that veto.  They comment on how she threw her glasses.   


1:47 PM BBT.  Kevin and Xmas in the HOHR.  Kevin says everyone is acting a fool right now.  Xmas aks if Bayleigh is ok, is it personal or game.  Kevin says I know there is something with Dani.  Xmas says if it's game I am staying out of it, if it's personal I want to comfort her.  


1:50 PM BBT.  Cody and Tyler are whispering in the loft.  Cody asks if she did this on your season.  Tyler says yes, she always is the victim.  Xmas and Kevin still in the HOHR.  


1:51 PM BBT.  Tyler tells Cody this is why Bayleigh can't be in jury.  Cody says she needs to go.   


1:53 PM BBT.  Kevin and Xmas in the HOHR.  Xmas says so I'm a 5th wheel?  He says I don't know where u rank?  Kevin says who told u Janelle said your name.  Xmas says Janelle told me.  He says she said your name?  She says Janelle told me the name of who did.  Kevin says to me that shows ranking.  Kevin says he thinks Janelle/Kaysar saw cracks in things and applied pressure to them.  He says the were half truths.  


1:56 PM BBT.  Cody and Tyler still whispering in the loft.  Xmas and Kevin still going over things and confirming things with each ither in the HOHR.  

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1:40 PM BBT

Enzo tells Dani that Bayleigh came to him, Cody and Tyler yesterday saying she heard from 3 people that Dani was coming after her. Enzo says he told her to talk with Dani about it "I'm not getting involved....fuck that" Dani says Bayleigh said she took the first shot by putting them up (Bay and Day against each other for the HOH comp) but what was she supposed to do, she says Bay was acting weird hadn't looked at her for days. Bayleigh told Dani about three people saying she was after her "she says three people but won't tell me who....I told her go get them"  Enzo is defending himself saying he doesn't want to be a part of the drama. Dani says she is too old for this and can't deal with it

Enzo: Christmas is putting them up anyways

Dani: Core Four and that's it

Enzo: it is what it is...shit happens...get the fuck outta here..

Dani: no, I'm not mad at you, I just can't live in a house with tension

Enzo: Bayleigh came to us and said so we told her go talk to Dani

Dani: I swear I'm not mad at you at all


1:58 PM BBT

Enzo runs up to the loft to cover his bases with Tyler and Cody. He tells them what he told Dani.."Oh shit, oh shit....I told Dani about Bayleigh coming to us"

Enzo: oh shit...Bayleigh knows who did it


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1:59 PM BBT

Cody: is that Christmas Is somebody coming?

Tyler: it's Enzo

Cody: oh shit

Enzo: Yo I talked to Dani....(repeats their convo) Bayleigh knows who did it....Ian....she didn't tell her who it was...but she knows...Dani isn't mad

Cody: Yes she is

Tyler says something completely inaudible

Cody: she is pissed.....she always is like 'I really trust you'

*feeds cut to stars then Rancho Coastal [time for noms, perhaps]



2:26 PM BBT

The feeds come back to David and Tyler in the kitchen

2:29 PM BBT

Dani is crying in the PBR...Tyler is trying to console her  "it's just a game"

Dani: this is nothing like my real life.....I get along with everyone

Tyler: it's impossible in this game

Tyler goes on to tell her not to let people victimize themselves and make her the aggressor "I dealt with that"

Ian comes in: hey what's up...I don't enjoy this anymore

Tyler: it's not fun

Ian asks her if she needs anything. Dani says she is fine


Da'Vonne is in the HOH telling Christmas there is so much drama in the house

CHris: this just happened though

Da'Vonne: it started last week




2:35 PM BBT

Kevin comes in and says "why is everyone crying"

Dani: I'm having a bad day

Kevin: why are you having a bad day?

Dani: because I live here  [so similar to Jani's "because I'm 40" response....real and true]

Kevin tells her she is a cute crier

Dani: this is not embarrassing  

David is lurking in the room too


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 2:26 PM BBT.  Feeds are back.  Da'Vonne and Xmas in the HOHR.  Da'Vonne says she told Bayleigh to clock out bcuz your mind is more important.  She says Bayleigh is taking a nap.  Da'Vonne says I know we're playing for $500,000 but after this your mind has to be right.  


2:28 PM BBT.  Da'Vonne asks how Xmas is.  She says it's exhausting.  They talk about how Enzo said it was so hard and exhausting.  She says in her other season it was so late in the game & being HOH was easier, they knew what they wanted to do. 


It sounds like the comp was played with multiple (possibly all) players at the same time.  There was talk of puzzle pieces needing to be the right shape & bringing them to a podium (I think).  Having to go down and dig for them was also mentioned.  

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2:30 PM BBT

Back to the conversation in the HOHR between Da'Vonne and Christmas. 

Christmas asks Da'Vonne for details because she is confused over the drama. Day tells her that some say it was rumors from Kaysar. Da'Vonne says it is basically like the telephone game. Christmas mentions how Kaysar would pull her in a room and have an elaborate plan and she hated it because he never had the numbers for anyone to side with his ideas. "I thought this (the drama) was a stem from his speech" Day tells her that the grumblings began last week. Day says when she heard Kaysar's speech she thought "okay, 2 + 2 might equal 4 but then when we played the game...the HOH comp...shit! things are starting to make sense now"

Chris: but wouldn't Kaysar have told her that (the source) trying to get her riled up

Day says Bayleigh won't even tell her the source so she can fact check "at this point I don't feel like this is doing anything to your game

Chris: it's some side show crap...it's that big of a deal to make this much stress

Day: I agree...everyone running around like a chicken with their head cut off....I was doing my hair for like an hour and a half. I don't want to deal with this shit

Christmas: I know you were so chill...this sucks

Day:this is my last little bid...yesterday was an elimination game so you wanted to get out the people you didn't trust. I had five opportunities to pick you and I didn't. 

Chris: yes ma'am

Day: I only picked you at the ass end because I didn't have a choice...and I only felt safe with me, you or Bayleigh. hope that means something to you

Chris: yes ma'am

Day: I just want to extend that olive branch

Chris: thank you

Day: so you knew

Chris: I appreciate that s=because some people are so obscure...I do want to talk to everybody but I feel like this is a terrible HOH to have....it's not that I feel safe with everybody. But for me, it sucks. WHy didn't you get it right? I know it's  a salt in the wound questions, but why didn't you get it right

Day: everything happens for a reason....I was like one of us is gonna see our baby today....I was okay with that because I know you needed it and I needed it, so it's okay

Christmas: but I do wish you had won...I say this whole heartedly, I hope you win one soon

Day: thank you

Chris: you are very analytical in here and I think it's going to serve you well, but I really do wish you had won this one   [ouch...Day isn't catching on]

They begin discussing Christmas' boyfriend and how he is military special forces. Day says she sees what she means "he is not what I expected"

CHristmas: he is fucking nerdy.....but I really do wish you had won this one...I want to see you win

Day: thank you....if it is me, can you let me know in advance so I'm not caught off guard

Chris: I'm not letting anyone know anything, but I will follow up with every person afterwards

Christmas refers to the HOH as being a position of service, not power

Day says she understands    [I think she suspects, but hopes she won't be put up, and Day's conversation with Christmas was an excellent reminder that she is willing to work with her  -MamaLong]


They begin discussing the competition. Day says it was so pitch black and she was terrified (it sounds like Hit the Road comp from BB21) They describe trying to get through different rooms. Christmas says the powers are kind of freaking her out. Day says the curse is still upon her because she didn't get one "I was like how are y'all running in nothing?" They both laugh that they moved like grannies and just had fun.

Day: people was smacking me in the head and we don't know if this face is big or small...I knew I didn't have it

They start laughing about Nicole finishing in her underwear.

Chris: it was like ten minutes in and she got in the goop. I hear her  "I can't get out...Christmas, how do I get out of here?" 

Christmas says she just didn't respond.  "I was in the same position...I was like how do you know it's fucking me (beside her)...why are you calling my name out?"

Day: Do you think they will have us do it today?

Chris: I think so. They just want us to do the DRs before.   (she means nominations)








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