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America's Got Talent Season 15 - Quarter Final Round 4


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So far, the quarter finals have been exhilarating, heart pounding, turbocharged, a Kia commercial. Tonight, fasten your seatbelt. The race to the Semi-Finals is on! Welcome to America's Got Talent with your host, Terry Crews!

Please say hello to your judges, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara, and your Zoom Audience Wall! Tonight, the final 11 acts compete for just 5 spots in the Semi-Finals. The Finale is in just 3 weeks! We continue to wish Simon Cowell a quick recovery.

Tonight's first act comes from Plano, TX, the C.A. Wildcats Cheer Team! Breaking stereotypes, practicing 2B perfect, athletes, not a sideline act, they perform their cheer routine, full of high energy tricks, acrobatics & dancing but team synchronization could use work.

Heidi tells the crew on the Zoom Wall they are like a soda that you shake and just explodes. Howie says it's very exciting, the American version of VUnbeatable, but was it better? Don't start, says Sofia, the energy was unbelievable, it's not easy, better job than last time.

Next is country singer Kenadi Dodds, insipred by her little sister, performing her original song Dancing Through The Stars from a blue flowered garden, she has a big, pure voice, her vocal emotionally connected, honest and entrancing.

Kenadi appears in person on the stage and Heidi says she's great, did a fantastic job, the music world will be calling. Howie says the song didn't do it for him personally, doesn't stand without the backstory. Sofia says she has a beautiful family, but first song was better.

For the next act, we head to Romania for puppeteers Lightwave Theater Company with a story about surviving the pandemic created during a pandemic. From a local theater, it is the story of a girl and her dogs isolated at home but remaining socially connected. Howie delivers an X midway.

Howie found it depressing, says it wasn't upped from the last time, same dog, same puppets, what was the message? Heidi says the message was doing for others, this is our reality, people are alone. Sofia says it was a beautiful story but it despite the challenges, first one was better.

The next act hopes to inspire with their 3-way harmony, it's Resound. Unemployed and unable to perform during the pandemic, they refused to give up and remembered why they got together in the first place. From the AGT stage, they sing Fall On Me (Andrea Bocelli).

Resound's harmonies are soft and gentle, floating through the air with perfect harmony, the vocals emotionally charged and powerful, with just enough dynamic range and acrobatics to keep it interesting and not too sleepy. Howie says so beautiful, the bar is still set.

Sofia tells Resound that their voices are amazing, uplifting, nothing bad to say. Heidi says three beautiful people with three beautiful voices, you have a light around you, so pretty. Resound says during this pandemic, if you can't find the light, be the light.

Next is the dance & percussion group, Divas & Drummers of Compton. Uniformed & masked on a football field under the lights, They perform with lights, fire, pyros, smoke, energy and a whole lot of attitude. Much tighter than Cheer team, & the moving camera work added production value.

Heidi says they were incredible, the choreography, energy, and Kelly even performing pregnant. Howie says she's pregnant? I loved the production and the reproduction! Sofia says they are so inspiring and uplifting, the speech before was even better than the performance.

Next is singer Celina Graves, singing Strong (London Grammar) from a Universal backlot street, her voice penetrates the night air and echoes off the facade walls, powerful yet nuanced, soft and strong at the same time, her voice raw yet confident. Just wow, says Terry.

In the studio, Sofia tells Celina that she's the highlight of the night, flawless, the way you look. Heidi says you have prepared your entire life for this performance and you nailed it. Howie says singers have to really up their game and America will remember your style & talent.

Next is 7th grader Noah Epps who brings character, story and original choreography to his art. Set in an arcade, it's a contemporary dance w/video tricks that morph into a nightmare. The dance was good but I couldn't establish the story or character.

Heidi said top notch solo dance performance, so many will copy you. Well done. Sofia said you have a strong sense of where you want to go, what you want to do, you do it all yourself at your age. Noah says his inspiration was from a movie to express what he can't in real life.

In 2018, comedian Alex Hooper bombed on the AGT stage, but he's back & as colorful & insulting as ever. He prances onto the royal stage and reads a story, As The World Burns, complete with digital illustrations. And then the roasting begins: Terry, Howie, Heidi and Sofia, even Simon.

Howie says he didn't get it Alex's first time but he does now, he's the new Don Rickles. Sofia says her problem is Howie has been negative all night and this guy destroys me and he's clapping! It is horrifically mean and funny. 

Heidi tells Alex Roses are Red, Violates are blue, some people are funny, not sure about you.

17yr old singer Thomas Day was unable to perform tonight, so guitar duo Broken Roots was given a 2nd chance in the competition. Singing I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (U2) on an outdoor stage, their vocal harmonies, country twang were entertaining & deserving.

Sofia tells Broken Roots it's a good surprise you are back, you were meant to be here, all-American good men. Howie says you rose to the occasion of the opportunity, AGT Stage or Coffee House music. Heidi says you used your second chance well. 

Now we go to Germany for acrobatic trio The Bello Sisters, With strobe lights simulating a stormy night, they perform their balancing routine on an eerily lit, smoky stage. The light staging distracts from the difficulty and power of the performance, which was very strong.

Heidi said that was beautiful to watch, a great combo of talent & stunning. Sofia says they looked spectacular, there's no reason they couldn't be in Vegas. Howie says there's usually a man in these acts to do the lifting, but to see 3 women do this is amazing, you'll have a great career. 

The final act tonight brought the power of the spoken word to AGT, Howie's Golden Buzzer, Brandon Leake. A cross between coffee shop poetry and a Ted Talks, he talks about his mother's fear for his life, the Black person's fear of death, of finally going viral after being killed.

Howie is stunned. Heidi says that was powerful, happy you chose this platform for your honest, true and necessary words. Sofia says your talent is something special, I want to keep hearing you. Howie says this is above and beyond anything on AGT, you gave me a glimpse of your mom's life.

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Last night, 11 acts brought their A game but tonight, only 5 survive. It's America's Got Talent, the Quarter Finals Results! Just 3 weeks until the winner of AGT 2020 is named. Tonight 5 acts join the first 15 in the Semi-Finals. There's going to be heartbreak!

Last night, Howie was down, then up, then down, then up again. Heidi made up a poll, and Sofia hit her buzzer! Oh, and the C.A. Wildcats cheered, Kanadi Dodds sang, Lightwave Theater Co. performed, Resound harmonized, Divas & Drummers pounded, Celina Graves sang...

... And Noah Epps danced, Alex Hooper insulted, Broken Roots sang a second chance, Bello Sisters acrobatted (is that a word?) and Brandon Leake brought the house down with nothing more than the power of his words. Who was voted through? Who is in danger? And who is gone?

The top 3 acts will go through to the Semi-Finals on your vote. The acts in 4th, 5th and 6th place will be in danger and face the Dunkin' Save vote. In no particular order, the acts on the bubble are... Bello Sisters, Celina Grabes and Resound. The Dunkin Save voting is now open.

Who is going to keep their journey going? Let's get to the first result. Good luck to all of you. Kanadi Dodds and Noah Epps, please step forward. America has voted, and the first act going into the Semi-Finals is...   Kanadi Dodds! We say goodbye to Noah Epps.

Here comes the next result. Good luck everybody. Alex Hooper, Lightwave Theater Company and Broken Roots, please step forward. America has voted. The next act going into the Semi-Finals is...   Broken Roots! Thank you Alex and Lightwave.

Let's keep it going. Brandon Leake, C.A. Wildcats and Divas and Drummers, please step forward. America has voted. The third act going into the Semi-Finals is...   Brandon Leake! Thank you to C.A. Wildcats and Divas & Drummers. The master of words thanks America for your votes.

There are just minutes left to vote in the Dunkin Save. But first, tonight, Duo Transcend is back, performing their aerial act to the live performance of Cam!

Next,Sofia and Mr. Grumpy demonstrate her ventriloquist skills for Darci Lynne and Edna. What makes Mr. Grumpy grumpy is that Sofia is so bad a ventriloquist. Howie joins them w/his Simon Cowell dummy. Edna complains his lips are moving. Howie says but Simon's aren't.

Back to the results, there are 2 spots left and the first goes to the winner of the Dunkin Save. Voting is now closed. Let's do this. Welcome back to Bello Sisters, Celina Graves and Resound. Good luck.

The result is in. The act America has put through to the Semi-Finals is...   Celina Graves!

Just two acts left, one spot remaining in the Semi-Finals and three judges to choose who will get it: the Bello Sisters or Resound. Which act would you put through?

The Semi-Finals vegin next week, but who will join Kanadi Dodds, Celina Graves, Broken Roots, Brandon Leake and the other 15 acts already through? It's time for the Judges' Choice.

Sofia votes for Bello Sisters. Heidi votes for Resound. It's all up to Howie. Howie votes to send into the Semi-Finals...   Bello Sisters! We say goodbye to Resound.

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