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Thursday, September 3, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:30AM BBT: Kaysar wants to talk to Bayleigh, they meet up in the lounge downstairs. In the lounge, Kaysar tells Bayleigh that a few weeks ago Nicole F told Ian to take Janelle out and tried to convince Ian that he is a threat. Kayar says it's Nicole's way of getting Ian to do whatever she wants him to do. Kaysar says Nicole told Ian to win HOH because "Bayleigh and Da'Vonne" are coming after him. Bayleigh asks Kaysar if he's going to "leave things" when he leaves the house, or if he'll blow it all up. Kaysar says he hasn't decided. They talk about Ian and Nicole. 


12:33AM BBT: Kaysar tells Bayleigh that there are "two alliances." He says there's a boys alliance. Bayleigh says she wanted to win HOH anyway, but now that she knows all this she really wants to win. Bayleigh asks about Christmas, Kaysar says Christmas is just "trying to save her a**." Kaysar says if he doesn't blow everything up tomorrow, they need to. Kaysar tells her to put Tyler and Dani up, he says Tyler will take himself off and win VETO and Kaysar says to backdoor Cody. Kaysar says Bayleigh needs to make the two alliances fight against one another. Kaysar says it's all about forcing Cody to choose an alliance. His theory is that both alliances will get mad at Cody and take him out. Bayleigh asks if he's talked to Da'Vonne, Kaysar says no. Bayleigh tells him to talk to Da'Vonne. Kaysar says he told Ian what he knows and that Nicole is just using him. 


12:36AM BBT: Kaysar tells Bayleigh that Ian told him everything he just told her and that Ian knows they're playing him. Kaysar says Janelle was going after Nicole because she uses people to do things and tries to play a "we're all in this together" kind of game. Kaysar tells Bayleigh that they are all using "layers of people" to do their dirty work. Kaysar throws out a few ideas on what he would say if he decided to blow up the house. He says he doesn't think it will make anyone save him. Bayleigh says she wouldn't be "mad about" Kaysar blowing everything up. 


12:42AM BBT: Kaysar and Bayleigh continue to talk in the lounge. Kaysar explains how he figured out the two alliance theory. The rest of the HGs are in the WA getting ready for bed. "Get Cody ought," Kaysar says, "and make them fight." Kaysar says they also have to "piss Dani off." Bayleigh says she's "going to." Bayleigh says she has to figure out what to do with Nicole F, because that's the problem. Kaysar says she'll "slide on by." Bayleigh says Da'Vonne has a thing with Nicole and she won't turn on Nicole, but Bayleigh says Da'Vonne needs to "let that go." They both agree Nicole's game is "super sneaky." Bayleigh thanks him. 


12:45AM BBT: Kaysar and Bayleigh leave the lounge, general conversation throughout the house as the HGs get ready for bed or continue to eat. Bayleigh goes back to finishing up taking her braids out. 


12:54AM BBT:  Kaysar talks to Da'Vonne in the WA. He tells her he just talked to Bayleigh, but it's difficult to hear them whispering because Enzo is making a lot of noise in the KT and Kaysar doesn't have his mic on. Kaysar tells Da'Vonne about the guy's alliance. Kaysar describes one of their alliances as a "weird love triangle." He gives Da'Vonne a summary of what he talked about with Bayleigh. BB tells Kaysar to put his microphone on. Kaysar tells Da'Vonne about talking with Ian and what Ian said about Nicole and the other group. Bayleigh walks in, Kaysar continued to update Da'Vonne on the conversation he had with Bayleigh. Kaysar tells Da'Vonne that Enzo told him he was "afraid of the girls." 


1:06AM BBT: Kevin walks into the WA and the game talk stop. Enzo and Bayleigh walk up to the HOHR. Once inside, Bayleigh wants to know about the "all boys" alliance. Enzo is confused, he says the "all boys thing" is him, Cody, and Tyler. Enzo says David isn't included, but he does like David. Da'Vonne walks in, both Da'Vonne and Bayleigh tell Enzo that Nicole F and Dani "need to go." "We have to take care of them both, one after the other," Bayleigh says. They try to figure out how to do it without Dani blowing everything up. Da'Vonne says Dani has to go before jury, but Nicole can go to jury. Enzo says Ian and Nicole have to go because "they've won their money." 


1:07AM BBT: Bayleigh wants to know why Cody doesn't care about Dani and Nicole going after her and Da'Vonne. Enzo says Cody cares, but doesn't offer any kind of explanation. Enzo says Dani showed a lot of "disrespect" during his HOH. Dani walks in and asks if they should get everyone. They say yes, Dani walks out to get the "others." They talk about Dani, Enzo says it's "so f***ing weird." Dani walks in, she tells Tyler to go get Cody. 


1:10AM BBT: Tyler is up in the HOHR, but he doesn't have Cody with him. Dani wants someone to go get Cody, she asks Da'Vonne to get Cody and Da'Vonne says no. Tyler says Cody is in bed, but he doesn't have his mic on so it's hard to hear what Tyler says. Bayleigh tells Dani to go get Cody. Dani leaves to try to get Cody. Downstairs, Kaysar pulls Christmas into the lounge. Bayleigh tells Tyler that she and Da'Vonne were told that Nicole and Dani told Ian to go after them. Tyler wants to know who told them that, they say it came directly from Ian, but "through someone else." 


1:13AM BBT: Kaysar and Christmas are whispering in the lounge, but the A/C is super loud and BB doesn't have their mics up, it's hard to hear anything they're saying. Dani and Cody come up to the HOHR, Cody says Dani told the entire room she wanted to talk to him. Dani says she didn't, she told Cody that Enzo has a joke for him. Cody says there's "five" of them playing in the HOH and there's no way one of the other side will win. They talk about Memphis, they agree if they don't make him a havenot, then they'll put him on the block. "Anyone else is fair game," Bayleigh says. Cody agrees.


1:18AM BBT: Kaysar and Christmas are still talking in the lounge downstairs, but BB still hasn't figured out the microphone situation. But it sounds like Kaysar is telling Christmas something similar to what he told Bayleigh and Da'Vonne. Upstairs, the group talk about what they want to do next week and they try to figure out who Memphis would put up in he were to win HOH. Tyler says Memphis would probably go after Ian. Nicole F walks into the lounge and apologizes, Kaysar says he's just saying his goodbyes. 


1:21AM BBT: David and Kevin are whispering in the PBR, but BB still has the HOHR conversation up instead of theirs. When BB finally switches the mics over, Kevin is saying he won't be going to sleep now. He says "they" are forming a pack upstairs. Kevin says everyone is upstairs, which tells them all they need to know. David goes to the SR to fix his mic, Kevin walks into the KT. Kaysar and Christmas are still whispering in the lounge. Nicole F and David are in the PBR, they joke about "the whole house" needing to get together to get them out. They joke around. 

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Week 4 Recap

[Enzo won HoH and put Kevin and Kaysar on the block with Kaysar being the majority's target. Kevin was able to pull out a win in the Power of Veto competition which he used to save himself. Christmas was put up in his place after volunteering to Enzo but telling the rest of the house she was surprised to be put up (oops! Enzo told many that she volunteered). Several HGs showed their cards this week or had their cards shown for them. This includes a megaphone informing the houseguests that "Nicole and Cody are playing everyone", Dani caught in a slip alliance "meeting" reveal with additional lies (Jani vote) and habit of being in everyone's ear; Tyler's alliance with David was exposed thanks to David (sheesh); David continuing to reveal he really has no clue how to play this game and claiming an IQ score in the highest range (I think he claimed 147, can't remember; David is smart, but I have serious doubts that his IQ is above 125), which you may think was his personal joke but he delivered in full sincerity; Bayleigh/Ian/Da'Vonne/Christmas and Kevin (by proxy) have been filled in on everything Kaysar knows about alliances in the house; Ian has realized that Nicole is using him (he has actually figured out most of the alliances) and Christmas playing both sides has finally been revealed to most (poorly covered the plan to be replacement nom).  Kaysar pitched everyone the best he could, and has even hinted to blowing up everyone's alliances tonight. Sadly, he will be the one evicted.    -MamaLong]

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1:24AM BBT: Cameras switch back to the HOHR, Dani is put out that Kaysar isn't campaigning. "It's still part of the game," she says. They talk about their GBM to Kaysar, Enzo says he's not trashing him in his message. Cody says he doesn't "talk sh*t" in the messages either. They complain about the HOHR camera being terrible and not in the right place. Bayleigh does stretches while they talk about the cameras. They're worried someone is in the KT, but they can't see the whole KT. 


1:39AM BBT: Kevin walks into the HOHR and game talk stops, Tyler leaves the HOHR, Kaysar and Christmas are still whispering in the lounge. Enzo also leaves the HOHR. 


1:46AM BBT: Kevin leaves the HOHR and walks downstairs, Da'Vonne is getting ready for bed in the CBR. The cameras follow her, she tells them "to not be weird." Kevin walks by again, Da'Vonne asks him what he's doing. Kevin says BB wants the VETO back now. 


1:47AM BBT: Bayleigh and Cody are in the HOHR, Bayleigh says the "whole Dani thing" is worrying her because it's "starting to spread." Cody wants to know what she means. Bayleigh tells Cody not to repeat this and she tells Cody that Kaysar came up to her and told her what Ian told him. Bayleigh says Nicole and Dani have told Ian to put Bayleigh and Da'Vonne up. Tyler walks into the HOHR and they stop talking. Downstairs, Dani and Da'Vonne are whispering in the WA, it seems like Dani is apologizing for "offending" Da'Vonne. They hug and Da'Vonne gets ready to shower while Dani uses the WC. 


1:50AM BBT: Bayleigh tells Tyler and Cody about what Ian told Kaysar and what Kaysar told her. "I just don't understand," Bayleigh says. Tyler says he and Cody will "back" Bayleigh up, but Cody doesn't say anything. Downstairs, Christmas is in the lounge alone, she talks to the cameras and holds up two fingers. Kaysar walks in a few seconds later. Kaysar and Christmas talk about Kaysar's two alliance theory and how Kaysar thinks the next move should be to make them fight. 


1:53AM BBT: Nicole F runs up to the HOHR and quickly walks in, "what's up everybody?" Game talk stops, Bayleigh talks about her hair, she says she'll finish taking the rest of her braids out tomorrow, after BB confirms they don't need her to do any "pick up lines" with her braids. Nicole says she was trying to sleep, but Enzo walked in and started looking at all the photos. Enzo says there was a party going on up stairs, Cody says there isn't a party. Nicole leaves. They go back to talking about what Kaysar told Bayleigh. 


1:57AM BBT: Enzo and Nicole F are whispering in the SR, Nicole wants to know if "anyone" said her name in the HOHR earlier. Enzo says no, they were just talking about what to do next week. Nicole says Cody looks like he "saw a ghost" and tells Enzo to check on him. The cameras are still on Enzo, but Nicole's mic is up as she gets back into bed, she's saying that "no one" is telling her anything and she's "over it."


1:59AM BBT: Kaysar and Christmas talk about Nicole A in the lounge, they both agree she wasn't ready to come back into the house. Enzo walks back into the HOHR, where Tyler, Cody, and Bayleigh are talking about lock downs. Enzo looks around the room, he says he wants to make sure he doesn't forget anything in the HOHR. Tyler says if he does, BB will put it in the SR. They talk about Enzo's shoes. 


2:05AM BBT: Cody leaves the HOHR, Dani waits for him in the CBR and they whisper, they talk about how "she" cut Dani off. The only person in the HOHR who cut Dani off was Da'Vonne, so they must be talking about her. They laugh and walk into the PBR, Dani screams and jumps on top of Nicole. Cody and Nicole call her "crazy." They get ready for bed. Da'Vonne is finishing up her shower, she's talking to Kevin in the WA about hot water. Kaysar and Christmas are still in the lounge, they talk about Elon Musk and how Kaysar wants to be friends with him. Christmas says she'll miss Kaysar "in here."


2:18AM BBT: Bayleigh, Tyler, and Enzo are talking in the HOHR about Nicole. Downstairs, Da'Vonne and Kevin are whispering about Dani and how Dani asked Da'Vonne if she had done something wrong because Dani says she felt like there was tension between them. "I think she knows I know everything," Da'Vonne says. Da'Vonne tells Kevin not to say anything about what she's about to say. Da'Vonne tells Kevin about how Ian said people are wanting him to go after Da'Vonne and Bayleigh. The group in the HOHR talk about the yellers, and Bayleigh says Cody is worried about the two yellers saying his name. "Tomorrow is going to be f***ing interesting," Enzo says. They all agree the house will vote together to send Kaysar home. 


2:23AM BBT: The three in the HOHR try to figure out who voted to keep Janelle last week. Bayleigh thinks one of them was Memphis. They talk about Tyler's season. Eventually Bayleigh leaves the HOHR, Enzo says he hates when they have to have meetings. Enzo says if they take Dani and Nicole out, they'll look "really good." Christmas and Kaysar walk into the WA, they talk about feet. 


2:41AM BBT: Da'Vonne is in the lounge by herself, she says she doesn't know what to do, but she knows a move needs to be made "now."  Da'Vonne says she needs to get Cody out of the house. Da'Vonne worries it would piss of Enzo. "Should I care?" Da'Vonne asks, "I didn't come to play a game for him." Da'Vonne says the "slick 6 is going to sh*t anyway." Tyler and Enzo talk in the HOHR about Nicole and Dani. One of the camera's makes a noise and Tyler freaks out, he thinks someone is in the room. Enzo tells him to "relax."


2:58AM BBT: Most everyone has moved to their respective beds, but none of the lights are off and everyone is still talking. Dani starts to whisper with Tyler in the havenot room, she says something about Enzo but she's doesn't have her mic on. Tyler tells her that Enzo would tell them and he says "it's fine." It sounds like Dani is worried she hasn't won anything, Tyler tells her she just needs "one win" and she'll have more than most people in the house. In the CBR, Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, and Christmas are in the CBR. They're excited to be roommates again. BB tells Dani to put her microphone on. Dani talks about Bayleigh, and wonders if she'll go after Tyler for a "revenge thing." 


3:02AM BBT: Dani seems a little upset that Bayleigh is acting like she's close to Cody. Downstairs in the KT, Kevin and Da'Vonne are whispering about wanting to win HOH. The KT is still very much a mess from the big dinner. Kevin finishes heating up his heating pad and they walk to the WA. Christmas and Bayleigh whisper in the CBR about Kaysar leaving and what he told them today. Upstairs, Tyler tells Dani that he's on "America's sh*t list right now." "Because of Janelle?" Dani asks, she says they all probably are for taking her out. Tyler says he'll look stupid if Janelle wasn't going after him. Dani tells Tyler not to worry, that Janelle definitely was. Dani says she doesn't understand Janelle's game play. Tyler tells Dani not to stress too much.


3:26AM BBT: The house starts to settle in, Dani and Tyler talk about how many comps they've won. Downstairs in the WA, Kevin and Da'Vonne are whispering. They talk about who they would put up if they win HOH. Kevin says he's thinking of Cody and Nicole, but he says that would be breaking his word with Nicole because he made an agreement with her that he wouldn't come after her. Da'Vonne says Nicole is a liar. Kevin starts to talk about a banner saying Nicole was a liar and BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. 


3:44AM BBT: Kevin says he wants Tyler to think of him, Bayleligh, and Da'Vonne as his "sub alliance." They talk about Kaysar, Da'Vonne says he won't get the votes and is going home. Kevin agrees. 


3:58AM BBT: Kevin and Da'Vonne get off the couch in the WA and get ready for bed. All of the other HGs are in bed and the lights are off. 


4:30AM BBT: The lights are off in the BB house and everyone is asleep.


8:02AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for the wake up call. 


8:13AM BBT: The HGs are up and out of bed, David and Da'Vonne are getting ready for the day in the WA. Memphis is in the KT making a cup of coffee before he goes to sit in the LR. Da'Vonne goes back to bed BB cuts the feeds for a few minutes. 


8:30AM BBT: Enzo is awake and moving around the HOHR. Memphis is still sitting in the LR. 

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9:00 AM BBT.  David is in th KT cleaning.  Memphis is sitting alone in the LR.  Ian walks by and Memphis says good morning to him.  Memphis gets called to the SR.  



9:12 AM BBT.  Ian goes into the KT and greets David who is still doing the dishes.  He says David is going at it early.  He thanks David.  

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9:15 AM BBT

Memphis has been stretching his back. He is clearly still having pain. David is washing dishes.

David and Memphis are discussing the noise they hear outside

Memphis: they are building something out there

David: here we go....and...here...we...go


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9:19 AM BBT.  David is still doing dishes.  Memphis and Da'Vonne are in the WA but are not talking.  


9.22 AM BBT.  David is doing dishes.  He is humming and swaying his hips as he does them.  The other cameras are on sleeping HGs.  

9:27 AM BBT.  Memphis is now back in the LR.  David is still doing dishes and humming.  

9:30 AM BBT.  We have stars.  I think BB is trying to get the HGs out of bed.  

9:35 AM BBT.  The cameras are still only on Memphis alone in the LR and David doing dishes.  Most of the HGs are still in bed.  

9:46 AM BBT.  David is still doing dishes.  Memphis is still alone in the LR. 


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9:54 AM BBT.  While doing the dishes, David tells BB he would love love a Travis Scott song going to LD.  He says I know u don't play much rap, u play more of the pop.  He says then I will win HOH.  He continues and says if they do play it, he won't tell anyone he requested it.  He says it'll be our secret.  

9:58 AM BBT.  BB says wakey wakey HGs!  Xmas walks by and crawls back into bed.  David is still cleaning in the KT.  

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 10:08AM BBT In tghe WCA, Dani is asking David when BB said an hour ago. David said they have about 20 minutes left. David talks to her about her HN pick. He doesn't want to do it if Memphis is in there. Dani says she is tired of everyone playing fair. David says he isn't about to volunteer for it because of how Memphis treated him. David goes out to the KT.


10:16AM BBT Dani and Memphis talking about a DE. Memphis says this is boring and they have to speed this game up. He is asking how F4 works in the game. Dani explains it to him. She tells him that sometimes BB has a pop up eviction on a Monday. She says it will just show up on the screen that it is eviction day.


10:24AM BBT Memphis and Dani talking. Memphis says that Kaysar is going home because he didn't open himself to the HGs. Dani says he didn't speak to her. Dani says it must be terrible to never make it to jury. Memphis says it would suck to be the first person in jury.

10:35AM BBT Memphis says that if they win HOH they should put whoever they are nominating as a HN too. Dani says that you can't make Day one and Dani says if she chooses back, it is bad game play. Memphs says it is smart to do. Dani says that they could have made him a HN (I am guessing Kaysar). Dani says that they are idiots even though she told them to. She says nothing is worse then being on the block and a HN. We ge reels. (HOH LD most likely)

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12:35 PM BBT  Feeds are back.  Nicole is doing a face mask in the WA, Christmas is getting ready for tonight.  In the KT a lot of the HG's  are fixing food and eating.  David and Kevin are in the WA, brushing teeth, ADLs.  No game talk.

12:45 PM BBT  Ian has joined the group in the WA, rocking on the couch and telling about a dream/nightmare that he had.  Christmas is out of the shower.  Kevin and David have gone to the KT to eat.  Tyler says they have chocolate almond milk. 

12:48 PM BBT  Dani is in the WA, she asks Nicole if she has had her shower yet.  Nicole still has her face mask on, says she took a shower yesterday. 

12:50 PM BBT  Bayleigh comes into the WA, and asks Ian to let her know when he is out of the shower.  He asks if he took her spot.  She said she was before Christmas, but she is moving slow, so don't worry about it (She was in the KT eating)  She tells Ian not to rush.

Feeds switch to the LR.  Kaysar and Memphis are sitting in the nomination chairs.  Kaysar laughs that he is over this game, but Memphis is sucking him back in (because of Mornings with Memphis).  They are talking politics.  Kaysar said Biden is probably in hiding because the longer he is out of the spotlight, the better his numbers will be.  Memphis gets called to the DR, says he will be back to continue this conversation. 

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 12:22PM BBT Feeds are back. HGs in the WCA getting ready for the show. Memphis and Kaysar making lunch.


12:32PM BBT Bay and Day talking. Bay is telling her about a she who told Bay that Kaysar told her everything. Bay says that this she told her that she only has the two of them now. Day said that is good.They head out to the KT. HG are eating. Nic and David are waiting for the  WC in the WCA.


12:45PM BBT IN the WCA, Dani, Ian and Nic talking. Dani says the show is at 5PM. Ian tells them about a dream he ha. They were all at his aunt's house and there was banner plane after banner plane. 


12:55PM BBT HG wandering around. Some keep questioning if BB has given them buzzers yet for practice. BB hasn't said anything yet. Dani comes to Tyler in the KT, they are talking about HNs. Memphis told Dani this morning that he didn't want to be picked again as a HN. Dani tells Tyler that if she picks Memphis he will get angry.

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1:00 PM BBT  Dani and Enzo are in the PBR.  Dani is upset because she wants David to be a have-not, but David came to her earlier today and whined that Memphis is hurt, so David is next, but he doesn't want to be a have-not.  Dani tried to get Tyler to do it, but Tyler says he is going to pick Ian.  Dani said Tyler is taking the easy path.  She asked Enzo to pick her first, so she can pick Kevin, then maybe Da'Vonne will pick David.  (Enzo won't be HOH, not sure why he would pick).  Dani said they need to win the HOH, she knows if Bay or Day win it, they won't put up David, but David will put up Cody and Tyler.  

Feeds switch to lover

s lounge where Nicole and Day are talking.  Comes in mid conversation.  Nicole says she will not put Day up, and she wants her to know that.  Nicole says she isn't playing right now, but she wanted to make sure Day knew what was going on.  Nic says a lot of people can make up stuff, and doesn't want Day to believe it.  Day says it is good to check in with each other.  Nicole doesn't feel safe, but doesn't have anyone that she wants to put up, so she doesn't really want to win HOH.  She said she doesn't know who to put up, she will ask Day for input.  Day says the same thing.  This year is different form their previous seasons, because everyone likes everyone else.  Nicole says she is going for it, and if she wins, she will meet with Day tonight, plus Ian, of course.  She says Ian doesn't want it either.  Day asks if he is not trying for it.  Nic says that Ian said he won't throw a comp.  Nicole continues saying how she won't put up Day, wants to make sure she knows it, and not to worry.  Day leaves.

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1:03PM BBT Enzo and Dani talking. Dani says that she doesn't want to be pick Memphis because his back is injured. She says David told her not to pick him. Dani wants Enzo to pick her first so she can put Kevin as a HN before Day can. She says she won't pick Xmas or Nic.  Enzo says it's time for David to be a HN again. 


1:09PM BBT Day and Nic talking in the lounge. They agree that each other is safe if they win HOH. Nic says that she doesn't know if the house is after her. Day says that she doesn't know if she wants to win HOH and doesn't think she needs to. Nic says she wants to win but not sure if she needs to.


1:20PM BBT Dani now talking to Kevin about haiving to pick for HN. She says David will be angry at her. Kevin says he will talk to him. Kevin knows he is going to be a HN. We get stars.


1:26PM BBT Xmas and Tyler talking in the loft. Xmas is telling Tyler that they want to BD Cody. Xmas says that it is best of Dani gets this HOH. Xmas says that Bay and Day want to BD Cody. Xmas says that Bay/Day would nominate Dani and then BD Cody. Tyler says why wouldn't they just BD Dani. Xmas says it's what she was told.

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1:15 PM BBT  HG's are slowly getting ready for tonight.  No one seems to know what is going on, and that it will be later than last week.  Not sure if Q&A, or crap shoot.  Don't expect endurance since the Veto was so physical. 

Feeds on the PBR.  Tyler is there, as is Dani.  Dani wants Tyler to put up "him".  Tyler wants to know why he has to do it, Dani says because he will be mad at her if she picks him.  Tyler said he would be mad at Tyler, Dani counters that he didn't asks Tyler not to pick him, only her.  Tyler said he is picking Ian, he already said that.  He isn't changing his mind.  Kevin is vacuuming in the BR.  Dani tells Kevin about not knowing who to pick for the HN.  Kevin thought it was David, it is his turn.  She explains David doesn't want to get picked.  She doesn't know what to do.  Kevin said it makes sense that David should be a HN again, it has been 2 weeks.  Kevin offered to talk with David and explain things if he is picked. Kevin said it is rational, unless it is personal.  Dani laughs. Lots of Stars.


Da'Vonne goes into the WA looking for Bayleigh.  They said she is still in the DR upstairs.  Cody said that is why he got into the shower. He thought it might be because she took her braids down.  Day said they told her she could.  Cody said he is worried  Nicole says she is feeling okay. (upstairs DR is usually medical).  Cody said there is a phone up there....then we get music/stars. 


Feeds come back mid conversation with Christmas and Tyler.  Christmas is saying Bay and Day want to backdoor Cody.  They will put Dani up, if she comes down, Cody goes up.  Nicole is the other nom.  They talked with Kaysar and got good info.  Tyler is trying to understand why Bay and Day are after Cody.  Tyler said Day is always pressing him about a guys alliance.  He said David through him under the bus.  Tyler said David is such a dumba$$.  He said he won't answer questions, so it looks like he is guilty.  Tyler really is having a hard time with David's lack of game.  Christmas says David talked with Kaysar, and it got him spun up.  Christmas continues to spill everything she knows to Tyler.



More Stars/music


(I am out for a while)

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1:41PM BBT We come back. Xmas and Memphis talking. Memphis says he is excited to play tonight. Xmas says casual clothes so much be a quiz. They both head out into the house. Memphis walking around the house. HGs doing ADLs


1:48PM BBT Xmas and Dani whispering. Dani wants her almond milk. Xmas says that Bay/Day give her info because they trust her right now. She says if they win HOH - Dani is going up. Dani says and Cody?  Xmas says just her. Xmas says she didn't hear it from Bay/Day and can't explain it. Nic comes in and the talk stops.


 1:56PM BBT Xmas is packing. Memphis is trying to stretch his back out.



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1:55 PM BBT  Lots of Stars/music. only partial conversations.  Tyler spoke quickly with Ian, said he might be a pawn, but Tyler will let him know It all depends on who is HOH.  Tyler asks if Ian has heard anything, he said no one has talked with him in a couple of days.  Tyler asked about Kaysar.  Ian said when "that" happened out in the yard, Kaysar looked at him and said Now do you believe me?.. Tyler brings up the guys alliance, denies there is one. 

Christmas had talk with Dani, joined mid conversation, not much could be heard.  Christmas is packing.  Memphis is in the KBR stretching, while Nicole was getting ready.  Christmas is playing backgammon with Ian.  David is in the KT, Enzo asks what he is doing, are they slop muffins.  (no one is currently on slop).  David said there is vegan frosting

Enzo is pacing a tossing a ball or something.  Said it is 2:00, so 5:00 EST, his brother is off work, yo. 

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2:04PM BBT Cody and Nic talking. Cody thinks that Ian is playing both sides. Memphis comes in and says he doesn't care as long as Ian is gone in the next few weeks. Memphis says that Ian hasn't talked to him about game. Nic says she doesn't talk to him about game. Memphis says more importantly, whoever wins HOH, put your noms as HNs. He says needs to make them weak. Cody agrees.


2:10PM BBT COdy and Nix still talking. Nic says that it has weirded her out how much Ian wants her to throw him the HOH. Kevin comes in to bring his clothes from HN BR. Cody is deciding what bed he is going to take.


2:18PM BBT We have reels.



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9:13pm Big Brother Time


Feeds return


Baleigh and Davonne are in the upstairs lounge.


Baleigh is telling Davonne about something that happened between her, Danielle and Ian.


Baleigh says she punched a wall in the bathroom because she was angry.


Christmas and Tyler are talking in the downstairs lounge about who she is putting up for eviction.  She mentions Baleigh and Davonne, and says that Baleigh is more vocal, but Davonne is more emtional and digs deeper into the game.


Tyler tells Christmas that Baleigh and Davonne are going after Danielle already, so if one them remains in the house, that person will continue to go after Danielle.  



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9:14 PM BBT

Christmas: I don't know which way to go. Listen, my position is that if I go after Bay and Day we have the alliance and I have enough, so that next week..... Next week, even if I'm backdoored ...I just want to work through my options. You're the only one I can speak to so candidly about this.

Tyler: yes, yes...is that kinda what people are leaning toward is Day and Bay

Christmas: no not really on anyone's radar other than Memphis

Tyler: The way I see it, if you put up Day and Bay, one of them goes ...the other one stays and assumes you and Dani are super tight ...and if the other one wins next week, you and Dani would end up on the block.

Christmas says she thinks Bayleigh should go first because she is "vocal, emotionally drive, and better overall competitor"





9:44 PM BBT

Nicole is crying to Dani and Tyler in the PBR over a conversation with Ian and the way Da'Vonne is ignoring her.


[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]

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9:31PM BBT: David and Kevin sit in the KT, more whispering about who they think might go up tomorrow.  They suspect Bay and Da' as well.  Tyler and Enzo join them, and Kevin and David leave.  More wispering.  David joins Christmas in the SLR where he gushes over the comp and she says again that she wants Julie's job when Julie retires.  They say they miss Kaysar, but then trash his game.



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9:21pm Big Brother Time


Christmas says she will probably put up Davonne and Baleigh with the preference that Davonne remain in the house.


Baleigh tells Davonne to go air out her questions with Tyler and Danielle, she says she is too angry to do it herself.


Camera switches to David in the kitchen, Kevin is whispering to him. (can't hear Kevin).


Kevin says "if she how you feel about Baleigh or Davonne, tell her you feel good."  David agrees.


Enzo comes into the room with Tyler, Kevin and David leave the area.


David has gone to the downstairs lounge with Christmas, sounds like she is taking "callers".


Christmas tells David she thought he hated her after week two, he explains tht isn't true.  She tells him there is a lot of history between some of the people in the house, but she disconnected and doesn't have that here.


In the washroom area Enzo is telling Kevin that everyone wants Danielle out, he is relying on information received from Kaysar before he left.  Enzo is hoping Christmas puts up Nicole F and Danielle.


Enzo says Danielle has tried to approach both Christmas and him about wanting Davonne and Baleigh gone.  Nicole F comes into the washroom, and topic changes to waiting for Christmas to reveal the HOH room.


Tyler, Cody and Danielle are in the photo bedroom.  Danielle is forcing the guys to hug her.  Danielle wants to know if Cody has talked to Christmas, he says no and leaves the room. 


Danielle says Nicole F was crying because of Baleigh and Davonne, but she doesn't know why.  Nicole F comes into the room, she is crying.


Nicole F says she tried to talk to Baleigh and it did not go well.  Nicole F says Baleigh told her that multiple people told her that Nicole F was coming after her.


Tyler says they aren't HOH and have no pull with Christmas.


Danielle says neither of them (Baleigh and Davonne) will look at her either, so it's not that big.


Nicole F says Ian betrayed her, he apologized to her, Danielle defends Ian, saying it was all Kaysar's fault.



Cody has gone to the downstairs lounge to speak to Christmas.


Cody is upset about things Kaysar said, Christmas tells him that some of what was said was personal.  Cody continues to complain about what Kaysar said about him during the eviction.  Cody says that is why Kevin chose him to play the game against Nicole F.


Cody mentions that Davonne was mad about losing.


Christmas says Danielle is angry because Kaysar told the girls to put up Danielle and Tyler for a Cody back door.  Cody is surprised, Christmas says the girls "were down for it" after Kaysar talked to them.


Christmas and Cody continue to discuss the benefits of their alliance.










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9:35PM BBT:   Bay and Day are still talking while Bay focuses on popping something on her knee.  They are both whispering very quietly.  It's hard to hear/follow.


9:36PM BBT: Kevin and Enzo are whispering in the WA, walking through next weeks votes and who would vote how.


9:51PM BBT: Dani and Nic are talking with Tyler.  Nic continues to cry, thinking that Ian has been playing her and threw her under the house by betraying her.  Tyler tries to understand.  Apparently Ian told her that he gave Kaysar the information used in his eviction speech tonight and apologized to her and asked for a hug.


9:54PM BBT: Cody walks into the SLR and Christmas gets up yet again to do the winning dance.   She asks him if he's ok after the eviction speech and he's trying to not take it personally.  He's concerned that Kaysar dragged his name through the mud and could affect his game.

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