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Wednesday, September 2, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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7:08AM BBT: Kaysar is up and awake and is making breakfast in the KT.


7:28AM BBT: Memphis is awake and has joined Kaysar in the KT while Kaysar does the dishes.


7:32AM BBT: Kaysar tells Memphis in the WA that he woke up at 6AM. Kaysar brushes his teeth and Memphis leaves. As he walks away, Kaysar tells him there's "coffee in the pot."


7:35AM BBT: Kaysar says he's not really sure what to do this early in the morning. He asks Memphis if he just "stares at the wall." Memphis says, "kinda." Memphis continues to drink his coffee as he and Kaysar sit in the KT.


7:39AM BBT: Kaysar asks Memphis what his plans are for the day. Memphis says he plans to play a "couple games of chess." Kaysar asks if he knows who he's going to play with. Memphis says it doesn't matter, he'll probably lose unless he plays with Enzo. Kaysar laughs. They talk about chess. 


7:40AM BBT: Memphis says he also plans to clean the refrigerator in the SR. He says it smells like fish and he planned to clean it out last week, but they stocked it before he could clean it. Kaysar suggests cleaning the refrigerator in the KT before cleaning the SR refrigerator. Memphis says it's a "f***ing zoo" in the house when they don't have the BY, so he's just going to clean the one refrigerator. "Two fridges and games of chess?" Memphis and Kaysar laugh. Kaysar says he would love the trimmers today, because he hasn't shaved in two weeks. 


7:42AM BBT: Kaysar gives Memphis a hard time about his classic line to BB when he asks for things. Apparently Memphis tells BB "we're not in jail, we're not prisoners," when he asks for something. Memphis says he also wants to finish reading Mark, the book in the Bible, he was reading. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. When the feeds return, Memphis and Kaysar are talking about making lists. Memphis is a list person, he says when he finishes a list he rips it out and throws it away. 

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7:46AM BBT: Memphis and Kaysar talk about work and discuss the new projects they want to do after they're out of the house. Memphis would like to have an "iconic" restaurant that would be around for "generations." Kaysar nods in understanding, he says, "like Denny's?" Memphis laughs, "no, not like f***ing Denny's." Memphis tries to name iconic restaurants in Los Angeles, but Kaysar hasn't heard of them. 


7:49AM BBT: Memphis says he's about to "throw David under the bus" and then BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. When it's back, he's talking about failure and self perception. Kaysar tells Memphis about talking with Dani last night and how Dani hasn't found her passion yet either. Kaysar says there's a lot of pressure form society to figure out what you're supposed to do. Kaysar says a lot of people just give up. Memphis starts to talk about his ex and BB cuts the feeds again.


7:53AM BBT: Memphis says he's been "through the wringer" when it comes to career paths. He says people need to change their mindsets. He agrees with Kaysar that it's all social pressure to find what you're supposed to do. Memphis says for him, the challenge was to find something to do that could keep his attention. "Certain people are built to do certain jobs," Memphis says. He believes his son has the same personality as him and may choose a career similar to the one Memphis has. Kaysar says the idea of "failure" is interesting. Memphis talks about his ex again and BB cuts the feeds.


8:00AM BBT: Kaysar and Memphis discuss the different generations and how the thought process changes from generation to generation. Kaysar says the current generation is "touchy." Kaysar worries about what the next generation is going to be like. He says all people want to do is "be on Instagram" and "be famous." Memphis says that's happening now, he compares it to actors. Memphis says not everyone is a "Bayleigh" and can't turn "fifteen minutes" into a "twenty year" career. He continues to talk about Bayleigh and Swaggy and BB cuts the feeds.


8:02AM BBT: Feeds come back for a few seconds and Memphis is talking about his manager. BB cuts the feeds again.


8:03AM BBT: Memphis says the new generation has a "false sense of reality" because they have everything at their fingertips. Memphis says they didn't "grow up that way" and Kaysar agrees. Kaysar says it's really "messed up." Kaysar and Memphis really focus on Instagram and how bad it is for the kids. 


8:08AM BBT: Kaysar talks about China and how they have such smart people. He says kids here need to "get with it." Kaysar says not everyone can be a "singer." Memphis and Kaysar discuss the school system in the US. Memphis talks about his kid and ex and BB cuts the feeds again.


8:12AM BBT: Kaysar says it's "virtually impossible" for kids to get into decent colleges now. "You can't get into these schools anymore," Kaysar says, "they're just so much more competitive." Kaysar says getting into college is a "completely different animal now." David is now awake, he says good morning to Kaysar and Memphis as he walks to the WA. Memphis and Kaysar continue to talk about "kids these days" and college.

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8:15AM BBT: Memphis and Kaysar talk about some people being "over qualified" for jobs. They talk about MBA's having to get jobs at Starbucks. Memphis says one thing the younger generation is doing is creating jobs. They talk about people starting their own businesses and being an entrepreneur. Kaysar says having the courage to say "screw it" and go on to work for themselves is "incredible." Memphis says some of the stuff they're doing is "brilliant" and "impressive." He talks about Bayleigh again. 


8:22AM BBT: Kaysar and Memphis discuss the pandemic and he doesn't understand where the "pride in getting things done" has gone. He doesn't understand why everyone is acting like "crazy people." Memphis says it's a "dynamic country" with so many views and cultures and they have to have the "glue" that holds it all together. He says his mom is the "glue" of his family and she holds everything together. Memphis says the "glue of the country" isn't just one person, he says it's "the system" and because people think the "system is broken" or "not working" that's why it's not holding anything together. Memphis talks about Vietnam. 


8:25AM BBT: Memphis says we're "hanging on by a f***ing thread." Kaysar agrees, he says "it's bad." Memphis says whatever happens in November doesn't matter, because it's not going to get fixed "anytime soon." Kaysar disagrees. Memphis says it's going to take someone who is very "forward thinking" and "bipartisan" to fix it all. Memphis says that person "doesn't exist." Memphis says no one wants to be president anymore. They laugh about that. BB cuts the feeds as they talk about politics for a few seconds.


8:28AM BBT: Kaysar and Memphis talk about the last election. Kaysar says it "felt rigged" and Memphis agrees, he says it goes both ways. Kaysar says "there's bullsh*t going on" and Memphis agrees and says it's "f***ing crazy." They continue to discuss politics. 


8:31AM BBT: Christmas is awake and making her way to the WA, where David is sitting on the couch. Memphis and Kaysar give Christmas a hard time, they both agree everyone is "losing it." Christmas walks into the WA and says "what is happening?" David says Christmas was having dreams last night. "What just happened?" Kaysar laughs, they think Christmas is sleep walking. They want to mess with her and tell her it's "three in the morning." 


8:32AM BBT: Christmas finishes using the WC and washes her hands, she says "I'm not ready for this" as she leaves the WA. Kaysar tells Christmas it's "five-thirty in the morning" as she walks by. Christmas goes back to bed. Kaysar and Memphis go back to talking politics. BB cuts the feeds on and off. 


8:34AM BBT: David is getting ready for the day in the WA. Memphis starts to discuss the current and previous presidents and BB cuts the feeds.


8:45AM BBT: The feeds have been down for several minutes now, potential wake up call in the BB house.

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8:47AM BBT: Feeds are back, it was the wake up call, all of the lights are on in the house. Memphis and Kaysar are still talking in the KT.


8:48AM BBT: "Good morning, Houseguests. It's time to get up for the day. There are fresh batteries in the storage room," BB tells the HGs. Kaysar and Memphis talk about BB waking everyone up fifteen minutes early. Most of the HGs are still in bed, but the lights are on. David walks around the house. Memphis says he needs to "talk to Shawn today" because he was anxious all night long and couldn't go to sleep. Memphis says he needs to make sure his business is running as it needs to.


8:52AM BBT: "Good morning, Houseguests. It's time to get up for the day. There are fresh batteries in the storage room," BB tells the HGs again. David is now in the KT making breakfast while Memphis and Kaysar discuss work. Enzo walks downstairs, "good morning, yo," he says as he walks through the LR.


8:54AM BBT: Enzo walks back upstairs to the HOHR. Kaysar asks what time they went to sleep last night, Memphis says about 11:45PM BBT. Memphis says his back is still hurting. Memphis leaves the KT, David tells Kaysar he's making an omelet. Ian is still in bed in the KBR, he's pulled the blankets over his head. Kaysar asks David if he's "half asleep." David says no, he's "wide awake" and when he wakes up, he's up. 


8:57AM BBT: Christmas is up and changed, she walks into the KT while Kaysar walks to the WA. Christmas tells David it's "f***ing freezing in here." David agrees, he says he had to have a hot shower to "get the day started." Christmas asks David if he's "ok this morning." David says, "yeah." Christmas asks him again and David says, "why, what's up?" Christmas says she's just "checking" on him. David says he's "enthusiastically awake," but is "subduing his enthusiasm." 

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9:03 AM BBT.  David, Kaysar, Memphis and Xmas appear to be the only ones up.  Xmas walks by Kaysar and says stop judging me.  BB tells them there are fresh batteries.  Kaysar says they really want us up this morning.   


9:05 AM BBT.  Xmas, Kaysar and Memphis sitting in the LR.  Memphis says they won't give us s**t today.  He says if they are up working they think we should be too.  Feeds cut to stars...

9:16 AM BBT.  BB tells them it's time to get up for the day and there are fresh batteries.  Memphis says tney need another round of songs.  Xmas says wake rhe f**k up!  We get stars again...


9:20 AM BBT.  David is still cooking breakfast.  Memphis, Kaysar and Xmas still in the LR.  They are discussing what weeks were the hardest for them being in the house.  BB has been cutting the feeds every couple of minutes.  


9:21 AM BBT.  Memphis asks if it's time for mornings with Memphis?  He decides he needs another cup of coffee.  He says the time changes, it all delends on when he's had his 3rd cup.  Xmas says he does not have enough pep in his step yet.  Feeds cut again....

9:24 AM BBT.  Xmas wants a speed rope in her HOH basket.  She is asking Kaysar if he's going to join crossfit?  She explains how it works.  David is still cooking breakfast.  


9:29 AM BBT.  Xmas tells Kaysar she thinks he would be a f**king beast at crossfit.  A couple HGs have walked by on the way to the WA/WC.   Xmas tells Kaysar he needs a creative outlet from work.  He says u know what, Xmas says u are a workaholic.  He says he's realized he has no hobbies.  She tells Kaysar he would look like Cody but thicker.  She says he'd look more like the 300 guys.  He says he shapes up quick in like 2 weeks.   He says his body responds well.  She tells him a day with come when his body doesn't respond that well.  

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9:42 AM BBT

The Backyard  is closed. HGs were expecting to have it until 5 AM Thursday morning.



9:45 AM BBT

Memphis in the Mornings has started. Memphis has his typical co-hosts, Christmas and Kaysar, with him. (This is fake news, people....just a joke)




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9:42 AM BBT.  All 4 cameras on David cooking.  He's slicing a couple of green apples.  He is alone in the KT.  U can hear the LR crew talking in the background.  


9:44 AM BBT.  In the LR, Kaysar tells Xmas he quit drinking coffee and won't start if it's crappy coffee.   If it was good he might start again bcuz he could use some coffee.   Xmas tells him he's bougie.  David tells Xmas in the KT that he has been saving his culinary presentation skills for week 5.  


9:47 AM BBT.  In the LR, Xmas, Memphis and Kaysar are trying to figure out what day it is.  Memphis says he has no idea, they've lost all contact with the outside world.  He starts his morning show.  He says there was a natural gas explosion in Ohio, no humans were harmed.  Xmas says "Oh we're starting with the cheery stuff".  He says a local pig farm blew up and 10,000 pigs were spewed all...feeds cut.  When feeds come back Kaysar asks if animals can get covid.  Xmas says there have been a couple cases.  Feeds cut again....

9:53 AM BBT.  David is still cooking.  The Memphis morning show continues in the LR with Kaysar and Xmas.  Memphis is talking about an old house turned into a hotel (the Madonna Inn) with an amazing steakhouse in it.  He says there is a cave room, a waterbed room, 80's themed room, flower room.  He says it's super weird.  Memphis says his mom always told him if u tipped the country on it's side and shook it, all the (he whistles) people fall to California.  He says she is from there so I guess she can say that.   We get stars...


9:57 AM BBT.  The morning show continues.  Xmas says no concerts have started again.  She says if u attended one before covid, save your tickets bcuz they'll be historic as we will never gather in large groups like that again.  She says that may not be accurate.   

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 10:06AM BBT All 4 cams on David preparing his breakfast. Eggs and American cheese.


10:11AM BBT In the LR, Memphis, Xmas and Kaysar finishing their fake news news cast. Memphis motto for today: Shooters will shoot. Xmas says well that was interesting. Kaysar says they started with exploding pigs. Xmas says those were from Memphis. 


10:17AM BBT David has made a type of eggs benedict for people this morning. He made two without bacon for Kaysar. Xmas comes in and takes one. David offers one to Kevin. David siting at the counter smiling at each of the HG as he offers the platter to the others.


10:28AM BBT Nic in the WCA waiting to get ready. In the KT, Kevin, Kaysar and David talking about coffee. David starts to talk about his brother and we get stars.



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 10:32 AM BBT Kevin says something about showing videos on the memory wall. Someone says shush. They talk about it being a memory comp. They are talking about the HN eating tonight. Memphis says he won't be awake. Kaysar says he should since this is his last night. Memphis asks if will ever do it again. Kaysar says maybe. Memphis says he will never do this again.


10:44AM BBT We keep getting stars. Memphis and Nic trying to count how many weeks total in the season. Day comes in and starts doing ADLs.


11:00AM BBT Xmas in bed playing with a puzzle. Dani joins her. They complain about having to wake up. Dani says BB wouldn't stop saying it to them. Dani says she slept horrible. Dani upset that Day came in the HN room and made noise. Dani says she couldn't get back to sleep. Xmas says she was missing him last night so she went to the DR and we get stars.




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11:10 AM BBT

Kevin is talking to his husband in the Love Lounge about trying to flip the house.

Kevin: Basically, ugh, it's like.  *Big SIgh* It would not be a sure thing...not a sure thing, but it would be flimsy. And I would have to start now...maybe CHristmas and Ian. But, Christmas would tell Enzo. I need to get closer to Christmas and Ian so I could get Christmas to think about Memphis as a possibility and Ian has already been thinking about a way to take a shot. But I can only have these conversations with Christmas and Ian after I get HOH.... cause if I tell 'em now *feeds cut* 

That would be the only way I could control the vote. Bring these people together. Christmas would be our muscle. David would be our muscle. Ian would be our strategist. Maybe Bayleigh, Day and myself would be information gatherers...and I would be protected by those. And then what that would do is it would make them have Cody, Tyler, Nicole, Enzo...the four of them *feeds cut*  




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11:14AM BBT Xmas is crying over missing her son. She says she loves BB and when exciting things are going on she is fine and we get stars again. We come back and Nic and David head in to wake Ian up. We get stars.


11:18AM BBT Kevin in the lounge trying to piece together  plan with other HG. In the KT, Bay and David talking about staying up late. They talk about HG still sleeping. We get more stars.


 11:23AM BBT Xmas and Dani talking. The tears are dried up. Xmas is talking about a "she" but we have missed who it is with stars. Xmas says they want to pull her in. and we get more stars (sorry everyone - convos are difficult to follow). Dani is asking if her name was in there or Cody or Tyler. Xmas says she doesn't know. Xmas says "she" knows nothing about the committee and "she" is playing both sides. Xmas says she knows Bay is locked in on something. She says Bay and Nic are not close. 


11:32AM BBT Xmas and Dani continue to talk. It is about Bay and Day. Talk changes to Xmas wishing she had a coloring book like in sequester. Cody comes in to get his clothes. Xmas tells him that he looks hung over. Cody leaves. They go back to whispering. You can only hear an occasional name. We get stars.



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11:15 AM BBT

Kevin is still talking to his husband in the Love Lounge

Kevin: Tyler might be receptive because he's a smart player. If we could somehow pull Tyler over through Da'Vonne and Bayleigh maybe. I planted that seed with Tyler, like hey, there could be a sub alliance here. I think the likelihood of causing a division and putting highly competitive people on the opposite end will just cause *feeds cut* we have to win HOH so that next week...If Tyler, Cody, Nicole, Tyler or Enzo...even Memphis at this point...  If any of those five people win HoH I am going to have to learn how to survive another week just by pure survival. Okay, but scenario, if that happens, I should have a backup plan *feeds cut again*


11:31 AM BBT

There is a balanced version of Enzo that I really enjoyed. But he is.... I really do think that he is in an alliance doing Brigade 2.0. Maybe he is blinded by that, but I don't know. I have to get to know him more. CHristmas? Christmas is the person that surprised me the most. FOr some reason I thought she was this mild mannered motherly type but she's really like this retired rock star... who kind of is settling down...she has a wild side. Something about her!  I can tell she has a past that is very interesting. She has learned a lot of life lessons. But she is really cautious. I can tell that....I kind of got a red flag...I don't know if it was bright red, but *feeds cut* ...she felt betrayed or letdown...that to me was a red flag. I have to figure out Christmas. But, as far as her personality goes. She is a badass. She is probably on if the, if not the, strongest females in Big Brother history so I would want to work with her. I also think that there are times when I need to make sure that  (Kevin leaves the Love Lounge thinking someone is outside the door. He only finds Nicole in the bathroom doing her hair)

11:34 AM BBT

Kevin continues talking to his husband about his thoughts on the house: Sorry! I didn't want to do like Cliff where people accidentally listen....okay I did Enzo and Christmas. Memphis? "Okay, well Memphis is grumpy! *feeds cut*

...corrects it and so, but he's also a smart player. Everyone is smart here..Like, it's scary. Okay, evicted houseguests. How I really feel about them. You have to understand I have to tell people my thoughts or my opposite thoughts so they don't think that....Keesha? In my opinion Keesha was possibly this season's pawn...I heard the way she rallied for the votes was very pawn like. I had very limited exposure so I could be wrong. There wasn't a lot of hustle and shrewd thinking. She would have been an excellent pawn because she's is very likeable. SHe's very kind...wouldn't ruffle any feathers. But, at the same time could win a couple of  competitions if she needed to in the end. So I am glad that's not a factor anymore because those people have won their seasons before.....Nicole A? she really was someone I felt I could totally be myself with. I really let down my guard with her...told her my inner thoughts. I was still careful with her because I think she has a unique ability to make everyone feel like *the feeds switch to Cody and Nicole whispering in the bathroom


11:39 AM BBT   [I'm not sure who he is talking about....could be Christmas, Dani or Da'Vonne....my bet would be Christmas]

Cody: (whispering) she is just doing so much shit and I just wanted to tell you....God forbid it was the other way around. SHe would throw a fit  

Nicole: no, no, thank you I'm glad that you are telling me

Cody: like she is just going around to everybody...that's why like this whole thing with Tyler...I'm not fucking saying shit to her. She bullied her way into this. That's why Tyler got so pissed.

Nicole: she is overplaying

Cody: that's why I was like why the fuck would you do that

Nicole: yeah

*feeds cut AGAIN [so, this Mama is out...for now]



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11:39AM BBT Xmas and Dani talking. Xmas says Day, Bay or David can not get HOH. More whispering. In the WCA, Cody and Nic are whispering. They are talking about Tyler getting upset. He says Dani was planting seeds and Tyler struck out. Cody says he won't even speak to her and he loves her. Nic says she had to beg Xmas to tell Dani that Dani has to go for HOH and not throw it. Nic says Xmas does not like Dani. She says Xmas is constantly upset at the things Dani says. ENzo gets called to the DR and Nic says she gets a feeling that maybe there is something they will need to do since they all had to get up.


 11:51AM BBT Kevin still in the lounge talking out loud. Trying to make sense of the house and his thoughts. In the KT, Nic and Cody making breakfast. Xmas keeps singing little songs. Cody heads to the HOH BR to use the WC. Enzo has made his bed and asks what time it is. He guesses 10AM.


11:56AM BBT Cody talking to Enzo. Cody is telling him about Dani saying they needed to come up with a story if Bay or Day out the Slick 6. Enzo says he has no idea what they are talking about and laughs. Cody says he got called to the DR then. We get stars.



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12:00 PM BBT  Cody is in the HOH room with Enzo.  He is telling about his conversation with Nicole.  He tells Enzo he was told (think by Dani) that he (Cody) is too loud, and he needs to turn it down.  Cody says he isn't taking advice from her or anyone!  Enzo said if he goes home, he doesn't care.  He is done with this game, can't stand the people in the house and the way they are playing.  Cody is going to go fix himself something to eat, then will come back up to work out with Enzo.  Enzo says he is going to run, Cody asks where, but then gets called to the DR.  He is frustrated, doesn't know why they keep calling him. 

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12:03PM BBT: Enzo tells Cody in the HOHR that "they" are going to blow up their whole alliance.   He just wants to sleep today, and Enzo says he just wants to eat today.   Enzo says he may work out a bit.  Cody starts to leave and then comes back and complains som more.  They laugh about how stressed out they are yet Memphis walks around and goes to sleep at 10pm.  They said they did too much too soon and now there's just laugh about all of the talk going around the house, mimicking it.  Enzo says he feels like he's being punk'd by Ashton.



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12:08 PM BBT  Memphis, Kevin and Tyler are in the KT, you can hear Christmas off camera, sounds like she is playing backgammon.  Tyler is upset over the food choices (he is Vegan)  They say that Dani gets everything she asks for.  They laugh about the way she probably asks for it. 

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12:8PM BBT: In the WA, Danie is in the shower,  Ian is on the couch with Kevin and Da' is moisturizing her face / working on her hair.  They're lining up for the shower.  Memphis is at the KTT watching Kaysar and Christmas play Backgammon.  Tyler is in the KT with Nic.  David is laying on the KT floor.



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Tyler continues talking about what he can eat. Kevin asks what specifically.  Tyler says he eats a lot of tofu, and there isn't one package in the house.  He says he eats wraps, potato tacos, Kevin offers to make french fries.  Kevin is talking about making nachos, Tyler is explaining what he can and can't have.  Also he loves avocado toast.  We continue to get intermittent  music/Stars. 

When feeds return, are on Bayleigh and DaVonne talking in the CBR.  Bayleigh is mid story, Day is just agreeing.  Bayleigh said she is over it.  When she is HOH she is going to put Christmas and Nicole up together, and if one comes down, she will put up their partner.  Never says a name for that, Day just agreeing and saying wow. 

12:16 AM BBT  Nicole goes into the KT, she is looking for chocolate almond milk.  Kevin is washing dishes and says he thinks there is some.  Dani is in the PBR getting ready for the day.   Cody is cooking in the KT, Tyler is sitting at the counter.  Kevin goes to get his clothes, he is getting ready for his shower.  Dani says she hopes she didn't use all of the hot water.  Kevin doesn't think that is an issue.  Dani asks what Kevin had for breakfast, he says David made a large breakfast for everyone.  Dani laughs, they say it was his usual "keep me safe" breakfast, that he cooks so keep him.  Dani wants to know if Kevin is gunning for HOH tomorrow.  He says he is, why would anyone not?  Dani agrees, and says she will be going hard for it.  She wants to see her babies.  They talk about everyone getting along, there haven't been any arguments in the house.  Dani says this isn't Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.  More music/stars   Back to Dani and Kevin talking about a "faux five", and people will start turning on others once Kaysar and Janelle are out of the house.  Kevin is joking that he will keep Dani safe one more week, then they are on their own, she doesn't think that is funny.  He wonders if Nicole knows he is obsessed with her.  She tells him to tell her, or she won't know.  Kevin jokes about Dani having so much denim.  She wants to dress up for the live show tomorrow, she is tired of wearing leggings every week. More Stars

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12:31PM BBT: Dani and Memphis in the PBR saying "we HAVE to win this week and next week too".  They agree that they're nervous.  Dani says that if it's a DE, it'll be questions and then the veto will be physical and he'll be screwed.  He leaves the room and cams go to the KT.

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12:27 PM BBT  Feeds are back, Kevin is in the WA getting ready to take a shower.  Memphis comes out of the WC, Day is still doing her ADL's.  In the KT, Tyler, Cody, David and Nicole. Ian comes running by, says he has to get his mic.  He goes past again, going to the DR.  They joke he is going to talk about the banana comp.  Nicole tells him to comb his hair, he looks like Alfalfa.  Cody tells her to stop treating him like that.  She says Ian is like her little brother.  They remind her that Ian is older than her. 

Feeds switch to Dani and Memphis talking.  She is certain that next week will be a double eviction.  She asks how he is feeling, he said he is getting better, but can't do hanging on a wall.  She said she is betting money it will be a double eviction, and that Veto comp is always the ball pit, so he is screwed.  They talk about having to win the HOH tomorrow. 

Feeds are back to the KT.  They talk about being awakened before 10AM, then talk about the music, so we get stars.   When back, feeds are in the KT with Christmas and Kaysar discussing their backgammon game.  KT now has Christmas, Kaysar, Nicole, David, Cody, and Tyler. Just general talk, and stars.

12:35 PM BBT  David comes out of the lounge with his hood up and a blanket around him, acting like he is a Jedi.  They are laughing at him.  No game talk going on in KT or WA, Day and Bay doing ADL's, Kevin in the shower.  Lots of Stars/music.  Feeds are back with David in the PBR with Dani, she is telling him how nice he is.  He has the hoodie on, hood up, blanket wrapped around his head and body, and sunglasses on.  Cody comes in, she says she is putting her make up on, is that okay?  Cody leaves.  She asks David what the plan is.  Dani asks David if he is going to try to win, he says no, she says really?  He says of course he is going to try, why wouldn't he?  Everyone will try.  Dani says there are a lot that don't.  She has said this to everyone she has talked to today.

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