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Monday, August 31, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:29 AM BBT

The camera moves to, Bayleigh and Da'Vonne where they are whispering in the bathroom.

Bayleigh says "these people" and plops on the couch

Da'Vonne: See, she ran right down here   (not sure who they are talking about, possibly Dani or Nicole)

Bay: immediately

Da'Vonne: weird as fuck

Bay: umm hmm

They hear COdy coming

Bayleigh: Girl  (rolling eyes)  That is just fake to me

Da'Vonne: what?

Da'Vonne: umm hmm...maybe we should tell him that

Bayleigh: I think we should. I was trying to get your eye contact because I was like

Da'Vonne says "she is fake"

Cody comes through and they quickly change the subject. Bayleigh feigns she has been looking for her water bottle.

Cody suggests maybe she left it outside

Bay: Yeah, maybe I left it outside 'cause we had to run in here like a crazy

Da'Vonne: it's right here

Bayleigh: wow! what a crazy

Da'Vonne: it was right there...you literally looked right over it

Bay: I really just looked past it?...what a crazy. Cody, just kidding. Just kidding. Cody are you home sick

Cody: me?




12:30 AM BBT

Christmas and Dani are in the CBR discussing how it's been a hard day after getting the backyard and then getting it yanked back from them. 

Christmas discusses how she is a bit concerned that she may be being edited as the villain, and she wants to be true to herself and honor her family

Dani: well, today was kind of heavy...we got the backyard

Christmas: for a minute and then got it yanked away

Dani says she just laid in her bed for a long time thinking

CHristmas says it was heavy for everyone

Dani: it will be better tomorrow

Christmas says it should be a smooth week from here

They begin whispering  

Christmas says Kaysar is trying to talk to her to get Enzo to put up someone else...'It's Enzo's HoH. What do you want me to do?"

Christmas: I really like Kaysar personally but his game sucks

Dani: seriously

CHristmas: I mean, I guess he didn't ever watch it after (BB)

Dani: like at all

Christmas: I mean I hear what you're saying Dude, but that's not how it works anymore

Dani: crazy. how do you bring someone back when, like, he is not good at the game. I mean, it's crazy.... I, mean, I like him a lot but I don't understand

Christmas: I mean if they did it, it's a big risk for the COVID situation alone

*we get stars


12:35 AM BBT

The camera moves to the HOHR with Ian and Enzo

Enzo: everybody got fucked up with what happened today, you know what I mean....let's not talk about it but

Ian: yeah, I don't even want to repeat it

Enzo: why bother....You're gonna have to give me tips on how to do an HOH because you gotta put two people up

Ian relays how when he was HOH it was during a double eviction and never had it early in the game

Enzo: everyone is going fucking crazy right now...trying to push their agenda. I'm just trying to play an honest game


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12:48AM BBT: Kaysar and Christmas are whispering in the CBR, Christmas says the house has been "amazing" so far, and she prays it doesn't get "toxic." She says she doesn't want people to personally attach each other. Kaysar doesn't think it'll come to that. Christmas says she hopes it doesn't. Upstairs in the HOHR, Dani has joined Ian and Enzo. Dani is only up there a few seconds before she leaves to talk to Tyler over the railing. She and Enzo both make their way downstairs. 


12:52AM BBT: Cody, Dani, and Bayleigh are talking in the KT. Bayleigh says Kaysar and Christmas are talking in the CBR. BB cuts the feeds. When the feeds return, the three in the KT talk about protein shakes. In the CBR, Kaysar and Christmas talk about her star babies. 


1:06AM BBT: Kaysar and Christmas talk about David. Cody pulls Kevin into the lounge, they discuss Kevin's last time on the block. Cody says this game is "hard enough" and he can't focus on the weeks ahead. Cody says he has to take it one week at a time. Kevin agrees. Cody says he feels good if Kevin were to win HOH. Kevin says he wanted to confirm the same, that if Cody wins HOH next week he wouldn't put Kevin on the block. Kevin says after "next week" they'll be fine.


1:11AM BBT: Enzo returns to the HOHR, Ian is still sitting on the couch. They talk about getting the BY tomorrow. Enzo says he needs a haircut. Cody and Kevin continue to discuss trusting each other, the previous weeks in the house, and Janelle and Kaysar. Tyler joins Ian and Enzo in the HOHR, they laugh and joke around.


1:34AM BBT: Cody tells Kevin in the lounge that he feels this week is "set." He says he hasn't talked to anyone that wants to keep Kaysar. Kevin agrees, he says the "shenanigans are over." Cody says everyone in the house knows that Kaysar keeps saying Cody's name. Cody says it's "obvious." They try to figure out who Enzo is going to put on the block as a replacement nom. 


1:46AM BBT: Tyler and Ian leave the HOHR, Christmas joins Enzo in the HOHR. They talk about David and what Christmas has heard since they last talked. Christmas says David is spinning Tyler and Da'vonne against each other. She believes David should be the replacement. Christmas worries David will start winning things soon and Enzo should have David on his side. Downstairs, Tyler and Cody are whispering in the KT until Kevin walks in. After Kevin leaves, they go back to whispering. Tyler says he feels he looks like a "jacka**" in front of Nicole F. Tyler appears frustrated, he says "f***ers." Cody wants to know what he and Ian were talking about upstairs with Enzo. Tyler says they were just telling stories. Ian walks through the KT and says he's going to bed.


1:49AM BBT: Tyler and Cody talk about people coming up to them asking about their "other alliances." Cody and Tyler leave the KT and walk into the lounge. Cody says he was "super pissed" with Dani because she told Nicole F about the slick 6 alliance. Tyler says he feels like a "jacka**" because now he looks like he's playing both sides. Cody says they know where the split will be further down the line. In the HOHR, Christmas and Enzo rehash the same conversation they've been having all night. Christmas has offered herself as a pawn to Enzo to put up as a replacement nom. Enzo asks her what she wants him to say if he were to put her up. Enzo says he'll say whatever Christmas wants him to say. 


1:53AM BBT: Enzo says he doesn't trust the girls in the house, aside from Christmas. Christmas wants Enzo to rank the girls on a scale of 1 - 5 on how much he does or doesn't trust them. Enzo says the girls are "scared" of everything and are all playing a paranoid game. Enzo says he doesn't trust any of them and he doesn't want anything to do with them. Enzo says he's friendly with them in case they win HOH, but he doesn't trust them. Enzo tells Christmas to watch out for Dani, he says Dani is a good player. "Me and you" need to think about that, Enzo says. They both agree Dani terrifies them.


1:55AM BBT: In the lounge, Tyler and Cody continue to talk. They discuss Nicole and what Tyler did or didn't say earlier in the game. Cody says he doesn't say anything to Dani that he wouldn't want Nicole to know. Both Cody and Tyler appear to be upset, Cody talks about the yeller from earlier and BB cuts the feeds. All four cameras are on the HOHR, where Enzo and Christmas talk about Dani. Enzo wants to know why Dani wants Kaysar the "f**k" out." "Because he's the last loose end," Christmas says. The discuss it being too early in the game to take a shot at Dani.


1:58AM BBT: Two feeds are back on Cody and Tyler in the lounge. They talk about getting Da'Vonne out first, then Bayleigh. Cody says Christmas asked him what they're doing next week. Cody says he told Christmas that next week has to be Da'Vonne and Bayleigh.  [This was after Cody told Kevin he only focuses one week at a time... ]


2:01AM BBT: Tyler says he almost told Enzo about the committee alliance, because he was so frustrated with Dani. Cody and Tyler talk about how upset they are. Tyler says Dani is a gardener, he says she plants seeds and then "f***ing" waters them. In the HOHR, Christmas and Enzo talk about Bayleigh and Da'Vonne. Cody tells Tyler about Dani coming up to him and asking him if he wanted to flip two votes last week. Cody says Dani wanted to try to "pin it" on others in the house. Cody tells Tyler he went to talk to Dani after the vote and asked her about who she got to flip it with her and then Dani got upset with him. Cody says Dani was being "super sketchy." Tyler says Dani was the first person he thought of when they found out two people flipped.


2:12AM BBT: Christmas leaves the HOHR, Kaysar walks in. Kaysar tells Enzo that the rest of the house is running through the scenarios of what could happen. Enzo doesn't know why anyone is worried. Kaysar says David is worried and Dani is not. Enzo doesn't understand why David is worried. Kaysar explains why David is worried. Tyler and Cody continue to talk in the lounge about Dani. Tyler says Dani pulled some "sh*t." Cody says Dani pulled it on all of them. In the HOHR, Kaysar tells Enzo that "Dani is playing all sides, bro." Enzo says "these girls" just hang around outside the HOHR door, waiting to get back into the room. Kaysar says that Dani wants to make sure she has control of the social game and will make sure all the guys win the comps. Enzo wants to know if Dani has said anything to Kaysar about him. Kaysar says no, he goes on to say that Enzo is her "fall guy."

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2:17AM BBT: Kaysar continues to talk about Dani in the HOHR with Enzo. Enzo wants to know if Dani has ever said anything about Christmas. Kaysar says "yes." Enzo tells Kaysar that whatever they talk about in this room stays between them. Kaysar says he's "loyal as f**k." Kaysar says Dani was trying to tell them that they needed to take Christmas out. Kaysar says Dani has a strong relationship with Nicole, and Dani used to have a strong relationship with Cody. Kaysar tells Enzo that there's a "whole lot of sh*t" going on. Kaysar and Enzo talk about Tyler's season, and how Tyler is cold as "f**k." Kaysar says to just look at Tyler's season, Kaysar says people don't change. Downstairs, Cody and Tyler talk about Bayleigh and Dani. 


2:21AM BBT: In the HOHR, Kaysar tells Enzo everything that he's seen and heard in the game. Downstairs, Cody complains about how there's "too much sh*t" going on. Tyler says he's tired of it. Cody says he doesn't believe Dani is trying to "screw" Tyler over. Cody says Dani is just trying to play the game. The conversations in the lounge with Cody and Tyler and in the HOHR with Enzo and Kaysar are very similar, both groups talk about Dani and how there's too much drama going on in the house. 


2:24AM BBT: In the HOHR, Kaysar and Enzo continue to talk about Dani. Enzo says that as soon as Kaysar leaves, Dani will be in the HOHR. Kaysar says all Enzo needs to do is watch the way Dani "works the yard." Enzo says "too many people in this house have it too f***ing good." Kaysar agrees, he talks about how he knew Cody was going after him week one. Downstairs, Cody thinks Bayleigh might backdoor Dani if she were to win HOH next week. Tyler says he'll just tell Bayleigh not to. "You know someone's going to get Nicole or you out now," Tyler says. He believes both Cody and Nicole will be on the block together. Cody gets upset, he says not to "put that out there." "I'm sorry, dude," Tyler says.


2:27AM BBT: Upstairs, Kaysar and Enzo talk about Tyler's season and how he played the game. "The scary ones are Dani, Cody, and now Nicole F," Enzo says. Kaysar says Nicole's game is "the garden snake." Kaysar says you don't see Nicole until the "second half of the game." He says Nicole sits back and waits. Kaysar talks about the Nicole/Janelle/Rachel drama. Kaysar goes on to talk about Cody and Tyler, he says they're the most "cut throat" and they "f**k your sh*t up" behind their backs. "Holy sh*t," Enzo says. Kaysar tells Enzo that people don't change the way they play the game.

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2:42AM BBT: Cody and Tyler continue to discuss the house, while Kaysar tells Enzo all of his theories in the HOHR. BB cuts the feeds for a few minutes. When the feeds are back, Kaysar has left the HOHR and is now in the WA getting ready for bed. Cody and Tyler are not talking quietly, so it will be interesting to see if Kaysar overheard them as he walked by the lounge door. Unfortunately, BB had the feeds cut the entire time Kaysar left the HOHR and walked to the WA, so we don't know if he did or not. BB continues to cut the feeds on and off while Kaysar gets ready for bed. In the lounge, Tyler and Cody continue to talk about Dani.


2:43AM BBT: Cody talks about how frustrating it is when they try to talk and then people walk into the room. Tyler says he blames everything on Dani. Cody says Dani wants Nicole to feel like she can only trust Dani. Kaysar finishes fixing his hair and sits down on the WA couch. In the lounge, Tyler says he's trying to "double tap" Dani out of the house. "I'm telling you, man," Tyler says, "I'm getting tired of all this sh*t." Cody agrees.


2:48AM BBT: Cody and Tyler leave the lounge and see Kaysar sitting on the couch in the WA. "Oh sh*t," Cody says, "of course!" Kaysar laughs, he says he can't sleep. Cody uses the WC. Enzo is in the HOHR alone with the lights off, he talks to the cameras. He seems upset. He sees Tyler walk by the HOHR and he calls Tyler into the HOHR. "It's non stop, yo," Enzo says. Tyler says he needs to use the WC. 


2:50AM BBT: Enzo locks the HOHR, he says he doesn't want anyone else coming in here. "Motherf***ers," Enzo says. He waits for Tyler to finish using the WC. Enzo tells Tyler about his conversation with Christmas. Enzo says after he talked with Christmas, he walked out of the room to see Dani and Christmas whispering. He says after Christmas finished talking with Dani, she came upstairs and told him to put David on the block. Enzo talks about Kaysar coming up to talk to him after Christmas left. Enzo says Kaysar "piqued" his interest by bringing up Dani. Ezno says this isn't the right week, but they need to take a shot at Dani because she's "f***ing all our games up." Tyler tells Enzo about Dani telling Nicole F about the slick 6. 


2:54AM BBT: Tyler tells Enzo to backdoor Dani, "I don't give a sh*t," Tyler says. Enzo says he trusts Tyler and Cody, and he wants to know what to do. Enzo says he thinks they should still get rid of Kaysar, play nice, and then go after Dani, but he also doesn't want to lose the opportunity to take Dani out now. "She'll spill everything out," Tyler says if Enzo puts Dani on the block. Enzo believes Kaysar will as well. Tyler says if Enzo puts Dani up, she'll stir up everything. Tyler says if they are prepared, they could spin Dani as a liar.


2:58AM BBT: Enzo goes back and forth on backdooring Dani, he seems to like the idea but then goes back to saying they just need to vote Kaysar out this week. Enzo tells Tyler about his other conversations. Meanwhile, Kaysar is sitting alone in the WA downstairs.


3:02AM BBT: Enzo says it's "f***ed up" what Dani did. He thinks it's a good move to backdoor her, but he doesn't seem to want to do it this week. Tyler seems just fine with doing it this week. They talk about Bayleigh and Da'Vonne and then go back to talking about Dani.


3:08AM BBT: In the HOHR, Enzo says that when they "cut" Dani out, Nicole will know too much. They continue to discuss Dani and everything she's said to the HGs. "She's creating enemies with me, for no reason," Enzo says. Tyler says she's doing that to everyone. "Do we make the move now?" Enzo asks, "or wait?" Enzo goes back and forth. Tyler says they probably should get Kaysar out. Tyler tells Enzo not to focus too heavily on Kaysar being the house's target during his speech at the VETO ceremony. Kaysar goes to bed. Enzo talks about Dani again.


3:13AM BBT: Tyler and Enzo talk about Cody having to win the next HOH. Tyler tells Enzo he was just talking to Cody downstairs about Dani. They continue to talk about how Dani is playing the game. Enzo asks if Tyler is willing to backdoor Dani. Tyler says that's how you play the game. He says he backdoored many people in his season. "That's how it has to be done," Tyler says. Enzo continues to go back and forth on if they take Dani out or not. Tyler suggests they wait until the morning to decide. Enzo says Dani has "disrespected" him many times during his HOH. Enzo believes Bayleigh and Da'Vonne both want Dani out.


3:19AM BBT: Tyler and Enzo talk about Enzo putting Christmas up as a pawn. Tyler thinks they may be able to get in Kaysar's ear to blow up Dani's game during his speech on Thursday. Enzo, once again, talks about Dani and how she's behaved. Enzo says Dani is a liar. "There's so much sh*t that can happen," Enzo says, "someone has to make a f***ing move." Enzo says they'll either have to make the move this week or next week. Tyler talks about Da'Vonne and Bayleigh talking to him about Enzo potentially putting David up. "These two are scared as f**k," Enzo says, he says Da'Vonne and Bayleigh want to keep Kaysar.


3:24AM BBT: "We should not be in an alliance with these f***ing women," Enzo says. Tyler laughs. Enzo says Dani is "f***ing" them all up. Enzo says there's "so much to think about." Enzo thinks they could be on the block next. They talk about the yeller from earlier. Enzo says it could be a good thing, he says maybe people will go after Nicole or Cody. BB cuts the feeds.


3:27AM BBT: Enzo says Dani will be the first one in his room tomorrow morning. Enzo says he wishes everyone would stop. Tyler uses the WC. Enzo says they have to play nice with Dani tomorrow. Tyler and Enzo both agree that Dani will get "bopped." BB cuts the feeds at Tyler leaves the HOHR.


3:40AM BBT: When the feeds return, Enzo is in bed and staring off into space, he appears to be thinking. Tyler is the last one out of bed, he refills his water before going upstairs. 


4:24AM BBT: Everyone is asleep in the house. BB cuts the feeds for a little over twenty minutes.


4:46AM BBT: When the feeds return, everyone is still in bed and asleep.


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8:36AM BBT: Ian is up and about, making coffee in the KT.


8:41AM BBT: Ian pours a bowl of cereal and makes his way out to the hammock, and starts heavily swinging and talking through his strategies.


8:43AM BBT: Ian says there's a 10% chance he's going up, but not likely.   Starts giving shout outs to the camera and then all feeds focus on Enzo, asleep in the HOHR.


8:44AM BBT: Back to Ian swinging in the hammock.  "I would've worked with Kaysar had the HOH gone in a way that was conducive to that, but it wasnt. It sucks. Dying a slow death in this game, and I've known it for weeks. Falling in with the wrong group. The games have been something I can't win, but the final comp is usually something good for someone of my mental skillset."   He feels like if he can get through the political part, he has a good chance of winning.  He talks about those that came into the house well connected with a good starting position.


8:49AM BBT: He wishes that either he or Kaysar had won this week.  "That would've been fun".


8:51AM BBT: Ian says he was 0-9 before winning anything on his season, so he's not worried.   Back to his cereal.  He looks at the camera "just know that I would've worked with Kaysar".   He adds, that had he won veto, he would've pulled him down.  Ian goes back into the KT after finishing his cereal.

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8:58 AM BBT.  Ian has gotten himself more coffee.  He is in the BY and says we have to watch him bcuz he is the only one, he laughs, says what a shame.  He is on the hammock now.  

9:04 AM BBT.  Ian says he sees movement and foes to see who is up.  He goes inside and says good morning to Memphis.  I did not hear Memphis respond.  Ian goes back to the BY.  Ian says if we're watching this we should question some life choices perhaps!  

9:10 AM BBT.  Ian is on the hammock and Memphis is over on the couch in the BY.  They are not talking, just having their coffee.  

9:17 AM BBT.  Ian is rocking on the hammock.  Memphis goes inside and sits at the counter.  

9:20 AM BBT.  David is up and asks Memphis if the washer will be going today.  David goes outside and Ian greets him good morning and asks how he is.  We have stars now.  

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9:34 AM BBT

The feeds return and show Christmas, Ian, Memphis enjoying the backyard. David is in the kitchen.



9:43 AM BBT

David has joined the others in the backyard

Cody and Enzo are talking game in the HOHR. They are really upset with Dani "for blowing up our game with Tyler"

Enzo: I'm f* done with Core Four, Yo"





9:49 AM BBT

Enzo and Cody are really angry with Dani for her "sloppy play". Enzo is all over the room with hands in the air saying she goes up next week.

Enzo: I'm gonna say I thought about it and it's a hard decision and I need to put up someone that secures the target for  the week...it's Christmas"  (replacement nom)

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9:34 AM BBT.  Feeds are back.  Memphis, Xmas, Kaysar are on the couch in the BY.  Ian is rocking on the hammock.  Xmas says it's a beautiful day. She says this is like stockholm syndrome. Kaysar laughs and says I never want to leave BB!  Memphis asks why it's called Srickholm.  Xmas says she thinks it's named after a person. David and Nicole are in the WA.  


 9:37 AM BBT.  Enzo and Cody in the HOHR.  Enzo says play nice this week and get Kaysar out.  Cody says so Tyler already got to u about it?  Enzo says he (Tyler) has doubts about us know bcuz of Dani.  Enzo says Dani did it purposely.  Cody says he's going to say something to her.  Enzo says no, play nice, DE we get rid of her.  They are rehashing last night's conversations.  


9:42 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Enzo says Dani is sloppy and overplaying everything.  He says Kaysar came up last night and I told him he's a dead man walking and he said he's blowing up everybody's game.  Enzo tells Cody how Bayleigh and Da'Vonne want to BD Dani.  Enzo says the slick 6 is not an alliance.  Enzo likes Xmas best out of the girls. 


 9:45 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Enzo tells Cody how Dani talked to Xmas and Xmas came up right after and was worried about going up.  Cody says "No Way"?!  Enzo says he is getting rid of Kaysar bcuz he'd go after Cody and Tyler.  He says he is done with Dani though, play nice this week and then we do it.  He says he is done with Da'Vonne too.  Cody tells him there is another alliance with Tyler, Memphis, Xmas, Dani, Nicole and me.  Cody says to get Tyler back he will tell him let's tell Enzo about our other alliance and that'll bring Enzo back.  


9:50 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Enzo says he is going to say he had to put someone up that secures the target for the week.  In the BY, David, Xmas, Kaysar and Memohis talking general chit chat.  


9:52 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Enzo and Cody talking about who Dani would put up.  They say she is done, she ticked off a lot of people.  Enzo asks why is Nicole in such a great spot, she is a champion?  Enzo says I like Kaysar but he has to go bcuz he is going after u and Tyler.  Enzo says he knows his own alliance sucks but he has to get rid of Kaysar bcuz he is going after the 2 people he is closest to in the game.  


9:55 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Enzo says he is not getting rid of Bayleigh.  He says Bayleigh is ready to go after Dani.  Cody says he flip flops on Da'Vonne or Bayleigh going first but he thinks Da'Vonne.  Enzo says they have to stay strong.  He says the girls are playing this game this time around for tv.  


9:57 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Enzo tells Cody that Da'Vonne has no respect, she wanted to get rid of David on his HOH.   Enzo says it's foing to be easy to get rid of Dani now.  He says we get rid of her and everyone calms down.  He says the girls aren't winning s**t.  



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10:02AM BBT Cody and Enzo talking. They are talking about Dani wanting to put up David. Enzo says the girls in their alliance are saying he is going to put up David. Enzo says the girls aren't winning and they want to mess with him. He says he is over it and Mr. Nice Guy is done. He says Xmas is going up. Enzo says that he told Xmas she had to put up Day next. He says he gave them safety for two weeks. Cody says it is a nightmare to deal with this crap.


10:13AM BBT IN the BY, Ian and David talking about what may be happening today. David says he has heard that Kaysar is suggesting him to go up. Ian says he honestly has no idea what is going to happen. Kaysar comes out. They have been trying to measure a distance to run. In the WCA, Day brushing her teeth.


10:30AM BBT Cody cutting an avocado in the KT. Memphis sitting at the counter not speaking. In the BY, general chatter between Ian and David. 

10:34AM BBT In the BY, Ian having some fun with one of the cams. He says something to it and it moves away. He laughs and asks if "he was trying to get the cam to follow him and it moved..so he asked "if it was the first day on the job". Xmas laughs. Ian apologizes and said that was rude. Xmas working out.


10:42AM BBT Cody is in the HOH WC and Enzo is talking to him. Enzo says he wants to make so many moves. Cody is talking about David. Enzo says they have shown to him that they protected him. Enzo says he is done with Dani, Day and NicF. He says they know too much. Cody says that he would go Day, Dani and then Ian. Enzo says that Memphis will go after Ian.


 10:52AM BBT David lifting weights. Onthe BY couch, Kaysar, Memphis and Cody talking about politics. Memphis says he is registered as an independant. Memphis is explaining his views on voting.


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 10:55AM BBT In the HOH BR, Xmas talking to Enzo. They are agreeing Kaysar has to go. Xmas is worried he will blow everything up about Dani and her. They agree Dani wants Kaysar out because he knows about Dani's alliances. Xmas say that since Kaysar is going home, he may blow everything up. Enzo says that Kaysar wants to go after Cody and Tyler. Xmas asks Enzo if he is cool with Cody and Tyler. Enzo says that he is friendly with them.


11:05AM BBT Kaysar and Cody discussing politics in the BY couch. In the WCA, Day is still getting ready. Xmas putting on lotion and fixing her hair. Still wearing her work out clothes.


11:15AM BBT David and Enzo talking. Enzo going on about none of the HG have been winning stuff. Enzo says his job is done after today. He says it is up to the house. He is tire of talking to people. David says you have to win comps. Enzo says it is a blessing and a curse. He says everyone in the house is so paranoid. They talk about winning comps and why wouldn't you try. Cody and Kaysar still talking politics on the BY couch.


11:27AM BBT Enzo and David are still on their "win something first" convo.  Enzo says that Kaysar threw Tyler under the bus and that is why he is going home. He says he is too old for these games. Enzo says the house has to blow up soon. David says he likes that things are drawn in the sand.

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11:29 AM BBT

Enzo is telling David in the backyard that "this house is going to fucking blow up soon, Yo"

David: the line is in the sand

Enzo: everyone is all nice and shit and then they go up there and throw each other under the bus....three girls went right away so they think there's an all guys' alliance

Christmas comes outside and says "man, it feels so good today....perfect"



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 11:36AM BBT HG in the BY, general chatting. No game talk. Relaxing in the sun and just kicking back.


11:41PM BBT Kaysar, Cody and Xmas talking about drinking. Kaysar says that he never saw a reason to get drunk but maybe a little alcohol wouldn't hurt. Cody says that he can no longer drink like he used to. Xmas says she may have one or two drinks but that is it. Xmas says that she just likes a bit of wine.


11:52AM BBT Kaysar and Xmas joking in the BY about finally getting sunshine. Dani has come out to get sunshine. Xmas jokes about her boyfriend asking how she will be when she gets back home. She says she told him that she may need space or she may be weird. She tells Kaysar that she had 2 major catastrophes before she came in and then broke her foot and so needed space when she got out. 



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11:59 AM BBT.  Bayleigh and Da'Vonne in the CBR.  Da'Vonne says she wanted to stay in bed all day, I don't wanna play today.  Da'Vonne says Nicole told her to find her sometime today.  Bayleigh says she needs a massage.  Kevin comes into the room asking how they're feeling.  He says he has a headache.  He thinks it's from the wine, he says he is just old.   


12:02 PM BBT.  In the CBR, IKevin tells Bayleigh/Da'vonne that he asked if he has to talk during the beto ceremony.  Bayleigh tells him he will be the master of ceremonies.  They explain to him that Enzo starts it off and then Kevin takes over.  They discuss who they think Enzo will put up.  Bayleigh and Da'Vonne don't think it'll be them.  Kevin says the conversations around him have changed.  We get stars.  

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I expect that Enzo is putting Christmas up as the replacement nomination, and Kaysar remains the target.


1:26 PM BBT

The feeds return and we see that Kevin used the veto to remove himself from the block. Enzo put up Christmas as the next pawn (she actually volunteered for this)

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1:27 PM BBT.  The feeds are back.  Kaysar is talking to David in the SR.  He seems to be giving David advice.  He hugs David and they leave the SR.  Enzo and Xmas are talking in the lounge.  Xmas says whoever has her name in their mouth, she wants to guillotine their head.  Kevin used the POV to save himself.  Enzo nominated Xmas in his place.  Kaysar alone by himself says this is a disaster. 

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1:28 PM BBT

Christmas: whoever puts my fucking name in their mouth, I will guillotine their head.

[There are no guillotines in  the BB house, but I wouldn't put it past her. Okay, okay....the metaphorical guillotine in BB is definitely the block. Settle down. I understand. LOL  -MamaLong]

Enzo: I fucking love you

Enzo tells her that Kaysar knows he is going 

Christmas discusses that she has two good options to put on the block

Enzo says they lay low this week and just watch...this is your HoH (he means the next HOH comp)...or if Tyler wins it, we're good




1:33 PM BBT

The feeds switch to critters and then quickly to stars


1:37 PM BBT

Still stars


1:42 PM BBT

Tyler and Da'Vonne are talking in the Have-Not room







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1:42 PM BBT There were stars for about 10 minutes.   In the KBR, Christmas tries to comfort a tearful Nic and that she'll be fine and the shock will wear off, then she'll do her campaigns. "I don't want to disrespect the game by being entitled".   Tyler and Da'Vonne are talking in the HNR.  Tyler tells Da' that Dani is trashtalking her and how she's telling everyone how comfortable Day and Bay are. He tells her that Enzo doesn't believe it.  The two of them says "well, she's next".


1:45PM BBT: Cody is in the PBR where Dani starts whispering to him.  Cody says that if Bayleigh wins, they need to draw the line by not voting the way she wants.  Dani answers "but by not actually drawing the line, you know what I mean?".  It appears that all of the HG are now outside.


1:48PM BBT: In the KT, Memphis tells Kaysar that he's got so much Icy Hot on his body that if he gets in the hot tub that his skin will burn off his body.  Feeds are cut for a couple of minutes.

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1:41 PM BBT

Tyler: In my two seasons I've never caught anyone whispering with every single person in the house and that's her (He means Dani)

Da'Vonne: Um Hmm

Tyler: I'm sorry I've been distant, but I felt you were distant with me, too. So, I felt weird about it. And then the David thing was sketchy and I thought we were making progress with the whole thing. But then felt I got shot down

Da'Vonne: Nooo. No....I saw how Cody, Enzo and Bayleigh got so close when they were Have Nots so I thought it would be the same way with us. but no

Tyler: The first morning waking up being Have Nots the first thing I hear from her is why are Da'Vonne and Bayleigh so comfortable with Enzo

Day: because we are in an alliance together

Tyler: yeah...we are in an alliance, but she was saying that to everyone...I thought she was trying to go to you and then to me and then to Cody...chances are she is trying to go around and tell someone to get me out somehow

Tyler tells Da'Vonne that Dani went to Enzo and told him to "watch out" because Day/Bay were feeling comfortable with Enzo has HOH "so Enzo and I caught her in that"

Day: She's weird....well, anyway...she's next. And then we will just go from there. Anyways this is what's my concern, I just wanted to make sure that was open between you and I. I don't want you to feel like I don't trust you. If I am distant it's just... The David thing showed me that we're doing is working.   Here is my deal. I don't want you to think that 

Tyler: do with that as you must; if you want to flip it on me...I have nothing left to lose

Day: she is gonna get caught up...it's just a matter of time

Tyler: but how long can we keep SLick Six going; She's gonna blow us up

Day: it's gonna have to be someone on the outside to put her up and then we just get her out

Tyler: I didn't want to withhold this information because if she is doing it to you she is probably doing it to me and Cody

Day: Well, I appreciate it. I love you Ty.

Tyler: I was telling Bayleigh that I was like two minutes from coming to you and having this conversation  but then that David shit happened and I didn't want you to think I was trying to create a diversion over here and you would have been 'okay, that's too much'

Day: No, we're good; just, she's gotta go...time to act

Tyler and Day prepare to leave the Have Not room  "you better get that face on! Was that you granny or mom?"

Da'Vonne:  That was my granny. She said  "set your face or it will get delivered".......nah, she'll never know because I need her to not know that I know because as long as she doesn't know that I know she will talk more. And that's what I need.



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2:00PM BBT: Da' goes into the SLR and is quickly joined by David.  "After our conversation, I peeked at house, I saw meneuvering, then I just analyzed reactions, and I came to conclusions. Nothing confirmed, but I can just read body language."  Da' responds "So...that night, you gave me permission to fact check with Janelle, but not the guys.  I fact checked with her, she said you were lying."  She said ok, then went to sleep.  When she got up the next morning, everyone was acting weird. She went up to ask Tyler if she could use his shower and Tyler her what was up with David, and fills her in that David told her what she said.  "I didn't say anything, David."  David unconvincingly says "but I told you I was gonna fact check".


2:02PM BBT: Da' goes on to tell David that she felt betrayed by David telling Cody that Da' told him about being concerned about an all guy alliance, when in fact it was David that told her about it.  David fumbles, his responses are scattered and he is clearly sweating, finishing up with  "I was scared for my life".


2:22PM BBT: After more word vomit from David, Da' says  "it's important that we get the information and continue to fact check."  He agrees.

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2:27 PM BBT

Tyler, Cody and Enzo are trying to figure out possible nominations

Enzo: If Nicole F or Ian win, who are they going after

Tyler: Not Dani or Day

Cody: Nicole will put up Bayleigh

Tyler: if we go and vote the right way, Bayleigh will be our side rider and Christmas will be our side rider and they will be

Enzo: killing people...that's it

Dani's name comes up

Cody: but there is totally a way to do it...we are in the 5th week...I don't want any of us being put in the forefront and then "Fuck" the longer we can stay from the forefront, the better

Enzo: we got ammo on Dani and we got ammo on Day

Tyler: But, I'll do it. I will be that...I will do it

Enzo: everyone is scared to be like should we just make the move, now

[These guys are great players, but I'm sad that they are using the girls to take each other out. I know it's a game, but this is not a good look.   -MamaLong]

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2:24PM BBT: Enzo, Tyler and Cody are in the HOHR. They discuss Dani's convo with Cody about voting to keep Janelle.  He declares that there's no more Slick 6, only the 3 of them.  They can work with it because Dani goes to Cody and Bay and Day go to Enzo/Tyler - so they won't crosstalk.

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