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Saturday, August 29, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT Enzo and Dani are talking in the HoH about how their family is probably talking about them from home. Enzo thinks his family is probably giving him flack at home for being crazy enough to be in 3 alliances. He mentions that last time, his home town made a huge deal about him being on BB. They reached out to his mom. The stores named sandwiches after him, like the Meow Meow. He says that he can't sleep at night now, always worried. Da'Vonne is going to blow up their alliance at some point and Christmas is a ticking time bomb. Dani agrees. 


12:04 AM BBT In the WA, Bayleigh is telling Da'Vonne that Swaggy has never had a relationship with a full black girl. She is the first one. Meanwhile, Dani and Cody and fussing at each other in the HoH like brother and sister. Dani is telling him that Kaysar is not coming after her but she is on board with getting rid of him for Cody and for Tyler. So, he better not be doing anything to blow up her game. He says that he would never do that. He would never blow up her game because then she would never trust him again. The conversation switches to Dani saying that she hates the slick six. Enzo is called to the DR downstairs.


12:09 AM BBT In the HoH, Dani tells Cody that Bayleigh is getting on Christmas' and Nicole's nerves. He says that he walks gently around her because he feels like his personality is one that she dislikes. She wouldn't naturally want to get along with him. Dani says that Christmas has no idea of anything that is going on in the house. Christmas wants to nominate Bayleigh and Da'Vonne. Cody "She has to win next week." 


12:13 AM BBT In the HoH Cody tells Danny that he had conversations with Enzo about who he would put up if the veto is used. Enzo thinks it would be a big move if he got rid of a winner. But he loves Nicole. So, he might put Ian up. Enzo doesn't want to put up someone weak like David. 


12:14 AM BBT Cody and Dani continue to talk in the HoH about Bayleigh and Da'Vonne. Dani "We have to get one of them out next week. No way around it. If we don't, we will have to go after them directly and they will be really mad and it will be our fault." Dani is leaning towards Bayleigh. Cody is leaning towards Da'Vonne. Nicole wants Bayleigh gone. 


12:20 AM BBT Dani and Cody are in the HoH. Dani "I am not going to complain to everybody. I have only complained to Nicole. I am not going to complain." She then proceeds to complain about how uncomfortable the beds are in the HoH. She can't get comfortable at all. He tries to give her tips on how to make the beds more comfortable. 


12:44 Enzo has left the DR and joined Cody and Dani in the HoH. He offers one of his Twinkies to Cody. Cody is savoring it. Enzo breaks down and has one too. Enzo "Hey, this is it. This is the BB diet. This is how you win comps. Twinkies and sh*t. Oh man, you can smell the fat." Dani "I wonder what is in that." Enzo "Diabetes and fat. That's it."


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12:33 AM BBT Enzo, Cody and Dani are talking about Cody's movie; Clinton Road. Enzo wants to see it. Dani asked him if it was a college film. Cody feigns being offended. Enzo tells her that it is a horror. Enzo asks who else is in it. Cody says that Ice T, the old guy from The Sopranos, Ace Young from American Idol. Enzo "It isn't cheesy acting is it? It's good acting right?"  


12:46 AM BBT Kaysar and Da'Vonne are talking in the WA. He tells her that he confronted Enzo earlier to find out why he was nominated. He says that Enzo hinted that it wans't his decision and that he was getting pressure from Cody and Tyler to nominate him. Cody and Tyler were accusing Kaysar, Da'vonne and the others of all working together and coming after them. Kaysar about Cody and Tyler "They are running his HoH." Da'Vonne "Ok."

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 12:29 AM BBT 


Cody, Dani and Enzo are talking in the HOHR. Enzo makes a comment about how no one in the house and America have no idea who is working with who "there are so many fucking alliances"   They all agree that if America gets to vote they will vote Kaysar "cause they want to see what happens" Cody tells Enzo that he is going to be in a movie called Chronicles of a Serial Killer. He was in a movie called  Clinton Road. They are horror films.  [Cody has quite a few acting credits, including 4 films in post-production   -MamaLong]

Enzo: I'm gonna watch that when I get out there

Cody: you're gonna watch my movies?

Dani: what...are these on YouTube?

Cody: Amazon Prime

Dani: are these college films?

Cody; No...I'm not a college student

Dani: how much did you get paid?  was it free?

Cody: no, absolutely not!

Dani: was it in the theater?

Cody: Select theaters ....Do you know how hard it is to get a movie in the theater?

Cody explains how distributorship works

Enzo asks if there are big names in Clinton Road

Cody: yeah, Ice-T is in it

Enzo is impressed



Kaysar is talking with Da'Vonne and Bayleigh in the bathroom. Kaysar is saying he knew what was happening with Cody and Tyler...."I was always a target"






1:29 AM BBT

In the HOHR, Enzo is chatting with Bayleigh, Cody and Dani.

Enzo: that was really a learning curve for me

Dani: HoH?

Enzo: yeah, I never experienced it

Bayleigh: tomorrow we have to win veto

Dani: you're hosting?

Bay: if I'm not playing. I am gonna be the best host ever. I'm gonna be so cute. I'm gonna be great 

Enzo: yeah, Memphis tried to take it. 

Dani: he wanted to host it?

Bay: yeah, but he likes to be extra...but, nah, nah, nah

Enzo: he likes to be loud and come out the doors and shit (yelling 'Who Wants to see my HOH Room' 'it's time for the veto ceremony")

Enzo says he feels bad for Kaysar. The girls agree saying the whole cast is nice. Enzo says the dinner tonight was great and Memphis mase some bomb sushi. Enzo expresses concern over Tyler

Bay: the slop is taking him out; I feel really bad

Enzo: yeah I went through a stretch too

They discuss how slop made them feel so gross "like zombies". Bay says he made a lot of stuff but didn't like any of it so he really didn't each much "he didn't get any fat in him today...he needs some olives" Bay says Christmas taught her to balance the water and fat with the slop. Enzo says he can't believe he took her (Bay's) towel today. Bay laughs that it was good it was her towel

Enzo: if it had been Christmas' towel...she would have followed me, YO

Cody has been in the HOH bathroom for a long time

Enzo: Yo. What's he doing in there? We're gonna have to peep him out

Bay: he is blowing it up


Bayleigh says that David said something alarming today. He said he just now realized he can only get top three and that's not good enough for him...so he has to win HOH and said "Time to expose the liars" 

Cody: liars?

Enzo and Cody say he is such a rookie.

Bay: when I hear these stories, I'm like I don't know

Cody: I can tell you where it came from. He brought this whole thing on himself (Cody repeats the David Drama)

Bay: but what was the point of it. Was he just nervous?

Cody: I don't know

Enzo is laughing

Bay says he was convinced he was going on the block

Cody: I think it's just a classic paranoid person playing the game

They feel Kaysar hyped him up and that he is no threat "he would have to win something"





Talk moves to the veto competition. Enzo says he will "pick Tyler...half dead Tyler"

Dani: he's not gonna win

Cody says he should pretend that he doesn't know who will will pick then Cody will make it seem like he's doing mind control and then Enzo picks him (HG choice)

They see Da'Vonne coming in the spy cam so they turn out the lights and pretend to be asleep. Da'Vonne comes in and they try to scare her. Da'Vonne asks where Bay is and they tell her she went to bed

Da'Vonne: you lie

Now they are watching Kaysar on the spy cam. They all agree they feel bad and want to talk to him

Enzo: I need to man up. I need to toughen up.

Bay tells Da'Vonne that Enzo has been saying he isn't cut out for the game anymore "he's gone soft"


1:47 AM BBT

They all say that they need to get to bed. 

Cody: I'm dying to go to bed (he starts to leave holding Enzo's candy)

Dani: what are you doing with his candy?

Cody hints that ENzo was nodding off to sleep

Enzo suggests they just shut the house up and hang out in the dark

Dani is laughing

Enzo says last night he was drinking in the empty bathtub last night in his underwear listening to Eminem and getting drunk

Cody starts to leave but Enzo says "Where are you going...just hang out" Cody tells them that in the SR he was throwing something toward the trash like a target and got it in....Kaysar told him "You are the most annoying person on a scale of one to ten" Cody said "What are you doing?"  (I think Cody feels Kaysar was making a risky move by criticizing him)


The group begins discussing Memphis and how he could win any cooking show competition. They begin talking about his restaurants. Da'Vonne begins talking about Hip Hop Harry for kids.  Dani inserts "Dom, listen up"  She tries to get Enzo to dance

Enzo: Dude I am tired. I have had a long fucking day. And tomorrow can I get some booze please?

They begin discussing veto comp again

*feeds cut*

Feeds return and they are discussing a Pandora's Box door. COdy says it's here and knocks on the wall. Enzo says there is a door in the bathroom and they say it's an exit to outside. Bayleigh begins trying  use the yoyo. She tells the cameras she needs privacy (she is trying to learn)  

Bay: I give up...enough is enough

Enzo: you got to walk it like a dog

Cody: we used to have yoyos like crazy

Da'Vonne: I was big with yoyos and pogs...is that what they were called

Dani: you had the slammer...the big ones.

Cody has no idea what they are talking about

Da'Vonne: Giga pets. Did y'all have that?

Cody says yes

Da'Vonne asks Bay "What generation? A sidekick or chirp?"

Bay: sidekick

Dani: what's a chirp?

They seem surprised   [MamaLong doesn't know either; Google says it's an android powered smart phone]





2:36 AM BBT

Dani is the last one talking with Enzo in the HOHR. You can tell Enzo wants to go to bed. Day comes up while Dani has the HOH door open and she asks Day if she is going to bed.

Enzo; Yeah, please....shut off the light

Dani laughs

The HGs finally all evacuate the HOHR and Enzo goes to bed. You can hear his music. He has it on really loud. 

Enzo sighs and settles

*feeds cut likely to ask him to turn the music down since it is audible*


2:40 AM BBT

The BB House is dark and silent

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12:47 AM BBT Kaysar and Da'Vonne are talking in the WA. "Enzo acts like he isn't one of them. I don't believe that. They know that I am coming after Tyler and Cody if I stay. They are f***king running the house. 


12:50 AM BBT Kaysar to Da'Vonne and Bayleigh in the WA. "Worst case scenario, if I don't win, I have to turn David. And I almost have Ian." Ian is getting detached from them. He is learning that he is only a vote for them. He is the one that told me that I was going up. So, I knew.


12:54 AM BBT Kaysar says that David is playing super emotional. If he wins HoH, he is going after Memphis. He is rubbing Christmas the wrong way. He just needs to calm his a$$ down. He is all over the place. 


12:56 AM BBT In the WA, Kaysar tells Bayleigh and Da'Vonne that if worst case scenario and he doesn't win the veto, he would need Ian, David, Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, Christmas and Memphis so Enzo won't have to break the tie. The problem will be David and Ian. Ian won't want to blow his cover. 


12:58 AM BBT Kaysar tells Da'Vonne and Bayleigh that David isn't separating Kaysar's game from Janelle. She is his girl, but they are two 40 year old's with separate lives. 


1:05 AM BBT Cody, Enzo and Dani continue to talk in the HoH. They are just goofing with Cody impersonating Enzo and Nicole. Dani "We are trash." 


1:09 AM BBT Kaysar, Da'Vonne and Bayleigh are still talking in the WA. The corps of who he wants in an alliance is the 3 of them and Christmas. And Janelle if she comes back. The others have a bubble already. He thinks that Janelle is just too much a part of this show to be out of the house for good. 


1:11 AM BBT In the WA, Bayleigh tells Kaysar that he and Janelle have already seriously damaged her game. Because they kept putting her name in the their mouths. She has been told that he ran around the house telling people that her vote for him was 100% locked. That she was wrapped around his finger. He did all of this without her permission. She is still friends with Kevin. He can't go around doing that again and further damaging her relationships.


1:15 AM BBT In the WA, Bayleigh and Da'Vonne tell Kaysar that according to David, all the Da'Vonne/David drama was caused by Kaysar. David's mistrust came from Kaysar. Kaysar says that David is lying. They tell him that this is hurting their game. Kaysar "They are lies, what do you want me to do?"


1:19 AM BBT Bayleigh has gone up to the HoH and is telling them Cody, Enzo and Dani everything that Kaysar was saying downstairs. Meanwhile, Kaysar tells Da'Vonne that David is lying about everything. The only thing that he has ever said to David about Da'Vonne was good. That she encouraged him to talk to David. Nothing else. So, he has no idea what all of this is about. 


1:28 AM BBT In the HoH, Enzo tells Bayleigh, Dani and Cody that he isn't made out for this game anymore. Being a HN weakened him so bad. They are discussing that Tyler is struggling with it too. He is trying to experiment with the slop but it is not going well. 


1:36 AM BBT Enzo tells Bayleigh and Cody that he feels bad for Kevin. And Kaysar is being crazy. This is just how it is going to be until he is out of the house. They ask Bayleigh how David is doing after the way he went crazy last week. She says that he just feels like his back is against a wall. He still wants to impress Cody and Enzo. Enzo says that he is the next target. That's just all there is to it. He has been coming close to winning comps. Who would you rather have playing in a veto? Him or Kevin?


1:41 AM BBT Kaysar continues to talk to Da'Vonne in the WA. At what point in time are people going to realize where they stand with Cody? If he wins HoH, who is he going after week 5? Is he going after Nicole? No. Is he going to go after Dani? No. Is he going after Ian, who is linked to Nicole? No. Who is he going after? Da'Vonne "I get it. I do." 


1:46 AM BBT Bayleigh is up in the HoH with Enzo, Cody and Dani. She is waiting for Kaysar to go to bed so she can sneak back downstairs and not get caught up there. On the HoH screen, they see Kaysar exiting the WA and heading towards bed. Along the way, he stops and looks in the CBR. Bayleigh is worried that he noticed that she wasn't there.


1:56 AM BBT Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, Enzo, Cody and Dani are goofing off in the HoH. Bayleigh is twerking. Everyone else is in bed.


2:03 AM BBT Enzo, Cody, Bayleigh, Dani and Da'Vonne are talking about when they were younger; being on the phone and tying up the lines for hours, party lines and getting in trouble for being on dial up internet past their allotted time. 


2:19 AM BBT Enzo and Dani are laughing in the HoH. They are discussing who needs to play in the veto. Enzo says he is picking Tyler. He would rather pick a one legged Tyler than a two legged Da'Vonne.


2:24 AM BBT In the HoH, Enzo tells Dani that this week is the nail in the coffin for the other alliance. David is next. Dani tells Enzo that Nicole can't stand Bayleigh. Dani tells him how Bayleigh went up to Nicole and told her that it took Nicole two seasons and two showmances to win Big Brother. "It took 2 seasons to win and 2 guys". Dani said that it made Nicole cry and she hates Bayleigh now. Dani "That's mean." 


2:32 AM BBT Enzo tells Dani that after Kaysar leaves, he is friends with everyone in this house. So, anyone who throws the veto may end up on the block. Dani tells him that he needs to tell people that. 


2:36 AM BBT Dani leaves the HoH and heads to bed. Enzo puts on his music and lays down in the dark. The house lights go out.

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6:30 AM BBT

Kevin is awake in the Love Lounge talking to his husband about his position in the game.

Kevin: I want you to know that I think about you in this game daily and it makes it hard because it makes me not want to play the game  It just seems so stupid in context of what we have together. The more I play the more I feel like I just overvalued myself. I thought I was stronger. *big sighs* I think that I really thought that I had a chance at winning so we can like start a family together with...but, I think I was thinking that I didn't anticipate it would be harder this time..Like, that was my fault. I should have known a season..All Stars, would be super good players. At most, I'm a pawn...that's so humiliating. How do I get out of this? Like obviously I know Win Something. But winning something is like harder here, like..I left you...I think I am too stubborn. I overvalue myself. I overvalued myself and I don't think I'm investing in the right people. This is why I don't, like, why I don't have a lot of friends because I don't know how to navigate who to trust, and this why, like, this is why you are my entire life. I know I can trust you. You're real. Everything is so...this game is so disgustingly fake in here. I forgot about this part. My only course in here is like...I have two paths to take. One is adapt and be ruthless and gross. And I just don't want to be that person that is lying to people all the time. I honestly I don't know how I did so well on my season. I didn't have to lie or be so ruthless. I just think I was lucky. OR...I could just stick to who I am as a person and absorb as much as I can...enjoy this experience. I don't want to lie to people constantly. All I want to do is connect to people and be like 'okay, you got me, Great' but it doesn't seem to be like that this season. If I understand this correctly...people are aligned together like Cody and Nicole. And I am hearing there is ultimate betrayal there and I don't want to exist like that. I don't want to be around snakes. Maybe I need to be more forgiving. Maybe that's the problem. I'm too black and white. Because if you betrayed me on another season...*SIGH* It's sort of like, on Big Brother if you win HOH and nominate somebody but if later on...you hold a grudge against that person. Why wouldn't you hold a grudge from another season? I think it means like they are playing at another level that I don't understand and I need to understand. It's just *SIGH* I'm sad because I thought I was like a valuable player on a chess board and it's like I am perceived as some useless pawn, and I need to get out of this... and you know what? If I go home...what I need to do is enjoy this experience. I can't go home angry and upset. I need to just absorb it. I can't play this game because obviously the way I'm thinking about things is wrong so instead of overthinking it why don't I just enjoy it. I feel like that's what you would tell me and I would roll my eyeballs because that's so annoying. All I can do is try to win competitions. I am going to try to win veto. I'm going to try as hard as I can. I'm gonna gun for it. If I don't win it that's the part I can't control. I can control winning. Don't get this wrong.  I am going to 100%^ focus on controlling what I can, which is winning...I can't navigate crap. I just need to tell people, Look...I need to go to...I already talked with Da'Vonne and with Bayleigh. I shook hands with Ian. So, I am gonna go to Dani and Nicole. I'm gonna talk to David. I already talked to Christmas but I feel like she's gonna go for him. I need to talk to Cody next. He is the linchpin.


The Cody conversation, though, I need to think through. (addressing Cody) Week one I feel like. I don't know about you but I had a genuine moment with you in the storage room, you came through and a re a man of your word, verified by other people. I came up with a word "downlowmance" but Cody we are going to have to help each other in ways that won't cause bitter jury..I'm sure you are an astute player, but Janelle and Kaysar literally said they were a pair...Tyler could have easily put up a pawn but kudos to Tyler for putting both of them. They were trying to convince people...let me make it clear, their credit score was ruined. They were bashing me week one and then week three they were insinuating that someone was talking shit...I was talking shit about them. Da'Vonne and Bayleigh? Both of them were shitting on me with Da'Vonne and Bayleigh. And they were....... But, Da'Vonne? I...If I were to win HOH I kind of want justice for Nicole and somebody, Memphis put Nicole on the block and id her wrong. Kinda tried to make her look stupid. And Nicole called her out on the live show and I hope Cody...I am trying to get into a group with COdy. I am trying to be a loyal alliance member. I've been trying to talk to Dani to see if I can get in on this group and Enzo....and you...I've been trying to win. I've been getting close. I just think, Cody, if I can get your support. You don't have to placate me...I can take it if 'okay, I committed myself to Kaysar. I'm okay with that too. Because Cody, you are not...I would not want to undermine. I have to cultivate the investments I've made. That would be so unwise.

  [Can't take this conversation anymore. The man is safe. I hope he isn't as annoying this week as he was week 1  -MamaLong]




[Goldy is here so here so I'm out. No need for duplicates  -MamaLong]

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6:25 AM BBT All the lights are out. All the cameras are on sleeping HGs. You can hear Kevin off camera sniffling and crying. Then you hear him say "I am just mumble talking because I don't want everyone to hear me. Just please tell me that you did not broadcast that to the whole house. I am not going to talk louder Big Brother. Sorry. 


6:28 AM BBT Off camera, we can hear Kevin talking to his house. He says that he thinks about him daily and it makes him not want to play this. Feeds 3 and 4 switch to Kevin, alone in the lounge. He says that he thought that he was stronger than this. He really thought that he had a chance of winning and starting a family, He didn't anticipate that it would be harder this time. He has realized that at most, he is a pawn. That is so humiliating. He feels like he overestimated himself. 




6:33 AM BB Kevin says he forgot how overwhelming fake this house is. He has two paths to take. One is to adapt and be ruthless and gross. He doesn't want to be that person. He didn't have to lie and be ruthless in his last season. He was lucky. Or he could just stick to who he is a person and just absorb as much of this experience as possible. "I just want to enjoy this experience."


6:35 AM BBT Cody and Nicole are working together. It is lying and betrayal. I don't want to be around snakes. He says that he is too black and white. He says people hold grudges, but how do you hold grudges between seasons? They are playing on another level that he doesn't understand.


6:39 AM BBT Kevin continues to talk in the lounge to his spouse. He says that his spouse would just tell him to stop overthinking it and just enjoy it. He is going to go 100% and try to win veto.


6:42 AM BBT Kevin says that Cody is the lynch pin. That is who he needs to talk to. He is rehearsing a conversation with Cody. Cody is a man of his word. Kevin made a commitment to him. He will look out for him. He continues t say that Bayleigh and Da'Vonne were sh***ing on him. If he wins HoH, he wants justice for Nicole. Memphis put her on the block, did her wrong, made her look stupid and called her out on the live show. He wants to be a loyal alliance member. He has tried to talk to Dani, Enzo and Cody and being let in. He has to win though. Power is how you get in.  


6:52 AM BBT Kevin remains alone in the lounge. He is working out the conversation that he wants to have with Cody. Kevin wants to remind him that Kaysar was not a weak part of the Janelle/Kaysar alliance. A lot of what was done was initiated by Kaysar. Kaysar is also a BB legend. 


6:57 AM BBT Kevin is rethinking his logic. Maybe it isn't wise to trash Kaysar.


7:03 AM BBT Kevin continues to talk to himself in the lounge, rehearsing the conversation he plans to have with Cody. He is now repeating things. They key to getting into an alliance is having power. Being an asset. 


7:08 AM Kevin also plans to talk to Ian and thank him for shaking his hand on their pawn pact. Because he is a pawn. He is trying to figure out who to pick if he draws the HG choice token. He says that he has no one. 


7:11 AM BBT Kevin is working through veto scenarios. Da'Vonne wouldn't use the veto. And she wouldn't take it away from Kaysar. She increases the odds that Kaysar wins. It only increases his odds because she has been under-performing. Cody would just throw it. He doesn't want to get Cody involved in this. Maybe Da'Vonne will be willing to use it as a way to get David on the block. Because what other pawn could Enzo use? It has to be Da'Vonne. 

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7:14 AM BBT Kevin says he is overthinking. Having conversations without targeting people or without throwing people under the bus is advantageous. Just reconfirm the relationships. Make sure Cody knows that Kaysar is coming for him. He will do it in a way that doesn't throw Kaysar under the bus, but highlights himself as the better option.


7:17 AM BBT Kevin says that him and Alphonso can still start a family. It isn't all about the money. He is going to try to play this game without doing the backstabbing. If he wins HoH, he will have to go after Memphis because Memphis went after a friend. Leave it at that. Take the path that is more aligned with who he is. The worst thing he can do is leave this house feeling gross about himself.


7:19 AM BBT Kevin didn't appreciate how Da'Vonne and Bayleigh toyed with him last night. It was cruel. It was a warning sign that he can't ignore. He would never do that to someone whose BB life was in jeopardy. They did him dirty and he needs to be cautious now. Alfonso would tell him to watch after them because that was not kind. It was cruel.


7:21 AM BBT Kevin says that last night, he asked Da'Vonne and Bayleigh if they would give him their vote if the noms stay the same. Their response was alarming. They told him that he has to be motivated to win the veto. "If you are telling someone to win the veto when they are asking for your vote, that is an answer. That is telling me that I have to save myself." He says that he needs to reassess his standing in this house.


7:25 AM BBT Kevin tells Alphonso that he loves him and hopes his work isn't too stressful and that he is handling the social media okay. Kevin cautions him not to look at the haters. He hopes that he is working with Charlotte because she is awesome. She is super smart and can help him navigate his social media accounts and all that.


7:28 AM BBT Kevin hopes that he is making Alphonso and the LGBTQ community proud. He isn't going to backstab people. That isn't who he is. He will save that for desperate times. Right now, he has options. Winning veto is one of them. He tells Alphonso that he loves him and heads back to bed. 

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8:45 AM BBT Memphis is up. He heads to the KT to prepare coffee and then the WA. He then heads back into the KT to wait for the coffee.


9:00 AM BBT Memphis remains the only one up. He is just sitting at the KT counter quietly drinking his coffee. 


9:20 AM Memphis is relaxing in the KT. He is sitting on one stool and has his feet propped up and resting on the other stool. He is just sitting there and staring off into the distance.


9:30 AM BBT Wake up call


9:33 AM BBT False alarm. The feeds return. David is awake and he heads into the KT to where Memphis is. FOTH again.

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9:50 AM BBT Feeds return. David is in the KT about to cook breakfast while Memphis sits alone in the LR. 


9:52 AM BBT Kaysar and David are talking in the KT.  David tells Kaysar "You know what is wrong with me? I am too honest. Too honest in a house full of lies."


9:56 AM BBT Kaysar goes to sit next to Memphis in the LR for Mornings with Memphis. Just as Memphis gets started, the cameras change to David in the KT. 

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10:02AM BBT In the LR, Memphis, David and Kaysar are discussing Patrick Swayze movies. He suggests they watch Roadhouse. Memphis is now telling them about Dazed and Confused. He tells them how Ben Affleck's leg broke during filming.


10:08AM BBT BB calls out all of the HG that are still sleeping. David and Memphis laugh. HG start to move around the house.


10:16AM BBT Xmas in the WCA with Nic and Kevin. She says her nose is so dry it is bleeding. She is using a Q-tip on them. She tells them it's not a normal thing she does. Lots of yawning. Memphis and Kaysar still talking about actors and movies in the LR. BB calls out Ian and Tyler again.


10:23AM BBT Kevin and David in the KT, Kevin tells him he is going to fight like hell to win the veto. David says to visulize winning. He says Enzo was down two balls and came back to win. Kevin agrees. David is smiling. Nic and David talk about if he likes Saturdays. David says he likes every day. He says it's worth it because you are living. 

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10:31AM BBT Kevin and David talking in the KT, Kevin says he was talking to his husband this morning. Nic asks him if it was on the feeds. He says yes. He was thinking what his husband would say about what to do in his situation. Nic, Kevin and David talk about overthinking things. He says that it can become overwhelming. BB calls for Tyler to change his battery again. Nic says he must be out in the HN BR.


10:36AM BBT Kevin asks David if he would really do Love Island. David said that was his plan this summer. He was working out for it. Nic says maybe next summer. David says if he is still single. They talk about how hard it would be to film Love Island this summer with COVID. 


10:50AM BBT NIc, Kevin, David and Tyler in the KT talking about peanut butter and canning fruit etc. Nic says he mom and her do a lot of it.  Kevin talks about his husband's family makes cheese. Tyler says American cheese isn't cheese at all. David says all cheese is mold. They talk about different kinds of cheese. 



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11:04 AM BBT Dani is talking to Nicole about the HoH beds in the WA. It helped with doubling up her comforter and sleeping on top of it. Dani tells her about staying up late with Enzo last night. She says that Enzo is obsessed with Nicole.


11:10 AM BBT Dani tells Nicole that she had a spat with Cody last night. She says that she doesn't fight with Dom. They have never even told each other to shut up. She would lose it if he ever cussed at her. 


11:20 AM BBT It's a quiet morning. The HGs are up doing their ADL's and getting ready for the veto today. Just general chit chat.


11:31 AM BBT Memphis is going to ask BB for some tea today and a real tea pot. Meanwhile Ian is admiring the smell of David's Axe Deodorant. 


11:36 AM BBT Memphis is talking to Kaysar and Tyler in the KT. He tells them that the polar bear is his spirit animal. They ask him why and he said he was in a sweat box in the jungle of Costa Rica. He was breathing in waska. He started hallucinating polar bears. Kaysar "you talk to us about restaurants and sh*t, but you don't tell us about this?"


11:39 AM BBT Memphis is telling Kaysar and Tyler about his waska experiences and breathing it in. It changes your perception. Can cause you to pass out. Hallucinations. Different people have different responses to it. 

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11:45 AM BBT Tyler, David, Kaysar and Memphis are in the KT talking about hallucinogens and edibles. Kaysar says that with enough of them, you would end up having an alliance with the fiber pills. Tyler adds that your biggest target could end up being the hand sanitizer.


11:51 AM Tyler says that there needs to be another show like this. But, with a last man standing type of thing, But, not this.


11:54 AM BBT In the KT, Tyler, Memphis, David and Kaysar are creating a reality show. They call it The Society. In incorporates a group of people who all have careers. Then they draw a career out of a hat and that becomes their new job. And they have to work it and if they can't, they are out. The winner becomes the winner. They need a show that doesn't screw you up. This show is like the Stanford Prison Experiment. That really screwed people up. They got savage. Someone needs to do a follow up to see what happened to them. 


11:58 AM BBT Tyler is talking about psych evaluations that reality shows make you take. He said it wouldn't be so bad if they actually shared the results with you. Memphis says that it wouldn't matter to him. What you see is what you get. 


11:59 AM BBT Cody is clipping his toe nails in the WA. Dani fusses at him for letting them fall to the floor. Cody tells her to stop because he picks them all up. She admits that she has seen him chase them down before. He goes to throw them away and one falls to the floor. Dani freaks out. He picks it up and they find other toe nail clippings on the floor. Cody says he dropped one. Just one. Those are not his. He is not picking up other's toe nails. BB zooms in on the toe nail clippings on the floor.

Toe Nail clippings.jpg

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12:10 PM BBT Memphis is doing arm curls with weights in the hallway. Cody, Nicole and Memphis are in the WA talking about curly versus straight hair. Tyler, David and Kaysar are talking in the KT pacing. 


12:26 PM BBT In the PBR, Dani and Nicole are talking about some of their BB experiences. Dani wishes that they got alcohol to help them relax in there.  The first time she was in the house, the house got alcohol but she couldn't because she was 20 going on 21. So, she told the others she didn't drink because she didn't want them to know. 


12:30 PM BBT In the KT, Tyler, David and Kaysar are talking about movies; A Quiet Place and Bird Box. Tyler likes those post apocalyptic types films. 


12:38 PM BBT Cody and Tyler are in the WA. Tyler said he is tired. Tired of the bulls**t.  Cody tells him that they have to talk later. Cody needs to update him on what has been going on. They will talk later. 


12:44 PM BBT All 4 cameras are on David and Kaysar at the KT talking business. Most of the HGs are just doing ADL's, getting ready to pick veto players. 


12:50 PM BBT Dani, Memphis, Nicole and Ian are sitting in the LR talking about being bored and not having access to the BR. Nicole to Ian "Want to lose at Backgammon?" Ian "Want to lose? Well, I'll play you" 


12:59 PM BBT David and Kaysar continue to talk business and careers in the KT. David had a rough go for a while. There was a time he didn't have car insurance for 3 days because he lost his insurance. Getting started can be tough. 

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 1:08PM BBT In the WCA, KEvin and Xmas talking. Xmas is talking about not caring if people judge her. She says she is a great momma, a great girlfriend, does the best for her family and loves God. Kevin says that in his season, he walked out of the house and felt wonderful. He is concerned that he would walk out of the house this year feeling bad about something. In the KT, David and Kaysar are having a motivation talk about their lives outside of the house. Enzo is called to the DR.


1:14PM BBT In the HOH BR, Cody and Tyler are talking. Cody says that Day is getting on Enzo's nerves. He says Enzo was getting angry that Day was rooting Kaysar on. Cody says that it is building up for Day. She is paranoid about the alliance. Cody says Enzo told her to relax. Day was upset at Enzo for not putting up David. Tyler says Day wants David out. Cody says that this entire HOH has really bothered Enzo. He wasn't ready for all the HG talking to him. Cody says that Enzo told Day that he was more comfortable competing against Kaysar and Kevin. Cody says that Enzo told him for Cody and Tyler to just nod. That is what they did in the Brigade. We get reels. POV pick time.

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1:12 PM BBT

Cody heads up to the HOHR and tries to scare Tyler as he is listening to music with his back to the door. He sneaks up on him, but just as he gets close to pop on him, Tyler turns around and says the camera sold him out.

Cody: Son of a Bitch

Tyler; I thought it was Day leaving the Have-Not room

Cody: Aw man...I almost had him.....why couldn't you let me do it?

The camera moves side to side

Cody: why you shaking....not today?  *laughing

image.thumb.png.28b0682cf7593b6782c5e841cf30dd59.pngTyler: they say 'Not Today....Not Today'





1:42 PM BBT

Feeds are back

Tyler was pulled

Christmas: damn! Veto champ

Tyler: every game in my season and now every one for this season....don't think I don't know I'm getting backdoored the one time my name doesn't get picked"

Bayleigh is also playing

Enzo: I hope Bayleigh performs

Veto Players: Enzo, Kaysar, Kevin, Bayleigh, Tyler and David

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1:43PM BBT Feeds are back. Cody showing off his skinny jeans to the HG. He says "who wears baggy jeans". Tyler was picked for Veto. General chatting in the house. David says something about eating before the comp. Bay is also playing. In the HOH BR, Enzo confirms Bay is playing and needs to bring the game. Our players are David, Tyler and Bay. Sounds like Memphis may be the host.


 1:51PM BBT Bay and David talking. Bay says she can't be a weak girl and needs to do well. David says that it is comp experience. Both David and Bay want to win. Bay says she hopes she gets a cute outfit for the comp. David tells Bay they need to talk. They agree to go to the lounge and talk after she preps her coffee. 


1:55PM BBT Bay and Dani tlaking. Dani thinks it is going to be a late Veto. Bay agrees. Bay says she is excited and wants to do well. Dani asks Bay to tell her something she doesn't know about her. Bay says she was shy when she was a kid. Enzo and Tyler talking about the girls blaming the guys for the girls being evicted. Enzo says he doesn't care about them. Enzo says he is getting rid of Kaysar for Cody and Tyler.



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1:56 PM BBT

Enzo is ranting in the HOHR to Tyler that the girls better start winning or he is going to blow shit up. 

Tyler: do what you want

Enzo: I'm ready to say it's me you and Cody....you don't fucking know it Bay, but we have been on to you...you were probably the vote to save Janelle

Tyler: probably

Ezo: and Da'Vonne was the other....Yo let's blow this fucking house up...Like, Dani...better win something...I trust you (Tyler) , that's it....We're Ruthless...I'm fucking making shirts...Da'Vonne, Dani, if you don't win shit you're fucking out. I don't give a shit....we are winning everything and getting out girls and then we will be blamed for it

Tyler keeps agreeing with affirmations

Enzo: we have to get sneaky.....my next HOH, I'm down for doing it. If Christmas wins the next one and then Dani is out...she is in everyone's ear....all over the house

Cody joins them and Enzo repeats all the stuff about being "sick of all these girls, Yo"

Tyler: we can't give Dani any sense that she's not doing the right stuff right now

Enzo: Dani is gonna be comin' up here....watch...I'm goin' in the bathroom

Cody: why   (like he is going to hide from Dani)

Enzo: I really got to shit, Yo....I hope this thing is in a few hours....I picked him to host (Memphis) 

David is the other player

They see Dani on the spy cam



Veto Players: Enzo, Kaysar, Kevin, Bayleigh, Tyler and David


Memphis is hosting (Bayleigh really wanted to host if she didn't get picked to play)

Enzo asks them if he should tell David he better win because his name is floating around the house

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2:00 PM BBT Cody Tyler and Enzo are up in the HOHR talking about Bay and Day. Apparently Kaysar and Tyler heard from Dani that they both feel comfortable around Enzo. They then say they got to watch Dani because she is watering these seeds. Cody laughs at him. They then mention that when Cody tries to mention something Dani is against. They say that Kaysar is also slick too and need to watch him. They talk about David and how they call him a rookie and David gets mad that they talk about him getting mad about it. 

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2:12 PM BBT They think that David will use it. Enzo says he knows not to use it . Tyler and Cody tell him no he is a rookie. Enzo says he knows if he does he will have everyone mad at him and ruffle the houses feathers. Nicole comes in and join the conversations. The game talk stop and turns to victor and his job. Then Christmas comes in and the conversation is general chit chat. The camera then changes to David and Ian talking about the game and the psychology. They think it will be another night competition. The talk then talk about David again again they are hoping he dont use it but they are all scared he will. 

2:25 PM BBT They then talk about Nicole's goodbye message to Janelle. Her first message was " I thought we was friends in the real world but i guess not so i should have not invited you to the wedding." They then compared it to the one she redid and determined that the first one was bad. Cody then says he didn't go to Jessica's wedding. He said he didn't go because it was in Cali at a really nice place. Christmas then says it was aired on CBS and Cody feels stupid now for not going. Tyler talk about why he is not friend with everyone in the " bb community" because of all the drama. 

2:35 PM BBT Day and Bay talk about David playing and who he would replace if he used it who he would put up. Bay tells him that she should go up and ask him them. In the HOHR they talk about YOYO and why Enzo asked for one he really dosent know why just entertaining to him and wants to leaan they then talk about the different tricks you can do with them. nothing really more going on at the momment, 

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