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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Eviction week 3

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Julie says Janelle and Kaysar are an iconic BB duo and tonight they are on the block and one will be leaving. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, the Committee, a powerful alliance of six was secretly running the game and Janelle was their number one target. To strengthen their ranks, Dani, Tyler, and Cody branched off and created a six person alliance and Tyler also had David in his back pocket.


Dani overheard Da and Bayleigh strategizing with the enemy, so after Tyler came into power, Dani put Da on his radar. But Tyler had bigger fish to fry. With Cody winning a cupcake war of a veto, he officially sealed Janelle and Kaysar’s fate. BB legends, best friends, and block buddies, either Janelle or Kaysar will be evicted tonight.


Julie greets us and it’s day 23 inside the house. Tonight, either Janelle or Kaysar will be headed home. With a huge target on her back, Janelle’s days seem numbered, but you don’t’ earn the title legend for nothing.


We pick up day 20 after the veto ceremony and Cody says Janelle is definitely the bigger target and she’s someone a lot of people could end up migrating to. Janelle says it’s the worst case scenario, but she has to make sure once again, she’s the one to stay. Kaysar says if Janelle leaves this week, he has to rethink everything and start from scratch.


Tyler tells Janelle he’s really sorry and she tells him not to be. She says the longer she’s here, she’ll be a target ahead of him. Tyler says now he’s realized maybe nominating Janelle and Kaysar might not have been the best move because he’s only moved himself up the target list.


Kevin and Christmas are talking and they’d like to chance the history for Kaysar so he can outlast Janelle. Kevin says he thinks Christmas is leaning towards Janelle, but Janelle has talked game with him. Kevin has had three conversations with Kaysar and none have been game, but he doesn’t want Christmas to know that because he doesn’t trust her.


Bayleigh and Da are in the HOH with Enzo, Tyler, Cody, and Dani and they are discussing who is going to go home. Bayleigh says she likes Janelle, but she can’t go against her alliance. Bayleigh says that puts pressure on her, Dani, and Da because that would be three girls gone. Dani says next week they can focus on getting rid of a guy. Cody says he thought no matter which one goes this week, next week the other follows them out. Da wants Janelle to stay because she’s in an alliance with guys who are a force to be reckoned with.


Kaysar is talking to Christmas and he says he doesn’t trust anyone as far as he can throw them. Christmas says he has votes blocked in. She pitches making an alliance to keep Kaysar safe. Kaysar says the powers-that-be have already decided Janelle is going which is good because he didn’t want to campaign against her. But now he needs to look at the long run and staying in the house.


Ian says his plan was to lay low for the first five or six weeks at least. So his strategy is also to kind of act dumb. He is talking to Christmas in the hammock and he’s working on his plan. Janelle is talking to Memphis and she wants to know if he’s talked to anyone in the house and he says no. She says she needs six votes to stay so she needs to work on these people.


Janelle says Memphis is a lock if she can get five votes. Janelle talks to Da and she says if she gets the votes, then she’ll vote to keep her. Da says if she can get Kevin, then she’ll vote. Janelle then talks to Kevin and he says if she can get a majority. Janelle talks to Dani and she says she has Memphis’s votes. Dani says Janelle would have to reach high like Cody, but even he won’t convince her to keep Janelle. Janelle then talks to Bayleigh and she tells Janelle to work on Cody. Bayleigh says Cody has Enzo’s ear and she needs them to flip.


Janelle goes to talk to Cody and she says they all hate her but they might vote to keep her because she’s a huge target. Janelle makes her pitch and she says it’s good for his game to keep her because if she stays he won’t come after her. Cody says the thing was always her and Kaysar, but it wasn’t one preference over the other. Janelle offers her wedding ring as collateral. Cody says he’s never had anyone offer him a wedding band and he doesn’t know if he can trust Janelle, but it gives him something to think about that she won’t target him next week. Julie says up next, loose lips sink alliances.


David is talking to Bayleigh and he tells her that Tyler told him Da tried to flip the votes against him. He wants to sit down and see if they can work it out. Bayleigh says she doesn’t know if that’s the truth, but ultimately she didn’t go that way. Bayleigh says David has to tell Da because if they don’t trust each other, that can be an awkward position. Bayleigh wants to get everyone on the same page and move forward.


David, Bayleigh, and Da are talking and they are talking trust. Da says she trusts David, but he doesn’t trust her. David tells her that Cody and Tyler told him Da tried to flip the votes. He says he let Cody and Tyler’s name slip and he thinks he made a rookie mistake. Da says she put her game on the line sticking her neck out for him because she went above and beyond telling people she wouldn’t vote him out. Da says after all she went through last week, she almost threw her game down the drain for him. David apologizes and he says he’s glad they had this conversation. He says it’s hard. This is so hard. Bayleigh says everyone needs to take the night off.


Tyler comes up behind Bayleigh and David and Tyler says he sees them having a heated whispered conversation so his Tyler sensors are going off. He says he’s been working closely with David so he needs to have a chat with him and see what’s up. David asks Tyler who told him about the flipped votes and Tyler says Dani told him. David tells Tyler he told Da and Bayleigh it was him.


Tyler says he’s about to take out Janelle and now David is putting a huge target on his back. David says he’s not as good at this game as he thought he would be. Tyler wants to know how they pushed him to even say that and he says it was about trying to make things different for the African Americans in the house. Tyler says well now he’s gone next week. Tyler says this might screw him over with Da forever and he really wanted the Slick Six to work and now he can’t tell David anything from now on and he has to watch out for Da.


Bayleigh and Da are talking and she says David is a little scared of Da. Da says she’s frustrated because she tried to help him with his game, which she didn’t have to do, and then he accuses her of trying to flip votes. Bayleigh says that was her first time hearing that. Bayleigh says she can’t do this without Da. Da says David is dragging her name through the mud and Tyler dragging her name through the mud. She’s not even on the block, it’s supposed to be about Janelle. This could be bad for her game.


Tyler is in the HOH and Cody comes in and Tyler fills Cody in on the David situation. Tyler says David threw them under the bus and tells him about seeing David and Bayleigh talking and everything. Cody says why would he do that and break the trust with them? Cody says he doesn’t have David’s back at all. Cody says he and Tyler spent all this time building alliances and they have a rookie screwing it all up. Tyler says he’s already a big target in the game and he’s about to take a bigger target out and now he has David making him a big target? He says maybe getting rid of Janelle isn’t what’s best for his game this week. He needs to think about it.


It’s time to talk with the two nominees. Janelle says this has been the coolest group of HG she’s ever played with. She loves each of them. She says it’s week 3 and if she can benefit their game, please keep her. Kaysar says he’s enjoyed being here and he likes them as game players. He came back to play the game and he hopes he gets to stay and do that. Julie says very classy from both of them.


Time to vote!

Dani votes to evict Kaysar.

Nicole F votes to evict the legend, Janelle.

Enzo votes to evict Kaysar.

Currently, the vote is 2-1 in favor of evicting Kaysar.


Voting continues now!

Da’Vonne sadly votes to evict the beautiful, iconic double all-star Janelle.

Memphis votes to evict Janelle.

Bayleigh so sadly votes to evict Janelle.

Cody votes to evict Janelle.

Christmas votes to evict the legend, Janelle.

David votes to evict Janelle.

Kevin sadly votes to evict the legendary Janelle.

Ian votes to evict Janelle.

By a vote of 9-2, Janelle has been evicted. Janelle gives hugs to everyone but Nicole F. She puts her mask on and walks out the door.


Julie says can you hear it? She says that’s her fans screaming at the television. She takes a break and we’ll talk to Janelle when we come back.


Julie asks about her outfit and Janelle says she knew she was going but she did have extra clothes handy. Julie asks who she thinks were the two people who voted against Kaysar? Janelle says Bayleigh and Da and Julie says no. Then Memphis and Kevin and Julie says no. Janelle says Dani and Jersey guy? Julie says Enzo likes to throw hinky votes.


Julie asks Janelle if she gravitated to the old school players on purpose? Janelle says she wanted to work with Tyler, but Kaysar didn’t want to work with newer players and she was drawn to Keesha. She says there was a connection to the OG’s. Julie asks Janelle about her going to Memphis about the alliance, and Janelle thinks Enzo and David. Julie says it was Christmas and Memphis and he played a role in her eviction and Janelle says good job Memphis.


Julie says Janelle outed his own alliance to him and Janelle says that’s bad. Julie says Memphis wanted to keep her around for  information. Bayleigh says she loves Janelle so much and the house wasn’t ready for the queen. Cody says he’s sorry to see her go but when he heard she was coming after her he knew they couldn’t work together.


Nicole F says she’s a legend and an awesome player and she thought they were good friends outside of her and she says maybe you won’t want to come to my wedding so don’t worry about it. Kaysar says he’s so thankful the game brought them together and he’s going to make sure the alliance that sent her out follows. Janelle says Kaysar doesn’t know! He’ll tell Memphis everything. Julie tells Bayleigh, Da, and Kevin did love her but they didn’t want to make waves. Janelle says she knows, she understands what kind of players they are.


Time for the HOH! The Safety Suite is officially closed. This competition is called Carnival Quick Shot. Nicole F, Da, David, Ian, Enzo, and Kaysar are the first six to compete. They each have three balls. They have to roll their balls up the ramp in an effort to sink their balls at the top of the ramp. The first three HG will move on to the final round. Then the second six will compete against each other with the same rules. The final six will compete and the first person to sink their balls in the last round will be HOH.


The horn blows and the competition starts. They all struggle at the start because of the learning curve. Kaysar has all of his balls sunk and he will advance to the final round. Nicole F has a ball in and so does Ian. Tune in Sunday to see who won!

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