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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Veto week 3

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, Cody and Memphis formed a final two alliance and they expanded their ranks by four and dubbed themselves the Committee. Meanwhile, Memphis had a side agreement with Janelle and Kaysar. When Janelle suspected a core four were working together, she spilled the beans to Memphis. After word got back to the Committee, Janelle became public enemy number one.


And Tyler, Cody, and Dani formed a second alliance with Enzo, Da, and Bayleigh to strengthen their ranks. With Tyler the reigning king, he was poised to finally go after two power players. At the final safety suite competition, Enzo was the cat’s miao miao, and he gave an unexpected gift to Christmas. With some of his allies nervous about Da, Tyler wondered if she should be on his radar. But at the nomination ceremony, Tyler stuck with plan A. Tonight, can the comp queen save herself with the power of veto or will it finally be Kaysar’s time to shine? Plus, will someone else put themselves in Tyler crosshairs?


We pick up on day 16 after nominations. Tyler says he nominated Janelle and Kaysar because they are the two biggest threats in the game and they are working together and it was time for someone to make a big move. Janelle says she’s a strong woman and no one will ever see her hurt or upset. Nicole F is so happy because Janelle has been so mean in the house to her and it’s karma.


Kaysar says he’s never been on the block without Janelle. The only hope is for one of them to fight like hell and win the veto. Dani and Cody are talking and Enzo comes in and Dani thinks Tyler’s speech was too nice. Cody says he hopes he gets picked for the veto so he can make sure one of them goes home. Cody says Janelle is going to fight for the POV.


Da goes to talk to Tyler and she says it’s an easy week. Tyler says he trusts the group. Da says even though Tyler is part of her alliance, they haven’t worked together long and she wants to bond with him and build trust so she’s not on his mind as a potential renom. Da and Tyler talk about Janelle is known to win vetoes. Da asks who Tyler is considering as a replacement nom. Tyler says he doesn’t want to get too far ahead of themselves.


Kaysar, Janelle, and Da are talking about the upcoming veto comp. Da says she knows how BB works and she wants to make sure she’s still good with them so one of them survives and wins she’s not on their radar next week. Janelle says this whole thing is a mess. She tells us at this point they have no one. Either her or Kaysar has to win veto. Da tells them not to give up and Kaysar says he’s not.


Bayleigh is talking to Janelle and she asks who she should pick if she gets HG choice. Bayleigh says even though she’s in an alliance with Tyler, she’s always been a fan of Janelle and she doesn’t think she’s a threat to her game. Janelle and Bayleigh talk about Nicole F. Janelle says Bayleigh isn’t part of who’s running the game and she’s someone who could possible save her and they could go after the other side next week. Bayleigh says she won’t promise Janelle she’ll take her off the block, but if she gets picked to play and win, then she’ll decide what’s best for her game.


Dani and Nicole are talking about who they want to take to final four. Dani says she has a lot of relationships and alliances in this house. But this is her third time playing and she’s planting seeds about different players because you can’t trust anyone. She thinks Enzo is along for the ride and she talks to Nicole about him. Dani says when it comes to Memphis, she may be “working” with him, but if he were to go she’d be like oh well.


Dani says Bayleigh and Da are both in the Slick Six alliance but they are clearly each other’s number ones, and that’s not going to benefit her. She talks to Bayleigh and Tyler about Bayleigh and Da. She genuinely really does like Tyler, but realistically she doesn’t know if she can beat him in the end. So he’ll have to go eventually. But for right now, Tyler needs to do his part to make sure her number one target, Janelle, leaves the house this week.


Janelle is putting something red on her face and she says it’s a vampire facial and Ian is watching and Kaysar in the shower. She says now that she’s 40, she’s obsessed with her skin. She talks about her skin care routine and she says it gives her positive vibes. She’s talking about what she’s using to Ian about what she’s using and Ian says people in this house go to extreme lengths for beauty. Luckily he doesn’t have to. All he has to do is occasional hair removal on his chest and back. Ian is talking about the acidity scale and Janelle gets freaked out a bit and he says he’ll stop.


Time to pick players for the veto competition. Janelle and Kaysar join Tyler at the front of the LR. Tyler is hoping Cody gets picked to play because he’s a comp beast and he’s sure Cody will keep noms the same. Tyler selects Cody. Kaysar says he doesn’t trust anyone except Janelle, so it doesn’t matter who he picks. He’ll have to win veto for himself. Kaysar selects Bayleigh. Janelle is hoping to pick weaker players like Nicole F because she knows she can beat her. Janelle picks Memphis. Memphis is glad to play because they have the advantage to keep noms the same.


Dani and Bayleigh are talking in the SR and Dani says they are in the Slick Six alliance, but she doesn’t know where her loyalty is. She wants to make sure Bayleigh will keep noms the same. Bayleigh tells Dani Janelle asked but she’d keep noms the same. Bayleigh says she feels cornered right now, but if she wins she’ll weigh the best options for her own game.


Janelle and Kaysar are talking and he asks how she’s feeling and she says good. She asks how Kaysar is feeling and he says it’s going to be stiff competition for the veto. He says this is an absolute disaster. He says they got the most competitive, strongest, and fiercest competitors. But he’s going to fight for the veto. If they think he’s just going to roll over and walk out of the house, they have another thing coming.


Christmas tells everyone it’s time for the veto competition! They are to grab their aprons and head to the backyard. It’s a cupcake themed veto. In today’s tournament, they’ll compete head to head to become champion. They’ll draw names for the matchups. They have to move their pieces around moving only one piece at a time to get their cupcakes in the correct order. The first to do it correctly will advance.


The first match will be Kaysar vs Tyler. The second match will be Cody vs Bayleigh. The final match will be Memphis vs Janelle. Who’s ready to play Cupcake Clash. Kaysar and Tyler are behind their trucks and the horn blows and they come around and get their first look at their puzzles. Kaysar says he wants it so bad and his heart is racing. He’s on the house with his best friend in the house and one of them has to win. Tyler says he has to win to maintain control and get rid of one his targets. Kaysar says he knows Tyler is fast, but he has to go faster. He rings in and he realizes they are on the wrong bases. Tyler says he just have to right answer and ring in before Kaysar fixes his mistake. Tyler rings in and he has won the first round. Kaysar says he is crushed. He let himself down. Tyler says he just took the cake and knocked out Kaysar in the first round. That’s one nominee down, one more to go.


It’s now time for Cody vs Bayleigh. Bayleigh says if she wins this she will be stuck in a rock and a hard place, but she loves to win. So let’s go. Cody wants to win this so bad. He’s wanted Janelle and Kaysar on the block for a long time so he has to win this. Bayleigh thinks she’s making progress but she made a mistake. Cody is moving fast and he rings in and he advances to the next round. Bayleigh says she’s bummed she’s not still in the competition.


Memphis vs Janelle is up next. Memphis would like to keep Janelle and Kaysar around, but The Committee wants them gone so he’s going to shoot for this veto and keep noms the same. Janelle says she feels like the house wants her out because she’s the bigger threat. If she doesn’t win veto, she WILL be the one going home this week. Nicole F says Memphis is throwin the comp and she’s confused. Dani and Memphis also say he’s throwing the competition. Memphis says this game isn’t built for his brain. Janelle says this is challenging because you have to be calm and think but also be fast. Memphis rings in and he advances. Janelle says she’s crushed and Kaysar apologizes to her.


Tyler had the fastest time of the winners so he advances straight to the final round. Cody vs Memphis is up. Memphis says he likes Cody but he wants to take him down. Cody says he and Memphis are in alliance and a final two, but he doesn’t know if he can trust him yet so he wants to win this. Cody rings in and he advances to the final round against Tyler. Memphis doesn’t like losing and he doesn’t like losing to someone younger.


Cody vs Tyler are up. Tyler says Kaysar and Janelle are out of the game. He trusts Cody, but he still wants to win the veto. Cody says he’s in a groove and he knows what to do with these puzzle pieces and he’s very confident. Cody rings in and Cody has won the POV! Cody says he’s super pumped to win the veto and have total power with Tyler. But can he take the stupid had now? Kaysar says Cody wins again. He’s working with a strong alliance and they have to go back to the drawing board. Janelle says she doesn’t have anyone in this game besides Kaysar. She’s in definite trouble.


We’re back after the veto comp. Memphis says even though he wanted to win, Cody winning was just as good and their alliance has full control this week. Nicole, Christmas, and Dani are talking about Memphis and Nicole says do you really think he was throwing it? Dani says stop it, that was the worst acting she’s ever seen. Dani knows Memphis threw the competition. Last week he wouldn’t backdoor Janelle or Kaysar, he’s double dipping and he’s proved it two time, two weeks in a row.


Janelle goes to talk to Kaysar and he’s wallowing in pity about sucking at the game. Janelle wants to cheer him up and she says she’s sorry about everything. Kaysar says they were screwed walking in the doors and she says she should have said no so he had a chance. Janelle says she thinks it’s better for his game if she leaves. Kaysar says he’s never been in this house without her and that’s crazy. He says he’ll try to burn the house down.


Kaysar says his relationship with Janelle is unbreakable and obvious. But he couldn’t imagine playing this game without her and not meeting her. He wants to figure out a way to maybe keep them both in the house. Janelle says their backs are against the wall. She has nothing to lose. She needs to see if they can work out a deal to keep them both in the house.


Enzo, Tyler, and Cody are in the HOH room and Enzo says they won! Enzo then talks about Memphis throwing the competition. Enzo thinks he was giving Janelle time to win. Cody thinks he 1000% threw it. Tyler says Enzo telling him that peaks his interest and Memphis throwing the comp shows he’s less trustworthy than he thought. And he didn’t really trust him to begin with.


We hear a baby crying and the HG are like what is that? Christmas is the proud parent of a baby all-star and she’ll have to take care of it all week long. She has a pink star in a stroller and she holds him up and Enzo asks if he’s the father? Christmas says she was his plus one. They get a family portrait and Enzo says he’s a proud dad. Christmas has to tend to her baby’s every need and demand. She has to change a diaper. Now mommy has to play with the baby and Enzo is going to watch the game with the fellas.


Christmas says this is one needy and demanding baby. We see her feeding it and bouncing the star on her knee and playing peek-a-boo. Christmas says the baby even needs round the clock attention. She thought she’d get a time out from new mommy duties in the BB house. Kevin says Christmas is a mess and he’s not sure she’ll make it through the week.


Another little all-star has been born! She has to go meet her second baby now! We hear a baby crying and another all-star has been born! Enzo says they have triplets now and Christmas says her birth control isn’t working. We have a fourth all-star. Enzo says he doesn’t know what’s going on but one looks like him. He has his eyebrows but they need to go on Maury for a paternity test. Christmas has twins now! We’re up to six babies. Christmas gets awakened in the middle of the night and she has to tell everyone how cute they are. Ian says all this craziness makes him happy they aren’t his kids.


Christmas, they now have triplets! We’re up to nine babies. Christmas says if she doesn’t win, then Enzo has to because they’ll need the money. They tell the miao miao he needs to get spay or neutered.


Janelle is talking to Cody and she’s pitching it will be advantageous for Cody and Tyler to keep her because she’ll always be a target and she hasn’t been winning comps. She’s willing to do anything to keep her and Kaysar in the house together. Janelle says if Cody uses the veto on her, she’ll vote with him for the next two weeks. If she stays, then she wants to work with him and it would be beneficial to have each other’s backs. Cody says Janelle is a huge target and could be a shield and even though she’s dangerous, she could be less dangerous than a snake in the grass, Memphis.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Christmas has to bounce her babies on her knee. Back to the veto meeting. Cody has decided not to use the power of veto. He doesn’t want to ruffle any more feathers than necessary. Cody says Janelle had an enticing deal, but he’s been planning to get one of them out since week one.


Kaysar is irritated but his friends and family know he’s successful because he’s relentless. He takes his disappointment and frustration and he channels them to get what he wants. Bayleigh is going to work over time to see if she can get the votes to keep her in the house. Dani says Janelle is the BB queen and she needs to make sure she goes home this week because it’s time for a new coronation. Janelle says she doesn’t play a scared game and she’s going to have show the wannabe all-stars how to play.

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