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America's Got Talent Season 15 - Quarter Final Round 3


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22 acts have performed for your vote so far in the Quarter Finals, and only 10 have moved forward into the Semi-Finals. Tonight, 11 more acts will seeek your support. It's America's Got Talent Quarter-Finals #3! Here's your host, Terry Crews!

The AGT Studio Walls are alive with the live Zoom Box Audience. They welcome back the AGT Judges, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara! Simon continues to recover from a broken back and there will no longer be a guest judge. Howie is now seated between Heidi and Sofia.

Our first act is in Fort. Lauderdale, FL, where Dance Town Family may come from different cultures and walks of life but brings a shared love of dance to a roof top above the beach for a Cuban-infused high energy dance routine where everyone is smiling behind their mask.

Sofia calls Dance Town Family perfection, precise footwork, amazing choreography, so many ages integrated, such a great setting. Howie says they were in the moment with all the masks, it was Covid meets Conga. Heidi says it was en fuego, on fire, so much passion.

The next act is a singer who found magic when he first picked up a guitar, Nolan Neal, then nearly lost it all from alcoholism. His original song, Send Me A Butterfly, is soft and sensitive, full of personal journey and meaning, his vocal comforting & reassuring.

Heidi says your voice not only tells the story of the song but your story, emotion and sadness in your voice but also hope. Sofia says better than last time, both heartbreaking and uplifting. Howie says we are all looking for that butterfly and we all relate.

Usama Siddiquee went home to Plano, TX to quarantine with his family, which has its pro's and con's. In LA to perform for the judges, he riffs on his name in an airport and club music in Miami. I thought the cultural jokes were funny but the lady is a tramp joke fell flat.

Howie says he doesn't think the ladies gave you the response you were expecting. Heidi says being called a tramp wasn't a highlight. Sofia was laughing but then felt guilty for laughing, it was a risky theme for the performance. You have an amazing presence but should be in a sitcom.

Simon's Golden Buzzer act W.A.F.F.L.E Crew lost 3 friends, faced the pandemic and then faced racial tension in the face of the George Floyd killing. They bring their high energy street dance to New York Street at Universal Studios with acrobatics, subway pole dancing and more.

Heidi says this felt like an old Hollywood musical modernized, loved the tricks and flips and the super-slow-mo. Sofia says you were in your element, the coolest thing in a long time. Howie says Simon was absolutely right, on the top of your game, your passion & determination.

Singer Annie Jones battles boredom in Australia during Stage 4 lockdown, but with special travel permission, she is singing Rain On Me (Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande) live. Her vocal at times reflects a maturity beyond her age, even as her voice reflects her age.

Heidi says welcome to America! Kudos for trying a difficult song. Sofia says it didn't seem like you were nervous, you were having the best time. Howie says I'd love to be on your talk show, but I think your last performance was better when you were more yourself.

Music is at the core of percussionist Malik Dope and any day now his father could succumb to an accident from years ago. He brings the fire to a colorfully and energetically staged performance showcasing the art of drumming unlike AGT has seen before. That was truly Dope!

Sofia says who says drums can't be the main event, that was spectacular. Howie says now you're my favorite act of the night, you become the music, the dancing and showmanship was spectacular. Heidi says you were moving all around, no chance to get bored, loved the enthusiasm.

The next act is mentalist Max Major who plays with your mind. Live before the judges, Max greets the Zoom Box audience and reaches through the screens to get them to draw a picture that matches an image Howie drew and a secret card Max produces. But should he have told the secret?

Howie says unbelievable, and they are also both barefoot! You are worthy of going through. Heidi says you told us how it's done and I may try that on my husband. Sofia says it was so creative for you to adapt the Zoom Box audience. But why do you have no shoes?

Bone-Breakers from West Africa demonstrates that contortionism is more fun in 3's. performing on a psychedelic video stage, they twist, pull and rotate limbs & heads in impossible directions to African hip hop, all with big smiles and seemingly no bones. Pretzel anyone?

Heidi says wow, you have some strange moves. You're all rubber, no bones. Howie says such originality, it was exciting and thrilling and painful to watch. Friends don't fold other friends and make a wish. Sofia says it was exhausting and suffering and you enjoy it.

Howie adds Bone-Breakers will bends over backwards to win.

We return to Australia for Sheldon Riley, who tried for too long to not be anything, singing Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Kylie Minogue), his vocal is both ethereal and dramatic, mystical and magnetic, his hand-made costume still covering his face, but nothing can contain his voice.

Sofia says the way you perform is every emotional, the costumes and magic and mystery to hide yourself. Howie says we are all trying to find a path to fit in. You're an original and that's powerful. Heidi says your confidence is really cool, beautiful behind the mask. Let it go.

Aerialist Alan Silva flies through the air with the greatest of ease. Tonight he performs a move on the silks in which he previously broke his neck. Twisting, turning, his passion and artistry shine as his act amazes before taking a dangerous turn over a bed of spikes.

Heidi says I had so much fun watching you have so much fun, you radiate joy in the air. Sofia says it was breathtaking, and nerve wracking. Howie says the stage was wet and it was windy and you almost didn't perform, and yet you still were amazing.

The last act is Heidi's Golden Buzzer, Cristina Rae, singing Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) standing in a digitally flooded stage, her voice rings out crystal clear, carrying a message of hope and beauty, and her beautiful falsetto pierced the heavens. 

Heidi says that was flawless, emotionally, crystal clear. Sofia says that was gorgeous, already a recording artist, so unique. Howie says that was flawless. That instrument, with such ease, that range of notes, America's in trouble deciding form these acts tonight.

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Live from Universal Studios, Hollywood, it's America's Got Talent: The Results! Here's your host, Terry Crews! Last night, 11 acts performed for your vote and tonight they await your verdict. Please welcome your judges, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara!

Last hight, Dance Town Family performed from Miami. Then Nolan Neal performed an original song. Usama Siddiquee's humor fell flat, but the W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew lit up New York Street. Annie Jones sang, Malik Dope drummed, and Max Major revealed his mental manipulation secrets.

Bone Breakers were fluid, Sheldon Riley sang, Alan Silva soared and Christina Rae brought the house down with her joyous song. 3 of these acts will move into the Semi-Finals on America's vote. The 4th, 5th and 6th place acts will face the Dunkin' Save and the Judge's save.

Who will stay and who will go? It's time for your results. The following acts came in 4th, 5th and 6th and are at risk with the Dunkin' Save. W.A.F.F.L.E Crew, Malik Dope and Nolan Neal, please step forward. Who do you want to save? The Duncan' Save vote is open now.

Now let's see who America voted through. Alan Silva and Dance Town Family, please step forward (Dance Town is on the big screen). Two acts, only one will go through. The first act going into the Semi-Finals is...   Alan Silva!

The Dunkin' Save is really close so everyone should vote. But the results from last night are clear. Annie Jones, Sheldon Riley in Sydney, Australia, and Christina Rae, please step forward. The next act going through to the Semi-Finals is...   Christina Rae!

That leaves 3 spots remaining, so let's keep it going. Bone Breakers, Max Major and Usama Siddiquee, please step forward. America has voted. The next act going into the Semi-Finals is...   Max Major!

Next, we get America's Got Questions, where the AGT Zoom Audience gets to ask questions of the judges. Howie would have auditioned for World of Dance, Terry reveals his Pec origin story, Will gave Heidi the Golden Buzzer, and Sofia's husband asked how she got the dream job.

One of the last two acts to move on to the Semi-Finals will be sent through by your Dunkin' Save and you still have a few minutes to vote!

Back in 2016, NFL star John Dorenbos brought magic to the NFL stage and now he's backHe has a table of cards torn into 4 squares and as each judge and Terry picks a card, he takes a square corner from that card and attaches them into a new whole card. 

Time is up for the Dunkin' Save act. The vote is closed and it's time to find out who is moving into the Semi-Finals. 

Alan Silva, Christina Rae and Max Major are already through to the Semi-Finals. Will W.A.F.F.L.E Crew, Makik Dope and Nolan Neal step forward. The act that is going through to the Semi-Finals based on the Dunkin' Save is...   W.A.F.F.L.E Crew!

Now it is up to the judges to decide who will take the 5th and final Semi-Final spot of the night. Will it be Malik Dope? Or will it be Nolan Neal?

It's time for the Judge's Choice. Will it be Makik Dope or Nolan Neal? Heidi votes for Malik Dope. Sofia votes for Nolan Neal. It all comes down to Howie's tie-breaking vote. Howie votes for...   Malik Dope! 

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