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Friday, August 28, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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5:20 PM BBT

The Feeds are back. Enzo nominated Kaysar and Kevin. Enzo is telling Kevin he is the pawn.



Enzo: you are safe Bro. There are bigger fish in this fucking house. You may be the floater in this house to get to the end. I'm talking to everybody and this isn't just me.

Kevin: Is anybody throwing me under the bus

Enzo: no, Bud

Kevin: We are still allies, I don't want you to think

Enzo: you are not a target. I'm telling you. I w as like, look Bro. I have to pick two people. It's nothing personal

Enzo assures Kevin that Kaysar is the target and he will never put him up again. "It's a favor that I needed done. I stuck my neck out for you in the beginning, and now we are even. If you want to put me up, just do it.

Kevin: do you think I have the support

Enzo: I'm the HoH. If I told you the first week you're not going home, you are not going home.

Kevin: I'm trusting that I will get through this week and I will never put you on the block either

Enzo: you can if you want. Bro, you're an ally to me. I am going after...this game is going to get real dirty real fast

Kevin: I understand there are people that have to be pawns

Enzo: yo, you are not going anywhere

Enzo explains that Kaysar has some history in the house, and that's all he had to go by "I apologize for putting you on the block"

Kevin: that's okay Enzo. I understand that someone had to go on the block

5:30 PM BBT

Kaysar is asking Christmas in the KBR to help him out with veto. She says she wants to say yes but needs to talk with Enzo first.





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5:21PM BBT Feeds back. Nic and Xmas talking. Thet like both Kaysar and Kevin. They must be the noms. Nic says she is going with the flow and not pushing anything since she isn't close enough with Enzo. Xmas agrees. In the HOHBR Enzo is telling Kevin that he is safe. He is a pawn. He tells him he might get to the end. Enzo says he told Kaysar that it wasn't anything personal. He says the house wanted Kaysar.


5:26PM BBT Enzo tells Kevin that if he gets HOH again, he will not be putting Kevin on the block. This is a one time thing. He says this game is going to get real dirty real fast. He says that Kaysar went up because of everything he started in the house with Janelle. Enzo says people suggested Day but he says Day didn't do anything to him so why would he nominate him. 


 5:31PM BBT Kaysar talking to Xmas about her vote. She says she needs to talk to Enzo first. She is trying to give him a pep talk about winning POV. Says he has been a top contender in all of the comps.


5:40PM BBT Dani and Bay talking in the PBR. They discuss that they think Kevin is suprised he went up. They thought it was going to be David. They said it's an easy week for Enzo. Bay says that whoever is out next week will be easy too because they will not be in jury. They talk about endurance comps during their seasons.

5:49PM BBT Dani and Bay talking about Covid and hoping when they get out things may be better. We get all 4 cams on Enzo still talking to Kevin. Same convo in circles.



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6:30 PM BBT Christmas, Kaysar and Tyler are all in the KT area. Tyler is working on his arm with the arm bands. Kaysar and Christmas are doing lifts with the dumbbells and Christmas is telling Kaysar how to do them. Enzo is his HOHR listening to his music he got. 

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Dani is working out in the Love Lounge.


6:37 PM BBT

Kaysar heads to HOHR and tells Enzo that he wants to keep it real



Kaysar: listen, let me tell you something. I came in here yesterday and told you it's all good. It's game

Enzo: yeah

Kaysar: I respect you and here's the reality...okay...  I know you guys are after me. So, I'm going to keep it real.


Kaysar: You guys are playing an awesome game. I respect that completely. More power to you. ANd If I was in your position, I would have put me up too.

Enzo: Yeah, Yo...'cause we don't talk game

Kaysar says he has no one...he's an island. "At the end of the day you're going to have Cody, Tyler...

Enzo: coming up here....and I don't want to ruffle feathers...But, you and me haven't talked game and I don't know.

Enzo says they could come for him in a sneak attack. Kaysar asks if he is done (solid with his crew)

Enzo responds that he is friends with everybody. Kaysar says he is working with everyone else more than him. Enzo claims that he isn't working with anyone and everyone came up telling him what they want "I'm trying not to ruffle any fucking feathers because I don't play HOH next week. That's where I'm at....but, look Man. I am here to win. I am here to play, Yo.....there was people coming up throwing people under the bus....forcing their agendas"


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6:36 PM BBT Dani is in the loft fixing to do yoga. Kaysar and Enzo are talking. Enzo says that people are trying to force their agendas on them. Enzo says he hopes that next week no one puts him up. That is why he wanted to win stuff. Enzo says he dosen't trust anyone. Enzo says it the same stuff. Enzo says he like him but he not going to go against the reigns.

Kaysar said he wants to work with him and he feels the same exact way. Enzo says this is his first HOH and he was scared.  

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6:46 PM BBT Kaysar finishes his chat with enzo and he goes to work out again. Ian and Enzo are talking up in the HOHR. Ian tells him about him experience. He says he had minutes to decide who to put up his people in his season. Ian says he feels bad for Kevin and Kaysar but what can he do. Ian says he apperiates him not being putting him up. 

6:50 PM BBT Ian tells Enzo that he dont want to be houseguest choice because he cannnot promise anything. They joke about febreeze the stink. Ian says he feels bad. Enzo says he like both of them. Ian agress and says he just told him that he cant promise anything. They joke about febrezze the stink again. They talk about Janelle an Kaysar doing the comp on Day 2. Ian shares that he heard Nicole a and Janelle talking about him because he was in n out of sleep due to the lights being on. 

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8:42pm Big Brother Time


Baleigh is cooking, Nicole F comes to see what is in the pot, then goes to get veggie bullion.


Sounds like they are having some sort of stir fry with rice.  Memphis is making some balls with the rice, he hands off the extra to the girls. Looks like Memphis is adding tuna and veggies to the rice balls he made...sushi???


Camera moves to living room


Ian and Enzo are talking about Ian's competition losses so far this season.


Camera switches to Tyler talking to kevin in the cartoon bedroom.  Tyler is saying he regrets quitting football. Kevin commiserates.  Nicole F yells that the shower is free.  Christmas is in the room too, Kevin mentions her yoga socks.  David is in the background mentioning Kevin's footwear. (Riveting) 


David is asking Davonne if she is making slop recipes, and plans to taste it.  He says he will be upset if it is better than he made his week.  He shouts out to Davonnes parents in a teasing way as she leaves the room.


Cameras are switching to rooms all over the house.  This time it lands in the kitchen.


Memphis is finishing his rice dish, Nicole F mentions salmon, Baleigh says she is finishing the stir fry vegetables, Memphis is snacking and cooking. 

House guests start filling plates and going to the table for their meals, they all thank the cooks.


Camera moves to washroom area.


Danielle has had an accident with her razor.  She sliced her finger while shaving in the shower.  She says it is painful, but it looks like a bandaid is all she needs for it.


9:16pm Big Brother Time


General talk all over the Big Brother house.  House guests are showering, cleaning up after their meal and so on. During this time there is quite a bit of camera movement from room to room, but none of them really settle into any area for more than a few seconds. It looks like the storage room has been restocked with veggies. (earlier house guests were saying there was very little in the way of groceries in the house_


Baleigh is wandering the house looking for her towel. Her agitation level is increasing.

At one point Baleigh asked David if he used her towel "by accident", he denies.  Baleigh continues to mention that David said he did not use the towel. Baleigh gives up her search and goes to the HOH room to raid Enzo's snack stash.


Enzo says he wants more alcohol.  He tells Memphis he is not liking the HOH stress very much.  Memphis chuckles as Enzo tells him about people bringing their own agenda to him.  Memphis says the same thing happened on his HOH.


They are laughing at getting three girls out of the house already, and about people pushing them to do what they want.  Memphis says you put two people up, one has to go home.


Enzo says he put up Kaysar and Kevin, he likes Kaysar more, but he can't vote so they need to take care of it.  Memphis says people came and told him all kinds of things about other people in the house.  He says they throw each other under the bus the whole week.


Memphis says you can't go through this house without going through something. 


Enzo says when people tell him what to do he doesn't want to do what they want, they need to win for themselves.  He says Ian came to the HOH for over a half hour sharing his opinions.  Memphis says it bothers him that Ian asks him what he is up to all the time.  Enzo tells Memphis Ian told him that Kaysar has "the stink", he isn't sure what he even means.


Enzo tells Memphis that he talked to Kaysar and told him he was on the block because that is what the house wanted.  Memphis says he thinks Kaysar is a good dude, but he needs to back off and blend into the woodwork.


Enzo says he is oldest in the house and he has to maneuver.  He says not being safe is good enough, the younger people want to demand who they want on the block.


They both agree that they have to play for other people doesn't sit well, they need to play for themselves.  Memphis says he doesn't like the big alliances in the house.  He says ultimately it only does one person any good, and only if they win the game.


Enzo says winning HOH is not what he wants to do, he wants to win other comps going forward.  He isn't interested in navigating the HOH again.


They continue to talk about house guests trying to dictate the nominees.


Memphis says Janelle ruined her own game by positioning herself so that everyone came after her.  Memphis says she didn't even pack her suitcase, she thought she was staying.  Enzo says she didn't even get dressed until five minutes before the show.  Memphis says Janelle told him she would be back.  Enzo says maybe she will come back in a Pandora's Box for 24 hours.  They continue to speculate on the "new room" and when and what it can be. They realize they only have two weeks until jury., and they will have to spend time in the jury house with the people in the game.


Enzo says going to the HOH and locking the door at 10pm is a good idea. Enzo says the girls in the house are too much (referring to drama).  He says they try to controlling in the house.


Memphis says David is spinning out, Enzo says he told him about it.  Memphis says he gets up early for alone time, and a few days ago David told Janelle that after Memphis put him on the block and wouldn't talk to him.  They are laughing about the lack of manners, people not giving them space, fiddling around when they cook, and so on.  


They both think David's days are numbered, and he thinks all conversations are important.  Enzo says sometimes they just need to leave them alone.


They make plans to go to a bar if one is open.  Enzo says he will put a hole in his mask and drink through a straw.  He says they can go home hungover the next morning.


They continue to talk about David's inexperience in the game, Enzo says if Kaysar wins it or Kevin wins it he will have to put someone else up.  He said he told Kaysar that people in the house wanted him to be put up and he really had no choice in this.  They say that Kaysar and Janelle started right away, they didn't ask Cody first.


Both of them worry about recent players getting a powerful veto and how they will use it.  Enzo says they have exhausted him, Memphis says Ian would put Enzo or himself up quick, or backdoor one of them to make a power play.


Memphis says the girls were plotting back doors and veto winning and all kinds of things with him.  Memphis says Janelle tried to pull antics, she is a great player.  She did not offer anyone anything.  Enzo says she had enemies in the house and was targeting David and Nicole F. 


Memphis is looking for Davonne to start something, Enzo says he is waiting for it.


Memphis says it will be Christmas and Davonne going after each other sooner rather than later.


Enzo says the girls got jealous because he chose Christmas as his plus one.


Neither of them want the HOH again, they say it is too much.  They say four guys have won the HOH, either the girl are throwing the competitions.  Memphis says the girls think there is a male alliance, Enzo says its the girls who have that.


Memphis says he is going to go to bed, he asks if he can host the competition, Enzo tells him Baleigh already asked him.


Memphis says goodnight and leaves.


Camera moves around the house and settles in the washroom.


Kaysar is talking to Davonne about the votes for Janelle that did not happen as Janelle believed they would. He says he did not campaign against Janelle so he did not say much to Davonne about it.











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7:00PM BBT: Bay is leading a workout session in the LR with Nic, Christmas, Tyler and Kaysar.  Enzo is in the HOHR with Ian, where Ian is rehashing his seasons and trying to form a bond.









7:32PM BBT: Cody is in the WA with Kevin and David with a look of "please someone get me out of here"





7:33PM BBT: Enzo asks Ian what happened between Da' and David.  Ian said he had a feeling and starts to answer his question, but Enzo interrupts him and says "but I like him, bro" and keeps talking.  Ian starts eating chips after giving up getting a word in.

7:35PM BBT: Enzo tells Ian that he wants to win the POV comp tomorrow, yo.  "that would be crazy, yo".


7:37PM BBT: Dani tells Nic in the SLR how bad she feels about how she's backstabbing Kaysar.  She repeats the conversation that she just had with Kaysar to Nic, and that she knows Kaysar wouldn't come after her.  She thinks she has him pretty snowed - Nic and Dani pat themselves on the back as to how they set up their alliances and their shields.


7:41PM BBT: Dani tells Nic that if they cut Bay, then Da' will be perfect in the house because she can't win anything and they like her.  They agree that it has to be Christmas or Ian to cut Bay next week, preferably a backdoor.  Dani says that there's no way that Bay didn't vote for Jani to stay.



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10:00pm Big Brother Time


Kaysar continues to talk to Davonne, he says he has been told he is not fit.


Ian comes in and they tell him Davonne is going to host a workshop about "thuganomics" 


intermittent stars


Baleigh tells Kaysar he needs "intro to the hood" first.  She says he might be laughing but it is an intense class and he will need an application first.  Unfortunately he may not be admitted.


Things quiet down as Ian brushes his teeth, Davonne gets dressed in the shower and David does his bedtime routine.


Davonne says she loves the have not room, it is the best room in the house.


intermittent stars


Tyler is laying prone on the sofa in the living room (he has been called out by BOB once already but has not moved).


Christmas is getting ready for her shower.



Camera moves to the HOH room with Enzo


Cody is complaining that people are saying Enzo is just listening to him (Cody).  Cody hopes he plays in the veto.  He tells Enzo how the chips are picked from the bag.


Enzo says he would like to pick Christmas if he gets house guest choice.  He says that Christmas is going after Baleigh and Davonne if she wins HOH.  Enzo says Davonne is upset because he refused to put up who she wanted in his HOH.


Enzo says if they have a meeting tonight he will shut down inquiries about who he will put up as a replacement if Kevin or Kaysar come down.  


Cody says Tyler is irritated too, he says if Christmas likes you it is very solid.


Enzo says Davonne is jealous of his relationship with Christmas, and she (Davonne) is everywhere, she doesn't trust anyone.  Enzo says if he has to nominate it will be Ian, he isn't concerned about what the girls are after from him. Enzo says both the nominees want to work with him, Cody says both of them are projecting their nominations onto him (Cody), so if Kaysar stays Enzo will remain safe.


Enzo complains that Ian has not talked game to him yet, but since the HOH win he has come to him as a possible ally. 


Cody says that Nicole F and Davonne will not go after each other.  He tells Enzo that Nicole F is hiding behind Ian, and Ian won four competitions after jury.  Enzo says he has to go out.


Cody says Tyler is not feeling well, they pass on grabbing him to come into the game.


Enzo says he is not getting rid of Kevin, it will be Kaysar or Ian.  Cody says Kevin tried to protect Kaysar in the house.


Baleigh comes into the room, she wants to know if they are having a meeting, they tell her that Tyler is not feeling well.  She tells them that other members of the group are asking.


Baleigh tells him if he picks the house guest choice he should pick someone from the group.  If he chooses her, Memphis can be the host instead. Enzo tells Baleigh he is not interested in sending David out this week.


Davonne comes into the room, she offers to go check on Tyler. Baleigh rummages through the snacks (without asking). She says she is taking "two more" (still didn't ask).  Davonne comes back, Tyler has declined the invitation.


Baleigh says that after the nominations Kaysar came and got Danielle to talk, she says they were together for nearly a half hour.


Enzo continues to rant, no new information for us.


Davonne asks "why Kevin over David?"


Enzo says he didn't want to play against David in the POV.  Davonne looks skeptical. Davonne insists that Kevin wants to work with them.  Davonne wants to know what will happen if Kaysar pulls himself off the block.  Enzo says he is not going to think about that right now.


Baleigh found her towel!!!!!!! Enzo was the culprit.  Everyone laughs about it, Cody tells her he has a towel for her, when they wash Wednesday she will take it back.

Enzo insists he thought it was Big Brother's towel. Cody gives him a hard time.


Baleigh gives Enzo instructions who to choose for the veto, then goes out of the room. They call her a "sweet girl", and loyal. Both of them regret pulling Davonne into the alliance.


Cody says that if Kaysar or Kevin win the veto Davonne will expect Enzo to put up David as the replacement.  They say someone has to win the veto. Cody says for all he knows, Davonne may still believe that he had something to do with the David drama.


Cody and Enzo watch Davonne go downstairs and tell Danielle what was said upstairs.


Cameras switch to Kevin and Christmas in the cartoon bedroom.


They are talking about working with each other, Kevin promises to help Christmas.


Camera moves back to HOH


Cody and Enzo are still fussing about Davonne.


Enzo says if Christmas wins HOH she will go after Davonne, he thinks Davonne will blame him. 


Cody says Daniellle will try to force them to put Baleigh out, but they will not do that.  Cody says he knows Kaysar is coming after him but he went with the alliance and voted Janelle out knowing it was a worse move for him.


Enzo can't grasp that Davonne has had two alliance members in the HOH room and is still nervous.  Enzo says maybe Davonne was the vote for Janelle (it was him and Danielle, but he doesn't know about Danielle).  Cody thinks it is possible.  They insist they will not appease Danielle by putting Baleigh on the block.


Cody says if Enzo, Tyler or himself win the HOH they will save each other, no question.  Enzo says he is willing to go with the executive decision of the HOH if it is one of them.


Cody tells Enzo that if he puts Ian up he will upset Nicole F for doing it, and upset Davonne for not putting David up.  He says if Enzo doesn't care about that to do it. He will still have back up from him(Cody) and Tyler.  He tells Enzo it is just a heads up in case he didn't think it through.






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11:00pm Big Brother Time


Cody and Enzo continue their conversation about Davonne.


Enzo says Davonne believes it is selfish of Enzo to not put David on the block, but doesn't understand that if she expects it, she is selfish.


Cody says he doesn't understand why Davonne wants David out, he has never voiced anything against her.


Enzo says, if someone says something about you, win HOH and do it yourself.


Cody says David went to Davonne and told her about the vote flip to help her, not to hurt her.  He doesn't understand that.


Enzo says Ian told him he would not go after him, but Cody wants to know who Ian would target.  Enzo says he plans to ask Ian who his target is.


Cody says Ian has a hard time talking to him, even about small incidents.  Cody says because Ian is on the spectrum he has a hard time gauging the social aspects.  He tells Enzo that Ian was asking if they could bring Enzo into the group of four and wanted Cody to ask.


Enzo says sending David home is just a bad thing to think of.


Cody says the wisdom of getting weak players out early keeps other people from pulling them in for votes when things get harder.  Cody says if Enzo wants to put Ian up he (Cody) will tell Nicole F.


Enzo says he would like to see Christmas win HOH next week.


Rehashing continues between the two of them.  


Kevin continues to talk to Christmas on other cameras


11:17pm Big Brother Time


Danielle comes into the room.


Enzo tells her about the earlier conversation with Davonne.


Danielle tells them that Kaysar keeps coming into rooms where she is and kicks out people who are in the room with her.


Enzo tells Danielle about his earlier conversation with Kaysar.


Danielle says Kaysar mentioned a "big" alliance in the house, she says she denied, told him there might be small alliances.


Enzo tells Danielle about Kaysar asking if Danielle threw him under the bus.


Gossip continues about Kaysar.


1133pm Big Brother Time


Camera moves to washroom.


Kevin is talking to Baleigh and Davonne.


Davonne is encouraging Kevin to win the veto.



Camera moved back to the HOH


Still Kaysar gossip and Davonne gossip


Camera moves back to the washroom.


Davonne is insisting that Kevin needs to win the veto. (she is hoping David will go on the block if Kevin comes down).


(This stresses Kevin, who knows Enzo has assured him that he is a pawn.  It is obvious he is not sure why Davonne is telling him this--Grannysue)


Kevin goes to the lavatory, says he is going to bed.


Davonne is whispering to Baleigh, we hear her say "I feel so bad."


When Kevin comes back to the room Davonne tells him "we were just having to give tough love."  They tell them they feel bad.


Kevin says "what makes you think...i don't throw things."


Davonne tells him she doesn't want to tell him that the votes are secure,then something happens.


Kevin says Kaysar already knew he was going on the block, it was a surprise to him.

Davonne tries to smooth it over with Kevin, Kevin isn't really buying what they are selling.


Kevin goes to the photo bedroom, the lights are out, he takes off his microphone and crawls into his bed.


Camera returns to washroom


Baleigh and Davonne are talking about Kevin's reaction to them pushing him to win the veto.


Davonne says "as a viewer of the show", "as a black viewer of the show, am i wrong to want him to go home."


Baleigh tells her no, she tried to warn David several times that things are different here.  She says there have always been problems in their community. Davonne mentions that David talks to Baleigh but not her.


Cameras move to HOH for a few minutes then returns to the conversation in the washroom.


Baleigh claims that white mothers have approached her with offers to introduce her to their sons.  She says the mothers want mixed babies in their families.  Baleigh says she has the right language, and went to private school.  She continues to tell Davonne that she is happy about her story, and has been the token black girl at her modeling agency.  She says she was told to move to Georgia because there had never been a black Miss Missouri before( or after) her. Baleigh goes on to complain about her troubles because she is light skinned.  Davonne says she has had the opposite complaints.  Davonne says it is common for a "dark skinned girl" story

Baleigh says she hears reference to her beauty with a qualifier "for a black girl". She says she she wants "chocolate babies" (direct quote, please allow me to apologize in advance if i am making a mess of this conversation, but i think it is important for people to hear these intelligent young women talk about lives all of us don't recognize.  i am doing the best i can to give this conversation a good translation--Grannysue).


we get stars for a few minutes


Conversation between Davonne and Baleigh continue.


Baleigh says she knows women who would only date white men to avoid their children being treated as they are.


Davonne says she dates dark skinned men because she prefers their skin tones, but has been told that she is too dark for some men, they like lighter tones in women.  She says that was hurtful. Baleigh says she can imagine that. 


Conversation moves back to Kevin, Baleigh says that broke his heart.  Davonne says she realizes that.


Baleigh says she is the first "full black girl" Swaggy has dated.  Other girls had been of other mixed races (other countries??).  Davonne finds that hard to believe.


Camera moves to HOH


Danielle and Cody are spatting. Danielle says she doesn't want him repeating what she says, he tells her he will not mess up things going her way.


Camera moves back to washroom


Baleigh is laughing about when her mother met Swaggy, she says her mother is obsessed with him.  She says other family members were also surprised.  Baleigh says Swaggy's prior girlfriend was toxic and had him messed up.


We get stars


Baleigh continues to talk about her relationship with Swaggy but we get camera movement.



12:08am Big Brother Time













12:15am Big Brother Time


I am going to bed darlings. 

Goodnight from Grannysue

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