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Friday, August 28, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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11:27 Enzo & Kaysar HoH (BLUF: Kaysar’s turn to kiss butt, Enzo tells him he has no targets in mind yet]
Enzo says he’s going to talk to everyone in the house and just come up with two people. He said it’s hard because he loves everyone in the house. Kaysar says he has Enzo’s back, and he really means it and he thinks Enzo knows he can trust him. Enzo says he has no targets in his mind, he’s just going to talk to everyone then pick. Kaysar says what if everyone comes up here and says Kaysar, Enzo says he’s still playing his own game. Kaysar says he doesn’t like floaters and he respects people who come here to play. Enzo says there are a lot of flip floppers and HoH groupies. Kaysar basically says, we’re older, we’re wiser, we’re fathers, hopefully we can work together moving forward.

11:34 Enzo in HoH alone, to the cameras
Kaysars a good guy but he didn’t talk game with me for 4 weeks but he didn’t say anything bad about me, well maybe he did to Janelle or whoever his circle was. I like the guy but what am I gonna do? He hasn’t talked any game with me so I can’t trust him right now. NEXT! They are all f’n rats and cheerleaders in this house.


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11:40 PM BBT Tyler comes in and he tells them they are cheerleader. Enzo tells him that Kaysar hasn't talked any game with him for 4 weeks. He tells him Kaysar and a pawn. They talk about Dani and how she is always in the room and whispering spreading stuff around in the slick 6. They finish their conversation and leave. Enzo says who next who next and goes into say who he want to talk to. He says he want to see if Ian will talk game with him. He says he got to Nicole at ease and he going to tell kevin he is not a target. he puts on his music and he is pacing in the room FOTH. 

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11:51 AM BBT

Dani's turn with the HOH

Dani- what was up with the two votes

Enzo-I don't know

Nicole joins them

Enzo- you guys are fucking good with me....just stay loyal....you guys know you are straight with me

He tells them he is thinking of putting up Kaysar with either David or Kevin..."I know who the f* I can trust"

Dani suggests that Kevin will stay mad. Enzo says "who cares...keep him as a target next week"

Cody joins them and Dani tells him his pants are too tight.

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11:35 Enzo & Tyler HoH (BLUF: We’re so awesome, we (Cody, Tyler & Enzo) run this house, dudes rule, girls drool)
Enzo reshashes conversation with Kaysar. They talk about Da’vonne being a cheerleader for Kaysar during the HoH comp. Enzo says he has a connection with Bay and they can trust her the most of all the girls. They want someone like Christmas to target Day & Bay and then they keep Bay so she’s grateful to them. They talk about David making rookie moves but they are keeping him because he’s a target for a lot of other people. Tyler says they have to figure out if they go after Day & Bay first or Dani. Enzo wants someone to do it for them and Tyler says he’ll do it, he doesn’t care. Enzo wants to know why Da’vonne is going around saying there’s a guy alliance [um because…BLUF -SCRTsqrl] when they are in an alliance with the three best guys in the house. They talk about how Dani is in everyone’s ear, she’s is everywhere all the time planting seeds. Enzo thinks Kaysar will start spreading stuff and getting in people’s ear once he nominates him. Enzo & Tyler discuss cutting Christmas off from Kaysar and then they can use her to do their dirty work.


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11:45 AM BBT Dani comes up to speak to Enzo and they start to start to talk and he says they been up here 2x. Cody comes in there and kinda interupts them conversation. Enzo says he thinking Kaysar and a pawn they toss the idea ethier David or Kevin . Dani says Kevin is mad he will hold a grudge. Enzo says that everyone is mad at him Christmas has mentioned him and Cody and they say that perfect we can use that next week. Cody and Dani are both in there talking game with Enzo. Cody ask him who is going to be Kaysar and Kevin. Enzo says he dont know. 

12:00 PM BBT Dani Nicole and Cody end their conversations with enzo they all leave. We get FOTH now. 

12:13 PM BBT Feeds come back on and Enzo is talking to Day now. Enzo tells her what his plan and she just agrees and nods with him. He says we got the 6 and that what it for. we missed the first half due to stars, Day says save me a soda for Thursday. Enzo says for sure. Tyler comes in and Enzo says he is hungry he is going to go eat something. We get stars again. 

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11:49 Enzo & Dani & Nicole & Cody HoH (BLUF: Dani thinks Da’vonne & Bayleigh are too comfortable. Dani wants David to go up instead of Kevin. Core 4 almost get busted by Da’vonne & Kevin)
Finally the two rogue votes talk about who threw out the rogue votes. Dani says it had to be Bayleigh and Da’vonne right? Enzo says maybe Kevin. Nicole F joins. Enzo says they are good and he’s going to put up Kaysar and a pawn, maybe Kevin. Dani says David might be easier than Kevin because Kevin will stay mad but Enzo says David can be next week, he’s a target for a lot of people and he isn’t going to win anything. Cody comes in, the core 4 are in the penthouse. They talk about Cody’s tight pants. Enzo says the girls need to start winning stuff so he and Cody can relax next week. They talk about where David stands. Cody thinks Kaysar will blame ‘the house’ if he goes up. They talk about HoH letters they have gotten. Enzo says probably Kaysar and Kevin. Enzo asks what he should say to Kevin. Nicole says just to tell him he’s not the target. Dani says she thinks it would be easier if he puts up David because Kevin will hold a grudge. Enzo says, so what? What’s he going to win and he has nobody in the house, he’s just floating around. Dani say’s he has Da’vonne and Enzo says Da’vonne is grabbing everyone’s leftovers. Enzo talks about how much he likes the HoH. Kevin & Da’vonne are waiting outside and they are trying out how to leave without drawing attention to themselves. Cody thinks he should hide behind the bed, or in the bathroom, then the girls are like, should we hide? Should we leave? SNACKS! Grab snacks so they don’t look suspicious [ya’ll this is funny as heck watching them freak out -SCRTsqrl] finally Enzo opens the door and says “Are you guys waiting, you can come in, we’re just hanging out” and Kevin says oh, I was coming for a meeting and Cody says “Oh I thought everyone did that already” and Da’vonne says “I didn’t get my meeting yet” and so Cody, Nicole and Dani leave. Smooth [we’ll see anyway ha ha -SCRTsqrl]

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12:20 PM BBT Memphis Christmas Memphis and Kaysar are at the table talking about his Memphis work. Kevin and David and Dani and Bay are talking about the Big Brother drama on SM. Bay says that it is a lot. Dani asks about their season now or just in general Bay says just in general. Cody and Christmas and Nicole are in the PBR talking. Nicole said it going to be a long day she is tired, 

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12:08 Enzo & Kevin in HoH [BLUF: I’d love to tell you what wentdown but BB is star blocking me. -SCRTsqrl]

12:11 Enzo & Da’vonne in HoH (BLUF: Da'vonne is good, David is annoying people)
Enzo talking about David making a rookie mistake and now he’s a target in this house. Da’vonne agree he’s rubbing people the wrong way. He tells her to relax this week and win next week so he can relax next week. He says we’re the six (slick six alliance: Da’vonne, Bayleigh, Dani, Tyler, Cody & Enzo) are stronger players in the house both physically and socially. Enzo says he’s never been HoH and he kinda hates it because he is friends with everyone. They agree they are good.

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12:35 PM BBT Christmas and Enzo are talking in the HNR. Christmas tells him that she doesn't want to play with someone that is emotional. Christmas said they got take shots at them. Enzo says you got to get rid of who you want. Enzo says he would love to play with some of them. Christmas talk about her season with Him. Christmas said that she couldn't do the physical stuff in her season. Enzo said but you were still there you was socializing. Christmas says that david is so unpredictable. she says kevin she feels like he gives out to much information. But she shook hand with him first week. She says maybe they can collab with him and draw him in. Enzo say yeah he not my target. 

12:49 PM BBT Ian is next to talk to Enzo ask who he thinks he should put up and Ian says whatever the house wants.  (Kaysar and a Pawn) Enzo then ask him how he did it his season he explains it. stars come up and miss some conversation. Ian tells him he is in a good spot. Enzo says you gotta win comp and Ian says you got too. Ian is pretty much agreeing and sympathizing with Enzo as this is his first one. 

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12:28 Enzo & Christmas in the Have Not Room (BLUF: Christmas is so SPARKLY it hurts my eyes. There is some value to floaters. Christmas makes a pitch to keep Kevin)
Christmas said she just wanted to talk to Enzo today so she doesn’t seem suspect for not talking to him after talking with him last night. She said people were even suspicious of that and she told them her and Enzo were just talking about kids and comps, not game. Christmas would rather play with strategic players over emotional players. Enzo says he doesn’t like floaters but Christmas says they a lot less threatening because they don’t win anything. Power couples concern Christmas. They talk about the game starting to shape. The trend was getting out weak players no one really cared about until last week when they voted out Janelle but they said that was an easy HoH for Tyler, he didn’t get any blood on his hands taking out a big player because everyone wanted it. Christmas says people are going to have to start taking shots at bigger players otherwise you’re at the end with a bunch of beasts. They talk about dragging a Victoria to the end (aka someone who is loyal to you who won’t win anything and no one wants to vote out because it’s a waste). Christmas talks about how you can pull floaters in, tell them they have safety, throw comps to them when possible and let them do the dirty work and then you can play HoH the next week. Christmas says David is unpredictable, Kevin gives too much information to people but he wants to work with Christmas. Christmas says he’s a good floater and Enzo agrees and says, yeah no one is going to vote him out. Christmas says Enzo should pull Kevin in and say he wants to work with him and who else would be good to join them, prompting Kevin to say Christmas so it’s his idea. Enzo wants to put him on the block and tell Kevin he’s not the target but when he doesn’t go home he should know the trust is there. Christmas leaves as Ian comes in.

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12:55 PM BBT All the Enzo conversations end we get stars. Bayleigh is talking about past BB players. Cody Nicole Christmas and Dani are in the PBR talking about clothes and someone always fighting. The talk then changes how Ian and beat Dan. All cams are on these guys,

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12:47 Enzo & Ian Have Not Room (BLUF: Ian’s good)
Enzo tells Ian he’s not going up, he’s good with him. Ian thinks he’s on the verge of winning something [everyone who hasn’t won anything has said this today -SCRTsqrl]. Enzo doesn’t know why they didn’t throw in a new comp or twist. Ian says it’s harder because everyone is pleasant, Enzo agrees. They think the worst part about this year is not having the backyard open much.

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1:00 PM BBT Christmas, Dani and Nicole are talking in the PBR. They are discussing the final 2 questions. They are always the same questions. Nicole says that for her season, they initially said that the F2 had a minute and a half to speak and then at the last moment it got cut to 45 seconds. She panicked. Dani says that they get all that way, they should just be allowed to speak, to have their moment. Dani is called to the DR. 


1:08 PM BBT In the PBR, Nicole tells Christmas that she had a dream that she had more all-star babies. She currently has 13. In the dream, she had more. Meanwhile, in the loft, Kevin, Enzo and David are talking about musicians Yelawolf and Machine Gun Kelly.


1:12 PM BBT In the loft, Enzo is telling David and Kevin that he will listen to any kind of music. Anything at all. If he vibes with it, he will listen; including Celine Dion.


1:20 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Bayleigh and Ian talking in the WA. Ian is rocking aggressively. They are discussing how hard it is without the yard. Ian is really looking forward to them doing yoga together. That will be fun. Meanwhile Feeds 3 and 4 are on the loft, Enzo, Tyler, David and Kevin are talking about dogs. Enzo used to have big dogs that were mean and he had to put a muzzle on them just to take them to the vet. He admits that he is afraid of big dogs. 

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1:05 Nicole & Christmas in the Picture Room (BLUF: No game talk)
Nicole mentions Emelia Clark [Who is from London! She played Daenery’s Targaryen of a million other names on Game of Thrones -SCRTsqrl] from one of Dax Shepard’s Podcast, Arm Chair Expert (https://armchairexpertpod.com/) [it’s AMAZING, one of my favs -SCRTsqrl] said being dumb and pretty is the best thing you can be in this world because you’re just so blinded by everything. When you become educated that’s when you spiral, and anxiety starts and you start to overthink things and you know to much. Nicole thinks it’s true because once you know too much and start connecting dots --Christmas interject but that’s also thinking about thing negative versus positive, Christmas says she wants to know more to be empowered and Nicole agrees it is good to be educated but she had never heard anyone say what Emelia had and it kinda made sense because if people are just bee boppin along in their own world, they are always happy. Christmas says she’s not sure about that, she doesn’t think she’s too dumb and she’s pretty happy.

[FACT CHECK, She said, “My Mate Lola and I always talk about this, that when we have kids What we hope is that they are beautiful and stupid, because they'll always be happy because they are unaware of what it is that they are dealing with. If they are beautiful then it’s just like cool and there’s no questioning that but I think that if you’ve got a high emotional intelligence than you always going to be trying to figure out how people are looking at you and then, if you put your worth on how you look then you instinctively go I've got to pay more attention and I’ve got to look at that even more and that’s gonna be the thing and you realize that’s deeply unfulfilling…” https://www.podgist.com/armchair-expert-dax-shepard/emilia-clarke/index.html#0:47:44 -SCRTsqrl]


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1:26 PM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 switch to Bayleigh and Da'Vonne in the KT. They are whispering to each other. They both feel that Enzo winning HoH this week was perfect for them. Bayleigh thinks that there is going to be a meltdown. Kevin is going to be caught off guard.The decide to go to the lounge to talk.  


1:31 PM BBT Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are talking in the lounge. They have noticed that Cody has Nicole and so does Dani. They wonder if there are some side alliances going on. Meanwhile, they are wanting to give Kevin a heads up before noms but can't. 


1:33 PM BBT Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are talking about David in the loft. David is talking to the others about feeling betrayed by Da'Vonne. Da'Vonne "He feels betrayed because he got fact checked. He got caught lying." Bayleigh "He just wants to do his own thing. I am going to let him."


1:35 PM BBT Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are talking in the lounge. Da'Vonne wants the 2 of them to make it to the F2. Da'Vonne thinks that Tyler would take Bayleigh to the F2. So, he secures Bayleigh. Therefore, Da'Vonne wants to work Enzo so that Enzo will secure her. Bayleigh agrees. The ideal thing would be them for the F4. 


1:42 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Ian and Kaysar in the WA. Kaysar tells him that understanding yourself is the key to success in this world. If you don't understand yourself, then you end up just chasing after yourself. Ian says it took him a long time to acknowledge that he is different and even longer to acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with that. Kaysar says if he ever forgets that, to call Kaysar. He will remind him. Ian thanks him and says that he just needs to find a productive outlet for this thing. 


1:47 PM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 are on Bayleigh and Da'Vonne in the lounge. They are discussing that Kevin is on edge. They wish there was a way to prepare him for being on the block and to reassure him that he is not the target. They can't do it without sharing with him how they know these things. Meanwhile, they think that Kevin is also working with David on the side. 


1:51 PM BBT Bayleigh tells Da'Vonne that if she wins the HoH, she can't put up Christmas, Memphis or Ian right now. She can't put up Christmas because of some conversations that they have had and she made some promises to Memphis. Da'Vonne says that Christmas is getting awfully close to all the guys, so they are going to have to take her out eventually. Da'Vonne is willing to take out Christmas and Bayleigh is willing to take out Nicole when it is needed. 


1:58 PM BBT Bayleigh and Da'Vonne have separated. Bayleigh goes into the CBR to talk to Cody and Christmas. Da'Vonne goes the WA to talk to Kaysar and Ian. It is just general chit chat while they wait for the nomination ceremony to begin. 

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2:05PM BBT Ian, Day and Kaysar in the WCA. They are going over various HG who have been in the house over 100 days and are part of the 100 Club. We get FOTH on and off as they count people off. They are discussing if Keesha was in it but decide she wasn't in the house this time long enough. Day calls out to BB to get the show on the road.


2:09PM BBT Ian says Paul has the record at somewhere around 200 days. They discuss coming back to back. Ian says that he thinks it takes to much out of you. Kaysar says that he came in back to back. He says that he wasn't ready and wondered the second time what he was doing there. He said he had a problem with it. Ian tells them that it is so odd with only a few people in the house. And you lose the yard for a long time.


2:12PM BBT In the CBR, Cody, Xmas and Bay are talking about couples. Bay says that some places they go people know Swaggy as her husband and she likes that. Xmas is talking about the relationship between Beyonce and J-Z and how they are such a great couple. Xmas is using her star babies to lay on. Xmas talks about how her relationship with her boyfriend that they each have their thing plus they have stuff together. Bay says that Swaggy doesn't like getting his hands dirty. He won't eat chicken wings because it gets his hands dirty.



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2pm Ian, Kaysar & Da'vonne Bathroom (BLUF: No game talk)
Ian says his 100th day in the house is tomorrow and Da'vonne does the math with him, she's on day 97. They start trying to name all the people in the 100 club. 

[No need to speculate, I did the research, sorry if I forgot someone but here are the people over or close to 100 days in the BB house as of 28AUG20. -SCRTsqrl]

Janelle Pierzina 200
Nicole Franzel 193
Paul Abrahamian 191
James Huling 177
Mike Boogie 152
Will Kirby 147
Dan Gheesling 146
Danielle Reyes 142
Jordan Lloyd 142
Erika Landin 140
Chicken George 138
Tyler Crispen 123
Britney Haynes 122
Cody Calafiore 121
Frank Udy 106
Christmas Abbott 116
Rachel Reilly 116
Jeff Schroeder 116
Marcellas Reynolds 115
Nicole Anthony 115
Kaysar Ridha 103
Ian Terry 99
Enzo Palumbo 99
Da’vonne Rogers 97
Memphis Garrett 95
Kevin Campbell 97
Dani Briones 79
Bayleigh Dayton 75


Edited by morty
Formatting. Are you sure of your numbers? This is Dani's third time in the house, I'd think she'd be higher up on the list.
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2:24PM BBT David, Tyler and Enzo talking about comps. They discuss that you should always try to win. Enzo says you need a win to put the fear in the others. David says that he needed this HOH to shut all the rookie stuff down. Tyler says that he know others won't put him on the block. Tyler says that he knows that no one will put two of them up. Tyler is hoping for endurance so he can scare people.


2:36PM BBT IN the HNBR, Day and Dani are opening a bunch of little drawers. not sure what they are looking for. Day says why would BB want each of them to be a HN if there isn' something to find in the HN BR. Day and Dani talk about who Enzo should put up. They are discussing who Enzo should put up. In the KT, HG prepping food and eating. 


2:46PM BBT Day and Dani talking about who they will be friends with outside of the house. Day says NicF, Tyler, Dani, Bay and Enzo.  Dani says basically their alliance plus Nic. Day says that Cody is so different then Paulie. She had met him in passing at a BB party. Xmas comes into the HNBR. She does not have any of her babies with her. She says she was going to go listen to music and thought she would come by and say hello.


2:57PM BBT IN the HNBR, Day is telling Dani that last week David was hiding outside the HNBR to the side and no one could see him. Day asks Dani why she gave the vote to Janelle. Dani says "oh please" She changes the subject. Dani thinks it was David and Memphis based on how they acted. Dani says that Ian was crying afterwards. Day says that she asked him about it and he said it was hard for him to see her evicted twice. Dani says that Ian and Janelle aren't even close so why cry.



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3:20 PM BBT

Ian is alone in the KBR with his dino puppet, Isaac. He tells the cameras he doesn't like the game "this isn't fun" He steps to the camera and asks the camera "Do you like him better than me/" He gets no response so he asks again. He asks "Do you like me better than him?" The cameras move in to a close up but don't move up and down for yes or side to side for no.  He then asks "Do you think I should be institutionalized?" no response "Let's get the show on the road....Okay, I have to go use the restroom"   (The HGs are waiting around for the nomination ceremony)

3:34 PM BBT

Still waiting for Nomination ceremony. I expect Enzo to put up Kaysar and Kevin.

Ian is writing "Happy Birthday Dad" in the velour couch in the Love Lounge



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3:07PM BBT All cams on the KT, HG eating and no talking. Cam changes to Dani and Day in the HN BR. Dani says that this season would have been so different if they had gotten who they really wanted. Day says it would have been a madhouse. Day says that Dani (Reyes perhaps?) was asked and declined. Dani says she is sure Derrick will come back and play sometime. They both like Dan. 


3:17PM BBT Ian and his puppet are entertaining the camera in the KBR. Ian is asking BB which one they like better - him or the puppet. BB isn't biting. Ian says what he doesn't like is this game. He says it is not fun. He says it sucks. He plays more with Issac. 


3:28PM BBT Bay is reading the bible in the KBR. In the KT, Enzo and Dani chatting about possible comps. Enzo says the game last night was lots of fun. Cody and David are playing backgammon.


3:37PM BBT Ian is in the lounge writing Happy Birthday to his Dad on the chair fabric. The camera shows it. He says "Happy Birthday Dad. Thinking of you today". He wanders back into the KBR. Ian asks the cam to give him a couple of minutes. We get Bay reading the bible.


 3:49PM BBT Kaysar is cooking in the KT. Tyler is trying to make slop. Things are not working and he is getting frustrated. In the HOH BR, Xmas is listening to music.


3:55PM BBT Enzo, Cody and Dani in the loft. Dani tells them that Day was upset that they are not talking as an alliance on who is being nominated. Enzo says in his season, you could make a suggestion but it was up to the HOH to decide. Xmas comes up and talk changes to requesting hair clippers by Cody.


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3:57 PM BBT

The feeds cut to stars

The feeds pop back to Dani saying "it's almost 4 o'clock" 

4:00 PM BBT

Tyler and Kaysar are cooking in the kitchen. Kaysar is encouraging Tyler as he makes slop brownies. Tyler says they are beginning to look pretty good.




Cody, Enzo and Dani are chatting in the loft.

Dani: Did you say Bayleigh wearing Janelle's star jacket? Hilarious! Hilarious!



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4:00 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Kaysar and Tyler in the KT. Tyler is trying to bake slop. He is not optimistic that it is going well but Kaysar tells him to just let it bake and stop worrying about it so much. Meanwhile feeds 3 and 4 are on Dani, Cody and Enzo in the lounge. They are discussing how Da'Vonne is being paranoid. She wants to be in the middle of everything and know everything. Dani tells them that she (Da'Vonne) has been exploring all the nooks and crannies of the HN room looking for a power or something. 


4:05 PM BBT In the lounge, Enzo, Cody and Dani continue to talk about Da'Vonne. Da'Vonne is frustrated that Enzo is not getting the entire alliance in one place to talk to each other and determine the noms. She won't just trust him and let him do his thing. 

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4:09 PM BBT Enzo is telling Cody and Dani that if Da'Vonne wants to determine the noms, then she needs to win. You aren't winning anything so you want to whine? Cody says that Nicole getting HOH would be crazy. She would tear some sh&t up.


4:15 PM BBT Dani, Cody and Enzo continue to talk about Da'Vonne in the lounge. They are discussing the David/Da'Vonne drama. Cody "Why did we come back and do this? We are fu**ing adults."


4:17 PM BBT Critter Cam! Time for nominations. 

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