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Friday, August 28, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
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12:00 AM BBT 

Christmas shows Enzo that her ring says "enso"

Enzo: the connection is there, Yo! My baby mama

Cody says he is heading to bed and leaves the HoHR

Enzo tells Cody and Christmas that people keep trying to come in (to his HOHR) and he doesn't want to talk to anyone "the nominations are tomorrow"

Christmas suggest he make appointments in the morning. "that's the point of HoH. Tomorrow yo work, tonight you relax"

He says maybe he got lucky and Christmas say "no, you have a good eye" He tells Christmas he wants to work with someone who has something to fight for....that they had a good moment out there. He tells her that he wants to connect with her more and that she is safe this week.

Enzo: I won a competition in every category right now. Fuck that. I like everybody...I will talk to everyone individual....want to see who throws who under the bus. I'll nominate two people tomorrow night and that's it....if you hear anything or want to talk to me about something, I'm here

Christmas: I love this game. It's so much fun

Enzo: I love you....you are  straight up and you're gonna win shit. You're safe this week. You can chill. You know that because you're my plus one. I would have never picked you (if he didn't really want to work with her) You're my baby mama.

Christmas: You my baby daddy....and you're not a deadbeat dad. They joke around about raising their baby stars and just enjoying the game.



12:07 AM BBT

Enzo and Christmas are still chatting  in the HoHR. Enzo says he wants to read his letter a hundred times and listen to his music. Enzo tells Christmas "I fucking love you" "I love you too" Christmas leaves  

Enzo begins smacking his lips really fast and says "Yo, They are all fucking flip-floppers! Yo! I'm about to turn the lights off...it's done...I don't want no one coming in here. Fuck everyone"


12:09 AM BBT

In the PBR, it seems Cody won't let the David Drama die. He is now filling in Ian on the story. Ian says David acts erratically and Cody warns him to be careful when he talks to David because he gets so emotional.


In the lounge, Kaysar and Dani are discussing various people and that Kaysar is clearly concerned about possibly being nominated

Dani: people are over it

Kaysar: but David in jury

Dani: super crazy

Kaysar says being locked in with him would be bad news

Dani: I feel David is a loaner

Kaysar: I think he burned his bridges...but Tyler and COdy are so nice that they could just

Dani: maybe he could always be like a third wheel, too. It's all about numbers

Kaysar: this is what I am concerned about...I've been getting the vibes. He's got me on edge. He is super aggressive for nothing and he like speaks in code. Like, what are you trying to say

Dani: you mean the noises? I feel like he thinks everyone is coming after him

Kaysar: he starts rambling conspiracy theories and when I ask him to explain he says he can't tell me...I have no idea what he's talking about

Dani: that's very weird...She suggests Kaysar talk to Enzo tomorrow

Kaysar: oh yeah, I want to respect his win. I just want to congratulate him and not talk game...just let him chill out...If there is anything I can do for you...I mean I have nothing right now

He tells her he would appreciate if she would let him know what she finds out. She says she will. Kaysar mentions how he's the old guy and is upset he can't win anything. Dani says "what's wrong with us? We can't win. It's embarrassing"  She jokes that her family will Mariah Carey her and say "we don't know her" They discuss that Enzo beat her by over a minute in the last Safety Suite competition and they never saw that coming.



12:41 AM BBT

Christmas gets called to take h er babies to every room and show how cute they are. SHe wraps them in a blanket and starts her visit. She tries the HoHR, but Enzo has locked the door (he is listening to his music)

Nicole from the kitchen: she looks like Santa Claus

Kaysar: she has to go to every room

Nicole: that's so smart that she wrapped them in that blanket

Christmas then joins the HGs in the kitchen to snack



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1200am Enzo & Christmas in the HoH (BLUF: He’s cool w/Christmas, will talk game with everyone tomorrow)
Enzo said he dosen’t really want to talk game to anyone tonight, he wants to enjoy his first HoH, he’ll talk to everyone tomorrow. Enzo points out he’s won a comp in every category (HoH, Veto & Safety). Christmas says she’s trying to figure out what people’s quirks are when they lie. Both of them think David can’t lie or think on his feet. Enzo plans on talking to everyone tomorrow to see who they think flipped their vote, and see how they react, who they throw under the bus etc. (it was him and Dani, Cody told him earlier that Dani asked him to throw his vote the other way so Cody thinks one vote was her, but he also thinks it could be Bayleigh and Da’vonne, or Kevin) Enzo tells the camera they are all flip floppers.

1209 Kaysar & Dani in the loft (BLUF: Campaign prep for Kaysar to not go on the block)
Kaysar voices concerns about David in Jury because no one knows where his head is at. Dani thinks David is alone in the game. Kaysar says maybe, he thinks and Cody & Tyler are nice to him but they are nice to everyone so maybe it’s just a 3rd wheel kind of thing. Kaysar says David is paranoid and weird, talking conspiracy theories to himself and won’t ever explain. Dani says maybe wait until tomorrow to talk to Enzo, she thinks he just wants to chill tonight. Kaysar doesn’t want to go out like this, he feels his performance is embarrassing.

1216 Tyler & Kaysar loft (BLUF: small talk, relationship building, no game)
Talking about snacks, Tyler says Kaysar can have his left over snacks since he’s a have not now. He said one of them wasn’t even vegan, and Kaysar laughs and says that would be like getting a snack and finding out it’s something with pork in it. They both agree though that BB has gone above and beyond with food/snacks this year. Talk turns to Angela. Now talking to business startup

12:21 Christmas & Da’vonne Bathroom
Christmas says one conversation in this house has the potential to change everything and Da’vonne agrees. Christmas compliments Bayleigh’s booty.

12:23 Dani & Kevin & Tyler comic room (BLUF: Small talk, movies, sleep aides)
Talking about how they felt bad but told Janelle to her face she didn’t have the votes so they had to vote against her. Tyler walks in. They start discussing jury house being hell. Blue eyes versus brown eyes. Tyler got voted best eyes in high school, his favorite are brown eyes because (shocker) Angela has beautiful brown eyes. Talk turns to Lilo & Stitch because Ian said his girlfriend looks like grown up Lilo. Then Tyler says he’s imagining like Lilo’s older sister [Nani] and Dani says Jlo and Tyler says what? And she said Jlo does the voice for Lilo’s older sister. [Fact Check: NOPE, I was obsessed with this movie and Nani is played by Tia Carrere, who fun fact played Cassandra Wong in Wayne’s World, you’re -SCRTsqrl] Talk turns to the Rock and how funny it is that his daughter doesn’t think he’s Maui from Moana even though Maui looks just like him and obviously it’s the same singing. [Fact Check: True, check it out on youtube, those videos are so cute -SCTsqrl] They talk about Jessica dressing like Ariana Grande and Victor looks like one of the characters from Game of Thrones [Jon Snow -SCRTsqrl] Tylers leaves to try and go to the DR for melatonin. Kevin says he uses Ashwaganha [small evergreen shrub that grows in India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa, commonly used for stress. 
-SCRTsqrl] Dani says she uses it too, melatonin doesn’t work for her and it’s really good for your immune system. Kevin said he started taking it once quarantine started to de-stress.

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12:52 AM BBT

In the kitchen Bayleigh, Kevin, Kaysar and David are chatting about general life

Bay: fun fact...I have never been in a house with so many boys

Kevin: really

Bayleigh: yeah, I have all sisters

Kaysar: oh, what about your season?

Bay: I don't think they mattered 

David: why?

She explains that boys went out first....Steve then Swaggy..Kaitlyn...no, then Winston



1:21 AM BBT

Da'Vonne is sitting in her Have Not cot with her head in her hands for a long time now...deep in thought


Bayleigh and Kaysar in the CBR discuss the two votes.

Kaysar: today was a rough day...

Kaysar asks, but why would Da'Vonne, Ian and Kevin try to figure out the votes...why be so concerned about those votes...why do they care so much?

Bayleigh says she doesn't know,  "they" are trying to link to two votes to her and Da'Vonne. "Because people were trying to pin the votes on us....she was probably just trying to reassure you"

Bayleigh says they didn't vote to evict him, she would tell him if she did. "I think they were trying to, you know"

Kaysar: but

Kaysar: trying to stir shit?

Bayleigh tries to explain how new school players vote with the house "it's a culture thing" Kaysar says "that's so bizarre"

Bay continues "if the house makes a majority decision and you go against it...you were out"

Bayleigh says a ton of people asked her if she was one of the votes, and even if it was her it wouldn't matter because she was friends with Janelle. She repeats it wasn't her "I mean she was my friend, but I had to explain to her" that she had to vote with the house for her own game



2:03 AM BBT

Dani is telling Nicole in the kitchen that she just didn't want Kaysar to win it. SHe says she likes everyone and it makes it hard. SHe says they need a shield. "I thought I was going to have to win...like, here we go. He got it so fast. Crazy...would have been game over"

Nicole: oh my God



Christmas and Bayleigh think they hear someone talking "in there". Bayleigh says it's because the door is open (DR? or SR?...not sure)

Christmas says she is so hyped about veto

Bayleigh: we're gonna be getting a win. I'm gonna win. You're gonna win. Good night star mama. Love you.

Christmas: Big Brother, will you put out the lights, pleeeeeease?






2:40 AM BBT

Cody , Dani and Nicole are discussing noms in the bathroom

Cody: I'll talk to Enzo tomorrow.  think he   will put up David or Kevin

Dani: David

Cody: okay, solid

Dani: should we go up there now?

Cody says Enzo locked the door after Christmas

Nicole says that they are feeling very comfortable this week. Dani adds that they weren't like that for anyone else.

Nicole: like, she would not go through my HoH basket like that

Dani: No

Bayleigh walks in and they stop talking. Cody raises his voice and says "Ohhhh Shit" Bay gives a look like she knows they were talking game.

Dani: I just finished the slop

Bayleigh: I believe you




David is talking to himself in the PBR. 



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3:10 AM BBT

Dani, Nicole, Cody and Kevin discuss Janelle in the bathroom [she is always on their mind *insert Willie Nelson singing  -MamaLong]

They share their experiences with Jani's campaigns

Dani says she feels bad because she said if she got the votes she would vote to save her and Janelle actually cried "Kevin, she literally grabbed me, hugged me, and said 'thank you so much' and had tears in her eyes. I felt horrible. It was real awful."

Nicole says she has never seen her cry before.

Cody: I told her that if I said yes, I mean it's really a no because I would have been one of none

Dani: or of two    






3:30 AM BBT

Dani and Nicole are the last ones awake in the bathroom. Nicole is worried that Ian will get nominated.

Nicole: I need to talk to Cody

Dani tells her she needs to stop pushing the Ian thing.

Nicole: it's so stupid to get him out in the next two weeks  (she compares Ian to Derrick's Victoria)

Dani: Nicole, Ian is not like Derrick's Victoria

Nicole: no, I mean he will vote the way we want to vote

Dani: he is not going out in the next two weeks

Nicole: I don't want him (Enzo) to make an irrational decision...he said he doesn't trust him (Ian) at all

Dani: Nicole, come on! He's not going to

Nicole: I just want Bayleigh out before Ian


4:01 AM BBT

Dani and Nicole are still talking in the bathroom

They discuss that they like everyone in the house and feel bad going after people.

Nicole: I was so freaked out. I mention her name and I get pitch forks (I think she means Bayleigh, but maybe Day) Like what do you want me to do? I hope we can stay friends.. Bayleigh said to me today that she hopes people outside the game ......you know, because it's All Stars, and 'don't take things personally'. Now I know why.

Dani: she said that to you?

Nicole explains that she said something really weird. "Don't repeat this"  She explains that in conversation with Bay she discovered that Bay prejudged her because she knew that Nicole knew potential All Stars in real life. Bay expected Nicole to have tight relationships in the house but then met Nicole and realized she didn't really have those relationships 'and I told her it's crazy that she thought that because I told her it seemed like everyone was already real close and that's why I cried on day two... I had no one and that is why I clinged to Ian" Because she mentioned that she knew knew I was friends with "Like it was knowledge, me and Josh " 

Nicole goes on to say that she told her she met up for lunch with Dani, Corey and Dom once, but besides that Ian was the only person; that she met him on stage and went out for drinks afterward. Nicole says that she commented that she sees that now. "But think about, Da'Vonne did not like me coming in here. I'm proud of myself for turning Da'Vonne around. You helped. But I had to do it.

Dani: but it was something you wanted to do and you needed to do (Dani reminds her that her apology to Day was genuine)

Nicole: I could have came in like, Game On

Dani: that would have been stupid


4:25 AM BBT

The lights are all out in the BB house

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12:10 Cody & Ian in the Photo Room (BLUF: All game talk. Ian thinks four prime alliance is safe with Enzo as HoH)
Cody talking about David trying to throw him under the bus, he doesn’t trust him and Ian should be careful about what he says to David. Ian he feels there’s good core trust between the four of them as long as two of them aren’t on the block at the same time [Four Prime: Cody, Dani, Nicole & Ian -SCRTSqrl]. Ian feels safe with Enzo in power and Cody agrees. Cody says he wants Kaysar to go because he’s constantly saying his name. Cody says if it wasn’t so personal to Nicole, he would have sent Kaysar out first but he knew Janelle was going after Ian & Nicole and that wasn’t good for his game either. They thought Kaysar was going to win HoH and Nicole was freaking out thinking that would seal her fate because whenever Kaysar talks about a group he says Nicole, Cody, Tyler & Dani. Ian says the know they get lumped together a lot because they are both winners and Cody says we can work around that. Cody says once you get to 9 people left in the game it all comes down to luck and winning comps. Cody brushes off Janelle’s alliance assumptions saying she thought that just because she saw them in the key room talking and most of them were sleeping in there anyway. Cody says he hasn’t really looked past getting rid of Kaysar just yet and asks Ian what his thoughts are. Ian says he doesn’t want to ruffle feathers. Ian thinks Enzo, Christmas and Tyler are close. Ian seems hesitant to put too much out there but Cody reassures him that he can tell him anything and he won’t throw him under the bus like David. Ian thinks David is erratic and distant. Ian likes him but he thinks he’s kind of a loose cannon. They both though they could work with David but after he caused drama with Da’vonne they don’t think so. They both agree they made the right call to vote out Nicole A though. Ian says Nicole seems concerned about Da’vonne and Bailey because they were close to Janelle and wanted Janelle to stay. Ian says he does care who wins, and hates when people say they want to make jury but he wants to be a part of choosing who wins. Cody agrees, if he’s not going to win he wants to be a part of that decision. Cody says he’s pushing more for Kaysar because if they do have some kind of battle back, Kaysar & Janelle can’t link up again. Kaysar walks in and Ian looks like he got busted. When Kaysar leaves Cody says he needs to calm down. Ian says he’s a jumpy individual anyway.

1230 Tyler walks into Photo room with Cody & Ian (BLUF: Talk about the two rogue votes)
Cody says to Tyler, where do you think those two votes came from? Tyler said he thought it might be Ian because he was upset and Ian says no, he owns his votes and it wasn’t him. Tyler jokes I swear it wasn’t me but if someone pins it on me that would be funny (because he was HoH and didn’t get a vote). Ian said he didn’t think anything of it until he was cornered in they key room Kevin & Da’vonne asking him if it was him. He said, last week there were two rogue votes and no one really cared. They said last week Kevin owned his vote and they think the other one was Janelle but it didn’t matter. Tyler talks about JC throwing rogue votes in his season and it did nothing. Dani walks in and tells Ian the DR is open so he walks out.

12:33 Tyler, Cody & Dani in the photo room (BLUF: Small Talk)
They ask Dani what her and Kaysar were talking about in the loft earlier. She says he was telling her he was beneficial to her game. David walks in, so small talk about slop, then Nicole tries to sneak in to scare Tyler but she gets busted. Christmas walks in and Nicole leaves, then Christmas & Tyler leave. Then David leaves.

12:36 Christmas in the Comic Room trying to name all her babies
All Star, Veto, Safety, Backdoor, Blindside, Alliance, Says Safety again, Twinkle, Battleback, Secret, HoH, Julie. She says Lucky 13 (there’s 12 lol). Picks them up in a blanket and takes them into every room in the house. She rings the HoH doorbell but it’s locked, Enzo is inside, in the dark, singing.

12:45 Ian, Nicole, Dani & Cody in Photo Room (BLUF: Should Cody confront Kaysar and small talk)
Cody thinks he should call Kaysar out for mentioning his name. Dani eggs him on and says yeah, you and Tyler should. Nicole doesn’t think there’s a reason to do that and Ian agrees saying do you not want information ever again? Dani says Nicole & Ian remind her of twin siblings. Talk turns to a bruise Dani has on her leg. Christmas walks in.

12:49 Ian, Nicole, Dani, Ian & Christmas in the photo room (BLUF: Talk about previous seasons)
Nicole asks Cody what the picture of him in Victoria is about. Then they star trash talking Victoria, mimicking her and talking about how she just thought she was at summer camp. Talk turns to former BB seasons. Nicole said she was good with Britney until Derrick said something to her to make it weird. Tyler walks in to let Ian know slop is ready. Ian leaves and Tyler says we should wake up Memphis to talk.

12:55 Tyler asks if any of them we the rogue vote, they all say no. Bayleigh walks in, Tyler leaves.

12:56 Nicole, Bayleigh, Cody, Dani and Christmas in Photo Room (BLUF: Small talk)
Cody asks if anyone is upstairs with Enzo, and Bayleigh says no, the door is locked. They think he just wants to check out of BB for one night. They talk about the tweets they have sent out via the DR. Da’vonne walks in. Talk is about cooking slop [sounds like they need a crock pot -SCRTsqrl]. Nicole leaves. Kevin comes in. They talk about the key room smells gross like musty sour thick slimey dirt. Christmas leaves. Talk turns to the pictures on the walls again. Da’vonne keeps going around removing the photos and looking behind them and putting them back. Dani comes back in.

01:19 Bayleigh & Kaysar in Comic Room (BLUF: Kaysar trying to figure out where he stands, how he can stay, speculate about a new comp/room/power and finding out if David is a viable option to go home)
Kaysar says today was a rough day, Bayleigh agrees. Kaysar asks Bayleigh why everyone cares so much about who the two rogue votes were. Bay says she doesn’t know but that’s always been a thing, trying to figure out who the outliers are. Bayleigh thinks whoever did it was trying to stir stuff and blame her and Da’vonne. Bayleigh tries to explain it’s a difference between new school and old school, if you go against the house it’s seen a certain way. Kaysar thinks it’s weird. Kaysar says he’s stressed out and she said her and Da’vonne are on his side. He said he’s frustrated but he needs to be ok with the path he’s on. He says he thought this was his comp but the more he wants something the more frustrated he gets. Bayleigh gives the everything happens for a reason speech. Bayleigh says they don’t know what will happen tomorrow, if there will be no room, or a new room (the former safety room). It’s out of their control. Kaysar hopes there’s a battle back. Bayleigh says we just need to focus on keeping Kaysar in the house this week. She said, the problem is who would they put you up against? Kaysar says there’s talk of David going up for pissing people off and this is interesting to Bayleigh. Kaysar said he doesn’t know what’s up with him. Kaysar thinks he has an ok relationship with Enzo, but he doesn’t know who influences Enzo. Bayleigh thinks he’s pretty independent. She asks what his pitch will be to Enzo and he said he doesn’t know. Kaysar says he hopes he doesn’t try to ask him names of who he would put up. Bayleigh says she hopes there’s a new comp or power tomorrow and Kaysar agrees. Kaysar asks if Bayleigh is ok with David going home and she said, she wished more for him but she’s ok with him going home. She said he didn’t have the experience before, he has now, she’s not going to be mean or anything but she’s ok with him going home. Bayleigh says everyone wants to win but she just wants this to be a better experience this time around and have a good attitude.

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8:01am BBT: Enzo laying awake in the HOH bed with the lights off. All other Hg still sleeping in dark rooms.
8:22am BBT: Memphis up in the KT making coffee.
8:26am BBT: Enzo up in the HOHR going to the WC then goes back to bed to listen to his music. Memphis sitting in the KT drinking coffee alone.
8:52am BBT: Kaysar now up and in the KT with Memphis getting coffee and stretching.
8:56am BBT: Memphis gets up and stretches then gets the high chairs and takes  them to the STR door as Christmas punishment is now over.

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9:15 AM BBT  Memphis is in the chair in the LR drinking his coffee.  No one else appears to be up.

9"18 AM BBT  We get music FoTH  When feeds return, Day is in the WA brushing her teeth, doing ADL's.

9:21 AM BBT  BB tells Da'Vonne to put on her mic.  She spreads her arms out wide and rotates for the camera and asks who is in there?  Who is she talking to?  (She is alone). 

9:28 AM BBT  BB calls Nicole and Enzo to the SR.  Feeds are on Kevin sleeping and Day doing her hair.

9:32 AM BBT  Bayleigh comes into the WA, says good morning to Day, then goes into the WC.  Bayleigh turns the water on to wash er face, leaves it running while she talks.  She saw something in the SR, but couldn't hear what it was. Just ADL's with Da'vonne and Bayleigh. 

9:35 AM BBT  Bayleigh sits on the couch in the WA, takes off her mic and whispers to Day.  No idea what she is saying, but seems as though she doesn't want BB to hear her. She puts it back on, and tells Day you have to play the game.  Day appreciates what Bay told her, again Bay says she has to play the game.  Bay is talking about someone that she tries to get along with, but it just isn't good.  She said her friends are chill, she isn't into the faces and such. 

Enzo comes in.  They tell him they were going to tell him goodnight last night, but the door was locked.  He said he was probably asleep, he got drunk and was out by 11:30.  They tell him he will get bombarded today.  He is ready, bring it on.  He is looking for his bag of supplies (toothpaste etc) but they don't see it.  He leaves because he thinks he knows where it is.  Day is called to the DR/SR, Bay said it is for her juice.

9:42 AM BBT  Enzo is looking for his stuff in the PBR.  David is up.  No talking as Enzo continues to look, David makes his bed.

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9:36 AM BBT

Bayleigh whispering to Da'Vonne in the bathroom (can't hear) they are both stealthy with their words then high five and Bay slaps Da'Vonne's butt

Bay says "you gotta play the game, and that gets to me, but you gotta play the game....any breath in their direction."

Da'Vonne: what is up with you and Kevin...y'all continuously (she smacks her bouth

Bayleigh: you mean like bickering?

Day confirms

Bayleigh: I just don't like his tone. It's bitchy. I know that that's just how he is, but with my friends and stuff...we don't pick at each other...the attitude and faces doesn't sit well with me

Enzo comes in and tell them good morning. Enzo says he was drunk last night "I put the lights out and I was fuckin' vibin' man"



9:45 AM BBT

BOB (stern voice): I said it's time to get up for the day

Da'Vonne: oooh

Bayleigh: that's not no wakey wakey

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9:45 AM BBT  Day is back into the WA.  Bayleigh continues her talk about Kevin.  She said he complains all the time, he is always the victim, she doesn't say anything because she doesn't want to upset him.  She isn't sure what she is going to do about Kevin.  David comes in, they all say good morning, Bayleigh goes to the CBR, David goes to the KT.  Bayleigh gets back in bed, the camera pans over to Christmas who is sitting up, but not fully awake.  Bayleigh asks if she is okay, Christmas nods, and we get FoTH/Stars.

9:51 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Da'Vonne is still in the WA, Enzo is in the HOH bathroom.  Memphis into the WA/ WC  when he comes out to wash his hands, day tries to make small talk.  Christmas comes in, goes to WC.  Christmas comes out and says "Morning".  no one seems to answer.  No game talk, just general morning ADL's

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 9:15am BBT: Memphis pours himself more coffee as Day comes down the stairs from the HNR and goes to the WC. Memphis takes his coffee to the LVR and props his feet.
9:25am BBT: Day is doing ADL's in the WA, Memphis still sitting in the LVR drinking his coffee and all other HG still sleeping.
9:33am BBT: Bayleigh now up goes to the WA says good morning to Day and goes in the WC as day tells her morning. Bayleigh comes out of WC and starts her ADL's.
9:39am BBT: Enzo now in the WA with Day and Bayleigh talking about how he passed out lastnight, Day says they was going to say goodnight but he was out. He says i was tired. Enzo says he needs to shower as he searches in the WA for his bag and he thinks now it might be in the room.
: 9:42am BBT: Enzo in the PBR getting his bag and clothes for his shower, David gets out of bed and gets dressed while yawning. Bayleigh in the WA doing her make up.
9:47am BBT: Bayleigh goes back to her bed, Christmas  is sitting up in bed, Enzo tells Ian that  the HOH bed is so comfortable and we get FOTH.
9:51am BBT: Day doing make up in the WA, Enzo in the HOHR doing ADL's and mumbling to himself as he flosses his teeth.

9:54am BBT: Memphis now in the WA doing his ADL's, Christmas in the WC, David in the KT then goes to the STR  walking through all the baby furniture looking at the veggies and getting an avocado. He then changes his batteries.

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9:56 AM BBT  The babies start crying, wanting to play.  Christmas finishes in the WA, goes into the CBR where all the star babies are on her bed.  She talks to them, saying she thought they were all grown up (all of the high chairs/carriers are in the SR).  She dances them on the bed, and we get music/stars


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10:00 AM BBT.  In the CBR, Xmas is talking to the star babies.  Now we have stars.  

10:07 AM BBT.  Xmas is talking to herself in the CBR.  She says we have to get rid of these girls, they are a steong duo.  She also says we need to get rid of some of these guys, they are so strong. 

10:15 AM BBT.  Enzo, David and Bayleigh are getting some food together in the KT.  Kaysar is hanging around in there too.  


10:20 PM BBT.  The HGs are either getting food or in bed.  BB has reminded them they need to be awake.  Dani and I believe Tyler (he is under the covers in the HNR and his voice is muffled) are talking.  


10:23 AM BBT.  The HGs are getting breakfast, doing ADLs or in bed.  No game talk going on.  


10:27 AM BBT.  Nicole and Xmas are talking about dreams they had in the WA.  Cody is in there as well.  Nicole dreamed and someone else worked at Subway & they were making cool veggie sandwiches with some new pita bread they had.  She said they were making electrolyte drinks for people as well.   

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10:33 AM BBT.  In the WA, Xmas and Nicole talking about how fast they go through avocados.  They are getting ready for the day.  Several HGs eating in the KT.  Dani, in the WA, says it says nominations today.  Nicole says already?  She says that means  in a couple hours or so?


10:38 AM BBT.  In the WA, Dani is telling Nicole how uncomfortable she was in the HNR last night.  Dani thinks she may be too old to sleep in there.  She says she needs WD40 for her bed bcuz it squeaks so much.  Da'Vonne comes in and says she loves it up there.  

10:48 AM BBT.  In the CBR, Xmas and Ian are talking about the star babies.  Kaysar is in there as well.  Kaysar says he was a cowboy in another life.  We are getting stars every couple of minutes.  


10:51 AM BBT.  In the CBR, Xmas is explaining the movie Seabiscuit to Ian/Kaysar.  She says I'll ruin it for u, but u will still enjoy it.  Nicole/Da'Vonne/Dani getting ready in the WA.  Nicole tells Da'Vonne it could've been a better week if she didn't say anything.  Da'Vonne says she started it & u just followed.  Da'Vonne says I think people will be excited to see u stand up for yourself.  Nicole says she needs to take to Enzo soon. Da'Vonne says same.  She then asks Enzo when she can make an appt?  He tells her it's open.   In the HOHR, Enzo and Memphis talk briefly.  Enzo says next appt.  Cody goes in.  Enzo says I should've done better, I fell out.  


10:57 AM BBT.  Enzo talking to Cody in the HNR.  He says he's not going after Memphis.  They run down all the "alliance" meetings they need to have, Enzo says bulls**t meeting.  Enzo thinks he'll put up Kevin/Kaysar.  


10:59 AM BBT.  In the HNR, Enzo tells Cody the girls need to win some s**t.  

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11:00 AM BBT Cody and Enzo talk and Enzo tells him he is going to do what he wants to do its his HOH. Cody tells him to not tell Kevin Enzo agrees. Enzo says he got to use the bathroom and Cody leaves and comes downstairs. 

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10:55am Enzo & Memphis HoH
Cody tells Memphis he’s good. Actions speak louder than words, we’ll keep out line of communication open.

10:56am Enzo & Cody HoH (BLUF: Kaysar & Kevin are likely going up)
Cody says he was up late with Nicole & Dani just BSing, talked about the rogue vote. Enzo says they will have a BS meeting later with the Slick 6, the one with Day & Bay and the core 4 too. Cody say Day & Bay might want Enzo to take a shot at Memphis. Enzo says if they want to do stuff, they better start winning, he’s not going to put up Memphis. Cody asks what he’s thinking. Enzo says Kaysar and probably Kevin. He said he’s still not sure but he’s leaning towards keeping David because all the girls don’t like him. Cody asks who goes up if someone wins the veto, would it be David then? They discuss Ian, Enzo wonders if the Dani & Nicole would be mad about that. Cody says he doesn’t think so, it will force them close to them, and Enzo says it forces them to play the game. They want the ladies to take out other females in the game. Enzo says he’s only giving Day & Bay a grace period if they don’t start winning stuff soon it’s a wrap. He doesn’t want people riding their coattails. They want to keep Memphis in the game because the ladies would put him out. He says not to tell Kevin he’s a pawn until after he nominates him.

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11:09 AM BBT  David goes up to the HOHR to talk to Enzo. Enzo tells him if he hears some information he got to keep it in his head. Enzo also tells him that he has got to get blood on his hands. Enzo says he is talking to everyone today. He ask him about Christmas and then Ian and David changes the subject to him being a rookie and how Day got into Kaysars ear.  Enzo says he wants to find out who quick to throw each other under the bus. Enzo tells David you got to win comps. Enzo ends with chill and relax keep your name out of people mouth an they shake hands and end the conversation. 

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11:09 Enzo & David HoH (BLUF: David kisses Enzo’s bum, Enzo tells him he’s good, shut up and stay loyal)
Enzo asks who he thinks the two rogue votes are, he doesn’t really care but he thinks people will throw names out. David says Cody asked him if it was him and it made him feel uncomfortable but he voted for Janelle. Enzo says, Me you Tyler, just stay loyal. Don’t go crazy if you hear your name, just keep it in your head and only confide in the people you trust. David said he learned from putting Tyler at risk with Da’vonne. David says he’s going to win one. Enzo asks how he feels about different people. He’s cool with Christmas. He said he knows Janelle, Kaysar & Memphis were against him. David says he knows why Enzo never had to win comps before, no one ever talks about him, he’s good with everyone [suck up -SCRTsqrl]. David says Tyler’s HoH was easy because the writing was on the wall. David thinks the rogue votes are about planting seeds to further their game later. Enzo says he doesn’t really care who the votes are [reminder, it was him and Dani -SCRTsqrl] but he wants to see who gets thrown under the bus and what names get thrown out by everyone. David says you got this and Enzo says he’s good.

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11:20 AM BBT Day is the next one to go up to talk to Enzo. She ask him how he is doing. Enzo cuts to right to it and ask her who she think threw the rogue votes and she says who she think threw the votes. Bay then asks him and he says no it wasn't him. Bay says it wasn't her she dosent have a reason to go after her. Enzo says we got to stay loyal and trust each other. Bay says she respect him on a personal level and Strategy level. Bay ends with asking if she can be a host to the Comp and he says yes. 

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11:17 Enzo & Bayleigh HoH (BLUF: Basically tells her David is safe, Kaysar is going up with a pawn)
Enzo asks who she thinks the two votes are and she says was it you? Enzo says no and Bayleigh say then it’s a trap because no one is coming forward but maybe it was Memphis or David. Enzo says, what about Kevin? She says maybe. Enzo says do you think one of the slick six is trying to be slick? She says no, she said if it was her she would have told everyone. Enzo says out of all the girls he has the best connection with her [he said the same thing to Christmas last night -SCRTsqrl] They both agree to stay loyal. Bayleigh said if they were both at the end, she would be happy either way the vote went. Enzo tells Bailey he’s going to keep David in the house and let someone like Christmas, Dani, Nicole F or even Cody go after him and go after Memphis. Bayleigh asks, who are you thinking then? Enzo basically say Kaysar and pawn and see what happens with POV. They don’t know what Dani is going to do if she wins HoH. They talk about how no one knows about their six person alliance, and no one thinks there’s an alliance that big. Bayleigh says if she doesn’t play in veto she would like to host it.

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11:30 AM BBT Next in line to talk to Enzo in the HOHR is Kaysar when it was supposed to be Tyler. Kaysar first congratulates him on the win last night. Enzo apologizes to him about last night he locked the door he got drunk and then crashed he forgot to unlock the door. Kaysar said he also respect him as a father as well. Enzo agrees and says you was close to winning. Enzo talks about how he played the comp. Enzo tells him he is talking to everyone today. He got to to put up two people and go from their. Kaysar said he hopes he can build a relationship with him and be on the same page. The finish their conversation and Enzo says i like him but he didn't talk no game with him for 4 weeks. He says they are like cheerleaders. But he cant trust him he could have told Janelle and Memphis information. 

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