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Wednesday, August 26, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:53 AM BBT

Tyler has the lights out in the HoHR. We enter as he is talking to himself (or Angela). He is angry and going over the conversation with David. He is realizing that David was a bad bet.....he just doesn't know how to play this game.

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12:30AM BBT: Janelle is in the HOHR talking to Tyler about votes. She says Nicole F is voting for Kaysar to stay and Ian is "of course--done." Tyler agrees. Janelle says "David freaking hates me." Tyler asks her about that. Janelle says David "absolutely hates" her. Janelle goes on to say that David is "weird" and asks Tyler if he talks to David much. Tyler says "sometimes." In the CBR, Da'Vonne has been in bed, she's looked deep in thought for several minutes. She gets up and says "I'm going to go get on his nerves one final time before the night is over."  Christmas asks who Da'Vonne is talking about, Da'Vonne says, "Kevin" and leaves the CBR. 


12:33AM BBT: Da'Vonne walks into the PBR where Kevin is in bed. She tells Kevin that she came to "annoy" him. Kevin tells Da'Vonne that David wants to talk to him. "Oh, really?" Da'Vonne says, she goes on to tell Kevin that David will tell Kevin not to tell Da'Vonne about their conversation. Da'Vonne is upset with David, she says David is "lying" to her. Da'Vonne says if David lies about one thing, she can't trust him not to lie about other things. 


12:36AM BBT: In the HOHR, Janelle tells Tyler that she thinks she has three votes, "maybe four," if she tries hard enough. Janelle promises Tyler safety if he keeps her in the game. She says she would not be going after Tyler for a long time. Janelle says she doesn't hold grudges in this game, she says it's "pointless." Tyler says he was forced to put Janelle on the block. Janelle says she's not mad at him. Tyler says he'll try to swing the votes to keep her. In the PBR, Da'Vonne is updating Kevin on her conversation with David earlier. She says she's very upset with David. She says she put her "game on the line" for him. 


12:39AM BBT: Da'Vonne and Kevin try to figure out who said what and who told who what in the PBR. In the HOHR, Janelle tells Tyler that she's "totally down" to make whatever deal Tyler wants. Tyler says he'll be "straight up" with Janelle, he says he's been "straight up with Kaysar" this whole time also. Janelle leaves the HOHR. Tyler starts to make a funny face at the camera, but BB cuts away to the KT where David, Nicole F, and Dani are. 

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12:54 AM BBT

first of all, I was trying to help him... Why would he go and tell me that he said that to Da'Vonne about me? Because now that makes me not want to tell you shit. It makes Da'Vonne not trust me.  It makes Da'Vonne think and know that David and I are tight. So sloppy Dude! So sloppy! I am screwed all the way around. One of the Slick Six to work...Da'Vonne didn't trust me, now she definitely won't ...I'm going to have to get her out before she gets me out...GREAT! Whatever!

(he looks at the camera)

All Stars, huh? This is All Stars?

Great cast you guys picked here man! (insert a lot of sarcasm)

That's alright. I don't want to go to jury anyway. If I'm not going to win, I want to see you soon, Babe!

Angela, I love you I miss you. I will probably see you soon. And that's okay. If I can't figure my way through this then I will see you soon. But, if I can, hopefully I can win. I hope so! I like a player that goes through some  adversity, so maybe this is my adversity. Win comps or go home. That's the only way I'm gonna stay. Fine by me! I am playing an absolute atrocious game right now. Getting Janelle out? WHat? One of the only big targets other than me...I'm so dumb. They forced my hand. this game is for sure fucked, Dude. Take me off your top ten list. Sheesh. We are not in Big Brother 20 anymore. 







12:57 AM BBT

Tyler finally settles to sleep.

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12:42AM BBT: Da'Vonne and Kevin discuss the Nicole A vs. David vote. Da'Vonne is still upset. Kevin says he's "tired of this sh*t," and that it's all just distracting from the "main goal." In the CBR, Kaysar is whispering with Christmas, they discuss what will be on today's episode. BB tells Christmas to put on her mic. Christmas tells Kaysar what she told Janelle earlier, Christmas says she told Janelle that she feels closer to Kaysar. Christmas tells Kaysar that it's a "long shot" for Janelle. Christmas says they should discuss what's going to happen going forward. She believes that others in the house will think Kaysar will pick up the "outliers." Kaysar says he's hoping to lay low for a few weeks while people start to get mad at each other. Christmas says that's already happening. Kaysar wants to know who, but Christmas says she won't say right now. 


12:47AM BBT: Da'Vonne leaves Kevin in the PBR and walks back to her bed in the CBR. Christmas and Kaysar's conversation stops. They discuss the "Call to Prayer" in the Middle East. Christmas says she was on vacation and didn't realize they played it over a loud speaker. She says it was "beautiful" and "powerful." Kaysar agrees. Nicole F, Dani, and David are chatting in the KT. 


12:58AM BBT: Tyler is in the HOHR with the lights off, he's talking to himself. Enzo is out of bed, he walks into the WA and asks if anyone is in the WC. He knocks on the WC door, opens it, and Nicole F is standing there laughing hysterically as she runs away. "Oh sh*t," Enzo says. In the CBR, Kaysar and Christmas continue to discuss the Islamic culture and their experiences in the Middle East. 

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1:02AM BBT: Enzo, Dani, and Nicole F are in the KT talking. Da'Vonne walks in. Enzo tells her about Nicole F "trying" to scare him in the WA. Enzo talks about asking Tyler if he wants to be a havenot next week. "All he eats is chickpeas anyway," Enzo says. Dani says BB doesn't let her "be funny." She doesn't know why Enzo gets to be the funny one. They discuss what Enzo has talked about in the DR. All four cameras are on them. "You're the star of the show," Dani tells Enzo. Eventually, BB tells them to stop talking about the DR. 



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1:16AM BBT: Dani, Da'Vonne, Enzo, and Nicole F are still chatting in the KT. They talk about the wake-up calls and changing batteries. Two cameras switch over to Kaysar and Christmas. Christmas is saying her son gets to have a lot of really great time with his dad while she plays the game. They talk about their time in the house so far. Christmas says she feels "genuinely connected" to people in this house. 


1:22AM BBT: Kaysar and Nicole F join Kaysar and Christmas in the CBR. Dani is in the WC and Da'Vonne is in the WA, Da'Vonne says she's trying to make sure her "dark circles" aren't so "dark." She leaves the WA and walks into the DR. General conversation in the CBR as Dani gets ready for bed in the WA before joining the group in the CBR. The group talks about celebrities watching TV, they think more celebrities watch Survivor over BB. Kaysar says they should all go on Survivor. 


1:38AM BBT: Enzo leaves the CBR, Da'Vonne is out of the DR and in bed. The HGs start to move towards their own beds as they say good night. Enzo appears to be the last one out of bed as he makes his way upstairs to the havenot room. 


2:00AM BBT: Everyone is in bed and asleep and the BB house is dark. 

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8:40 AM BBT.  Memphis is up, he uses the WC, then goes to the KT to start coffee.   


8:50 AM BBT.  Memphis has been wandering around the kitchen, waiting for the coffee to finish brewing.  He is the only one up.  He pours himself a cup of coffee, then sits at the counter.   


8:55 AM BBT.  Memphis sits in silence at the KT counter drinking his coffee.  

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It is currently around 9:30 AM BBT, and the feeds have been on stars since 9:00 AM BBT

9:38 AM BBT

The feeds finally come back to houseguests beginning to stir

9:44AM BBT

Big Brother keeps all 4 cameras on the same room (annoying)...first on KBR, then CBR and finally the SR.

Christmas tells David in the SR that she is totally good with saving Kaysar.

David says his name is being rumored as a swing vote already..."I feel like I'm gonna vote Janelle out"

Christmas: cool

David: now you go win this comp...it's your comp if it's what we think it is

BB: Wakey Wakey Houseguests

Christmas: we are already awake

BB: I wasn't talking to you

Christmas: I love it when they talk to us



Christmas says the babies didn't wake her up all night

BB: Christmas, please move your microphone higher

Kaysar enters the SR and takes some pills

9:48 AM BBT

the babies begin to cry

Kaysar says they are using the babies to wake everyone up

Babies ask her to go show everyone how cute they are

She enters the bedrooms "good morning....look how cute we are....good morning...Big Brother wants us to wake up....don't be a poopy star"

Christmas goes to every room.

Kaysar and Memphis are in the LR doing a talk show "Welcome to Mornings with Memphis"



The cameras are following Christmas but you can hear the talk show in the background. The babies begin to thank Christmas one at a time (there are 13)

Memphis: shut up....I'm trying to do a morning show

Christmas: these sweet babies are giving love to their mama

Memphis: okay...headline is that travel bans are lifted and Greece is open. It's a party

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David is sweeping up a giant mess


9:57 AM BBT

Memphis gets called to the Diary Room

Christmas: get him out of here....they are gonna give you a penalty vote

Kaysar is laughing

He gets his morning meds and returns quickly. The feeds cut again [Sure hope it's not another day of frequent stars!  -MamaLong]

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9:38 AM BBT.  Feeds are back, the HGs have had their wake up call.   Kevin & Kaysar talking in the KBR, just saying good morning & a bit of general chat.  


9:41 AM BBT.  Xmas & David in the SR.  She asks if there is something he wanted to touch base on?  He said it was just about the noms & to not put him up.  She says "U just did not!"  David says this is her comp.  Xmas tells David that she is totally down for Kaysar staying over Janelle.   Xmas tells David he could be a swing vote.  David says his name has already come up as a swing vote.  David says he'll vote Janelle out.  David says Xmas will win this comp if it is what we think it is, it's her kind of comp.  They leave the SR.  Xmas tells Kaysar the babies didn't waker her up last night.  She says she has nothing new to tell him.  She says she checked in with David bcuz he is f**king wild.  Kaysar says so we're good?  Xmas says yeah.  BB says "wakey wakey HGs".  


9:49 AM BBT.  Xmas is wandering through the bedrooms, gathering up the star babies.   She is saying in a sing-songy voice good morning to everyone & saying they will yell at u if u don't wake up!  Memphis is saying that people don't realize that they don't have access to paper, pencils, newspapers or anything.  He talks to the camera & says just so u all know that.  


9:53 AM BBT.  Memphis starts his "morning show".  He is making up fake news to tell us.  Xmas walks through & tells them to talk about something besides covid.  Memphis is called to the downstairs DR.  

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10:08 AM BBT David is in the KT choping something up and cleaning. All cams was on the KT while there was some chatter going on in the background. 

10:17 AM BBT Kayser, Ian , and Christmas are in the lounge talking about her stars. David is in the KT making him some breakfast. General chit chat

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10:47 AM BBT Christmas and Nicole are in the WA on the couch. Ian, David, Kaysar having a general chit chat. 

10:53 AM BBT Kaysar and Ian talking about the stuff they get from Big Brother and Ian says he going to sell his space stuff on ebay. Kevin is in the KT making some breakfast. Memphis is at the table chilling. 

11:05 AM BBT Bay, Enzo and Cody in the HNR talking about where the perfect place to move to. Enzo wants to leave jersey but cant due to his kids. Bay says the perfect place for her is perfect weather but needs some hustle and bustle. She says Miami is perfect but the people are weird. 

11:13 AM BBT Enzo says that 8 o clock noone should be in the kitchen because he wants to eat. He is hungry and ready to be off slop. Bay says David said if he gets HOH he is going to say something about that. No game talk going on at the moment. 


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11:24 AM BBT



11:35 AM BBT

In the KBR, Jani tells Kaysar that her facial made her face glow "why even cover this up with foundation". He suggests she let her skin breathe, but she says she needs to get ready for the day. He notices she uses a lot of Tom Ford products

Jani: I do use a lot of Tom Ford products


In the Have Not Room, Bayleigh tells Cody and Enzo that she loves her little group (their alliance)


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11:34 PM BBT Janelle is in the  KBR putting makeup on and Kaysar is in bed talking to her while she puts it on. Bay Cody and Enzo are in the HNR still talking they say that Christmas is good but they dont want to set her off they want to stay in good graces with her. Bay says it coffee time and Enzo says he dont want coffee he wants chocolate milk bay tells him no coffee is a diuretic. Day is talking to Tyler and Tyler told her that David told her that him and cody was rallying to switch the votes. Tyler then asks if he is trying to ruin his game and Day says she dont it was weird. They both seem to be on the same page and still cool. Day leave the room. 

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11:42 AM BBT

Tyler talks with Da'Vonne in the HoHR 

Tyler: so, what he said he told you is that 'I was rallying troops to get you out' (meaning David said Tyler made a comment that Day was trying to evict David)

Day: that is correct

Day says that last night he said that Cody and Tyler said 'I was rallying up everybody the get the votes to get Nicole to stay'

Tyler: I was like, great, there goes anything I fucking built with Da'Vonne

Day: but I don't want us to have this...I don't want that so I was like let me just go talk to Tyler

Tyler: he was apologetic but I was like, Bro, why didn't you tell her what I actually said

Day: I told Nicole and Kaysar and Janelle and y'all that I was voting to keep David in here and I held firm to that....He said you and Cody came up to him 

Tyler: It wasn't Cody it was Kaysar and I said I don't believe it

Day: oh, that makes sense...Kaysar was saying that

Tyler: and that was before we formed our shit (alliance)  I'm glad you talked to me...I don't think Cody said that...it was literally just David and me talking about it. Dude was spazzing out though (David)

Tyler explains that in his season people were throwing in doubts and then cannibalizing each other so they need to make sure they always talk things out "David is all over the place right now...I don't know why...whatever, it is what it is

Day: it wasn't a situation where I was like, I got to get to Tyler, it was just 2 + 2 don't equal 4. We will be alright. 

Tyler: We're fine...We can't do this. It's too much stress!

Da'Vonne leaves



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11:49 AM BBT Cody and Day are in the SR are talking about the hole situation that happened last night. Tyler comes in and joins in the conversation. They then say that Kaysar is acting nervous. Enzo says that Dani told him to not make her a HN and enzo says that he is not. 

11:55 AM BBT Janelle and Bayleigh talk about their pets. Ian says he dosnt mind being a have not more then average so if someone really dont want to be one he will do it. FOTH. 

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12:02 PM BBT.  In the KBR, Bayleigh, Janelle & Bayleigh.  Bayleigh asks Kaysar if he believes in past lives, reincarnation.  He says no, but I believe there is continuity in everything & there is no such thing as time.  Bayleigh says not in this world but eternity no.  Kaysar says correct.  


1:04 PM BBT.  Bayleigh telling Janelle/Kaysar that she was raised very Christian.  She says she had dreams of her brandparents a lot.  She says I was little & it was scary, I prayed for the Lord to make it stop.  She says her friend Kaitlyn, shout out to Kaitlyn brought me to a medium.  She starts explaining what happened at the medium.  We get stars.  When feeds come back she is talking about people talking to her spiritually.   


12:10 PM BBT.  Feeds come back.  Enzo is telling Xmas he may look for a new job.  He says but next year, when he gets out of here he is done for the year.  We get intermittently getting FOTH stars.  


12:11 PM BBT.  In the KT, Xmas is telling Cody/Enzo that there is an app called Cameo.  She says people will request what they want, like happy birthday or someone is the hospital & u send them a message.  Cody says he needs to look into that.  In the KBR, Bayleigh is telling Janelle/Kaysar that she can speak in tongues & she explains what it is.  She says it is not forced, it just comes out.  Janelle says she is a church shopper.  They continue to discuss different religions.  We're still getting stars every other minute.  


12:17PM BBT.  In the KBR, Janelle/Kaysar/Bayleigh still discussing different religions & what different types of services they've been to.  

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12:20 PM BBT.  In the KBR, Bayleigh telling Janelle/Kaysar that she hopes the history taught in school will change & become more accurate.  


12:23 PM BBT.  There is just general chat going on.  The conversations keep getting interrupted when we get stars.  


12:28 PM BBT.  In the KBR, Janelle says Kaysar is one of the most loved BB HGs of all time.  In the KT, Enzo was talking about basketball.  He says he likes the Utah Jazz.  He thinks they were done though when Bogdanovic went down he thinks they're done [They are up 3-2 on the Denver Nuggets].  He says Donovan Mitchell is his favorite player right now.  


12:30 PM BBT.  In the PBR, Nicole and Dani are talking about what they should do about HNs if Dani is stuck up there.  They say Cody is picking Ian.  They think Enzo should pick DaVonne but he won't bcuz he's scared bcuz of the Safety Suite thing.  They wonder how they can get him to pick her.  Dani says Bayleigh is picking her.  Dani says she'll be miserable no matter what, but she is thinking strategically who should be in there.  Dani thinks it's weird that Kaysar hasn't pitched her at all, she says it's rude.  


12:36 PM BBT.  In the lounge, Dani tells Nicole that what "she" has said about the alliance is kind of true, u knew that right?  Nicole says no, I didn't.  Dani starts explaining how it happened & how she went along with it.   In the KBR, Janelle, Bayleigh & Kaysar are still talking.  Kaysar says if the are hanging in a comp with cold water, getting bumped he could hang on forever.  He says if it's forearms burning, I don't know.  He says I am pretty big guy.  


12:40 PM BBT.  In the KBR, Kaysar & Bayleigh talking.  Kaysar says him, Bayleigh, DaVonne & Xmas need to finalize something.  Bayleigh says Memphis is too heavy if it's a wall thing.  Bayleigh says what do we do about Kevin?  Do we trust him?  Kaysar says "hell no".  


12:42 PM BBT.  In the KBR, Kaysar is telling Bayleigh that Kevin wants to float & transmit info.  He says Tyler is good at making everyone feel good.  Janelle comes into the room, then leaves.  She goes into the PBR with Dani & Nicole.  Nicole leaves.  Janelle says I am still on the block.  She tells Dani that everyone says if she gets the votes then they'll lean that way.   Dani asks about Xmas & Cody.  Janelle says she has ro talk to Cody again.  She says David HATES me.  She says I am having to do so much damage control.  


12:46 PM BBT.  In the PBR, Dani aks if Janelle is sure Kevin is voting for her to stay.  She says YES!  They count her votes, Memphis, Bayleigh, DaVonne & Bayleigh.   Janelle wants 7 votes to be sure.  Janelle says I need u Dani, I need u.   She says I am not getting David's vote.  


12:49 PM BBT.   In the KBR, Kaysar/Bayleigh ar talking still.  Dani & Janelle in the PBR.  Janelle says do u want to keep me.  Dani says if u can get to 7 votes I will.  Janelle says, but u don't want to be the 6th?  Dani says no.  Janelle says u have known me the longest, u haven't Nicole F that long.  Dani says we're not besties, I enjoy her & she is nice to me.  Janelle says if u are F2 u have my vote against anyone.  Janelle says I value friendship over anything.  


12:55 PM BBT.  Tyler is sitting on the bed alone in the HOHR.  Bayleigh says goodbye to Kaysar & leaves the KBR.  Janelle & Dani still rehashing things in the lounge.  

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