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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Nominations week 3

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, a six-person alliance of Memphis, Dani, Cody, Christmas, Tyler, and Nicole F were running the game. But Memphis had an old school side arrangement. With Memphis in power, he went after two players who wouldn’t rock the boat. Janelle was on to four members of the power alliance, and totally unaware that Memphis was part of his squad she pitched him on taking out a former winner.


When word got back to the alliance, the alliance was even more intent on backdooring Janelle. But with Memphis holding the veto he opted to stick to his original plan. At the live eviction, Nicole A was sent away. With the HOH on tap,Tyler chugged down a tall frothy glass of power. Tonight, Janelle and Nicole’s feud escalates. Plus, it’s the final Safety Suite competition. Who will become safe and who will be nominated for eviction? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We’re on Day 16 after the HOH competition and everyone is coming inside. Tyler says he’s back in charge. That’s for Angela. Janelle and Kaysar have had his and Cody’s name in their mouths and they are close to figure out his alliance and it might be time to take care of it.


Janelle says she hates coming so close to winning and she thinks her and Kaysar are absolutely in danger this week. Kaysar says he knows they are in danger, but they are going to see where the chips fall. David says he survived being a have-not and being nominated in the same week and Tyler is HOH.


Cody says Janelle and Kaysar have been stirring up drama and rally numbers so they need to get another alliance going to cover their tracks. Tyler, Enzo, Da, Bayleigh, and Dani are creating an alliance and Enzo names it Slick Six. Cody says it’s a good alliance to have, but it doesn’t have a lot of his loyalty.


David is talking to Da and Bayleigh. Da says she feels comfortable because Tyler is part of her alliance so she should be good to go. Da tells Bayleigh and David they can never tell but she’ll see how the week goes.


Everyone is called to the LR. The previous week’s have nots are done and they will select a new have-not for the week. David wants Memphis to be a have-not so bad, but he wants to play the long game and show the house he’s a caring person. Enzo volunteers and David agrees. Cody volunteers for Kaysar. Christmas chooses Bayleigh. Nicole F says she’s going to select someone who hasn’t done it before and who likes to talk about her…Janelle.


Nicole says did she say that out loud? It was her inner thoughts just blurted out. Enzo, Cody, Bayleigh, and Janelle are the have-nots for the week. Janelle says Nicole F has been on her radar since day one. She plays a snake game, she likes to play victim and whine about it, and she doesn’t like confrontation, but she does. Nicole F says she didn’t plan it and Janelle says you did plan that. Janelle says she can’t stand her nasally voice. Nicole says this is going to be so awkward.


Kaysar tells Janelle it’s going to be a rough week. Kaysar jokes they are just really cool and Janelle says yeah. Janelle says maybe Memphis can win safety suite and save one of them, and the remaining person could win the veto. Kaysar says Memphis is known to be erratic with his decision making.


Memphis comes in and Janelle says it’s us and them and Kaysar asks if Memphis will save one of them. Memphis says if he does that it’s bad news for him because it goes against his alliance. Janelle says Memphis has to win it. Janelle says Memphis usually makes good eye contact her, but when she asked about him saving one of them, she thinks he lied to her. Not because of what he said, but the way he said it.


Enzo says in the BB All-Star house, they have a bidet. Enzo feels like you have to speak with a French accent. Cody says this is weird for people who haven’t it. Cody goes in after Enzo and the seat was wet and Enzo says it was the spritzer water. He’s never used a bidet, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Cody says you have to wipe down and he says it was all over the floor and the seat. He says living with Enzo is like living with a child.


Janelle says if we went back in 15 years would you have imagined we’d be playing all-stars and we’d be turning 40 together and have a bunch of kids? Kaysar says he and Janelle understood each other and being back in this house…Janelle says they picked up right where they left off in the last all-stars. We see clips of them laughing and chatting. Janelle says Kaysar is her ride or die in season 6, season 7, and now season 22. They are an unbreakable bond and they have to do anything they can to survive in this house because they are a threat.


Cody, Christmas, and Tyler are talking about noms and Tyler says he’s thinking about straight up Janelle and Kaysar. Tyler says they create drama and now they have to live in it. Tyler says they picked up on who he’s working with and they’ve been spreading it throughout the house and they are the two most dangerous people in the house to his game.


Tyler is talking to Dani and he says her, himself, and Cody have to move as one. Dani says they formed the Slick Six alliance, but then she saw Janelle and Kaysar talking to Da and Bayleigh in a room the other night and all that’s telling her is that Da is also team Janelle. Tyler says they are for sure in an alliance? Dani says 100%. Dani says she also doesn’t think they would be afraid to strike at them and Dani says Bayleigh is manipulative.


The Safety Suite is now open. If they want to play, they only have one hour to decide and scan their pass. Dani says it’s her, Enzo, Nicole F, and Memphis are the only ones who can play. Da says Dani should save her if she wins because she wants the punishment because she’s never had one. Da says people in her alliance are playing and she feels safe. Memphis and Enzo are whispering and Enzo says maybe if he wins and saves Da she won’t be as paranoid.


Nicole says this is the last week she can use it and she doesn’t want to make the house think she’s safe with Tyler. Dani and Tyler are talking about Da. Dani really thinks Da does want the punishment but she’s going to make Tyler think it’s sketchy. Kaysar says he hopes he and Janelle stay in the house but their options are limited. Memphis says as HOH last week was to have as many people as possible play and now this week he only has to play against three people. Memphis says he promised Janelle and Kaysar he’d use it but he can’t. He can’t win it but he can’t look like he threw it.


Tyler talks to Enzo about Da. Tyler says Da is rubbing him the wrong way. He’s the HOH and he decides who’s on the block and Da asking Dani and Enzo to save her means she doesn’t trust him. Da says remember Dani and Enzo, she’s the plus one to the party. Enzo talks to Dani and they are talking about Da being sketchy and Enzo thinks the paranoia might be getting to her.


There are green lasers in the safety suite and Nicole F is in first. She says it looks so awesome. There’s are on the walls, a bar, and a safe on the other side of the room. This week safety has been locked in the safety vault and it’s their job to steal it. On the horn, they have to make their way through the lasers to get to the vault. If they trigger an alarm by hitting a laser, then they have to hit a button to reset the lasers before making another attempt. The person who traverses the lasers in the fastest time with the safety will win.


Nicole says in order to win again she needs a huge list of accomplishments so she has to get started. She says she’s so clumsy. She does ok making her way through to get the safety ball, but it’s a big ball and she’s struggling to make it back. She’s telling herself to be calm and she says she’d be the worst criminal in the world. She says she’s so bad. She makes it back and hits her button to lock in her time.


Memphis is next. He says he doesn’t want to win because he doesn’t want to have show cards and loyalty. He doesn’t want to save anyone. There’s a chance Janelle or Kaysar could go on the block and they want him to use safety on them and that would put him in a predicament. He is almost complete on the course and he stops and lays down and relaxes.


Enzo is next and he wants to reel in an ally and show people he’s a competitor. He wants the intimidation factor. He triggers the alarm and has to restart. He says it’s like a scene out of Oceans 11. He wants to move like the miao miao, smooth and not nervous. Like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.


Dani is last and she feels like this is a competition for her. She can use the plus one to make another ally. And winning will benefit her alliance and herself. Her strategy is to go kind of slow and her strategy is not to touch a laser. Maneuvering through on her own is hard, but the ball makes it even more complicated. She thinks she may have a chance to win this. We see Memphis finally decide to finish and he pauses before hitting the button. He says if Enzo can’t beat that time, he doesn’t know what to do with him.


Nicole F finished with a time of 15:36. Memphis’s time was 14:33 and he is now in the lead. Enzo finished with a time of 4:41 and everyone starts cheering. It comes down to Enzo or Dani. Dani’s time was 6:04. Enzo has won the competition and is safe for the week! Now he has to choose his plus one who also gets safety, but also a punishment. Da says come on Enzo, throw it my way. Enzo selects Christmas and he just thinks she has good spirit. Christmas gets safety two weeks in a row. Christmas says Enzo got put on the nice list this week for saving Christmas.


Da says Christmas is not part of the Slick Six so maybe he is trying to pull Christmas in. Da says she needs to keep an eye on that. Enzo says he and Christmas don’t talk game so maybe this will help reel her in. Janelle says she knew Memphis threw that by his time. She’s not surprised because he’s not the type of player to make a big move and he’s never going to save her. Tyler says his line of sight after Enzo picked Christmas was Da and she didn’t look happy and that just tells him that she doesn’t trust him.


Christmas goes to the HOH room where Tyler and Enzo are and she thanks Enzo and hugs him and leaves. Enzo is talking to Tyler about Da looking sketchy and she needs to stop with paranoia and chill.


Kaysar goes to talk to Tyler and Tyler tells him he’s in the hot seat. He says he came in like a guilty puppy who chewed up the couch. Kaysar says there’s a greater chance the pandemic disappears than him not going up on the block. Tyler says he and Kaysar were close at the beginning but then he hears his name being in alliances and his feelings are hurt. Kaysar says it was nothing personal and Tyler says he didn’t have to throw his name in it. Tyler likes Kaysar and maybe they can build something moving forward, but he’s a huge threat and has to be on his radar. Tyler says nothing is set in stone.


Janelle goes to talk to Tyler. She says she doesn’t know if she’s the target or not and Tyler says they talked at the beginning and then he heard his name being thrown around by her and Kaysar and it kind of sucked. Janelle says she tossed out Nicole’s name, but Tyler wasn’t a target for her. Janelle says people will always target her and he can use her as a shield. Janelle tells us a player like Tyler should want to keep another comp beast and a big target so they can take out mid-tier players. Janelle asks for a chance to save herself. Tyler says Janelle has a point and if she’s in the house, then that increases the odds for him.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Tyler’s first nominee is…Kaysar. Tyler’s second nominee is…Janelle. Tyler has nominated them because it was pretty straightforward because they tried to flip the votes on Kevin and David and they’ve talked nonsense about his game. He wishes them luck in the veto.


Tyler says he nominated them because they are massive players in this game and if one comes off the block, Da is an option. Kaysar says part of him is flattered how much attention they get and it seems they can’t catch a break. The good news they can only get rid of one of them. Janelle says this is where she shines and this is where she can step up. When she wins veto she’ll say do you know who you’re messing with?

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